Candles after cauterization of cervical erosion by various methods


Erosion - an ulcer on the cervical epithelium. However, it is often possible to meet with the fact that this term refers to practically any redness in this place: ectopia, postpartum inversion, and cervicitis. The tactics of treatment of "erosion" is different: it all depends on its size, whether the cervix is ​​structurally altered, what tests are from the vagina and the cervical canal, and so on. One of the popular and relatively safe procedures, the effectiveness and the need for which can be argued for a long time, is cauterization. It can be carried out by laser, electric current, liquid nitrogen and other methods. After the procedure, the healing process itself takes place; various candles are used to accelerate it after cauterization of erosion. What suppositories and when to use, is it necessary?

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What is the essence of cauterization and why do we need candles?

Over time, changing ideas and position in medicine. What was previously considered the “gold standard” is today largely revised and radically changed. This also applies to erosion.

Many women, faced with a similar diagnosis at the doctor's office, are surprised at how and when she managed to form. In fact, many experts even physiological education on the cervix, ectopia, fit into the category of erosion and offer treatment for them.

In recent years, the number of cases of oligosymptomatic forms of cervical cancer has been steadily increasing. Oncologists largely associate this with the practice of cauterization, which was popular in Soviet times, for almost everyone after childbirth. As a result, the cells that are altered and susceptible to malignant growth go deep into the cervical canal. On examination, such a cervix looks healthy, and the tumor grows, manifesting itself as symptoms only in the third or fourth stage. That is why oncologists recommend in most cases to refrain from any cauterization, leaving all cells subject to changes outside. They believe that it will be much easier to identify pathology.

However, to do cauterization or not, the doctor, whom the woman fully trusts, must decide. Indeed, some forms of eroded ectropions bring considerable discomfort to a woman — large amounts of mucus and whitening, constant trauma during sexual intercourse, frequent inflammation, and the like. In such situations, you should think about cauterization.

This procedure can be carried out with chemicals and physical methods. Classical presentation and cauterization gives DEC - diatermoelektrokoagulyatsiya cervix. The drug for this procedure is in almost every clinic. However, the method is outdated long ago, outdated by the number of complications and the duration of healing. But still sometimes applied.

The use of candles in the complex treatment allows to speed up the reparative processes, dissolve the “crust” after the treatment and prevent the infection from developing at this place. Some types of cauterization generally do not require the additional appointment of candles, while, for example, DEC proceeds much better with such ongoing support.

What apply

To assess the health of a woman, a preliminary examination is necessary. After it, the doctor can choose the most appropriate method of treatment, including determining whether additional drug therapy is necessary.

The choice of a candle after cauterization of cervical erosion depends on the following conditions:

  • What kind of processing was used. Some methods, for example, chemical coagulation, in many cases do not require additional prescription suppositories.
  • How much the cervix was changed and the size of the erosion.
  • The state of immunity of women.
  • Qualitative and quantitative composition of vaginal microflora on the eve of treatment.
  • Individual wound healing properties.
  • Did any complications arise during the procedure?

In order to accelerate the reparative processes, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, healing, enhancing tissue regeneration, based on medicinal herbs, immunostimulating and some other types of suppositories are prescribed.

Cauterization of the cervix shock

Another name for this procedure is diathermocoagulation. This is the oldest way. It effectively copes with erosion of various sizes, but has several disadvantages. First, the healing of the cervix after such treatment takes a long time, about two months. Secondly, during the whole time there are discharges of different nature: from mucous to purulent-bloody. All of this is part of the normal healing process.

The essence of the procedure is the impact on the tissue with an electric current, as a result of a scab formed outside the cervix. He begins to reject in 10 - 14 days. At the same time purulent-bloody discharges and crusts can be observed. Below it are small blood vessels that can produce a spotting during the entire recovery period.

At each stage of healing, it is recommended to use candles and swabs with medications. So erosion will heal better. But all the same, after diathermouagulation, whatever additional treatment is prescribed, a coarse connective scar on the cervix is ​​formed. In this regard, questions may arise with conception, because there is a narrowing of the cervical canal.

Reducing inflammation and fighting infection

Suppositories "Olazol" are effective in the process of scab rejection, when a woman notes discharge with an unpleasant yellowish smell and blood admixture. Candles contain chloramphenicol, boric acid, boric acid, anesthesin and sea buckthorn oil. They anesthetize, have antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory effect, promoting healing of erosion. Chloramphenicol and chloramphenicol affect gram-positive and –negative flora, which leads to a decrease in unpleasant secretions. Boric acid helps to soften and discharge the scab, and sea buckthorn increases the reparative ability of cervical tissue.

You can also use suppositories "Levovinisol." They contain only chloramphenicol and levomycetin. They have a bacteriostatic effect. Chloramphenicol and chloramphenicol are broad-spectrum antibiotics, to which resistance is formed slowly. They can be applied within a few days after cauterization.

Stimulation of reparation processes

After the discharge comes close to normal, their number decreases, you can begin to heal a new wound on the cervix. For this, the following vaginal suppositories are used after cauterization of erosion:

  • with sea buckthorn oil,
  • methyluracil,
  • Solkoserilovaya and levomekolovaya ointment in the form of tampons,
  • Depantol and other similar actions.

The choice is made by the doctor, based on the clinical picture and the rate of recovery. Methyluracil candles have received the greatest popularity not only in gynecology, but also in oncology, proctology and other fields of medicine. They are among the most affordable, but this does not make them less effective.

Methyluracil candles, according to the instructions, should be laid in the rectum. However, their intravaginal administration is widely used in gynecology. So the concentration of the drug near erosion will be maximum. Methyluracil not only promotes tissue healing, but also stimulates local immunity, fights infection. The course of treatment with him is long, not less than 14 days.

Candles based on a combination of methyluracil and Miramistin also have an effective effect; the analog is levomecolene ointment. Using them, along with increased reparation, increases the antimicrobial effect. In the case of applying the ointment, it should be applied to a gauze tampon and placed in the vagina for 2 to 3 hours.

"Depantol" - a newer drug, is available in the form of an aerosol, gel, ointment and candles. It is based on dexpanthenol, which is actively involved in the healing process. Quickly absorbed through the vaginal mucosa and cervix, does not lead to an increase in discharge.

It is recommended to lay all healing candles after cauterization of cervical erosion after douching with furatsilina solution or 3% hydrogen peroxide. So cleansing and healing will be faster.

Cauterization of the cervix radio wave

Cauterization of cervical erosion by radio waves

The method is similar to diathermocoagulation, but here the processing takes place using radio waves. This is one of the progressive and effective options for influencing cervical erosion. As a result of radio wave processing (direct contact with the manipulator does not occur), it is not a scab that forms, but a thin film that starts to be torn off after 10 to 12 days. There is no bleeding in 90% of cases, as well as purulent discharge. Lubricating brown discharge may be a short time. The entire reparation process takes about 20 to 30 days.

Since this method is less traumatic, the need for additional use of various candles is less. As a rule, suppositories are prescribed after 10–12 days to enhance tissue regeneration. There is usually no need to use candles such as Olazol or Levovinisol. Enough course with methyluracil preparations, depanthol.

Exposure to liquid nitrogen

Based on the freezing of cervical tissue. But such treatment can only be subjected to erosion of the correct form and small (up to 3 cm) size. At the same time, a peculiar scab of atypical structure is formed. On the 10th - 12th day it is rejected. Prior to this possible non-abundant watery discharge from the genital tract.

Until the scab leaves, if sufficient sanation has been carried out prior to the procedure, no additional treatment is necessary. After 10 to 12 days, you can use candles for healing. Preference in this situation is given to methyluracil, dexpanthenol.

Cauterization of the cervix with a laser

This is one of the progressive techniques. Under the action of laser radiation, the damaged tissues are removed, and healthy ones remain intact. The method does not leave cicatricial changes. After laser cautery, a thin film is formed, which leaves for 12-15 days. There may be a smearing brown discharge or a slight increase in whiter. After rejection, you can also use any healing candles.

Cauterization of the cervix with chemical reagents

It is carried out with minor, shallow erosion and the absence of other pathologies on the part of the cervix. As a rule, these are concentrated solutions of acids. For example, oxalic, acetic and others. The principle of operation is that the substance acts only on the cylindrical epithelium of the cervix, leaving the flat almost intact. The surface layer of cells, impregnated with acids, is both a defense and growth stimulator of the underlying layers. As a result, in the place of pathologically located cylindrical epithelium flat is formed.

