Features of vitamins when planning pregnancy


When planning a pregnancy, many doctors advise women to drink vitamins to conceive a child. Fertility depends on a huge number of factors, and one of them is indeed the intake of vitamins that support and improve the reproductive system of both partners. Vitamins when planning a pregnancy at first glance are very important. But is everything clear and unambiguous?

About the importance of vitamins when planning a child

Disappointing statistics show that today 1 couple out of 10 is faced with the problem of the impossibility of the natural conception of a child. And everything seems to be all right with health, and there is no incompatibility, but for some reason it still doesn’t work to get pregnant. And as one of the reasons, the lack of micronutrients necessary for this process in the body. Therefore, almost everyone who wants to get pregnant doctors prescribe vitamins to conceive a child. Do I really need to take them?

It is proved that vitamins are essential substances for the implementation of a huge number of processes in the body of each of us, thereby ensuring the full and harmonious work of all organs and systems. And when carrying a baby, they are needed not only to ensure the full operation of the body, but also for the proper development of the embryo.

The bottom line is this. The child will receive all the necessary substances by taking them from the body of his future mother. And if a woman does not have a strong hypovitaminosis before the pregnancy, then it will be quite enough for their fetus to have a healthy baby after 9 months.

But due to the fact that during pregnancy, the woman's body loses the lion’s share of nutrients, it can develop a strong hypovitaminosis.

As a result of this, the woman begins to fade during pregnancy. If, before conception, a woman suffered from a strong hypovitaminosis, then the fetus will take away all the nutrients stored in the body of the future mother. At the same time, it will still be deficient in microelements, in the absence of which it may have developmental defects with a high probability.

What nutrients must be taken before conception?

Vitamins for conceiving a child is not quite the right expression. Multivitamins are drunk not for normal fertilization of the egg, but to prepare the body for the process of carrying a child.

When planning a pregnancy, the body of both partners needs a certain complex of useful substances that will positively affect their health and, as a result, their reproductive function.

Folic acid

Asking what vitamins are needed to get pregnant, a woman should know that folic acid is one of the first positions in this list.

Folic acid - vitamin B9 - a water-soluble substance that promotes the growth and development of the immune and nervous system. It participates in the process of cell regeneration, which is very important for the development of the embryo.

It should be said that folic acid is involved in the process of DNA replication, and when it is deficient, the development of embryonic pathologies is observed. In addition, it is necessary for normal brain development and for the full process of blood formation. But it should be understood that vitamin B9 has a positive effect on the immunity of the expectant mother, fetus and pregnancy, but in no way stimulates the onset of conception.

B9 is present in many natural products:

  • parsley, lettuce, spinach, green onions,
  • cabbage - white cabbage, broccoli, beans, asparagus,
  • citrus peaches
  • walnuts,
  • honey,
  • wholemeal bread
  • beef liver,
  • cheese, cheese,
  • caviar.

In the period of pregnancy planning, fertility doctors recommend taking folic acid not only to women, but also to men, due to which it is possible to normalize the reproductive function and improve the health of the egg, spermatozoa.

Given that the daily intake of vitamin B9 is about 400 micrograms, food can not be replenished stocks of this substance. Therefore, there is a need to take drugs, which include folic acid.

Tocopherol belongs to the group of fat-soluble vitamin, contributing to the normalization of reproductive function. Does vitamin E help you get pregnant? Indirectly, yes. Tocopherol normalizes the menstrual cycle, restores the function of appendages, supports progesterone at the level necessary for the full process of conception.

The doctor recommends taking vitamin E, relying on the results of the examination of the health of the future mother and her partner.

Vitamins of group B

Mandatory nutrients in the list of the future mother are vitamins of group B. With their help, the hormonal background is corrected and the normal length of the luteal phase is restored - from ovulation to the beginning of menstruation. These nutrients are actively involved in the process of maturation of ova, ovulation, and also contribute to more rapid recovery and growth of the endometrium - the inner layer of the uterus, through which optimal conditions are created for the attachment of the ovum.

So, for example, with a deficiency of vitamin B1, disorders of the central nervous system are observed. Lack of B2 will negatively affect the proper formation of bones, muscles and nerve endings.

Their group can be obtained from food:

  • cereals,
  • legumes,
  • nuts,
  • apricots,
  • beets, carrots, potatoes, leafy vegetables, cabbage, tomatoes,
  • spinach,
  • eggs,
  • milk,
  • liver,
  • dog-rose fruit.

Iodine preparations

Iodine-containing products and drugs contribute to the normal functioning of the endocrine system, so their presence in the diet is very important. And since during pregnancy, the daily rate of this substance increases significantly, you can only get it in the form of medicines. The most common iodine-based drugs include:

Vitamin complexes - for and against

What vitamins to drink to get pregnant, we figured out. Now we find out how effective the reception of the complexes sold in pharmacies.

Immediately it should be said that the intake of complex drugs should not be carried out independently - only on the recommendation of a doctor who prescribes a particular pharmacological agent based on data obtained from the examination of the expectant mother.

Complex preparations consist of a number of vitamins necessary for health promotion. They simultaneously have a positive effect on all systems and organs of a person. But at the same time, the body does not always need a whole complex of useful microelements, sometimes the administration of monovitamins is much more effective. After all, a surplus of useful substances can cause a negative reaction in the body, endangering the reproductive health of the woman, as well as her partner.

To assert that there are vitamins that help to get pregnant will not be entirely true. Here it is more about the preparation of the most favorable conditions for conception. Pregnancy is an important physiological process in the body of every woman. It requires high costs and increased attention. Given that the developing fetus "takes" all the nutrients from the body of the expectant mother, there is an urgent need to fill their deficit. This will not only ensure the full development of the embryo, but also protects the woman from hypovitaminosis dangerous during this period with all the ensuing consequences.

Have you or your friends ever taken vitamins to improve reproductive function?

Causes Affecting Pregnancy

For a quick pregnancy, it is not enough just to be healthy, play sports and not have bad habits. Some couples for the successful conception need to spend years, passing all kinds of tests and preparing the body of both future parents. And all because a woman can quickly get pregnant to a number of factors. Among them:

  • Age. It is believed that to prepare for pregnancy you need to choose the age not earlier than 25 years. During this period, all systems reach the apogee of development and the woman is fully prepared for the birth of a child. Such a condition for a woman lasts up to about 35 years (in men for about 5-7 years longer), after which genetic defects begin to accumulate in the eggs. In turn, the woman's body is designed to quickly become pregnant did not work, in case the baby may have birth defects. But the father’s age at conception does not play a special role, although the activity of sperm cells during fertilization also decreases with age.
  • Contraceptive methods. In order to restore the functions of the reproductive system, it may take from several months to one and a half years. It all depends on what drugs to drink before conception. On average, the effect of contraceptives persists for several months, with the exception of single-action contraceptives - creams, gels (if they are not used once in time, the next sexual intercourse for those who want to become pregnant can be successful). When you stop using the IUD, the probability of conception during the first two to three months is quite low. But the use of injection drugs, subcutaneous implants affects the fertility function for quite a long time (up to one and a half years).
  • Taking antibiotics also negatively affects those who want to have children. The fact is that they are destructive for the female bacterial flora in the vagina.
  • Interaction with various substances. First of all, we are talking about the specific working conditions of those planning pregnancy. Such chemicals as aldrin, dildrin, dioxin, furan compounds (destroy the estrogen-progesterone hormone balance, which prevents ovulation) do not contribute to pregnancy at all. For male cells of men, destructive oils, gasoline, herbicides, pesticides, lead, mercury, cadmium. Another danger is radioactive isotopes and their decay products, including X-rays.

Women with normal body weight usually get pregnant faster. With a weight of less than 50 kg in women, ovulation may disappear. If you are overweight (from 100 kg or more), estrogen is intensively produced in the body, which can also interfere with fertilization.

