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  • How to clean a black drape coat

So that the dress, skirt or trousers made of synthetic fabrics are not stuck to the body, you can treat their inside with ordinary soap. Take a dry piece of soap and rub the item with it in a chaotic manner from the wrong side. Since the soap leaves white bloom on the fabric, first try this method on a small section of the fabric. If the front side of the garment is not visible, then feel free to get down to business. And do not worry, at the first wash everything will come down. Processing tissue soap reduces the static effect for about a day.

Air conditioning

Most fabric softeners have antistatic properties. They are added to the water during the washing of the product. If you urgently need to go out, and there is no time for washing, try putting a small amount of conditioner on your palm and walk along the inside of the skirt or dress. You need very little money, otherwise white spots will appear on the front side of the product. In emergency situations, some housewives use hair rinse instead of a conditioner for laundry, which also has antistatic properties.

Plain water can also reduce static stress, but for a short period of time. Apply a small amount of water to the fabric using a fine spray bottle, with which the plants are sprayed. Use the so-called “mist” nozzle, otherwise you risk wetting your clothes considerably.

In the warm season, when women do not wear pantyhose and stockings, you can try to reduce static electricity by applying a thin layer of low-fat cream to your feet. This will help moisturize the skin and reduce friction of synthetic fabrics, as a result of which a static effect occurs.

If you have time, wash the clothes you are going to wear in a weak acetic solution. Firstly, it will remove the remains of laundry detergent or soap from the tissues, and secondly, it will reduce the ability of synthetics to accumulate static electricity.
Alternatively, use a solution of vinegar and baking soda. Mix them in a ratio of 6: 1. Soda softens the fabric and eliminates odors. And if you combine 2 parts of a hair conditioner, 3 parts of vinegar and 6 parts of water, you can get a homemade fabric softener with antistatic properties and a pleasant aroma.

Ceiling leaks on the top floor: what to do, who to contact

  • Rainstorm - the ceiling flows in the rain or immediately after it.
  • Snow - leak observed during active snowmelt.
  • Dry - the ceiling on the top floor flows in warm and dry weather. As a rule, this is the result of condensation in the space under the roof.
  • Shimmering - the roof flows haphazardly. The most common reason for a leak is a microcrack in the roof, sufficient to leak water. What to do in this case?
  1. The act must contain a detailed listing of the damage, the nature of the damage, the date, an indication of the place where the ceiling flows, an indication of possible causes.
  2. The document indicates the date and time of drawing up the act, the names, patronymic names and residential addresses of all the persons involved.
  3. The cost of damaged property is not specified in the act. For this there is a second document: a defective statement. For its high-quality filling it is recommended to use the remaining store receipts for the purchase of goods and checks for purchased building materials.
  4. The owner of the apartment or tenant signs the act only in case of its full adoption. The act is made in two copies, one remains with the owner of the apartment. Must be the signatures of all participants in the procedure.


After detecting a leak, you must notify the organization responsible for the maintenance of the house. In order to avoid the “forgetfulness” of the official, immediately write a statement addressed to the head of the same organization and take it personally or send it by registered mail and receive a note of receipt.

For a period of not more than 3 days a technician should come to the apartment, the main duty of which will be to draw up an act of damage. It is necessary to ensure that the acts included not only ceilings, walls, floors, but also damaged furniture, doors, household appliances, electronics, and so on. In case the technician never comes, the apartment owner has the right to independently draw up an act, inviting witnesses (neighbors) who will subsequently sign it. If the living space was insured from the Gulf, then the act must be signed by the employee of the insurance company. It is best to illustrate the act of photo or video filming, confirming the level of damage.

What to do if there are no gaskets

First, sew along the edge of the absorbing liner (for example, gauze can be rolled up in 14-16 layers + 2 layers of flannel). Attach it to the upper layer and sew. Then connect these parts to the bottom of the gasket, leaving one edge unstitched. Remove the resulting part. Left end sew. Sew on the wings of the buttons.

The first pads appeared quite recently - at the end of the twentieth century. Previously, women had to be creative. In the old days, Greek women used canvas rolled into a tube, Russian girls put on thick pantaloons to absorb menstrual discharge, Egyptian women used rolls of papyrus, and women from Europe tucked petticoats between their legs. Unfortunately, these days, too, there are situations when menstruation suddenly begins or hygiene products run out. The question arises, what to do if there are no gaskets? Here it is necessary to resort to various tricks. However, in this case, it is better for the woman to be vigilant and not to be mistaken.


