Homeopathy with endometriosis - drugs, features of treatment


The proliferation of epithelial tissue (endometrium) in the uterus leads to the disease - endometriosis, to the formation of cysts and nodes at the exit of the epithelium outside in the future. This is one of the serious and mysterious women's ailments with exactly unknown causes of development, although several factors provocateurs that can lead to the development of the disease, however, doctors are voicing. That is why homeopathy treatment of endometriosis is recommended for women as an alternative and most successful method in contrast to other painful and not always successful methods.

Causes of endometriosis

Endometriosis is diagnosed more often in young girls or older women during menopause with an unstable hormonal background with an increase in the number of emissions of stimulating and luteinizing hormones. Progesterone levels, on the contrary, are dramatically reduced.

Often a genetic factor or a weakened immune system causes the development of endometriosis, when endometrial cells cannot live outside the uterus.

There is an opinion that in case of pathology, the endometrium degenerates into pathological tissue, gradually increasing in size and extending beyond the limits of the uterus. In addition, the causes of the development of endometriosis in the background are not excluded:

  • abortions,
  • bad ecology,
  • lack of iron in the body,
  • previous pelvic surgery
  • overweight
  • inflammatory processes in the pelvic organs,
  • installation of an ectopic helix,
  • liver diseases.

The growth of the endometrium leads to many unpleasant symptoms in women:

  • pain in the lower abdomen and lower back, in particular during menstruation,
  • violation of the duration of the menstrual cycle,
  • the appearance of ointments, serous discharge with an unpleasant odor,
  • intoxication of the body, nausea and vomiting,
  • fever, chills, weakness,
  • peristalsis in the intestines,
  • bladder problems
  • pain when urinating,
  • discharge of urine with impurities of pus, blood.

It is during endometrosis that women are often diagnosed with infertility. It takes a long comprehensive treatment, which is not always due to the cunning of the illness will be crowned with success.

When such a diagnosis is made, endometriosis is treated with hormonal therapy, but in severe cases, surgery is indicated. All known medical methods of treatment are ineffective and can only lead to irreversible processes, on the contrary, to an increase in the growth of endometriotic cells.

Surgical methods are usually fraught with side effects and complications. The operation even at the initial stage of the development of the disease to remove the endometrium or the uterus as a whole does not always guarantee complete relief from the disease. In addition, many women begin to complain of problems with the vessels, the formation of thrombosis.

It is important to identify the causes of endometriosis and send treatment to their eradication. The symptoms will eventually go away on their own. The main thing is to normalize the hormones and increase the immune status.

Homeopathy treatment, as an alternative, has a beneficial effect on the entire body as a whole, and not on individual symptoms in women individually. It is this method of treatment by a qualified homeopath that is able to eliminate the causes of the disease, and the symptoms gradually go away on their own after the treatment course.

Why precisely homeopathy?

In endometriosis, it is important to choose a treatment for women strictly on an individual basis, given the age, location and extent of endometriosis. When it is broken, the internal environment homeostasis in the female body, therefore, requires the selection of the correct homeopathic medicine, which at the early stage of the development of the disease can significantly reduce the lesion, suppress endometrial germination on other organs when leaving the uterus.

It is the treatment with homeopathic remedies that has a beneficial effect on the immune system, eliminates hormonal changes and brings them back to normal, which endometriosis subsequently forms.

Traditional medicine can only lead to an increase in the immune system, the endometrium itself, unfortunately, cannot adequately and fully act.

A homeopath at the initial stage of development allows to eliminate the very cause of its occurrence and even with late endometriosis can eliminate unpleasant symptoms in women: bleeding and soreness of the uterus against the background of the growth of foci of the endometrium in other organs and tissues, leading to lesions of the uterus, the development of erosion, later cancer.

What is the treatment of endometriosis homeopathy?

The essence of the appointment of homeopathic medicines by the attending physician is by selecting individually, taking into account:

  • features of the female body,
  • existing violations in the genitals,
  • the degree of growth of the endometrium,
  • the presence of other chronic illnesses
  • identifying hitherto unknown causes of endometrial development.

Treatment with homeopathic preparations can eliminate not only the symptoms, but also have a physiological effect on the ailment.

In homeopathy, more than 80 drugs are known, but the selection is strictly individual. If some drugs will benefit, others may become almost useless.

Reception of drugs prescribed by a doctor is carried out 2 times a day with tracking the body's response to their effects. The duration of treatment courses are also individual. The more severe the accompanying symptoms and other chronic illnesses, the longer the course of treatment. On average, it is 1 month, but it may take 2-3 years.

