Genferon from thrush


Irritation of the labia and vagina, discomfort while walking, painful sensations during sex, the appearance of white discharge on the panties - all these symptoms in women may indicate a disease like vaginal candidiasis, otherwise called thrush. If you suffer from a protracted course of the disease or you very often have relapses, then you will definitely need to be treated with Genferon vaginal suppositories. They help well at any stage of the development of a fungal infection.

What will the article tell you?

Causes of vaginal candidiasis

We have identified several major factors for the occurrence of thrush in women (although the causes are several times more):

  • Pregnancy.
  • Long-term use of antibiotics without the use of probiotic preparations.
  • Poor nutrition - the abuse of sweets, fatty, spicy, salty foods.
  • Immunodeficiency.

All of the above causes of the appearance of the pathological condition are reduced to one thing - the violation of the body's defenses. Due to the weakened immunity of the fungal infection, it is easier to penetrate the human body, because there are no barriers on its way.

The form of the drug for candidiasis, its composition

Available in the form of suppositories for vaginal or rectal use, as well as in the form of tablets, syrup, solution and ointment. For the treatment of vaginal candidiasis, most often doctors prescribe candles.

The composition of suppositories for insertion into the vagina includes the following components:

  • Interferon - plays the role of an immunomodulator, this component enhances the immune defense at the cellular level.
  • Taurine - has anti-inflammatory, regenerating effect. Thanks to this amino acid, micro-lesions on the vaginal mucosa heal very quickly.
  • Anesthesin - a substance due to which the patient quickly disappears unpleasant and painful symptoms caused by thrush.
  • Lemon acid - restores normal microflora, as a result of which the fungus dies.

The scheme of use of drugs for the treatment of vaginal candidiasis

The drug Genferon should be used only after consulting with a specialist. It is the doctor who will tell you in which dosage to use the drug. After all, vaginal suppositories are available in dosages of 125, 250, 500 thousand IU, as well as 1 million IU. The doctor prescribes the necessary dosage based on the clinical picture, the patient's age, possible complications, the characteristics of the organism.

Candles for thrush Genferonused like this:

  • At the initial stage disease with acute signs of the disease - to enter the suppository twice a day for ten days.
  • In acute form - use the medicine three times a day. The duration of the treatment course is two weeks.
  • In the chronic course of the disease - enter the suppository one at a time. After the introduction, hold for two or three days and reintroduce the candle, and so on. The duration of treatment in this case may be three months.

Patients should understand that the drug Genferon actively acts on the fungus, quickly eliminates the symptoms of thrush. But this does not mean that after the patient stops itching, burning and pain in the genital area, she should stop the treatment. No way, because then the illness will return again in a few days. Even if all the symptoms are gone, you need to go to the end, be treated for as many days as the doctor prescribed.

Different opinions of users about the preparation Genferon

On the forums you can find various reviews of candles from thrush Genferon. Someone writes that this is the best drug for candidiasis, others point out flaws in it: the appearance of side effects, addiction. Due to the fact that there are immunomodulating ingredients in this agent, there may indeed be side reactions. They are expressed in the following: trembling, unexplained fatigue, short temper, apathy, loss of appetite. However, none of the patients wrote that the drug was useless. On the contrary, most people say that candles act quickly, the symptoms of the disease pass very quickly.

In order for the drug to really help you, not to lead to side effects, you need to choose the correct dosage of suppositories, the multiplicity and duration of their use. And for this you should visit a specialist, because only he knows which patient to appoint candles for in which quantity.

Recommendations that will save you from thrush

To prevent the appearance of vaginal candidiasis, you must follow these rules:

  1. Always use personal hygiene products - towels, underwear, razors, soap.
  2. To be protected by condoms, especially when changing partners.
  3. Stop wearing synthetic underwear. It creates a greenhouse effect, the skin ceases to breathe normally in it, resulting in an ideal environment for the emergence and spread of fungal infections.
  4. Wear comfortable, not cramped clothing.
  5. Limit the intake of sweets, fatty, salty foods, canned food. These products not only reduce the body's defenses, but also nourish the fungus. For him, pickles and sweets are the most favorable habitat.
  6. Regularly change gaskets, try not to use daily gaskets, because they create a greenhouse effect.
  7. Time to treat chronic diseases.
  8. When taking antibacterial drugs be sure to take probiotics - means normalizing the intestinal microflora, preventing the occurrence of dysbiosis.

What complications arise if you do not treat the pathology?

If a woman does not comply with the doctor’s prescriptions or self-medicates, then she risks not only to get a chronic course of the disease, then to acquire such problems as:

  • Infertility - thrush can lead to the formation of adhesions in the cervix, which can be an obstacle to pregnancy.
  • Spontaneous abortion (if a thrush has a pregnant woman).
  • Cystitis, pyelonephritis.
  • Full denial of sexlack of libido.

Composition and release form

"Genferon" for the treatment of thrush has a set of actions: it leads to the death of microorganisms, stops the inflammatory process and induces the immune system to work in full force. The effect is due to the presence in the composition of the active components:

Additionally, the composition of candles includes elements designed to dilute the active substances and give the suppositories the desired consistency and appearance. Depending on the numerical content of the active components, Genferon is produced in 3 concentrations - 250,000, 500,000, or 1 million IU. In the pharmacy, the product is sold in 5 or 10 pieces in a carton. Prescribed medication for vaginal administration in the treatment of women. In the case of thrush in men, the medicine is used rectally. Apply as an addition to the main therapy.

Indications for use

The main task of candles "Genferon" for candidiasis - to increase and activate the immune system to effectively combat the fungus. In addition, the drug is widely used in other infectious diseases in order to accelerate recovery. Indications for use are:

  • infectious diseases of the respiratory tract,
  • inflammatory processes in the body,
  • infection with fungi (regardless of the genus),
  • cervical erosion,
  • inflammation of the genital organs.
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How to use?

