When can girls start using tampons?


Bright advertising on television encourages young girls to use tampons as soon as “these days” come to them, supposedly it is convenient and provides protection from leaks. However, manufacturers of hygiene products do not indicate from how many years tampons can be used. Will they harm the young girl and how to use them correctly?

What is a tampon?

Often for young girls a big mystery remains not only the question of how many years you can use tampons, but also what they are.

The tampon is made from a special fiber that absorbs the liquid well. After the tampon is inserted into the vagina, it begins to absorb secretions and swell, closing the vaginal lumen and preventing leakage.

How many years can I use tampons? This is a pressing issue for girls who have just started menstruating. Mostly young representatives of the fair sex are afraid that they can damage the hymen with a swab or cause pain. However, if the girl is healthy, then gynecologists do not see any reason to refuse using tampons. They claim that the hymen has a special opening, which with the onset of menstruation increases to one and a half centimeters, so that the tampon cannot damage anything.

How to choose a tampon?

In order to preserve your chaff, you should choose the correct size of the tampon. They are available in three types: "mini", "norm" and "maxi". Young girls are better to prefer the "mini", in extreme cases, the "norm". But the "maxi" is clearly not suitable.

If possible, it is better for virgins to purchase tampons with applicators that facilitate the insertion process and make it more hygienic. Tampons without applicators are made for adult women.

What if a tampon is uncomfortable?

Since how many years can use tampons, we figured out, but what to do if it causes discomfort?

Unaccustomed young girls may feel discomfort while wearing a tampon simply because they do not know how to properly enter it. If this procedure was carried out correctly, then the discomfort should not be felt.

It is no secret that the vagina at all different sizes, so that if the tampon is larger than necessary, it will interfere. To solve this problem, you just need to find your size of this delicate hygiene product.

Tampons have some contraindications, therefore, since when a girl can use tampons and whether she needs to do it at all, the gynecologist will tell you the best. He will help you choose the right size and teach you how to enter them correctly.

Do not worry that the tampon can somehow fall out. If it is injected correctly, and even swollen from the liquid absorbed into it, then its loss is almost impossible.

How to enter a tampon?

How many years can girls use tampons? If the girl learns how to enter them correctly, then you can start using tampons from the first menstruation.

Before inserting the tampon into the vagina, wash your hands and unpack the product with clean hands only. It is necessary to relax the muscles, otherwise the introduction will be painful. The vagina itself is located at a small angle relative to the waist, so you need to take this fact into account when introducing.

The instructions always indicate how many centimeters to push the tampon inside. This should be done with legs wide apart, while it is better to sit on a bidet or toilet.

Remove the tampons with a lanyard. Pull over it you need to smoothly so that it does not come off. If this happens, you need to lie on the bed and try to remove the tampon yourself with clean fingers.

Such situations rarely occur, only if the lace is pulled too hard. If you follow the instructions, nothing like this will happen.

The main thing in wearing tampons is to change them every four hours, otherwise blood can seep into the laundry in the same way as sometimes happens with pads. At the same time, a tampon that is not soaked with liquid should not be removed ahead of time. Given these rules, it is almost impossible to harm yourself with wearing tampons.

Tampons or pads?

How many years can you use tampons "OBI"? As it turned out, from adolescence, it is possible to start using any tampons. However, the question of which is better - tampons or pads?

Firstly, tampons are not recommended to be used constantly, even if it is done by an adult woman. Although repeated studies were conducted that allegedly established their full safety for health, it is still necessary to take breaks in wearing tampons. It is better to use them when you need to visit the beach and pool, and at home go to the gaskets.

Secondly, tampons will not suit those girls who have any diseases of the genital organs. In such cases, consult with gynecologists, and the question of whether or not to wear tampons, is decided with them.

What are hygienic tampons?

Modern hygienic tampons are made from highly absorbent natural materials. After insertion into the vagina, they begin to absorb bleeding and vaginal secretions. At the same time, tampons swell and do not allow blood to "leak" out and stain clothes and linen.

How many years can I use tampons?

This question mainly arises in young girls. They worry that early use of hygienic tampons can lead to pain or even a violation of the hymen. However, gynecologists say that the use of tampons, provided the correct choice of their size and careful introduction, you can start with the onset of the girl's first menstruation. The procedure for installing and removing the tampon is absolutely safe and harmless to the health of a young girl.

The hymen has a special opening through which the menstrual blood is released to the outside. The size of this hole to the beginning of menstruation is at least one and a half centimeters. The diameter of most tampons is even slightly smaller. Therefore, it is almost impossible to damage the hymen when using tampons.

What hygienic tampons to choose?

It is very important to take a responsible approach to the choice of tampons for first use. Teenage girls should prefer the tampons "mini", and only in extreme cases, you can use the tampons "norm". But the maxi size should be discarded.

For virgins, it is more convenient to use tampons with an applicator that makes it easy to insert them into the vagina. And then the use of the applicator makes this procedure more hygienic.

Can a tampon interfere with movement or fall out?

We figured out how many years you can use tampons. Now let's find the answer to another question, which is also often of concern to teenage girls.