Homeopathy for uterine endometriosis is a good help:

  • does not entail any side effects
  • practically has no contraindications
  • does not lead to the aggravation of other chronic diseases in the body,
  • does not interact with medications.

In endometriosis, cells grow near the uterus and this is not characteristic of the body. Everything that is not laid by nature represents an abnormal phenomenon for it, which manifests itself in women differently depending on where the pathological cells begin to grow. At the same time the stomach starts to hurt, there are discharge and severe bleeding from the vagina, which is fraught with sterility, problems with the ovaries and anemia.

It is believed that the main cause of the disease is a hormonal failure of the problem or with the thyroid gland, which, by the way, is often observed in women after 45 years. Homeopaths simply recommend treating the disease with homeopathic remedies as an alternative method to avoid surgery.

Today, endometriosis is often detected in young girls and rough surgery or severe hormone therapy at such a young age is completely useless. Homeopathy has proven its effectiveness. In the opinion of women, after only 0.5 years, the pains stop, menstruation begins to flow more calmly.

The essence of homeopathy is to influence the cause that led to the disease. Science says that it is necessary to treat the entire body as a whole, but not one organ separately. Such therapy is just aimed at eliminating, and not the disease itself. As a result, it leads to persistent results, and side effects and complications are excluded.

A woman is quickly released from problems, increases overall health, function of the digestive tract, immunity. Only carrying out a full course of homeopathy can relieve endometriosis and completely cure the ailment.

Homeopaths claim that the main thing is to give the brain a signal that the treatment process will be launched to eradicate this particular female problem.

But you should not self-medicate, you can only make serious complications. Before starting treatment, women are encouraged to find a good homeopath.

What are the homeopathic remedies for endometriosis?

Treatment with homeopathic remedies is aimed at healing from endometriosis, as an almost incurable disease using modern medicine methods. Homeopathic medicines can:

  • change the activity of the ovaries
  • suppress the growth of endometrial tissue
  • reduce excess estrogen.

Homeopathic remedies are unique in their composition. These are excellent immunomodulators to enhance the action of the immune system, to eliminate provoking factors that can enhance the growth of the endometrium.

When endometriosis drugs are prescribed in small doses, which when released into the brain lead to the development of certain impulses aimed at improving the body from this disease. In this case, the impulses in turn begin to affect the protective forces and immunity, effectively fighting endometriosis.

The causes and symptoms of the disease in women are different, therefore, are appointed strictly on an individual basis. If the menstrual cycle is disturbed, then the doctor may prescribe Actaip, Racemosis by dilution with water and oral administration. If there is ovarian dysfunction and menstruation failure, then effective drugs that can eliminate complaints and help women.

Applicable medicine Tui and proved to be effective. When taken continuously for 2 years, the disease in women receded. In the end, everything went back to normal.

To cure endometriosis, it is homeopathy that will help. Efficiency is that the organism is considered as a whole and it is necessary to treat first of all the patient, and not the disease. The main difference of homeopathy from traditional methods of treatment is that the method is able to get rid of the misfortune forever at any stage of development and form and does not lead to addiction.

  • to maintain hygiene
  • forever eliminate messy connections, otherwise there is a high risk of contracting sexually transmitted diseases,
  • learn to wash away properly in order to avoid accidental infection from a partner who may not even be aware of his illness.

Can endometriosis be cured by homeopathy forever?

If gynecologists do not give guarantees of a complete cure for endometriosis, and many advise women to wait for the menopause and only then have an operation. However, homeopaths with experience assure that they are able to cure the disease forever, but only with homeopathic preparations. Combination during treatment with other tablets, vitamins and even harmless herbs is excluded.

The homeopathic method calls for not using other drugs and powders, only homeopathic remedies, otherwise the treatment will not be considered homeopathic and will not lead to recovery. This is where the emphasis is placed by a qualified homeopath. Not applicable to all other drugs prescribed by a gynecologist.

Surgical intervention as a radical method of treatment of endometriosis is prescribed for relapses of endometriosis. Today, doctors began to limit themselves to laparoscopy (abdominal surgery), less traumatic. Although the chances of complete relief from the disease, even when using this method is unlikely. Treatment with hormonal blockades can only aggravate, lead to endometrial atrophy.

Only homeopathic remedies can completely cure endometriosis, but first, women are assigned to undergo a survey to understand and analyze the overall picture of the problem.