Candles help get rid of the symptoms of thrush. "Genferon" are suppositories for women and men. The daily dose should not exceed 1 million IU. Otherwise, symptoms of overdose are observed. Women are recommended to administer the drug vaginally 1 or 2 times a day, depending on the doctor’s prescription. If the diagnosis of "thrush" or other indications are observed in men, then the introduction is carried out rectally (into the rectum). The duration of therapy depends on the form of the disease. In the case of an acute course of therapy spend 10-14 days. If the form of the disease goes into a chronic stage, treatment is continued for up to 3 months.

Treatment of thrush "Genferon" during pregnancy

Thrush in pregnant women is diagnosed quite often. This is due to the weakening of the immune system and the activation of harmful microflora. In this case, you should immediately begin treatment. "Genferon" is included in the list of medicines allowed for use during gestation. Caution should be prescribed only in the first trimester of pregnancy. At this time, the child's body is most susceptible to the negative effects of drugs. The amount of substance per day is determined individually.


"Genferon" will help support the body during the fight against thrush or other infectious diseases. The condition for quick and safe treatment is considered to be a correctly calculated dose and time of administration. It is important to consider contraindications to the appointment. To do this, the doctor must conduct research, study the history and make the patient a sample. "Genferon Light" with caution prescribed to people with the presence of intolerance to drug substances.

Side effects

Incorrect use of the suppository "Genferon" can cause unpleasant consequences for the patient. There is no obvious deterioration of health at the same time, but the patient complains of discomfort. To minimize the likelihood of side effects, it is sufficient to follow the doctor’s prescriptions accurately and avoid unauthorized changes in the pattern of use. Side effects are:

  • itching at the injection site,
  • pain in the head,
  • minor changes in laboratory tests,
  • feeling tired
  • lack of appetite,
  • slight change in body temperature.
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Symptoms and treatment of overdose

Changing the dose of the drug in the direction of increasing the amount of the active substance leads to an overdose. There were no cases of a sharp deterioration of health or manifestations of complications. Overdose "Genferon" is characterized by a sharp activation of side effects. If you suspect an overdose, you should contact your doctor for the selection of sorbents and gastric lavage.

So that the medicine could not cause an overdose, you should listen to the doctor and do not resort to self-treatment.

Similar means

In the case of “Genferon” in the treatment of thrush there is a list of medications that will help replace the original medication in the event of contraindications. Independently pick up the funds can not, because you can make a mistake in the dosage. The patient must read the instructions for use for proper use of the substitute. Widely used in the treatment of thrush "Avonex", "Alfaron", "Bioleukin", "Gepon", "Derinat", "Imunogran", "Likopid", "Pegintron", "Simbioflor", "Cycloferon" and "Erbisol".

Genferon candles - instructions for use

The drug is an immunomodulatory complex of substances with antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory effect. As a rule, Genferon is used for the treatment of diseases of the genitourinary system in men and women. The antiviral effect of the drug extends to a significant group of pathogenic microorganisms - bacteria, viruses, fungi, etc. The immunomodulatory effect of suppositories is manifested by the activation of immune defense links that ensure the destruction of long-living bacteria that provoke chronic inflammation.

The components of the drug provide a systemic and local action, activating certain elements of the immune system that act in the blood and mucous membranes. With rectal administration, a systemic effect is achieved, making it possible for Genferon to treat bacterial, viral diseases of the respiratory system or to prevent many other pathologies by activating immune cells and general strengthening of the protective properties of the organism.

The main component of the drug is human interferon alpha 2B, in the preparation it can be in the dosage of 250, 500 thousand or 1000 000 IU. Other active substances in the composition of the drug is:

  • aminosulfonic acid (0.01 g),
  • benzocaine or anesthesin (0.055 g).

Since the active ingredients need a special environment for the rapid penetration into the bloodstream and fixation on the mucous membrane of the vagina or rectum, the basis of the drug is solid fat. It uniformly distributed all active substances and other auxiliary components, which include:

  • T2 emulsifier,
  • dextran 60 thousand,
  • sodium citrate,
  • macrogol 1500,
  • lemon acid,
  • purified water,
  • polysorbate 80.

Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics

The introduction of candles into the rectum ensures close contact of the mucous membrane with the preparation, due to which 80% of the active components of rectal suppositories are absorbed into the bloodstream. The maximum concentration of interferon and other active substances in the blood is observed 5 hours after using Genferon. Good absorbability of the drug provides not both local and systemic therapeutic action.

With vaginal suppositories, the maximum local therapeutic effect is achieved, which is due to the accumulation of the majority of the drug in the foci of infection. The mucous membrane of the vagina cannot provide high absorbability, therefore in this case the ingress of active substances of Genferon into the blood is minimal. The drug is decomposed into metabolites, after which it is eliminated in the urine within 12 hours.

Candles Genferon - indications

The systemic immunomodulatory drug has a wide spectrum of action: it has found application in the complex therapy of various infections of the urogenital system in women and men. In addition, Genferon is used as an independent drug, and as part of complex treatment with other medicines and techniques. Interferon suppositories are indicated for treatment of HPV and for such diseases:

  • vaginal candidiasis,
  • herpes viruses,
  • chlamydia,
  • mycoplasmosis,
  • vulvar candidiasis,
  • ureaplasmosis,
  • adnexitis,
  • viral hepatitis,
  • trichomoniasis
  • cervical erosion,
  • Bartholinite
  • vaginosis,
  • cervicitis,
  • Gardnerella,
  • urethritis
  • inflammation of the prostate gland,
  • other genital infections and urogenital diseases.

Dosing and Administration

Candles with recombinant interferon are introduced vaginally or rectally, depending on the specifics of the disease and the sex of the patient. Genferon is completely dissolved, contacting with a mucous membrane of a rectum or a vagina, without causing at the same time discomfort. With vaginal administration, a more pronounced local effect is achieved, with rectal administration, systemic action is ensured. The latter type of drug may even be prescribed for the treatment of SARS or other infectious pathologies of different localization.

