Can pharmatex cause delayed menstruation


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09/23/2008, Oksana
I use farmateksom tablets 9 months. Before that she used oral contraceptives. After I started taking Pharmatex, I had a cycle failure. Menstruation was not 2.5 months. It was necessary, on the advice of the doctor, to take dufaston for 3 months in order to restore the cycle. As a result, the cycle has recovered by one month and now the delay is again for the third week. All this time I have been using famatex in parallel. I have suspicions that all this is from him. Please answer if my suspicions are correct. Thank you in advance.

02.10.2008, Dr. Sikirin
You are mistaken, Pharmatex is a non-hormonal remedy. The maximum complication is burning. The maximum side effect is vaginal dysbacteriosis. Violation of the cycle and the delay of menstruation could not cause it. To understand the nature of monthly delays, it is necessary to do an ultrasound, to pass hormonal tests on the hormones of the ovaries themselves, estradiol and progesterone and the hormones controlling the ovaries: LH and FSH.

02.08.2009, Oksana
Good day! I am 20 years old. Before sex, I used Farmatex candles. I just can not get pregnant?

02.08.2009, Yilua [email protected]
I can not understand the question! The girl seems to be not 5 years old! No modern drug can give an absolute guarantee, it's time to know about it! You can get pregnant!

09/17/2008, Svetik
I am 17 years old. Began to use Farmateksom, candles. I would like to know if it is possible to have sex in water when using them? I did not find the exact answer in the instructions, how does water affect the effect of the drug ??

20.09.2008, Doctor Sikirina
Pure water does not reduce the activity of Pharmatex, as long as there is no impurity of soap in the water (including shower gel or hands), this can at once inactivate the contraceptive effect of Pharmatex. At the heart of Pharmatex is acid, and soap is alkali! Their interaction should be clear, if you have not forgotten the school chemistry.

September 7, 2008, the clockwork bird
I used the Farmatex candle only once, but I had enough impressions! Firstly, the unbearable smell of the medicine, and secondly, the lubricant such that it slid not only like clockwork, but even better, that is, the friction completely disappeared, and therefore the pleasure was zero. Another terrible minus is a forced rejection of oral sex. The bitterness in his mouth is just unbearable! So do not advise!

09.10.2008, Lydia [email protected]
Agree with the Clockwork Bird. Feelings are not pleasant. And my husband had an unbearable burning sensation at all, for a very long time there was an annoyance!

03/21/2012, Cassia
So, if a lot of lubrication, then why use candles? Pharmatex is so good that it has many forms of release. For example, I use pills. Their smell is normal, did you use exactly Pharmatex? Because it is somehow strange, I have been protecting them for five years, and I never noticed the smell of the unpleasant, much less burning sensation. Although, maybe you have a genital infection in a latent form, then yes - if there is irritation, you can probably tweak a little. Go to the doctor.

08/24/2010, Rio
and who told you that you can have oral sex with pharmacyx. reading such reviews, one wonders how people sometimes come to mind with such contraceptives to think about engaging in oral sex.

03/23/2009, Lady
And we had this:
- pills - a terrible burning sensation, I had to stop it urgently (ps I even had paint on my underwear, which I then put on faded.)
- candles - at first everything is too wet, because of which nothing is felt, after what 10 minutes everything dried up so that it did not slip at all: D
- In general - it is not clear :)

08.23.2008, Nook
Hello, please tell me what to do, what can be used for lubrication together with Farmatex, and even Farmatex itself is not enough as a lubricant even if it is a cream or candles, read that you can use a children's cream, but don’t know whether it is true or not, tell me what is possible?

08/28/2008, Dr. Sikirina
No, baby cream is no good, it is based on petrolatum, which dries the skin and mucous membranes. You can not only inject the cream Pharmax applicator vaginally, but also squeeze a little on the finger and lubricate the external genitals. Or get an antiseptic lubricant, they are sold in pharmacies and sex shops. Just need to know its composition (acid or alkali). In combination with Pharmatex, you can only use acidic substances or neutral. Alkali is not allowed!

07/24/2008, Alenka
I am 19 years old. I `m A virgin. Tell me, is it possible to use a Contex Opium condom (with nonoxynol-9 spermicide) and Pharmatex cream during the first sexual intercourse?

July 28, 2008, Dr. Sikirina
Yes you can. Such a combined method of contraception is the most reliable.

07/21/2008, Lenkin
Tell me, is it possible to engage in oral sex after applying Pharmatex?

07/22/2008, VB
I think you yourself do not want to do this, because the taste and smell of Farmatex is not at all pleasant. Therefore, until you wash yourself, it is better not to do this.

Features of menstruation at the reception and cancellation of Pharmatex

Pharmatex is a complex hormonal contraceptive that has a damaging effect on male sperm. The drug instructions for use is quite simple. However, you must always adhere to the basic rules that are listed in the manual. Otherwise, the effect of the drug is simply canceled and will not have a contraceptive effect.

Vaginal Capsules

They have a delicate texture, pale color, rounded shape, probably a small separation of the texture of the capsule.

Capsule Farmatex has in its composition an aqueous solution of benzalkonium chloride (50%) in the number of 38.1 mg.

  • Dimethicone 1000 - 1043.1 mg,
  • Colloidal silicon dioxide - 91 mg,
  • Giproloza - 104.9 mg,
  • Macrogol-7-glyceryl cocoate - 150 mg,
  • Macrogol 400 - 75 mg.

Capsule topcoat structure:

  • Gelatin - 384.85 mg,
  • Glycerol - 190 mg.

The release is made in cardboard packages containing a blister with 6 capsules.

Vaginal tablets

Have a pure white color. The shape of the tablets are round, have a hole. The pronounced aroma of the tablets do not possess.

Pharmatex tablet has in its composition the substance of benzalkonium chloride - 20 mg.

  • Sodium bicarbonate,
  • Lemon acid,
  • Silicon dioxide hydrate,
  • Microcrystalline cellulose,
  • Magnesium stearate,
  • Macrogol 6000.

Release is carried out in packs of cardboard of 12 pcs. pills.

Vaginal suppositories

Possess white color and peculiar smell. In form

cylindrical, have a tapered end.

Pharmatex suppositories have the active substance - benzalkonium chloride (50%) - 38.1 mg.

  • Giproloza,
  • Fat firm "Witepsol S 51".

The drug is produced in cardboard packaging, in one pack in a blister of 5 pieces.

Vaginal cream

1.2%. Cream has white color, uniform texture, with aroma of lavender.

Cream Farmateks has an active substance - benzalkonium chloride 50% 2.4 g.

  • Lemon acid,
  • Macrogol and ethylene glycol palmitostearate (Tefoz 63),

  • Sodium hydrophosphate dodecahydrate,
  • Lavender oil,
  • Water.

The release of the cream is carried out in cartons containing an aluminum tube - 72 g, the dispenser is in the set.

The active component of Pharmatex has a traumatic effect on the shells of spermatozoa, and this leads to their critical damage and the impracticability of insemination of the egg. Absolute disintegration of spermatozoa, in the presence of the active component of the drug in the vagina, occurs after 30 seconds. Basically, one dosage of Farmatex involves the destruction of spermatozoa, which are in one ejaculation. For this reason, the following sexual intercourse requires the introduction of another, repeated dosage of the drug.

In addition to the spermicidal effect, the drug, under testing conditions, showed anti-bacterial dynamics from such infections as gonorrhea, chlamydia, trichomoniasis, herpes type II and Staphylococcus aureus. Pharmatex is ineffective in mycoplasma infection, moreover, it has practically no effect on microbes that cause gardnerellosis, candidiasis and syphilis.

Studies proving the similar dynamics of the active ingredient of the drug in the circumstances of the body demonstrate a low disinfectant effect. But in combination with a condom, the threat of diseases that are transmitted during sexual

contacts decreases.

The tool does not change the usual microbial environment of the vagina. In addition, Pharmatex does not show violations of the menstrual cycle of women. The use of Pharmatex in carrying a child did not show a harmful effect on the formation of the fetus and the period of pregnancy itself.

The drug is not absorbed into the vaginal tissue. It is absorbed only on the vaginal walls and is removed by ordinary washing with water and physiological secretions.

Indications for use

Pharmatex is especially prescribed for girls and women with complete or short-term restrictions on the use of the most effective methods of protection (intrauterine devices or based on hormones). It is recommended to apply such a tool after childbirth, during lactation, after perfect abortions, before menopause and during sexual intercourse.

The medicinal substance can be used as an adjuvant with other types of protection:

  1. In combination with an internal contraceptive that is placed in

    uterus (spiral)

  2. In combination with a latex condom - with the aim of increasing the protective result and reducing the potential of infection with sexually transmitted diseases,
  3. If non-compliance with the constant use of oral hormones (skip or delayed reception for some time).


First of all, Pharmatex contraindication is considered to be the increased susceptibility of the organism to the chemical composition. Another important contraindication is diseases of the external organs (vulva and vagina), in particular, accompanied by a defect in the inner layer of the vagina: injuries, breaks, diseases with the formation of erosions and ulcers.

It is not recommended to use this drug for local vaginal treatment with the use of other pharmaceutical drugs, since the destruction and loss of spermicidal initiative of the active ingredient of the drug is likely.

Side effects

Pharmatex is not absorbed into the bloodstream and has no effect on the human body as a whole, in people with increased susceptibility to the active substance, secondary effects from taking the medication may appear. The likelihood of minor effects of the drug is minimal if it is used in

permissible dose.

About contraception who uses pills Pharmatex?

This may be fucking tests)

The reasons for which the monthly may delay the adoption of any drugs. . Among these causes of delayed menstruation in the absence of pregnancy, the main role is played by endocrine diseases.

Carefully read the instructions, the reliability of Pharmatex is very small, so now in the pharmacy for pregnancy tests. And next time, protect yourself with more reliable means!

I'm afraid to get pregnant. how to be?

Do not enter into an intimate relationship and do not get pregnant.

Frequently asked question - can there be delayed menstruation due to thrush? We single out the main reasons for the possible delay in menstruation with concomitant candidiasis.

Then spread the bread, not feet =)

You have three working holes and only one childbearing. Think.

Do not do this (as long as you do not want children) .. This is to ensure that children give birth ..

That's it, do not do it. is it really difficult to figure this out

Sterilization. I. on the new.

9 causes of menstrual irregularities. . Lelichk writes on May 16, 15 10. Delay is 13 days, the test is negative!

Do not have sex !! 100% Guaranteed!

Take contraception and ibis skolko zhelaesh. or pull your partner a condom and the end of things.

Use contraceptives and your friend probably her partner punctured them probably wanted children and she didn't.

Oral do not become pregnant.

Go get married and do not be afraid

If conception has occurred, then the reason for the delay of menstruation is the onset of pregnancy. If conception does not occur, then the level of progesterone and estrogen decreases and another menstruation occurs.

