Pulsatil drug for delayed menses: is it worth it?


Delayed menstrual cycle is a phenomenon that makes many women feel nervous and conjecture. And the reasons for the delay (or absence) of menstruation are different. When such failures appear in the reproductive system, some women tend to panic, while others, on the contrary, treat their own health quite “cool”, and do not rush to the doctor even when there are no monthly periods for a long time. Probably the most reasonable way out is not to rush into extremes. Knowing as much as possible about one’s own health, about one’s most vulnerable places, is the important task of a prudent woman. Then it will be easier to deal with the “malfunctions” in the body.

Delay of menstruation? Looking for the cause

Traditionally, the main "culprit" of delayed menstruation at all times was considered pregnancy. Therefore, the first thing to do if the monthly delayed for a week or more - confirm or deny this reason.

Experienced doctors emphasize that pregnancy tests do not always "tell" the truth (and an ectopic pregnancy in general can remain for the test "invisible"). Therefore, a negative test is not an absolute guarantee that conception did not occur. For greater reliability, you should still go to see a doctor.

However, it also happens that there are no periods for quite a long time, and the pregnancy did not come. Very often, menstruation delay is an important signal that a hormonal failure has occurred in a woman’s body.

Consider the most common causes of monthly problems.:

  1. Sports, hard physical labor.
  2. Frequent nervous shocks, depressive states.
  3. Too sharp and significant weight loss, insufficient weight.
  4. Overweight.
  5. Unbalanced diet, a radical change of diet, problems with metabolism.
  6. Sharp change of climatic conditions.
  7. Long-term use of birth control pills.
  8. Polycystic ovary.
  9. Various ailments in the female part (inflammation of the appendages, myoma).
  10. Hormone failure caused by abortions.

Pulsatilla helps to return monthly

If surveys have not revealed serious diseases of the genital organs, homeopathic remedies will be able to return to the usual menstrual cycle. In homeopathy, there are a number of reliable tools that can quickly cause menstruation. The special trust and respect of patients of different age categories was won by Pulsatilla.

The most important component of this medicine - an extract from a sleep-grass (this plant and in ancient times was used to approximate menstruation). Pulsatil granules of the drug - an extremely effective means, quickly causing menstruation. With strict observance of instructions, side effects almost does not happen.

But It is worth noting that this tool can not be considered universal. When prescribing a particular drug, the doctor relies on the characteristic of the individual patient's well-being, on her age, and on the nuances of the organism. In homeopathy, prescribing drugs relies on the principle of similarity.

Who is Pulsatilla suitable for? We study the psychological type

Pulsatilla will be the most effective means for this type of women:

  • Passive, sacrificial.
  • Gentle and loving woman. She easily shows emotions, is generous with tears, sentimental outpourings, therefore it seems to many to be an eternal girl.
  • It is characterized by anxiety, suspiciousness.
  • Such a woman is responsible and at the same time slow, always doubting her abilities and talents.
  • Outdoors it feels better than indoors.
  • In marriage and kinship, she is affectionate, jealous, and too dependent - even self-denial. It needs praise and support from loved ones.

Action miracle drug

Pulsatilla has a diverse effect on the woman's body. After taking the drug occurs venous tide, aggravating all processes in the female body. Venous circulation is enhanced, the body is cleared.

But important to rememberthat this process may be accompanied by some discomfort (all those factors that caused stagnation in the body are also felt more acutely). It is appropriate to use the drug at the end of serious diseases (to restore the usual process of discharge). At the initial stage of the development of protracted diseases, Pulsatilla also has an important health effect on the body (the state of intoxication decreases, the blood circulation becomes more intense).

Nowadays, when women are experiencing increased stress on the nervous system and on the body as a whole, the reproductive system may give an alarm at the most inopportune moment. Not every woman will want to break away from work and household chores for a long time in order to undergo a course of treatment in a hospital. Homeopathic granules can solve the problem of lack of menstruation faster (and often no less effective!) Than some hormonal injections.

How to take Pulsatilla granules

For the normalization of menstruation take Pulsatilla 6C granules. The medicine is taken in the morning (or in the evening) one hour before meals (the granules are taken under the tongue and are absorbed). The optimal dose is five to seven granules at a time.

Usually, one intake of this remedy is enough for menstruation to begin within a day. The maximum course of taking the drug is two days. It is worth emphasizing that exceeding the rate of granule intake is dangerous! Otherwise, the patient may begin to bleed heavily.

It is worth remembering that while consuming Pulsatilla, it is not recommended to drink coffee, tea (especially alcoholic and energy drinks), eat chocolate, oranges. Physical activity during treatment is better to reduce, so as not to exhaust the body.

Female doctor

Pulsatilla is a traditionally female drug. Its effect on the female reproductive system is very significant. With delayed menstruation (and scanty periods), the drug Pulsatilla helped many women. Young girls, whose cycle has not yet been established, usually do not recommend this drug.

Most of the patients after taking the granules not only waited for their periods, but also noticed significant changes in their state of health, felt a surge of strength. Usually the next menstruation (after the one accelerated by Pulsatilla) passes without delay.

Nowadays, some women drink granules to cause pre-menstrual periods (for example, before an important trip, a business trip). And although this single trick does not matter, it is better to refrain from manipulating the critical days.

Or, in extreme cases, instead of Pulsatilla, give preference to a softer folk remedy - for example, drink a decoction of parsley. It is worth remembering that too often to turn to the help of the "cherished" granules is not necessary. If menstruation delay is not a single phenomenon, and the call of menstruation became possible only with the help of Pulsatilla, the patient should undergo a serious examination.

Perhaps tests will indicate an infection (or an ultrasound scan will reveal a more serious illness). In such a serious matter, as a violation of the menstrual cycle, self-medication is very imprudent.