Vaginal candles Genferon

In gynecology and inflammatory pathologies up to the age of 7 years, the drug is prescribed at a dosage of 125,000 IU. Adults and children over the age of seven vaginal suppositories are prescribed in an individual dosage, depending on the severity of the disease, its clinical manifestations. For bacterial infections in the urogenital tract, doctors recommend suppositories with a dosage of 250-500 thousand IU once a day. In this case, the duration of therapy, as a rule, does not exceed 10 days.

If Genferon is used as a local anesthetic and anti-inflammatory agent for the treatment of cervical erosion or another disease, in gynecology it is prescribed in this scheme: 1 suppository of 500 thousand IU at night vaginal and 1000000 IU rectally. In chronic disease, a three-month therapy is prescribed, which involves the introduction of candles into the vagina 3 times a week.

Rectal administration

Candles in this case of use allow the active substance to enter the intestine immediately, and then into the blood. Genferon is administered rectally for the most effective treatment of inflammations of different localization and for the treatment of male genital infections. In the case of protracted infectious processes in women, the drug is administered rectally in 1 suppository every second day for 1-3 months. For the treatment of men, candles are prescribed rectally at a dosage of 500 thousand or 1 million IU, while the pattern of use remains the same.

Pediatricians prescribe Genferon Light for children, whose instructions imply the following treatment regimen:

  • in case of viral infections - 2 candles rectally with an interval of 12 hours (therapy lasts 5 days, then there is a break for 5 days and the treatment is repeated),
  • with chronic viral infections in a child, Genferon is administered rectally overnight through the day (the course is 1-3 months).

Side effects

According to reviews, negative effects against the background of the use of the drug rarely develop. As a rule, they manifest as allergic reactions and are expressed by a burning sensation or itching in the rectum, vagina. Such side effects disappear on their own several days after discontinuation of the drug. If you have such symptoms, doctors advise to reduce the dosage. It is extremely rare for patients who have been prescribed treatment with suppositories, such negative effects appear:

  • chills,
  • headache,
  • myalgia (muscle pain),
  • increased sweating
  • anorexia,
  • joint pain
  • fatigue
  • decrease in the number of leukocytes.

special instructions

The drug has mostly good reviews, which are due to the high efficiency of Genferon. This tool is often used by people for a long time suffering from chronic diseases of the genital or urinary systems. Candles do not affect the nervous system, so during therapy a person can do any kind of work, including one that is associated with increased concentration of attention.

During pregnancy

The drug is safe during gestation for the period from 13 to 40 weeks, as well as for nursing women (with an optimal dosage of 250,000 IU). The decision on drug treatment for pregnant women should be made taking into account the perceived benefits and possible risks. If the doctor saw the need to use suppositories during lactation, it is better to temporarily transfer the child to an artificial diet. Genferon treatment of women in early pregnancy (up to 12 weeks) is highly undesirable, since there is no objective data on the effect of the drug on the fetus.

Using candles Genferon from thrush

With a decrease in immunity, the protective functions of the body of a woman weaken. At this point, there is a risk of infection with unpleasant fungal infections. According to statistics, the greatest discomfort among the representatives of the weaker sex causes vaginal candidiasis or thrush.

The list of drugs for the treatment of this infection is quite extensive. These are creams, capsules, oral and vaginal tablets. Excellent help in the treatment of thrush candles Genferon.

General information about medication

As a result of many years of research work of Russian scientists, a combined tool of the new generation was invented. Genferon candles have antiviral, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, analgesic and regenerating effects.

The basis of the drug are interferon, benzocaine and taurine:

  1. Interferon boosts immunity, produces antibodies that resist the virus.
  2. Taurine normalizes metabolism and restores damaged tissue.
  3. Benzocaine anesthetizes by blocking pain impulses.

Purified water, solid fat, emulsifier and citric acid are auxiliary components, due to which the drug is completely absorbed by the body.

Available in the form of cylindrical vaginal and rectal candles in white, in three dosages. Prescription for 5 or 10 pieces per pack. Candles are produced according to international standards of the Russian biotechnology company Biocad.

To achieve a local antiviral effect and control at the site of infection, suppositories are inserted vaginally. For deep systemic treatment, rectal suppositories are prescribed.

Treatment of thrush during pregnancy and lactation

The use of Genferon during pregnancy is considered safe for periods of 13-40 weeks. This is proved by clinical studies.

For the treatment of candidiasis, future mothers are recommended to use Genferon Light candles. Suppositories are administered vaginally one piece 2 times a day. Between the procedures it is important to observe the interval of 12 hours for the complete elimination of the drug. Dosage and duration of treatment depends on the severity of the disease.

The use of candles in the first trimester of pregnancy is highly undesirable. On this basis, studies of the drug in this area were not conducted.

With lactation is to refrain from self-administration of Genferon. However, the attending physician, weighing the threat to the mother and child, may prescribe the drug. In this case, the woman is recommended to temporarily stop breastfeeding. You can resume feeding no sooner than 48 hours after the end of the course.

It must be remembered that only a doctor can offer an optimal treatment for a pregnant and nursing woman, based on the individual characteristics of the disease. He will take into account all possible risks for the child and benefits for the woman.

Application features

Generally candles Genferon recommended for thrush, diseases of the genitourinary system, urogenital tract, infectious and inflammatory processes of the vagina.

Among the infrequent side effects are the following:

  • itching and rash,
  • chills,
  • sweating
  • headaches,
  • drowsiness,
  • mood swings
  • fever,
  • fatigue
  • irritability,
  • loss of appetite
  • joint pain.

During laboratory studies, an overdose of the drug was not observed.

When using the drug should take into account some features:

  1. Taking Genferon with other antiviral and antibacterial drugs will speed up the healing process.
  2. The use of vitamins E and C will increase the effect of interferon.
  3. The use of candles is not combined with the use of alcoholic beverages.
  4. The drug does not affect concentration and attention.
  5. The drug is contraindicated in case of individual intolerance to the components of the drug.

