How to speed up the monthly


In life, it often happens that critical days coincide with a not very convenient date, and painful sensations on the first day can darken the upcoming joyful event. The optimal solution to the problem will be to bring the discharge for several days and quickly finish it. Let's try to figure out how to speed up the monthly, and whether it is dangerous.

Burnet - folk remedy to accelerate the end of menstruation

Necessary preparation

There are several popular ways to speed up the arrival of menstruation and their completion. But first it is necessary to think carefully about everything before doing any actions: is it really necessary to bring the critical days closer, because it will become a stress for the organism. When the final decision is made, it should be properly prepared.

You should never be in a hurry to bring your period up. The first step is to make sure that there is no pregnancy. To do this, just make a special test. It is better to use two at intervals of several days to ensure the result with maximum accuracy.

If the result turns out to be positive, then the time of menstruation is most likely not to come, but there are cases when the spotting is also after conception. But there can be no talk of any approximation of critical days. This is dangerous not only interruption of pregnancy, but also rupture of the fallopian tube, in the case of the location of the ovum in it.

Even in the case when the test shows a negative result, it is necessary to consult a gynecologist for advice. He will not only conduct clarifying studies to completely exclude the fact of conception, but will also suggest possible options for the arrival of menstruation.

Before the acceleration of the month is to pass a pregnancy test


Move the beginning of menstruation for several days and speed up its end is quite real. Today, there are a sufficient number of options that will help in the question of how to accelerate the monthly. But it is worth remembering that without consequences it is impossible to drastically shift the days of the cycle.

One of the most common are considered drugs. Their main action is based on the hormones that make up the composition, and consists in a sharp increase in progesterone in the body. Then it quickly begins to decline, which accelerates the arrival of critical days.

The most popular today are:

Oral contraceptives. They contain progestins and estrogens in varying concentrations, causing contraceptive properties. They should take three weeks, one tablet per day.

If you finish drinking pills before the twenty-first day, then the onset of menstruation will be a few days earlier. This method is well suited to the category of young women who take such contraceptives for at least three months.

A drug containing progesterone. Helps to make the onset of menstruation earlier. This is a 1% solution of progesterone that must be injected intramuscularly. Doctors allow this option only if hormone therapy is prescribed in the future.

Drugs containing synthetic progesterone. They are very popular to accelerate the arrival of bleeding. The most famous is considered "Duphaston". It provides the desired result, but requires use only as a last resort.

You can bring menstruation closer with it by taking pills for five days twice - in the morning and in the evening. One or two days after discontinuation, critical days should begin. But you should never abuse this drug.

To make monthly periods faster, you can use:

  • Pulsatilla. An excellent homeopathic remedy for the rapid completion of critical days, which additionally stimulates the immune system.
  • Pastinor. This drug contains a huge dose of hormones and serves as a variant of emergency contraception. It is not always safe to take it, because such a loading dose can cause unpredictable effects. But the effect is guaranteed.

To obtain the desired result, you should take two tablets with an interval of twelve hours. Menstruation can be expected two or three days after taking the last pill, which will also help the discharge to pass in a couple of days.

Intervention in the natural course of the menstrual cycle can lead to long-term failures. In order for the monthly to end quickly or come before, taking medication will help. But with frequent and prolonged use may cause infertility.

"Pulsatilla" accelerates the end of menstruation and stimulates the immune system

Folk ways

Folk remedies will not have such a significant effect as drugs, but unlike the latter, they will not leave behind safer and much harm. The most trusted to bring the arrival of critical days and also speed up the process of ending them are:

  • Hot bath It is enough to make such a bath for the approach of critical days and their quick end. It will help to increase body temperature, dilation of blood vessels and increased blood flow to the organ of the small pelvis. The abdominal muscles will gradually relax. You can add sea salt or iodine.
  • Warmer. A simple way, which is widely known and quite relevant. As a hot-water bottle you can use any container filled with hot water that is capable of transmitting heat. The effect will be no worse than a hot bath.
  • Vitamin C. Using it in large quantities will be able to contribute not only to the approach of menstruation, but also to its rapid end. A similar effect will be if you eat a couple of lemons. Contraindication to this method would be gastritis or ulcer.
  • Intense physical exertion. There are enough active physical exercises a week before the expected date of menstruation to speed up their appearance. A good effect will be obtained after loads on the press strength exercises. Yoga and callanetics will help to make the end of the month come faster.
  • Special food. Failure to consume large amounts of salt can have a good effect on the approach of menstruation, since it contributes to the body's stagnation of fluid. Products containing carotene will also help. Frequent meals with enough red meat, palm sugar and turmeric will increase the body temperature and speed up the critical days.
  • Alcoholic beverages. It is known that alcohol expands blood vessels and increases the temperature and this can bring the menstruation closer.
  • Nice talking. Avoiding stressful situations, depression and frequent communication with close friends will perfectly fix the result from all the above methods.

All of these methods are excellent contribute to the fact that monthly over. They will not give a 100% guarantee, but they will allow to protect their health and get a lot of pleasant emotions.

Food with carotene will accelerate the onset of critical days.

Useful recipes

Infusions from various herbs and plants have been used for years by previous generations of women, so they are widely used.

Speed ​​up your period will help:

  • Bay leaf. You must take fifty leaves and rinse thoroughly under running water. Then put them in a saucepan, pour half a liter of water and boil. Immediately after that, turn off and leave to infuse under the lid. This broth should be drunk on an empty stomach in the morning.
  • Cornflower flowers You need to pour a glass of boiling water two teaspoons of dried flowers, then cover with a lid and insist for an hour. Drink one tablespoon three times a day before meals so that the arrival of menstruation accelerates.
  • Flowers of medicinal vervain. Infusion cooked by analogy with cornflower and take fifty grams three times a day.
  • Fennel root. Two tablespoons will require three hundred milliliters of water and a capacity of not less than a liter, since the broth will foam heavily. After boiling, keep at least half an hour and slow fire. Then cool, add a hundred milliliters of boiled water and drink at a time.

Verbena officinalis will approximate the start date of menstruation

To monthly ended quickly, help:

  • The root burnet. Two tablespoons of chopped root need to pour a glass of water and boil in a water bath for thirty minutes. Then bring the volume to a glass and drink chilled ten milliliters five times a day after meals. Well helps to quickly passed menstruation.
  • Nettle. A decoction of this plant increases blood clotting, which contributes to the rapid end of critical days. It is necessary to boil a couple of minutes three tablespoons in a glass of water. Take three times a day for fifteen milliliters three times a week.

In order to pass critical days in a short time, unprotected intercourse with a bright orgasm helps a lot. Vitamin E and C intake and hemoglobin level increase with the help of hematogen will help increase the effect. And the use of tampons will fix the result, but you should not use them in the very first days.

In no case can you change any of all the above methods and methods during pregnancy. It can be done so that the result will be unpredictable, and the consequences will not only negatively affect the health of the future mother, but also lead to irreversible deviations in the baby.

The system of the female body has an amazing uniqueness, performing a complex reproductive function. It is thanks to her that periodic processes called the menstrual cycle occur in the body, and the happiness of motherhood is known. The first phase of this cycle is considered bleeding for a period of two to seven days each month.

You should never forget that any attempts to speed up menstruation often lead to hormonal disruption and menstrual disorders. Therefore, no one competent specialist will approve such activities. But if the situation really requires such sacrifices, then only the doctor will be able to recommend not only the most effective, but also the less dangerous way.

Medications to accelerate the arrival of menstruation

Independent use of drugs to solve the problem is not allowed. Their use is possible only after consulting a doctor, who will determine the reason for the delay. As a rule, for this purpose, various hormonal drugs are prescribed to create a certain hormonal background, which will be the impetus for the onset of menstruation. Most often, women are assigned to:

  • Pulsatilla,
  • "Duphaston",
  • oral contraceptives.

To choose for yourself these drugs is unacceptable. In the event that it is not possible to get medical advice, you should use only popular recipes for herbal medicines. They are relatively harmless and unlikely to cause serious consequences.

Herbal remedies that cause monthly ahead of time

These drugs cannot be called completely safe, but they will not cause any tangible harm to the woman’s health.