Such treatment is carried out in certain cases, as a rule, with a small ectopia (it is also in most cases suitable for the gradation of "erosion"). This is a painless and effective way of therapy.

Additionally, to use candles for healing after cauterization of erosion in this way with the correct method and the absence of inflammation in the vagina initially, is not necessary.

We recommend reading an article on the treatment of cervical erosion without cauterization. From it, you will learn about non-surgical treatment of the disease, the effectiveness of drug treatment, the use of Depantol, Hexicon and other drugs.

What day they put

The time of initiation of treatment, the type of candles and the duration of therapy can only be determined by the attending physician. And in each case, these parameters can vary, since the ability to restore tissue is different for all. It also depends on how effective the preparation of the vagina and cervix was before the procedure.

The tactics of treatment of cervical erosion in each case should be determined individually. Often, various types of suppositories are prescribed during the recovery period to speed up the healing process. But what kind of candles after cauterization of erosion of the cervix will fit in a particular clinical case, it is difficult to say without inspection and a detailed conversation with a woman. Self-administration may, on the contrary, lead to slower regeneration and the development of inflammation.

Candles after cauterization erosion vaginal: what. . Cauterization of cervical erosion: consequences. Please note: if you have a question for an obstetrician-gynecologist, ask him in the consultation section with a doctor.

We recommend reading the article on menstruation during and after erosion. . Conservative treatment of erosion candles can be one hundred percent successful. It does not imply the risks that exist during cauterization.

Consequences after cauterization of erosion by Surgitron. . Candles after cauterization erosion vaginal: what. Cauterization of cervical erosion: consequences.

When choosing for laser manipulation, recovery after cauterization of erosion will take 28-30 days. . Candle Depantol, Clotrimazole, Betadine. Any of the drugs should not be used without permission.

Possible complications after cauterization of erosion. At observance of all recommendations, as a rule, no negative consequences are observed.

You can cure erosion without cauterization with the help of candles Genferon. This is also a drug of complex effect, in which. We recommend reading the article on menstruation during and after erosion.

The role of candles after burning caution

Cauterization method for the treatment of erosion is assigned individually for each woman. Its use depends on the state of the cervix, on the results of tests and examination of the gynecologist.

Cauterization produced with the use of chemicals (solkovagin) or methods of physical effects:

  • electrothermal coagulation (current) is a common and outdated method of treatment. Widely used a few years ago.
  • laser burn (laser coagulation),
  • burning with nitrogen (cryodestruction),
  • cauterization using radio waves (radio wave coagulation).

Scar tissue is formed at the site of impact in any way. Under it, cell regeneration occurs. During this period, prescribing candles are prescribed after cauterization of cervical erosion.

Suppositories have positive effects after the procedure:

  • promote fast healing
  • prevent the development of infections without disturbing the balance of the vaginal microflora,
  • eliminate pain, due to the softening effect,
  • reduce the inflammatory process.
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Candles appointed after cauterization

Which candles after cauterization of erosion of the cervix uterine decides to appoint a physician. The value when choosing a drug has the following:

  • used method of treatment (cryodestruction does not require additional treatment measures, and after electrothermal coagulation it is necessary to use healing drugs),
  • condition of the neck after the procedure,
  • the presence of infectious diseases, vaginal dysbacteriosis in a woman,
  • the state of the protective functions of the body (immunity),
  • features of the regenerative function of the body, the rate of wound healing.

Depending on these factors, suppositories with anti-inflammatory, healing or antibacterial effect are used.

After diathermoelectrocoagulation

Cauterization of erosion by current leads to the formation of a scab in its place, which passes in two weeks. During tissue repair, bloody, purulent discharge may occur. After the mucous membrane forms a rough scar, which can lead to problems of conception, complications during pregnancy and difficult labor.

Anti-inflammatory candles are prescribed before cauterization. Using them a week before the procedure reduces the risk of developing infectious diseases and reduces the inflammatory process. These include:

  • Hexion, has an antiseptic, anti-inflammatory effect,
  • Polygynax, Terzhinan - combined drugs, have antimicrobial, antifungal effects.
  • Livarol, Zalain, Pimafucin - antifungal drugs,
  • Syntomycin candles have antibacterial effect.

Healing candles after cauterization of cervical erosion are used when a woman stops smearing (five days after electrothermal coagulation). Before using candles it is necessary to douch furatsilina solution. Assign:

  • Candles Depantol, have a regenerating, antimicrobial effect. Apply twice a day, during the week.

  • Candles Methyluracil, have a healing, anti-inflammatory effect, are able to restore immunity. Improve metabolic processes and nutrition in the cells. Methyluracil suppositories are rectal, but may be prescribed by gynecologists for use vaginally. A single dose of 1-2 suppositories up to 4 times a day. The duration of treatment is determined by the doctor, but not more than 4 months.

  • Suppositories with sea buckthorn oil. Обладают заживляющим действием, снимают болевые ощущения, угнетают патогенные микроорганизмы, снимают отечность и воспаление после прижигания. Лечение проводят в течение 14 дней, по одной 2 раза в день.

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После лечения радиоволнами

Radio wave erosion treatment is a modern method that differs:

  • high level of efficiency
  • lack of pain,
  • rapid tissue repair without scarring, therefore suitable for women who have not given birth,
  • antibacterial effect
  • the only disadvantage is the high cost.

The procedure lasts 15 minutes, it is painless. After cauterization of erosion of the cervix with radio waves, the use of local preparations is not required, or the doctor may prescribe depantol candles. It takes a month to fully restore the mucous tissue after applying radio waves.

After applying nitrogen

The use of liquid nitrogen in the treatment of erosion is based on its ability to freeze tissue, with the formation of crusts, which subsequently die off. The procedure does not cause a painful reaction, after coagulation there is no scar left (it can be applied to nulliparous women).

The method is effective only in the erosion of small sizes.

Two weeks later, healthy tissue forms at the site of exposure to nitrogen, and the scab is rejected. After that, Depantol or Methyluracil preparations are used for healing. It takes a month and a half to fully restore the mucous membrane, during this period small spotting is possible.

After applying the laser

Laser vaporization is a safe and highly effective method of treatment, relapses of erosion are extremely rare. The method allows you to accurately influence the foci of erosion under the control of a video-colposcope, it is carried out without the use of painkillers.

After cauterization on the neck, no scars remain, therefore, it is widely used for the treatment of erosion in non-births.

To speed up the healing of tissues after cauterization, any candles with a regenerating effect are prescribed (Depantol, etc.).

After chemical coagulation

The method of chemical coagulation consists in applying active preparations to the damaged areas of the mucous neck. The procedure is carried out using a colposcope, which ensures the accuracy of processing. For cauterization use Solkovagin and Vagotila. The active ingredients of drugs destroy the upper layer of cells, in place of which a healthy layer of mucous membrane begins to form.

The negative aspects of the method include the duration of drug exposure to the onset of effect, the formation of scars, low efficiency and a high percentage of relapses.

Application after chemical coagulation of healing and anti-inflammatory candles is mandatory, but as prescribed by a physician.

After cauterization with argon

The modern method of argon coagulation is the effect on erosion by argon plasma. There is heating and dying off of the treated area.

Treatment with argon is painless, does not leave scars on the mucous tissue, recommended to women who have not given birth.

Full recovery occurs in a short time, during this period, candles are prescribed with a healing effect (Depantol, Methyluracil).

Contraindications to the use of candles

  1. Inflammatory and infectious diseases in gynecology.
  2. Different bleeding.
  3. Malignant neoplasm of the cervix.
  4. Pregnancy or the period immediately after childbirth, the use of cesarean section, long-term recovery after childbirth.
  5. Chronic diseases in the acute stage, mental disorders, diabetes.
  6. Blood diseases (coagulation disorder).
  7. Use of an intrauterine device.
  8. Human papillomavirus infection.

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The main advantages of vaginal candles

The effectiveness of erosion therapy depends on many factors and many women are concerned about the question: can erosion be cured without cauterization? Candles are one of the most effective treatments in this case. They act directly on the focus, reach the damaged epithelium and eliminate the causes of the disease. Candles for erosion, unlike tablets, do not enter the intestine, therefore they have a minimum of side effects.

Suppositories help to overcome the inflammatory process, disinfect and regenerate tissues, possess antiseptic, immunostimulating properties.