Many women managed to become pregnant after being treated with homeopathy and the attack that had been disturbing for years did not leave even a trace. But only a homeopath under the force to understand what drugs are needed for women to endure the disease forever, come and eventually a long-awaited pregnancy.

The risk of endometriosis - in asymptomatic and often, with an irregular visit to the gynecologist, women learn about it late, when the ovaries are lined with endometrioid tissue, menstruation became painful, constipation started, urinary tract function was disturbed and treatment was already ineffective. There is no other option how to perform an operation, which often leads to adhesions, the development of a cyst. Conducting a hysterectomy can only slightly improve the condition of women.

Even after surgery, endometriosis is able to resume again, and in women - there is no ovulation and, of course, conception. With the appearance of brown discharge, uterine bleeding, pain in the abdomen, clogged fallopian tubes disease becomes chronic and is no longer amenable to treatment.

  • pay attention to your lifestyle,
  • review bad habits
  • give up alcohol and nicotine,
  • use only pads on critical days,
  • avoid taking fat and carbohydrates.

Food should be light, with vegetables and fruits. All medications taken during treatment must be coordinated with a specialist. If the symptoms are not pronounced, then there is no need to rush under the knife to the surgeon. It is better to resort to non-traditional methods of treatment, in particular - to homeopathy that can cure the disease. Let not quickly, but for many years.

Anna, Moscow

“With the help of homeopathy, I managed to significantly stop the progression of endometriosis. I read in the journal that this method of treating diseases was used several thousand years ago and still has not lost its relevance. Homeopathic medicines helped to completely dissolve the pathological node and avoid complicated operations. ”

Valentina, Tula

“Due to the long-term medications, I developed a hormonal imbalance. Almost at the same time, it led to mastopathy, endometriosis, and thyroid disease. With the help of homeopathic medicines, I managed to start the treatment of all these diseases simultaneously. This allowed to prevent the progression of pathology and reduce the likelihood of developing malignant pathology. "

Irina, St. Petersburg

“Recently, after a routine gynecological examination, I was diagnosed with endometriosis. Such a “find” became shocking for me, because I am of reproductive age and still plan to increase the family. In order not to run the risk of surgery, she turned to homeopathy. After a six-month course, the treatment was relieved, and the examination by the gynecologist showed a significant decrease in the nodes. ”

Advantages of homeopathic treatment

The benefits of homeopathic treatment include:

  • one hundred percent natural origin of all drugs,
  • good tolerability of drugs, including pregnant women,
  • no adverse effects (only in rare cases, allergic reactions may occur),
  • homeopathy has a gentle effect on the body
  • used in many gynecological pathologies,
  • the doctor can carry out an individual approach to each patient.

How to choose the right tools

All homeopathic medicines have a unique composition. They improve the functioning of the nervous system, contribute to the elimination of provoking factors. In the treatment of endometriosis, all agents are prescribed in small doses.

When ingested, they produce certain nerve impulses that positively affect the affected area of ​​the body and contribute to its recovery.

Since the causes and symptoms of the disease are different for all women, medications are prescribed individually.

Coenzyme compositum

This is a homeopathic remedy of complex chemical composition. Includes mineral salts, organic acids. The drug is prescribed to improve blood circulation, with indisposition, weakness.

For endometriosis, the use of vitamins is necessary Homeopathy allows the use of any vitamin in the right dose. At the same time there is a versatile effect of the drug on the body, recovery accelerates.

What results to expect

Homeopathy for endometriosis is effective. After several months of continuous medication, endometriosis stabilizes, and in the future, the endometrium stops growing.

This result of the treatment of endometriosis by homeopathy can be observed only if all the doctor's instructions are followed.

Should I trust homeopathy

Medicines based on homeopathic substances have a beneficial effect on the activities of all body systems, including reproductive. They have many advantages due to which they are used for the treatment of various diseases.

It is necessary to take all homeopathic medicines only after they are prescribed by a doctor.

Causes of Endometriosis

The development of the disease and the growth of endometrioid tissue occurs under the influence of various factors. Endometriosis is often diagnosed in women with menopause and in young girls soon after the appearance of the first menses.

An important role is played by hormones. It is noted that with endometriosis, the concentration of follicle-stimulating and luteinizing hormones increases, and the amount of progesterone decreases.

There is a genetic predisposition to this disease. It develops faster in the case of immunity depression and in the presence of the following factors:

  • carrying out abortive activities,
  • unfavorable ecology
  • lack of iron in the body
  • pelvic surgery,
  • excessive body weight
  • inflammatory processes
  • installation of intrauterine device,
  • liver pathology.