If you do not want children, do not do it! That's when you want, then do it!
We must somehow relax from this, or you every day.

Searcher in hand / Katerina Makarova gynecologist

Spiral + ok + premenstrual days + pharmatex))) 4 to 1))) should help))) but seriously, pah pah, pharmatex has not failed yet ..

Most likely you just have a self-suggestion :) as if she got pregnant, then it will happen to me. I generally heard that someone guys / husbands / lovers can and 5 times. Well, if you are afraid (this is certainly not my business), then let your husband not descend in you, but on you.

A man feels the moment of onset of ejaculation, so it can easily take it out and ease on the bed or on your stomach. Most do that when there is a threat of getting pregnant.

The cause of instability, delay and even the complete absence of menstruation can be contraceptive use. Also, the reason for the delay may be the discontinuation of taking the pill.

WHAT are you afraid of? stay without children for life? and then your husband can still throw you away because without children, that is, who cannot give birth, 90% of men are not needed - this is 100% why is a woman needed? Fuck chtoli just like that? give money to buy mink phones for 60k luxury cars, but a child cannot give (((so think about it and not when you do not have an abortion

Garbage all this, who normally protected, he does not become pregnant. There are exceptions, but this is a rarity, not a common thing. Those who are protected by 6 abortions do not. Well, if you suddenly enter into 1% of those who are not lucky, give birth, you are married.

The spiral may not come up - there is bleeding .. interrupted intercourse act, well, a condom, finally
it is possible at the apogee of her husband to suck well, and other ways I will keep silent

Delayed menstruation is quite frequent manifestation of failures in our body. . And as it turns out the causes of delayed menstruation

Ask your partner to finish not at you.

It seems to me that with the correct use of contraceptives, the probability of getting pregnant is extremely small. How do you know, maybe this girl missed the pill and misused the condom, so she got pregnant. And even then the chance seems to me extremely small. Most likely, she just lies to justify his abortion. Millions of women use contraceptives while not getting pregnant, why do you think that you will be different?

You are a strange kind. Every woman's body is different. She works and lives differently. In 22 years I have not had a single abortion and one birth in a marriage. Because I was friends with the head. Guarded in different ways. But never drank pills.

Are you against the demographic policy of the government? Not good)

I haven't read such paranoia for a long time. It is all individually for all. If so afraid of everything, it is better not to live at all. Read how many people die per day due to the fact that they simply choke on a piece of food or a brick falls on a level place.
Chance is always and everywhere.
Conventional methods of contraception + common sober mind is 99% of what you can do. 100% is to avoid sex or surgery.

Causes of delayed menses. Delayed menstruation is the absence of menstruation in due time. For most women, this condition is a serious cause for excitement.

Less in bed jump.

Be protected and everything will be type - top

Be warned now there are many different ways to escape.

We must ask the grandchildren. I do not know.

The reason for the delay may not be at all in pregnancy, women think first of all about women. . Diligently playing sports, you may well contribute to the delay of menstruation.

Masturbation to help.

Castration, unfortunately, is allowed in our country only from the age of 33 and only if you have two children.
There is no 100% protection. so. you can not enter into an intimate relationship and satisfy yourself with vibrators, rubber .. uh. members, etc.

Our ancestors did not have condoms until 1970 and WHAT?!)
There are proven ways to avoid pregnancy for tens of thousands of years:
1. What something sour to enter into the vagina before sexual intercourse. This is either the inside of a lemon, or a cotton swab mok in boric acid.
2. To know your menstrual cycle and not to get in touch from the 7th day after the menstruation until 2 days before the menstruation and that's it.

You have three working holes and only one childbearing. Think further.
From oral and anal sex, no one is pregnant :)

I have 2 weeks to wait. Protected cream Farmateks. Could it be. Could a delay be taking these medications? . She turned to a private clinic, which has a huge network of branches in Russia.

Do not be afraid of children. This is the best that can happen in your life.
No need to hysteria about this, but just get married, take ok, with a doctor's prescription, and fly in - so rejoice!
Now the queues at the clinic of reproductive medicine, all have problems getting pregnant, bear, give birth.
Not afraid of that!

All this is nonsense. Now put on the most up-to-date spiral of Meren, 100% guarantee and plus has preventive measures against myoma diseases.

Warranty is never 100%. Think. head.

Khryapay OK and normal. For example, Jess

Stress - a common cause of delayed menstruation. Also often the cause of delayed menstruation is stress, one of the powerful enemies of the human body. A short stressful situation is enough for that.

Once you feel, do not avoid.

Give birth country need warriors

Strapon and girlfriend without complexes

No children, no pregnancies.
Married, regular sex.
Yes, you have infertility!
(she is afraid of “getting pregnant”. Smishno!)

Delayed menstruation with thrush causes. On October 20, menstruation should begin, but they did not start. . Russia has limited supplies of wheat to Georgia.

Drink counter or sorry don't push your legs

Neboisia, rozai, vsio budit horosho. ved deti eto sciastje v zizne :))

What are the contraceptive candles you most approached and why?

Who said that OK is harmful. But from candles just more sideways in the form of thrush and colpitis.

How long does the menstruation delay in the postpartum period? In most cases, the delay in menstruation in women occurs due to the onset. Can ovarian dysfunction cause delayed menstruation.

Pharmacological properties
Contraceptive local (spermatocidal) agent, also has antiseptic, antifungal, antiprotozoal, action, inactivates the Herpes simplex virus.
It shows bactericidal activity against staphylococci, streptococci, gram-negative bacteria (intestinal and pseudomonas bacilli, gonococci, Proteus, Klebsiella and others), anaerobic bacteria, fungi and molds. Affects strains of bacteria resistant to antibiotics and other chemotherapeutic drugs, inhibits plasma coagulase and hyaluronidase staphylococci.
The spermicidal effect is due to the ability to damage the sperm membranes (at the beginning of the flagella, then the head), which makes it impossible to fertilize the damaged spermatozoon. The effect develops 5 minutes after the introduction of the vaginal suppository.
It is active in the prevention of sexually transmitted diseases (gonorrhea, chlamydia, trichomoniasis). It does not affect the normal microflora of the vagina (including the Doderlein wand) and the hormonal cycle.

I believe that candles are inconvenient and not reliable enough. Never used them.

Pharmatex .. comfortable enough and there were no punctures ... mmm .. )

Candles are trouble!
Firstly, you will burn all your vagina to yourself, there will be no time for sex, they will cause terrible discomfort
Second, protect against pregnancy by 70%
That Benatex is just awful
It is better to have a condom or interrupted sexual intercourse, if a man knows when to pull out

Pharmatex ointment. very normal. Even after.

Violation of the menstrual cycle delayed menstruation. Delay of menstruation is called menstrual dysfunction. For women of childbearing age, pregnancy is the most common cause of delayed menstruation.

None! why? - zalet, that's why

What is the best way to protect yourself from unwanted pregnancy to adolescents (15-18 years old)?

Blya and what does this have to do with maternity?

Is candidiasis a cause of delayed menstruation? . If the delay in menstruation has become a permanent phenomenon, then treatment should be carried out in several courses in a row.

Just need to use two other holes.

So the youth went.

As the doctor will say, everything is very individual!

Sew or glue the hole.

Menstruation delay is the absence of menstruation on the days when it was supposed to begin. The main causes of delayed menstruation are stress, overwork, improper diet, pregnancy.

GIRL - only celibacy.

And the gynecologist is little to ask? But to engage in sex is not weak.

At 15 it's too early to sleep. don't you think? condom protected

Better forged trusel)))) with barn lock)))

Abstinence is not nonsense. A girl can ruin her feminine health forever. Do not use pills yet. There is nothing better than a condom in your situation.

There are many reasons contributing to the delay of menstruation. The reason for the delay in menstruation other than pregnancy can be a strict diet. . Abortions in Russia. Pregnancy after abortion. Big abortion.

Pharmatex ... tablets are prescribed only by the doctor after examining and passing the necessary tests, and the spiral can not be put.

And yet - abstinence. And this is not nonsense. Stupidity - premarital sex, and even in puppy age.

There is no sense for a girl to protect herself

You can take pills, but you need to talk to your doctor first. The spiral does not need to be put, a bad thing, and it is not recommended to those who have not given birth. .
I understand that I see how dumb to go to the doctor, but it’s better to him ... Far from expelling, and will advise a practical way of protection (most likely tablets)

It was a bit early =))))) prezika tablets are all harmonious and if GIRL then wants to become a mother, then condoms are the best protection for her!

Causes of delayed menstruation. The main reason for the delay in menstruation is pregnancy. . However, the disease is activated only in certain circumstances. The most common cause can be

If sex is regular and with one partner, then I think it’s still better with the doctor to pick up OK, if sex is disorderly or not regular, condoms are your option.

Before the birth of the first child is better not to put the spiral. As for birth control pills, there are those that are suitable for adolescents. They have fewer hormones than normal ones and, among other things, they help fight skin problems and stabilize the cycle. The main thing is that such means should be selected by an experienced doctor after testing.
An easier way is to use local contraception. Candles or vaginal tablets - Pharmatex, for example. But their effectiveness is somewhat lower and their application requires compliance with certain rules.

Spiral set only giving birth.
What methods of contraception are optimal in adolescence?
The hormonal method as the most reliable way to prevent pregnancy, which is extremely undesirable at this age period. But do not forget that this method does not prevent infections with sexually transmitted diseases.
Contraceptive pills for adolescents can be taken only if the following conditions are met: regular sexual life, the onset of the first menstruation at least 2 years ago, an increase of at least 160 cm. No obesity and serious heart and vascular disease.
The World Health Organization recommends that teenagers take combined birth control pills. Three-phase (Triquilar, Tri-Regol, Triziston) and single-phase (Silest, Femoden, Mikoginon, Rigevidon, Marvelon) drugs are best suited. They provide the least intervention in the natural course of the processes occurring in the female body, and maintain the stability of the menstrual cycle.
The use of mini-pilli (Atsetomepregenol, Mikrolut, Exluton) is not recommended because their contraceptive effectiveness is lower, and more often side effects develop (intermenstrual bleeding).
Emergency contraception is an emergency measure of protection from unwanted pregnancy (although it is much preferable to abortion). Sometimes in the literature it is called "emergency contraception" because it requires urgent and effective measures. Girls, if you doubt the integrity of a condom when using it or having unprotected sex, or if other methods of contraception cannot be used for one reason or another, do not let the matter take its course, do not wait for the next menstruation, because it may not to appear. It is better to use this method of protection from pregnancy, and for this you have 72 hours - three days (when using hormonal contraceptives) or 5-7 days if you decide to put an intrauterine device (which is not recommended during adolescence).
Taking combined birth control pills for emergency contraception among adolescents should be the most common. In Russia, Postinor is often used, containing 0.75 mg of levonorgestrel, however, note that the World Health Organization does not recommend it for use - contraceptive efficacy is too low and side effects often occur.
Introduction of intrauterine devices is made within 5-7 days after unprotected sexual contact. As a means of emergency contraception, this method has the right to exist, but it is better for teenage girls not to use it, because there is a high risk of inflammation of the uterus and its appendages, especially if there are a large number of sexual partners or with occasional sexual relationships.
The use of barrier methods of contraception reduces the risk of sexually transmitted diseases by more than 2-3 times, especially when using a condom. However, the contraceptive effectiveness of a condom in young people due to improper use directly at the time of sexual intercourse is low and amounts to 50-75%. The simultaneous use of a condom and spermicides (pastes, creams, gels, etc.) is possible, which increases the effectiveness of the use of barrier methods of contraception.
Use only spermicidal agents in adolescence is impractical because their contraceptive effect is low.
In connection with the spread of AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases, we recommend that adolescents combine birth control pills with condoms, which will protect both from unwanted pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases (including AIDS).
Intrauterine devices, despite the relatively high efficiency, are not recommended, especially for young women who have sex with irregular sex and with frequent changes of sexual partners.

