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Girls. and me zhor so wild attacked. and most importantly everything is so delicious !! I, too, have already cleaned almost the entire cold drink, so I told my own one that he also bought a chocolate bar (((uzas.

I have a little bit of zhor, so I also constantly want to sleep before CD, eat and sleep, sleep and eat, and the most harmful thing that I don’t eat at all! - pizza, mayonnaise, sweets. Soon these days would have already begun. And then, I am afraid to approach the scales already (((

And I'm with you at the same time. I also eat and sleep. And the forum also got through a search engine. Entered: zhor before menstruation. We need to somehow deal with this scourge. There must be a way out!

Julia, for example, I have been drinking homeopathic medicines for 3-4 months already, it has become easier to handle.

Deffchenki, and I have exactly the same, as you have))) Damn, well, it's nice to know that I'm not alone in this world :)) I first thought it was bulimia. read somewhere that it is no longer cured (((So it sucked the soul. And today I got up a month’s supply of sweet biscuits, 2 chocolates, a pack of corrugations. then after that I pulled on a cheese - I can crack it without stopping, just a bite of grams 100 per but then again for sweets - and, most importantly, consciousness is like a blackout, it doesn't matter what weight it is)) In the evening, mother came home from work, looked around at an empty locker from under the cookies and prifigala for a bit - after that I feel so ashamed. In the evening, estessno, KD began)) Well, the zhor disappeared by itself, from next week Ber Subscribe for daily exercises in the morning)))

so what to do with it, does anyone know?

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Yes. Heavy female share.

Damn, I also begin to EAT for the week (((

All the same. One to one. Here is the fourth piece of fish.
When I realize that there is an obvious overwhelming with calories, I drag friends to the stadium and engage in sports.

Girls, I've come up with such a thing. hunger that feels wild. I began to cook different vegetables for myself, so that the taste of desaturation, but without oil. Yes, and stewed zucchini with spices, and homemade sushi but with wild (useful) rice, kind of, like, dulls the appetite, and in zucchini, it feels like in water =)
and warns the eating of hazards. how do you?
Can you use my secret, dear =)

Every time I cover, I put a couple of spoons of vegetable trash in my mouth. and feeds)) .. until the next attack))))))))

during the week. I eat everything that is at home

))))))))) Thank you for being. It is amazing how all our thoughts and desires are the same. He eats too much, the stomach is full and the hungry saliva flows from the brain, I just want to turn off my head. Rather would have begun.

I, too, here through a search engine) just as irrepressibly use everything! poured in from 1.5 gk and then reproach myself for not restraint! : ((

Zhor also attacks me! Right now, for example, I have fumbled, but I still want to eat!)))

Today I empty the refrigerator all day. She finished the pasta, then found 1 kg of grapes, but the hunger never passed. Added 0.5 kg of cake. Now it seems to be better, but I still want something else. I feel that I eat and can not stop. I decided to dial in the internet. As I am glad that there are a lot of us))))

By the way, and also the topic of searching for scoring "zhor during menstruation")))))

Horrible parsley! You don't want to look in the mirror! I do not know how to fix myself. The mood is terrible, and we eat like nothing!

most of all pulls on muck, a la crackers, chips, jerky, pickled cucumbers. Guard word. Liver obviously does not like (((

I am friends with zhorom before "them" friends. as if someone bothers me and says, go and eat something, and it doesn't matter that I'm not hungry. go and eat it anyway! Thank God I do not get fat, as was 45 kg and remained.