Depantol, Betadine, Terzhinan, Hexicon are considered to be the most effective drugs during erosion. Sea buckthorn candles are widely used for self-cooking with the inclusion of various natural ingredients.

Usually, medicines of this form of release are used in the initial stages or in case of true erosion, as well as in the complex therapy of complicated forms of the disease and in the presence of an inflammatory process and associated infectious pathologies.

Indications and contraindications

For the use of vaginal suppositories, there is the following list of indications:

  1. Pathology in the initial phase, not complicated by various inflammatory and infectious processes, in the absence of dysplasia above the second degree.
  2. Treatment with candle erosion is the main method of treatment of the disease in non-giving girls.
  3. The presence of a bacterial infection. About it says an unpleasant smell, changing the color of the discharge to a green or yellow shade.
  4. For tissue regeneration and regeneration. Candles are widely used after cauterization, abortion, diagnostic curettage. They contribute to the rapid healing of the damaged area.
  5. With reduced immunity. Low body resistance can cause not only the development of erosion, but also candidiasis, endometriosis. In this case, immunostimulating suppositories are prescribed.

This form of the drug is not prescribed in the following cases:

  1. Allergic reaction to any of the components of the candle or individual intolerance. Allergies are usually manifested by reddening of the skin, itching, irritation of the mucous membrane, and swelling of the external genital organs.
  2. Extensive ulceration. The magnitude of erosion over 2 cm in diameter is a direct indication for cauterization.
  3. Dysplasia 3rd or 4th degree. It is also a direct indication for removing erosion by cauterization.
  4. Cancer of the cervical canal and cervical tissue. Cell malignancy requires a more radical approach than the use of vaginal suppositories.

Self candles are used only in the early stages of the disease and with a small amount of ulceration. Without additional therapy, in all other cases, treatment does not give a pronounced effect, stimulating the transition of erosion to the chronic stage and the addition of other complications.

Candle Treatment Preparation

Before applying candles in the treatment of cervical erosion, it is necessary to undergo a comprehensive examination, which includes the following steps:

  • delivery of smears,
  • OAK, OAM, biochemical analysis of blood,
  • determination of hormonal status,
  • Ultrasound,
  • if necessary, tumor markers and biopsy.

In the selection of therapy, it is necessary not only to determine the presence of inflammation or infection in the woman’s body, but also the precise localization and size of erosion. Only after this can it be treated with candles or moxibustion if a large part of the mucosa is damaged.

At the initial stage, when the ulcer is small and shallow, there are no additional diseases of the genitourinary system, erosion can be cured with properly selected suppositories. In addition to them, immunostimulating preparations are often prescribed to strengthen the general forces of the body.

Groups of drugs and their names

Vaginal suppositories for erosion therapy are prescribed according to the test results. Several groups are used - anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antiseptic and contraceptive.

The use of certain medications is based on the state of the cervix and the general health of the patient. For example, oral contraceptives that restore the cycle help with hormonal disorders. Candles Depantol against erosion are antiseptic, completely eliminating microbes and normalizing the balance of microflora.

After the examination, the doctor will make a list of drugs, indicating their names or the active substance. Sometimes one type is prescribed, in some cases, for example, with hormonal imbalance and severe inflammatory process, two or more types of suppositories are selected.


In order to eliminate the inflammatory process that has arisen due to the development of erosion, candles are used under the name:

  • Hexicon
  • Viferon,
  • sea ​​buckthorn and ichthyol suppositories,
  • drugs with indomethacin,
  • Betiol.

Treatment with candles with such a composition allows you to eliminate the inflammatory diseases of the uterus, to reduce the adhesive process. It is recommended for endometriosis, myoma, inflammation of the ovaries, with the detection of chlamydia, staphylococcus, streptococcus. These drugs contribute to the healing and restoration of cervical tissue, are indicated for injuries of the mucous membrane, violation of the vaginal microflora, damage to the uterine epithelium. Some, such as Betiol, are also prescribed rectally for the treatment of hemorrhoids.

Most are easy to use, you need to use one candle per day, optimally for the night. They are produced cone-shaped small size, you need to enter as deeply as possible.


Antibacterial suppositories belong to the drugs of local action. The main drugs prescribed in erosion therapy are the following medications:

  • Methyluracil suppositories help better with a large affected surface, quickly regenerate tissues and eliminate ulceration, suppositories should be used in a short course of up to 2 weeks,
  • Povidone-iodine (Betadine) antibacterial agent fights not only bacteria, but also fungi, infectious agents, is allowed during HB and pregnancy, contraindications are hyperthyroidism,
  • Clotrimazole vaginal tablets have an antimicrobial effect, are administered for 7 days, are not allowed in the first trimester of pregnancy.

Antimicrobial suppositories do not suppress the vital activity of the natural microflora, affect only bacteria, viruses and fungi. Many drugs additionally soften and restore the damaged mucosa, have an anesthetic effect.


Anti-erosion contraceptive suppositories are used when a menstrual disorder is diagnosed. There are several forms:

  1. Oral. Hormonal pills provide not only a high degree of protection against unwanted pregnancy, but also restore the regularity of menstruation, stabilize hormonal levels, level the ratio and concentration of estrogen and progesterone. Such drugs are prescribed for a long course.
  2. Transdermal patch. It helps with hormonal disorders caused by the development of erosion.
  3. Barrier. Rarely used for ectopia, allowed only mechanical options, which include conventional condoms.

They do not cure the eroded area, but they protect the ulceration from ingress of fungi, viruses, and infections. The choice of therapies is based on the hormonal status of the woman. Spermicidal agents, contraceptive suppositories, foams, gels, intrauterine device are not allowed during erosion.


Antiseptic suppositories eliminate imbalances of the vaginal microflora, effectively suppress the vital activity of bacteria. The following drugs are offered:

  1. Betadine suppositories have disinfecting properties in relation to streptococci, E. coli, staphylococcus, viruses and fungi. In addition to the active substance, candles contain iodine, which fights pathogens.
  2. The drug Depantol is used after cauterization of erosion, and in gynecology - as an antiseptic, the course usually lasts up to 10 days. During treatment it is not recommended to use toilet soap for washing.
  3. Terzhinan works as an antiseptic and antimicrobial drug, is discharged for 10 days on the 1st candle per day.
  4. Hexione is an antiseptic for local use. In gynecology, it is prescribed for infectious and inflammatory pathologies of the cervix and vagina. Has a bactericidal effect, the duration of admission - up to 20 days.

Methods of application depend on the severity of the inflammatory process. On average, treatment with antiseptic candles lasts 7-10 days, but according to indications can be up to one month.

Self cooking candles

According to the recipes of traditional medicine, you can independently prepare healing and antiseptic suppositories. It is necessary to carry out therapy only after consultation with the doctor.

For preparation use the following components:

  • juniper oil. It has healing properties, softens and restores the structure of the mucous membrane,
  • sea ​​buckthorn oil. Promotes rapid elimination of the eroded area,
  • honey and other bee products. They help improve local immunity, regenerate the mucous membrane, but require careful use due to the increased risk of an allergic reaction.

For effective candles, they also add cocoa butter, lavender, tea tree, rosemary extract and other natural ingredients. The basis can be a natural beeswax.

Self-made products are not as convenient as ready-made medicines. They are also introduced deeply, but they melt much faster, so they can only be used at night. Candles should be stored in the refrigerator and held in hand before use.

Usually, treatment with such drugs is combined with taking immunostimulating drugs, means for normalizing intestinal microflora, and sometimes broad-spectrum antibiotics. In any case, the full composition of therapy should be selected by the doctor after the diagnosis.

Indications for the use of candles

Not every cervical pathology is susceptible to treatment with suppositories (suppositories, vaginal tablets). Drug treatment helps in the fight against the disease in such situations:

  • True cervical erosion (mucosal defect caused by infections and injuries),
  • Any pathology of the cervix uteri complicated by the inflammatory process (cervicitis): ectopia, ectropion, dysplasia, etc.,
  • Therapy of cervicitis (inflammation of the cervix) before or after destructive treatment.

Treatment of gynecological candles of true erosion is fully justified. This pathology occurs against the background of inflammatory changes in the genital tract. One course of local therapy is usually enough to get rid of colpitis and cervicitis. After the inflammation subsides, true erosion — a defect in the mucous membrane — disappears on its own. Other methods of therapy are not required.

Often, erosion occurs and progresses against the background of cervicitis. In some cases, it is enough to cure concomitant inflammation with a course of suppositories so that the pathology of the cervix is ​​gone.