Candles do an excellent job in the fight against fungal infection, completely restoring the microflora of the genital organs. Based on the numerous reviews of patients, it should be noted that Genferon from thrush really helps. In most cases, women managed to get rid of the unpleasant symptoms of candidiasis and regain confidence.

Treatment of thrush candles Genferon

Modern gynecologists often recommend the use of Genferon for thrush for their patients. The drug belongs to the pharmacological group of III generation cephalosporins.

Being an immunostimulant, it has a local immunomodulating, antibacterial, antiviral, anesthetic, regenerating and antiproliferative effect on the female body.

Genferon is a Russian-made drug manufactured by the innovative biotech company Biocad. You can buy it in many pharmacies in the country with a prescription from a doctor.

Dosage form and active ingredients

Genferon is used in the local treatment of candidiasis (thrush). It is made in the form of white or pale yellow suppositories of oblong shape with a pointed end on one side. The drug is sold in cardboard packs, each of which contains 5 or 10 suppositories, packaged in blisters.

The drug has a combined composition. Its active ingredients are human recombinant interferon alpha-2b, benzocaine and taurine. The concentration of interferon in one candle is 250000, 500000 or 1000000 IU.

benzocaine and taurine for all types of medication are the same and are 55 mg and 10 mg, respectively.

Additional ingredients include sodium citrate, citric acid, solid fat, polyethylene glycol 1500, emulsifier T-2, dextran 60,000, polysorbate 80, water.

Due to the combined composition of Genferon has a complex effect on the problem area. It inhibits the activity of the fungus Candida, guilty of developing thrush, as a result of which the woman disappears white cheesy vaginal discharge, undergoes pain, itching and burning, the microflora of the genital organs, disturbed by the pathological process, are restored.

Suppositories Genferon not only helps to get rid of vaginal candidiasis, but also reduces the likelihood of its recurrence in the future. This allows their use in the treatment of the chronic form of thrush, in which other drugs are ineffective.

Candidiasis is not the only disease for which the use of Genferon is recommended. Candles are designed to combat various infectious and inflammatory diseases of the urogenital tract in women and men.

They are used in the treatment of human papillomavirus infections, vulvovaginitis, erosive lesions of the cervix, chlamydia, trichomoniasis, prostatitis, genital herpes, etc. Intravaginal and rectal use of Genferon is allowed.

To get rid of candidiasis, the tool must be applied intravaginally (enter into the cavity of the vagina).

The method of use of suppositories, side effects from them

Does Genferon help to get rid of thrush? This issue concerns women who have experienced many antifungal agents, but have not been able to finally cure their ailment.

Experts note the high efficacy of the drug and prescribe it for the treatment of even the most advanced forms of candidiasis.

The dosage and duration of use of vaginal suppositories are determined by the doctor individually, taking into account the characteristics of the course of the disease in the patient.

When candidiasis Genferon must be applied intravaginally. After inserting the candle into the vagina, the woman should remain in a horizontal position for at least 20 minutes. It is not necessary to interrupt therapy during menstruation.

Positive dynamics from the use of Genferon may occur within 2-3 days after the start of treatment. The use of Genferon should be carried out in strict accordance with the prescriptions of the attending physician and in any case not to throw ahead of time.

Early termination of therapy may lead to a relapse of the disease in the near future.

Intravaginal use of Genferon can lead to the development of adverse reactions in women in the form of:

  • systemic allergic manifestations (itching and rash on the skin),
  • pains in muscles and joints,
  • increased fatigue
  • fever
  • headache,
  • reduced appetite
  • discomfort at the injection site,
  • thrombocytopenia,
  • leukopenia.

The risk of side effects increases with the use of the drug in high doses or for a long time. When they occur, the patient must refrain from further treatment with suppositories and seek qualified medical assistance.

Overdose, patient feedback and storage requirements

An overdose of Genferon can lead to increased side effects. To stabilize the condition of the woman is recommended symptomatic treatment under the supervision of a physician.

The representatives of the weaker sex who have treated vaginal candidiasis with Genferon leave mostly positive reviews about it. For most women, the drug helped in a short time to get rid of the unpleasant symptoms of thrush.

With a properly designed treatment regimen, it allows you to completely get rid of the disease, without causing unwanted reactions.

Negative reviews about the drug are left mainly by women who have chosen the wrong dosage, or those to whom it did not fit due to the presence of hypersensitivity to its components.

The manufacturer advises to keep Genferon in the original packaging at air temperature from 2 ° C to 8 ° C. For this purpose, the refrigerator door is best suited. The shelf life of the drug - 24 months from the date of manufacture.

Overview of the drug

Genferon is an effective, with a sufficiently mild in its effect drug, applicable in various forms of fungal pathologies.

This drug is also used to treat concomitant diseases of the genitourinary system, for example, in severe chlamydia, various manifestations of herpes, as part of therapy for cervical erosion and inflammatory processes of the infectious type. Repeated studies have shown that, after properly conducted and not interrupted at some stage of treatment, Genferon suppresses the activity of various fungi, viruses and bacteria without problems, eliminating negative symptoms and preventing the transition of painful conditions to a chronic form. An integral advantage of this drug can be considered the fact that it helps with prolonged or often recurrent thrush.

What is the reason for such a successful impact both on pathogens in general and on the activity of yeast-like fungi that provoke candidiasis? Good results after the course of use of the drug shows in view of those active substances that are in its composition. The main components of Genferon are taurine, benzocaine (anesthesia) and interferon alfa-2b. Despite the fact that the drug is potent, manifesting itself more actively in combination with taking antibiotics, there are reviews of it either of a neutral type, or rather positive.

Due to its composition, these candles, applicable for the correction of the condition of thrush, have several advantages. What is the effect of genferon?

  1. Antifungal, suppressing Candida activity and reducing their number after the first day.
  2. Anesthetic that helps to quickly stop unpleasant symptoms in the intimate area, eliminating severe itching, pain and burning.
  3. Regenerating, due to which the process of restoring damaged tissues and mucous membranes passes quickly and without negative consequences.
  4. Antivirus and antibacterial, thereby suppressing possible background infections arising due to weakened body defenses.
  5. Immunomodulatory, these candles help strengthen the immune system, provoke an increase in the number of leukocytes, which are sent to effectively combat candidiasis to the affected areas in the body.