I’m not alone))))) URAAAA Urrraaa)))) we all tread before the menstruation) I eat it myself if not in myself. if I eat little I eat .. now for myself I eat like an elephant .. many and often ..) and even for the night .. horror) I get better at this time .. and then it goes somewhere itself .. poor organism. .) That would be there and not get better)))

the same garbage, I eat everything that comes to hand! and I want all the most harmful and high-calorie, a lot of chocolate and ice cream ((((

Well, yes) in 3 days I have pms, stela 6 apples per day, 200g of buckwheat, 3 candies, 3 yoghurt, a huge vegetable salad and a stack of cookies — I'm terrified. Tomorrow on the sport, 3 hours of training

oh girls i have this for two weeks begins ((((((constantly. consider then 6 days monthly. as a result i normally feel myself --- ONE WEEK PER MONTH. ((((((((

The same nonsense, zhor begins a week before the CD. But I have a little strange. I am getting fat (my legs are swollen, my stomach is huge) BUT SIMULTANEOUSLY, even a day with this zhory, that is, I still do not have time to eat, and I do not eat much of these seizures. maybe you also ??

idiot, because for sure you sit on diets and limit yourself. and in such cases, sooner or later the zhor attacks, you need to re-do yourself and train yourself to the new regime, and not indulge your weaknesses. "cracked", "burst", "yummy" buee well, and buzzwords.

YES YES! oh thank god i'm not the only one. I have been on a diet and a healthy diet for over a month now! But soon I will come monthly I eat and eat today until I began to feel sick! then I decided not to eat, but to climb in nete now the stomach know how much it hurts !! but I still want ot and no hunger. horror.

but the main thing you do not worry about the last time I gained abruptly two kg well, of course, liquid and maybe a little because of an excess of grub but then after menstruation they immediately disappeared in literally 5 days

Now ate a healthy pita bread. Otmazalas PMS.

Haha And I'm through a search engine! I generally indifferent to food, I eat a little. Today, as she pounced on food, as she began to eat! It wasn't like that. I was scared, I think that with me, I usually eat cottage cheese and kefirchik a day, and then I went. and that, look, monthly. but still it gnaws at the conscience that it has eaten so much ***. I typed in the search engine ON ME ATTACK MONTH BEFORE MONTHLY. I'm not the only one. but how to keep yourself then ?!

Ala-la-la-la-laaa, I’m not the same =))) even sew up my mouth =))))
scored (zhor before menstruation), brought me here and I am happy. Of course, I knew why and what it is connected with, but to know that I’m not the only one suffering from such a chip turned out to be very pleasant .. it’s hard to sit, but I’m waiting for it to settle down and go look in the fridge, a new thing can appear)

and I'm from google. here right now came from sports, 1.5 hours at the gym. So what?! sliced ​​lettuce with sour cream, a piece of grain bread, cheese for bread! right now, here's eating a jar of squash caviar. a day I ate 2 breakfasts, lunch, a pack of chocolates, a bunch of dryers, 2 apples, 2 cookies, a cheese butter. I want to die! I have a full belly and I want to eat. I know that ice cream is in the freezer, and there are almond cakes in the kitchen. what to do?!

1.5 cakes ate. ashamed. went to sleep.

Yes, "zhor" is associated with a change at the hormonal level. In our training system, we skillfully use this period to, for example, highlight the waist of a girl or add breast volume. The main thing is to “overeat” during this period under the supervision of a coach in a licensed shaping club. I am working on Teleos Airport and I am immensely happy!

Yes, and I went through the "pain" during menstruation
and my husband noticed that after training the muscles got stronger there
Here is the club site where I

Oh, I also have monthly periods in a week. So I can forget about the food in general, but in the PMS I have everything in a row)). I can sausage with jam, ice cream with chicken. Awful like any nasty things, such as chips. If it were not for this zhor, I would be like a reed, and even though I support forms).

Oh, girls, this zhor is just a nightmare. I'm just like a zombie going to the fridge and starting to sweep everything. Worst of all, that brains you understand that it is harmful for the stomach to mix everything, and that all this is reflected on the skin, on the figure. but still I eat and eat :))))

Really nothing can be done about it.
sick to look at yourself! Belly like a ball (
and zhor is of course tin.
Doctors please come up with some pills))) please)))) no strength. every month the same thing.
fuuu. it's me for myself. monthly soon.

Hooray! We are all normal people! And I thought that my black hole was formed, where everything edible disappears a few days before the CD.
Option one - eat everything. Who is weak?))) Weight in women often fluctuates. By the way, I noticed unequivocally. If 2 weeks before the start there is no gesture with the diet, there are dairy products, fruits, then the zhor passes unnoticed. Well, maybe more than 1 fruit or a glass of kefir you devour it.
Ps. and now about the state when you repress yourself for calories, but you experience something similar to "breathing stopped, and I probably lost consciousness because I took the plate." and everything that was on it suddenly disappeared.