Selection of candles for the treatment of erosion should be based on the identified pathogen.

In the treatment of other forms of erosion gynecological candles are used only as one of the stages of treatment. And if in the case of mild dysplasia, which usually arises against the background of chronic cervicitis, the means used will bring the desired effect, in other situations it will not be possible to get rid of the problem.

States in which candles are used as part of complex therapy:

  • Ectopia (pseudo-erosion),
  • Ectropion (eversion of the mucous membrane),
  • Leukoplakia
  • Dysplasia of moderate and severe.

In these situations, suppositories are used with the simultaneous presence of inflammation (cervicitis) and cervical erosion. Local therapy allows you to remove the focus of inflammation, eliminate pathogens and restore the balance of normal microflora. In the future, destructive therapies are usually applied. Often, only cauterization (diathermocoagulation, laser vaporization, radio wave therapy, etc.) make it possible to completely get rid of erosion.

Suppository Application Scheme

During treatment with suppositories, it is necessary to follow these simple rules:

  • Vaginal suppositories are inserted deep into the vagina. Rectal - in the rectum,
  • It is better to introduce candles at night. After using the drug should remain in a horizontal position for 15-30 minutes
  • Some vaginal suppositories can be used during menstruation. If necessary, take a break at the time of monthly bleeding. Rectal candles can be put on any day of the cycle.
  • During therapy, personal hygiene should be especially carefully observed, and we should regularly change our underwear and towels.

Vaginal suppositories, pills and creams need to be inserted deep into the vagina. Vaginal cream is introduced using a special dispenser, which is attached to the drug.

Overview of suppositories used to treat cervical pathology

The following groups of drugs are used in gynecological practice:

  • Candles directly affecting the causative agent (antibacterial, antifungal, antiviral),
  • Candles with anti-inflammatory component,
  • Candles, accelerating the healing of tissues,
  • Candles that increase immunity.

A list of recommendations to follow when using candles:

  • All suppositories for the treatment of cervical erosion can be used only on prescription. Self-medication is unacceptable
  • Выбор препарата происходит с учетом формы эрозии, возраста женщины и наличия сопутствующей патологии,
  • Все свечи должны иметь удобную форму. Желательно, чтобы выбранный препарат не таял в руках, а растворялся только при контакте со слизистой половых органов,
  • The route of administration of the drug is always specified in the instructions. Before starting therapy, it will not be superfluous to study the abstract
  • With the introduction of candles can occur slight discomfort (itching, burning) in the vagina. This is a normal mucosal reaction to a foreign body. Discomfort lasts no more than 15 minutes, after which all unpleasant symptoms should go away. If the burning sensation does not stop, and even more so, it is necessary to remove the candle, flush the genitals and consult a doctor. Such a symptom may be a sign of an allergic reaction and indicates an individual intolerance of the selected drug.

Prolonged itching and burning in the vagina after the administration of suppositories may indicate an allergic reaction to the drug.

The effect of the use of these funds is felt after 48 hours. During this time, discharge from the genitals and decrease the accompanying symptoms of inflammation (itching, burning, discomfort in the vagina) should go away. If after 3 days the effect is not observed, it is necessary to consult a doctor to replace the medication.

The therapeutic effect of immunomodulatory suppositories and some other agents may appear much later. Therefore, in each case, the question of the replacement of the drug is solved individually.

Against the background of the use of suppositories, small bleeding from the genital tract can be observed. This is possible with extensive erosion. Introduced drug irritates the mucous membrane, which leads to the appearance of minor bleeding. If the discharge increases, you should see a doctor.

Antiviral and immunomodulatory suppositories

Since no specific antiviral local treatment has been developed, it is advisable to combine these drugs into a general group. In this section it is worth to allocate such funds:

The first two drugs differ in name, but in fact they are very similar. Both of these agents are human alpha interferon. They stimulate the immune system, mobilize the body's defenses to fight the disease, and also have a nonspecific antiviral effect. This means that such suppositories do not work against specific pathogens, but contribute to the destruction of any viruses. Used to treat erosion caused by HPV infection, with the activation of the herpes virus and cytomegalovirus, as well as in the case of bacterial infection to stimulate local and general immunity.

Immunomodulatory drugs are prescribed in combination with other drugs for the treatment of erosion on the background of HPV or herpes virus.

Antiviral suppositories are inserted into the rectum 1-2 times a day. The course of therapy is 5-10 days. Dosage is adjusted individually. The cost of such treatment - from 500 p. per pack of the drug.

The drug "Natalcid" in the treatment of erosion is used as an immunostimulant. It does not directly affect the state of the cervix.

Candles that enhance regeneration during cervical erosion

This is a special group of drugs that is very popular with women. Candles with a regeneration effect are used mainly after cauterization of the cervix for the rapid healing of tissues. They accelerate the regeneration and contribute to the restoration of the epithelium. As monotherapy almost never used. They can be designated as the second stage after the application of antibacterial suppositories for the fastest regeneration with true erosion.

In the list of popular candles, contributing to the rapid healing of the wound surface during cervical erosion, are listed:


It has a pronounced regenerating and anticatabolic effect. Available in the form of rectal suppositories. Assigned to a course of at least 7 days for 1 candle 2-4 times per day. Therapy can be extended up to 4 months on prescription.

Approximate price of the drug - 70-100 p.

Stimulates the regeneration of cervical tissue. Due to the inclusion in the composition of chlorhexidine has an antiseptic effect. Introduced into the vagina 1 candle 1-2 times a day. The course of therapy is 10 days. According to the testimony of a doctor can extend the duration of treatment up to 20 days.

The estimated cost of the drug is 450-550 r.

Sea buckthorn candles

Have a regenerative, anti-inflammatory, immunostimulating effect. In combination with other means, they help get rid of pathogens, restore the natural balance of the microflora of the genital tract, and accelerate the healing of tissues after cauterization.

  • Used vaginally and rectally,
  • Permitted to use during pregnancy,
  • The course of therapy is 10 days,
  • The estimated cost of the drug - about 100 p.

Candles with sea buckthorn oil have regenerating properties, so they are often prescribed after cauterization of erosion.

Sea buckthorn is a potential allergen and can cause quite a strong adverse reaction. If you experience severe itching and burning in the vagina or rectum during the application of sea buckthorn candles, their use must be abandoned.

Other candles used in the complex therapy of erosion:

  • Ichthyol candles,
  • Cocoa Butter Phyto Candles, etc.

Popular contraceptive candles, contrary to popular belief, do not apply to the treatment of erosion. They do not have an antibacterial effect, do not contribute to the rapid healing of erosion, do not affect the hormones. On the contrary, these funds violate the microbial balance of the genital tract, therefore, many gynecologists advise against the use of contraceptive suppositories for the duration of therapy.

Alternative treatments

Despite the fact that modern medicine offers a large number of effective and relatively safe drugs for the treatment of erosion and concomitant cervicitis, many women refuse to use such drugs. They turn to alternative means, among which various herbal medicines are very popular. It should be noted that such means have their own niche of use, but not all of them make sense to use in the treatment of diseases of the cervix uteri.

At home, many women are trying to use these tools:

  • Propolis candles,
  • Candles "Suporon" on the basis of extracts from therapeutic Tambukan mud,
  • Homeopathic remedies in the form of suppositories ("Anti-K" and others).

In the course are not only purchased at the pharmacy, but also manufactured independently. Unfortunately, such drugs rarely bring the desired effect. In addition, when they are used in women, allergic reactions are often noted, which does not contribute to recovery at all.

In recent years, Chinese candles and tampons against cervical erosion are very popular. Not trusting Russian drugs, women are looking for suitable options for themselves with foreign manufacturers. However, do not blindly trust the positive reviews about these tools on the Internet.

Some women prefer to treat erosion by means of alternative medicine, in particular Chinese tampons, which cause much controversy. The risk of using such drugs is not justified, and the consequences are sometimes deplorable.

The influence of Chinese candles and tampons on the female body has not yet been investigated, so practicing gynecologists do not recommend them to their patients. Using such means, a woman completely takes responsibility for possible complications and acts solely at her own risk.

What are suppositories for preventing cervical erosion?

Are there any means to help prevent the development of pathology? Are there any magic pills and suppositories that can be inserted into the vagina and forget about the problem forever? Unfortunately, these drugs do not exist. Drug prevention of erosion has not been developed. However, one cannot deny the fact that timely treatment of infections and the use of specially selected local means reduces the risk of true erosion, dysplasia and other cervical pathologies.

