Is it possible to drink coffee during menstruation


Menstruation is not a disease, but a relatively normal state of a woman, although many during the menstruation undergo painful sensations, and, to be honest, they “frankly dislike” these “days.

None of the women even thinks about changing the diet and habits in the period of menstruation, although doctors strongly advise to revise their menu, paying particular attention to drinks.

Strong coffee, according to doctors, tops the list of taboos with alcohol. Note: strong! About coffee in general, we are not talking.

What coffee is undesirable

Not only during menstruation, but experts never recommend drinking instant coffee, since this drink can be attributed to coffee with a big stretch, from the coffee in it is one name. And many gourmets, and they don’t even consider him as such, to be called a surrogate - not otherwise.

As for the real ground coffee, "extracted" personally in the kitchen of the grain, then in critical women's days it can not be brewed strong and drink more than one cup.

The rules of women's morning coffee

If you are not a fan of coffee, it is better to abstain from a drink during menstruation, because caffeine contributes to fluid retention (even if coffee is considered a diuretic). So why is the opinion that fluid retention is on his “conscience”? Caffeine is a weak diuretic that is unable to defeat all the fluid that has accumulated in the female body during the menstrual period.

And a lot of fluid is an unpleasant pulling pain in the lower abdomen, which prevents to live and work fully.

In order for the coffee to have a proper diuretic effect, it is necessary to drink it, which is weakly brewed, with the addition of milk, or take melt water for brewing, which is one of the best diuretic drugs.

Not bad for the time of menstruation to replace coffee with chicory - the taste is almost the same, and there are much more benefits, different kinds of fears, respectively - less.

Benefit and harm

Of course, coffee benefits the body even with a particular mode of its functioning (for women it is menstrual). But the beneficial effects of caffeine should be expected only with good health and no contraindications to the drink.

1. Activation of the brain, improving the blood supply to the body.
2. Reducing the risk of depression and stress (with regular use).

1. Caffeine destruction of vitamin C, responsible for the body's resistance to external negative effects, weakening of the immune system.
2. High blood pressure (short term).

Can I drink coffee during menstruation?

The answer to this question is not as straightforward as it may seem. More precisely, the only correct answer is not at all. It all depends solely on your well-being and pressure. If the pressure is reduced, a cup of coffee will definitely help, and you will feel better. And with increased pressure and migraines, the coffee will only make it worse, and you should give it up. How to determine whether it is possible to drink coffee during menstruation, if there is no blood pressure monitor at hand?

  • If dizzy, there is nausea, general weakness, - the pressure is lowered, you can confidently drink a cup of strong coffee.
  • If the temples pulsate, headache, bright light annoying - most likely, you have a migraine and pressure is increased, it is better to drink tea and water, and if you can not concentrate without coffee - brew chicory.

How does coffee affect the body during menstruation?

Coffee in itself dehydrates the body, which does not like it, and the body tries to stock up more water. As a result, the body swells, there may be nagging pain in the lower abdomen, which many girls already have. If you suffer from painful menstruation, it is better to reduce coffee consumption to a minimum.

Coffee has a stimulating effect on the nervous system, and many women during menstruation feel irritated, suffer from mood swings, and become conflicted. If you have similar symptoms, try to reduce coffee consumption to a minimum, and definitely you should not drink a few cups during the day.

If you drink coffee every day - do not drop for the time of menstruation. The body is accustomed to caffeine, and with a sharp refusal a headache and a general deterioration of health is possible!

In order not to deprive the body of the usual caffeine, and at the same time not to plunge the body into additional stress, reduce the dose of coffee, make it less concentrated or drink just a few sips.

What coffee can you drink during your period?

Experts do not recommend drinking instant coffee (there is no benefit in it), as well as strong ground coffee. And what can be used during this period?