I personally sit at work in the office. All work peacefully and only because of my desk constant audible rustling and champing. Salad just ended, turn to the apples, hunger unreal - monthly 10 begin!

Yes, girls, I have that too. for a week where I start more, and for 3 days. it's all terrible! Immediately my conscience torments me, I eat everything, and I run every hour to the refrigerator! and the day before .. it’s better not to look at yourself in the mirror at all)) cheeks, tummy) all is well)

Oops. Got to the right place. Zhor begins just like 74.irins, two weeks + 5 days of menstruation (state of average lousiness), total week of "normal" state of health. In quotes, because for this week I am trying to drive away the gained kilograms.
I am 40 years old, this nightmare began about 5 years ago. I didn’t know that there is such a PMS. At first I couldn’t even think that it was connected with hormones, ovulation, etc. I complained to the gynecologist, wrote Remens, spent several months on the drink, did not help any side. I wanted to go to the endocrinologist, but for some reason I thought that except for getting rid of the money, he would not help me. I bought a pill to suppress the appetite, not garbage, German, expensive. It is written that the effect in two weeks will be, two weeks have passed - there’s no use.
Pull in my mouth all that you can eat, indiscriminately. It seems that now I will burst, but the feeling of satiety does not occur. The brain turns off as a zombie climbs into the refrigerator, not listening to the voices of reason. In normal condition, I take it quite calmly, I don’t feel any preferences for food and love for sweets. I follow nutrition and weight, I do not starve and do not sit on diets. But because of these foolish attacks of insanity, because otherwise this state cannot be named, one has to constantly control oneself when in consciousness, to deny myself something. In this regard, life has turned into ESSENTIAL HELL, if I stop monitoring this state, I’ll spread it instantly, but I really don’t want it. For two years, I’m no longer able to lose 2-3 kg extra for me, because every month I have to lose about 2 kg of dialed for the ICP period.
I will leave my E-mail: [email protected] Maybe someone has any answers, suggestions or ways to deal with this madness, please write.
Hold on, girls. Good luck to all.

Girls, and I have such joy))
today I ate 15 chocolates) and these are 10 of them after 6 !! (more precisely at ten: P)
But if it's honest - I don’t be disgusted) everything that has eaten is digested - I will lie down later, and what remains on the sides - will be gone during menstruation)
I'll tell you the way my way to fight zhor galym - in short, when I understand that I want to cram all sorts of nasty things, I wash myself apples (I always have a lot of apples at home) and I sit and chew them, I want to eat again - I chew apples again - if you don’t help, I eat prunes I wash down with milk and it becomes soooo fun for me that I don’t think about food anymore))))) here are two things for you - and you will kill the appetite and clean the body of accumulated bjak)))

and I really want to drink a day before menstruation, as anyway, the dry nut comes))

I have so de - here I sit, I swallow every bjaku. we are waiting

And for me 1-2 before this period begins, and when the cycle ends, everything is put into place, but before that, the zhur is uzhzhzhasny! I do not know how to deal with this, it is very bad!

oh, how glad I am that there are a lot of us, girls!))
Thank you all very much, smiled at many messages and even the mood has improved significantly.
I thought already - something was wrong with me, scored a couple of kilos, although I didn’t eat anything very much these days, and then the terrible zhor began!)) - the result - THEY came today!))
and I understood everything right away. )
I also read that weight gain is the norm, the body accumulates fluid in the body)

Girls, I also want to constantly eat, eat and eat. Although the patch on the mouth glue. = (here's a damn female body!

the same zhor! scales only after menstruation, I do not want to be upset. it is just awful! in the daytime, before we fill up with it all in a row, then you want nothing!