  • Effective medicine for provoking the onset of menstruation is carrot seeds. To get the desired result, take 5 g of carrot seeds and eat, chew well. This is done before meals 3 times a day. Such stimulation lasts 1-2 days.
  • Onion peel can also bring the beginning of critical days. For the preparation of the drug 2 tbsp. l Husks brewed 250 ml of boiling water and insist 30 minutes. After that, the composition is filtered. It is drunk one time before meals. The desired result appears after 4-6 hours after drinking the infusion. In rare cases, it may take 24 hours to start a period.
  • Cornflower broth is another drug that provokes the onset of critical days. 2 tbsp. l vegetable raw materials pour a glass of boiling water and insist for 60 minutes. Having filtered, the infusion is divided into two equal portions: one is drunk in the morning and the second in the evening.
  • The upper part of the gladiolus bulb can also be used for this purpose. It is well washed and inserted into the vagina all night. As a result, the next 24 hours should begin monthly. This way you can speed up their arrival by 3-4 days.
  • Promotes early menstruation honey. In order to speed up the process, it takes 7 days before the onset of menstruation to eat 6 tbsp daily. l flower honey. This can be done both throughout the day and at some specific time. Monthly start earlier in 2-3 days.

Drug medications to reduce the duration of menstruation

Before you decide to reduce the duration of menstrual bleeding, you should consider the possible negative consequences of this. In the case of very short bleeding, the detached part of the mucous membrane may not be completely washed out of the uterus, which will cause severe inflammation. Such a process is a threat not only to health, but also to life. As a result, urgent treatment will be required. There is even a risk of surgery and emergency removal of the uterus. In order to prevent this from happening, if you experience any slightest discomfort on the part of the female reproductive system, after accelerating the monthly periods, you should immediately contact an experienced gynecologist. The action of drugs to accelerate the end of menstruation is due to their hemostatic capabilities.

  • Calcium gluconate in combination with vitamin C is an effective means to stop menstruation 2-3 days earlier. To obtain the desired effect from the very first day of bleeding, you should begin to use two calcium tablets before each meal and a vitamin C tablet 3 times a day.
  • Vikasol is a long-used drug that is an analogue of vitamin K. It increases blood clotting and thereby stops bleeding. Apply it from the second day of menstruation and not more than two tablets per day.
  • The use of vitamin E also contributes to the accelerated end of menstruation. However, it should be borne in mind that in this case, the profusion of bleeding will increase significantly, since under the action of vitamin E in the pelvic organs blood pressure increases. The exfoliated part of the mucous membrane is washed out much faster, and therefore, after cleansing the uterus, menstruation ends two days earlier. Drinking vitamin E should be only following the instructions, as its overdose can lead to life-threatening bleeding.
  • To speed up the end of menstruation, the gynecologist may prescribe the intake of certain hormonal contraceptives. Independently apply them, set the dosage and course can not.
  • Ascorutin is a very effective drug that makes it possible to shorten the duration of menstruation. It significantly strengthens the blood vessels, which allows you to cope with bleeding. However, it is necessary to take into account the fact that it is possible to use the medicine only from the third day of menstruation.

In order to select the optimal drug for a specific woman, consultation of a doctor who assesses the state of health, reveals the presence of contraindications and informs in detail about the possible consequences of playing with your body is required.

Folk remedies accelerate menstruation

Folk drugs are relatively safe, but their use should take into account the risk that subsequent menstruation will last longer. Knowing this, before starting the experiments on health one should think again whether the violence over his body is so necessary.

  • To menstruation ended two days earlier, you can increase the volume of daily fluid intake by one and a half times. This will contribute to the dilution of blood, because of which, however, bleeding will intensify, but at the same time, the output of the outgoing mucous membrane will accelerate. Cleansing the uterus will happen faster, and therefore, menstruation will stop earlier. In the event that there are problems with the kidneys or heart, you should not use this method of accelerating your period, as this can lead to dangerous consequences.
  • Nettle decoction is a very effective tool to speed up the end of critical days. It is worth noting that nettle also has a beneficial effect on the composition of the blood, increasing hemoglobin. To prepare the drug take 5 tbsp. l dried, chopped nettle and pour 500 ml of very hot water. Then the composition is placed on a small fire and boil for 20-25 minutes. It is important to ensure that the product does not actively begin to boil. After removal from the fire, the composition is left to brew until it is completely cooled. Strained broth drink 5 times a day for 3 tbsp. l., starting from the second day of menstruation. Usually they end 1-2 days after the start of use of the nettle drug.
  • Contributes to the acceleration of the monthly and shepherd's bag. In order to get an effective drug, you need to take 2 tsp. dried herbs and pour a glass of freshly boiled water. After that, it is necessary to insist the composition of about 30 minutes. Готовое лекарство процеживают. Пьют его по 1/2 стакана утром и вечером. Применять это лекарство можно с первого дня.
  • Совершенно безопасным для организма и при этом весьма действенным способом ускорения месячных является быстрый подъем гемоглобина в крови. Для этого в течение одного дня следует употреблять гематоген и гранаты. To get the desired effect, you need to eat at least two bars of hematogen and one large grenade. The result is felt on the third day. Given this, the acceleration of the monthly in this way should begin on the first day.
  • Water pepper helps to reduce the duration of menstruation by three, and sometimes four days. If possible, it will be better to use already prepared infusion. It is used 3 times a day, 40 drops. Drink the drug should be at least 30 minutes before meals. The beginning of reception should occur strictly from the end of the second day of the month.
  • Do not forget about the burnet. It will quickly stop the bleeding and allow you to forget about the critical days until next month. For effective means 2 tbsp. l chopped grass of this plant is brewed with a glass of boiled water only and boiled in a water bath for exactly 30 minutes. After the composition has cooled, it is filtered. Next, the drug is diluted with a glass of boiled water and drink 1 tbsp. l with an interval of 30 minutes 6 times. After this experience with her body, a woman can get a reduction in her monthly for 4 days. The burner should be eaten no earlier than from the third day of menstruation.
  • Contribute to the early completion of the bleeding and exercise "boat", giving a significant load on the peritoneum and stimulating the discharge of exfoliated mucous membrane. To perform it, lay down on your stomach, stretch your arms forward and pull the socks as far as possible. After that, they simultaneously raise their arms and legs and remain with support only on the stomach. Hold this position should be at least 10 seconds. For the fastest effect, at least 15 approaches should be made. Such training should be carried out from the first day of menstruation. In the event that critical days are accompanied by a pronounced pain symptom, this method cannot be used.
  • Lemon juice is considered another very effective way to speed up your period. In order for discharge to end 2-3 days earlier, you should drink lemon juice on the third day of the menstruation. In the morning, you must consume a glass of juice diluted with 100 ml of water. During the day, all liquid should be drunk with lemon juice. In the evening, juice is consumed in the same way as in the morning. After such an intense effect on the body of vitamin C, the walls of the vessels are significantly compacted and the bleeding stops in the coming days. Use this method is prohibited in diseases of the stomach.
  • There is an opinion that sex can be used to reduce the length of periods. During orgasm, the uterus begins to contract intensively, with the result that the organ quickly clears and there is no need to flush it with blood secretions. As a result, critical days will end much faster.
  • To monthly always occupied the minimum number of days, it is worth doing sports. Excellent exercises for training the muscles of the peritoneum and uterus are cycling, jumping, squats and swinging the press. However, before resorting to this method of accelerating the end of menstruation, it is worthwhile to make sure that the heart is healthy, since if it is disturbed, physical activity can be very harmful.

When you can not intervene in the cycle

In some cases, any artificial interventions in the cycle are strictly prohibited. Experimenting with monthly is unacceptable if the following conditions are observed:

  • not yet established cycle
  • diseases of the uterus and appendages,
  • tendency to thrombosis,
  • recovery cycle after childbirth,
  • infectious diseases,
  • increased body temperature
  • stress,
  • problems with conception.

Even in the absence of contraindications, before you intervene in the natural healthy process, it is worth considering well - is it necessary. In most cases, it is possible to do without changing the cycle, simply using high-quality hygiene products.

Ways to speed up the monthly

In a woman’s life, there are often situations when it is necessary for menstruation to begin or end more quickly. These include planned vacations, long trips or a wedding celebration. There are many ways to speed up your period.

For this purpose, not only drugs are used, but also traditional medicine. It is important to know that such an intervention in the work of the female body affects the overall hormonal levels, which can be adversely reflected in health.

However, a one-time acceleration of menstruation should not cause severe harm to the body. It is important to do everything right and control your cycle.

Reasons for the delay

Failure of the menstrual cycle is what many women face. In some cases, there is amenorrhea - a condition where there is no menstruation for several months. How to accelerate the arrival of menstruation in this case and whether it is possible to do it is a matter of concern to many women.