Discomfort from the inserted tampon can indeed occur, but only if it was not entered correctly. Discomfort in the vagina can also occur in the case of an incorrectly chosen diameter of the tampon. Therefore, if you plan to use tampons, it is advisable to consult first with a gynecologist. The doctor will not only tell you which tampons are better to use, but will also explain in detail the procedure for their insertion and extraction. In addition, for the use of tampons, there are some contraindications.

But to fear that the tampon may spontaneously fall out of the vagina is not worth it. The inserted tampon is tight enough against the vaginal walls. And as it is soaked with menstrual secretions, it swells and cannot move on its own.

How to use tampons?

Wash hands with soap and water before unpacking the swab.

Try not to worry and relax the muscles of the perineum as much as possible. The vagina is located at a small angle towards the lumbar region. Therefore, the tampon should be inserted in the same direction. It is very convenient to insert a tampon while sitting on a bidet or toilet, tilting the body slightly forward and legs wide apart. If you failed to insert the tampon correctly the first time, do not be upset. Very quickly you will learn how to do it without the slightest effort.

To remove the tampon, gently pull on the lanyard. But if he suddenly broke off, then do not panic. Wash your hands thoroughly, lie down on the bed, spread your legs apart and carefully remove the swab from the vagina with your fingers. Such situations occur extremely rarely, mainly in cases where a teenage girl begins to pull the string with great force or makes a sharp jerk for it.

Which is better: tampons or pads?

We answered most of the questions of adolescent girls regarding the use of tampons, including such an important one as “For how many years can tampons be used?”. But there is one more answer, which is also interesting for young girls: “What should be preferred - gaskets or tampons?”.

Gynecologists do not advise women, and even more so for teenage girls to constantly use tampons. This is due to the fact that when they are used there is a risk of developing a toxic-infectious shock. Therefore, use hygienic tampons in those cases when it is necessary, for example, on the beach, swimming in the sea or in the pool, and at other times give your preference to the pads.

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For how many years can vaginal hygiene products be used?

So, when can teen girls start using tampons? First of all, it is necessary to understand what kind of subject is the intimate hygiene of a woman.

The tampon is one of the most reliable hygienic products used by women during their periods. It is made of natural materials, well pressed and absorbing moisture. When it is inserted into the vagina, it begins to actively “absorb” the menstrual flow and vaginal secretions. This way it protects against leaks, keeping the laundry clean.

How many years can you use tampons for adolescent girls safely? Gynecologists say that the use of this product can be girls at any age - since the beginning of the first menstruation.

The main thing is to approach his choice, because the wrong tampon can harm the health of a teenager girl.

How to choose a product for virgins?

So, having figured out the question of how old a teenager girl can begin to use these hygienic products, let's turn to an equally important topic: how to choose exactly “that”, the right tool? This task is much simpler than many girls think.

Virgins should use mini-hygiene products. They are small in size, easy to use, and do not cause discomfort in the vagina.

When menstruation becomes more intense, adolescent girls can start using products from the “normal” category. They absorb copious menstrual flow, and are safe for virgins to worry about not damaging the hymen.

But the products from the category of "super" will have to be abandoned. For how many years have girls been allowed to use this category of vaginal hygiene products? From about 16-18 years old, but this is a relative figure. It is better to discuss this nuance with your gynecologist, then the use of tampons will be as safe as possible.

Why there is discomfort in the vagina?

So, we have studied in detail the question of how old a teenage girls are allowed to use vaginal hygiene products during their periods. But not only is the nuance of when to start, but also how to use these products correctly.

Many girls complain that after inserting a tampon into the vagina, they have a feeling of discomfort. Do not panic: it only means that the hygiene item is installed incorrectly. This may occur due to an unsuccessfully selected posture for its introduction.

If the problem reoccurs, do not torture yourself. It is better to contact your gynecologist - he will advise you in detail on how to properly use these hygienic products.

Frequently asked Questions

In addition, since what age girls adolescents can use vaginal intimate hygiene during menstruation, they ask other questions. We will consider the most relevant of them.

  1. Can the product fall out of the vagina? Such experiences are in vain, since this element of female intimate hygiene, when introduced, begins to absorb menstrual flow. Gradually, it swells, completely closing the entrance to the vagina. Thus, it can only be removed from there using a special thread attached to its base. He himself can not fall out.
  2. How to understand that the time has come to change the hygienic product? It is very important to know how long it can be inside the body. If you do not change it in a timely manner, it is fraught with the development of such a dangerous condition as toxic shock syndrome. Therefore, it is necessary to replace the used item of hygiene with no later than 4 hours after its introduction.
  3. Is it possible to sleep with this product? Young girls who have only gone their first periods, should not do this, as, in principle, and other representatives of the weaker sex. As already noted, one should not allow the tampon to be in the body for more than 4 hours, and not every girl is ready to wake up at night to change it. And during the time that it will be placed inside the vagina, it is filled with blood, and will gradually release toxic substances. As a consequence, they will poison the body, and, in the end - the development of TSS.
  4. What are the disadvantages of vaginal hygiene items used during menstruation? Their big drawback is that using them for a long time is not recommended due to the high probability of developing not only toxic shock syndrome, but also vaginal dysbiosis.