Формы и симптомы

Существует несколько форм патологии в зависимости от места локализации очага поражения:

  • генитальная. Повреждены оказываются матка, придатки, наружные половые органы, маточные трубы и брюшина,
  • экстрагенитальная. The pathological process extends to the intestines, lungs and urogenital system,
  • combined Manifestations of extragenital and genital forms are noted.

The disease at the initial stage of development is often asymptomatic. Over time, the following clinical signs are observed:

  • patients complain of pain in the abdomen and lower back, which become pronounced during critical days and intimacy,
  • spotting bleeding outside the menstruation phase,
  • failure of the menstrual cycle
  • hyperthermia,
  • nausea,
  • general weakness
  • problems with conception.

Application of homeopathy

Homeopathic treatment of endometriosis is very effective in the early stages of the disease. The technique allows suppressing the process of endometrial tissue germination on other organs.

In contrast to hormonal drugs, homeopathic remedies not only help normalize hormone levels, but also restore the protective functions of the body.

Features of the choice of drug

There is an opinion that homeopathic preparations do not carry any danger for the organism, however they possess a number of contraindications and therefore are not always used. The choice of medicines is carried out taking into account a number of factors:

  • severity
  • the absence or presence of complications
  • associated diseases that occur in a chronic form,
  • anatomical features of the genitourinary system,
  • causes of the disease.

The selection of dietary supplements is also based on whether the woman takes other medicines, and how compatible they are.

In homeopathy, there are about 80 effective drugs that can resist the pathological process. Most often resorted to the use of the following:

  • Remens,
  • Estrovel,
  • Heel,
  • Thuja Occidentalis,
  • Pulsatilla,
  • Ubiquinone Compositum.

Vitamins are a must-have supplement to basic therapy. Vitamin E is considered a universal substance with a wide spectrum of action and used in gynecological practice. It helps normalize the activity of all organs of the genitourinary system. Its beneficial effect on the cycle of menstruation is noted.

Prolonged intake of vitamin E contributes to solving such a serious problem, characteristic of this disease, as the impossibility of conception. At the same time, the process of pathology development is suspended and a stable period of remission begins, which is not accompanied by painful clinical manifestations.

Vitamin is allowed to be taken in the form of tablets, and delivered into the body by injection. In any case, the reception of funds is coordinated with the attending physician. This substance tends to accumulate in the body, and therefore it must be used in compliance with the prescribed dosage.


Homeopathic medicines help strengthen the immune system and restore hormonal levels. For this reason, they are effective in the case of initiation of therapy at an early stage of endometriosis development. The pathological process can be completely stopped.

When dealing with a severe illness, homeopathy helps to eliminate pain in the abdomen and bleeding, as well as improve the overall condition of the body.

It is noted that even with the treatment of the second and third stages of the disease, women have a chance to become pregnant after treating endometriosis.

Homeopathic medicines have a beneficial effect on the reproductive system and help cure endometriosis. These funds have a huge number of benefits, but they can be taken only by doctor's prescription.

Natalia Evgenievna Pokhodilova

Psychologist, Kinesiologist Online consultant. Specialist from the website

leeches can try.

Is it really nice when something grows inside?

Do the surgery, do not be afraid. The scars, if planned, are very small, but modern and generally invisible. But if a cyst ruptures inside, is taken away by ambulance, then there will be abdominal surgery, and a scar like at Caesarean. Yes, it will be impossible to assemble all the pieces of cyst, which is also not very good for the body.

There are negative when she is not engaged (i.e., self-treatment) and she grows up breaking. And the example when it is removed, but the person is not treated, and does not deal with the cause - and she grows up again.
Hormones - there are no other ways of treatment. And you are the author, before you fear and delay - make tumor markers

Miki, it's impossible to sit on harmonies all your life, either. it turns out some hopeless situation: (

6 - exit, find a good gynecologist, for a long time, who will monitor the condition, and prescribe, or cancel something as needed.
You can be sad at least ten times for this, but to recognize the disease and respect it is probably smarter, if only because these cysts tend to be reborn.

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Miki, I have been trying to find a good gynecologist for many years - it does not work. Yes, and abolish hormones - it means again to get on the operating table: (

but traditional medicine is powerless here

I have endometriosis of 1 degree, but I didn’t even know about it, only infertility was disturbing for 4 years. I went to the doctors, examined, gave all kinds of tests, had a chiropractor, did leeches, drank hormones. In general, you can’t enumerate everything. And 3 weeks ago I made a lapar and found endometriosis, burned the lesions and prescribed treatment, and a climax for 4 months, then try to get pregnant. Doctors say that this is the most effective method of combination, that is. operation + hormones! I went through many doctors, heard a few opinions, everyone advised the operation.