Cauterization of cervical erosion: the essence of the procedure and the role of candles in healing

Cauterization implies an effect on the tissue, as a result of which they die off and then new ones are formed on the site of the wound.

Initially, for such a procedure, an electric current and a diathermocoagulant familiar to many were used, so the word “cautery” is used by habit when referring to other, already modern methods. Today it can be radio waves, liquid nitrogen, various chemical solutions, a laser.

The benefits of the procedure are still associated with a lot of disputes, in each case, the manipulation should be approached, after weighing all the pros and cons. Some time ago, cauterization was carried out by everyone, especially after childbirth in women with erosion, ectopia, cicatricial deformities and other features of the structure of the cervix. Today, physicians approach these impacts more differentiated.

In fact, erosion is an ulcer on the cervix of an infectious nature, which primarily requires anti-inflammatory treatment, after which it often passes on its own. However, often even highly qualified specialists call this any change, redness on the cervix: ectopia, eroded ectropions, and others. For them, cauterization is one of the possible treatment options.

Thus, after exposure to the epithelium of the cervix of a reagent, some of the cells die, a normal wound with gaping vessels is formed. Then it is covered with a scab, which performs a protective function. Under it are intensive healing processes. As soon as the new tissue is almost formed, the crust begins to gradually move away, which is manifested by increased vaginal secretions.

Any cauterization goes through all these stages, however, after some procedures they proceed faster, after others ̶ more slowly, in the latter case they speak of a soft scab. It all depends on the physical properties of the affecting agent, the size of the erosion and the individual properties of the woman’s body.

And here more about what candles are used for vaginitis.

Variants of candles after various cauterization

The choice of the necessary suppositories lies with the doctor, only a specialist can prescribe the necessary combination of drugs. The following conditions are important in many respects:

  • what exposure option was used. Some generally do not require additional appointment candles, for example, cauterization with a mixture of acids (chemical coagulation),
  • the size of the erosion and the depth of tissue damage,
  • the healing properties of a woman’s body,
  • were there any complications during the procedure, which is largely determined by how fully the woman was examined.

The following types of candles can be used:

  • anti-inflammatory,
  • wound healing
  • accelerating the formation of new tissues
  • to stimulate immunity
  • complex, including on the basis of herbs.

A more familiar name for women is ̶ DEC, diathermocoagulation. This is one of the first methods of treating the cervix, it can be used in almost all variants of cervical pathology, however has a list of significant drawbacks:

  • prolonged wound healing for about 1.5-2 months,
  • very heavy discharge in the healing process, associated with a massive scab and its subsequent rejection.

During DEK, the doctor acts on the mucous membrane of the cervix with an electric current. Crusts (eschar) are formed on the surface, which already in the first week begin to be rejected as purulent-bloody crusts. It is after DEC that the maximum number of candles is needed, which would help to progress inflammation and help repel crusts, as well as simultaneously heal the mucous membrane. They will accelerate the whole process of epithelialization.

In addition, the emerging connective tissue scar will be softer, which will save the woman from problems with conception and childbirth.

The following groups of candles are used:

  • With anti-inflammatory and healing effect., for example, "Olazol" or "Levovinisol". They help to quickly get rid of purulent discharge of yellow color and with an unpleasant smell. "Olazol" contains chloramphenicol, chloramphenicol, boric acid, anestezin and sea buckthorn oil. It has a complex effect.

Due to boric acid, the eschar softens, the antibacterial component counteracts the spread of inflammation, and sea buckthorn oil stimulates recovery and healing. "Levovinisol" contains levomycetin and chloramphenicol. Both components have an anti-inflammatory effect, the resistance of microorganisms to them is practically not formed. Candles can be laid on the 4-5th day after cauterization.

  • Stimulation of mucosal regeneration. To do this, use a large number of candles that help soften the scab and accelerate the formation of a new mucous tissue. The list includes the following: with sea buckthorn oil, methyluracil, on the basis of solcoseryl, levomekol, depanthenol and the like. The choice is at the discretion of the doctor. Methyluracilic are used more often than others, they are cheap and very effective.

It is necessary to lay them vaginally, despite the fact that the instruction prescribes rectal use. So you can increase the concentration of the active substance in the area of ​​the healing wound. The active ingredient methyluracil has a wound healing and immunostimulating effect. Duration of treatment ̶ at least 2 weeks. Also often used are ointments and suppositories with levomekol, Miramistin's solution for douching or laying of tampons soaked with it.

Effective means with the content of dexpanthenol (for example, "Depantol"). The drug may be in the form of sprays, ointments, candles.

The first few days after DEC, it is recommended to treat the mucous membrane of the cervix with a solution of hydrogen peroxide or an antiseptic, and after that apply creams, ointments or put candles. This will enhance the healing effect.

See in this video what kind of discharge can be after cauterization of cervical erosion:

Radio wave

According to the sequence of actions of the doctor and how the procedure is performed, radio wave cauterization (conization) is similar to diathermocoagulation. Today, this method is preferred even in the case of detection of precancerous conditions of the cervix in a woman.

The difference in exposure to radio waves lies in the structure of the forming scab. Here it will be soft and subtle, and therefore the healing process will be faster and less noticeable for a woman (for example, the discharge will not be so strong). Accordingly, the duration of use of candles is smaller. Usually begin to apply them at the end of the 2nd week. The same ones are used as in DEC, often only a course of candles based on methyluracil or dexpanthenol is sufficient.

Liquid nitrogen

Freezing of erosion tissue is carried out. Cryodestruction is used only for small defects with no signs of propensity for malignant growth. After treatment with liquid nitrogen, a watery scab, characteristic of cryodestruction, is formed, which is rejected by the end of the second week. After that, you can lay candles with a healing and regenerating effect based on methyluracil or dexpanthenol.

The method has several advantages over the other. It is painless, bloodless, lack of inflammation and gross cicatricial changes on the cervix after treatment. After treatment of the tissues with a laser, a small scab is formed, which itself disappears on the 12-15th day, which may be accompanied by small secretions with blood streaks.

Often there is no need for any candles. For prophylaxis after a scab discharge, any healing suppositories may be prescribed.


This method is used only for benign erosions without signs of dysplasia. The composition of the solutions includes a mixture of acids ̶ acetic, oxalic and others. The impact is only superficial, and therefore the scab itself is not formed, but only a small film, which itself rejects a week or two after treatment. The additional appointment of candles for healing, as a rule, is not required.

See this video for when to cauterize erosion:

How and when to put candles after cauterization of erosion

Immediately after cauterization, candles are not laid, it is necessary to give time to form a high-quality scab, otherwise you can only aggravate the inflammation and delay healing. Usually, suppository treatment begins by the end of the 2nd week, if it is even needed at all. This time coincides with the moment of the beginning of the exclusion of the scab, the excretions intensify and blood streaks appear in them.

Duration, types of candles, their combination sets the doctor, based on the rate of healing and the individual characteristics of tissue healing in women.

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The need for cauterization of erosion determines only the doctor, and he also chooses the most appropriate method, based on the clinical situation. The use of candles helps to speed up the healing process and reduce the likelihood of dense scar formation at the site of exposure. In some cases, the appointment of candles is generally not required.

Apply candles during menstruation, many consider it inappropriate. However, it is not. Есть специальные формы для ректального и вагинального применения, для которых выделения не проблема. Также есть препараты от молочницы во время месячных.

Иногда женщина может заметить после применения "Гексикона" кровянистые выделения. This may be due to the onset of menstruation, injury to the mucous membrane, and other factors.

Almost always in the complex treatment using candles from cervicitis. In gynecology can be used vaginal and rectal from acute and chronic cervicitis in women. Does it always help in the treatment?

Mandatory prescribed antibiotics for cervicitis. They are necessary in gynecology both for infections against which the disease has developed, and for the treatment of non-specific forms.


The most common vaginal candles:

  • Chlorhexidine. It has anti-inflammatory and bactericidal action. Allows you to quickly heal infections of the genital tract, while this drug is absolutely safe.
  • Betadine. In these candles there is iodine, which removes inflammation and removes all viruses. However, this product should never be used during pregnancy.