  • Weak natural coffee with milk. Such a drink is a good diuretic, and in combination with milk, caffeine will help remove excess water from the body, that is, lower abdominal pain will decrease.
  • Green coffee is almost harmless due to the minimum caffeine content, and even strengthens the body, but do not brew it too strong.
  • Chicory (although not coffee, but similar in taste) is the best option. Real coffee is no substitute, but you can drink a lot of it. However, it does not help with general weakness and low pressure.

Try not to add sugar and fatty cream to your coffee during menstruation. The body is weakened, and this will contribute to a sharp set of weight.

Coffee during the month: the benefits and harm

Benefit: coffee accelerates blood circulation, increases pressure, thereby improving performance, oxygen supply of the brain, increasing concentration. Women who regularly drink coffee usually reduce stress and depression, so that they feel calmer during menstruation than people who don't drink coffee or drink occasionally.

Harm: The body already loses a lot of nutrients and minerals, and coffee additionally destroys vitamin C, which reduces the resistance of the immune system. To remedy the situation, it is necessary during this period to additionally take vitamin complexes or at least vitamin C tablets.

  • At the expense of drinking coffee during menstruation, doctors do not have a unanimous opinion, focus only on your body and lifestyle.
  • Feel weak in the period of menstruation - allow yourself a cup of strong coffee in the morning, but only one.
  • You have a stomach ache and you swell - drink a weak natural coffee with low-fat milk.
  • If you have a bad headache, you can't drink coffee.
  • Do not stop drinking coffee sharply during menstruation.

What harm can coffee do?

No source of information provides an unequivocal answer to the question: “Can I drink coffee (or other caffeine containing drinks) during menstruation?”. There is no convincing evidence of how a favorite drink affects the menstrual cycle, however, both positive and negative effects on the body are recorded. On the one hand, caffeine has the property of retaining fluid in the tissues. During menstruation, this is completely unacceptable, as the woman already suffers from swelling caused by hormonal factors, and additional water intake only increases the pain. That is why you can not drink strong coffee. In addition, emotional instability during special days may increase due to the stimulating effects of caffeine. On the other hand, lethargy, drowsiness and apathy disappear when the concentration of this substance rises in the blood, because it tones beautifully.

We must not forget that, unfortunately, not every woman is completely healthy. Ladies suffering from migraines, high blood pressure, neurosis, neurasthenia is better to abandon the perfect drink, because after coffee you can feel much worse.

What coffee to drink on critical days

They say that if you can not, but really want, then a little bit is possible. Do not deny yourself the pleasure to use one cup of weak coffee a day, especially if you are somewhat dependent on the drink, and it is present daily in your menu. It will help to cheer up and get rid of dizziness, return the clarity of thought and good mood.

Modern women are accustomed to live life to the fullest in any conditions, menstruation certainly will not become an obstacle to getting what you want, whether it is a long-awaited contract with a promising client or coffee with a colleague during a short break. to your fragile organism, then your period will be just a reminder of femininity, not a burden and a problem.

How to replace strong coffee on critical days

It is not necessary to darken the already difficult stage of life with gastronomic hardships. Reasonable and balanced approach - the key to a good mood, regardless of the phase of the cycle. Coffee owes its miraculous properties to caffeine, respectively, the smaller it is, the less harm from a drink for a menstruating woman.

First, consider the elementary classification of coffee:

Doctors of various specialties do not get tired of talking about the dangers of instant coffee. Although experts say that this invention of mankind has never been in a state of coffee beans, but is a mixture of flavoring and aromatic chemical additives, it is possible that it still contains caffeine. From its use should be abandoned, in principle, and not only during menstruation.

Various types of natural ground coffee can be used to make an invigorating drink. Specialized departments of supermarkets are full of packages. Grain and powder brought from different countries are offered to the sophisticated buyer. The advertisement calls for a cup of strong coffee to “live better and live happier.” It is hard to resist the temptation, and you should not deny yourself such innocent pleasure. It is necessary to remember only that on critical days it is not recommended to have strong coffee. Make a drink that will yield to the usual strength; your body will thank you for your excellent well-being.

