How to stop the monthly if you really need?


How to stop menstruation, if they go too long - a question that arises in women. The answer is ambiguous, because each organism is individual.

A woman's body is particularly sensitive to various external and internal events, which directly affects menstruation.

Monthly normal differ in their regularity. However, their duration and intensity may depend on a number of factors, as well as the well-being of a woman. Someone endures these days without any problems, and someone suffers from severe PMS. experiencing severe pain, weakness, fatigue and a number of other "charms".

On average, menstruation lasts 3-5 days. During this period, the uterus clears from the mucous membrane. But it happens that the monthly go longer than a week, or even a month.

Why go long?

How to stop the monthly if they go for a long time, and is it necessary to do it? First you need to understand the reasons. The duration of menstruation can be affected by diseases of different nature, and emotional causes.

Consider the most common causes of long critical days:

  • hormonal imbalance: the cause may be in progesterone deficiency, it is this hormone that is responsible for stopping menstruation,
  • problems with the endocrine system: in some cases, one can blame the lack of proper nutrition and healthy food, excessive consumption of alcoholic beverages, coffee, or a passion for nicotine,
  • diseases of the reproductive system: if there is a question how to stop menstruation, if they have already begun and continue for a very long time, it is worth examining for the presence of cysts, dysfunction and other gynecological problems,
  • stress and emotional instability,
  • weight problems: overweight or, on the contrary, exhaustion,
  • previous surgery,
  • the onset of menopause.

The duration of the menstrual cycle is normal

How to stop menstruation?

Monthly normal should be no more than 5, a maximum of 7 days. If the discharge is very abundant and lasts longer - this is the reason to immediately go to the doctor.

The doctor will conduct an examination and tell you how to stop the period and whether it is necessary. Self-treatment in this case is an unwarranted risk and can lead to undesirable consequences in the form of chronic diseases or the inability to become pregnant in the future.

In addition, the desire to stop the monthly urgently at home can contribute to the endometrium remaining in the uterine cavity, and this is a direct way to the beginning of the inflammatory process.


However, there are ways to bring the menstrual cycle back to normal.

Consider how to stop the abundant menstruation, lasting longer than the allotted time:

  1. The use of hormonal contraceptives. Such drugs not only prevent unwanted pregnancy, but also normalize the whole cycle. Menstruation comes at the right time, regularly and lasts as long as necessary.
  2. A healthy and regular sex life has a positive effect on the entire body of a woman, including the work of the reproductive organs.
  3. Moderate exercise is also recommended as a way to bring the cycle back to normal.
  4. Proper nutrition. It is recommended to use only healthy foods. You should not get involved in strict diets, the diet should be varied and complete in terms of the content of proteins, fats, carbohydrates and vitamins.

It is worth paying attention to vitamin complexes. Sometimes there is not enough vitamin E to work properly.


The most effective way to stop menstruation at home is still medication. They can be purchased at the pharmacy, but only upon doctor's prescription, since hemostatic drugs for menstruation have a lot of contraindications.

An effective way to shorten your period is to take medications that promote it. No need to look for complex recipes and components, to spend time on preparation, it is enough to purchase a ready-made product in a pharmacy. But before taking hemostatic drugs for periods, it would be good to make sure that they do not cause allergies, as well as to find out the list of contraindications.

Contraceptive drugs

Oral contraception allows not only to stop the monthly, but also to delay their onset. To do this, after completing one package of contraceptives, immediately start the second one without a break. However, this way you can use no more than two months. Menstruation will begin only after the woman stops drinking the pills.


