Is massage allowed during menstruation?


Consider whether you can do massage during menstruation, what types of massage are prohibited. During critical days, certain processes take place in the body, which impose certain restrictions on both physical exercise and certain types of massage. It is best to postpone the course and not do it a few days before and after the menstruation.

But if there is no such possibility, and due to physiological features, a woman loses relatively little blood, then doctors are allowed to do a massage during her monthly feet, hands, shoulders, neck, that is, the body parts most distant from the abdomen. The effect of massaging on the areas around the abdomen will cause blood flow and may increase bleeding and pain. In this case, a canned and honey warming massage, massage the tailbone and the lower abdomen are prohibited.

Back massage

Of course, first of all, you need to build on the woman's well-being on critical days. Some can safely carry back massage, while others such an effect will cause pain and continuous inconvenience.

If you have any doubts about whether this type of massage is allowed, you should consult with your gynecologist. After inspection, he will be able to say for sure whether you can do a back massage specifically for you.

Summing up in this case, it is worth saying that doing back massage during menstruation is allowed, but you should consult with your doctor, as well as rely on your own feelings, and when discomfort or hemorrhage occurs, immediately stop the session and do not resume until the menstruation stops.

Anticellulite massage

Cellulite on the body of women is formed in the abdomen, buttocks, waist, in the knees and the inner and outer surface of the thighs. And it is formed not only in overweight women, but also in women with normal or even underweight.

The worst thing is that even a balanced diet, regular exercise in any of the sports, drinking two liters of pure water every day cannot save you from the appearance of unwanted “orange peel”.

But is it possible to do anti-cellulite massage during menstruation?

Consider the effect of anti-cellulite massage. With local point effects, the following changes occur:

  • fat cells break down
  • blood, lymph and interstitial fluids under the influence of the hands of a massage therapist move under the skin,
  • the temperature of that part of the body where the massage is performed increases by 1.5-2 degrees,
  • there is a reflex effect on the tone of tissues and blood vessels,
  • Biologically effective substances are activated, such as acetylcholine, histamine, etc., they regulate metabolism and blood circulation.

This type of massage improves metabolic processes, lymphatic drainage, improves blood supply and the supply of oxygen and nutrients to the cells. From this, edemas are reduced, harmful substances are removed from the body from the external environment, toxic decomposition products also leave the body better without remaining inside, excess fat is broken down, scars are reduced, and collagen and elastin are produced much more.

Contraindications to anti-cellulite massage

In order to achieve a truly tangible effect of preventing and splitting cellulite, you need to have the necessary knowledge about how to actually massage the body.

There are actually quite a lot of contraindications for anti-cellulite massage:

  • any skin diseases in places of massaging,
  • acute infectious diseases or chronic, but in the acute stage,
  • hypertension or heart failure
  • low blood clotting, disorders associated with frequent bleeding,
  • autoimmune diseases of connective tissues,
  • varicose veins in places of impact,
  • mental and nervous diseases.

Pregnancy and breastfeeding is also a contraindication, as this massage can cause miscarriage or loss of milk. Anti-cellulite massage during menstruation is contraindicated, as it increases bleeding, which can have a negative impact on women's health.

However, not all gynecologists consider anti-cellulite massage during critical days prohibited, they allow it, but during menstruation procedures may be ineffective. This is due to the fact that during menstruation the female body is too swollen. All that fluid that accumulates in the body will be released automatically at the end of the cycle.

The benefits of massage during menstruation

The undoubted benefits of massage can be called relief of menstrual pain, it is well removes the point effect. For example, Shiatsu technique helps during painful menstruation. Also, self-massage will help you fight pain.

Options for this massage:

  • Lightly pressing in a circular motion clockwise around the uterus with warm hands in front of this.
  • Place two tennis balls in a sock, lying on your back, place them in the lumbar region on the left and right side. Lie down on them for a few minutes, then go for a drive back and forth.
  • Sitting on his knees, stroking and pinching, massage the outside of the thigh.

All movements and pressing should be soft and neat, so as not to hurt. It is best to take for self-massage cream or oil to facilitate friction.