In the civilized world, you can certainly call yourself a tow truck and go home for repairs, of course, without forgetting to drain the remaining fuel. But it is not always possible, either far from civilization and then you will have to turn on your wit and act! Especially when deaf terrain and in the district there are neither communications, nor people, nor settlements. Find in yourself Kulibina))))))))

There is such an option: take a piece of cloth and process it with glue (a moment or something similar) and stick it to that place. It is better then to smear it with nitro paint - for some time it will help. But the problem is if there is no possibility to get glue and paint, because we are talking about cases far from civilization! But for writing notes, it can be useful.

Fish at home

Aquarium with fish is the best way to relax, perfectly, while complementing the interior of any room. True, the aquarium is able to bring not only peace, but also very big trouble. One fine morning, after exercising with a doormat and a squabble with a neighbor, you will ask yourself: what to do if the aquarium flows. Here are some simple but effective tips for those who do not want to spend money to buy a new aquarium.

First you need to partially drain the water from the aquarium, gently transplant all the inhabitants in any container with water. Then you should carefully remove the algae from the soil and place them in another capacity, separate from the fish. Now you can drain the remaining water and remove the soil.

What to do if leaked

Among the many problems that are today associated with batteries, content leakage is one of the most common and dangerous. Leaks occur, for example, when batteries remain in the electronic device for too long. Unfortunately, the only way to find out is to find the battery acid in the battery pack of the device.

Now you need to make a special mixture for cleaning residues of alkali. A mixture of lemon juice and vinegar will allow you to clean the area where the battery leak occurred. You should not use water, as this can be dangerous when mixed with alkali. Take a cotton ball on a stick, dip it in the mixture and clean the acid from the battery compartment. You should wipe it gently, replacing the dirty cotton balls with new ones. You can also use a toothbrush for this process. Simply immerse the toothbrush in the mixture, and then clean the battery compartment well. Only then this brush must be discarded and not used for cleaning teeth.

If a roof leaks in an apartment building, what to do and where to turn

  • Call the communal service to which the house is attached to the district.
  • Call the private housing company chosen by the tenants themselves.
  • Contact the city authorities for subsidizing roof repairs.
  • Collect money from the tenants and hire a brigade of workers.

Based on the above, it is already becoming clear why the roof is leaking in an apartment building. What to do? The causes of leakage are known, but all services responsible for the repair, still deny you. Then the last instance remains - write a letter to the prosecutor's office. Take a copy of your copy of the application, attach a photo with the date of departure of the letter, so that the competent authorities could see that the problem has not yet been resolved.

What to do if the roof leaks

All work must be carried out in such a way as to ensure their safety. Responsibility for the harm caused as a result of the work is borne by the person who caused them. It is necessary to find out who exactly is the executor of the work, who performed the functions of the customer, who the contractor.

Good day! In our house, a regional repair of the roof. The roof was removed from the roof and covered with polyethylene. Under the load of snow and rain, all the water and melting snow made the ceilings of the 6 apartments (the entire floor), including the access corridor. Property damage was inflicted in the apartments, and the tenants suffered moral damage. Where should I apply for recovery? Who will be responsible for this, because housing and communal services and DUK disclaim responsibility? And is it legal to carry out a similar repair in November (and possibly in December, as there are no workers at the site)?

What to do if there are no gaskets - alternatives, available tools

The cup does not cause irritation, does not violate the vaginal microflora, is not felt inside. The principle of extraction, like tampons - pull the tail. Requires some application skills. In the near future may displace gaskets at all. Menstruation may begin at the wrong time. You should always carry in your purse a spare hygiene product, panties. Maintain entries in the calendar. There is a way out. Gasket is not a single tool that is used during critical days.

The only rule is that the hygiene products used must be clean. Menstruation can start out of plan for every woman. The situation is quite common. You can make a delicate request to friends, and completely unfamiliar women, to give or borrow 1 gasket. This is especially the case with adolescent girls. When periods can begin in school. It is necessary to explain to the teenager that the situation is quite normal. You can ask for help from the class teacher, teacher, nurse. Perhaps the girlfriend has a pad. Ideal, send the girl to school with a spare lining in the portfolio.

What if I leak in school

So, my Monsters began yesterday. But I was not even upset, because I understood adequately that neither signs, nor positive tests are anything. But bastards such bastards such and so pours. I first leaked yesterday, just kapets. I do not have time to change the gaskets. I did not have these from school, damn it. Lately, it was little by little, but for 7 days they stretched out when and 5. And then there is such a flood, I wonder if this is normal ?! Or something wrong with me again. Lord How many fears and.