The first monthly in girls is an important and very significant event. It is difficult to describe the feelings that you will experience with it. During the first menstruation, the teenager will be faced with strange and new sensations. Perhaps thousands of thoughts can spin in your head at the same time, but you have nothing to fear. On the contrary, it will be reasonable to consider: “When my monthly period goes, I will become a truly adult.” You have to prepare for this exciting event. Try to relax and distract. Whenever the first menstruation begins, remember: this is a natural process in the female body, thanks to which a girl can perform a real miracle - to give the baby life.


Do you want to know when the critical days for girls begin? To start menstruation there is no “right age”. Each one comes in its own time. As a rule, for most teenage girls, menstruation comes at the age of 12–13 years. But it is very conditional. For the first time they can appear in 10 and in 15 years. It is absolutely natural and normal! If you worry and often think: “Is everything alright with me?”, Remember that your day will certainly come too! Menstruation in girls appear when the genitals are sufficiently formed, and the body will accumulate the necessary amount of hormones. After that, your ovaries will regularly (about once every four weeks) ripen the egg, and then leave your body with your menstrual blood.


To learn that menstruation begins is quite simple. There are certain early symptoms that indicate the maturation of your body. They arise gradually. You will find in your body new changes that are hard not to notice. Thus, carefully watching yourself, you can guess when they go monthly for the first time. At the same time, you should not forget that the early signs of menstruation indicated below are individual and cannot be an accurate signal of the beginning of the cycle.

Signs of the first menses:

White discharge. One of the earliest signs that girls are approaching critical days is the appearance of white vaginal discharge. From the moment of their appearance, about a year will pass before the first menstruations come. Just be patient.
Female figure . Another equally important sign of an approaching menstruation in a teenager is the formation of a female figure. As the body matures, you will noticeably change in appearance. Many happily share the news with friends: "Look, I have a waist, my hips and chest have increased." In any case, you will notice that it has become different. In addition, you can become more irritable and vulnerable at this time. Such a “nervous” symptom often occurs in adolescents due to the production of hormones.


A few days before the first menstrual period, a girl may feel unusual and slightly uncomfortable sensations that are associated with premenstrual syndrome, which is well known to most adult women. In adolescents, PMS is most often manifested by the following symptoms:

  • frequent mood swings,
  • increased irritability and tearfulness,
  • weakness and apathy.

You can learn about the onset of menstruation as soon as you notice brown or red spots on your underwear. Do not be surprised if you immediately have abundant discharge. It is very individual. But in any case, it is the allocation of blood is the main feature of the first menstruation. Painful sensations do not always accompany menstruation: some girls learn about its beginning only by the appearance of characteristic stains on linen, and some adolescents experience an unpleasant aching feeling in the lower abdomen. Usually, the first menstruation periods occur in the girl just as her mother does: the presence of pain, the intensity and nature of the discharge are often determined by hereditary factors.


In girls, menstruation usually begins with the appearance of light brown spots or a few drops of blood, which you will notice on your underwear. The color of the discharge can vary greatly from girl to girl, as well as vary with the day of the cycle. Menstrual blood is usually red, brown or even dark brown. The first periods look different, because they consist not only of blood, but also of the layer of the mucous membrane of the uterus (endometrium), as well as vaginal secretions.

Most often the first periods are not too intense. However, it may happen that the selection will be quite abundant from the very beginning. In any case - do not worry. This is absolutely normal! Find out here what suits you best: a tampon or a gasket.

What are the critical days?

What should be monthly? How many selections can I have? How long are the first periods? Adolescents often have similar questions about menstruation, but they do not have a clear answer. The fact is that there is no norm. As after the onset of menstruation, and in the following months, for each girl, this happens differently. It is impossible to say exactly what kind of menstruation a girl can have: discharge can be both scanty and abundant. Some women do not even notice their onset, while others experience pain in the lower abdomen, discomfort in the lower back or feel mood swings. You can find out what to do when these unpleasant symptoms appear by following the link.

When will my menstrual cycle be established?

Surely you're wondering what should be the first monthly - regular or not. The teenage girl's menstrual cycle does not always amount to exactly one month. Especially if your selection is just starting. Before your cycle becomes regular, it will take about two years. The menstrual calendar will help you to trace the pattern of discharge. The most important thing is that you should not dwell on “those” days and restrict yourself in any way. Enjoy life and make new discoveries that always accompany growing up. And our site will help you learn everything about the first menstruation!


As a rule, the duration of critical days for girls is from 3 to 7 days. At the beginning of menstruation, girls have the strongest discharge. Gradually, they weaken. In the last day of the selection is almost invisible. Follow the link to learn more about the menstrual cycle.