Ahahahah, girls, how can I understand you all)))) it's just a kapets, I don’t have to “do”, and during my period comes and I can’t do anything, and I don’t really want to. When there are no periods - only healthy food, a minimum of sweet and flour, as soon as they come - that's all. )))) arrived) everything flies in your mouth, the most-most harmful, and then no training, but only for a long, long time)))))) but then the mood is good))))

How to deal with appetite before menstruation or how to win "zhor before menstruation"

There is one uniquely female problem in the process of weight control or the struggle to preserve the figure - how to defeat the zhor before menstruation. I must say that the menstrual cycle and changes in hormonal levels during the month have a huge impact on the body and behavior of women. Changes affect not only the mood, but even appetite. Why is it so eager to eat before menstruation and how to deal with gluttony on the eve of critical days?

The fact is that several days before the onset of the menstrual cycle, a woman’s progesterone level rises in her body, which affects the growth of adrenaline in the blood, and the latter stimulates the production of a large amount of gastric juice, inflaming our appetite. An actively working stomach literally instantly processes the food that has entered it, and literally without having time to get up from the table, we again feel hungry.

In addition to increasing the level of adrenaline, progesterone stimulates insulin production in larger than usual quantities, which greatly reduces blood sugar levels. Low blood sugar levels lead to the fact that, before critical days, a woman has an insatiable need not only to eat something, but to eat just something sweet. And the more sweet enters the woman's body, the more progesterone is produced, which stimulates insulin, which breaks down blood sugar, and we again want a lot of sweet. And the result - extra weight and guilt for their weakness for sweets.

How to be? Is it possible to defeat your body and cope with zhor before the menstruation? It turns gluttony before menstruation is quite controllable.

First, try to give up sweets altogether, 4-5 days before the expected menstruation. To do this, plan any trip, prepare an interesting book or film, meet up with a friend, not only in a cafe, but outside in a park or in a large shopping center, just go shopping, try on as many clothes as possible and treat yourself to some nice little things. Take a break to think as little as possible about food and especially sweets.

Secondly, try to eat foods that are digested a little longer than others. Give preference to low-fat meats, as well as other animal proteins - low-fat cottage cheese, kefir, yogurt, sugar-free cereals, hard-grain macaroni and vegetables.

Thirdly, reduce the consumption of fatty foods to a minimum. Fatty foods also stimulate progesterone, which, as we have found out, ultimately leads to gluttony.

Fourth, give up pickled foods, salinity, smoked meat, spicy, it all provokes the appetite and retains excess fluid in the body.

Compliance with these simple rules will help you to cope with your own appetite in such a difficult period of the month and maintain a good mood and slim figure.

Zhor before menstruation

The feeling of hunger makes a woman eat up all the household supplies, literally emptying the refrigerator. A few days before the expected menstruation, women forget about their shape and appearance and simply gorge themselves to suppress their sense of hunger.

When a new menstrual cycle begins, everything passes, and the result of overeating is visible. The woman then scolding herself for a long time for incontinence and weakness, promises herself that this will not happen again. But a month before menstruation, everything begins again. The feeling of hunger overpowers everything, and the desire to eat something tasty and unusual does not give rest.

For such behavior there is an explanation, an overwhelming desire to eat arises for a number of natural reasons.

The menstrual cycle and everything that happens with a woman depends on the fluctuations of the hormonal background. These changes affect the physiological and psychological state. Depending on the phase, the level of some hormones decreases, while others increase. The feeling of hunger in this case is explained by the fact that in the second phase, female estrogens reduce their activity.

In the first phase, estrogens promote egg growth, but after ovulation, the cycle supports progesterone. This is also the answer to the question - why does it pass after menstruation?

Гормон беременности как его еще называют, приводит к повышенной выработке адреналина и норадреналина, которые увеличивают выделение желудочного сока. Его высокая концентрация способствует быстрому перевариванию пищи и требует еще.

Еще одной причиной является инсулин. Его низкий уровень также объясняется доминированием прогестерона. Показатели сахара в крови снижается, а женщине невероятно хочется есть особенно сладкое и богатую углеводами пищу. Insulin deficiency is immediately suppressed with buns, cakes and chocolate. These harmful carbohydrates lead to weight gain and disrupt the digestive system, not to mention the other consequences of overeating.