Yeah, read the answers and great comments. so mean
at that age, they go to the doctor and, as a rule, they give this idiot pills, something like Diana 35, because the rest is too much for such a young age. at the same time helps from teenage acne.
farther. Having sex with a 15-year-old is actually an article, if it has not yet been canceled due to irrelevance.
despite the reluctance of the author of the question to read nonsense, let me be stupid, this 15-18 year old, as I understand it, you have to tear up a hypothetical scum and be tied to the battery at home, and not let go of the bun. IMHO

Best of all, pills, called spiodin, work well.

Delayed menstruation causes and possible treatments. Menstruation delay is the absence of menstruation on the days when it was supposed to begin.

There are family planning centers and it is necessary to consult with a specialist and not throw such questions on the Internet, and then they will advise the type - there are pills before ... have pills after ... and there is a tablet INSTEAD OF HOW!

I think the spiral is still early, in spite of your protests, I still recommended condoms to you.

It is best to use contraceptive pills. For example, "Jess", I’m talking about this brand, because I drink it myself, I don’t know about the rest. Just go to the doctor first!

PLEASE THAT no one can answer?

Can cystitis cause the delay of menstruation? Many factors can affect the menstrual cycle. Therefore, women suffering from cystitis are very concerned about whether cystitis can cause a delay in menstruation and how this affects health.

Don't have sex then

Spiral, contraceptive. re will not be accurate.

Tablets, an injection is put on the floor for half a year in gynecology costs about 300 r, spiral (if you can)

And once there were caps, it is interesting to use now or have forgotten about them. I don’t know what they look like, harmful or not, I haven’t even seen them even once.

There are creams, candles, pills. Your doctor did not recommend anything to you.

Girls, maybe someone understands or there are doctors on the site, then tell me! Can iodine cause a delay in menstruation? . Oh well, I even saw thyroid hormones, there were no delays.

The best way is to sleep in different beds!

God, if after the operation, why didn’t she ask the treating doctor ....
Only a doctor can answer you - a spiral or monasticism.

Tablets, various suppositories, rings are on the neck of the type "new ring" patches (awkward awful) injection. It is better to consult with your gynecologist. My girlfriend used the ring, she liked it, for a month I think you put it yourself. I drank pills, everything was fine, as I stopped - I got pregnant.

Well, I would say that * well, a very bad appearance * is still a contraceptive. and so the candles, the most it-put in 30 minutes waited and 3 hours later do what you want. and harmless)

Do not listen to anyone about the helix — it’s only 70%, I got pregnant with the helix, it’s best to take the pills, and which only the doctor can write out to fit you.

Causes of delayed menstruation. The question of why there was a delay in menstruation worries every woman. Consider the basic situations in which this problem may occur.

There are hormonal birth control pills (Novinet, Yarin, Belara, etc.) that start taking from the first day of menstruation, you can also put an intrauterine device with silver, copper, propolis, as well as Erotex contraceptive suppository, as well as Depo Provera (hormonal injection ) or a hormonal patch on a zhvot. there is also surgical sterilization (female and male) —if you do not plan children in the future.

PHARMATEX (Pharmatex)
Synonym: Benzalkonium chloride, Benzalkonium chloride
Structure and form of release: Vaginal capsules 1 caps.
benzalkonium chloride 18.9 mg
excipients: hydroxypropylcellulose, colloidal silicon dioxide, dimethicone 1000, polyoxyethyleneglycol 7-glyceryl cocoate, macrogol 400, gelatin, glycerol
in a blister 2 or 6 pcs. , in a carton pack of 1 or 2 blisters. Vaginal tablets 1 tab.
benzalkonium chloride 20 mg
excipients: sodium bicarbonate, anhydrous citric acid, silicon dioxide hydrate, MCC, magnesium stearate, lactose, macrogol 6000 in a polypropylene tube 12 pcs. in a pack of cardboard 1 tube. Cream vaginal 100 g
benzalkonium chloride 1.2 g
excipients: citric acid, macrogol 300 and 1500, ethylene glycol stearate (Tefoz® 63), lavender essence, purified water
in aluminum tube 72 g complete with an applicator-dispenser, in a carton pack 1 set. Vaginal suppositories 1 supp.
benzalkonium chloride 18.9 mg
excipients: hydroxypropylcellulose, semi-synthetic glycerides or "Witepsol S 51"
in a blister 5 pcs. , in a carton pack of 1 or 2 blisters. Vaginal tampons 1 tampon *

Unwanted child!

The main causes of menstruation delay. Stress, prolonged or severe short-term, can cause disruption of the central structures that regulate the work of the ovaries and uterus.

How old are you that you "just ask" such nonsense?

Patent urgently! Decades of development of the safest methods of contraception and abortions, including medication, and it won both. SOAP, EPT.

Use contraception. and we should share with mom .. she will tell us better what we need .. Girl ..

Pipes inside, labia outside - how? How did you have enough brains to ask such a question?

The only thing that can be added to the article due to the delay of menstruation is an increase in physical exertion or active exercise.

No, it does not help ... if there are no brains, then nothing will help.

Honey, this is for you in the "humor" section with such a question!

Tell me please, how does the soap on the genital lips help you get rid of the process going through INSIDE the uterus, how far can you get it with your fingers? You do not use soap with personal hygiene, as I understand it?
Yes, and if the food has not yet attached to the uterus there is no pregnancy. It may not attach at all (for various reasons) and come out with monthly. Because until the fetus is attached, your body does not know that you are pregnant and is functioning normally (not pregnant).

I heard a bell, but you do not know where he is :). This method will help exactly the opposite - if you use some vaginal contraceptives, for example, formatex, and after taking a bath to wash with soap and water, the effect of pharmatex will be nullified :)

If, before having sex, it was required to pass an exam on theory (as on driving rights), then many would not have multiplied at all.

Could there be a delay in menstruation due to candidiasis? During the period of exacerbation of thrush in some women the menstrual cycle can come true. . Usually, thrush in the early stages does not cause a delay.

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Attachment on day 7, so early about the pregnancy can not be found

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You have very thin humor)))

To the question Is it possible to delay menstruation after taking antibiotics? The answer will be yes. . Can antimicrobial medications be caused by a cycle violation?

What are you, how old are you? You believe in such fairy tales.

And here there are healthy women of fertile age, who are 100% sure that they cannot unplanned

On this page you can familiarize yourself with the answer to the question. Tell me, can a pantovigar cause a delay in menstruation? . Hello! Reception Pantovigara could not cause changes in the menstrual cycle.

I didn’t let me down, but I’ve been waiting with apprehension for every menstruation, although it is a reliable means and I’m doing everything right.

Sure. never let me down

That you want to justify their abortion?

Until now, did not let ..

There is! ! I! !
never me
and will not let you down - 100% sure))

Last month was 9 November. Usually the cycle is 30-32 days, but today is the 16th day of the delay. November 29 went to hospital with. Now I accept kanefron. Могла ли инфекция или прием препаратов стать причиной задержки?Спасибо.

Пока за 4 года 2 запланированные беременности. Незапланированных не было. Но это конечно очень маленький срок, чтоб утверждать на 100%. But my mother is 30 years old in marriage and not a single unplanned pregnancy.

Do not let down. Only her absence failed))) So I am sure that I can’t fly into it accidentally, while being protected.

For 16 years, contraception has never failed.

Yes . condoms never failed, and finally did not take any pills.

The most common and at the same time favorable cause of delayed menstruation is pregnancy. The tolerable monthly delay is about five days.

And mnu any pregnancy from her husband will be a joy.

I am almost sure. Because my fertility is coming to a close. At nearly forty years getting pregnant is harder than at twenty.

There are 15 years old drinking contraceptive pills. As a result of any unplanned pregnancy, but 3 planned children. If you do not drink pills, then you should just wave your underpants, as my husband says.

I! We, for unknown reasons, do not work by themselves! Both are healthy, as doctors say! We only have everything with eco, -)))) ps. I have a natural anti-bacterium, dense cervical walls, fertilizers. the egg does not prolazit. At the replanting barely inserted a catheter! In what happens :-)

Yes, before pregnancy I took a "three-regol" both for the purpose of contraception, and for the purpose of regulating the cycle, year 3, with the necessary interruptions. When they wanted the child, she refused the pills and, clearly as it was written in the instructions, became pregnant for the 3rd month. Now I’m afraid to start taking contraceptives again, breastfeeding can only be single phase, and only negative reviews have been heard about them
It does not look like it did it) I have long wanted a child, but the former is not. So I would have been happy to have a pregnancy before. But my husband, in the second week of his acquaintance, said that he wanted babies from me)

Ask a New Question. How to Become a Consultant. . Hello, 6 days delay of menstruation, the cycle is not regular, there was no sex. Can pharmatex provoke a delay of about a week for 2-2.5 months ??

Let down
if absolutely pregnancy is not by the way, I will do an abortion

I'm so waiting for the tram.))))
Monthly after childbirth began to walk day to day and hour to hour. ) And unplanned pregnancy I can not.))

Never failed before. . Although the heart was joked when, during a delay, it did a test - subconsciously wanted to see 2 cherished stripes ... you sit, you wait for the result, you look, you look and you think - "if only, if only, if only." so you think - "yes, where is it from? Coperfield or something?" You see a negative result and you get a double impression - and disappointment, and relief - " Laaadno, we haven't planned it yet ":)

I was 5 years in a relationship with a man, and we were protected by an interrupted act. Now I have a husband, together for more than 3 years, we protect ourselves in the same way. I have a regular cycle, mon. by the hour. when they wanted a child planned, now at 28 weeks. never in my life did not fly, did not drink pills.

So there is. Since 12 years contraceptives did not fail. From the very beginning of the monthly aerials were not. This is not a problem of contraception, but of the brain.