The duration of the first cycle of menstruation (time from the beginning of one to the beginning of another bleeding) is individual for each girl. On average, it lasts 28 days, but the cycle duration can vary from 21 to 35 days. The cycle duration often changes under stress (for example, during examinations), during climate change, during the spring months. Read more about the duration of menstruation in adolescents here.


If the first periods of the girl began suddenly and at the wrong time, it is so easy to get confused. Do not worry! You can feel more confident if you constantly use daily pads. For example, Carefree® will protect your clothes from discharges that may suddenly appear and make you feel comfortable. In addition, you can always carry tampons or regular pads. This will allow you to constantly be ready for the onset of menstruation and, if necessary, to quickly use hygiene products.

For the first time menstruation in girls cause real excitement. Here are some simple tips for teens to keep menstruation off guard:

  • Lead the menstrual calendar to know about when to expect menstruation.
  • Use panty liners (such as Carefree®) on days when discharge can begin.
  • If your monthly period went for the first time, and you do not have tampons or pads with you, do not hesitate to contact your friend, teacher or school nurse.
  • On the day when menstrual bleeding can go, visit the toilet every 3-4 hours so as not to miss the onset of bleeding.
  • In the first critical days, just in case, you can put in your handbag not only tampons or pads, but also a spare pair of laundry.

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How to use the gasket

The first thing you need to make sure is whether you use the gasket correctly. To properly lay the gasket, you must print it, remove the protective layer and release the adhesive side. Next, attach it to the middle of the panties, making sure that it is not high and not low. If the gasket with wings, it is necessary to bend them around the base of the panties so that it does not slide down. After the gasket is positioned properly, you need to smooth it out and fix it.

It should be remembered that before putting on the gasket, you must wash your hands so that there is no bacterial infection of the genitals. After putting on a clean pad, the used padding should be wrapped either in toilet paper or in the cloth packaging in which the previous one was placed and thrown into the urn.

Selection of means of protection

Many women use cloth instead of the usual pads. They can be used, as they are more useful and more environmentally friendly than usual, however, they absorb poorly, therefore, to use only when the month is not strong.

When there is a strong menstruation, it is necessary to acquire gaskets of optimum thickness and length. If a girl has strong discharge and frequent flow, then you need to buy highly absorbent and long pads. In such cases, suitable gaskets for 4-5 droplets. They are able to hold large amounts of fluid and use them well at night.

So that girls do not care about the question of how to sleep during menstruation, you need to buy special long night pads. They are different from everyday ones in that they can absorb a lot in themselves, despite the fact that they are thin, so that they can be worn during the daytime. It is best to buy pads with wings, as they stick tightly on the panties.

It is important to use sanitary napkins in order to provide greater protection. Sometimes women impose a sanitary pad on the top and bottom of the usual. This provides better protection where you can leak. Although often this method of application is inconvenient, because the gaskets can appear through. Before you wear these shims you must wear tight underwear that will not excrete.

Feminine sanitary phyto pads

How not to leak in front and behind? To do this, simply move the gasket to the place where there is a greater flow.

Special underwear

To relieve discomfort during menstruation, you can get specialized underwear. If girls have such a problem as strong periods and flow, then you can wear special thick underwear. This does not mean that it should be old underwear, which is not a pity to use in such a period. Under the specialized underwear imply panties, sewn from a three-layer fabric, which not only fit well with the body, but also protect against excessive leakage.

This linen consists of 3 layers:

  • absorbent
  • protective, which helps to prevent leakage,
  • cotton.

Such underwear helps the skin to breathe, to deliver greater comfort than ordinary panties, and also reliably protects against leaks. Of course, the cost of such clothes is not cheap (900–1200 rubles), however, you will not regret buying a few pieces and wearing them during your period.

Precautionary measures

Always carry a spare pad or tampon in your purse. This is very important, as sometimes menstruation can begin at the most unexpected moment. If you know that you have copious periods, you must take with you not only spare gaskets, but even clothes. Because if a girl has leaked during her period, you need to have everything you need with you. Of course, you may not have to use anything, but it will not be so terrible to be in an uncomfortable situation.

If it so happens that you did not have gaskets with you, you can ask them from a friend or girlfriend. It is important not to be shy and remember that all women have such situations once a month.

In such a period, try to limit the movement. This, of course, does not mean that you just have to lie down and do nothing. You can do the usual things, but remember that if you are too active and make too sudden movements, run and jump, then even the most reliable padding and underwear will not save you. Therefore, during such a period it is very important to monitor all your movements and, if possible, to provide for yourself peace.

There is an opinion that it is impossible to do physical exercises and gymnastics in the period of menstruation. It's a delusion. If you do it correctly, it will not only strengthen your health, but also relieve you from painful spasms.