And, of course, bad habits influence conception. Even if future parents drink vitamins and their complexes to help get pregnant, but smoke and drink alcohol, the desired moment can be expected for a very long time.

The same applies to postponed abortions, venereal diseases, pathologies of the development of reproductive organs.

The role of vitamins in pregnancy planning

Vitamins before conception are selected individually for both parents, depending on the characteristics of the organism. Their tasks may include:

  • Cleansing the body of accumulated toxins and toxins. This is especially true of vitamins that are needed to get pregnant in a certain area (climate, relief, ultraviolet radiation). In this case, the vitamins should be drunk to both prospective parents for at least three months.
  • Normalization of hormonal levels. Moreover, at different ages, due to various reasons that provoked hormonal disturbance, the intake can begin at different times. If pregnancy planning begins between the ages of 25 and 35, the task of vitamins is the normalization of the ovarian-menstrual cycle in order to choose the optimal time for those who want to become pregnant. If you want babies at a later age (after 40 years), the task of vitamins is to improve reproductive function and prevent the development of possible pathologies in the fetus.
  • Increase immunity. In case of immune problems, on the one hand, it is necessary to protect the body from infections. On the other hand, antibiotics cannot be consumed, since they do not help one to become pregnant, but vice versa. So it is better to take a complex of vitamins based on ascorbic acid (vitamin C).
  • Accelerate the formation of red blood cells (red blood cells). In the early stages of pregnancy, even with good health, the woman's body is sorely lacking strength and nutrients. Ensure the receipt of the latter is possible, but they must be absorbed by the body. This helps red blood cells. They bind oxygen molecules and transfer it to the tissues and organs. Together, this increases not only the performance, but also the body's resistance to infections and viruses.

For those planning pregnancy, it is important to prevent the possible effects of free radicals (cells that promote the development of cancer in the mother and birth defects in the fetus). With this task perfectly copes vitamin D.

Infertility and vitamins

Many couples dream of getting pregnant quickly, but this is only possible in half the cases. Another 30 percent of couples have to worry for some time - their conception occurs within a year.

Approximately every fifth couple face the problem of infertility. About 40% of them cannot conceive a child because of women's problems, 30% because of men, in other cases both are “guilty”.

If we talk about infertile girls, then about half of them have an endocrine (i.e. hormonal) form of infertility. Fuzzy monthly cycle, rare or absent ovulation - these are symptoms of hormonal imbalance.

The human endocrine system is a very delicate and sensitive mechanism. Many factors can affect it. Perhaps, every girl at least once faced with a situation where, because of stress, a flight to another country or because of a banal cold, her monthly cycle was lost. This is a sign that the reproductive system has responded to the changes.

The same hormonal system reacts to the quality of food. Hungry diets easily and permanently knock down the monthly cycle, and conception becomes problematic. Nutrition helps to get pregnant. Vitamin deficiencies can also have a negative effect on the reproductive system.

If the diet is poor, monotonous, hypovitaminosis develops or (which is quite rare) avitaminosis. Hypovitaminosis - a lack of a certain vitamin in the body. Avitaminosis - a painful condition, “neglected” hypovitaminosis, happens with a prolonged absence of any vitamin in food. This condition can lead to hormonal failure and problems with conception.

So what are the vitamins to get pregnant?

Do "vitamins" always contribute to conception?

In some cases, for quick conception, it is enough to adjust the diet and drink a course of vitamins (in each case, your own). But this happens only in a small percentage of cases.

Do not expect that there is a "magic vitamin" that will solve all the problems.

If you have been trying to conceive a baby for a long time (a year or more), it’s time to see a doctor. The survey will show what the cause of infertility. Perhaps it is in the adhesions of the fallopian tubes, endometriosis, or polycystic ovary syndrome. There are many serious diseases that cause infertility. And they are treated with serious medications or (in some cases) with surgery.

That is why many doctors are skeptical of vitamin therapy. They do not want patients to waste time buying food supplements. After all, perhaps they need urgent treatment. To conceive of vitamins in this case will be clearly not enough.

Therefore, vitamin therapy is suitable for those who do not have serious reproductive disorders.

Pregnancy and vitamin deficiencies

If a girl with hypovitaminosis still manages to become pregnant, her condition may affect the health of future children. Many people know that folic acid deficiency in the first trimester of pregnancy can lead to fetal neural tube defects. A pronounced lack of ascorbic acid - to problems with the immune system.

It has long been known: the body best absorbs substances that nature itself gives. Future parents should watch over their food: eat a large amount of vegetables and fruits, herbs, fish, vegetable oil, dairy and dairy products.

But at the beginning of pregnancy, the need for vitamins increases many times, and it becomes difficult to cover this need at the expense of nutrition, and in the case of toxicosis it is simply impossible. Therefore, many people drink vitamins when planning pregnancy for women.

To drink or not to drink?

Even ardent opponents of artificial vitamins do not refuse to take pharmaceutical folic acid before conceiving.

Folic acid (vitamin B9) is the most important element. It is necessary to drink both partners. Most of folic acid is found in dark greens (such as spinach and lettuce), Brussels sprouts and cauliflower, beets, carrots, and pumpkin.

It is important to take a course of folic acid in the form of tablets before conceiving a child. Read how to take folic acid when planning pregnancy. And also about folic acid for men when planning pregnancy. Vitamin E for conception is required. Tocopherol (vitamin E) is called a fertility factor. It helps to normalize sexual function in men and women. In particular, it affects the production of progesterone and ovulation in women. It is contained in vegetable and butter, liver, cereal products, meat, eggs, milk. Можно пить токоферол в виде препарата.

Нередко недостаток токоферола и фолиевой кислоты – основная причина низкой активности яичников.

Ascorbic acid (vitamin C) retains the structure of deoxyribonucleic acid stored inside the spermatozoon.

Both men and women have anti-inflammatory and antiviral properties of this vitamin. It helps the body fight infections and viruses. Ascorbic acid is involved in the production of a number of hormones, regulates metabolism, removes toxins from the body and inhibits the aging process. Smokers need a large dose of vitamin than people who are not susceptible to this habit.

Vitamin C is abundant in citrus fruits, Bulgarian pepper, black currant, and kiwi.

Vitamin and mineral complexes

What vitamins to drink before pregnancy? Vitamins are contained in special vitamin-mineral complexes for men and for women. They have a positive effect on the state of the organism as a whole.

Vitamins for men for conception are contained in the following complexes:

  • "Duovit" for men
  • "SpermaPlant"
  • "Speroton",
  • "Spermstrong",
  • "Ortomol Fertis Plus".

"Male" vitamins are usually reflected not only in the general state of health before conception, but also on the spermogram indicators. The number of sperm cells increases, their viability and speed of movement increase. But bad habits, such as smoking, alcohol and junk food, can nullify the whole positive effect. Therefore, future parents should abandon them.

Vitamins for conceiving a child for women, as a rule, can and should be drunk later during pregnancy. For women there are the following complexes:

  • "Alphabet" for pregnant women,
  • "Vitrum",
  • "Elevit Pronatal",
  • "Pregnoton".

It is best to consult with a gynecologist about which vitamin complexes to drink, to get pregnant, make and give birth to a healthy baby.

Therapeutic doses

To begin with, future parents should visit a doctor. The specialist will tell you what tests you need to pass. Sometimes, in order to normalize the hormonal balance, an endocrinologist or gynecologist may prescribe vitamins to help get pregnant. Doses will not be prophylactic, but increased - curative.

How to take vitamins for ovulation? Sometimes they are prescribed independently, sometimes in combination with hormonal drugs or drugs that increase blood circulation.

Typically, this scheme includes vitamins E and C, as well as "folk". Therapeutic doses help to stimulate ovulation, that is, the release of a ripe egg from the ovary.