So, you can do massage during menstruation, but even if they pass completely without pain and without abundant blood loss, it is best to consult a personal gynecologist before any procedure, and to rely on your own feelings during a massage session.

Anti-cellulite massage

Any woman is interested in her figure, prepares for beach rest in advance. At the same time, many people are concerned about the safety of anti-cellulite massage during the period of the menstrual cycle.

Some specialists do not prohibit this type of massage. However, there is no reason to spend it during menstruation. The excess fluid and the associated swelling will disappear on their own as soon as the menstrual cycle ends. In this case, there will be a simple loss of time and money.

The positive side of the massage events during menstruation

Despite the numerous prohibitions of massage during the menstrual cycle, it can bring undoubted benefits.

  1. Using massage, you can reduce the pain associated with menstruation.
  2. The undoubted benefit is the holding of acupressure. When it is carried out, pain is noticeably reduced.
  3. According to Shiatsu’s massage technique, massaging the area below the navel at a distance of three fingers can significantly reduce pain. The popularity of this Japanese massage technique needs no introduction. If the pain is acute, it is enough to act on this point for 5 minutes and the result will not take long. The woman will feel much better, since the pain sensations will noticeably decrease.
  4. You can act on another point. Its location is the ankle area. The palm is placed on its inner side so that the little finger is located at its very base. It is necessary to press into place under the index finger. The exposure lasts 6 seconds for every two minutes. The total duration of the massage should be at least 25 minutes. Even in the event that it is not possible to accurately determine the required point, you just need to massage the ankle and the pain will begin to subside. The fact is that this place is the location of large blood vessels.

Self-massage during menstruation

Often, making a massage yourself, a woman can achieve very good results. It is not only possible, but necessary, to massage yourself. The fact is that a woman is better than any massage therapist is able to feel those points, the impact on which is simply necessary, which will be very effective.

Massage can be done in various ways:

  1. The hands are on the area of ​​the uterus and make circular motions. They move clockwise. Before holding a massage requires warming up of hands.
  2. In the sock fit tennis balls in the amount of two pieces. The woman lies on her back, and the balls are on both sides of the waist. At first they simply lie on them, then they make movements with their backs up and down. It turns out that the body slides on the balls.
  3. Starting position - sitting on your lap. In this case, the woman massages the outer side of the thigh. Moves stroking and pinching the thigh slightly.
  4. Foot massage will relieve general fatigue.

The main condition for any massage activities is complete relaxation. Only in this case, you can achieve the maximum effect. If this is not achieved, then even an ordinary foot massage on critical days can cause an increase in pain.

FACT! In the implementation of the massage and the decision on the feasibility and the possibility of its implementation, the individual characteristics of the body of each woman taken individually are of great importance.

Opinion of doctors who are against massage during menstruation

There are opinions that massage activities are contraindicated at the onset of critical days. Supporters of such allegations believe that massage during menstruation can lead to undesirable consequences. They can be reduced to the following positions:

  • The danger associated with the possibility of severe bleeding.
  • Unbearable pains may appear in the lower abdomen.
  • Overall health may deteriorate.
  • Hemoglobin may decrease.
  • Perhaps the appearance of weakness, the occurrence of fainting to the point of loss of consciousness.
  • May increase body temperature.
  • Often there is the addition of inflammatory manifestations.

General rules for massages

If the massage is organized and carried out correctly, then it will not bring harm to a woman on critical days, and it is quite possible to achieve relief. Therefore, when conducting a massage during this period, it is necessary to adhere to certain rules:

  • At first, all movements are warming and gentle.
  • The skin in the initial stages must be ironed and heated.
  • When the skin is warm, it can be patted.
  • Over time, the intensity of movement increases.
  • The strength of the massage movements should be related to the state and well-being of the woman.
  • Perhaps the use of massage oil or cream.
  • You can not make sudden movements. It can only harm.

Wrong one who believes that massage is an easy safe procedure, unable to harm a woman during the menstrual cycle. A positive result can be achieved only with the proper organization of massage events and compliance with the technology of their conduct. If everything is done according to the rules, then you can reduce pain and improve the well-being of women. In any case, before conducting a massage, you should consult with a specialist.