The reason often lies in the disruption of the hormonal system. If the body does not produce a sufficient amount of female sex hormones - estrogen and progesterone, then menstruation may not be for several months or years.

But there are diseases that lead to a violation of the cycle. These include the following:

  • ovarian cyst,
  • adnexitis,
  • various neoplasms
  • sexually transmitted diseases.

Ovarian cyst can cause menstrual disorders

But not always the absence of menstruation indicates the presence of the disease. There are other reasons:

  • Climate change or weather conditions. Delay of menstruation can occur during the flight to other countries or at home, in the offseason. Sharp temperature changes on the street and the weather in general in some cases negatively affect the sensitive female body. For example, excessive heat may well provoke a delay of a couple of weeks.
  • Diet. Changes in the normal diet contribute to amenorrhea. If a woman loses weight dramatically due to diet, lack of menstruation can be a consequence. The hormonal system cannot quickly adapt to the new weight and reacts in this way.
  • Little weight. Reducing weight to critical can lead to problems with the menstrual cycle. If a girl has a weight less than 45 kg, you should not be surprised at the absence of menstruation.
  • Severe exercise and stress. It also affects the functioning of the organs of the female reproductive system.
  • The use of drugs. Some drugs have side effects of a cycle problem.
  • Pregnancy. This is another reason why a woman can not wait for menstruation. If a girl thinks about the question of how to speed up her period in order to go faster, you must first exclude a possible conception.

Traditional medicine

Acceleration of menstruation with folk remedies at home can also be effective. At the same time substances are safer, unlike tablets.

You can use the following recipes:

  • Husk of onions. This tool is able to bring the monthly. It is necessary to take 2 tbsp. spoon and brew a glass of boiling water, insist half an hour, strain and drink once before meals. The effect occurs after about 6 hours. Sometimes in a day.
  • Carrot seeds. It should take 5 grams of carrot seeds, chew and eat. To get the result, you need to do this for one or two days, three times a day.
  • Honey. This product also allows you to trigger critical days. To speed up, you need to eat 6 tbs. A week before the required time. spoons of honey.

How to reduce the duration of menstruation?

Another question - how to accelerate the monthly to run faster. It is relevant for prolonged menstruation. But here it is necessary to take into account the likely negative consequences. If you artificially stop the menstrual period, not all of the endometrium can leave the uterus, which will lead to the start of inflammatory treatment.

To prevent this, it is better to consult a doctor regarding the cessation of menstruation.

Folk recipes

With the question of how to speed up the monthly, do not forget about folk remedies. Their use is safer than taking medication.

The following recipes are effective:

  • Nettle decoction. The tool allows you to speed up the end of menstruation. It is necessary to take 5 tbsp. spoon dry nettle, poured 500 ml of boiling water, cook for 20 minutes, not bringing to a strong boil. Next - cool, strain and take 3 tbsp. spoons 5 times a day. The tool can be applied from 2 days of menstruation. In most cases, it stops a day or two after taking the decoction.
  • Water pepper With this substance you can reduce the duration of menstruation for 3-4 days. It is better to buy in the pharmacy already ready infusion and take 40 drops three times a day half an hour before meals. You can begin to take only at the end of the second day of menstruation.
  • Shepherd's purse. To prepare the tool, you need to take 2 teaspoons of dry grass, pour 250 ml of boiling water, insist half an hour, strain and drink half a cup twice a day. This infusion can be drunk from the first day of menstruation.

When do menstruations begin after birth? Read the article on the restoration of menstrual function in a young mother, when to wait for menstruation during breastfeeding and bottle-feeding, as well as the reasons for the absence of menstruation after birth.

How many days do menstruation last? Details here.

When interventions in the cycle are prohibited

In some cases, intervene in the menstrual cycle and the work of the reproductive system is strictly prohibited.

These include the following:

  • diseases of the internal organs of the female reproductive system,
  • irregular cycle in girls due to the fact that has not yet been established,
  • recovery of the menstrual cycle after childbirth or abortion,
  • the presence of infectious diseases
  • high body temperature,
  • increased thrombosis,
  • infertility,
  • stressful situations.

Even if, at first glance, there are no contraindications, it is worth thinking carefully before invading the work of your body. Indeed, in some cases, you can not shift the cycle, but simply use high-quality hygiene products, which are many in pharmacies today.

When it is necessary?

With urgent need, there are many ways to speed up the onset of menstruation. But it should not be abused, because you can knock down a normal cycle. Use these methods only as a last resort, for example, if an important event is scheduled for the first day of your period.

The bride wants to celebrate the wedding cheerfully and with dignity, but if your period should pass exactly during your wedding - speed up this process by several days. Or you want to relax on vacation, and monthly, as always, not on time.

It should be remembered that any intervention in the processes of your body can bring him harm. Therefore, to accelerate the arrival of menstruation is better as little as possible. After all, the reaction of the body of each individual.

And even you do not know what the consequences may be. If you abuse the constant call of menstruation, you can disrupt the hormones and the cycle of menstruation.

And this is very undesirable and entails the appearance of disease and discomfort.

So, before embarking on such a complex process - think about whether you really need it so much. If you have already made a decision, then a few days before the possible process should be prepared:

  • First, get a pregnancy test. Taking medicines and herbal teas during pregnancy is very dangerous for both the young mother and the fetus.
  • Stop drinking birth control pills. Once you stop taking them, your period will start much faster than usual.
  • After the menstruation has passed, start drinking the pill again.

Remember, do not accelerate the arrival of menstruation, if there is no special reason. It is better to wait a few days, because the menstruation period is relatively short. How to speed up the monthly and not hurt yourself?

Folk methods

With a delay, you can cause menstruation using folk remedies. To do this, drink red wine and take hot baths in the second phase. Another way is to soak your feet in warm, pleasant water for you with mustard powder dissolved in it. If you overdo it with a temperature, there will be so profuse bleeding that you have to consult a doctor.

Many plants have properties to influence the body and, especially, the menstrual cycle. Infusion of them can bring the arrival of menstruation earlier for a few days.

How to accelerate the arrival of monthly folk remedies? There are several folk remedies that will help to bring menstruation for a few days. Folk remedies are various infusions and decoctions.

Plants that accelerate the arrival of menstruation, several:

The most common remedy is a decoction of parsley. Doctors do not recommend it to pregnant women. Take a small bunch, fill with boiling water and let it brew for a couple of hours. After you need to drink this half a cup of tea in the morning and evening. Do not drink parsley broth for more than three days. This method is very effective in delay.

Elecamplain is considered stronger than parsley. A piece of the root need to pour boiling water and bring to a boil. After holding on the fire a couple more minutes. Once the time is up, remove the saucepan from the heat and wrap it.

So the root must be infused for an hour. Take this broth should be twice a day for fifty milliliters.

A decoction of this root is quite a strong remedy, so if you often resort to it, you can break the cycle of menstruation.

Another remedy is a decoction of blue cornflower. For this broth you need two teaspoons of dried flowers and boiling water. Pour hot water blue cornflower flowers and insist for an hour. Take the broth to a teaspoon 3-4 times a day.

You can chew carrot seeds (five grams per day). Effective even with long delay.

Some women make special vaginal candles from the top of the gladiolus bulb. This tool is quite effective - menstruation can begin in a day or a few hours. True, there may be some discomfort, burning.

Quite often, a chamomile decoction helps speed up the onset of menstruation. Chamomile is known to all as an anti-inflammatory, diuretic. But this plant improves blood circulation, which contributes to the rapid appearance of menstruation in women. Chamomile can be drunk, they can douche. But it should be remembered and a large number of contraindications.

Before you decide on how to accelerate the onset of menstruation, what kind of broths to drink, you must consult with a specialist. After all, not all folk methods are safe.

Drug method

You can cause menstruation with a delay or just before the prescribed time with the help of medications. But subsequently, a woman’s normal cycle may not recover. And this is pretty dangerous. After all, it is easy to bring down vital processes in the body, and it is much more difficult to recover.

If you do decide on this step - carefully read the instructions for use of the drug, and best of all - consult your doctor. Do not risk your health.

For every woman, bleeding begins when progesterone levels decrease in the body.

Taking hormonal contraceptives, the girl can follow the entire cycle and predict the time of the next bleeding. With their help, it is possible to adjust the entire menstrual cycle, and therefore, to bring the monthly for several days. But this is quite a long time and not everyone succeeds.