Farmatex does not affect the hormones! . But there is one very ESSENTIAL feature in the use of this drug, which many DO NOT OBSERVE, due to an IMPERFICIAL reading of the instructions for use of one portion.

For 20 years of sexual life 2 scheduled pregnancy. I have a brain.

I never let down.

I very much doubt that with such protection as mine - pills + farmatex gel can be managed to get pregnant ... so don't worry about that. if contraception was so unreliable, everyone would run on abortions every month. most contraceptive “failures” are commonplace violations of conditions of use, hopes for PPA, “I forgot to take a pill”, “thought it was day and safe,” etc. I consider pills to be the most reliable means if you don't forget to drink them

I think only a fool can be sure that what, why and what never will happen to her

I WANT unplanned and right now.

Candles such as Pharmatex do not affect the menstrual cycle. . Hello, Olya. No, eye drops could hardly cause a delay in menstruation. I.I.

I was one of those.

While protected, for 15 years not a single remedy failed. 2 spirals-6 and 5 years + tablets 4 years. now the principle is not very scary - the burden of the first planned, I am going to give birth to the second

I am sure that there is no chance pregnancy. It is necessary to select a contraceptive in a doctor, and not to engage in amateur activities. And you need to buy in a normal pharmacy, and not in the pharmacy kiosk in the subway. I am 31 years old, almost ten years saw pills, not a single misfire. And when they wanted a child with her husband, she canceled the pills and got pregnant safely.

Girls, how and with what help are you protected? :)

You know, my opinion on birth control is despair therapy.
Hormones contribute to the development of oncology. that's why my advice is to choose something else for you)

See Examination Algorithm for Menstruation Delay. Can the use of tablets Pharmatex cause thrush? . Legislation Who can be a donor Contraindications to blood donation Recommendations to donors Benefits Where possible.

Pills are always nauseous, and I can’t get them because of the veins;
spiral or candle

Since the beginning of sexual activity, I have been protected by hormonal contraception.
After giving birth while the children were breastfed, they were always protected by condoms.
After 1 birth, according to the recommendations of the gynecologist from the LCD, I put a spiral, but this method did not suit me at all.

Saw for several years, not specifically these, but other, different names, the doctors picked up by age and other parameters.
Not poisoned))
No consequences noticed.

Pa. Pregnancy is not scary. It will be very good and not quite decrepit. I put a spiral and it flew out in a day. Tablets for some reason do not want

Our ppa works, I do not want a spiral or a pill

The reason for the delay of menstruation for a period of 5 days or more can be not only pregnancy. Stressful situations, sharp fluctuations in weight - losing weight or, conversely, obesity, can cause a delay in menstruation or even the absence of menstruation.

PAP is fine with me. good way to protect.

Before birth - PPA. in the end flew. after again PPA. second pregnancy. then abortion. and then wised up. Saw hormonal regividon, did not fit, nauseous, dizzy. switched to Regulon. Year saw, problems did not know. Now we go the second. not protected
Hormonal bad, all the same pills. and the spiral is scary. but don't worry every month about any delay

I'm an Evra plaster. It is also hormonal, but it is much simpler and easier than pills and does not hit the stomach.

With the help of the fact that the husband pulls the gandon

I am against synthetic hormones.
And against the helix.
Previously, it was protected by Farmatex - approximately 8 years without flying. The cream is most convenient (there are also pills and candles, but you need to wait for dissolution, and the tablet can also be rubbed if it does not have time to completely dissolve).

Is it possible for a man to have an allergic reaction to Pharmatex and how can it manifest? . Worms can theoretically cause the delay of menstruation, but it should be a massive invasion, which would manifest itself somehow, and not.

Rubber, abstinence and other forms of sex)

Lack of sex.
But she didn't lie about the pills.
I accept such as a cure cycle, it is not yet sustainable.
Everything has leveled off, the skin is better, the hair is less oily and there are almost no acne (when the old pimples went off) the hair on the body grows lighter, I gain less weight.
Those who say that hormones are oncology right away have apparently never read or accepted them.

I took OK for several years with breaks, everything was fine. I'm going to start taking them again soon

I take pills. cerazette - for nursing. everything suits me.

I had a NOVARING ring. It does not interfere, it stands quietly, the minimum dose of hormones is released gradually, there is no load on the gastrointestinal tract. I am afraid of pills, they are inclined to be overweight and in general they need to be taken there in time, you can forget. The spiral is not suitable for everyone, I know a girl who has three children and the second came out with a spiral. - Answers to your questions gt gt Medicine and Health gt gt Gynecology gt gt Can first sex cause a delay in menstruation? . Delay of menstruation in the absence of pregnancy. Cooking pork tenderloin.

Ok saw about 8, libido falls and mood is depressing. Now I want to go to the clinic to get tested and that would be ok, it’s convenient with them

Saw, Yarinu, happy.

Ppa - not the best tool - a lot of risk, a little pleasure from sex. hormonal pills - yes, there is a minus - a permanent unnatural state of the body (abnormal, unnatural hormones). spiral - they are hormonal and mechanical, not all of them are suitable. there are still ways - once every three months to make an injection, again hormonal. but then M will not be at all. never. (when OK they are). A friend has been protected for so many years, everything suits her - 10 years without the possibility of “flying into” and without periods - for her it's just heaven on earth.
from male protection - there are gum and there is sterilization (reversible process), only men for some reason do not want to go for sterilization, despite all the "thrill" that it gives.

Here is a village. Come on, protect yourself on the PPA, an abortion is much more useful.

I was also at my doctor the other day. also asked how I will be further protected. I answered - well, probably we will continue to be a rubber band)) Occasionally PAP.
She offered me pills, I said it was scary .. all the same chemistry, and I have no memory lately))) so it is dangerous for me)
She did not propose a spiral - since I had erosion ... it means a tendency to erosions, inflammations, and the spiral provokes even more.

See Examination Algorithm for Menstruation Delay. . When we were planning the first child, I stopped taking birth control pills, and began to be protected by Farmatex.

Condoms, very rarely PPA

You believe all less, and then as a fool. Manufacturers of drugs, pharmacists, doctors - all of them in collusion. It is necessary to feed drugs to someone, and this is the money of the pharmacy, the manufacturer. People make money. Doctors pay extra, what would they fools like you bred.
And about pregnancy, so if you give, then you will become pregnant, everything is so. Only have time to clean.

My gynecologist insists on peace. But I feel bad. In the old manner - condoms have become protected after childbirth

Before the wedding, a condom, after the PPA, and how they started to make the child and still nothing)))
When children do not want, the husband only recognizes condoms

I'm not going to stuff myself with chemistry. Not to mention the spiral. 2 times cauterized erosion.

Vaginal Candles

Pharmatex candles are suitable for women of any age. An option for those who have sexual intercourse 1-2 times a week and less. Unlike hormonal tablets, candles do not lose their effectiveness in vomiting and diarrhea.

Candles represent cylindrical suppositories with a tapered end. Each candle is additionally hidden in a plastic shell. The number of suppositories in the package is 5 and 10 pieces.

When is it better to use candles:

  • Lactation.
  • Do not install a spiral or drink OK.
  • Addition to other methods of contraception.
  • After taking the pill, diarrhea or diarrhea occurred.
  • After an abortion.

Advantages and disadvantages


  • Candle remains are easily excreted with natural excretions and when washed out.
  • Can be purchased at any pharmacy without a prescription.
  • Do not affect the digestive tract and hormones.
  • Protect against STDs.
  • Easy to use.
  • Efficiency does not decrease while taking medication (except for vaginal).
  • With proper use of high contraceptive effect.


  • It is impossible to wash before and after intercourse - hygiene products destroy the contraceptive effect.
  • For the same reason, it will not be possible to take a bath or shower with a partner.
  • The need to introduce a suppository immediately before intercourse interrupts the prelude.
  • Each ejaculation requires the use of a new candle.
  • You need to enter quickly, the suppository begins to thaw from the heat of the fingers.

Cream Farmateks

Vaginal cream has the same properties as candles. It is characterized by a uniform fatty consistency with the smell of lavender. Available in a tube of 100 g, which is enough for 18-20 applications. Included with the cream attached instruction and dispenser for ease of entering the necessary portions of the funds.

When is it better to use the cream:

  • Postpartum period.
  • Before menopause and after abortion.
  • If there are contraindications to receive OK.
  • With rare sexual contact.
  • Safety device when using the vaginal diaphragm or IUD.
  • With lactation.
  • Increased vaginal dryness.

Cream Farmateks with instructions

Instructions for use

The suppository is inserted into the vagina for 5-10 minutes before sexual intercourse in the supine position. On one ejaculation consumes one candle. Store at a temperature not higher than 25 degrees, but it is better in the refrigerator to avoid deformation.

Advantages and disadvantages


  • Candle remains are easily excreted with natural excretions and when washed out.
  • Can be purchased at any pharmacy without a prescription.
  • Do not affect the digestive tract and hormones.
  • Protect against STDs.
  • Easy to use.
  • Efficiency does not decrease while taking medication (except for vaginal).
  • With proper use of high contraceptive effect.


  • It is impossible to wash before and after intercourse - hygiene products destroy the contraceptive effect.
  • For the same reason, it will not be possible to take a bath or shower with a partner.
  • The need to introduce a suppository immediately before intercourse interrupts the prelude.
  • Each ejaculation requires the use of a new candle.
  • You need to enter quickly, the suppository begins to thaw from the heat of the fingers.

Cream Farmateks

Vaginal cream has the same properties as candles. It is characterized by a uniform fatty consistency with the smell of lavender. Available in a tube of 100 g, which is enough for 18-20 applications. Included with the cream attached instruction and dispenser for ease of entering the necessary portions of the funds.

When is it better to use the cream:

  • Postpartum period.
  • Before menopause and after abortion.
  • If there are contraindications to receive OK.
  • With rare sexual contact.
  • Safety device when using the vaginal diaphragm or IUD.
  • With lactation.
  • Increased vaginal dryness.

Cream Farmateks with instructions

Instructions for use

The cream is introduced using a special dispenser that comes with a tuba. It is necessary to fill the dispenser to the specified mark (if it is not visible, then pick up the cream until the piston stops). For one use, 5 g is enough. Closely monitor that there is no air in the dispenser, since it will reduce the amount of cream and contraception will not work. Repeated intercourse requires a new portion of the cream.

To drive the cream deep into the vagina should be strictly in the supine position. After removing the dispenser and lie down for at least 10 minutes.

Important! In the case of taking a bath or shower, Pharmatex cream may be used not earlier than in two hours. Also, after its introduction, it is undesirable to empty the bladder for 2-4 hours and hygiene procedures for 10 hours.

Cases of overdose of the cream are not fixed, but it is not recommended to introduce more than the prescribed rate for a single use in order to avoid irritation. Avoid contact with eyes.