If you spend a relaxing massage of the uterus in the morning and evening - this will help to reduce pain by eliminating spasms. Effective is the use of ancient Chinese massage technique Gouache. It helps to normalize the menstrual cycle. With her, you can solve a number of other women's problems. His planning falls in the middle of the cycle, since it involves 5-10 procedures.

Massage should be avoided for women whose menstrual cycle is accompanied by severe pain and abundant hemorrhage.

Types of massage for menstruation to relieve pain

  1. Manipulations on the body are performed for relaxation, treatment, raising the tone. On critical days allowed relaxing procedures, relieving psycho-emotional stress and minimizing uncomfortable manifestations.
  2. Pulling pains will take away easy back massage in the Michaelis rhomb. In this area are large vessels that transport blood and food in the pelvis. Light circular movements of the fingers will trigger a local rush of blood to the surface of the skin, relieve muscle spasms.
  3. Not prohibited Anticellulite massage with monthly. However, rubbing and pinching movements with a cream containing warming components will provoke a rise in skin temperature after a couple of divisions, therefore it is better to refuse it. Due to the high content of water in the tissues, the result will be insignificant.
  4. Face massage and aroma massage It has a beneficial effect on the woman's body, has a relaxing effect. But it will not be superfluous to check with the doctor again before the procedure.
  5. Head massage, especially with headaches, has no contraindications, since it is almost not associated with the blood circulation of the pelvis.
  6. Non-traditional Japanese technology - Shiatsu massage favorably affects the energy points of the woman and helps relieve pain and relax the body.

Is it possible to massage the neck, legs, shoulder girdle during menstruation?

Doctors do not prohibit rubbing the collar and soles. If you lie on the floor, put 2 tennis balls under your feet and roll them around in a circle, stimulation of the nerve receptors will ease the condition and provide a burst of energy.

Effective technique Guasha. Actions with a scraper stimulate lymphatic drainage, prevent the formation of adhesions.

Subjective symptoms of painful menstruation will relieve acupressure. When pressed between the large and middle fingers, 7 cm above the tarsal bone, rubbing the ankles restores the natural flow of energy along the meridians. It increases the production of the hormone of joy and relieves pain.

Is it possible to do general, honey, can massage

Menstruation is a contraindication to warming up procedures, carrying out some hardware techniques. In the process, the blood rushes to the pelvis and increases the pain. For this reason, you can not do a general and can massage during menstruation. The study of every centimeter of the body, including the abdomen, back, thighs, causes an increase in temperature. Under the influence of heat, the blood flow accelerates, feeding myomatous and fibrous nodes. This leads to their proliferation and the emergence of new formations.

When menstruation is also prohibited:

  • honey
  • lymphatic drainage
  • vacuum roller,
  • erotic,
  • tantric

The above listed massages stimulate blood circulation, which leads to the flow of blood to the pelvis, the muscles come in tone, and this is extremely undesirable during menstruation.

Other types of massage: pros and cons

Belly massage during menstruation can cause heavy bleeding. Pressure, kneading, intense rubbing in the pelvic area is prohibited. However, it is not forbidden to make stroking movements around the navel in a clockwise direction. Soft pressure relieves muscle hypertonia.

Massage during menstruation using Thai technology.

Is it possible to do a massage during menstruation using Thai technology, everyone decides for himself, since there is no consensus. Master:

  • works with the feet,
  • passes through bioactive points
  • stretches the muscles.

Manipulations are akin to yoga techniques and are aimed at relaxation. At the same time the lymphatic drainage amplifies, puffiness decreases. In the presence of gynecological pathologies it is better to refrain from it.

Vacuum lpg massage during menstruation

Despite the assurances that a couple of sessions can be reduced in volumes by 10 cm, menstruation is a reason to refuse vacuum lpg massage. You should not be upset - after 3 days the water will fill the fabric again. The results of hardware technology appear after 6 sessions, so it starts 2 days after the end of the cycle.