If you do not take a seven-day break between taking birth control pills, then you can cancel the onset of the next menstruation. Often use the drug method is not worth it, so as not to bring down your hormonal levels.

How to accelerate the monthly drug? The following drugs are used for this:

Only a doctor can choose the right drug and dosage according to the characteristics of your body. If you self-medicate if you delay or take pills to speed up monthly bleeding, you can greatly harm your health.

Dangerous methods

With the help of & Postinor & can not only prevent pregnancy, but also bring the appearance of monthly bleeding. But this is a rather risky way, the use of which often leads to long years of hormonal treatment and cycle disturbances.

The use of diluted iodine with milk is also a dangerous way to call monthly.

Monthly before, but without pills

This method of speeding up your monthly amazingly simple. You need to take a fairly hot bath, but do not overdo it with the temperature. After the bath, make love to your partner. The method is quite interesting. The blood in the warm bath begins to move faster, and during sex it begins to flow even faster to the uterus, thereby activating the menstruation process.

  • Drinking lemons.
  • Drinking decoction of parsley.
  • Ascorbic acid, diluted in water.

Diluted iodine and vitamin C in large quantities can cause serious harm to a woman’s health.

All this needs to be taken in a short amount of time - just a few days. Otherwise, there may be health problems, the menstrual cycle will be broken.

Physical Education

To improve health is very useful physical education. Especially it has a positive effect on the female body: exercise helps to normalize the cycle of menstruation. If you want your period to start faster, then just increase the amount of stress. But do not overdo it. Упражнения не должны быть слишком сложными.

А еще лучше будет посоветоваться с врачом, какой метод для ускорения прихода месячных выбрать. He will be able to choose the way that is less harmful to health, because every woman has an individual organism.

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Ways to stimulate menstruation

The reasons for the delay of critical days are varied from the stress that was experienced on the eve, to serious illnesses, therefore self-stimulation of menstrual bleeding is permissible only for a short delay that does not exceed 10-15 days. In the opposite case, it is necessary to urgently seek the help of a specialist, because with health jokes are bad.

Care must be taken with artificially approaching critical days in order to spread over time a period of menstrual bleeding with a vacation or other event. In such a situation, there is a risk of disrupting the hormonal background, the recovery process is very difficult.

If day X has come, and the monthly has not arrived, it is necessary to increase the level of hemoglobin by eating hematogen, pomegranate and red meat. This is the safest and even most useful method in dealing with latency.

It is also recommended to take a hot bath after drinking a glass of warm wine. As often as possible should have sex, which contributes to the arrival of menstruation. Hot foot baths are also able to accelerate the arrival of menstrual bleeding.

With a delay, it is worth adjusting your diet, eliminating fatty, salty and spicy foods from it, avoiding stressful situations. A very popular means to restore the cycle is the use of lemons and ascorbic acid. This is because the excessive content of vitamin C in the body of a girl prevents the flow of progesterone to the uterus and thereby causes the onset of menstruation.

Exercises such as swinging the press and bending in different directions also make it possible to accelerate the approach of menstrual bleeding. But it is necessary to treat physical loads with caution, do not overdo it.

Medical methods of menstruation stimulation

How to accelerate the onset of menstruation with the help of drugs? The answer is very simple: first of all, it is necessary to contact a specialist to prescribe an agent that is suitable for a specific patient directly.

It is often advised to start the treatment of luminaries of medicine with homeopathic remedies such as Pulsatilla, Grafitez, Tsimitsifuga, Sepia, Sulfur and others. The main indication for the appointment of these drugs is considered the normalization and restoration of the cycle with delays and scanty periods.

Often, homeopathic remedies are used not only to treat, but also to prevent menstrual disorders. If homeopathy is not able to cope with the problem, then perhaps hormone therapy will help speed up the onset of menstruation.

So, you can take one tablet for 3 weeks of oral contraceptives based on progestins and estrogens. To speed up menstruation, a five-day course of progesterone-based drugs (Duphaston, Utrogestan and others) after the end of which menstrual bleeding should begin is shown. The above funds drink one tablet twice a day.

An injection of progesterone is prescribed individually by the doctor. This is also a way to speed up the monthly.

There are medications for emergency contraception, the most popular of which are Postinor, Mifepristone or Escapel. They are used only in the most extreme cases, exclusively under the supervision of a physician, because they provoke a severe blow to the endocrine system of a woman. Appointing their doctors, as the saying goes, choose the lesser of two evils.

Having started a course of hormonal therapy, you need to go completely to the end and strictly follow all instructions of the doctor.

Contraindications to artificial stimulation of menstruation

There are restrictions on the conduct of artificial stimulation of menstruation. If a pregnancy is suspected, both medical and folk remedies that encourage the approach of critical days are contraindicated. Otherwise, you can harm not only the health of the baby, but also the woman herself.

It is not necessary to resort to the stimulation of menstruating adolescents, whose menstrual cycle began less than two years ago. In such a situation, delays from 2 to 7 days are the norm and, most likely, will disappear with time.

There is no need to cause the onset of menopausal women in menopause, unless, of course, we are not talking about the late onset of menopause. Women who have gynecological diseases should not be treated as a consequence — a delay, but as the root cause — the disease itself. Puzzled by the question of whether it is possible to speed up menstruation, it is important to first consider whether this is necessary.


Before proceeding with artificial stimulation of menstruation, it is necessary to carefully compare all the pros and cons, assess the need for such action and the possible consequences. The first place among the reasons for the delay of menstruation is pregnancy. Therefore, it is not necessary to try to speed up the critical days without making a pregnancy test, so as not to harm your unborn baby. When trying to move the menstrual cycle in anticipation of vacation, it is worth considering: Maybe it's better to postpone the vacation time for a few weeks or a month? After all, you can not buy health, so you need to take care of it.

What methods can cause premature monthly

How to speed up the monthly to go faster - a fairly common question. To accelerate the arrival of menstruation is possible in two ways:

  • medication (homeopathic),
  • folk remedies.

Based on this information, it becomes clear that it is possible to cause regular discharge with the help of a qualified medical professional and independently at home. The expected effect promises hormone supplements, especially oral contraceptives.

Important to remember! Before you ask how to speed up your period so that you can go faster, you should understand how complex the biological process in a woman’s body is and how easily it can be removed from a harmonious state.

Is it safe to accelerate the arrival of monthly

To provoke menstruation ahead of time is an unsafe exercise. Each woman assumes responsibility for the condition and health, making the decision about the premature call reg.

The reasons that provoke women and girls to accelerate the arrival of menstruation can be different, but more often it is the long-awaited trips, celebrations and important events in life.

The regularity of the onset of the menstrual cycle is a guarantee of the normal state of women's health.

Before dealing with corrective methods, so that the monthly periods go faster, you need to think about how these accelerating actions will affect the general condition of the woman and whether the pathological processes will not provoke.

The most dangerous consequence of provoking premature regul is:

  • hormonal disbalance,
  • infertility,
  • soreness of the monthly discharge,
  • termination regul or violation of a clear periodicity,
  • uterine bleeding,
  • death.

The safety of one or another method of approximation of "monthly incomes" or the least degree of negative consequences can be judged by a doctor on the basis of an examination and available diagnostic information.

Be careful! The situation of provoking the onset of menstruation can be extremely dangerous if a woman is pregnant. Therefore, before proceeding to what was intended, you should be examined by a gynecologist or perform testing.

Having at his disposal more information, the physician will individually select a woman for the safest way, which will not entail negative consequences.

Oral contraceptives

The planned approach of the arrival of regulations can be done by those who regularly take oral contraceptives. It is necessary to stop taking the drug a few days ahead of schedule.

The expected result will be the arrival of menstruation the very next day, after the end of the pill.

After such measures, it will be necessary to apply additional measures to prevent unwanted pregnancies, and after resuming oral contraceptives, use condoms for 14 days.

For more accurate recommendations, you will need to refer to the instructions accompanying contraceptive drugs.


Progesterone is a hormone of natural origin. Pharmacological form - solution for injection (1%, 2.5%). Injections with progesterone are prescribed as an emergency measure, which already for 2-4 days will trigger the onset of menses.

This drug may cause excessive hair growth, failure of the normal menstrual cycle and dehydration of the skin.

The basis of the drug is dydrogesterone at a concentration of 10 mg per 1 tablet. Feature of the drug is similar to progesterone, which is a natural hormone. Duphaston promises a pharmacological result similar to the natural hormone.