To stop the monthly urgently at home, you can use special medications. However, they can lead to such a side effect as the complete absence of menstruation or its delay:

  • Duphaston. Often, if you have problems with menstruation, doctors prescribe Duphaston. This is a hormonal drug that contributes to an increase in progesterone in a woman's body. As a result, by taking it, you can cause a delay in menstruation, since progesterone affects late endometrial rejection in the uterus. The dosage is prescribed by the doctor depending on the diagnosis. Duphaston prescribed for endometriosis, endometrial hyperplasia, excessive production of estrogen. A side effect may be a scanty or brown daub.
  • Norcolut. The drug is able to delay menstruation. He is appointed in the complete absence of menstruation, menstrual disorders, as well as with strong pain.
  • Ditsinon. Medication with hemostatic effect. It thickens the blood, contributes to the rapid formation of platelets. It is used not only for problems with menstruation, but also for operations and bleeding of various kinds. For women, it is indicated for excessively abundant and prolonged menstruation.
  • Vikasol. Also hemostatic drug, which contains in its composition a large amount of vitamin K. It is the latter that is required by the body for the normal process of blood coagulation.
  • Tranexam. The drug contains tranexamic acid, which has the ability to clot the blood. Through the use of the drug can make menstruation shorter. Also Tranexam helps to reduce pain, reduces inflammation.
  • Etamzilat. Etamzilat is also prescribed for prolonged and excessively abundant secretions, as it makes blood viscosity higher.

Why go brown discharge after menstruation in a week. Read in the article about the reasons, such discharge is the norm or pathology, is it dangerous and what should a woman do.

What are the first signs of pregnancy before a monthly delay? Detailed link.

Methods of traditional medicine

Sometimes it is worth referring to the methods of traditional medicine, complementing the main treatment with them or using them as an independent therapy. But in any case, you need to consult a doctor.

Infusion of nettle to stop menstruation

So, effective means:

  • Lemon. This fruit is suitable for stopping long periods. In this case, the woman should not have a gastrointestinal disease or problems with teeth. To stop heavy discharge, you need to eat one lemon with the addition of honey or sugar. It is believed that a large amount of vitamin C in the body has a hemostatic effect.
  • Nettle. The plant also helps with long periods. Cooking recipe: make an infusion - 1 tablespoon of herbs pour a glass of boiling water. The tool has a good effect for problems with menstruation.

Before asking how to stop menstruation, you should find out the reason for their abundance or excessive duration. And this can only be done by a doctor after an examination. Therefore, in case of violations of the cycle, it is necessary to go for a consultation, this will help preserve women's health and feel good.

How to stop periods: pills and folk ways

For girls who have a childbearing period, such a phenomenon as menstruation on a certain day of the cycle is the same as snow fall in winter. Monthly become a vital companion for the female sex from the moment they enter adolescence and this process is not to be feared. But only if he does not depart from the established norms.

For example, if some girls are characterized by abundant and long discharge, then for others it does not take even five days and does not cause the need to frequently change hygiene products. But if the changes begin ...

If each cycle is long and abundant

If the first day of menstruation began abundant discharge, you should not worry about this, since this is nothing but your natural feature. There is no need to resort to the use of pills and other means, as in this case, nothing but a failure of the cycle (at best) you will not achieve. You can pause your periods, but do you need to do this?

The correct approach is to replenish the body with essential minerals, vitamins and trace elements, those that are removed from your body along with blood during your period. If, however, there is exhaustion, pain, or some other unpleasant consequences, then you should consult a gynecologist. An experienced specialist will prescribe a course of therapy that will very effectively reduce the sensitivity during menstruation.

The first day of menstruation should be accompanied by more abundant secretions than the next days and you need to suspend menstruation if uterine bleeding has begun.

The flow of menses is not normal

If such phenomena as heavy discharge and long periods have not been previously observed, then it's time to sound the alarm. And in no case should one postpone a visit to the doctor. Since all this already acquires the status of "disease", which is characteristic of various diseases, or their development. This is especially true of those who, due to the large amount of blood, have to literally change their hygiene every thirty minutes. In such cases, the patient has no more than an hour (sometimes even less than half an hour), which indicates the need to quickly call an ambulance.

As a rule, such secretions are characteristic after suffering serious traumas and diseases. The presence of any female disease is also possible.

Is it possible to stop the monthly?

Is it possible to remove or even stop the monthly? This question comes to mind, perhaps, every woman. And for this you can not blame. Indeed, in this process there is very little pleasant (except for the fact that the second half tries not to annoy, in order not to fall under the barrage of emotions).

And, it would seem, there is such a way. Repeatedly talked about this girlfriend, showed in the programs, wrote in super fashion magazines. And everybody knows that sportswomen have been practicing this method long before the competition. But what really?