You can replace strong coffee analogue of chicory, which does not contain caffeine, but perfectly tones.

Abuse of black and green tea in the days of menstruation is not worth it, because these drinks are also a source of caffeine, however, their moderate content in the diet will not harm.

Do not forget that the most useful liquid for any organism is water, especially thawed water, it perfectly quenches thirst, normalizes the water-salt balance, helps to preserve youth and beauty.

Opinion of doctors

The final decision on the feasibility of drinking coffee during menstruation is taken by the woman. Doctors recommend to take into account the state of health and health, in case of complaints, to consult a specialist. Aesculapates definitely recommend reducing coffee consumption to a minimum during menstruation. Caring for the female body during critical days includes the observance of a certain food culture, as for coffee, if it is present in your menu, you should follow a few basic rules:

  1. The less - the better (no more than 1 cup per day, not strong).
  2. Give preference to milk, not fat cream as an additive. In combination with milk, coffee better exhibits its diuretic effect, which will help get rid of edema.
  3. If you are afraid of extra centimeters in volume, you should refuse to add sugar to the drink.
  4. If your period does not stop you on the way to a cup of your favorite and irreplaceable coffee, do not forget to take vitamin complexes. Caffeine interferes with the absorption of vitamin C, in order to avoid its deficiency, it is worth adding additional supplies with vitamin supplements and special products.
  5. Pain in the temples (usually unilateral), photophobia, nausea can be signs of migraine. In this state, as well as with high blood pressure, coffee is contraindicated.
  6. Excessive emotional excitability during critical days may be aggravated by the effects of caffeine, in order not to turn into a true fury, coffee should be abandoned.
  7. Low pressure can be corrected with an invigorating drink.


Despite the fact that menstruation is not a disease, doctors still recommend to consult a specialist (general practitioner, gynecologist) and find out if you can drink coffee in general, and during menstruation, in particular. The discomfort associated with the inevitable onset of a critical woman in a healthy woman can be minimized by following simple recommendations on the mode of activity and the quality of nutrition.

Do not forget that an organism suffering from additional stress during menstruation needs to receive nutrients, so the diet must be correct and balanced. Particular attention should be paid to the quality of the products. All meals must be nutritious, healthy and easy to digest by the digestive system. For a woman who is attentive to her body, the period of menstruation is just another stage that she can survive in excellent mood, not falling out of the usual schedule, successfully maintaining a family hearth and comfort, achieving goals at work, rewarding all family members with care and attention.

Coffee during the critical days of the benefits and harm of the drink

The benefit of a tonic drink is that it accelerates blood circulation and is able to increase blood pressure. Because of this, performance during critical days increases. Regular consumption of natural coffee reduces stress and improves mood. Reduced pressure headaches and nausea during menstruation are also eliminated by a cup of drink.

To the harmful effects can be attributed to the fact that vitamin C is destroyed and the absorption of iron and calcium is impaired. This can lead to a decrease in immunity. Coffee partially retains water in the body. And he detains water, whether the woman drank it with milk, or in pure form. But if during the menstruation in the coffee still add milk and do weakly brewed, the diuretic effect will increase. If possible, the use of a soluble surrogate on critical days should be abandoned due to the lack of any benefit in it.

Diet during menstruation

The observance of a certain diet on critical days is due to the fact that any food can have a direct effect on the human body. Therefore, nutrition during menstruation should be as balanced as possible.

Due to the fact that menstruation is associated with blood loss, women who are rich in hemoglobin must be on the menu these days. It:

  • liver,
  • nuts,
  • buckwheat,
  • apples, and other foods.