The composition and active ingredients of Genferon

Candles are produced under the name Genferon in the form of suppository for vaginal or rectal use. In the case of the treatment course, a drug for vaginal use is prescribed to women, suppositories for rectal use are often prescribed to a potential sexual partner. Combined therapy in this case will prevent the recurrence of the fungal disease and will serve as a prophylactic method. Pharmacies Genferon is also available in pharmacies in the form of an ointment, solution, tablets, syrup, after which the manifestations of thrush also quickly disappear. Separately, a preparation for children is produced in the same forms.

However, despite their positive characteristics, candles have some contraindications, side effects that should be considered before starting therapy. And only after consulting with a specialist, one should give preference to this form of treatment so that the correction of the condition is effective and gives the desired result.

Possible side effects

  1. Slight increase in temperature.

Possible side effects

Especially this point may be observed with the wrong dosage of the drug and after the use of the tool in childhood.

  • Discomfort in the digestive organs, nausea.
  • Dizziness.
  • Sometimes after taking Genferon, muscle pain, problems with blood formation, chills with increased sweating can be observed.
  • Even using candles that affect the entire body, sometimes an appetite disorder appears.
  • Itching, discomfort, and burning sensation from a drug administered either vaginally or rectally.
  • It is worth noting that all possible side effects are extremely rare. A state passes after a break in therapy, which can last up to three days. If the candles re-provoke negative background symptoms, stop using them and consult your gynecologist for advice.

    Additional nuances include:

    1. the drug is more active in the fungal pathology in combination with taking vitamins (C and E),
    2. alcohol consumption during therapy is undesirable
    3. it is important to adhere to a given course of treatment, without interrupting it,
    4. during menstruation Genferon is allowed for use.

    The form of drug release may be different, as well as the price range. Candles are usually found in packaging containing two blisters. The total number of suppositories in one box is from 10 to 14 pieces.

    Features of the use of antifungal agents

    The terms of treatment with Genferon are prescribed individually, based on the characteristics of the organism, the course of candidiasis. However, on average, for acute, not running forms of the disease of the candle, it is recommended to use 10 days. In a situation of pathology of chronic type with characteristic manifestations, the course is stretched for 1-3 months.

    Due to the fact that the suppositories have a conical shape with a slightly pointed tip, they are not very large in size, it is not difficult to inject the drug into the body in any necessary way. The color of this tool is usually either light yellow or white.

    How much and with what regularity use candles depending on the type of fungal infection?

    1. In the initial stages of the disease, accompanied by noticeable symptoms, the drug is administered twice a day: in the morning and in the evening. General course usually does not exceed 10 days.
    2. If candidiasis occurs in a very acute form, then you may need to use the drug 3 times a day. As prescribed by a physician, therapy can last up to two weeks.
    3. In a situation of chronic pathology, the agent is injected into the body with 1 candle once a day. After a break in 2-3 days. Then the procedure is repeated. Course effects are up to 3 months, depending on the reaction of the body.

    It is important to note that, despite numerous positive reviews, the drug based on interferon can be addictive, and active candidates can develop “immunity” against active substances in the preparation. Потому не рекомендуется применение лекарственного средства регулярно, с частыми прерываниями, как только внешняя симптоматика грибковой патологии перестает проявляться.

    Для достижения большего эффекта в ряде случаев врачами может назначаться дополнительная терапия иными лекарственными средствами.

    When resorting to the use of candles that are directed against candidiasis, it is necessary to take into account all the features of the body and not to combine therapy with any home procedures without a doctor's prescription. By applying the medication according to the instructions and the prescribed treatment plan, you can permanently say goodbye to an unpleasant fungal pathology, successfully preventing possible relapses of the disease.


    Depending on the nature and severity of the disease, the dose and time of use of the drug are prescribed only by a doctor, in no case should you do self-treatment. There is a "Genferon", which is produced specifically for children's diseases, but it is not always possible to use it rectally or vaginally, therefore in this case it is better to switch to its analogues (sprays, syrups, ointments).

    For diseases of the urinary tract and infectious and inflammatory diseases of the genital organs, the remedy is most often prescribed 1 suppository (500,000 IU or 1,000,000 IU, it depends on the form of release and the disease) rectally or vaginally 2 times a day for a ten-day period.

    In case of ailments of the urogenital tract of males, the drug is prescribed as follows: candles are used twice rectally (in the morning and in the evening) for 9-10 days (depending on the form and severity of the disease) 1 candle (500000 IU or 1000000 IU, depends on forms of release and disease).

    Use for candidiasis

    In case of vaginal candidiasis (thrush) “Genferon” is used as follows: in the morning you should use 1 suppository (candle) (500,000 IU) vaginally, and in the evening - 1 suppository (500,000 IU) rectally. Also in the evening, you should use any other antibacterial drug (depending on the doctor's prescription) vaginally.

    During treatment, thrush should be regularly visited by a doctor so that he can correctly prescribe the period of use of drugs depending on the state of health and the complexity of the situation. Such an approach will not only ensure complete suppression of the source of infection, but also help to approach the problem “from afar” and not to overload the affected area itself.

    With the right approach, the problem of thrush will be solved for a very long time, and possibly forever. You should not try to overcome the disease yourself, because sometimes the cause of thrush can be completely unrelated to the main problem.

    Thrush - one of the main enemies of women's health

    Insidious vaginal candidiasis, which is often called simply thrush, is able to deliver many unpleasant moments. The Candida fungus causing the disease, under favorable conditions, multiplies very quickly, so during the entire 1-2 days, a slight itch can become simply unbearable, complicated by a strong burning sensation. Intimate relationships become impossible, pain occurs during urination and during hygiene procedures. So that the situation does not become critical, it is important to stop the acute condition as quickly as possible.