Let's say right away: not all experts believe in vitamin therapy. But, judging by the reviews, this method helped some girls.

In most cases, this scheme of taking vitamins is used: folic acid is taken from the 5th to the 14th day of the cycle (the physician determines the dosage), vitamins E and C - from the 15th to the 25th day.

Starting from the 5th day of the cycle 10 times, inject vitamins B1 and B6, 1 ml each. Alternate through the day.
From 15 days 10 times make injections of vitamin C for 1 ml.
From 5 to 25 days, drink 1 capsule of vitamin E twice a day.
Apply this scheme for three months. Then drink a vitamin complex for those planning to conceive and for pregnant women.

Attention! Schemes can be applied only after consulting a doctor!

Natural help conception

There are simple and effective rules that promote early pregnancy. A woman and a man before the conception is useful to follow simple rules.

  • the weight of both partners must be reduced to the optimum. Read how weight affects conception,
  • taking certain medications may adversely affect conception. Ask your doctor if there is a likelihood
  • sleep must be complete - you need to get enough sleep
  • better to stop using caffeine,
  • reduce contact with chemicals, including household chemicals,
  • To refuse low-calorie diets (if it is not recommended for medical reasons).

It often happens that pregnancy does not occur quickly. Stress begins on this basis. The idea of ​​conception becomes obsessive. Sex has only one goal - to conceive a child. And it turns out a vicious circle: increased nervousness - the impossibility of conception, stress ...

If both partners are healthy, then sometimes you should let go of your goal, to get distracted. Change the situation. For example, go together on vacation. There are many cases when a woman returns from such trips already pregnant. And then at home, in a familiar atmosphere, learns the good news.

If possible, try to spend more time outdoors. It is useful to feel unity with nature. Change your usual way of life, enter into it an active rest. When the long-awaited pregnancy comes, it will make its own adjustments in the life of the woman and the family as a whole. Therefore, while you can enjoy a certain freedom.

A child will come to the family when everyone is ready for it. In the meantime, future parents have time to prepare for this event.

Factors affecting the possibility of pregnancy

A number of factors affect the ability to conceive and bear a child:

  • hormonal - are responsible for the regularity of the menstrual cycle and the possibility of ovulation,
  • ovarian - affect ovulation,
  • uterine - have an impact on the possibility of implantation of the embryo into the endometrium,
  • The health status of a woman is the largest group of factors that influence how a woman will endure pregnancy and childbirth.

For the onset of pregnancy, it is necessary that ovulation occurs in time, the endometrium is sufficiently restored after the next menstruation and is ready to receive the embryo, and the woman is healthy.

The role of vitamins

Vitamins are components of enzymes and certain body hormones. It has been established: if a woman takes vitamin preparations within 3 months before pregnancy, then the probability of congenital anomalies in a baby decreases. In addition, this technique reduces the risk of deficiency in the baby and mother. You need to start taking vitamins before conception, before the need for them grows.

Indications for use

If a woman is planning a pregnancy, she needs to drink a course of vitamins. To clarify exactly what drugs she needs, you need to contact a gynecologist. If a woman has been diagnosed with a deficiency of certain vitamins, then medication becomes mandatory.


The most important vitamins when planning a pregnancy for a healthy woman:

  • folic acid is needed for the formation of the placenta and the normal pregnancy pregnancy,
  • B6 is required for the formation of the nervous system,
  • D is necessary for proper bone formation,
  • iron is required to form bone marrow and a number of enzymes,
  • Iodine is needed for the thyroid gland,
  • Magnesium is responsible for the muscular system, blood vessels, heart.

What vitamins to drink

To select the desired vitamin complex, a woman needs to pay attention to its composition. It should contain trace elements and vitamins, indicated in the main list. To learn about the need for additional vitamins, you need to consult with your doctor and get tested. Having on hand a complete list of necessary substances, you should choose those drugs whose composition is closest to the list.

Vitamin complex

After the need for certain elements is determined, it is required to select drugs. Pharmacies offer many different vitamin-mineral complexes or multivitamins.

Preference should be given to those that are designed specifically for pregnant women.

Vitamin complex - a combination of several substances, selected in such a way that they can be used together. Vitamin complex may include several tablets that are taken throughout the day. This is the most complete complex of substances, but it is less convenient to use.


Not all useful components can be combined in one tablet, because each element requires its own specific conditions of storage and absorption. Some substances are incompatible with each other, they need to be taken at intervals of time. Multivitamins are a combination of vitamins in one preparation. They are more convenient than most vitamin complexes, but they may lack certain substances that have to be taken separately.


Most of the vitamin complexes for pregnant women contain a daily dose of vitamins. They should be taken strictly according to the instructions and prescription of a doctor. As a rule, only one tablet per day is required. It is more convenient to do this in the morning before breakfast. If the complex consists of several parts, then they should be taken 2-3 times a day. In this case, it is important to observe the prescribed intervals between the intake of components.

Additional healthy foods

Products that directly affect conception do not exist. But increase the proportion of certain foods in the diet should be. First of all it concerns products containing folic acid - whole grain bread, cereals, especially buckwheat, bran, fresh vegetables and fruits. With the help of a nutritionist, you can make a diet in such a way that these products will fully cover the need for vitamins, even with the future pregnancy. But this is not always convenient, besides, a woman may not like a number of these products, so you cannot get away from taking vitamin preparations.

Is it possible to replace vitamins from food with pills

Vitamin preparations are created precisely to compensate for the inadequate intake of vitamins from food. However, if a woman has unhealthy eating habits or is starving, the pills cannot completely compensate for the shortage of essential substances.

Reverse replacement - not to take drugs, completely getting all the necessary substances from food - is possible with a well-designed menu. This will require the help of a nutritionist.

Possible contraindications

Vitamins, as well as other drugs, may develop individual intolerance and hypersensitivity. These conditions are contraindications for taking vitamin complexes. In addition, hypervitaminosis may develop for fat-soluble vitamins (A, D, E, K), as well as for ascorbic acid and some trace elements. This condition is dangerous, with it you can not take certain Eleents. In addition, individual contraindications are possible.

Dangerous situations

The most dangerous for the future mother is considered a folic acid deficiency. It causes various pathologies of the development of the placenta, which can adversely affect the health of the future baby. Therefore, it is this substance that is required to be taken on a compulsory basis, including to future fathers.

The second most dangerous situation is iron deficiency. It should be noted that anemia is far from the first manifestation of iron deficiency, and a decrease in hemoglobin indicates a deep deficiency in this important trace element. During pregnancy, the body primarily provides for the needs of the child, and secondly, for the mother, so iron deficiency is more likely for a woman. Hidden iron deficiency can develop into a severe form of anemia. It is possible the birth of a healthy baby.

When the pregnancy comes

It is impossible to say exactly when a pregnancy comes after taking vitamin supplements. First of all, because they do not directly participate in the process of conception. These substances are necessary for the child to be born healthy. Moreover, even taking a course of hormonal drugs that are prescribed for a successful conception does not always give a guaranteed result.

So that taking vitamins contributes to the birth of a healthy baby, it is better for a woman to start taking them 3-6 months before the intended conception, for a man - 3-4 months.

Vitamins can not be called a means for conception. However, their purpose is an important stage in pregnancy planning. Vitamin complexes are prescribed for women who want to become mothers, as well as their husbands.

Competently: the opinion of an obstetrician-gynecologist

The questions of the patients are answered by obstetrician-gynecologist Elena Artemyeva

- My husband and I are planning a pregnancy. I want to drink in advance the complex "Elevit". On the forums they write that it is necessary to take only "folk" and tocopherol. A multivitamin - only from the second trimester.