  • Depantol. He heals wounds. The daily dose of taking this medication is two candles. And the duration of the course will be about three weeks.
  • Sea buckthorn candles. They are the most gentle remedy that heals wounds. They can even be used by pregnant women and nursing mothers. Sea buckthorn oil has vitamins that dissolve quickly, carboxylic acids and fatty linoleic acid.
  • Clotrimazole. This drug is antifungal, bactericidal. It is not recommended for pregnant women and those who have intolerance.
  • Candles Methyluracil. They are used to treat erosion. You need to use them every day.
  • Livarol. It has a bactericidal and antimycotic effect.
  • Suporon This drug is administered overnight to get rid of the infection. To receive a full course of treatment, it must be applied for 3 weeks. The product contains buckwheat honey, cocoa butter, ginseng extract, oil concentrate.

How to treat?

You should know that suppositories for the treatment of such a disease are prescribed only by a doctor. You should not self-medicate, listen to friends and acquaintances, much less look for answers to your questions on the Internet.

Many women are afraid of medical manipulations, candles for them - the best option. Sometimes the doctor prescribes the products that you can make yourself. But he also often points to those drugs that are sold in finished form and are distinguished by a particularly rapid result.

Vaginal suppositories are suitable as a complex therapy. The doctor must know about all the allergies of the patient, so as not to aggravate the situation, and send treatment in the right direction.

What are good?

Suppositories are completely safe. They are suitable for women who do not plan to become mothers yet, besides This is the only means that allows you to pay off the disease at an early stage of development.

With the introduction of the vagina, they begin to contact with the mucous membrane and arrest the development of inflammation, promoting particularly rapid healing.

Benefits of using suppositories:

  • Candles deliver medicinal properties to the focus of inflammation.
  • They have a soft base and quickly conceal inside, being distributed over the surface of the mucous membrane.
  • Such drugs soften the mucous membrane and relieve all pain. In addition, they also display all selections.
  • The active substances in their composition do not affect healthy bacteria.
  • Candles are convenient to use - you can even make them yourself.

What are the best and most effective?

The list of the most effective suppositories:

  1. Depantol, which is used after cauterization. This is a natural antiseptic that regenerates the processes occurring in the cervix.

  2. Suporon characterized by a low allergy composition. Candles are administered repeatedly, and the treatment will be 10 days.
  3. Hexicon recognized as the most effective means. It not only heals erosion, but is also a preventive measure for the development of various diseases.
  4. Sea buckthorn candles which have a healing effect. To restore the affected parts of the candle is recommended to use 2 times a day.

What candles help with cervical erosion? Reviews

Uterus erosion is diagnosed in about 60% of the fair sex. Currently, medicine offers several treatment options for this disease. In order to find the right therapy, you need to visit a gynecologist. The doctor after the diagnostic examination will be able to recommend this or that option. Most often, doctors prefer the conservative method of treatment of erosion. It implies the use of vaginal suppositories. Using them you can quickly and safely solve the problem. However, self-medication is not recommended, it is better to trust a qualified specialist. Today we will talk about which candles during cervical erosion really help.

Brief description of the pathology

Cervical erosion is a fairly common gynecological disease. It is accompanied by the appearance of small ulcers on the mucous membrane of the genital organ. Over time, erosion increases in size, causing discomfort to the woman.

Among the main causes of the disease, doctors call inflammation, birth trauma, hormonal disorders. Pathology is accompanied by the appearance of certain symptoms. Women often complain of severe pain during menstruation, heavy discharge from the vagina, and discomfort in the lower back. If you experience these symptoms, you should immediately contact your gynecologist for help. Most often, the disease develops in women who have given birth at the age of 28 to 45 years.

At the initial stage of the pathological process for treatment, doctors usually prescribe vaginal suppositories. With cervical erosion, the same method of therapy is suitable for women who have not given birth. Now we will take a closer look at what drugs doctors usually prescribe, how to use them correctly.

Indications for treatment with candles

Erosion can be caused by various reasons. Therefore, the doctor must choose a therapy based on the factor that provoked the ailment. Vaginal suppositories are used in the following cases:

  • violation of the microflora of the vagina, which entails the appearance of ulcerations on the genital organ,
  • discharge with an unpleasant smell
  • sexually transmitted diseases that caused erosion,
  • hormonal disruptions, which led to a violation of the menstrual cycle,
  • discomfort in the lumbar region,
  • reduced immunity and penetration of infectious agents into the vagina,
  • a large number of sexual partners.

In all these cases, candles are prescribed to treat cervical erosion. However, the choice of a particular drug is determined by the doctor individually. Self-treatment is highly undesirable.

How to treat cervical erosion with candles?

Therapy for this disease should not be neglected. Otherwise, erosion may degenerate into a tumor, including a malignant one. Before starting treatment, it is necessary to restore the menstrual cycle, if it was disturbed due to the pathological process. Also, women are prescribed vitamin complexes to stimulate the immune system. Only after these activities can you proceed to immediate therapy.

Why are candles the best erosion treatment?

As already noted earlier, vaginal suppositories are a safe and at the same time effective means in the fight against this disease. They are great for ladies who in the future dream to try on the role of the mother, as well as the initial stage of the pathological process.

Suppositories, when inserted into the vagina, begin to interact with the uterine lining, thereby stopping the further development of inflammation. In addition, they contribute to the rapid healing of ulcers and restore the epithelium. Among other advantages of suppositories, gynecologists note the following:

  • medicinal substances quickly reach the center of inflammation,
  • active ingredients do not inhibit the vital activity of healthy microflora,
  • candles are characterized by the presence of a soft base, which, under the influence of body temperature, is evenly distributed over the surface of the organ,
  • suppositories also soften irritated mucous membranes and relieve painful discomfort.

If the doctor prescribed suppositories for cervical erosion, the name of the drug must be memorized or written down. For general reference, consider the most popular options for drugs below.

Cocoa Candy Candy

The main components of this tool are:

  • cacao butter,
  • juniper extract,
  • tea tree oil,
  • lavender essential oil.

How do the listed components affect the pathological focus? Cocoa butter is characterized by unique protective and nutritional properties. It is completely hypoallergenic. The extract from the tea tree helps to cope with the fungal infection of the body. Juniper extract helps to eliminate inflammation, and lavender oil has a calming effect.

Cocoa phytocandia for cervical erosion is recommended to be used according to the instructions. The duration of treatment is usually up to 10 days. For the complete disappearance of signs of illness, three such courses are recommended.

Pharmaceutical candles

There are many so-called pharmacy suppositories, which have positively proven themselves in the fight against erosion. Although the gynecologist should prescribe therapy, we will look at some of them in order to have a complete understanding of how such drugs work:

  1. "Hexicon". This drug has a pronounced antiseptic effect. The course of treatment with these candles is 10 days.
  2. "Depantol". The drug helps accelerate tissue regeneration and wound healing. This property is very important in the fight against diseases such as cervical erosion.
  3. "Suporon". The candles contain cocoa butter and an extract from Tambukan mud. Both components perfectly relieve inflammation, heal existing wounds and stimulate the formation of healthy tissues. The suppository is administered once.

Pharmaceutical candles for cervical erosion are most often used. Healing of ulceration occurs due to the fact that medicinal components destroy pathogenic flora. They also accelerate the process of repairing damaged tissue.

Help traditional medicine

The recipes of folk healers are also used in the treatment of the disease described in the article. Of course, it is unlikely that it will be possible to make sea buckthorn candles by yourself. When cervical erosion to combat the pathology, you can use other ingredients. To prepare homemade suppositories, the following recipes deserve the greatest interest:

  1. Mix Kalanchoe juice, fish oil and honey in the same proportions. To the resulting composition you need to add about 150 g of butter. All ingredients should be melted in a water bath. After the mixture has cooled, it is necessary to form candles from it. The treatment is recommended as follows: daily, for 7 days, before bedtime, inject one candle, then take a week break and continue therapy.
  2. Take 5 tablespoons of honey, 3 g of propolis, 150 g of pork fat and mix everything. Next, you should perform the proposed in the first recipe manipulation. The course of treatment in this case is 10 days.

Therapy with homemade candles will be much more effective if, before the introduction of the means, to do douching on the basis of herbal decoctions. For this purpose, you can use St. John's wort, chamomile or celandine.

Use of candles after cauterization of erosion

Treatment of the disease is possible not only with the help of suppositories, but also with the cautery method. However, this therapy is accompanied by a long rehabilitation process. Damaged mucous membranes require restoration after burning. During this entire period, it is extremely important to monitor the state of the body, as well as follow some recommendations.