Zlata, my doctors say the same thing to me, but this is practically a death sentence. Is there no other way out?

The author, did you give birth? if you are planning a pregnancy cyst is better to remove. The stomach will grow and squeeze the cyst. This is not a death sentence. And not uncommon in our time (

I don’t have to be afraid of laparoscopy, I’ve done it recently, I’m still sitting on the hospital, 4 small holes have almost healed, there was a huge cyst that caused unbearable pain during menstruation, plus I couldn’t get pregnant for 7 years, and now there is hope, I read a lot that after laparoscopy There is a big chance to get pregnant, after the operation they prescribed a course of treatment with diferiline for 4 months, so in half a year you can try ..) and do not be afraid! the operation is not complicated, I was given 20 minutes, on the third day I was already discharged. Good luck to you.

Hormonal treatment will vseravno cysts will go once it means everything went astray. Herbs will not give the desired effect. While drinking hormones. Doctors say that even after lapar. they can increase if not restore hormones. Laparu do mainly want to take.

11, no, did not give birth, but I plan in the future.
From what I read in the yen I understood the following: you make a lapar — then you sit on the hormones, as soon as you cancel the hormones — everything will start to grow again — again the lapara and hormones and so on until you slaughter :( , the cardiovascular system is clean, and it turns out that there is no way out.

13, I have hormones (according to the results of analyzes) as it is not funny in the norm. why endometriosis has occurred is not clear.

12, thanks! I really hope that you will soon become a mother!

About the treatment of endometriosis:

administer until endometriosis has spread to healthy areas.

My friend was given endometriosis homeopathy - half a year she woke up with a temperature. And in the spring on the ultrasound they said everything was clear.

I wonder what kind of homeopathy was used here and that with a friend now Read the article on the link. Homeopathy is not a folk remedy or herbal treatment. Homeopaths are people with a completed medical education. Homeopathy is quite scientific, has its own methodology and principles. The problem is one, find a good doctor.

homeopathy helps! she herself saw. Lachesis and Conium .. the pains have completely disappeared. each one is prescribed their own drugs .. but there are those who have a standard for endometriosis. so you can drink .. if you are tired of hormones .. you can drink hormones then sweat then grass .. then again homeopathy and so on until menopause
there is probably no other way .. just to restrain it .. all the time .. and if not to restrain it, it will go down the guts .. I even feel how it metastasizes all over the body .. and then immediately I start to drink something .. everything calms down .. an infection is such that the enemy does not wish .. an operation for enedometriosis should be done only with good specialists who end up with the endometriosis. while other doctors simply cannot do well and that’s why they need to do it later .. I had three operations so well, I didn’t do it properly .. but then it’s all the same if there are pockets on the uterus .. then it’s spread further .. the question of time is simple. . Someone has time to give birth .. and then everything is down to menopause, and someone doesn’t hold out, cut out all the nafig in 40 years

Yes, it is possible, read here:

Treatment of endometriosis homeopathy

Yes, it is possible, read here:

Found foci of endometriosis, I want to try dry medical hunger for 5 days, I read a lot about it, I already have experience of water hunger, so I’ll try, it won’t be worse if I enter and leave the hunger strike correctly.

11, no, did not give birth, but I plan in the future. From what I read in the yen I understood the following: you make a lapar — then you sit on the hormones, as soon as you cancel the hormones — everything will start to grow again — again the lapara and hormones and so on until you slaughter :( , the cardiovascular system is clean, and it turns out that there is no way out.

I have an endometriotic cyst on the ovary, I don’t want to do the operation and I’m afraid, and the doctors say that there’s no other way to get rid of it. Can anyone have positive examples?

Found foci of endometriosis, I want to try dry medical hunger for 5 days, I read a lot about it, I already have experience of water hunger, so I’ll try, it won’t be worse if I enter and leave the hunger strike correctly.

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Symptoms and effects of the disease

With the appearance of painful sensations in the abdomen, which give up the perineum and anus, the woman should consult a specialist. At the same time, uterine bleeding occurs in intermenstrual time, and there are spotting during sexual intercourse. Lack of treatment leads to the formation of adhesions in the pelvic area, the development of a malignant tumor, infertility, anemia due to blood loss and endometrioid cysts.