If a woman does not have the above contraindications, you can do a light massage yourself. It is performed with light stroking, sliding movements, the impact on the body should be minimal. You can use aromatic oil or cream.

Delayed menstruation: indication for massage

With a delay, they do a massage so that the menses are on. Pressing the acupuncture points of the auricle, along the spinal column, in the sacral area, increase the tone of the smooth muscles of the uterus and cause bleeding.

Summing up, it should be noted that first of all you need to focus on the woman's well-being and listen to your body. Properly chosen and performed by a specialist techniques will get rid of pain and help you relax. But if there is at least one of the contraindications, you should give up the massage and move it to the middle of the cycle.

Can I do a massage during menstruation

Massage is not just a cosmetic procedure, it is relaxing, stimulating, sporting, healing. Some experts argue that it is better to refrain from massage during menstruation, in the first place, you need to know the nature of the flow of menstruation in a woman and how she feels. The area of ​​the body on which the procedure will be carried out and a certain technique allow you to massage during menstruation.

Honey and cupping massage is prohibited for the time of menstrual discharge, and all other types should be carried out outside the back, pelvis, abdomen and lower back.

If the amount of discharge is scanty, the massage movements are not so dangerous for the woman. Обильные месячные могут, наоборот, усилиться, поэтому разрешается массировать ступни, руки, ноги и верхнюю часть спины.A good relaxing effect on the cervical spine. It is impossible to press on the stomach or lower back, so as not to increase blood circulation in places of localization of pain. Acceleration of blood flow explains why you can not do a massage during menstruation.


One of the main limitations in the massage during menstruation is the intensity of the procedures. Reducing the impact on the body allows you to use some techniques for pain relief, among them there is a Chinese acupressure. It is approved for use because it is gentle, but effective for relaxing and eliminating the painful sensations in the lower abdomen by acting on active points.

Light pressure on the ankle is held for six seconds, then a break of several minutes is taken and the procedure is repeated again. It takes a total of 20 minutes to complete for one and for the other leg.

A slight rubbing of the ankle will also help relieve tension and pain, because all the blood goes to the legs, because of this the stomach hurts less. The peculiarity of this procedure during the menstrual period is that it acts on each woman in different ways. For some, point pressure will not be enough, but for someone it will take just one session to feel better. Massage during menstruation of women's feet will help relieve fatigue.

Popular Japanese massage technique is shiatsu, which is recommended during menstruation. One of the types of eastern acupressure, it stimulates the body, increases its defenses, relieves tension and pain, and is performed by fingers or palms. The main method of non-traditional massage is pressing with your thumb.

Rhythmic movements relax muscles and help relieve fatigue and pain, and menstruation with regular exercise will not be as long and plentiful. It is made on the crown, in the abdomen, on the legs.

Self massage during menstruation

In the absence of contraindications, you can do massage movements on your own. Light stroking movements and a point effect on the body are best suited. Permitted massage in the following cases:

  • pressure on the body should be minimal
  • movements are light, sliding,
  • for the session, be sure to use butter or cream.

Perform the need to circular movements in the abdomen, uterus. It will take two tennis balls that are placed in the socks. Having taken a lying position, put the balls under both sides of the lower back and lie down for two minutes on them. Then, without rising, move up and down on the balls. Another effective method of self-massage is stroking, rubbing the outer part of the thighs, while the woman is better to kneel.

Features of massage during the menstrual period

Properly selected massage can save a woman from constant pain in critical days. At the initial stage of the movement should be gentle, warming. For this use stroking and rubbing. Next, the heated skin is patted a little. You can do massage with gradually increasing force of movements.

Complete the procedure is always necessary by stroking. The intensity of the procedure can be medium or low, depending on the patient's feelings. Mild exposure will not harm women's health. For minimal friction use massage oil or cream. Too sharp rubbing or pressure is prohibited.

Many women treat massage as an easy procedure, unable to harm the body. But a positive result will be only with the correct choice of the body part and the technique of the procedure, which will require expert advice. With the right approach, massage can normalize menstruation and significantly reduce pain.