First of all, a woman should limit intimate contact, serious physical exertion and a visit to the bath. For a more successful rehabilitation, the gynecologist may prescribe fortifying medicines as well as suppositories.

Candles after cauterization of cervical erosion have an excellent healing effect. The components included in their composition, accelerate tissue regeneration and contribute to the restoration of the epithelium of the reproductive organ. Like the whole course of treatment, suppositories are prescribed by a gynecologist. Duration of use is determined solely on an individual basis.

Possible contraindications

Most of the modern drugs that are used to treat erosion, based on the use of completely harmless substances. You can read the composition of any candles and make sure that the main components are of vegetable origin. When choosing medications, it is necessary to take into account certain features, as well as carefully study the attached annotation.

One of the most popular drugs used for therapeutic purposes is Depantol. Candles for cervical erosion do an excellent job with the tasks assigned to them, and according to the reviews, recovery occurs after several uses. In fact, few people know that the drug can not be used with cosmetic and other means of personal hygiene. In addition, it is strictly contraindicated in case of hypersensitivity to its constituent components. An allergic reaction is usually manifested in the form of severe itching and irritation. If you experience such symptoms, you should refuse treatment and visit a gynecologist. The doctor will be able to pick up the analog tool.

Opinions of consumers

Presented in our become a candle from cervical erosion reviews deserve extremely positive. Many women note that the symptoms of inflammation can be overcome in just a few days. You can buy drugs in almost every pharmacy, which is a definite plus. In addition, their cost is relatively low. For one pack of suppositories you will have to pay from 200 to 300 rubles. This amount is enough for one course of treatment.

Let's sum up

For many women, gynecologists recommend treatment with suppositories for the diagnosis of cervical erosion. The name of specific drugs is better to check with the doctor. The article presents the most popular medications solely for the purpose of familiarization.

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The most effective drugs for the treatment of erosion

There are a large number of treatments for this disease. Preparations for the treatment of cervical erosion effectively affect the site of the disease, eliminating the causes of its occurrence. The choice in favor of a medication makes a gynecologist on the basis of surrendered tests. Self-selection of drugs may not bring the desired effect.

Medication treatment

Drug treatment is the most benign method of dealing with the disease. But it is suitable only for the initial stage of the disease. Also, this method is preferred for women who have not yet given birth, who in the future plan to have a baby.

If women have other infectious diseases of the body: herpes, chlamydia, inflammation, then they should be treated simultaneously with erosion. It is these diseases that cause the development of erosion.

Erosion pills are prescribed at the first signs of the disease, as well as with complex treatment. First of all, these are antiviral drugs that strengthen the immune system, restore metabolism, regenerate tissues and destroy the infection.

Acyclovir. It is prescribed for herpes, the remedy eliminates the virus, in which the body becomes more weakened and susceptible to diseases. Recommended dose of 400 mg 3 times a day.

Immunal. Stimulates immunity, increases the body's resistance to infections. Used at least 7 days.

Famvir. Tablets help get rid of herpes and strengthen the body's immune system.

Polyoxidonium. An effective drug with a pronounced effect. Available in the form of a solution, tablets and suppositories. It restores reduced immunity, without affecting its healthy parts. In addition, Polissidium removes harmful bacteria from the body and activates metabolic processes.

Fluconazole. Prescribed for the treatment of fungus and infections.
In case of violation of the hormonal background, drugs are prescribed to restore it. Hormonal drugs are taken strictly by appointment of a gynecologist and, if necessary, an endocrinologist!

Candle erosion treatment

Candles for the treatment of erosion - the most effective drugs.They effectively affect infected tissue, eliminate bacteria, heal damaged areas.
A candle is inserted vaginally one to two times a day. The duration of treatment depends on the nature and severity of the disease. During the course it is forbidden to drink alcohol and have sex.

The most effective candles for treating erosion:

Depantol. The drug regenerates and disinfects tissues, eliminating foci of infection. Depantol is used during the treatment of true erosion or for recovery after cauterization. The duration of treatment is 7-10 days with the possibility of extension to three weeks. During treatment with Depantol, it is forbidden to use soap, as it destroys the effect of the drug.

Ryektion. Antiseptic agent from cervical erosion, restoring the vaginal microflora. For the prevention of sexually transmitted diseases recommended to introduce a candle within two hours after sexual intercourse. The drug has no contraindications except dermatitis and allergies to its components. During erosion, the Hexicon is used 1-3 weeks, 2 times a day.

Betadine. Antiseptic kills all germs in the vagina. Betadine during erosion can initially cause an unpleasant reaction - burning and discomfort. Over time, the side effects will disappear.

Genferon. The drug is a complex effect. During erosion, Genferon destroys all bacteria in the affected area, strengthens the immune system, stabilizes the membrane. The course of treatment lasts 1-12 weeks. It is used for erosion and other viral and venereal diseases.

Terzhinan. Uterine candles eliminate germs, remove inflammation, stop and prevent the spread of infections. Also, terinanum during erosion of the cervix does not allow the fungus to spread to healthy parts of the uterus.

Polygynax The medicine eliminates fungus and infection. Polygynax is used before and after removal of damaged tissue. Polygynax is also prescribed against various types of inflammations. Reception time - 1-2 weeks.

Sea buckthorn candles. This type of treatment is widespread because of its safety: candles from sea buckthorn have no contraindications (except for individual intolerance), they can be used during pregnancy and lactation. They include a large amount of fatty acids, vitamins and sea buckthorn oil, which tightens ulcers and cracks and reduces inflammation. The recommended admission course is 2 weeks.

Candles with fytor. Consist of natural substances and microelements. Pain, reduce the temperature and disinfect the affected area. There are no contraindications.

Suporon. Candles consist of a mixture of mud. They relieve inflammation and heal minor wounds. Banned for women with allergies to ginseng, propolis and cocoa butter. Introduced for 14-21 days once a day before bedtime.

Fluomizin is not recommended for erosion. The disease is included in the list of contraindications to the drug. Experienced gynecologists advise to replace Fluomizin with Polygynax, Diflucan or Flucostat.

Solutions and ointments

Along with tablets and candles, solutions and ointments are used. The exact dosage and time of treatment is calculated individually at the doctor's office.

Solkovagin - This is a solution for cauterizing the affected area. Burning solkovaginom holds only a doctor.

The process includes:

  • removal of mucus from the affected area,
  • site treatment with a solution of 3% acetic acid,
  • wetting of the tampon in Solkovagin and treatment of the affected area,
  • repeat cautery in a few minutes for effective results.

Reviews on Solkovagin in the treatment of cervical erosion proves that the solution does not leave behind scars and scars, does not require painkillers, because it does not bring strong discomfort and cauterization does not take them much time.

Levomekol. The tool still has the name “surgeons ointment”. It restores damaged tissue and tightens wounds. For use with ointment, a cotton swab is lubricated and injected into the affected organ overnight. For the full course of treatment for erosion of the cervix, levomekol is used for 14 days. Ointment can cause a large number of side effects.

Virolex. Analogue of acyclovir tablets. Suppresses the development of viruses. Reception is designed for 8-11 days, 3 times a day.

Alpizarin with Gossipol. Complex treat fungus, chlamydia and viruses. Drugs are designed for 2 weeks 4 times a day.

After the end of the course of treatment with drugs for the treatment of cervical erosion, gels and ointments are used, which restore the sensitive structure of the tissues of the organ. These agents include Solcoseryl and Methyluracil.

Folk remedies

Folk remedies are used only in the treatment of the disease at the initial stage. Before choosing a drug, you should consult with your doctor. Many solutions are incompatible with pills, so self-medicating is prohibited. This can cause serious harm to the body.

The most effective means:

  • disinfectant
  • anti-inflammatory,
  • immunomodulatory
  • astringent action.

All this in a complex has a powerful effect on the disease. To use 2 tablespoons of herbs pour 0.5 liters. water and boil for 5 minutes. Then the solution is filtered and cooled for 5 minutes. Immediately after this, a tampon is moistened in it and inserted into the vagina at bedtime for 1 hour. The procedure is repeated during the week. Borovaya uterus with erosion also applies if the disease was caused by hormonal disruption.

Wintergirl. The recipe includes 50 g of herbs and 500 grams of vodka. The tincture is mixed and insisted for 10-14 days, not forgetting to shake. Then it is worth filtering and taking a tablespoon before eating until it ends.
Sea buckthorn oil. Alternative candles - sea buckthorn tampons from cervical erosion. Use within 3-4 hours every day. You can take the oil inside, which additionally nourishes the body with nutrients and strengthens the immune system.