Homeopathic Treatment

Each preparation of homeopathy is distinguished by its uniqueness and spectrum of action. Homeopathic doctors may prescribe:

  • Remens,

  • Heel,
  • Estrovela,
  • Pulsatilla,
  • Ubiquinone Compositum.

Remens is an effective drug and is part of the group of phytoestrogens. The tool helps to normalize the production of estrogen, which in large quantities causes the growth of tissues. At the same time, hormonal background is restored, if a failure has occurred, and normalization of the menstrual cycle.

Symptom relief is observed when taking Estrovel. It is taken as a therapy after the elimination of the affected areas with endometriosis. The drug stops bleeding in the middle of menstruation, normalizing the cycle, and relieves pain. When the tool is used together with other medicines, then comes a long-term remission. It is not recommended to use it in women during lactation and pregnancy.

The broad spectrum homeopathic remedy is the Ubiquinone Compositum. It has a positive effect on the body, restoring immunity, normalizing blood circulation, reducing the intensity of menstruation and improving the general condition of the patient. Reception is necessary to conduct a long time to get rid of ailments. During remission, the remedy prevents the occurrence of relapse.

For quick elimination of discomfort apply Heel.

It is often prescribed in cases where a woman can not get pregnant.

Thanks to the active components of the drug, the functioning of the genital organs is restored, the hormonal balance, and also the concentration of estrogen is normalized.

Problems with the menstrual cycle during the growth of the endometrium will help to neutralize Pulsatilla. The tool helps to cure the disease when it is spread to other organs and ovarian dysfunction. Its positive effect is observed after surgical removal of tissues affected by endometriosis. Each drug has beneficial properties and is assigned based on the severity of the pathology.

Advantages and disadvantages of the method

Therapeutic measures for the elimination of endometriosis should appoint a gynecologist, taking into account the individual characteristics of the woman. To identify the disease, it is necessary to conduct a full examination. The selection of methods is influenced by the age of the patient and the localization of the lesions.

With the development of the disease, violations occur in the internal environment of the female body, so you need to choose the right homeopathic remedies. When they are started at the early stage of pathology, the size of the affected endometrium decreases, and the process of tissue growth slows down.

The use of homeopathy prevents the spread of the disease to organs that are located close to the uterus. The method helps to strengthen the immune defense, normalize hormones and eliminate the causes of exacerbation of endometriosis. Traditional methods do not directly affect growing tissue. With a properly selected homeopathic course, the following changes are observed:

  1. Abundant bleeding during menstruation is eliminated.
  2. Depression, weakness, and strength return.

  3. Pain in the lower back, genitals and abdomen is reduced.

In addition to the advantages of the technique, there are disadvantages:

  1. It is not used for severe pathologies.
  2. Prescribing medications should be handled by a specialist whose services are not available to every patient.
  3. Reception of homeopathic remedies is incompatible with other auxiliary methods of treatment, since side effects may occur.

A woman should consult a specialist in time to avoid negative consequences.

Maria, 35, Moscow: “In endometriosis, the doctor prescribed hormones. Because of this, overweight has appeared. I learned about homeopathy from a friend and decided to try. At first she didn’t notice any special changes, but after 6 months menstruation began to arrive on time, and the painful sensations disappeared. Ultrasound showed that there is no further development of pathology. Homeopathy cures a disease. ”

Marina, 27 years old, St. Petersburg: “I took homeopathic remedies for about 2 months, but there were no changes. The ultrasound showed nothing. The disease has remained at the same stage of development. ”

Elena, 32 years old, Krasnodar: “At stage 2, endometriosis began to apply homeopathy, since she could not get pregnant. Six months later, the results appeared. After the examination, the doctor said that the disease does not develop and it is necessary to undergo another course of treatment in order to have a baby. ”

Application features

Homeopathy, like any method, has its advantages and disadvantages. The advantages include the following:

  • preparations are made from natural ingredients, of natural origin,
  • There are practically no contraindications and side effects. Do not use homeopathic remedies for individual intolerance and allergic reactions.
  • doses of active ingredients are minimal, allowed to use for people of different age groups, pregnant women,
  • homeopathic remedies are compatible with other medicines,
  • the effectiveness of treatment is due to individual dose selection.