Also these days it is better to wear dark and loose clothing. So, you can not be afraid that during the leaks will be something noticeable, it will be more comfortable than to go and be afraid that you do not look aesthetically pleasing. Clothing dark tones will protect from the appearance of bright spots, and you can not be afraid that it will be problematic to wash it all. Loose clothes allow you to move more freely and comfortably. To do this, absolutely no need to wear ugly and unfashionable clothes. You can choose a beautiful outfit in dark colors that will make you think less about the consequences.

Do not forget to visit the toilet room. This is necessary in order to correct the gasket and ensure that you do not leak. And the more often you visit, the better. Usually, with an average monthly cycle, you have to walk every couple of hours. This will help to be more confident and calm.

And also do not be shy and afraid to go during a lecture or a lesson in the toilet. The teacher calmly let you go, if, of course, you do not run out into it systematically throughout the entire month.

Some tips

At night, during menstruation, it is better to sleep on old bedspreads, blankets and sheets of dark colors. Especially this question is relevant when you spend the night not at home, but with friends or away. Ask your friend to give you something unnecessary to lay on the bed. This will help protect you from a tricky situation and provide a strong and healthy sleep. It will not need to think that the sheets get dirty, and you have to blush in front of people.

If you are still shy, then think for yourself: it will be much worse if someone from the owners notice soiled sheets. But also do not be shy if the father or someone else noticed bloody stains on the sheet. Everyone understands human physiology, and no one will scold, so you should not think so much about the consequences, but rather worry about a normal dream.

Often, when a girl has her period, she becomes shy, especially in those moments if she has leaked. In fact, you should rejoice at the fact that your body matures and is formed correctly. Pass all growth rates - it is physiologically necessary. You need to understand the thing that menstruation is something that millions of women live with on this planet. And if a girl realizes this immediately, then there will be no problems. In order not to be so scary, you can discuss this topic with the female persons who already have them. They will help you to relax.

Some causes discomfort to use the gasket. For these problems, there is an equally effective arsenal of their various tampons or menstrual cups. Standard tampons should be changed every 8–9 hours. As for the menstrual cup, it can be changed to a new one every 10–11 hours, so they can be better and more convenient than pads.

  • If you accidentally leaked, you can be tied around your waist with a sweater or sweatshirt.
  • When you need to wear a skirt, then the best option would be to wear underwear slimming underwear.
  • Wear black leggings under jeans.
  • If you wear long sweaters, T-shirts or shirts, they will help to hide random specks of blood, if they appear.
  • Change the gasket every few hours.
  • Feel free to ask your colleagues and girlfriends for gaskets if you do not have one.
  • If you have started your period, and there is no gasket, then toilet paper can temporarily play a good service.

What are the pants for menstruation

Not everyone has an accurate idea of ​​how underwear looks for menstruation. Many women are looking for a rubber panties in the pharmacy, thinking that they can save from leakage. In fact, these products are visually similar to regular laundry. Their difference lies only in the presence of a special insert on the back side.

Менструальные трусы на 95 % состоят из хлопка и на 5% из впитывающего волокна, которое расположено в области промежности и ягодиц. По качеству такая нашивка схожа с целлофаном и даже немного шелестит, но в процессе эксплуатации этого не чувствуется. Волокна предназначены для поглощения выделений. Наружный слой ткани при этом не намокает.

Some of these products can be perceived as an independent hygienic means, others only help to cope with copious menstrual flow, when even the largest pads are not able to protect against leakage.

How not to leak during menstruation

Means of intimate hygiene, which are used during menstruation, do not give an absolute guarantee that no leakage will occur. Even if they are regularly replaced, there is a risk that a red spot will appear on the clothes.

Most often, such problems are observed in women with copious secretions. They are forced to change hygiene every 3-4 hours and sleep lightly during menstruation, so as not to leak. They have to control their position and often wake up. Despite all the efforts, menstruation at night often leaves a bloody stain on the sheet.

Relatively recently, special panties for use during critical days have appeared on sale. According to the manufacturers of these products, with such underwear you can sleep well and not be afraid to change the position during sleep.

The choice of pants is quite large. Some of them are used as an aid, others are a complete alternative to gaskets and tampons.

Thinx panties

These are special shorts for monthly which use instead of other hygienic accessories. They are available in beige and black colors. In total, the manufacturer offers three models that differ in style and absorbent characteristics:

  • thong. Used for scanty discharge
  • products with covered buttocks. Designed to absorb monthly average volume,
  • classic closed underwear. Able to protect against leakage even with heavy menstrual bleeding.

Products are used as an independent means and for the purpose of safety along with other hygienic accessories. Often women wear such underwear in the period before menstruation and with prolonged heavy menstruation.