- The first weeks are the most important for the fetus, at this time all the organs and tissues are laid. Drink folic acid 400 mg a month before conception. Vitamin E is worth drinking only for medical purposes, if prescribed by a doctor. And only in the second half of the cycle. "Elevit" or other complex for pregnant women is possible. But if conception is planned for summer-autumn, in the season of fruits and vegetables, look for vitamins in the garden, and not in the pharmacy. Drink only folic. Omega-3 fatty acids are also important, so eat fatty fish and eat vegetable oil.

- I am pregnant, the term is three weeks from ovulation. I did not know that vitamin A is dangerous for a child and took retinol acetate for several days after conception. Could these capsules harm the baby?

- At this time, the egg does not come into contact with the mother’s bloodstream. I think you are fine.

Impact on conception

Vitamins play a huge role in the work of all organs and systems of the human body. The effect of individual vitamins and their combinations on the reproductive functions of men and women has long been proven. A sufficient amount of nutrients and minerals significantly improves the quality and composition of sperm, improves the quality of eggs. The fertility of each spouse increases, which means that a quick conception becomes more likely. Healthy germ cells of future parents largely determine the health of the baby.

Preparing for conception is usually recommended for six months: normalize food, enrich the diet with fresh fruits and vegetables, meat, fish, give up stressful situations, bad habits. The use of vitamins and special complexes for men and women of reproductive age will also be beneficial.

The composition of the seminal fluid of men is updated every three months. The cycle of spermatogenesis is longer than the cycle of maturation of the egg, which is updated in women every month. And because the minimum time for the restoration of reproductive health for men - from 3 months, for women - from 2 months.

Thus, a couple who wants to become parents, at least three months worth taking care of the choice of vitamins and dietary supplements to improve the quality of their genetic material.

The best way not to make a mistake in choosing vitamins for conception is to start planning with a visit to the doctor.. A woman should consult an obstetrician-gynecologist, and a man should go to a urologist-andrologist. These specialists will help determine the state of the reproductive health of the spouses and give individual recommendations, including the choice of vitamins that promote quick and successful conception.

Taking any multivitamins when planning pregnancy is not the best tactic. The balance of vitamins and minerals is a delicate and highly individual matter, and an overabundance of vitamins is no less harmful than their lack. Properly selected complex will help not only increase fertility at the planning stage, but also help avoid hypovitaminosis during pregnancy, it’s no secret that many expectant mothers suffer from brittle nails and hair, and dry skin.

A man's preparation for conception will also bring a lot of benefits: along with improving the quality of sperm, immunity will increase, the metabolism will normalize, health and mood will improve, and efficiency will increase. Below we will look at several options for the most effective and popular vitamin preparations that help not only to conceive a child, but to conceive a healthy and strong baby.

For men

For men, vitamins of group B are necessary, in particular vitamin B9 - folic acid. It has a positive effect on spermatogenesis. Representatives of the stronger sex, who plan to become fathers, cannot do without vitamin E. It improves the envelope of spermatozoa, increases the lifespan of germ cells. Under the action of tocopherol (vitamin E), sperm cells become stronger, more enduring, which increases the probability of successful conception by several times, even if the spouses do not “fall” directly on the day of ovulation.

Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) is necessary for a man to normalize the level of sex hormones. It is this vitamin that is involved in the synthesis of testosterone, the main male sex hormone.

Not only sexual desire and sexual temperament depend on the concentration of testosterone, but also the rate of production of new young spermatozoa, which after maturation will become full-fledged "combat units."

Vitamin D also regulates the concentration of optimized testosterone. It promotes the absorption of calcium from food, and is necessary not only for the health of the musculoskeletal and muscular systems. With a lack of this vitamin in men, the concentration of calcium decreases, sexual desire begins to visit it less and less, and spermatozoa become less mobile. The low mobility of the male germ cells makes the conception of the child very, very difficult, because the sperm simply can not get to the egg with a low speed of movement.

For male reproductive health, zinc and selenium are of paramount importance. Эти вещества принимают участие в синтезе половых гормонов, опосредованно воздействуют на состав семенной жидкости, увеличивая концентрацию здоровых, морфологически неизмененных сперматозоидов. Цинк и селен особенно нужны мужчинам, возраст которых больше 35 лет.With increasing age in the body of a man, less active and healthy sperm are produced, the effect of lack of sleep, alcohol, stress, harmful substances, and work “on wear”. Zinc and selenium in the composition of vitamin complexes will improve spermogram indicators within 2-3 months after the start of their intake.

The daily need for each of the vitamins is quite accurately regulated:

  • Vitamin B9 (folic acid) - at least 400 mg per day,
  • Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) - at least 60-80 mg per day,
  • Vitamin E - 300-400 IU per day,
  • Vitamin D - 400 IU per day.

If desired, you can take the above vitamins in daily dosages separately, they are all sold in pharmacies and are inexpensive. But men are less obligatory than women can confuse dosages, forget about taking a regular pill or oil solution of vitamin E, and then the preparation cannot be considered complete.

It is much easier to take drugs combined, which already includes all the necessary substances in the required daily doses. The list of male vitamins and dietary supplements is quite impressive.

  • "The Alphabet for Men". In the complex, in addition to basic vitamins and minerals, there is an extract of Siberian ginseng - a means of improving men's health.
  • "Duovit for men." This complex includes 11 vitamins 7 minerals. The regimen is less convenient for representatives of the stronger sex, because it requires taking two pills per day (morning and evening).
  • "Viardo Forte". This drug is recommended not to take instead of vitamins, but with them, because it is a dietary supplement. The composition of the additive is best suited to improve the quality of seminal fluid.

  • "Complivit". This is a universal multivitamin preparation, which is additionally enriched with zinc and selenium. If a man does not have a tendency to allergies, then this tool will fully provide him with everything necessary.
  • "Proffert". This biologically active additive has a pronounced effect on the cycle of spermatogenesis. It was developed specifically to improve the quality of sperm.
  • "Spermaktiv". This food supplement increases libido, improves the quality of germ cells. The drug is most effective for men aged 36 years and older.
  • Selzinc Plus. This drug belongs to the group of antioxidants. As the name implies, its basis is zinc and selenium, as well as in its composition there are vitamins E and C. A man can drink away folic acid separately.

For women

Vitamins for the female body, preparing for conception and pregnancy, require significantly more than the male. The fact is that representatives of the fair sex need not only to fix their metabolism at the current moment, but also to create certain stocks of useful substances for the period of gestation.

Folic acid (vitamin B9) helps to avoid anemia. In addition, folic acid accumulates in the body and, after conception, performs the most important role in laying the fetal neural tube. With a lack of folic acid, a child may develop gross defects of the brain and spinal cord, disorders of the central nervous system. Some of these developmental anomalies are incompatible with life.

Vitamin E is necessary in order to strengthen the cell walls of the body, the substance also affects the cellular processes that begin to occur immediately after fertilization (for example, the formation of embryonic membranes). The calcium reserves necessary for the growth and development of fetal bones will help create vitamin D. It allows you to absorb calcium better. Calcium deficiency can cause a woman not only brittle nails and brittle hair, but also convulsive syndrome.

A woman needs vitamin K for successful conception and childbearing, as well as for subsequent births. He participates in the synthesis of proteins that are important for hemostasis and are involved in blood clotting processes. To improve the quality of the egg, vitamin A and vitamin C will benefit. Retinol improves the state of the cell membranes, and vitamin C strengthens the cell walls.

As regards vitamin A, one should be extremely careful: its overabundance can cause fetal malformations, the woman should follow the dosage recommended by the doctor.

For health of the reproductive system and increase of female fertility, B vitamins are very important, especially B 6 and B 12. During pregnancy it is also important to ensure that these vitamins in the diet are enough, because they are necessary to improve the nervous system of the woman and the fetus.

Zinc in the body of a woman can accumulate, and therefore it should be taken in advance. After conception, a sufficient amount of this substance will help the correct formation of the chorion and placenta, will reduce the likelihood of the development of their defects. Magnesium stimulates the growth of the baby in the womb, and also prevents spontaneous miscarriage in the early period.