In addition, it is necessary to point out the guaranteed safety of this drug, unlike other progestogens of a synthetic sample, which may cause the appearance of excessive vegetation, coarsening of voice, etc.

The active ingredient of the drug has a positive effect on blood lipids and does not affect its clotting. In addition, didrogesterone does not interfere with the work of the liver and the exchange of carbon in the body.

Duphaston is indicative of the use of not only to accelerate the arrival of menstruation. He may be appointed by:

  • endometriosis,
  • premenstrual syndrome,
  • irregular cycle
  • amenorrhea.

For provoking the arrival of regul in early terms, Duphaston is taken as prescribed by a doctor in this mode: for 5 days 2 p. per day for 1 tab. At the end of the course may occur monthly.

Sometimes it happens that the regulatives come for 3-6 days after discontinuation of Duphaston or for 3-4 days of the therapeutic course.


Utrogestan is based on micronized progesterone derived from raw materials of plant origin. Dosage form of the drug - gelatin capsules, vaginal suppositories. The routes of administration are intravaginal and oral.

One gelatin capsule contains 100 mg of a pharmacological substance. The pharmacological effect of this drug is the suppression of the functions of estrogen, which triggers the failure of the menstrual cycle.

In order to speed up the onset of menstruation, it is required to start drinking capsules on the 16-25 day of the cycle. In order for regulatives to go faster, the daily dose determined by the doctor can range from 200-400 mg (the dose is divided by 2, for the morning and evening intake). The method of administration of the capsules is also determined by the physician.

A distinctive feature of Utrozhestan is the possibility of vaginal administration. Because of this, it can be taken by women who, as a side effect, experience drowsiness or suffer from liver diseases.

Contraindications for taking this drug are cancer of the genital organs and breast, asthma, thrombosis, epilepsy, uterine bleeding. The desired result should come in 2-3 days.

Postinor is also an emergency aid that is used after an act of violence, unprotected intercourse, etc.

The drug is very active, causing endometrial exfoliation in the uterus. After 3 days of admission, come "red discharge".

To take this drug should be resorted to in exceptional cases because of the side effects that it has on the gastrointestinal tract, kidneys, liver.

Thrombosis, lactation and puberty are conditions that do not accept the indicated drug.

Hot bath

Hot water can accelerate blood circulation in the body. It is based on this home method of accelerating the arrival of regul.

Receiving a hot bath allows you to achieve the desired, provided you stay in extremely hot water for 20 minutes (not more), and subsequent active sexual intercourse. The onset of menstruation will not keep waiting longer than 1-3 days.

To speed up the process and help to ensure that the monthly flow rate is faster, such an easy way as a hot bath will help. But this procedure is not suitable for women with high blood pressure.

It is possible to enhance the effect by adding table salt and drops of iodine solution to hot water (2 p. Of rock salt, 8 drops of iodine).

Be careful! For women with diseases of the cardiovascular system and the thyroid gland, such procedures are dangerous to perform.

Ascorbic acid intake

Acceptance of ascorbic acid contributes to the call of menstruation. Significant doses of vitamin C reduce the level of progesterone exposure. Endometria in the uterus begin to detach from the walls and regulatives occur.

In parallel with the intake of a large amount of ascorbic acid (one-time 2 g), it is necessary to drink enough water to remove this substance from the body in a natural way.

This method of approaching the monthly can be called safe, but even its use requires the advice of a doctor. Diseases of the stomach, low blood pressure and high acidity are contraindications for ascorbic acid.

Infusion root devyasila

It is possible to provoke prematurely monthly periods with the help of cooked decoction from Devyasil. Preparation of the required solution is as follows: Devyasil root (5 g) is kept for 15 minutes in the boiling process (200 ml of water).

After 240 minutes of infusion, the infusion begins to be taken in small doses (2-3 tsp.) Several times during the day. Do not drink this tool for lactating and expectant mothers, as well as women with cardiovascular disease.

For the monthly to go faster (on the same day), it is necessary to speed up the process almost as in the first case, only boil 1 tbsp. l mixtures of Devyasil root in 200 ml of water for 5 minutes, then kept in the wrapped up state for about half an hour.

It is necessary to use immediately 50 ml of broth in the morning, and 50 ml in the evening. You need to be prepared that the resulting broth has a bitter taste.

Parsley broth

Women noticed the ability to cause menstruation in parsley broth. Spicy grass can improve blood circulation and provoke its tributaries to the uterus. Parsley seeds are used (2 tbsp. L.), Which are poured with 0.5 l of boiling water and kept on the steam bath for 60 minutes.

After this, having strained the solution, it is divided into three portions and consumed at regular intervals throughout the day (morning, lunch, evening). You can wait for menstruation at night, some time after the evening reception.

Blue Cornflower Broth

How to speed up your period so that you can go faster and not harm women's health - use it decoction of blue cornflower:

  1. fold the inflorescences of blue cornflower (2 tbsp. l.) in a container,
  2. send there 200 ml of boiling water,
  3. insist 4h.
  4. drink ½ cup before breakfast and dinner.

Drugs and folk remedies should not be used groundlessly and randomly.

It is necessary to resort to the acceleration of menstruation carefully and only in extreme cases. After all, these methods can disrupt the menstrual cycle and adversely affect the health of women.

How to speed up the monthly to quickly go:

How to cause monthly prematurely:

The female reproductive system is a complex mechanism whose proper operation depends on the state of health. The menstrual cycle is an integral part of the girl's life. There are situations when it is urgent to speed up the regulations, but it is not recommended to do it yourself. Only the doctor knows how to cause premature menstruation, so as not to harm the body. For this purpose, applied drug and folk methods. Too often, this should not be done, since such procedures can cause serious health problems and hormonal disruptions.

Why cause menstruation ahead of time

Often, women try to cause pre-menstrual periods before the holidays, in order to have a good rest on the sea and not to overshadow the time of menstruation. In crowded places it is difficult to monitor the amount of blood secreted and change the gasket. We have to seek solitude in order to do all the manipulations in time and not smear clothes.

In addition, few women can boast of excellent state of health during this period, the appearance of menstruation is almost always accompanied by discomfort and pain. It is for these reasons that women are trying to bring their periods for a couple of days in order to rest normally.

It is important to understand the seriousness of the situation. Often there are delays during pregnancy, so it is dangerous to take any measures yourself. It is better to consult with the gynecologist, and only then plan the approach of menstruation.

Is it safe to approach these days

The regular menstrual cycle is an indicator of good health. Speeding up menstruation is an unsafe exercise. A woman should understand that this can hurt yourself. If you plan a long trip, a vacation at sea or an important celebration, you can provoke the regulations, but before that you should carefully consider the possible consequences.

The most dangerous complications include:

  1. Hormonal disruptions.
  2. Complete cessation of menstruation or violation of frequency.
  3. Pain during menstruation.
  4. Infertility.
  5. Uterine bleeding.
  6. Death.

Анализировать безопасность выбранного метода может только врач, на основании осмотра женщины и состояния ее здоровья. Самостоятельный вызов месячных может привести к ужасным последствиям, вплоть до летального исхода. If you have a pregnancy, you can not take any measures without prior inspection.

Possible ways of premature start of regulation

When long-awaited vacation or an important event is on the horizon, women think about what to do so that menstruation begins earlier. There are three ways to call a regul:

  1. Drug - involves taking drugs that accelerate the hormonal process, raising the level of progesterone.
  2. Physiotherapy - various massages, hot baths and other physical effects.
  3. Folk - some tinctures and decoctions, cooked with his own hand help to cause menstruation before the due time.

As already mentioned, you can not independently, without prior consultation, take any measures to approximate menstruation. If the doctor gave the nod to the monthly came quickly, you can take special hormones or use popular recipes.

How to bring monthly medication

Before using any medications you need to make sure that there are no pregnancies and contraindications. Most often, critical days are brought with the help of such medicines:

  • Preparations containing progesterone - Duphaston, Utrozhestan, Norkolut, etc.,
  • Oral contraceptive contraceptives
  • Medications used for emergency contraception - Postinor and others.

Reckless interference with hormonal balance can lead to serious problems. Independently assign yourself a therapy can not, only honey. the worker knows what to take and how not to harm his health.

OK - hormonal oral contraceptives

Women who regularly take OK can accelerate the arrival of menstruation, abruptly quitting taking the drug a few days before the due date. Menstruation will begin the very next day after the woman stopped taking contraceptives. Most often, doctors prescribe Marvelon and Silest. These drugs eliminate pain during menstruation, as well as reduce the duration of their occurrence.