Grushanka. It relieves inflammation and helps heal wounds. 2 tablespoons of wintergreen mixed with 200 ml. water, herbal solution is brought to a boil, filtered, cooled and taken orally.

Mumie. For the treatment of the disease using only natural high-quality mummy.
There are several uses:
The swab is wetted in a 2.5 gr solution. mummy and 100 ml of boiled water, then it is injected into the body overnight.
Apply lotions from a 4% mummy solution to the affected area. The course of procedures consists of daily lotion for 7-11 days. Conducted before or after the menstruation period. Can be used during pregnancy.

The same solution is impregnated with a napkin and secured with a cotton swab. The course includes 1-3 weeks of procedures. For best results, you can drink 0.1 g mummy after a meal.
The effectiveness of the use of mummy for the treatment of erosion tested over the years.

Each of the drugs brings its result for the treatment of erosion. As a rule, the doctor prescribes a treatment complex consisting of the use of tablets, tampons and candles at the same time. But medications help only with a mild degree of the disease, in severe cases cauterization of the affected area is prescribed. In order to avoid further development of the disease, it is required to visit for the prevention of a gynecologist every six months.

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Candles for cervical erosion

Cervical dysplasia (erosion) is diagnosed in 70% of women of reproductive age. The treatment of this pathology is always quite complicated and lengthy, but undoubtedly an individual approach is needed for each patient. In the treatment of large and long-lasting cervical erosion, special treatment methods are used: cryotherapy (freezing), laser therapy, radio wave treatment and electrocoagulation (cauterization). But in the treatment of young erosions of small sizes, various candles are used with success, which reduce inflammation and improve the processes of regeneration of the epithelium of the cervical mucosa. From our article you will learn what candles can be used from cervical erosion.

Inflammation of the cervix - treatment of candles

The cause of inflammation of the cervical mucosa are various pathogens (viruses, bacteria, protozoa). Infection can occur sexually, after aggressive interventions on the neck after abortions, scraping and hysteroscopy. In the case of an inflammatory lesion of the cervical mucosa in a patient, a smear should be taken to determine the etiological factor (pathogen).

In such cases, choose candles with an antibiotic or antiviral agent to treat the cervix. Candles should be placed at night and in the morning, after which lie for at least 30 minutes. Indeed, within a few minutes under the action of body temperature, the candle melts and can flow out of the vagina, not having time to render its healing effect. In case of detection of characteristic genital infections, it is imperative to examine and treat the sexual partner, as re-infection is not excluded.

Key recommendations

Cauterization is carried out by various methods, and wound healing also occurs in different ways. Exposure to shock is an inexpensive method. However, it leads to the formation of a wound and bleeding, from which the woman hurts in the lower abdomen. Bleeding can last up to 4 weeks, and to prevent the formation of inflammation and pus, after the procedure, you must follow the rules:

- exclude sex life for 6 weeks

- do not take hot baths, you can - warm shower

- Do not expose yourself to physical stress.

Consequences after current treatment

After exposure to current in place of pathology, a scab forms. It should be softened to eliminate bleeding. To do this, use vaginal suppositories and tampons with medicinal ointments.

Under the influence of current transparent discharge continues for about a month. There is pain in the lower back and lower abdomen. Scar formation is undesirable for unborn women. That is why they recommended cauterization with liquid nitrogen. The procedure is considered gentle, after it the woman does not hurt, scarring is almost not formed. However, it may occur:

Burning with nitrogen does not guarantee complete capture of the epithelium, while the doctor controls the process with an ultrasound. This method allows you to control the process. After cryotherapy, the following changes appear:

- scab leaves after a week with the formation of yellowish discharge

- healing takes at least 3 weeks.

Treatment after cryotherapy

With the help of cryotherapy can not be cured with one time deep damage to the epithelium. It is very likely that you will need to repeat the procedure.

In this case, it is better to use radio wave treatment for cervical erosion, since this method does not form a scar at the site of damage to the epithelium. This method eliminates the physical contact of the electrode with the mucous membrane of the CMM, and after the procedure, the healing of the mucosa occurs. The effects of this method are small compared with other methods:

- during the procedure, the woman does not hurt

- after treatment, you can plan pregnancy

- minimal risk of cancer tissue changes

- The healing time of the epithelium is 3 weeks.

Actually, after this method does not require additional treatment. It is only necessary to comply with general recommendations: do not lift weights, eliminate sex life for 6 weeks and hot baths.

Compared with nitrogen, which advise fallen women, cauterization of cervical erosion by radio waves takes precedence, since this method does not differ in its consequences. This is due to the absence of direct contact between the epithelium and erosion, and the liquid epithelium is treated with liquid nitrogen by contact.

When processing with nitrogen a slight scar is possible, and radiosurgical intervention excludes its appearance. Thus, the smallest effects are due to cauterization with radio waves. It should be said that any coagulation is better than the old method - excision of erosion with a scalpel. The doctor chooses the specific coagulation with the expectation of minimal consequences and a quick recovery of the patient.

Candles after coagulation

It is important for a woman to help her body recover. For example, use vaginal suppositories, which are used for the regeneration and disinfection of HM. Due to this, the healing of the wound occurs faster, which is especially important for unborn patients after any intervention.

Effective suppositories that are used after removal of cervical erosion:

After the erosion of the cervix has been treated with radio waves, candles are used to prevent inflammation. For example, after exposure to nitrogen, there may be complications in the form of bleeding, if the woman violates the conditions for recovery. In this case, candles are necessarily used for wound healing, against microbes.

Helping the CMM epithelium after treatment with Solkovagin

Also, after cryotherapy, there may be discharge, which will require the use of anti-inflammatory suppositories. Such an effect is necessary after the treatment of erosion with Solkovagin. The effect on the pathology of an acidic solution can cause a burn if the dosage is exceeded. In this case, methyluracil candles are used for the prevention and treatment of burns.

Solkovagin is not used for oncological changes of the epithelium, dysplasia. These contraindications also apply to all types of coagulation. If a woman is in pain, treatment with Solkovagin is replaced by another method. For example, laser treatment of cervical erosion or diathermocoagulation is used. It should be remembered that after these methods the general recommendations are followed.

Coagulation Therapy

For comparison: after applying Solkovagin there are no restrictions on bathing and sex life. This method is not surgery or coagulation. This is a gentle therapy that does not require special preparation. In contrast, cryotherapy for complex areas with jagged edges does not provide 100% confidence in the full processing of the boundaries of erosion.

After laser therapy or diathermocoagulation, a woman may be hurt in the lower abdomen. Any surgery requires, after the intervention, support of the body with an antiseptic. And after diathermocoagulation, this is especially necessary, since the action of a current leads to scars, the patient hurts for a long time. In this case, anti-inflammatory candles are used necessarily.

Cervical erosion - treatment with candles

In the treatment of cervical erosion use candles that do not contain antibacterial agents. They often consist of herbal remedies and are aimed at suppressing inflammation in epithelial cells.

Sea buckthorn candles during cervical erosion are prescribed most frequently, as they are non-toxic (can be used even during pregnancy), are inexpensive and are quite effective. You can use pharmaceutical candles or make them at home (a cotton swab soaked with sea buckthorn oil and enter deep into the vagina, it should be removed after 1 hour).

Candles Depantole is used to treat cervical erosion of the neck, inflammation of the cervical mucosa and vagina. This drug improves metabolic processes in epithelial cells, improves their regeneration and reduces inflammation. The duration of treatment with these candles is from 7 to 20 days. When prescribing these candles, the doctor must warn the patient not to use cosmetic soap, as it is not compatible with these candles.

An effective remedy in the treatment of erosion is the Hexicon suppositories, which not only have an anti-inflammatory effect, but also normalizes the vaginal microflora, which contributes to reparative processes. This drug has no contraindications, it is prescribed for 1 candle (in the morning and in the evening) for 7-10 days.

Candles Suporon are quite popular in the treatment of cervical erosion, inflammation of the mucous membrane of the vagina and cervix, as well as thrush. They include medical Tambukan mud, ginseng and propolis, which promotes healing of wounds and reduce inflammation. These candles are prescribed 1 time per day for 10 days. They are contraindicated in case of individual intolerance of one of the components.

Thus, the appointment of candles with erosion, inflammation of the cervix and vagina is quite effective when used simultaneously with other drugs. In any case, the woman should appoint these candles to the doctor.