It will be difficult to take such a large amount of essential vitamins individually; it is better to choose drugs in which all the necessary substances are combined in daily need. By the way, daily dosages for those planning to conceive should be as follows:

  • folic acid - 400 mg per day,
  • Vitamin E - 300 IU per day,
  • Vitamin D - 400 IU per day,
  • Vitamin K - 1 mg per day,
  • Vitamin A - not more than 3000 IU per day,
  • Vitamin C - 60 mg per day.

There are a large number of female vitamins and supplements that help prepare for pregnancy and childbirth in the best possible way.

  • "Elevit Pronatal". As part of this complex, the most essential vitamins, including folic acid, are collected in a balanced manner. But as part of no iodine, because a woman is desirable to take "Jodomarin" in parallel. This complex is not considered the most affordable, but it is ideal for those planning to conceive, and for pregnant women. In addition, there is evidence that taking this drug reduces the likelihood of developing early toxicosis of pregnant women.
  • Vitrum Prenatal. This complex contains vitamins, minerals and iodine, besides the content of minerals is higher than in most other vitamin complexes. Due to the enriched mineral composition of the drug has a beneficial effect on the production of female sex hormones. It enhances the ability to conceive.
  • Alphabet Mama. This is a drug related to dietary supplements. The inconvenience of its use is the need to drink tablets every 4 hours. A woman can forget, miss a reception, not be able to take the drug on time if she is traveling or is at work at this time.

  • "Materna". In this complex, the content of iodine and vitamins of group B is increased. In some situations, especially when there is an individual deficiency of such substances, the drug is very useful to eliminate the shortage, but sometimes high concentrations of B-vitamins can cause an allergic reaction.
  • "Compliant Mom." The composition of this tool contains all the substances necessary to improve reproductive health, but the content of vitamins A, E and D is somewhat reduced compared to other complexes. If you plan to take the remedy in the fall and summer, this will be quite enough, and for the winter and spring intake it is better to choose another drug.
  • "Pregnavit". This inexpensive and popular drug, unfortunately, does not contain minerals and iodine. Therefore, they will have to take extra.

Recommendations for admission

Vitamins can not be considered completely harmless and harmless drugs. A visit to the doctor is necessary so that he can determine the specific vitamins and minerals that a particular woman or a certain man needs from a biochemical blood test. After that, it will be possible to choose such a complex that will cover the shortage of the necessary substances and will not cause hypervitaminosis. Therefore, leave the choice of the drug at the discretion of the doctor, do not buy complexes for conception on the basis of reviews on the Internet and the advice of a pharmacist at the pharmacy.

Vitamin complexes will benefit and will certainly contribute to the successful conception of the long-awaited baby only if the spouses take their courses for 20-22 days with breaks per week for 3-6 months. Vitamins are not taken to drink on an empty stomach, it is best to do it with meals. If you experience any symptoms of individual intolerance (rash, eating disorders, itching), stop taking the vitamin complex and consult a doctor.

You may need to assign another tool. It is not necessary to combine several vitamin complexes simultaneously: this will inevitably lead to an imbalance of substances in the body and the appearance of symptoms of hypervitaminosis.

Vitamins will not be useful and the probability of conception will not increase if the spouses take alcohol during the preparation period, drink a lot of coffee and strong tea. Fertility of women and men depends not only on vitamins. In order to conceive a child faster, you need to put your own weight in order, reduce it if you have extra pounds, eat right, and lead an active lifestyle.

If during the planning of a pregnancy, one of the spouses gets sick and there is a need for treatment with antibiotics, hormonal drugs, anticonvulsant and psychotropic drugs, there is no need to interrupt the course of vitamin therapy. Most medicines go well with vitamin complexes. But just in case, it is worth informing the doctor about what drugs are already taken at the time of appointment, in order to prevent the development of allergies.

Strong stress and living in areas with unfavorable environmental conditions reduce the likelihood of conception for both spouses. That is why, already in the period of preparation for conception, everything possible should be done to ensure that the psychological background in the family is favorable and benevolent. Walk in the park, away from cars, or trips to nature will also be beneficial.

Vitamin complexes do not cancel and proper nutrition. Products rich in animal proteins, greens, fruits, raw vegetables, dairy products, nuts, natural freshly squeezed juices will help your child conceive as soon as possible.

How to prepare for conception, see the following video.

medical reviewer, specialist in psychosomatics, mother of 4 children

Why do I need to take vitamins when planning pregnancy

The most common measure during this period is to accept the missing elements. Their imbalance is observed even in the body of a healthy woman, not suffering from diseases or infections.

Vitamin and mineral preparations saturate the body to the necessary extent so that during pregnancy they can be spent without causing harm to the health of the mother.

  • Hair loss, brittle nails, poor skin and teeth,
  • The woman has a feeling of fatigue, immunity falls, vision and hearing deteriorates,
  • Lack of vitamins in the first trimester affects the development of the fetus and may even cause abnormalities.

At different stages of carrying a child, the need for vitamins is different. In the second and third, it increases by 35−45%. At the same time, the weight of a woman should not exceed the norm.

When carrying a baby, the female body most of all needs the following elements: folic acid and iron are needed in double volume, calcium intake should be increased by one and a half times, zinc, iodine, and B vitamins are needed in more quantity by 30% from the usual dosage.

A varied and balanced diet will definitely improve the situation, but it will not be able to provide enough vitamins and trace elements. Therefore, we need additional support in the form of vitamin complexes or individual drugs.

The best vitamins for women: TOP-5

The list of essential vitamins is quite large. But, among them, there are several especially useful and useful ones:

  1. Folic acid(or vitamin B9)

It is necessary to start taking this element at least 3 months before conceiving a child. What he gives:

  • positive effect on the functioning of the body,
  • takes part in the formation of the placenta,
  • promotes active blood formation,
  • participates in the formation of the nervous system of the child at very early stages of development,
  • lack of folic acid leads to insufficient development of the digestive organs, which contribute to the absorption of protein and the formation of new cells.

Folic acid is rich in foods such as liver, asparagus, nuts, eggs, legumes, various greens (especially spinach and parsley), fruits and vegetables.

  1. Vitamin E (or tocopherol)

When planning pregnancy, vitamin E, with the right dosage, has a beneficial effect on the ovaries, is responsible for the production of eggs:

  • important in the planning period of pregnancy, because it increases the likelihood of its occurrence,
  • promotes the development of muscle tissue of the child,
  • necessary for the full development of the fetus,
  • it helps if there is a risk of miscarriage, so its use is not excluded even during the carrying of a baby.

Contained in: nuts, dried apricots, oily fish, wild rose, greens, oatmeal and barley grits. When and how to take vitamin E when planning a pregnancy, the doctor will tell the woman in detail.

  1. Vitamins of group B.

The main ones include B6 and B12. What are their benefits:

  • stabilize the metabolic processes between mother and child,
  • responsible for how well absorbed nutrients
  • sufficient content of these vitamins is necessary for the normal formation of such fetal systems as: immune, nervous, endocrine and cardiovascular,
  • B12 is needed in the body for good absorption of folic acid,
  • lack of B6 leads to a woman feeling unwell. She develops irritability, nausea, toxicosis, and problems with sleep.

In the diet, these elements are rich: nuts, red meat, offal, mushrooms, eggs, greens and carrots.

  1. VitaminD

It is produced when exposed to sunlight. This is one of the reasons why it is recommended to spend time outside the home during pregnancy. Vitamin Benefits:

  • positive effect on memory
  • strengthens teeth and nails.

You can get it in products from: fish oil, fatty fish, caviar, egg yolks, butter, cheese.