But in fact, in no case can you arrange a cycle failure for yourself without the knowledge of your doctor. And even if you are going to do this with the help of an experienced specialist, there must be good reasons for this. And under the words "weighty reasons" it means precisely the situation in which there is a need to take such a risk. And the risk is considerable.

So, such as “tomorrow's party, and I want to put a white dress on her nose” will not work. It is not advisable to “transfer” the menstruation, which should begin on a certain day of the cycle, to “later”. As a rule, only a disease can be the cause. And such a disruption of the cycle should take place exclusively under the supervision of your attending physician. Not otherwise!

What are some methods to stop menstruation?

You can’t stop your period at all, except for 9 months when a woman is pregnant. Transfer one day or more with the help of certain drugs or folk remedies. But as such, there is no way to stop this process in the next few hours.

So to look for a miracle pill that can save you from a natural need of nature is the same as making fire from pieces of ice. But to normalize this process by making it fast and insensitive, there are still ways:

  1. Contraception in the form of tablets / capsules.
    Taking oral contraceptives, it is possible to reduce the period of menstruation, to reduce the amount of discharge for one or more days, to eliminate unpleasant sensations. However, this method is not welcomed by doctors, as it adversely affects health. Also negatively affects the fact that women do not make breaks between courses of taking these drugs, which leads in the best case to hormonal failure. Taking oral contraceptives, and then abandoning them, it is very difficult for women to restore their natural cycle. Not to mention all the possible difficulties in terms of her health.
  2. Mobility .
    By this is meant an active lifestyle, including sports, regular sex life and cheerfulness. In order to perform the physical exercises necessary for the body, it is not necessary to iron in the gyms. It is enough to do exercises, go in for gymnastics, arrange jogging in the open air or cyclocross, regardless of whether you will move slowly or quickly.
  3. Proper eating.
    This method involves maintaining a healthy diet. It is necessary to eat not only qualitatively, but also regularly. So about any grueling diets can not be considered. Moreover, except for the harm to health there is no effect from them.

For stopping monthly doctors recommend both drug-induced and folk remedies.

How to stop menstruation using medication?

The most effective drugs are:

  1. Vikasol.
    This drug fills the body with vitamin “K”, which is responsible for blood clotting in the body. Lack of vitamin "K" - is one of the reasons for heavy discharge. Appointed solely by a gynecologist, and not taken continuously.
  2. Tranexam.
    If this drug does not stop menstruation even for a day, it helps to stabilize their flowability. May be in the form of a pill or injection.
  3. Etamzilat.
    The drug is used exclusively to stop bleeding. Appointed in cases of heavy discharge.
  4. Duphaston.
    It is something other than a synthesized hormone that is not inferior in quality to the true natural one. It is used to prevent heavy bleeding during menstruation.

How to stop periods using folk remedies?

Folk remedies as well as medicines are widely practiced in this matter.

The best results come from:

  1. Nettle. It has long been used to treat bleeding. In the case of problem monthly used in the form of a decoction. Can be used for uterine bleeding.
  2. Honey. Promotes early arrival of menstruation. Used a week before the cycle. Menstruation will start earlier in a few days.
  3. Parsley. Its action is similar to the action of honey. It also applies a week before the cycle.
  4. Lemon. But its properties are able to help not every woman. Plus, it is contraindicated if there is an ulcer, gastritis and other diseases of the stomach and intestines. A large dose of vitamin C can cause menstruation ahead of time.

How to stop the monthly

The regular menstrual cycle accompanies any healthy woman throughout the entire fertile period in life. This is an integral component of the normal functioning of female reproductive organs. In certain situations of life there is a need to quickly stop or postpone menstruation. The menstrual cycle is independent; therefore, menstruation may occur at the most inappropriate moment, for example, on the eve of an important meeting, business negotiations, meetings, etc. Therefore, many women wonder - how to stop menstruation at home. Regular interruption or delay of the cycle can disrupt the normal functioning of the female reproductive organs and the whole organism, so you should not resort to stopping the menstruation too often. Episodic interruption will not cause significant damage to health and will not break the menstrual cycle.