However, along with the recommended products, there is a whole list of products, which are not recommended to be used during this period. Hormonal dysfunctions accompanying menstruation affect the entire body, including the work of the gastrointestinal tract. In this regard, malfunctions of the digestive system, expressed in constipation, diarrhea, increased gas formation, etc., are possible. And this, in turn, has an impact on the psycho-emotional state of a woman, the proper functioning of her body.

List of "forbidden" products

Let us examine in more detail what can not be eaten during menstruation. First of all, women these days should be excluded from their diet:

  • Smoked products.
  • Marinated products.
  • Salting.
  • Conservation.

In connection with hormonal disruptions, a woman can be pulled precisely on these products. A similar situation is observed during pregnancy: a woman wants "salty, sweet, sour." However, in order not to aggravate one's position, one must display willpower during these few days and abandon the products listed.

Gas products

One of the most common female problems with the gastrointestinal tract, manifested during menstruation, is abdominal distension. To avoid this, do not eat foods that cause increased gas formation. First of all, to such unpleasant consequences lead:

  • Bread with yeast. Yeast itself is a source of increased carbon dioxide emissions. And in combination with carbohydrates contained in cereals, this can be a real problem for the gastrointestinal tract during menstruation. Therefore, on critical days, it is better to eat unleavened, fresh bakery products.

  • Bean cultures. All leguminous plants contribute to increased gas formation: peas, beans, lentils, beans. Despite the fact that legumes are a source of valuable plant proteins for the body, they are still quite heavy food of our stomach.

  • Cabbage. All types of cabbage also contribute to bloating and flatulence. At the same time, broccoli and Brussels sprouts are recommended for use during menstruation, as a source of hemoglobin. But if your body is prone to increased gas formation, it is best to pay attention to other sources of hemoglobin that do not cause such side effects.

Normalize the same gas formation these days will help you tincture of fennel and decoction of dill.

Salty and sweet food

Отёчность, часто проявляющаяся во время месячных, связана с затруднённым выводом воды из организма. А излишне соленая и сладкая еда вызывают жажду и провоцируют повышенное потребление жидкости. This is due to the fact that the body requires water to remove excess salts and sugars. Therefore, meals with monthly should not include pickles and sweets.

As a result, it is recommended to exclude pickles, marinades and home canned food from the diet. To improve the output of the liquid, it is recommended to use natural diuretics - all the same decoctions of dill, fennel, basil, parsley and other herbs that have the same effect.

Caffeinated beverages

Often the question is asked: "Can I drink coffee during menstruation?". Caffeine in itself helps to increase blood pressure, causing the heart to contract more intensely. The consequence of this may be more intense bleeding. But not all people coffee acts in a similar way.

If you are accustomed to start every morning with a cup of coffee, and do not experience such side effects from the effects of caffeine, such as an increase in blood pressure, you can not deny yourself this pleasure during menstruation.

If coffee has a pronounced invigorating effect on you, which is caused, above all, by an increase in blood pressure, these days it is better to give it up. A good substitute for natural coffee can be a coffee drink that does not contain caffeine. Thus, you can not abandon their habits, and at the same time do not complicate the position of the body by increasing bleeding.

Alcoholic drinks

Some women may resort to alcohol in order to reduce the discomfort that occurs during critical days. On the one hand, the use of a certain amount of alcohol actually alleviates the general condition: alcoholic beverages act simultaneously as antidepressants and as analgesics.

However, by drinking alcoholic beverages during this period, you thereby increase blood pressure. And this leads to profuse and prolonged bleeding. Because of this, drinking alcohol instead of relief can greatly aggravate the situation, which is so difficult for your body. This is especially true for women in whom menstruation and so are accompanied by heavy bleeding.

Already this should be a completely categorical answer to the question of why it is impossible to drink alcoholic beverages these days. In addition, in the period of menstruation, the female body is most susceptible to the effects of various toxins, which are contained in large amounts in any alcohol. The only thing that doctors can recommend in this case is the limited use of natural red wine after the end of menstruation, for faster recovery of blood loss. But even here wine can be easily replaced with food products containing hemoglobin.