It is fat soluble. This should be taken into account when composing the menu. This item:

  • helps to keep healthy skin
  • prevents respiratory diseases,
  • helps to develop the skeleton of the child and strengthen it,
  • has a beneficial effect on the nervous system of the baby,
  • cares about the health of a woman’s hair, teeth and gums.

Vitamin A rich: liver, cheese, sour cream, broccoli, cottage cheese, seaweed, butter.

The most commonly used drugs

Depending on the state of the future mother, the supervising doctor prescribes either monopreparations or vitamins.

The second option is more convenient and practical. The best vitamins when planning pregnancy are:

  1. Elevit pronatal. The composition includes almost all important vitamins. Also contains micro and macro elements. It supports them at the proper level not only during pregnancy, but also during the feeding period. This drug is not recommended for high calcium or urolithiasis.
  2. Vitrum prenatal. It contains minerals in addition to all the necessary vitamins. The preparation has a high iron content. Therefore, it is necessary to carefully calculate the dosage.
  3. Komplevit mom. This complex is attractive for its low price. Contains vitamins and nutrients. For some women, sometimes there are not enough vitamins, A and D from this drug.
  4. Elevit. This vitamin complex is rich in folic acid and magnesium. It has a positive effect on blood flow, also reduces the risk of miscarriage.
  5. Thembion. The drug is produced in two different types for different periods. Fembion 1 take when planning and during the first trimester of gestation. Fembion 2 from the 13th week of carrying a baby. Its composition is well balanced. Easy to digest.

There are many more drugs: Multitabs, Alphabet, Theravit Pregna, Angiovit and others.

The most suitable of them for the future mother will help to choose a competent specialist.

What is needed, and how to check the compatibility of blood type and Rh partners for conceiving a child?

What are the consequences of IVF on women's health, and whether there is a likelihood of early menopause, find out on the next page.

Basic dosage rules

It is important to remember that a glut of vitamins is no less harmful than a deficiency. Observe the measure and prescriptions of the doctor. Otherwise, the consequences can be dire:

  • An excess of vitamin E leads to preeclampsia or heart disease in a child,
  • Exceeding the norm of vitamin A leads to pathology in embryonic development.

The remaining vitamins should also be normal, so that it does not affect the health of the baby and mother.

The average indices of the required amount of vitamins when planning pregnancy:

Preparing to conceive a child

Under the influence of alcohol, nicotine and other harmful substances, the male spermatozoa (up to half of the entire multimillion number) are destroyed and become defective. This increases the risk of conceiving a sick baby - with mental or physical abnormalities.

Besides, frequent drinking and smoking worsen the potency and weaken the whole body, «выгоняя» из него витамины, необходимые для нормального обмена веществ и формирования здоровых клеток (в т. ч. и сперматозоидов).

To contribute to the genetics of the future baby was worthy not only of the woman, but also of the man, and this kid himself was successfully conceived, it is of paramount importance to give up bad habits - drinking and cigarettes. Take care of your body and eat healthyrich in vitamins to compensate for their deficiency.

But that's not all. An integrated approach to planning a pregnancy is not only taking a complex of vitamins for men and a proper diet. The following steps should be taken.:

    Refuse frequent trips to the sauna / bath, nutritional supplements for weight gain and excessive physical exertion, intake of synthetic energy drinks - all of this adversely affects the quality and volume of spermatozoa.

  • Visit a doctor and get testedto find out the current state of your health. Among all kinds of research in planning a pregnancy, a man may need:
    • prostate secretion analysis,
    • spermogram
    • electrocardiogram,
    • fluorography,
    • Ultrasound of the genital and internal organs,
    • UAC, BAC, blood for Rh factor and group, hormonal composition, hepatitis, Wasserman reaction, venereal infections.

    If a man finds any disease, consultation with a doctor is necessary. and proper treatment before conception, in order to protect the child as much as possible.

  • If treatment is not required (with or after it, if required) prescribed vitamins and minerals for men for the successful conception of the child and support the body in different cases:
    • to enhance weakened immunity,
    • for general support with an unbalanced diet or a monotonous therapeutic diet,
    • to improve the potency and quality of sperm,
    • to combat chronic stress or recovery after intense physical exertion.
  • What vitamins to drink a man before conceiving - in the next section.

    What elements are needed to improve sperm?

    What kind of vitamins do men need to drink when planning pregnancy to improve the quality of sperm and healthy conception?

    Primarily for all men when planning pregnancy folic acid and vitamin E are important, but not only these substances need a "stronger sex" for normal conception. Will require a whole range of elements.

    The list of vitamins for men when planning pregnancy in the table:

    Pregnancy planning

    The birth of a child is the most joyful event for the family, requiring careful preparation and lifestyle changes. Since the health of the future baby depends on both parents, they must plan conception jointly. It is better to start with a visit to specialists who will appoint a full examination and, based on its results, will give recommendations on how to proceed. It is enough to start planning for three to five months before conception (on average 2-3 months).

    Planning for pregnancy includes the following steps:

    1. Diagnosing the health of future parents includes a complete medical examination of the body. Diagnosis of a woman’s health includes a visit to a gynecologist, general practitioner, otolaryngologist, dentist, and endocrinologist. Each specialist, having studied the medical history of the future mother, will give direction to conduct the necessary hardware and laboratory studies.

    The future pope is recommended to visit an andrologist, who will analyze reproductive abilities and, if indicated, will send doctors of related specialties to consult.

    It is advisable for both parents to consult a geneticist and be sure to pass the following tests:

    • for sexually transmitted diseases,
    • blood test for syphilis (RW) and human immunodeficiency virus (HIV),
    • on the determination of blood type and Rh factor.

    A full list of studies includes many other procedures, including those prescribed for individual indications.

    Health problems that interfere with conception and childbirth detected during the examination are to be treated. In the case of antibacterial therapy, the possible time of conception planning must be clarified with the doctor.

    1. The preparation of the parents' body is an important stage, especially for a woman. The future mother should prepare her body for future loads as much as possible. In the period of childbearing, the internal organs of the woman work in a dual mode, the restructuring of the immune, nervous and endocrine systems occurs.

    A man, preparing to become a father, should direct all his actions to increase fertility: quit bad habits, avoid stressful situations, if necessary, resort to taking medication.

    In this case, both parents must adhere to a healthy lifestyle, eat rationally and take a vitamin-mineral complex.

    1. Conception. Not every couple succeeds in conceiving a child the first time. The norm is considered if the pregnancy occurs within a year from the moment of active action. Often this happens in couples who have previously used hormonal contraceptives. If after a year the result is not achieved, a second consultation with a doctor is shown.

    An important factor in planning the birth of a baby is the correct psycho-emotional attitude of the mother and father. Whether future parents will be able to cope with this themselves or turn to a psychologist for help, it is up to them to decide. However, experts argue the need for psychological preparation of the couple.

    The most effective vitamins for conception

    Vitamins are very important for the preparation of the body and the preservation of health (including psychological) during the conception of a child. It is very important to take nutrients, as they affect not only the likelihood of pregnancy, but also the health of the fetus.

    It is proved that, in general, the human body is able to independently synthesize vitamins. Some of them come to a person from the outside: with food or due to ultraviolet exposure.

    What vitamins are recommended to take for a successful conception?