The main disadvantages are as follows:

  • drugs should be prescribed by a qualified homeopath, whose services are quite expensive,
  • treatment should be carried out in a timely manner
  • This treatment method does not apply to severe pathologies.
  • homeopathy is incompatible with other auxiliary methods of treatment (acupuncture, physiotherapy, etc.).
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Ovarium compositum

The preparation includes trace elements, components of plant and animal (pig organs) of origin. It has anti-inflammatory effect, normalizes ovarian function, improves tissue metabolism. Available in the form of a solution for injection.

The tool can be entered in any way (in / m, in / in, n / a), as well as in the acupuncture points. The course of treatment lasts 1-1.5 months, during which the drug is used in 1 ampoule 1-3 times a week.

Ubiquinone compositum

Multicomponent preparation containing plant and mineral substances, histamine, acetylsalicylic acid and other substances. It has antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, immunostimulating effect, improves metabolic processes in cells, removes toxins. It has a wide range of indications, including endometriosis.

The drug is administered parenterally (i / m, i / v, n / a), intra-articular, in the acupuncture points of 1 ampoule. It can be used orally; for this, the contents of the ampoule are diluted in 50 ml of water, and are taken in small sips throughout the day. The frequency of treatment at the beginning of treatment 3 times a week, then 1-2 times a week. The duration of therapy is determined by the doctor.


Homeopathy is rich in various preparations for the treatment of endometriosis, each of which is unique in its composition and spectrum of action.

Good drugs, according to homeopathic doctors, are the following:

  • Heel,
  • Ubiquinone Compositum,
  • Remens,
  • Thuja Occidentalis,
  • Pulsatilla,
  • Estrovel,
  • Ovarium Compositum.

One of the most effective drugs is Remens. The drug is included in the group of phytoestrogens, aimed at normalizing the process of production of the female hormone estrogen, an excessive amount of which provokes the development of the disease. Remens with endometriosis normalizes hormones, helps to restore the menstrual cycle.

Estrovel - a homeopathic drug aimed at quickly stopping the symptomatic picture. Effective Estrovel in cases where a woman has undergone an operation to remove endometriotic foci. Helps to stop symptoms such as pain in the lower abdomen, bleeding in the middle of the cycle, allows you to normalize the cycle. If Estrovel is used in combination with other drugs, it is possible to achieve long-term remission.

Estrovel is prohibited during pregnancy and during breastfeeding.

Ubiquinone Compositum - a broad spectrum homeopathic remedy. It does not positively affect the entire body, restores the immune system, helps normalize blood circulation, thereby reducing the intensity of menstruation, improves the overall condition of the woman. Take the drug you need a long course. During remission, it is recommended to periodically resort to taking this drug to prevent a relapse.

Heel - a drug of complex effect, helps to quickly eliminate unpleasant symptoms of the disease. In most cases, appointed in cases where the pathology does not allow a woman to become pregnant. The active components of the drug restore the organs of the reproductive system, normalize hormones, and normalize the concentration in the blood of the female hormone estrogen.

Pulsatilla - attributed to patients whose menstruation is irregular due to endometriosis, often there is a delay. It helps the drug in cases where endometriotic lesions have spread to the adjacent organs of the reproductive system and have led to ovarian dysfunction. The medicine is used during the medical treatment of endometriosis and as an effective restorative after surgical removal of the lesions of the pathological process.

Calling the best homeopathic medicine will probably be difficult. Each drug has its effect on the body and organs of the reproductive system, and the medicine is selected depending on the characteristics of the pathology of each individual patient.

Vitamins in endometriosis - a mandatory supplement to the main treatment. Vitamin E - a universal remedy with a wide spectrum of action and used in gynecology for the treatment of many diseases.

Vitamin E in endometriosis contributes to the normalization of the organs of the reproductive system. Particularly favorably affects the tool on the menstrual cycle, eliminating delays caused by the development of pathology.

Long-term intake of vitamin helps to solve the problem of endometriosis, as the inability to conceive a child. Studying the numerous reviews of women treated, long-term intake of vitamin E helps to stop the further development of the disease, a long period of remission without a painful symptomatic picture.

Depending on the severity of the clinical case, the vitamin intake is prescribed in pill form or injected by injection. Reception of funds should be agreed with your doctor. Since this substance can accumulate in the body, it should be taken in strict accordance with the prescribed dosage.


Despite the fact that homeopathic medicines have practically no contraindications and side effects, they should be prescribed by a qualified physician. When selecting the most effective treatment course, the following indicators are necessarily taken into account:

  • Individual features of the body and the patient's health,
  • Pathology of the reproductive system,
  • The degree of development of endometriosis,
  • The presence of additional chronic diseases
  • Causes of endometrial growth.