    Modern conservative and traditional medicine offers many ways to solve the problem, but not all means and drugs can effectively achieve rapid recovery. One of the means recommended by the specialists is Genferon, the characteristics of the composition and use of which will be discussed below.

    Main components

    Active substances of candles are taurine, interferon and anesthesin or benzocaine, thanks to which the drug acts both locally and systemically, effectively eliminating the cause of thrush, increasing the body's resistance to infections and bacteria. The composition also includes auxiliary components in the form of dextran 60000, macrogol 1500, polysorbate 80, citric acid, sodium hydrocitrate, T2 emulsifier, solid fat, purified water.


    For the synthesis of human interferon alpha-2b present in the composition of the recombinant (for one suppository, depending on the dosage, there are 500 thousand or 1 million IU), a genetically engineered modified strain of the microorganism Escherichia coli is used. Interferon provides simultaneously immunomodulatory, antibacterial, antiviral effect. The complex effect is possible due to the effect on intracellular enzymes that slow down the reproduction of the fungus in thrush. Accelerated division of B-lymphocytes, which synthesize the antibodies necessary to fight the fungus, contributes to the enhancement of cellular immunity. Interferon activates mucosal leukocytes, which suppress the foci of fungal infection and trigger the body's recovery mechanism.

    One candle of the preparation Genferon contains 10 mg of a substance that normalizes metabolic processes in tissues, which promotes the regeneration and toning of mucous membranes affected by a fungal infection, as a result of which a rapid epithelialization occurs, restoring the inflamed areas. Immediately after the candle is injected, taurine interacts with oxygen radicals present in free form. As a result, the latter are neutralized and the mucous tissues are protected from damage. Also taurine slows the breakdown of interferon, provides its prolonged action.

    Anestezin (benzocaine)

    One drug suppository contains 55 mg of a substance that is a local anesthetic. Benzocaine contributes to the change in the permeability of the cytoplasm of neurons in calcium and sodium ions. Due to this action, the transmitted nerve impulses are blocked and the pain syndrome is eliminated. In this case, the action is purely local, since the substance does not enter the systemic circulation. The presence of benzocaine allows for the relief of all unpleasant symptoms, which in addition to pain include burning and itching. As a result, it is possible to eliminate discomfort and return to a normal rhythm of life at the very beginning of the course of treatment.

    Available forms of release and dosage

    Vaginal suppositories prescribed for thrush are offered in various dosages, so it is advisable to purchase the drug as prescribed by a doctor who diagnoses the severity of the fungal infection and carries out a test for resistance to the components of the drug. In most cases it is required to conduct a 10-day course of treatment with the use of vaginal suppositories 2 times a day (in the morning and evening hours). Regardless of the form of release, the drug is eliminated in the maximum amount by the kidneys, while the half-life is no more than 12 hours (this is how much interferon is stored in the body). Because of this particular feature and take twice a day.

    Exceptions are the launched complicated cases when the maximum dosage of 1 suppository does not help to solve the problem. In this variant of the development of the disease, the daily number of candles is increased to 3, providing for the need to extend the course for 2-3 months. Sometimes acute inflammation requires the simultaneous use of vaginal and rectal suppositories (1 candle each) in dosages of 500 and 1 million IU, respectively, in the evening and 1 vaginal suppository in the morning to effectively eliminate the infection in the internal genitals. If vaginal candidiasis has an uncomplicated chronic course, suppositories can be administered on the 1st day in a day during the period from 1 to 3 months.

    Vaginal candles Genferon differ in a cylindrical form with the pointed termination, white or light yellow color. On the longitudinal section, a homogeneous structure is visible, air inclusions are possible. Suppositories are packed in cartons. Pharmacies offer different options - with single or double-circuit packages, each of which contains 5 candles.

    If there is an uncomplicated form of inflammation in a child, you can use special children's suppositories in the form of the drug Genferon Light or analogues in the form of tablets, syrup or ointment.

    Feature of combination with other drugs

    In order to enhance the active ingredients of the drug, you can additionally take vitamins E and C that increase its effectiveness. Antimicrobial drugs also help to increase the effectiveness of treatment. The simultaneous use of suppositories and drugs of the sulfonamide group helps to reduce the effectiveness of the antifungal agent.

    Like many modern drugs against thrush, Genferon quickly gives a positive result, so that discomfort goes away in a short time. However, such an improvement is not a reason to stop therapy, since refusing to take the drug will lead to another exacerbation after 1-2 weeks. Therefore, it is important to follow the treatment regimen by applying the next candle in a timely manner according to the instructions of the gynecologist.

    And a little about the secrets ...

    Have you ever tried to get rid of thrush? Judging by the fact that you are reading this article - the victory was not on your side. And of course you do not know firsthand what it is:

    • white cheesy discharge
    • severe burning and itching
    • pain while having sex
    • unpleasant smell
    • urination discomfort

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    Why is thrush sick only me?

    The logical question for sexually active women. The fact is that thrush or candidiasis is a problem of a specific person. It is not a venereal disease.

    You can transfer it to your partner only if he has problems with immunity: local and general. Moreover, even in such circumstances, the transmission of candidiasis sexually is not proven.

    Why can't I say goodbye to her forever?

    Another problem for many women who do not pay due attention to treatment is endless relapses. In order to recover completely, it is necessary to address the cause of this disease.

    These are all chronic diseases (chronic gastritis, pyelonephritis, intestinal diseases, etc.), chronic untreated infections (HIV, chlamydia, trichomonas, etc.)

    After taking antibiotics appeared "cheesy" discharge?

    Unfortunately, by curing one thing, we can easily disrupt the operation of entire systems. So, antibiotics are killed along with harmful infections, microorganisms and beneficial flora in the intestine and vagina.

    Having killed a useful biocenosis in the intestines, the antibiotic violates the absorbability of useful substances, thereby greatly reducing the immune system.

    Changing the flora of the vagina, this drug gives the "road" to the multiplication of conditionally pathogenic flora, which include, among other things, the fungus Candida.