    Consider the list of the most necessary substances:

    1. Folic acid, or B9 promotes growth and cell division, forms red blood cells, has a direct effect on the fetus, reducing the risk of neural tube pathology. An insufficient amount of B 9 lowers hemoglobin. Especially important for men is the presence of vitamin B9, as it increases the production of sperm. It is indicated for the treatment of infertility.
    2. Vitamin E is multifunctional, it is no coincidence that in Greek, tocopherol means “bringing progeny." Synthesizing and regulating the ratio of female sex hormones, it is of great importance for fertilization. The lack of the necessary amount of vitamin E will lead to abortion and impossibility of conception. Vitamin E for men is useful because it controls the synthesis of sperm. Tocopherol regenerates cells of the epidermis, prevents anemia.
    3. Vitamin B6 is a storehouse of enzymes, without which the birth and preservation of the fetus is impossible. Pyridoxine synthesizes amino acids responsible for protein and fat metabolism.
    4. Vitamin C is a strong antioxidant, protects the body from viruses and bacteria, normalizes capillary penetration, preventing bleeding. Participating in the synthesis of collagen, ascorbic acid promotes the growth of bones, cartilage, tissue, as well as the proper development of the fetal brain, which is vital for the future baby.
    5. Vitamin A strengthens the immune system, facilitates the absorption of iron. Retinol forms rhodopsin and iodopsin, providing good vision. Dosage should be monitored, since the excessive presence of vitamin A has a negative effect on the formation of the embryo.
    6. Vitamin D is responsible for maintaining calcium in the skeletal system. Its sufficient amount is formed under the influence of sunlight and comes from food, so it is prescribed in extreme cases, more often in winter. Excessive amounts of vitamin D dangerously early aging of the baby’s skeleton.
    7. Thiamine (vitamin B1) is responsible for carbohydrate and energy metabolism, and also helps strengthen the nervous system of the mother and baby.
    8. Riboflavin (B2) - growth vitamin prevents the manifestation of toxicosis, helps to prevent weak labor, activates the heart, blood vessels, increases appetite.

    For the future baby to be healthy, it is important for parents to take trace elements - zinc, magnesium, selenium, potassium iodide.

    Zinc prevents placental abruption, magnesium makes possible protein synthesis.

    Selenium supports male sexual activity, increasing the likelihood of conception.

    Potassium iodide is responsible for the functioning of the thyroid gland, cell membranes and the regulation of water-salt metabolism.

    The above vitamin list in the complex is indicated for use by both parents. Expectant mothers should not abandon them even after successful fertilization.

    Pharmacists have developed special vitamins for conceiving a child for women:

    • pregnoton - a complex containing substances for the full development of the fetus, normalizes menstruation and activates the function of reproduction,
    • Vitex normalizes hormones and increases the likelihood of fertilization.

    It is better to take pills for pregnancy and conception after a medical examination and to give preference to drugs recommended by a doctor.

    Overview of popular drugs for men when planning pregnancy

    A married couple, determined to become parents, must necessarily take special vitamin complexes. And for men, it is also important, since they directly affect the activity and the formation of healthy sperm.

    Vitamins for men to conceive a child in the modern pharmacological market are widely represented. The drug should be prescribed by a doctor based on the results of a previous monitoring of the health of the future father.

    According to the recommendations of doctors and patient reviews, the list of the most common vitamin complexes for men is as follows:

    1. Speroton (Spemamon) is recommended to be consumed before conception, since the micronutrients contained in it increase the number and mobility of male germ cells. It is a powder, soluble in water.
    2. SpermPlant is a natural biocomplex containing amino acids and nettle extract. Improves fertility, activates the urinary system.
    3. Orthomol Fertil Plus (Orthomol fertil plus) - German manufacturers of vitamins, containing a complete set of essential elements that improve the quality of sperm. Contains important vitamin E for men, compensates for the lack of omega-3, copper, selenium, zinc, lycopene and other beneficial substances. According to expert estimates, the drug effectively prepares a man for conception.
    4. Proffert. The name of the drug speaks for itself: it improves the quality of seminal fluid, restores reproductive function.
    5. Folacin is indicated when there is insufficient folic acid in the body.
    6. Mans Formula SpermAktin literally means "male formula: active sperm." Provides energy spermatogenesis, directly affecting the process of conception.
    7. Alphabet - a vitamin complex contains 9 minerals and 13 vitamins that enhance endurance, potency, strengthen the immune system.
    8. Vitrum Prenatal due to the content of vitamin B9 provides the correct chromosome set and increases the likelihood of fertilization.

    This is not a complete list of beneficial body vitamins. The doctor will help you choose the right drug. Accepted vitamins for men to conceive a child in combination with a healthy lifestyle, balanced diet will strengthen the health of the father and, accordingly, the unborn baby.


    There are a number of pathologies in which the intake of vitamins for conception is prohibited.

    These include:

    • allergies to components included in the vitamin complex,
    • open tuberculosis,
    • inflammatory processes of the genitourinary system,
    • intoxication due to taking vitamins,
    • acute course of gastric and duodenal ulcers in acute form,
    • malignant tumor processes,
    • clogging of blood vessels with blood clots.

    Before taking vitamin-mineral complexes, it is necessary to check with the doctor about the presence of contraindications and other side effects, so as not to harm the female and male body, as well as the unborn child.

    When and how to take vitamins for conception?

    For the formation of a new, highly active seminal fluid in men, it takes about three months, so it is recommended to take vitamins for conception no later than six months before the onset of the planned pregnancy. Then there is a high probability of fertilization on the first attempt and successful pregnancy, as well as the birth of healthy offspring.

    Experts do not advise taking vitamins listed above separately. It is better to buy ready-made capsules, powders, tablets containing the required amount and the right proportion. Which vitamin and mineral complex is right for you, the doctor will decide on the results of the survey.

    Before use, carefully read the instructions and adhere to the dosages and methods of administration indicated there. An overdose of vitamins is dangerous serious complications and threatens with infertility or termination of the onset of pregnancy.

    If there is no possibility of complex use of vitamins, then you can use folic acid and vitamin E to conceive. How to take drugs, tell the attending physician. As a rule, it is recommended to take tocopherol in the middle of the menstrual cycle (during the period of ovulation), and to women and men. Expectant mothers need 0.4 mg of the drug daily, vitamin E for men shows an average of 100 mg. in a day. After successful conception, the expectant mother continues to take tocopherol until the third trimester in order to avoid fetal malformations.

    Think for yourself, decide for yourself whether or not to have - these words of a famous song are very suitable for couples planning to have a baby. The desire to become a full-fledged family depends on the conscious decision of the spouses to become parents.

    Elevit Pronatal

    It is the most commonly prescribed and widely known drug. This is a complex of synthetic substances and mineral salts, which are needed by a woman who plans to become pregnant, and that which is already bearing a child. He is prescribed, like all other drugs, three months before the alleged conception, so that the future mother's body has an adequate supply of useful elements.

    According to the manufacturers, Elevit Pronatal contains everything you need, so one tablet per day of this drug replaces all of the above. The feedback from women taking the complex is positive, and most speak of a fairly good tolerability of this drug. In any case, the drug is prescribed by the doctor after the examination.

    Trimester Complivit

    This is a line of three vitamin-mineral complexes. Trimester Complivit 1 is suitable not only for admission for up to 13 weeks, but also for women planning pregnancy.

    Do not forget about the future father. He should take vitamins for men when planning pregnancy. It is known that with age, due to the negative effects of improper distribution of work and rest, poor nutrition, the ability of a man to successfully conceive decreases. In this regard, doctors prescribe drugs to improve the reproductive system.

    Nowadays, more and more couples are taking a responsible approach to the pregnancy planning process. In addition to taking medications, they change their lifestyle, give up bad habits, follow the regimen, fully and properly eat. This all in a complex increases the chance of getting pregnant to a woman and giving birth to a healthy baby.

    The most important vitamins

    When planning pregnancy, it is recommended to start training in a few months - this will help the body to clean out of toxins and the negative influence of the external environment. The optimal period is 6 months before the intended conception. Such a long period is necessary to replenish the balance of trace elements and strengthen the entire body.

    It is better to start taking vitamins before conceiving a child with a visit to the doctor - during the examination he will find out whether it is necessary to adjust the balance of substances and what course for this to drink. You should not drink any vitamin-mineral complex - it is recommended to take only certain substances, since an excess of trace elements can be just as harmful as their deficiency.