Ways to stop monthly

  • reduction of discomfort due to symptomatic therapy,
  • delayed menstruation by taking birth control pills,
  • stopping menstruation by taking special preparations,
  • reduction of unpleasant manifestations by the methods of traditional medicine.

Pills that stop menstruation, are the most effective way. However, they are not recommended to be taken too often. This is especially true for hormonal drugs, since they can harm the body during long-term use. Analgesics and antispasmodics do not fall into the group of potentially dangerous drugs, they can be used without significant restrictions, according to the instructions and recommendations of the doctor. Folk remedies are less effective and allow only a few to reduce discomfort, reduce pain and intensity of bleeding.

Symptomatic therapy

During menstruation, all women experience a certain discomfort and deterioration of health, ranging from mild ailment, ending with temporary disability, severe pain, nausea, etc.Unpleasant symptoms can be significantly reduced or removed altogether for some time period.

Significantly reduce pain by taking analgesics. In this case, you can not take drugs that reduce blood clotting, for example, aspirin and its derivatives. A severe attack of pain can be stopped by applying cold to the lower abdomen, but for no more than 10-25 minutes. Also, this will allow for some time to stop the monthly bleeding. The effect of antispasmodic drugs, such as no-shpa, is beneficial.

Massage and exercise

It is possible to relieve the condition by gently massaging the abdomen with hands, clockwise. Significant exercise is contraindicated, however, some exercises provide significant relief. Effective posture with a forward bend, a strong bend in the spine. You can try various yoga exercises, choosing the one that brings the greatest relief.

Stop monthly using tablets

There are various drugs, some of which allow to delay the onset of the menstrual cycle, others to reduce the intensity of bleeding and reduce discomfort, and others to speed up its ending. Preparations of some groups are ways to completely stop menstruation and prevent their occurrence, but they have a number of side effects and are not recommended for long-term use.

Drug Summary

Duphaston - progesterone-based hormonal drug used in medicine for the treatment of endometriosis. The active substance has no effect on ovulation and is not a contraceptive. Early initiation of the drug allows you to delay the onset of menstruation due to the inhibition of the proliferation of the uterine mucosa and preventing its rejection.

Norkolut - a drug that allows you to delay menstruation for up to a week. To this end, it should begin its reception approximately one week before the expected onset of menstruation. Duration of reception is 10 - 12 days. The active ingredient in the tablets inhibits the maturation of the follicles, thereby preventing ovulation.

Dicynon - hemostatic drug, with which you can quickly stop bleeding. Does not contain hormones. The effect is achieved by stimulating the active production of platelets and reducing the permeability of the walls of blood vessels and capillaries. Recommended for women with severe bleeding during menstruation.

Vikasol - pills to reduce the intensity of bleeding. The drug increases blood clotting, so it can not be taken by those who have a tendency to form blood clots. Taking pills can reduce discomfort and almost completely stop bleeding during menstruation.

Folk remedies

If a woman does not wish to use medical methods to stop menstruation or there are contraindications, then you can use well-proven, safe folk methods. The goal is to increase the stability of the capillary walls and improve blood clotting. Vitamin C has a beneficial effect on vascular walls, which can be taken both in natural products - citrus, wild rose, berries, and in the form of pharmaceutical preparations. A few days before menstruation, you can start taking vitamin C one tablet per day.

Ingestion of parsley or nettle decoction will increase blood clotting. It is simple enough to make a decoction - boil 35-40 grams of chopped parsley in a glass of water, boil in a water bath for 10 minutes, then sue and strain through cheesecloth. A decoction of nettle contains a large amount of vitamin K, it also contains vitamin C. To prepare an infusion for half a liter of water, you need to take 5 tbsp. spoons finely ground dry leaves, boil need to be in a water bath for 10 minutes. Drink half a glass three times a day.


The methods described in this article can be used to stop menstruation, but not regularly (with the exception of folk methods). If you are constantly worried about too much pain or bleeding during menstruation, then you need to contact a gynecologist, perhaps this is a symptom of a disease. As for hormonal drugs, it is imperative that you consult with your doctor before you begin taking them.