The use of cream with other vaginal preparations significantly reduces the contraceptive effect.

Possible side effects

The use of vaginal suppositories and cream can cause itching, burning, painful urination in both partners. In this case, the application must be stopped and consult a doctor for the selection of alternative means.

Hormonal oral contraceptives

Every year an increasing number of women use hormonal contraception. In Russia over the past ten years, the use of hormonal contraceptives has increased by more than 5 times. Reliability, ease of use, a minimum of side effects, a beneficial effect on the organs and systems of the body allow hormonal drugs to find more and more grateful fans. Women today prefer hormonal oral contraceptives as the most effective. Combined birth control pills are the gold standard of contraception, their effectiveness is 99%. The latest hormonal contraceptives have created a furor, a real revolution among other contraceptives.

The effectiveness of contraceptive drugs is estimated by specialists by counting the number of unplanned pregnancies during the year per 100 women. This indicator is called the Pearl Index.

Types and composition of birth control pills

The first oral contraceptives appeared in the fifties and sixties of the twentieth century. The predecessor of all drugs for practical use is the contraceptive Eride, which contained 0.15 mg of mestranol and 15 mg of noretinodrel. Then the development of hormonal drugs developed, and underwent the following changes:

  • New contraceptive pills began to contain small dosages of hormones, at the same time, their effectiveness and reliability were preserved.
  • New analogues of female sex hormones were obtained: ethanylestradiol and levonorgestrel.
  • Progestogens of the 3rd generation appeared - norgestimate, desogestrel, gestodene.
  • The latest contraceptives have been developed - mini-pilli that do not contain a progestogen.

Taking drugs with a low concentration of hormones helps reduce side effects and complications.

Combined contraceptives contain two components in its composition:
1. Synthetic estrogen ethinyl estradiol, which constitutes the estrogen component of drugs.
2. Progestogen component in the form of various progestogens.

All birth control pills, depending on the dosage of hormones, are divided into the following types:

  • monophasic,
  • biphasic
  • three phase.

In monophasic hormonal contraceptives, the daily dose of the active ingredients is constant and the composition may vary. It is clear that monophasic drugs consist of tablets with the same dose of hormones. These tablets are the same color, consumed during one course. The popular monophasic contraceptives include: Regulon, Marvelon, Silest, Novinet, Mersilon, Ripevidon.

Two-phase drugs suggest changing the dose of hormones twice per course, three-phase - three times. Typically, these tablets for one course have different colors. Three-phase contraceptives include Anteovin, three-phase ones — Tri-Mercy, Triquilar, Tri-regol, Triziston.

Contraceptives "mini-pili" are monophasic, and are intended for the period of breastfeeding and lactation. These include: Lactinet, Exluton, Charozetta.

The action of combined oral contraceptives (COCs) is based on blocking ovulation. This way they protect against unplanned pregnancy. The ability to block the process of ovulation has only progestogen, the dose of which is the same in all combined birth control pills. The difference between microdose and low-dose drugs consists only in estrogen dosage. Estrogens affect the woman's menstrual cycle.

Depending on the dosage of the active ingredients, the pill is divided into four types:

Microdosing Contraceptive Pills

As a rule, these products contain minimal doses of the hormone ethinyl estradiol. Side effects in their application are minimal. In some cases, they have the ability to eliminate hormonal disorders: acne (especially in adolescence), painful menstruation. These pills are best suited for young girls up to 25 years old who have not given birth and have a regular sex life. They can also be used by mature women over 35 years old and women who have never used hormonal contraceptives. The most popular are: Three-Merci, Jess, Mercilon, Lindinet-20, Klayra, Novinet.

Low-dose birth control pills
The drugs contain the same ethinyl estradiol, but in combination with various hormones: desogestrel, gestodene, norgestimate, dienogest or levonorgestrel. Such birth control pills are recommended for young women who have given birth. In addition to contraceptive action, these funds have a pronounced anti-androgenic effect: they help to eliminate unwanted facial hair growth, prevent the appearance of acne and hair loss on the background of hormonal imbalance. Popular tablets: Regulon, Belara, Marvelon, Yarin, Zhanin, Midiana, Femoden.

Medium dose contraceptive pills
As a rule, they contain two hormones: ethinyl estradiol and levonorgestrel. Less commonly may contain other combinations of hormones. Medium-dose birth control pills are intended for women who have given birth, especially those older than 30 years. They also have an anti-androgenic effect, which is important for women who have not recovered from pregnancy and childbirth. However, when choosing a drug you need to comply with one condition - feeding these funds are not suitable. Popular tablets: Diane 35, Demoulin, Three-Regol, Chloe.

Highly Dose Birth Control Pills
They contain ethinyl estradiol and levonorgestrel, but only in higher doses. Such funds are primarily used to treat and prevent hormonal diseases. Contraceptives of this type can be taken by women older than 35 years, with the ineffectiveness of drugs with low dosage of hormones. These include: Triquilar, Three-Regol, Ovidon, Milvane, Non-Ovlon.

The newest birth control pills: how to choose?

A woman wants a full life, and the fear and unwillingness of an unplanned pregnancy should not be a reason for rejecting sexual relations. For protection there are many ways. The most reliable are birth control pills.

The choice of contraceptive complex, it should be approached seriously.

Ideally, a specialist should be involved in the selection of contraceptive drugs, but sometimes the woman herself decides which pills to take. In these cases, it is necessary to scrupulously collect information about the tool. Where to start?
1. Get acquainted with different types of contraceptive drugs.
2. Match all the pros and cons.
3. Determine your goal - decide what you want to receive as a result of the use of oral contraceptives.

What you need to know for the right choice? Let's see.

A woman should find information about drugs and their effects on the body. It should be borne in mind that birth control pills differ in parameters, degrees of reliability and side effects.

Combined contraceptives have, as a rule, two analogues of female sex hormones, so they are in first place in terms of reliability. Combined oral agents are used both to protect against pregnancy and to treat diseases and hormonal disorders. Women who opt for hormonal contraceptive pills, it is still recommended to consult with your doctor, and go through a study of hormonal levels.

New contraceptives are the so-called "mini-drank." In the composition have only one hormone - in this regard, the reliability of drugs is 90%. Their advantage is the possibility of use during lactation, as well as women who have estrogen intolerance (which are part of the COC).

The following type of birth control pills is presented by emergency contraception. These pills are not intended for long-term use, but are used immediately after intercourse. The hormone content in them is very high, so these funds can be used only once a month.

Currently, contraceptive drugs of the second - fifth generations have appeared on the market. These newer drugs contain a small dose of hormones, have mild side effects. It should be understood that there are no good or bad contraceptives. There are tools that are suitable or not suitable for women. Therefore, for the selection of contraceptives should be taken into account the individual characteristics of the body of a particular woman.

When self-selection is necessary, first of all, to determine the phenotype - the body type of a woman.

The following types of female phenotype are distinguished:
1. With the predominance of estrogen - estrogen type.
2. With the balance of estrogen and progestin - a balanced type.
3. With the predominance of progestogens and androgens - gestagenny type.

The phenotype is determined by the following features: general appearance, volume and condition of the mammary glands, skin type, the nature of menstruation, the duration of the menstrual cycle, the presence of toxicosis during a previous pregnancy, the body weight of a woman and a tendency to be overweight.

For a balanced phenotype characterized by the average of these signs. In this case, it is recommended to take Marvelon, Triquilar, Mikroginona, Triziston, Mercilon, Tri-Merci, Regulon.

With the predominance of the estrogenic phenotype, a very feminine appearance is characteristic, a very long menstrual cycle, very heavy monthly and vaginal discharge, moderate fullness. It is advisable to take such drugs as Anteovin, Minulet, Norinil, Rigevidon, Miniziston.

With the predominance of the gestagenic phenotype, all the signs are less pronounced: an unsupported appearance, a small volume of the mammary glands, poor monthly periods, a short duration of the menstrual cycle, oily skin. The following remedies are effective: Bisekurin, Chloe, Non-ovlon, Yarin, Ovidon, Jess, Jeanine, Kleira, Diana, Midian, Belara.

No matter how carefully the choice is made, it still happens that the drug does not fit. The ideal method of selection has not yet been invented. Often it is necessary to act by the method of "trial and error", but sometimes it is inevitable, because every woman's body is unique.

It is proved that the criterion for the successful choice of contraceptive is the absence of menstruation for three months - i.e. period of adaptation. Then this drug can be taken for a long time.

Non-hormonal birth control pills

Along with hormonal contraceptives, at one time non-hormonal contraceptive pills appeared. Today there is an increase in the popularity of these funds, which is explained by some features of their action.

The fact is that the use of non-hormonal contraceptive pills is not contraindicated for women immediately after childbirth, breastfeeding mothers, as well as women who can not take hormones. And another important detail: non-hormonal means to prevent pregnancy not only have the ability to destroy sperm cells, but also contribute to the formation of a protective film on the vaginal mucosa, and thickening of mucus in the cervical canal. Moreover, the active substances - spermicides - reduce the speed of movement of sperm, and the resulting mucus is a barrier to their penetration into the uterus. This is a good protection against unwanted pregnancy. Non-hormonal birth control pills, which is important nowadays, protect women from sexually transmitted infections, as they have both antiseptic and antimicrobial action.

From this it follows that non-hormonal contraceptives can be used by many women in different periods of life. The use of tablets refers to a chemical barrier method of contraception. They are easy to use, do not violate the hormones, can be used at any reproductive age of women, and are the prevention of sexually transmitted diseases.

Pharmatex Contraceptive Pills

The most popular non-hormonal agent for contraception is currently the drug Pharmatex. Pharmatex has spermicidal, antiseptic and antimicrobial effects.

In addition to the contraceptive effect, Pharmatex contraceptive pills prevent the transmission of genital infections, reduce the risk of their consequences: infertility, miscarriage, diseases of the cervix, tumors caused by HIV infection.

A huge advantage of using Pharmatex is that it in no way affects either the hormones or the vaginal microflora.

Pharmatex, like other non-hormonal tablets, affects such types of microorganisms as trichomonas, gonococci, chlamydia, Candida fungi, herpes virus. Pharmatex acts locally, which does not give side effects to the organs and systems of the whole organism.

The use of vaginal tablets is more suitable for women in the postpartum period, in the period of lactation and breastfeeding, after an abortion, with irregular sexual life, when there is no regular partner.

Mode of application
The manufacturer of the funds, as a rule, encloses the instructions for use. Mostly non-hormonal vaginal tablets are inserted into the vagina to a sufficient depth 10 minutes before sexual contact. For more convenient administration of tablets and other dosage forms, a special applicator is included in the package of the medicinal product.