    Note! To prepare for conception should not only a woman, but also her partner. With a vitamin deficiency in men, the activity and the number of spermatozoa is significantly reduced, on which the effectiveness of conception directly depends.

    Active substances for women

    Pregnancy implies 40 weeks of continuous activity for the female body. Proper preparation helps to avoid the unpleasant symptoms of hypovitaminosis, which many expectant mothers and women face after childbirth:

    • brittle hair and nails
    • intense hair loss
    • dry skin
    • rash,
    • the formation of stretch marks,
    • feeling of constant fatigue.

    To prevent deficient conditions in the mother and baby such vitamins are required for pregnancy and conception:

      Vitamin B9 (folic acid).

    Needed to prevent the development of anemia. The daily dosage should be 400 mg.

    Vitamin E (tocopherol).

    Этот жирорастворимый витамин позволяет предупредить пороки развития плода. Принимает участие в биосинтезе гемоглобина. Для женщины ежедневная дозировка составляет до 300 МЕ вещества в сутки.

    Витамин D (кальциферол).

    It is necessary for the normal absorption of calcium, which is required for the formation of bones, skin and muscles of a child. Calcium is also required by expectant mothers to prevent osteoporosis. For women, the daily dosage is 400 IU.

    Vitamin K (phylloquinone).

    Required for the synthesis of proteins required in the process of blood coagulation. The daily dosage for expectant mothers is 1 mg per day.

    Vitamin H (biotin).

    Necessary for the process of renewal of all tissues and organs. In preparation for pregnancy requires about 300 IU per day.

    Vitamin A (retinol).

    Participates in the regulation of the activity of all biological membranes. The daily dosage for a woman is 3000 IU.
    Important! An excessive amount of vitamin A leads to malformations in the fetus. Therefore, it is important to strictly observe the prescribed dosage.

    Vitamin C (ascorbic acid).

    It is necessary for the regulation of the immune system. The daily dosage should be about 60 mg.

    Vitamins of group B.

    Take part in the regulation of the nervous system and synthesis processes. During pregnancy, vitamins B1, B2, B6, B12 are especially important.

    Interferes with pathologies of development of a placenta and promotes simplification of delivery.

    Required to prevent miscarriage. Stimulates fetal growth.

    Vitamin complexes for conception

    Before choosing a name, which vitamins to take for conception for women, it is important to analyze the composition of what the future mother will drink.

    Different complexes differ in the ratio of active components and microelement composition, and therefore can show the effectiveness of one pair and be completely useless for the other. The most famous complex drugs include such:

    Bayer Elevit Pronatal. Complex with a high content of folic acid. But it completely lacks iodine, which will need to be consumed separately. With regular use improves the condition of the skin, hair and nails. It can be used both at planning, and during pregnancy. Prevents the emergence of toxicosis. Among the shortcomings can be identified increased appetite, frequent constipation, the high cost of the drug itself.

    Vitrum Prenatal. It can be used in planning, during and after pregnancy. Unlike Elevit, it contains iodine in the required dosage and is distinguished by a higher mineral content (zinc, copper, magnesium). It helps to normalize the level of estrogen in the body. The cost of Vitrum is significantly lower than the cost of Elevita, which makes it more preferable for expectant mothers.

    Alphabet Mama. Complex dietary supplement. On the day you need to take 3 tablets with an interval of 4 hours, which is not always convenient, especially for working women. Some women note the appearance of side effects from taking the drug, while others, on the contrary, argue that the drug is excellent and does not cause negative effects.

    Femibion. A complex drug that does not require taking additional vitamins. According to reviews, reduces the manifestations of toxemia and facilitates health during pregnancy.

    Materna Complex of vitamins of group B and iodine. Contains high concentrations of B vitamins, which may provoke a hyperreaction on the part of the body.

    Compliant Mom. It contains a low amount of retinol, calciferol and iodine. In the cold season, you may need an additional source of vitamins of group B. Perfect for the summer-autumn period.

    Pringavit. Vitamin complex, which requires the intake of trace elements and minerals in addition. Does not contain iodine, and therefore can be used by those women who do not have iodine deficiency.

    Important! The complex is selected by an obstetrician-gynecologist after conducting a biochemical blood test.

    Anti-Pregnancy Products

    There are a number of factors that adversely affect human reproductive function. And even despite the reception of good vitamins for conceiving a child, the onset of pregnancy is not fast. The impact of negative factors can be both direct and indirect:

    Frequent coffee intake (more than 4 cups per day) adversely affects female fertility. During pregnancy, this drink can cause miscarriage or the formation of malformations in a child.

    Lack or excess weight adversely affect the endocrine system.

    Violates the processes of spermatogenesis and ovogenesis.

    Potent drugs.

    Antidepressants, antibiotics and medicines for the treatment of chronic diseases can significantly reduce fertility.

    Abuse of bad habits.

    It leads to insufficient nutrition of the ovaries in women and testicles in men, hormonal imbalance.

    Oppress reproductive function in both parents.

    Exposure to adverse environmental factors may cause reproductive impairment.

    Excessive physical activity.

    The development of adrenaline and testosterone, which are accompanied by excessive physical exertion, adversely affects the possibility of becoming pregnant.

    Note! If a couple under the age of 30 cannot conceive a child for more than 12 months, a reproduction specialist is required and a full examination of the body is required. For couples after 30 years, this period is 6 months.

    Healthy food

    Before planning a pregnancy, it is not necessary to immediately find out which vitamins for conceiving a child for women are required - even the most famous names can not be compared with natural sources of the necessary substances. To obtain the necessary components is to enrich your diet with such products:

      Fatty fish varieties.

    They are an excellent source of polyunsaturated fatty acids, help to improve calcium, stimulate the blood supply to the uterus.

    A valuable source of essential folic acid. Nuts also contain a large amount of tocopherol, which is necessary to increase the effectiveness of ovogenesis and spermatogenesis.

    Milk and dairy products.

    The source of calcium and amino acids necessary for the formation of healthy sperm and nutrition of follicles.
    Important! It is proved that fatty milk has a positive effect on reproductive function in women.

    Promote bowel cleansing and are a source of folic acid.

    Rich in vitamins and fiber, normalizes the digestive tract.

    A valuable source of trace elements, calcium and proteins.

    A valuable source of trace elements necessary for normal functioning of the whole organism.

    It has a powerful antioxidant effect and is a source of a large number of trace elements. Favorably affects the organs of the gastrointestinal tract, the circulatory system, strengthens the immune system.

    Source of zinc and iodine, necessary for the normal operation of the endocrine system.

    A valuable source of zinc.

    Healing herbs

    Traditional medicine offers its alternative to vitamin complexes. “Grandmother's methods” are based on the action of herbsthat contribute to the quick conception. Broths and infusions can help even those couples who have lost hope of conception.

    To stimulate pregnancy, these herbs are used:

    A valuable source of phytogromones to be taken according to a specific pattern. On 200 ml of boiling water 1 tsp is used. dry grass. Take this broth need 1 tbsp. 3 times a day during the first 11 days after menstruation.

    Known as an herb that helps treat gynecological diseases. 2 tbsp. leaves pour 300 ml of water and cook over low heat for 5-7 minutes. Let it brew for half an hour, strain the broth and take 1 tbsp. 3-4 times a day. Duration of treatment can be up to 3 months.

  • When inflammatory diseases of the ovaries can be used a decoction of a mixture of herbs: chamomile, tributary, calendula, centaury and coltsfoot. 50 g of each component mix and pour 500 ml of boiling water. The mixture must be infused for 3 hours. Is such an infusion taken? cups 5-6 times a day. Course duration is 1-2 months. For the period of treatment is recommended to refrain from sexual activity.
  • Start planning a future pregnancy recommended with a survey of both partners. This will help to identify possible violations of reproductive function and, as a result, carry out timely treatment. General recommendations and taking ordinary vitamins do not solve any chronic health problems.