    Why does the doctor prescribe so many drugs for the treatment of thrush?

    Due to the fact that successful treatment involves an integrated approach, this is a professional approach to the correct therapy.

    It is important to heal not only the vagina with candles, but also to remove the excess fungus with the help of tablets, which will induce "order" in the intestine. It is also not at all superfluous to treat the cause. And for this we have not yet come up with a panacea pill.

    Here we have already identified the main causes of thrush:

    • Immunity disorders,

    • Changes in hormonal balance (pregnancy, long-term oral contraceptive use, thyroid disease),
    • Violation of the diet (excessive consumption of sweet, fatty, spicy, salty), which also reduces immunity,
    • Allergic reactions.

    One way or another, all the reasons ultimately boil down to one thing - the deterioration of the immune system. Therefore, it is important to understand this during treatment.

    Picture of thrush

    If you have thrush, then all 5 signs must be present:

    For the treatment of thrush, our readers successfully use Candiston. Seeing the popularity of this tool, we decided to offer it to your attention.
    Read more here ...

    • The vaginal area and the vulva look edematous and bright red. In chronic candidiasis, the vulva is slightly wrinkled, burgundy.

    • There is white scurf, which is difficult to separate from the fabric, with more white patches.
    • Discharges from light white to milky-yellow, with a characteristic thrush, a “curd” consistency, of abundant character.
    • Pain during intercourse due to disruption of the Bartholin glands, which leads to vaginal dryness.
    • Diaper rash, which is accompanied by itching and burning.

    With prolonged vulvovaginitis, there may be a burning sensation in the urethra during urination.

    The mechanism of candidiasis

    Candida fungi are present in normal microflora and provide its main functions. They are conditionally pathogenic, because when the microflora changes, for one reason or another, the fungus multiplies uncontrollably and becomes pathogenic.

    So, it starts to bring harm and discomfort for a normal human existence.


    Microbiological and microscopic methods are used to detect Candida fungi. These are the most simple and modern methods to help find and clarify the shape of mushrooms.

    Due to the fact that the fungi are present in the human body and in the norm, while not causing any symptoms, the very fact of its identification can not say anything.

    In this case, use the cultural research method. The material is taken and placed in a carbohydrate-containing medium. Next, the laboratory doctor evaluates the growth and structure of the grown cells. These diagnostic methods are suitable for men and women.

    Candida can be caused not only by Candida albicans, but also by Candida krusei and Candida tropiсalis. Newly detected thrush is usually checked for an excess of obligate fungi, and only if the thrush is repeated two or more times or is not treatable, is a genetic method for detecting polymerase chain reaction (PCR) used to determine DNA.

    Candida krusei and Candida tropicalis are the most resistant types of fungus, which are almost not affected by antifungal drugs. For their elimination, new treatment methods are used (Genferon suppositories) or diagnostics are used to determine drug sensitivity.

    You can be treated for thrush:

    • In the standard way
    • Folk remedies
    • New methods.

    There are many drugs for the treatment of candidiasis. But, their basis unites - it is an active substance:

    • Clotrimazole (Clotrimazole),

    • Isoconazole (gyno-herbal agent),
    • Natamycin (Pimafucin),
    • Ketoconazole (Livarol),
    • Fenticonazole (Lomexin),
    • Imidazole (Gynofort).

    As a rule, these drugs are taken both orally (orally) and topically. The form of release of almost every drug is in the form of candles, and in the form of tablets, creams.

    Treatment should begin after consulting a doctor, who, if the diagnosis is confirmed, will prescribe a treatment that is suitable only for you.

    For the diagnosis of thrush, an analysis of microflora is performed, where Candida fungus is seeded in large numbers.

    New treatments

    One of the most effective methods today is Genferon. The form of release in the form of candles. The dosages are different - 250,000, 500,000, 1,000,000 units.

    Candles Genferon - an excellent drug for the treatment of thrush, in both men and women.


    It consists of - recombinant alpha 2 human interferon, taurine, anesthesin, sodium citrate, citric acid. AND

    Generon is a immunomodulator because of alpha human interferon, which starts the process of lymphocyte division (with the subsequent production of antibodies), thereby enhancing immunity at the cellular level.

    Taurine is an amino acid that is an antioxidant and has a positive effect on the entire body. Also about the substance taurine can be said as an anti-inflammatory and regenerating component. This means that in the treatment of vaginal mucous membranes, it will contribute to the prompt healing of cracks and microdamages.

    Anesthesin is a pain reliever.

    Citric acid restores the necessary microflora in which the fungus cannot multiply uncontrollably.

    You can find a lot of information that it is better not to use, when washing away, aggressive alkaline compounds (regular soap), but to give preference to special means for intimate hygiene (Lactocide).

    • chlamydia, trichomoniasis,

    • vulvovaginal candidiasis,
    • herpes,
    • mycoplasmosis
    • bacterial vaginosis
    • cervical erosion,
    • cercite, urethritis, prostatitis, etc.

    Candles are easy to use. With vaginal administration, the drug provides topical treatment, with rectal, it acts on the entire body, increasing its immunity.

    Unlike many other drugs from thrush, Genferon suppositories, by starting the lymphocyte division process, they direct the body to fight a fungus or any other infection.

    Also, due to immunomodulatory properties, it enhances the effect of drugs.

    Candles from thrush are used according to the following schemes:

    • If this is a newly diagnosed candidiasis, the gynecologist will prescribe 1 candle 2 times a day for 10 days, vaginally. It is important to understand that even if the symptoms disappear the next day, you should not interrupt the treatment. In this case, the disease will come back to you in a couple of three days. In order to forget about thrush for a long time, you must clearly follow the doctor's instructions.
    • With the recurrence of thrush, the drug "Genferon" is prescribed 1 candle 3 times a week for 1-2 months, vaginally.

    • Immune diseases (AIDS, autoimmune conditions, allergies)
    • First trimester of pregnancy
    • Intolerance to the components of the drug.