As a result, we can say that, following the above recommendations, you can significantly alleviate your condition on critical days.

Coffee during the critical days - the benefits and harm of the drink

Scientists do not have reliable knowledge on this topic. The issue of coffee consumption during menstruation has not been studied scientifically. Therefore, no one can forbid enjoying the fragrant drink. There are only general recommendations, and use coffee or refuse it - decide for yourself. After all, each girl has their own individual characteristics of the body. To make a choice, you need to know about the beneficial properties of drinking coffee and what damage espresso can do to a person.

Beneficial features

  • The drink has a beneficial effect on general well-being, relieves depression, improves mood, protects from stressful situations.
  • Due to the content of caffeine and other components in the caffeine composition, the brain increases, the body is filled with energy.
  • Coffee stimulates blood circulation, increases pressure, which is important for hypotensive. He also increases concentration.

Therefore, if you can not refuse in the morning from the coffee ceremony due to weakness, dizziness, then do not conduct tests over the body. Drink an espresso, but not more than one cup.

Can I drink alcohol during menstruation

It's no secret that today many girls do not deny themselves a glass or another of wine or use stronger drinks. In doing so, they do not take into account the peculiarities of the female body and its significant differences from the male. Women use alcohol to get rid of the effects of stressful situations that surround them in our busy lifestyle. Some try to get rid of pain in the abdomen and chest that often accompanies menstruation with the help of alcohol.

Of course, I would not like to restrain myself by refusing an invitation to visit or to meet with friends. But the question is whether it is possible to drink alcohol during menstruation, and whether alcohol is really capable of relieving unwanted symptoms and excessive irritability. Most doctors are of the opinion that you can not drink alcohol.

Strong Spirits

Each woman determines for herself whether to drink alcohol during the month or not. The main thing - do not forget about the possible consequences. The use of brandy, vodka and other strong drinks in the period of menstruation is highly undesirable even in small quantities, not to mention a large dose. A fragile female body is able to suffer from alcohol on ordinary days, and even on critical ones, alcohol, especially strong drinks, is especially unacceptable.

Due to the expansion of blood vessels under the action of vodka or brandy, severe bleeding can occur, which can only be stopped in stationary conditions. Imagine, a drunk woman is taken away by an ambulance, doctors cleanse her body of alcohol in the blood, and only then begin to stop the bleeding. What a shame you can suffer the next morning!

Can I drink wine during menstruation

Doctors do not agree on whether it is possible to drink wine during menstruation? There is no categorical prohibition, the whole thing is in the amount of alcohol consumed. One glass of red wine will be enough, such a dose will really relax and reduce pain. It is best to drink some dry red wine after the end of the month, in their last days.

During menstruation, some women lose quite a significant amount of blood. Many of them follow a diet and limit their nutrition, are light in weight and may experience some weakness and dizziness due to blood loss. Good red wine can perfectly fill this blood loss, the main thing is not to overdo it with the measure.

Is beer allowed?

No one, even those abusing alcohol, will deny that drinking alcohol brings only temporary pleasure. And this applies to drinks of any strength, even such as beer. The consequences that occur after drinking alcohol are not worth the pleasure obtained from them. Unlike dry red wine, beer during menstruation is not recommended to drink, even in small quantities. Excess fluid in the body will load the kidneys and cause disturbances in the body's water balance during menstruation.

The effect of alcohol on menstruation

If you take into account the medical point of view, then alcoholic drinks are not desirable for everyone, especially women. Alcohol has a negative impact on many systems of the body, the reproductive system suffers from it in one of the first. When alcohol is consumed during menstruation, the negative effect of alcohol increases blood loss, menstruation becomes more abundant and painful.

It should be noted that alcohol consumption affects menstruation differently in different women. It depends on the general condition of the body, on the type of drinks and on their quantity, etc. However, with all the differences, almost all of them increase the intensity of bleeding and its duration.