You need to know that before each subsequent sexual intercourse, and in the case of sexual intercourse that occurred later than two hours after the introduction of the pill, you must enter a new pill. Of course, to a certain extent this is inconvenient, since a woman cannot afford without reintroducing the pill after casual or unexpected sex. She needs to plan the time of intercourse, which is unnatural.

It is believed that the effect of the drug lasts from 40 minutes to several hours. But we must remember that the use of vaginal tablets is not combined with carrying out water procedures before and after sexual contact with the help of intimate hygiene.

In some women, the drug may cause a burning sensation in the vagina. In this case, you should consult with your doctor about the continuation or cancellation of Pharmatex. The reliability of Pharmatex is 80-82%.

Contraceptive candles and creams

Although the reliability of vaginal contraceptive drugs is less high compared to hormonal contraceptives, they continue to gain popularity rating. Unwanted pregnancy can only be caused by improper use of these drugs.

In addition to tablets, manufacturers offer to use other dosage forms: candles, creams, ointments. The active ingredient in the composition of the candle is either nonoxynol or benzalkonium chloride.

Pharmatex is also available in various forms: in the form of vaginal suppositories, tampons, cream, capsules.

Advantages in the use of contraceptive candles

Contraceptive candles are easy to use, easily inserted into the vagina, have minor side effects. Another advantage in the use of non-hormonal vaginal suppositories is the effect of additional lubrication. In particular, they are suitable for partners who have problems with natural lubrication and dryness in the genitals.

Vaginal suppositories protect women from sexually transmitted infections and are indispensable for casual sexual intercourse, for infrequent sexual intercourse, in the absence of a permanent partner.
Disadvantages in the use of contraceptive candles
Vaginal contraceptive suppositories can affect the vaginal microflora, since they contain acids, in addition to the active substance. Burning and itching, allergic rashes that occur when using candles, are an indication for their cancellation.

Candles vaginal. The candle is inserted into the vagina for 10 minutes before sexual contact. The drug is valid for 4 hours.

Swab vaginal. The tampon is removed from the package, it is inserted into the vagina with the help of a finger, up to the cervix. The effect of protection comes immediately, and lasts for 24 hours. The tampon during this period does not need to be changed, which is very convenient. The tampon does not change even if there are several sexual intercourses that follow each other during the day. The tampon is removed no earlier than 2 hours after the last sexual intercourse, but no later than 24 hours after its first injection into the vagina.

Cream vaginal. It is inserted into the vagina with a special syringe. The device should be filled to the mark without the formation of air bubbles. Then slowly enter into the vagina before intercourse. Introduction is made lying down. The action begins immediately, and lasts about 10 hours. Before re-sexual contact, you must enter a portion of the cream again.

Popular drugs: Pharmatex, Nonoxynol, Patenteks Oval, Contraceptin T.

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Hello! Help please, such a question, with a guy for almost a year, never used condoms, always PPA. We want to try Farmax cream, that is, I understand that a partner in me can finish. What is the probability of becoming pregnant if protected only by cream ?? Children do not plan, please answer

I bought Farmatex tablets, then I climbed up to read the reviews and was shocked by what I read. But I decided to try anyway - just for the sake of interest, it already became. I inserted a pill and am waiting (it is better to try one beforehand, so that later there will be no surprises for both). There were no burning sensations, although we waited a little longer for 20 minutes to dissolve. Be sure to try to enter as deeply as possible, then there will not be too much discharge. In general, we really liked it, used several times. And about the reliability. if I write in a month)))))

Yes, girls, I was reading about Farmatex and I don’t know how to cry or what))) I use them for 2 years with pills, my husband sometimes finished me and nothing, but I immediately inserted 2 tablets after intercourse, and now this is a situation, there are no months for 2 months daub or scanty, but very little, 2 doctors looked clean, the doctor said ovarian dysfunction, but even the hormone didn’t vyzmal monthly (daub only), the test first showed negative, positive a week later, the doctor looked clean, said the tests show it with dysfunction and I read a lot about false positive effects, 2 years on hell in the hospital, the doctor told me that I no longer get pregnant due to poor ovarian functioning, well, there are children and it would seem with pharmacyx and after such words probably 120% guarantee. So probably both doctors and contraceptives fly in their reliability, I will go in a couple of days see a doctor, a very strong suspicion of pregnancy, then you can see nothing just for a short time is not visible, although I hope in my heart that I’m not pregnant. I will no longer , a lot of bad otzovov. And somebody accepts contraceptive, I never accepted, I would like to hear the opinion? И еще интересный мой случий про фарматекс,был па как обычно одна табл перед ним и после на всякий случий,через 2 часа опять па опять табл перед ним вторую не стала вставлять,и так 3 табл за вечер,ночью просыпаюсь зуд,горит все там,ощущения как при родах что все вылезет и причем из попы,вы не представляете,хоть скорую вызывай,отмачивалась в ванной 2 раза,делала спринцирование раза 3 водой,испугалась не нашутку,огонь))))прошло к утру только,вот так как то))))а сжение он всегда вызывал,редко бывало нет,но когда во влагалище сухо всегда жег и муж жалова ся в туалет после него ему больно ходить аж весь живот простреливает,ну вродеaccustomed to, nothing to happen))))

How did you protect yourself after childbirth? Do not write a spiral and condoms.

And my husband did not try to protect themselves? Or all by herself?

Delay of menstruation after COC cancellation is possible. Moreover, it is possible even the absence of menstruation for 1-3 months. Tak Farmateks is available in the form of tablets, vaginal suppositories and vaginal cream. The choice of form depends on the degree of vaginal secretion.

Yeah, my wife for three months did not let me

And then write? Well pipes tie for example.

Then you only have the interrupted PA

You can teach your husband how to))) the surest option

The ring is said to be convenient, which must be changed every month. And by the way, what's wrong with the helix?

Well, if you believe the calendar method of contraception, then 5 days after your period you can safely, do not protect yourself, there is a risk, I have all the good, I have been doing this for a year with my MCH. Good luck and not tra hi youngsters uncle.

Then why ask? All offer only this. The interrupted act does not save everyone; candles have only 30% protection. It remains either not to have sex at all, or to tie the pipes.

There is a cycle by which you can live without fear of flying.

There is a decoction of parsley. But only for month 2. Then pregnant again. Or try temperance. What a question!?

If you do not accept either one or the other, or the third, then what do you want?
You can, of course, use vaginal candles, paste, run around to douche or use interrupted sexual intercourse - but this is the stone age: uncomfortable, nerves and no guarantees.

Interrupted sexual atm, but as it turned out from him, too, fly in, and just as quickly))))) So in your version, so how can you not accept that only dense-monastic RESTRAINT))))))

Cream, ointment or paste Farmateks 3 convincing reasons for use. Pharmatex vaginal cream, which is one of the common contraceptive drugs.

The cycle of course can be counted - the most dangerous days and safe. But they do not give any guarantees. We, for example, became pregnant on the second day after menstruation, when the probability is 2%. So it is easier to change the attitude to classical methods of contraception.
[link blocked by the decision of the project administration] - here you can read about the calculation of dangerous and safe days.

Pharmatex during feeding

The drug FORMATEX and its use. What kind of drugs do you know? Anyone interesting online pastime!

Postinor in emergency cases: if prezik broke or didn’t pull out, or was raped during the day, you take 2tab and you don’t take it as the menstrual periods begin, and Farmatex has candles, tadlets vaginal, cream, before the act takes 15-20 minutes. and also do not fly but does not cause menstruation

1. What is Farmatex vaginal contraceptive? With regard to the form of the drug, it can be vaginal contraceptive pills or capsules, vaginal suppositories or tampons, as well as contraceptive vaginal cream.

There is also a "contraceptive", also a candle. normal. 4 years use and pah-pah-pah, tuk-tuk-tuk. :-)))
and the postinor is only as a last resort. rare stuff!

What side effects can there be from birth control pills?

Pharmatex is a non-hormonal contraceptive of local action. Available in the form of a vaginal cream, tablets, suppositories and tampons. The menstrual cycle also remains unchanged.

Go to the gynecologist, he will tell you everything about them and select the pills for you. If the tablets are suitable, then there are no side effects.

Yes, no. you finish drinking them and immediately fly in. our doctor so many helpless girls treated.

With modern - no. Pick up only (with the help of a doctor, estessno)

Pharmatex is an intravaginal barrier contraceptive with spermicidal action. Form release and composition of Pharmatex. Pharmatex is available in the form of vaginal capsules, vaginal tablets, vaginal suppositories, vaginal cream.

Yes, there are a lot of them. I would not. and the helix can be ectopic way. better than PAP)

Up to liver cancer. And you need to take it constantly, once a day at the same time, even if once a week. If you yourself do not mind drinking. Men in this regard do not feel sorry for us. It is better to wear a condom than to accumulate irreversible consequences on the ass.

Each is purely individual. Maybe you will have no consequences at all. There are even some advantages from some - hairs grow less in unwanted places, pimples disappear, eels on the face, if there is.
It is necessary to accept every day at the same time, everything is written in the instructions. If you miss a drink or forget a pill for 24 hours, you will have to use a condom too. Since the contraceptive effect may be lost.
When I was in my third decade, I accepted OK, everything was fine, even my weight was decreasing, but now, becoming a little older, they have a bad influence on me - headaches, fatigue, not desire for sex, even though ALL can ))
Well, even when you drink OK you can not smoke. Spinners are getting stronger. And I smoked ... Maybe from this.
If you have rare meetings with your spouse, is it possible for you to use vaginal preparations - like pharmatex? With rare use they are very convenient and have practically no side effects.

And you mean spirals are not afraid? and the difference is what? the same hormones.
OK, there are the usual and there are "mini-drank" - this is for those who gave birth and feed the child, their dose of hormones is minimal. mini-saws include for example Charozetta and Exluton. ordinary OK drink in accordance with your cycle, taking a break in taking the pills after the pack is over (28 pills), during this break come monthly. when taking a mini-drank there are no breaks, they are constantly drunk, because not everybody after birth gives birth to a cycle immediately. Drink pills need every day at the same time. the effect of the pills does not start immediately, but after about a week of taking them, that is, when you start drinking the pills for the first week, you still need to be protected with a condom. if you miss taking the pill - the next week, again, the effect may not be and you will have to protect yourself additionally. so even if sex is very rarely, all the same, you need to constantly take pills or use a condom instead of them))) if you’ve chosen the right way and are right for you, then there should be no side effects. if the pills do not fit, the following may be appropriate (according to the instructions for OK) - breast tenderness, discharge from the mammary glands, headache, migraine, changes in libido, low mood, poor tolerance of contact lenses, nausea, vomiting, changes in vaginal secretion, various skin disturbances, fluid retention, change in body weight, hypersensitivity reaction. but in general, if you read any instructions for any tablets there are also full of side effects from headaches and diarrhea to death)))) so it’s not particularly frightening IMHO.
Voosche these pills should appoint a doctor. but here I came for example, the doctor told me the choice of 2 names and that's it. no analyzes, compatibility tests are not carried out. I started to drink some pills - after 2 weeks my hair got out. perhaps it was not connected with pills but with the fact that I just gave birth, fed the child - in general, the load on the body was great. but I stopped drinking them and began to drink others. there were no more side effects, I have been drinking for a year. so that the consultation of the doctor in this matter is in my opinion a convention. until you try you do not know if they are suitable or not.
In general, I do not consider OK harmful, they are prescribed in order to become pregnant in order to restore the cycle. you just need to find what is right for you, as with any medication.