    With such symptoms of overdose, the drug should be discontinued for several days and consult with your doctor about the resumption of therapy.


    For greater effect of the candle Genferon prescribed together with antifungal drugs inside. Candles perfectly interact with analgesics and vitamins C and E.

    When treating an acute form, a smear is given one week after the end of therapy, if the doctor has diagnosed “chronic course”, then smears should be taken within 3 menstrual cycles, at the end of the menstrual flow.

    And yet, it is better not to meet with the disease candidiasis at all, neither adults nor children, nor men, or women. To do this, you need to know a few rules that will save you and your loved ones from it:

    • Always use personal hygiene products (soap, wood, underwear, razor).
    • With frequent changes of sexual partners, be protected by a condom.
    • Eliminate the use of synthetic pads daily. They create a greenhouse effect, as the synthetic base "does not breathe", which provides a favorable environment for the uncontrolled reproduction of fungal colonies.
    • Avoid wearing tight clothes, especially in hot weather.
    • Follow a diet. Limit the intake of fast carbohydrates (sweet, buns, bread), fatty, salty, canned. All these products contribute to a lowering of the immune response.
    • Cure or achieve remission of all chronic diseases. And sexually transmitted infections should be treated at the detection stage, as they can lead to many more serious diseases.
    • When taking antibiotics, it is necessary to additionally take probiotics (Rio-flora balance, Bifiform, Acelact, Bifidumbacterin for thrush).

    Longidase for endometriosis

    Usually, the drug Longidase is prescribed for endometriosis and the reviews are pretty good. Endometriosis is a female disease. It is caused by the presence of healthy endometrial tissue outside the uterus. The endometrium is the inner lining of the uterus, consisting of glands and stroma, and is rejected during menstruation. Sometimes the endometrium can spread beyond the uterine cavity, where it also lends itself to cyclical transformations. In this case, inflammatory reactions begin to develop at the site of the presence of the endometrium. There is also the likelihood of adhesions and scars.

    About the disease

    Microbleeds may form in the zones. The danger with the disease is that a woman cannot become pregnant. It is also accompanied by frequent or persistent pain, exhausting and negatively affects the mental state.

    Similar foci outside the uterus are located in the pelvic area. Initially, they manifest themselves noticeable pain during menstruation, as well as constant pain in the pelvic region. This pathology is dangerous infertility.

    At the first symptoms of endometriosis, you should immediately consult a specialist. The doctor will examine and prescribe the best treatment option.

    Signs of rejection will be:

    • Regular pain for several days before and after menstruation.
    • Pain during menstruation.
    • Lower abdominal and groin pain.
    • Pain during urination and physical exertion.
    • Unpleasant sensations during sexual intercourse.
    • Abundant periods.
    • The duration of menstruation more than 8 days.
    • Short cycle time (less than 27 days).
    • Perhaps the stress of cysts, which are not felt during menstruation.
    • Symptoms subside or disappear altogether during pregnancy or lactation.

    Most often outwardly violations or symptoms are not visible.

    Also during the inspection of the pelvis there is the possibility of detecting bulk formations.

    Ways to diagnose

    The diagnosis is established based on characteristic clinical manifestations. It is also confirmed by the following both instrumental and laboratory observations:

    • Ultrasound observation of the pelvic organs. Allows you to identify the location, size and characteristics of the center of inflammation.
    • Hysteroscopy. It gives an opportunity to show changes in the relief in the area of ​​the uterus, also shows whether scars are present.
    • MRI of the pelvic organs. It is considered the most informative way to research. It also provides a more accurate observation of the location, structure of endometriosis.
    • Laparoscopy. This method is the most reliable in confirming the diagnosis.

    The choice of method depends on the neglect of the pathology and the patient's condition.

    The possibility of treatment at home

    Treat endometriosis, of course, should be under the strict supervision of a physician. It should also know that our ancestors treated this disease and folk remedies. The most effective of all the "popular" ways of deliverance is pregnancy.

    There are also many other methods of home exposure:

    • Herbs
    • Application of leeches,
    • Using clay
    • Propolis treatment,
    • The use of celandine.

    As a rule, after the examination, doctors may prescribe both oral contraceptives, and progesterone or androgens. Their action is accentuated in the direction of influencing the cyclic changes of the endometrium, whose main task is to stop these changes.

    Surgery to endometriosis

    Sometimes, to remove such pathologies, surgical intervention is used. This takes into account the severity of complications in a woman, her age, her desire to become pregnant in the future.
    This effect is divided into:

    • Relieving symptoms (used for patients planning a pregnancy),
    • Semi-conservative (in this case, the possibility of pregnancy is excluded, but the ovaries retain their functions),
    • The radical method (remove the organ and appendages completely).

    It is worth noting the fact that such an impact in itself is not simple. Especially difficult surgical intervention is in adhesions.

    Removal of endometriosis by medication

    Drug therapy is used in the absence of mutations in the size of the genitals, pain, at a young age, in the premenopausal stage.

    Solving the problem with the help of medicines includes the following types of complex treatment:

    • Fighting inflammations
    • Hormonal influence
    • Desensitizing effects,
    • Symptomatic effect.

    Such treatment is based on long-term hormonal therapy, as a result of which the disorders in the body are not eliminated, but the ovaries are suppressed. This can cause the formation of early menopause, as well as a prolonged absence of menstruation.

    Drug reviews

    Investigating reviews written or narrated by both specialists and patients, it should be noted that such an effect is not as effective as other methods of treating endometriosis. But as a therapy aimed at maintaining the health of a woman, it is quite suitable.

    Many of them indicate that they were treated with this drug for endometriosis. They all underwent a course of treatment that helped them, but after a certain period of time, the pathology manifested itself again. Some people observed that after taking the drug after some time, women could become pregnant, even though they could not conceive a child for a long time before undergoing a course of treatment.

    Of course, there are women who have had to give up this drug due to the intolerance of the components. But such cases are rare.

    If we take the general opinion, then the “Longidase” suppositories for treatment in combination with other methods is of very high quality for endometriosis.

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