As part of the OK present progesterone, which provokes the early onset of menstruation, restore the cycle, eliminate pain. In the period of refusal to accept OK, the woman should take care of additional contraception. It is advisable to use condoms for 2 weeks to avoid unwanted pregnancies. To take such drugs should only be prescribed by a doctor.


The drug is a homeopathic remedy, which consists of natural plant substances. Pulsatilla is produced in the form of granules, which need to be absorbed under the tongue. Tablets cause menstruation with delays and restore the cycle. To normalize menstruation, it is necessary to take granules (6 pieces each) for a long time. They are resolved to complete dissolution 2 times a day.

After the cycle is normalized, the tablets for the acceleration are regulated for prophylactic purposes, 5 granules 1 time per day after 1 day. A woman at the time of therapy can not eat chocolate, drink tea, coffee and alcohol. These products reduce the effect of treatment, so their reception is not recommended. Granules are often prescribed in order to speed up menstruation. After application, they come a few days earlier.

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Drug-free methods

You do not know how to speed up the arrival of menstruation at home, there are many ways and recipes that will definitely help. If an emergency situation arose and it is necessary that the menstruation comes quickly, you can use folk remedies to accelerate the monthly. This method is much safer than taking pills, but no less effective. The action is based on the ability of some plants to cause bleeding.

Before use, decoctions or infusions need to ensure that there is no allergic reaction to the components.

Infusion of elecampane

You can accelerate the monthly with the help of the root devyasila. To prepare you need to take 5 g of the root and 200 mg of water. The components are mixed, boiled for 15 minutes, and then infused for 4 hours. Take a decoction during the day in a small amount, enough 2-3 tsp. If you want to start monthly urgently, that is, on the day of admission, drink a more concentrated decoction. To prepare, take 1 tbsp. Of the roots, pour 200 ml of water and boil for five minutes. Infused drink for 30 minutes. Take a decoction in the morning and evening 50 mg.

Ascorbic acid and lemon

You can speed up the arrival of Regul by taking large amounts of vitamin C. It reduces the level of progesterone, so that the endometrium begins to reject. To call the menstruation for a couple of days before they drink 2 g of ascorbic acid at one time. It should be remembered that although the method is considered safe, it is better to consult a doctor. After drinking ascorbine, a woman should drink plenty of purified water so that the substance is eliminated from the body naturally.

Contraindications include stomach diseases, high acidity and low blood pressure (blood pressure). If you eat a couple of lemons, you can postpone menstruation for several days. Some women take lemon juice, diluted in warm water (1: 1). Such a drink has a positive effect on the state of the vessels, due to which the walls of the uterus are well reduced. Take the tool several times a day after a meal. It is better to abandon this method if acidity in the stomach is increased.

Parsley-based decoction

In the composition of parsley there are substances that accelerate menstruation. Parsley improves blood circulation and activates blood flow to the uterus. To make a drink you need to take 2 tablespoons of grass seed and pour 500 ml of boiling water. The resulting mixture is kept in a water bath for 1 hour.

Next, filter the solution, divide into 3 doses and drink at the same time throughout the day. After evening reception of broth monthly arise already at night. In addition, it is recommended to eat a lot of parsley and dill, the action will be about the same.

Herbal Fees

You can call monthly and herbal collection on the basis of valerian, mint and chamomile. Raw materials are taken in equal quantities, mint leaves and chamomile flowers are used in the recipe. All herbs are combined and kept in a water bath for half an hour. After that, the broth insist for 3 hours and drink 100 ml before meals.

Infusion of nettle and tansy

A decoction based on tansy quickly causes menstruation, but slightly bitter to the taste. To prepare you need to take 25 g of crushed dry inflorescences of the plant and pour 1 liter of boiling water. Drink insist hour, at a time you can drink no more than 1/3 cup of broth 3 times a day.

A decoction of nettle is used, if you need to urgently call regulations. Take 1 tbsp. L spoon of dried leaves, pour 200 mg of boiling water and boil for 5 minutes. Means insist half an hour and drink 100 mg 3-4 times a day. If you drink too much broth, increases the level of prothrombin, because of which the blood thickens.

Lavrushka broth

If a woman does not have gynecological diseases and there is no pregnancy, it is allowed to use a laurel infusion recipe, which can cause regula even a week earlier. To prepare, take 10 g of leaves and pour 0.5 liters of boiling water. The drink is brewed for an hour on low heat and taken in 1 glass before meals. Substances causing monthly triggered the very next day.

Tincture of water pepper

The agent can cause regs and shorten their duration. Tincture in the free market, you can buy it at the pharmacy. On the day you need to drink 30 drops of the solution 2 times a day. Drops diluted in 100 ml of water.

If a woman has no desire to drink medicines and decoctions, you can use physical methods.

Physical methods

Physical therapy has a healing effect and, if necessary, change the cycle schedule.

The most effective methods:

  1. Exercise “boat” - lie down on your stomach, bend your knees, lift your legs and grab your feet with your hands. In this position, you need to hold out for 15-20 seconds. The exercise is performed 10 times, but not more.
  2. Running, cycling, squats, lower press training - this kind of sport contributes to the rapid completion of menstruation.
  3. Uterine massage - gently pressing and rubbing this area stimulates blood circulation.
  4. Hot bath - the method allows you to speed up blood circulation and improve the contraction of the uterus. In hot water you need to stay no more than 20 minutes, and then ensure active sex. Monthly come in 2 or 3 days. To enhance the effect, salt (2 packs) and 8 drops of iodine are added to the bath. Before bathing, it is recommended to take a decoction of nettle leaves or onion peel.

Reguli may come early if you drink milk with a drop of iodine. This method is dangerous because it causes poisoning.

As you can see, monthly can be accelerated with folk remedies right at home, but it is better to discuss the chosen method with your doctor. Some procedures are dangerous to health and entail serious consequences.

Women reviews

I decided to somehow speed up the monthly before the trip to the sea. The first day passes with diarrhea, nausea and pain, so I decided to take oral contraceptives. I drank pills for the weekend and abruptly threw it. Monthly went the next day, and I calmly experienced all the discomfort before the trip.

Veronica, 32 years

I used ascorbic acid several times. I eat packaging at once, I drink a lot of water. The onset of the monthly falls on 1-3 day. The main thing is not to perform such procedures too often, otherwise health problems are provided.

Girls, you can not interfere in the natural cycle. If you are suffering painful periods, it is better to consult a doctor to alleviate the pain. One procedure or a pill for many years disrupts the reproductive system, well, who needs it? In my life, I only drank a decoction so that my monthly period went faster, which one I do not remember, and it started. Lost cycle, had to undergo treatment in the clinic, so I do not recommend to mock your body.

The desire to slightly adjust your menstrual cycle and speed up the onset of critical days may occur with each woman. And the reasons for this desire can be a lot - from a planned trip to warm countries to participate in sports competitions. But the most common cause is a suspicion of an unplanned pregnancy. At the same time, not everyone knows that the intervention in the mechanism debugged by nature can lead to many consequences. Therefore, before deciding on such a crucial step, experts strongly recommend that all the risks in this case be assessed.

Causes of menstrual failure

The first thought that arises during a delay is pregnancy. Only one question remains - is it desirable or not? But, if there is interest in this material, then, most likely, motherhood is not included in the plans. The easiest way to confirm or deny a suspicion is to conduct a pregnancy test.

With unwanted pregnancy, a positive test result brings most women to panic and other fears and concerns. Someone is afraid of medical abortion, someone does not want others to know, and someone simply does not have money for paid medical services. There can be many reasons, therefore women act according to the principle: the main thing is the necessary result. Much to the disappointment, such experiments with health entail extremely negative consequences.

There are many examples in medical practice when “abortion at home” completely deprived a woman of the opportunity to feel the joy of motherhood in the future. Bleeding is the minimum consequence of such experiments, and maximum is a lethal outcome. It is necessary to make a decision in this case, thinking with your head, and, not relying on emotions. Reception at the doctor - the safest and careful method. And to think about the possibility of having a baby is still worth it.

If pregnancy is excluded, then the trip to the doctor also should not be put on the back burner, since there are a number of reasons for delaying menstruation. And before typing in the browser search bar “how to trigger monthly", it is worth understanding the reasons for their absence.