Panties Yory

These are products of Japanese production, presented in different variations. There are several models designed for use at certain times of the day. The linen is not able to absorb abundant discharge, therefore it is recommended to additionally fix the gasket on it.

Panties are made of wicking fabric. The insert on the product in size is large enough, due to which the discharge does not fall on clothing. They are intended for reusable use.

The advantages and disadvantages of such clothes

Menstrual panties have a number of undeniable advantages. Among the main ones are the following:

  • able to absorb secretions, so that when poor periods, you can not use other hygiene products,
  • characterized by antibacterial action,
  • no greenhouse effect. The linen passes air, for this reason diaper rash does not appear,
  • visually indistinguishable from ordinary linen,
  • reusable
  • It is necessary to replace shorts once a day, and not every 3-4 hours.

Among the disadvantages of such underwear, there is only a rather high cost, but this minus is considered conditional. Products are reusable, so soon these expenses pay off.

Dream Interpretations

Any dream, including menstruation, must be interpreted depending on the details and circumstances of what was seen at night. In general, such dreams do not carry a negative semantic load, with the exception of some.

  1. Menstruation symbolizes energy and strength. If abundant discharge went on in night dreams, then such a dream foreshadows the dreamer the loss of something valuable in reality. Most likely, it will be intangible things, and relationships and friendship.
  2. A warning will be a dream in which too bloody menses flow down your legs. You must be careful in your decisions in order not to commit rash acts that can lead to a fiasco.
  3. Delaying blood in a dream means that in real life you have no one to rely on and ask for help. Interpretation, of course, is not very comforting. But on the other hand, this is a good chance to take responsibility into your own hands and solve problems on your own.
  4. If a girl dreams of a used female gasket, the interpretation will be as follows: the dreamer is too curious in reality. Such a dream is like a warning that you need to poke your nose in other people's affairs less.
  5. Dirty, soiled with blood, clothes and everything around foreshadows the dreamer of troubles associated with falling into an awkward position. Such a situation can expose a woman, spoil the reputation. It is recommended to be careful in their actions.
  6. Monthly discharge may also dream of a pregnant girl. There is nothing terrible about it. On the contrary, such a dream guarantees the expectant mother that her pregnancy will be calm, the birth will take place without complications and the baby will be born healthy.
  7. If the arrival of discharge in a dream is accompanied by a feeling of pain, then this may mean that the dreamer is in reality dissatisfied with her beloved person and having sex with him.

What can bats dream of

Monthly color

It is possible that bleeding can dream of an unusual color:

  1. A strange color foreshadows the occurrence of an unusual situation, which cannot be solved on its own. But do not despair. To help the dreamer in reality, a more mature and experienced person will surely come. Together with him will come the decision.
  2. If Morpheus decided to send you a dream with monthly dark or black color - this is a bad sign. This vision foreshadows a disease associated with the female genital organs and the reproductive system, as well as problems with the conception and bearing of the fetus.
  3. If in a dream the menstruation began suddenly and their color is bright red, then it means that in reality the dreamer is overwhelmed by strong feelings of resentment towards people. Perhaps they are associated with an inferiority complex, dissatisfaction with their appearance.

Discharge from an immature girl

It happens that the blood dreams of a girl who has not yet reached puberty, and she has never had any discharge. In this case, the monthly shorts dream of unexpected joy and change.

A used pad with its own blood can have a direct meaning: hormonal surges are taking place in the girl's body right now, which will soon trigger female secretions.

What dreams of a mouse, the interpretation of dreams about small rodents

If in dreams the discharge of discharge is accompanied by pain, then this may mean that the girl has problems with her parents.

Another interpretation of this night vision can be the real fears of a young lady associated with the upcoming physical changes in the body.

Such fears need to be discussed with mom or older sisters in order to stop being afraid of the natural processes of your body.

Blood stains on bedding in the morning - not the best start to the day.

But if you use suitable means of protection at night, this will not happen. Why do I need extra protection at night to prevent leakage? It turns out that blood flows in different ways when you are lying and when you are standing. That is why we need nighttime pads, for example Libresse Goodnight.

Night pads are longer than usual. As the blood flows down when you lie, a longer pad is an effective solution to the problem. Some pads move out when you turn over a lot in your sleep, which is why blood flows to the laundry. The uniquely shaped Libresse gasket follows the contours of the body, preventing leakage, even when you toss and turn, and protecting you during sleep.

How to avoid running at night

It will be another protective layer between monthly and bed linen.

An extra pair of panties will absorb leaking blood. Choose denser dark-colored cotton panties with no spots visible

Put an old hand towel on the bedding. It absorbs blood and protects bedding from stains.

Fold a few sheets of toilet paper and put it under the night panty liner for better absorbency.

The mattress cover will prevent the formation of ingrained dark spots. If you don't spend the night at home, take it with you.