Recently, I was completely interested in this issue. If you believe the Internet, then modern OK, selected by a gynecologist, have minimal side effects, a minimal dose of estrogen, not synthetic, but natural, and some can even lose some weight. A daily reception is a matter of habit and self-discipline.
I will try to insert a link to the article, but something recently moderators of my links do not approve. Somehow it's weird.
[link blocked by project administration]

Farmateks vaginal cream. Who uses ?? How successes ?? Are there any side effects. You advise to change, but it does not work. How to learn to be always positive and not get angry for every little thing?

I have been taking them for more than 5 years .... side effect - acne went))) for me it is only positive, but how I just did not make them))))

All this is bullshit. about infertility. .
I was at a consultation with a very good gynecologist. .
And that's what he told me. .
In Europe, girls as soon as they begin their period begin to accept OK. naturally and not to fly, but simply for the balance of hormones .. in connection with which, they have fewer than any female ills, they give birth not earlier than 25 years (most) and 35 is not old-born in them (!)
Like this.
The first time I drank after the first birth for about six months, then we decided on the second. By the way, I only had a spiral for 4 months, something didn’t go, the cycle was lost, the pain was 7 months. In general, I switched to OK.
Now the youngest is 10 months old, 4 of them I drink microgyne.
Take them 21 or 28 days, I drink at night, because then I feel sick. (((
There really is no matter how many times you have sex. just drink and that's it. .
There is a bribe, it’s written in the instructions, you’ll see my microgynon in a search engine or (before that saw) the regulon and read the backbench ...
Thanks to my OK, my periods have been reduced to 4-5 days, they have become painless, there is still such a thing there. Ok contribute. how to put it. desire for sex or vice versa is not the desire. ))) but it's not so scary)))
For me, OK is the most convenient method of contraception. Prezik I dislike and my husband is not happy, PPA-nonsense. spiral. not inspiring. I didn’t want another one.
Go to several gynecologists, consult, let them appoint a good OK)))

Why was she afraid? If health is more or less - take it.
The most common side effects are: nausea, breast swelling, breakthrough light bleeding, but as a rule, after 2-3 months it all goes away without a trace. BUT I had only light bleeding from the above (literally a couple of drops a day, to be exact). You need to take every day at the same time, regardless of the meal, and preferably in the evening (!).
I am happy, I took 4 years before pregnancy, and now I accept 3 months after delivery. So go ahead to the doctor, pick up the pills and good luck)))

Dampering, google instructions, read contraindications and side effects. Saw different, something year, something less, was prescribed for medicinal purposes. Nothing good from them, libido zero and all sores. Now interrupted by a pa and a condom, I will not eat this rubbish anymore.

It's not the same for everybody. who has nothing, who has problems with libido and skin, with aminerrhea

Description of the drug PHARMATEX PHARMATEX. Dosage form. PHARMATEX. vaginal cream 1.2% 12 mg 1 g tube 72 g in set with dispenser.

I saw Marvelon 2 years. side effects are not revealed for themselves

If there are varicose veins then it is better not to take this contraindication, there is deterioration ((((I didn’t know, the doctor didn’t say anything, the result now is second and support (

6 years saw OK. Everything was in order, only advantages. The only thing - from Janine began to feel dizzy and I was discharged from others who have already approached completely ...
What are you afraid of? It is modern comfortable and safe. With that, after them it is very good to become pregnant without problems) she got pregnant in the very first month after she stopped drinking them)
do not listen to anyone. Go to the gynecologist, oan will tell everything)

What methods of protection do you know?

Abstinence, the most reliable.

Pharmamatex analogues containing the same active ingredient include Benatex, Contratex, Farmaginex, Ginecotex, Erotex in the form of gel, suppositories, tablets and cream for vaginal use.

Course drug Yarin

I know all the modern ways.

Condoms, pills, vaginal rings, helix, candles, well, and the most reliable - abstinence!

Cum girl in the ass

Pharmatex is available in the form of tablets, capsules, creams and tampons. White vaginal tablets with a hole, in a package of 12 pieces. Vaginal tampons, soaked in Farmatex cream, in a package 2 pieces.

To all of the above, add Farmatex

To drink tea. ask "BEFORE or AFTER?". answer: "INSTEAD."

The name Pharmatex Pharmatex. Pharmacological Effects of Benzalkonium Chloride Pharmamatex has a vaginal cream. It is inserted into the vagina with the help of an applicator, and begins its effect instantly, and retains its activity for up to 10 hours.

The spiral for me is the most zykansky. and farmateks helped. The rest just know how it is

Method of contraception
Interrupted sexual intercourse 80% - 85%
Calendar method (safe days method) * 80% - 90%
Basal Temperature Measurement Method * 80% - 90%
Vaginal douching 10% - 15%
Condom 90% - 95%
The diaphragm (vaginal cap) 90% - 95%
Intrauterine devices (spirals) 90% - 92%
Hormonal intrauterine devices (spirals) 90% - 97%
Chemical contraception (creams, suppositories, tampons) 79% - 90%
Hormonal tablets (oral contraception) 96.5% - 97%
Hormonal injections 96.5% - 97%
Hormonal implants 99% - 99.8%
Hormonal ring NovaRing 99%
Hormonal contraceptive patch Evra 99.4%
Medical sterilization 99.8% - 99.9%
Emergency Post-Coital Contraception -
* This degree of reliability is possible only with a regular menstrual cycle.

Barrier methods, drug methods, methods of fasting.

Do you test our knowledge or ask advice?

This is individual, everyone uses his own skills and skillfully =) and not skillfully = (

The effectiveness of Pharmatex cream largely depends on compliance with the rules of its use. One of the rules of application is the mandatory introduction of vaginal cream before each sexual intercourse, regardless of how much time has passed since the previous one.

The word "no" is still the most reliable contraceptive.

I know that you know everything (intimate question)

There are drugs, spiral.

Pharmatex vaginal cream is prescribed to women in such cases. Reviews of Pharmatex medication. This drug is quite controversial, as it has both zealous opponents and fans.

As a form of contraception - temperance or, at the very least, oral sex!

Yarin. Over the past 8 years, the best.

Best of all, your doctor will answer you this question.

Chemicals - candles, vaginal tablets, creams, tampons (for example, all these are farmatex firms). and from the hormonal one, perhaps the ring is a new ring, there are microdose hormones, but for many it makes it difficult to engage in sex. well, or properly chosen oral contraceptives of the new generation. although pills - they are pills. as option a hormonal plaster. but they talk, get unstuck on the 3rd day, although I have to stay for a long time

Hands will not fail reliably. And if you have someone to ask.

Instructions for the use of the cream Farmatex Gel is introduced using an applicator. As practice shows, supported by scientific research, Pharmatex tablets, gel, tampons, vaginal plugs work equally well.

The calendar method is natural and without harm :))) I don’t like anything artificial ... ,)

Yes, all is well in its own way. You decide yourself first what you want. The easiest and not very reliable is calculating the "safe" days on the calendar. If you have one partner and already had a birth, you can put the Navy or use the COCI (if there were no births), especially if there are irregular menstruation or problems with Acne vulgaris skin type, you can try for 3-5 months. If the partner is not one, then of course the choice will be condoms, or a combination of 2 methods of contraception, like STD prevention. And do not think that COCKS increase the weight, the girl with a normal metabolism does not increase the mass by more than 3-5%.

Inside the guy does not stop, the most reliable, the lack of a second time can not be 2 hours, But 100 percent. warranty.

Is there such a method of contraception? see explanation

Ok at the pharmacy ask. Well Yarin other. you are just like from the stone age.

As well as the Impossibility of correct use of Farmatex vaginal cream by women with mental disorders and women who do not allow any manipulation on the genitals.

Nongolite tablets inappropriately eat vaginal suppositories

Of course not. Let your girl come to the gynecologist and he will recommend her contraceptives.

Spiral or pill. There are many types of pills. individual gynecologist selects

Postinor is only after intercourse, emergency. Like a little abortion. It can be a great shattered health.
For your information, there are stopitsot types of pills
We went to the gynecologist's appointment - we passed all the tests, gave you Yarin or something else.
The price of the issue is about 300 rubles for three months.
+ pills can great help with the health of the girl, if chosen correctly

Postinor is tin.
There are oral contraceptives. many of them drink and live) is picked up by their gynecologist.

Pharmatex Pharmatex cream. The international name benzalkonium chloride is vaginal cream. Pharmacotherapeutic group. Contraceptives for local use.

A lot of options) but in general it is correct someone wrote here go to the doctor you will be given there 6 pieces of them (options)

Let the spiral put at the year's at least a year. Approximately 300-400r !! and roast for a year on health)))