  • ovarian cyst. Additional symptoms: nagging pains and aching pain in the navel,
  • inflammation in the fallopian tubes,
  • pathology in the structure of the reproductive organs,
  • sexually transmitted diseases,
  • disruption of the hormonal system,
  • benign or malignant tumor.

But the reasons for the delay are not always associated with any disease.

  1. Prolonged stressful situations or lack of rest.
  2. Changes in weather conditions or climate. A flight to other countries can provoke both a delay in the cycle and also serve to accelerate it. In the same way and affect sudden changes in temperature in the offseason.
  3. Diet. Sharp weight loss provokes the failure of the hormonal system.
  4. Little weight. Achieving critical body weight will lead to disruption of the menstrual cycle.
  5. Medication. Quite a few medications among the side effects have an “effect on the menstrual cycle”.

If there is no obvious reason, you should listen to the accompanying symptoms: pain, unusual discharge, burning sensation and itching. In this case, the primary task is to determine the causes of the delay for their timely elimination, and not the menstruation challenge. The gynecologist will take all the necessary tests, and also write out a referral for an ultrasound. The results obtained will determine the diagnosis and prescribe an effective treatment.

how do i tell mom my period

Medical ways to cause menstruation

The menstrual cycle is the time interval between the beginning of one period and the beginning of the next. Female hormonal system regulates the whole process. All women cycle is different and varies from about 25 to 30 days. And the blood discharge itself lasts on average about four days.

Any intervention in this streamlined system is unlikely to give something good. A self-confident opinion would be that a couple of “adjustments” would remain without consequences. It is necessary to take into account when studying how to accelerate the monthly for a couple of days.

It happens that critical days coincide with a holiday trip or a planned celebration. The idea of ​​transferring "these" days can be realized with the help of medicines. Hormonal drugs (contraceptives) are an effective, but not safe way to cause premature menses. But to engage in self-designation is strictly prohibited! The gynecologist must carry out an examination, prescribe the necessary tests and only after that select the optimal drug, prescribe the scheme of actions and the schedule of administration.

Drugs that are usually prescribed:

  1. Pulsatilla. These homeopathic capsules are prescribed only if pregnancy is excluded. They are able to shorten the cycle. They can also be assigned to normalize the cycle. Daily diet has a strong effect on the effect of the drug. So during a meal, tea, coffee and chocolate should be excluded from the meal.
  2. "Duphaston". These hormonal pills cause excellent menstruation, approximately two to three days after the start of treatment. It is necessary to take the drug only on prescription, especially in the presence of pregnancy. Critical days may not come, but the detrimental consequences for the female organs will not keep them waiting long.
  3. Marvelon and Silest. These drugs accelerate menstruation. Usually they are prescribed to facilitate long and painful periods, but they are also great for receiving a delay in order to force the onset of critical days.
  4. Utrozhestan and Norkolut. Acceptance of these drugs accelerates the maturation of the egg. The selection of the dosage and the appointment of the scheme should be done only by a specialist.
  5. "Progesterone". Injections of this natural hormone are prescribed as an emergency measure. Critical days will begin in about 2-4 days. This drug can cause unwanted vegetation, a failure of the menstrual cycle and desensitization of the skin.
  6. "Postinor". The drug belongs to emergency contraception. It contains a large concentration of hormones. Application may cause prolonged and heavy bleeding. Immediately take one pill, and the second - exactly 12 hours. The result will be in three to five days.

how to accelerate the onset of menstruation

What does traditional medicine advise?

There are time-tested methods that are reliable in accelerating the appearance of menstruation. Here the main thing is the measure, otherwise you can consciously harm your body.

  1. Hot bath and good sex. Using this method, it is worth remembering that it is not for everyone. At risk are women suffering from hypertension and bearing the fetus. In very hot water, you need to lie down for about twenty to thirty minutes. This stimulates the flow of blood to the pelvis. After the bath, do passionate sex. Sexual intercourse brings menstruation. According to experienced, this is a working method.
  2. Eating dill and parsley on an “industrial” scale. If you do not really want to be like a chewing animal, then you can make a decoction from these plants. This potion should be drunk half a glass three times a day. По уверению опробовавших метод, месячные «порадуют» примерно через три дня.
  3. Пропаривание ног и аскорбиновая кислота. Для пропаривания ног нужна горячая вода, но не кипяток. А вот витамин С необходимо принимать в пищу в объеме, значительно превышающим дневную норму. This method may not particularly nice impact on the work of the stomach.
  4. Active sports. The method is optimal for active representatives of the fair sex, who have a healthy heart and blood vessels. Any cardio and power loads will provoke menstruations ahead of time. The average load will lead the cycle to normal.

how to normalize the menstrual cycle

Little Herbal Wisdom

  1. Cornflowers (verbena grass is also suitable). Two - three small spoons of finely chopped flowers pour 200 grams of boiling water and let it brew. Take before eating 1 tablespoon no more than four times a day.
  2. Elecampane. The root of this herb remarkably accelerates the appearance of menstruation. Crushed root pour 200 grams of boiling water and cook on low heat for 30 minutes, then cool. The recommended dose for a single dose - 50 milliliters. It is strictly forbidden to drink the decoction from the root of the virginian to pregnant women - this can provoke intense bleeding and miscarriage.
  3. Bay leaves. The method of preparation is extremely simple: pour 5 bay water of room temperature at 6 bay leaves, bring to a boil and cook for 15 minutes. This decoction is very effective and can cause menstruation the next day after ingestion.
  4. Husk of onions. This simple method was used in ancient times and is suitable for stimulating menstruation in the absence of pregnancy. To prepare the broth, you need 1 tablespoon of husk and 0.5 cups of water. Boil the mixture for 15 minutes. To accept, preliminary having filtered, in the morning on 300 milliliters.
  5. Ginger root. To make one serving of tea, you will need 1 teaspoon of grated root and a glass of boiling water. Monthly come in 3-4 days, if you take 3 cups of this tea per day.

Precautionary measures

Each woman can choose the most suitable methods for herself. But do not forget that the menstrual cycle is a rather complicated process, and the reproductive system is fragile and can not be recovered at all.

Soak up the waves in the sea without menstruation and pay for it with the opportunity to have children is a huge and unjustified risk.

In this sense, not only drugs are dangerous. Irreparable harm to the body can cause and "folk remedies." Broths can cause bleeding, which, quite often, can not be stopped. In medicine, a huge number of deaths due to hasty female decisions.

A couple of lines for teens

During puberty, the menstrual cycle is unstable. Therefore, delays are the norm. If a teenager does not live sexually and the pregnancy is completely excluded, then you should not panic, wool the Internet in search of clues or listen to girlfriends. And taking medications that cause menses is strictly forbidden!

It is clear that in this age period it is too early to think about children, but you should not deprive yourself of such an opportunity for the future. If you have any health problems, then it is best to consult a doctor.

what to do if your stomach hurts during menstruation

Video: how to accelerate the arrival of menstruation

The female reproductive system is a complex mechanism whose proper operation depends on the state of health. The menstrual cycle is an integral part of the girl's life. There are situations when it is urgent to speed up the regulations, but it is not recommended to do it yourself. Only the doctor knows how to cause premature menstruation, so as not to harm the body. For this purpose, applied drug and folk methods. Too often, this should not be done, since such procedures can cause serious health problems and hormonal disruptions.

Is it safe to speed up the onset of menstruation

When thinking about how to speed up your period, you need to think about how safe it is for reproductive health. The menstrual cycle is a whole set of processes that must proceed in a clear sequence. The operation of this mechanism depends not only on whether a woman can be a mother, but also on the state of the organism as a whole. The ovaries produce sex hormones that are involved in all biochemical reactions that affect both physical and mental health.

It is no secret that there are drugs with which you can change the content of such hormones in the body and influence the course of the processes occurring in the cycle. They are used to prevent the onset of unwanted pregnancy, for the treatment of infertility, amenorrhea, recovery of the hormonal cycle during early menopause. Independent use of such funds is not recommended, as a violation of the dosage and regimen of the risk of serious consequences (up to the occurrence of malignant tumors).

There are safer ways to help speed up the onset of menstruation without the participation of hormones by activating physiological processes in the body (improving blood circulation, improving muscle tone). Acquainted with all possible ways to influence the natural physiological process, a woman must make the right choice and compare the pros and cons of such an intervention.

Note: There are situations when it is important to cause menstruation, for example, to save a woman from unwanted pregnancy after rape.