Endorphin deficiency is also associated with hormonal fluctuations and its low content is responsible for the lack of mood. Of course, than, if not food, improve health, hence the desire to eat. A surge in the hormone of joy falls on the period of ovulation, and then it drops sharply, causing zhor during menstruation and in front of them.


Before the next menstruation comes, the woman does not know about the possible pregnancy. Increased appetite may be one of the first symptoms of this condition. So, the body is preparing for the upcoming childbearing. The level of progesterone hormone rises and signals the body to accumulate nutrients. This causes excessive appetite, because for carrying a child you need to eat for two.

If conception did not occur by the first day of the menstrual cycle, hormone levels return to normal and the appetite decreases, hunger ceases to disturb.

There may be pathological causes of zhora before menstruation, but this phenomenon is rare. Confirm the disease that causes appetite, can only examination and consultation of a doctor. Otherwise, natural processes are to blame, but they should not be the cause of overeating.

How to deal with hunger before menstruation

Despite the influence of natural hormonal fluctuations, hunger should not be the cause of gluttony. To avoid complications and health problems, you need to fight them.

Of course, you can not starve, and any doctor will say this, but it is necessary to adhere to a balanced diet. It is necessary to exclude snacks and food from fast food. Diets with salads and yoghurt are meaningless, since the body requires a full amount of nutrients, this approach may result in a breakdown.

It is necessary to adhere to a diet, and meals to be divided evenly throughout the day. Refusal from lunch or dinner can aggravate the psychological state, cause irritability and apathy, then the fight against overeating will be meaningless. Nervous breakdown in such cases often ends at night overeating.

The menu should include porridge, meat and fish, but refrain from baking and sweets. Glutting before menstruation is hard to quench with the usual three or four meals a day, so food intake should be divided into 5-7 snacks.

Food should be balanced and as healthy as possible, especially on days when zhor attacks before menstruation. To limit oneself to food is to argue with nature itself. This can not be done, but you can satisfy your hunger not only sweets that are not beneficial, but protein food. But it should also be remembered that restraint in nutrition should not affect the other days after menstruation. Compensation for malnutrition before menstruation may result in cycle failure and hormonal disorders.

To keep yourself in shape and prevent zhora before menstruation, you need to follow a number of simple rules:

  • use at least 1.5-2 liters of water per day,
  • Include in the diet only healthy foods - vegetables, fruits, meat and fish,
  • eliminate sweet, flour and high-calorie,
  • do not neglect sports,
  • limit salt intake
  • do not abuse bad habits
  • give up alcohol.

Hormonal restructuring affects the work of the whole organism, but the heart suffers more than others, deterioration of the cardiac muscle performance disrupts the blood supply, contributes to fluid retention in the body. To alleviate the condition and not allow edema, you need to reduce the consumption of salt, which delays the flow of lymph.

By keeping the calendar of the menstrual cycle, a woman can prepare in advance for a difficult period. Approximately 3-4 days before the beginning of the monthly need to adhere to the chosen tactics in the fight against zhora. This strategy will help not only to overcome the feeling of hunger, but also to improve well-being in general.

Nervous tension is not necessary to seize food, and you can drink herbal infusions of chamomile or valerian. Pharmacies also have a number of drugs to suppress the symptoms of premenstrual syndrome, they have a positive effect not only on the psyche, but also significantly improve well-being, and the menstruation is painless.

Do not self-medicate, if a woman cannot overcome excessive hunger and deal with the problem on her own, you need to seek help from a specialist, he will tell you how to deal with the problem.

How to cope with zhorom before menstruation

The main problem of every woman is how not to replenish the zhora before menstruation? To avoid excess weight and satisfy hunger, you can eat vegetables, fruits, cereal or pasta. Benefit from lean fish and meat, as well as cottage cheese. If absolutely unbearable - you can eat a slice of chocolate to raise the mood.

Help to fight with irrepressible appetite various entertainment. Your task is to get as new positive impressions as possible. Zhor before menstruation will decrease due to fresh emotions and, as a result, increased production of endorphins.