Homeopathy is not only effectively combating the factors that provoke the disease, but also improves the general condition of the body. Today, pharmacies have a huge range of homeopathic medicines that normalize the reproductive system in women. They need to be chosen with special care, as some of them may be completely useless.

It is necessary to take pills prescribed by a doctor several times a day. Be sure to watch how your body reacts to a particular drug. The duration of treatment also depends on individual indicators and the clinical picture. The more severe the symptoms, the longer it will take to be treated.

The minimum course of homeopathy is 1 month. However, in some cases, patients have to take special drugs for several years.

The main advantages of homeopathic remedies for endometriosis include:

  • No serious side effects and contraindications
  • General health and immune protection,
  • Normalization of hormonal balance,
  • No negative impact on other chronic pathologies,
  • Compatible with any drugs.

Endometriosis is accompanied by atypical proliferation of epithelial cells in the female genital area. This condition is not considered normal and needs special treatment. The severity of the disease depends on exactly where the lesions are located. Patients at the initial stage of development of the disease have attacks of acute pain in the lower abdomen and bleeding. If you do not start the treatment of the disease, it can lead to ovarian dysfunction and infertility.

Doctors believe that the main cause of endometriosis is hormonal failure in the body. It is because of this that girls in puberty and women who have just started menopause most often suffer from this disease. Acceptance of homeopathic medicines at an early stage of development of the disease will allow to avoid surgery and complex hormonal therapy.

Such treatments at a young age can have adverse effects. Acceptance of homeopathic remedies for 6 months allows you to forget about pain during menstruation. This is not surprising, because such medicines eliminate the very cause of the development of the disease, and the symptoms disappear by themselves. The whole body is being healed, not just a separate organ. When treating homeopathy, complications are excluded, and the effect lasts for a long time.


Homeopathy is used as an auxiliary method of treating endometriosis. Such drugs have a beneficial effect on the patient's body, namely:

  • Normalize the activity and functionality of the ovaries,
  • Interfere with pathological growth of the endometrium
  • They reduce the production of the hormone estrogen.

The composition of each individual homeopathic remedy is truly unique. These funds are immunomodulators that contribute to the natural strengthening of the protective properties of the body. And as you know, it is weakened immunity that is often the main cause of endometriosis.

Homeopathy is selected for each patient individually. Most often, doctors recommend taking the following drugs:

  • Racemosis (Tsimitsifuga) - is produced in the form of granules, which must be pre-mixed with water. Helps to normalize the menstrual cycle.
  • Thuja Occidentalis - a drug effective in endometriosis and ovarian dysfunction. According to reviews of patients, after several years of taking such a drug, gynecological problems disappeared by themselves.

The basic principle of homeopathy is not the treatment of the disease, but of the patient as a whole. This method of therapy allows you to forget about many diseases. Despite the fact that you need to take drugs for a long time, they do not cause addiction or some kind of dependence.

To maximize the effectiveness of homeopathic treatment, the patient must adhere to the useful recommendations of doctors, namely:

  • To observe personal intimate hygiene,
  • Carefully choose your sexual partner to eliminate the risk of contracting STDs,
  • Lead a healthy lifestyle, give up bad habits - smoking, drinking alcoholic beverages.


In some cases, doctors do not give the patient a guarantee of complete deliverance from endometriosis. Gynecologists advise women who have given birth to wait for menopause and only then begin therapy. In this case, be sure to consult with a qualified homeopath. The specialist will select the most effective drugs for you and tell you about the guarantees of absolute recovery.

Homeopathy is not recommended to be combined with any other methods of therapy. If you decide to give preference to homeopathy, then use only the drugs in this group. Otherwise, the doctor will not be able to guarantee the achievement of the desired result.

With the re-development of endometriosis, surgery is prescribed. Relapse of the pathology is eliminated by laparoscopy. Such surgery is less traumatic, has fewer side effects. However, no one can guarantee that after the removal of overgrown endometrial cells, the pathology will disappear for good. Hormonal tablets often only aggravate the patient's condition, contribute to complete atrophy of the tissues in the uterus.

Before starting treatment, it is necessary to undergo an examination, to make a complete picture of the disease. After effective homeopathic treatment, many women got rid of infertility, were able to conceive and endure a healthy child. The main thing is to entrust the solution of the problem to a qualified homeopath who knows exactly the list of suitable medicines.

Endometriosis is a very insidious disease that is often asymptomatic. It is important to regularly visit a gynecologist for preventive purposes. This will allow to identify dangerous pathology at an early stage of development.