Is it possible to drink pills during menstruation

An overwhelming number of women experience painful sensations of varying intensity during their periods. Some easily tolerate these symptoms, others have painful manifestations of menstruation so strong that they are forced to abandon their usual way of life for several days, spending this time in bed.

The only salvation and deliverance from such a state are often medicines. Despite the possible side effects of the pills, many women have no other choice to get rid of the pain during menstruation.

A very effective tool that can significantly alleviate the condition in this period is non-steroid drugs. To get the full effect of taking the pills, you need to start taking them a few days before the onset of your period.. For this purpose, you can take Ibuprofen, Diclofenac, Ketaprofen, Piroxicam, Naproxen. When taking these funds, individual intolerance is possible with the occurrence of nausea and vomiting, so without stopping in the stomach, the tablets simply do not have time to act.

To relieve pain during menstruation, you can use antispasmodics, softening the intensity of uterine contractions. Most often for this purpose, apply No-shpu, Papaverin, Halidor, Spasmagol, Spazgam. Effectively eliminate painful symptoms and analgesics, which, in addition to their primary purpose, are able to relieve the feverish state and feelings of weakness that often accompany menstruation. This can be achieved by using Analgin, Baralgin, Minalgin, Piretin, Novalgin, Ronalgin.

Tablets Duphaston

Indications for treatment with the use of hormonal drugs is the development of secondary amenorrhea, expressed in the termination of menstruation due to damage to the ovaries. Most often for this resort to Duphaston, which is an analogue of progesterone, which allows to change the lining of the uterus to a state identical to the normal functioning of the ovaries. As a result, after the use of the drug, as a rule, menstruation occurs. After treatment, which lasts for 3 to 4 months, the work of the ovaries returns to normal.

In no case should duphaston be taken randomly and without the recommendation of a gynecologist, since such methods can cause an imbalance in the hormonal system. It is not recommended to use the drug in order to independently cause monthly before the due date. Monthly can begin, but the further state will require a long-term restoration of the hormonal level to normal.

Drug postinor

Postinor is a synthetic drug with a gestagen and anti-estrogenic effect for emergency contraception. It is able to suppress the processes of ovulation and bring the endometrium into a state incapable of embryo acceptance. The effect of the drug is calculated for the period before the implantation. With the help of Postinor, you can prevent the threat of pregnancy in more than 80% of cases. The effectiveness of the drug depends on the interval between perfect sexual intercourse and the use of the drug, the longer the gap, the smaller the effect will be obtained. Its action is designed for three days.

Postinor to prevent pregnancy is allowed to take in any phase of the cycle, but it is not recommended to re-use it during one cycle, since such actions can cause acyclic bleeding.

Postinor’s action is based on the prevention of unwanted pregnancy, and he is not able to get rid of the conception already held with the existing viable embryo. This is the main difference between Postinor and abortion.

Thrush Tablets

Candidiasis, or thrush - a fairly common disease, which is the defeat of fungi mucous genital organs. The disease is accompanied by very unpleasant sensations, especially difficult to bear, if the thrush manifested itself during menstruation. The cause of the occurrence may be antibiotics, reduced immunity or hormonal failure. Turning to the chronic form, the disease enters the acute phase just before the menstrual period.

It is possible to alleviate the condition with the help of medicines, namely:

The advantage of these pills is the absence of side effects and minimal contraindications.

Can you drink herbs on critical days

Specialists who study the effect of medicinal plants on the human body and successfully apply them in practice consider, not without reason, that premenstrual syndrome can be significantly alleviated with the help of decoctions of medicinal herbs. Painful feelings and feeling unwell during menstruation can reduce or even rid of them the following plants: buckthorn bark, birch leaf, chamomile, mint, heather. Also quite good soothing and overwhelming pain during menstruation, have properties Valerian, yarrow and flowers of hawthorn.