Ways to accelerate menstruation

Even women with perfect reproductive health sometimes have failures in the onset of menstruation. The increased excitability of the nervous system, the body's response to changes in the usual living conditions cause an unforeseen delay in menstruation, which can confuse all plans. It is possible to accelerate the onset of menstruation with the help of medications, as well as through the use of folk remedies and home remedies. Before applying any of these methods, it is worthwhile to ascertain whether the delay is a sign of pregnancy.

Hormonal drugs

The acceleration of menstruation is based on reducing the duration of the first phase of the cycle by increasing the level of progesterone. During medication on the basis of this hubbing endometrium is loosened, the contractility of the uterus decreases. After they are canceled, the level of progesterone decreases sharply, endometrial detachment occurs, the uterus tone rises, with the result that menstrual-like bleeding begins. If, after the abolition of the drug, menstruation does not occur, it may mean that the woman is pregnant.

Drugs are available in the form of tablets for oral administration, and in the form of vaginal suppositories.

The most important thing: The doctor must compile the admission schedule, since an excess of progesterone in the body can lead to a persistent disruption of the cycle, the lack of ovulation and the possibility of becoming pregnant. In addition, a woman can gain weight, the growth of facial hair will begin.

Duphaston. Planning the acceleration of menstruation, Duphaston is taken for 5 days (2 tablets per day). Menstrual-like bleeding occurs a few days after stopping the pill.

Utrozhestan. The action is similar. The difference is that in this preparation there is a natural progesterone, and not its synthetic analogue.

Progesterone Injection. They can be accelerated with the help of injections of a 1% solution of progesterone, which are made in the second phase of the cycle subcutaneously or intramuscularly for 5 consecutive days. Monthly occur in 3-5 days after discontinuation of the drug.

Norcolut. The drug can both accelerate the arrival of menstruation and slow it down. It all depends on the regimen. To accelerate the monthly drug is used according to the following scheme: for 5 days, take 1 tablet of Norkolut morning and evening. Then his reception is stopped. After this period should appear maximum in a week. Quite often as a result of the use of "Norcolut" menstruation becomes too heavy, come irregularly.

All hormonal preparations have contraindications. They do not apply in the following pathologies:

  • individual intolerance to progesterone and other components that make up them,
  • bronchial asthma,
  • diseases of the liver, kidney, thyroid, pancreas,
  • intermenstrual bleeding, endometriosis, tumors of the uterus and appendages, ovarian cysts,
  • hypertension, obesity, mental disorders,
  • cardiovascular diseases.

Drugs should not be taken during breastfeeding.

Emergency contraception drugs

Such agents include Mifepristone and Postinor. These drugs are intended for emergency abortion (after unprotected intercourse, for example). Acceleration of the onset of menstruation occurs due to the fact that they dramatically increase the tone of the uterus, its contractile ability. This disrupts the structure of the mucous membrane, and it is literally pushed out.

The consequence of a sharp interruption of the natural processes of the cycle, the suppression of ovulation can be persistent menstrual disorders, from which a woman will be treated for years, as well as infertility. It is also possible the appearance of diseases of the mammary glands, hypothyroidism, early menopause and its inherent ailments.

Homeopathic remedies

Doctors homeopaths recommend using a drug such as "Pulsatilla" as a means to induce menstruation. It consists of essential oils and biologically active substances that stimulate blood circulation, the work of hormone-forming and other organs, calming the nervous system.

The composition of homeopathic drugs such substances are in meager doses, therefore, in the treatment of female diseases they are used for a long time and in small doses, so as not to cause sudden changes in the state of the body. To speed up the monthly with this tool, increase the usual dosage and take the drug is not 2, but 3 times a day. As with the use of other drugs, you must first consult a specialist in the field of homeopathy.

There are situations when a woman begins to worry in advance that her period will not come on time (she already has this), and because of this she will have to abandon an important business. Such experiences may well slow down the onset of critical days. In this case, "Pulsatilla" will be an indispensable tool.

The drug is almost harmless if you do not take into account that an allergic reaction may occur.

Risk of monthly call at home

If you decide to speed up the arrival of menstruation by applying popular methods, soberly assess the likely risk and relevance of this venture. The fact is that the monthly arrivals, due to the lack of accurate calculations of the dosage of herbs and medicinal products in each specific case, can turn into true uterine bleeding, which can turn badly for your health.

In addition, the artificial challenge of menstruation leads to disruption in the work of the hormonal system, which is fraught with unsafe consequences. For example, the subsequent infertility. Therefore, if in your case, the delays are not systematic, but permanent, it is unlikely that traditional medicine will help you. Consult your doctor to diagnose the cause of the cycle violation.

If you decide stop an unwanted pregnancy with herbal medicine and drugs - remember - It is extremely undesirable to do this! Your actions are regarded as a real home abortion, the consequences of which can be unpredictable and very dangerous for your health! Do not risk your health, and if you are pregnant and do not want to give birth, - seek the appropriate help of a doctor, but in no case, not to traditional medicine! Be prudent!

Why do not monthly come on time?

Sometimes it becomes necessary to accelerate the monthly in a perfectly healthy woman. For example, you expect a long trip, vacation, a solemn event. Sometimes menstruation can ruin plans. But there is a solution! It consists in approaching menstruation for several days, so that you feel comfortable and confident at the right moment. We recommend to bring the monthly folk remedies, as this is the safest way that does not have a strong effect on the hormonal background.

Often, violations of the female sphere cause failures in the menstrual cycle. The disease in which menstruation disappears for several months is called amenorrhea. It is caused by a failure of the hormonal background, which regulates the menstrual cycle.

There are other diseases, because of which there is a threat of violation of the menstrual cycle. These primarily include:

  • ovarian cyst
  • inflammation of the appendages,
  • venereal diseases,
  • tumor neoplasms.

It should be noted that in the absence of bleeding within two months, you should immediately contact the doctor to determine the cause and undergo appropriate treatment. It should be noted that the lack of regular menstrual bleeding does not always indicate a disease. The onset of menstruation may be delayed for up to two weeks due to changes in temperature. Often such a failure occurs in the offseason, when the weather and temperature change dramatically. The body simply does not have time to adapt. Sometimes with abnormal heat, there may be a delay in menstruation.

Changing the diet may also delay menstruation. Often this condition manifests itself with a sharp weight loss due to a rigid diet. On the one hand, nutrients necessary for normal operation do not enter the body, but on the other hand, the hormonal system does not have time to adapt to the new weight.

It should be noted that problems with the menstrual cycle are often observed in too thin girls whose weight is less than 45 kilograms. Taking certain medications may interfere with the menstrual cycle. Before taking any medication, be sure to read the list of side effects.

Sometimes the onset of menstruation does not occur on time due to intense physical exertion or emotional overstrain. The fact is that the pituitary and hypothalamus glands influence the hormone production. The hypothalamus is unusually sensitive to emotional stresses, stresses and experiences.

But of course, the most pleasant reason for which menstruation does not occur on time is pregnancy. It is very important to understand that it is possible to accelerate the onset of menstruation only if its absence is not caused by pregnancy and diseases of the female reproductive system.

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An effective way to accelerate the arrival of menstruation is medication. To make menstruation come faster, you can take Duphaston. We recommend that you consult a doctor before resorting to this method. Duphaston raises progesterone levels in the body, thereby regulating the menstrual cycle. After using this method, menstruation should begin on the 3rd - 4th day.

Unlike hormonal duphaston, the drug Pulsatilla refers to homeopathic remedies on a natural basis. This means that taking it is much safer for women's health. At the same time, it effectively helps to ensure that the monthly ones come faster. It is necessary daily to take in the morning and in the evening on 6 granules of medical means to normalize a menstrual cycle and to accelerate approach of periods for several days.

Acceptance of oral hormonal contraceptives according to a special scheme can also accelerate the onset of menstruation. The fact is that they contain the hormone progesterone, which is known to regulate the cycle. The following drugs are very popular: Marvelon, Silest, Yarin. Each drug contains different doses of hormones. For this reason, before using them, be sure to consult a doctor.

There is another drug that can cause menses. But keep in mind that this information is provided for informational purposes only. This is about Postinore. Его прием способен вызвать преждевременное наступление месячных. Но следует учитывать, что препарат крайне негативно отражается на женском здоровье. Он способен нарушить менструальный цикл, вследствие чего придется проходить длительный и тяжелый курс лечения.Many qualified doctors say that it is better to take regular oral contraceptives for several days to prevent pregnancy, speed up the onset of menstruation, rather than drink two Postinor pills.