Doctors-gynecologists note that the best option is the alternation of vaginal hygiene products with gaskets, even if they are less reliable in terms of protection from leakage.

When to start using tampons during menstruation, and is it worth doing it at all? Every girl should decide this for herself.

If there are doubts about this, an experienced and competent gynecologist will always come to the rescue of the young patient. He will also advise which vaginal hygiene products to give preference, tell in detail how to use them correctly, and also answer other questions about the intricacies of the menstrual period, which are the most relevant for a young girl.

general information

Modern “menstrual” tampons are made from hypoallergenic materials that absorb moisture well. Inserted inside, the tampon absorbs menstrual blood and secretion. Against this background, the agent swells and prevents leakage of secretions.

Hygiene products for women and young girls differ in size. Means with the following markers are great for girls:

Funds with the indication "for girls" on the market there.

Can virgins

Some people who are interested in the question of how much tampons are allowed to use suggest that girls who are not sexually active should choose pads. Fears are based on a common myth, which states that the use of these funds is fraught with rupture of the hymen.

It is important to understand that the hymen is located in the lower front part of the vaginal opening. In the vast majority of young ladies, the diameter of the physiological expansion of the chaff varies from 15 to 20 millimeters. The maximum size of the hygiene product is 15 millimeters. Before the arrival of “critical” days, the hymen becomes much more elastic and softer. This is due to changes in hormonal levels. For this reason, for the safety of the hymen, you can be calm.

What should I choose

It is important not only to know the answer to the question of how many years tampons can be used, but also what product should be chosen. The main criterion here should be not only the age of the girl, but also the individual characteristics of the organism.

Most girls are best suited for products with a “mini” marker. Use the “norm” is possible only in exceptional cases. “Maxi” should be abandoned until the girl is 21 years old. They are used by many adult ladies.

11-13-year-old girl is best to give preference to tampons with an applicator. This device allows you to quickly and painlessly introduce hygienic means into the vagina. In addition, the applicator makes the process of introducing and removing tampons much more hygienic.

Лучшие варианты для девочек

Some young girls have a strong fear of tampons. Therefore, during the first menstrual period, it is recommended to introduce special tampons equipped with a silky coating. At the first month is best to use the tool ProComfortMini. These tampons have an elegant size and special SilkTouch coating. This provides a painless introduction to the vagina.

Modern tamponchiki have varying degrees of absorption. Clarify it easy, it is listed on the packaging. The more drops, the higher the degree of absorption.

At night, girls are recommended to use ProComfort Night hygiene products, which have a specific coating and securing wings.

Features of the introduction into the vagina

It is equally important to know how to properly insert tampons. Having studied the instruction once, each girl will be able to do it at any time, without assistance.

First you need to prepare for this procedure.

  1. Sit down or stand in a comfortable position.
  2. Remove the protective film.
  3. Straighten the thread, remove the remnants of the film.
  4. Place the index finger at the base of the hygiene product.
  5. Spread the labia.
  6. Find the vaginal entrance, relax.

Insert the pad must be carefully, without the use of force. In the event of resistance, the direction of the agent may change. Introduce hygiene need to until it ceases to be felt.

Normally, the tool takes place in the middle third of the vagina. There are no nerve endings, so dressing a tampon is not painful at all. The pelvic floor muscles hold the tool in the correct position and do not allow it to slip out. But if it still slips out or the girl feels his presence, then you should introduce him even deeper.

Means with the applicator is taken with two fingers. The rounded end of the hygiene product is installed at the entrance. To enter inside you need that part of the applicator, which is located close to the vagina. Slightly squeezing the opposite part of the applicator, you need to gently insert the tampon. Then you need to withdraw from the vagina applicator. The tampon remains inside and the thread is outside.

How to remove

In order to remove the pad, you need to relax, then sit down and gently pull the string. Pull it diagonally to the front of the body. The emergence of resistance means that the hygienic tool is not fully filled. Removing it in this case should not be, because it can cause discomfort.

The empty pad is recommended to remain in the same place for another six to eight hours. It is very important to focus on how much menstrual blood is released. If the girl has a lot of periods, it means that the filling of the tampon will happen faster.

Possible problems

Some girls have difficulty removing the tampon. This is usually due to the fact that the thread breaks, wraps or sticks to the labia. Finding a problem, do not panic. Hygienic means are not sent to travel around the body, and remains in the vagina.

In order to extract the tool, you need to squat down and strain the vaginal muscles as much as possible. If the tampon is located near the cervix, this simple exercise will help lower it and bring it out. If it is not possible to remove the hygiene product within eight hours, it becomes necessary to consult a doctor.

Some girls, against the background of the use of hygiene products, have a syndrome of toxic shock. This is a very dangerous condition subject to urgent medical supervision. If a girl has a fever, dry mouth and muscle pain, you need to quickly remove the remedy and seek help from a doctor.