In case of heavy prolonged menstruation, the collection from the herb of St. John's wort, centaury and creeping thyme can assist. A tablespoon of a mixture of equal parts of these herbs, pour a glass of boiling water and simmer on low heat for about 10 minutes. Take this amount of broth in the morning and before bedtime.

How to drink grass borovoy uterus

The plant boron uterus is able to normalize irregular menstrual cycle, as it contains coumarins. Thanks to these properties, blood clotting and capillaries in the endometrium are reduced, burst when filled with blood, which accelerates and facilitates the onset of menstruation. The plant affects the level of sex hormones in the body, causing their active production, which leads to the amount of progesterone, LH and FSH in the appropriate rate and eliminates the imbalance.

To prepare the broth, a tablespoon of crushed dry raw materials is poured with a glass of boiling water and kept in a water bath for 25 minutes. Then insist for 3 hours and use 1 tablespoon up to 4 times a day.

How to apply the red brush

This herb is often used when planning pregnancy. It is taken during the entire cycle, with the exception of menstruation. In addition to using it, it is possible to adjust the cycle, it is able to heal the vaginal microflora. Cases are also observed when cysts have been resolved after its use. It helps to get pregnant using this herb and after surgery on the ovaries. For menstruation, the Red Brush is used if the need arises to reduce heavy blood loss.

Coffee and chicory during menstruation

In general, a ban on coffee during menstruation does not exist. It is not recommended to use only strong coffee during this period. Experts do not recommend to use soluble coffee, because it has very little to do with real coffee. Natural coffee, ground with its own hands from the beans, if you just can not do without this drink, on critical days you need to prepare not very strong and no more than one cup.

There is also the benefits of coffee - if you drink it with milk and weak, then it can have a diuretic effect and relieve excess fluid.

Even better, if during the period of menstruation to replace coffee with chicory, there will be much more benefit from this, since this drink has a huge range of useful properties.

Supplements purity sources

Dietary supplement Purity Sources is a new system for complex cleansing of the body, which occurs at the cellular level. The action of the system is based on cleansing in three important directions: intercellular cleansing, cleansing in the cells themselves and subsequent antioxidant protection.

Especially recommended is the use of this drug for those who live in an unfavorable environmental situation in cities with large industrial potential. The system includes medicinal herbs with various properties, as well as plant bioflavonoids, vitamins and various trace elements necessary for our body.

Can I drink holy water?

As you know, holy water has unique properties that are sometimes difficult to explain from a scientific point of view. It helps to get rid of the negative influence of ill-wishers, the so-called "Evil Eye", to clean their homes, get rid of diseases and much more. Is it possible to drink holy water for women during their monthly period, as there are some restrictions when women attend church in a similar state, although not everywhere.

Today’s consensus is not voiced by the church, and as long as the conciliar decision is not taken, each priest will make his own decision. In some churches, women on critical days are allowed to even take communion, in others they are not advised to even attend divine services. Maybe a sip of holy water these days is not such a big sin?

The priest's answer

They drink holy water in the morning and on an empty stomach, with prayer, by this you sort of cleanse your soul from sinful thoughts and temptations. In case of illness, it is allowed to drink holy water all day long in small portions, again, accompanying it with prayers and asking for forgiveness. Only consumed on an empty stomach, this water penetrates into the most concealed corners of the soul and body and sanctifies them. If you drink holy water to get rid not of physical, but of spiritual affliction, then you can do it at any time of the day, when you feel the need. Можно ее добавлять и в обычную воду, в таком случае, та тоже приобретает особенные свойства. Главное – не готовить из нее чай и не использовать в приготовлении пищи, так как она предназначается для облегчения души, а не желудка.

Количество потребляемой воды не должно быть большим, достаточно одной ложки. You can drink it from glasses or mugs that have not previously been used for sinful drinks. You can not drink holy water straight from the jar, as this will show disrespect for the shrines.