Contraception is divided into:
Барьерные методы- преимущество предотвращение не только зача¬тия, но и заражения заболеваниями, передающимися поло¬вым путём (мужские (презервативы) и женские (диафрагмы, колпачки, контрацептивные губки)) .
Spermicides - creams, gels, aerosol foams, as well as foam and non-foam suppositories that have an active component in their composition that inactivates spermatozoa for a few seconds (maximum 2 minutes). For example, Pharmatex, a free vacation in a pharmacy, is inserted into the vagina 10-15 minutes before sexual intercourse, effective for 1 sexual intercourse. It is preferable to use in women with a reduced risk of pregnancy (rare sex or late reproductive age). Monthly average costs approximate those when using condoms.
Hormonal contraceptives are selected individually by a doctor, it can be pills, subcutaneous implants for a period of 3-6 months. The main components are estrogen and gestagen in different proportions. Estrogenny component - ethinyl estradiol. Progestins - levonorgestrel, desogestrel. The point of application of estrogen and progestogen is the hypothalamus, pituitary. Estrogens and progestogens suppress the production of luteinizing hormone in the ovaries, thereby inhibiting ovulation, and there is no ovulation, no pregnancy — it is preferable for women who have regular sex life with one partner. Monthly average costs approximate those when using condoms. Postcoital contraception
Postcoital drugs (postinor) are not recommended by WHO for use, since with a high incidence of side effects (in 40% of cases menstrual cycle disturbances occur) they do not have a high contraceptive effect. Use no more than once every six months
Spiral - intrauterine contraceptive action due to traumatization of the endometrium spiral - increases the tone of the uterine muscles and the embryo is aborted if implantation has occurred. , peristalsis of the fallopian tubes is accelerated. The egg cell enters the matriaditiously and is not implanted. The IUD, as a foreign body, causes inflammation in the uterus, the development of the endometrium is disturbed, and implantation does not occur. relatively cheap, can be put on 3-5 years or more, can be combined with a hormonal component (Mirena)
Sterilization. Women who have at least two children over 35 years of age may be irreversible.
Rhythmic method - refraining from sexual intercourse during the “dangerous” period or using other methods of contraception during this period. The main condition for efficiency is the regularity of the menstrual and ovarian cycles.
Fertilization of the egg is possible within 24-48 hours after ovulation. Ovulation occurs 14-15 days before the onset of menstruation. The ability of spermatozoa to fertilize in the female genital tract lasts 7-8 days. The calendar method is the calculation of the onset and duration of the fertile period based on the duration of the menstrual cycles over the last 8-12 months. Temperature method — measuring body temperature at rest, immediately after waking up before getting out of bed with a personal thermometer in the rectum. determine daily and results are scheduled. Mandatory condition - the measurement must be carried out with the same thermometer. 12-24 hours prior to ovulation, the basal temperature decreases by 0.1-0.2 ° C (pre-ovulatory decrease in temperature), and after ovulation it increases by 0.2-0.5 ° C (usually up to 37 ° C and above) Cervical method - determination of the change in the nature of cervical mucus. Before ovulation, the mucus becomes translucent, viscous, light (reminiscent of raw egg white), its amount is increased, which is manifested by a feeling of wetness of the vestibule of the vagina and the appearance of mucus secretions. Ovulation occurs 24 hours after the elevated mucus formation. The “dangerous” period lasts for 4 more days from the moment of disappearance of signs of increased mucus secretion.

What contraceptives can be used during lactation?

I put the spiral MIRENA and very happy!

Vaginal gel, oil, suppositories, creams, ointments and other intimate hygiene products most often belong to the group of symptomatic agents, however, can Nazivin be pregnant? What happens at 2 weeks of gestation after conception? Bath and sauna during menstruation.

Good old disposable condom will always help.

I also did not want a spiral, and did not. Contraception pills because of feeding the doctor forbade me. So they used only interrupted sexual intercourse and Farmax tablets.

I recently went to my doctor, I was told that you can drink charozetta only need to drink it every day without a break! or use vaginal candles genikoteks minutes for 15-20 before.

Hormonal contraceptives during breastfeeding are strictly prohibited. good old remedy in this period is item number 2. Spiral is placed in the event that the menstruation has already recovered and there are no contraindications.

PHARMATEX is creams, vaginal suppositories, vaginal tablets. The spermicidal activity of benzalkonium chloride is four times higher than the spermicidal activity of nonoxynol-9.

Condom, I think it will be the safest in this period.

The courses told us that they were both barrier (condoms, caps), chemical (creams, candles), and hormone. tablets (Yarin, Janine - modern low-dose).

Safe days not to get pregnant

3 days before menstruation and three days after menstruation. BUT if the cycle is constant. And no one will give you a 100% guarantee that you will not get pregnant.

Will the nature of their actions change if they are not applied in 10 minutes? before . and after 10 minutes. after. What is better or worse than Farmatex vaginal cream? How many times is the application of Farmatex 72.0 cream?

There are no absolutely safe days (if only in menopause. Or if you are already pregnant.) And there is always a risk. some in monthly manage to get pregnant .. better protected. condoms or ok

It all depends on the health of the woman. . . It is possible to get pregnant on a "non-hazardous" day. . . :))) it is easy !! ! There are many contraceptive methods. Do not want prezik - buy pill vaginal PHARMATEX called.

No such, my girlfriend in the monthly pregnant

There are no such days! ! did not try to protect themselves?

What if I have a similar, but different question?

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Contraceptive pills after intercourse

One of the methods that prevents the occurrence of an unplanned pregnancy is called emergency contraception. This is the only protection in emergency situations: rape, forced sexual contact and mental states associated with them. Also, emergency contraception is used during unprotected intercourse, as postcoital protection against possible pregnancy.

Sometimes this method is called simply: emergency, fire, emergency contraception, contraception the morning after. But still, it’s right to call it an emergency, since this method is used in emergency situations.

Emergency contraception is intended to prevent pregnancy in the following stages: ovulation, fertilization and fixation of a fertilized egg in the endometrium (the inner layer of the uterine lining).

Experts recommend the use of emergency contraception in the following cases:

  • in emergency situations involving violence by a partner, as well as in violation of the integrity of the condom or skipping the pill by a woman,
  • with rare sexual intercourse,
  • with unprotected sex, when no methods of contraception were used.

Contraindications for this method are the same as for taking other birth control pills, namely:
  • thrombosis and thromboembolism (even in history),
  • liver disease with a high degree of failure,
  • kidney disease
  • smoking,
  • oncological diseases.

For this method, hormonal preparations containing estrogens, combined hormonal contraceptives, as well as preparations containing progestogens and intrauterine devices can be used.

Estrogens for emergency contraception have recently been used less frequently, since they incorporate high doses of hormones, which leads to side effects - nausea and vomiting.

Combination contraceptive pills are applied within 72 hours after intercourse, twice, with a break of 12 hours. You can use any drug from this group.

The most famous drug for emergency contraception in Russia is Postinor. It is recommended to take it twice per pill. The first pill is taken not later than 72 hours after sexual intercourse, the second - 12 hours after the first.

The second emergency contraceptive drug, Escapel, is taken once within 96 hours after intercourse.

Possible method of introducing an intrauterine device, within 5-7 days after unprotected sexual contact.

The decision to choose a drug for emergency contraception is taken only by a doctor.

Start receiving

Tablets are best taken every day, preferably at the same time. You need to choose a convenient time, and for convenience, associate it with any action, so as not to forget about taking it in time.

It is recommended to start taking contraceptives on the first day of the onset of menstrual bleeding.

Combined oral contraceptives are taken daily for 21 days. Then a break of 7 days is taken, and the next package of the preparation is started. The course starts with an active pill.

"Mini-pili" taken without interruption. Immediately after the end of the pack, the next one starts

Monthly at reception

When taking KOK, your period may stop if taken for a long time. If you use other oral contraceptives, your period may become scarce, continue for a shorter time.

If taking contraceptives was regular, without skips and breaks, but the monthly stopped, then you must continue to receive them.

But if the reception was irregular, it is necessary to suspect the onset of pregnancy, immediately stop the use of contraceptives and contact a gynecologist to identify it.

Can I get pregnant while taking birth control pills?

Pregnancy can occur only if a violation of the regimen of contraceptive drugs. If the delay in taking the pill is more than 12 hours, the effectiveness of the contraceptive action weakens.

Another situation - a woman with vomiting occurs at the reception. Then you need to take the next pill, because the first is not digested. With repeated vomiting, it is better to switch to another type of drugs. The same actions should be taken with liquid stool.

The reliability of contraceptive contraceptives may be reduced when taking other medicines - for example, antibiotics, tincture of St. John's wort, etc. In this case, the use of an additional method of contraception is recommended.

How long can I take pills?

Unfortunately, the fear of hormonal drugs in Russian women is passed on from generation to generation. Women ask a lot of questions, try to find answers to them.

If scientists are to be believed, contraceptives of the fifth generation have already appeared in Russia, with minor side effects. But the number of questions does not decrease.

The best birth control pills

Birth control pills Jess is a new, practical solution for preventing unwanted pregnancy for young women. This drug contains small doses of estrogen - 20 mg, and progestogen drospirenone - 3 mg, which reduces the risk of complications of a vascular nature. Tablets are well tolerated, do not adversely affect the gastrointestinal tract.

This tool belongs to the fourth generation of contraceptive drugs.

It is recommended to use the drug for a long time. The package contains 28 tablets. Take pills daily, preferably at the same time. Begin to take Jess on the first day of menstrual bleeding, then continue to drink continuously.

Jess is a novelty in medicine. The popularity of the drug is growing. Jess provides reliable protection, controls the menstrual cycle, is used to treat the symptoms of premenstrual syndrome, acne, has a beneficial effect on the hair, nails. In this case, the weight of women using Jess, remains stable. The period of adaptation to the contraceptive is 1-2 months.

No wonder the drug Jess called contraceptive twenty-first century.
Details about the drug Jess

The effect of the new contraceptive, Novinet, is based on blocking ovulation and the production of luteinizing hormone. This allows you to delay the progress of sperm into the uterus by increasing the viscosity of mucus in the cervical canal.

The drug has minimal side effects, does not cause pain during menstruation, does not affect the increase in woman's weight.

When taking Novinet may experience nausea, rarely vomiting, partial hair loss, headaches.

Novinet takes 1 tablet daily for 21 days. Break - 7 days, on the eighth day begin new packaging.

Nursing women can start taking the drug three weeks after delivery. It should be remembered that Novinet sharply increases the amount of breast milk.

Feedback on Novinet is mostly positive.

Janine is a monophasic, low-dose contraceptive. The contraceptive effect of the drug is due to a combination of three actions: oppression of ovulation, increase in viscosity of the cervical secretions, and changes in the endometrium in order to exclude the introduction of spermatozoa.

The active ingredients are dienogest and ethinyl estradiol.

Janine take 1 tablet per day for three weeks. Then make a break for a week, after which the course is repeated.

Reviews Janine prove really pronounced contraceptive effect.

Regulon is a combined oral contraceptive. Active substances - 0.03 mg of ethinyl estradiol and 0.15 mg of desogestrel. Regulon acts similar to the previous drug.

Regulon helps with menstrual disorders, uterine bleeding.

Reviews Regulone
Women taking this drug, note the quality of the drug and its reliability. Regulon is much softer than other drugs. It is often recommended by doctors for use by adolescents and young girls. With prolonged use does not cause side effects, reliably protects against unwanted pregnancy and does not contribute to weight gain.

Women who used it for medicinal purposes speak positively about Regulon. The drug helps with uterine bleeding, heavy vaginal discharge, improves the quality and appearance of hair, nails and skin.

The drug Yarin is also popular in Russia. This is an effective oral contraceptive of a new generation. The active substances are drospirenone and ethinyl estradiol.

The drug is well tolerated, has minor side effects. During the reception, the weight of the woman remains unchanged, there is no nausea and vomiting, a therapeutic effect is expressed - reduction of premenstrual symptoms, symptoms of seborrhea, acne.

Women taking Yarinu, noted the high reliability of the drug, as well as improved mood, recovery of libido, normalization of the menstrual cycle.

The minimum cost of a monthly medication in Russia ranges from 600 rubles.

Logest is a modern contraceptive of the new generation. It contains the minimum amount of hormones. In addition to a persistent contraceptive effect, it has a therapeutic and prophylactic effect on the course of female oncological diseases, which is an advantage of the drug.

Logest recommended for women after 35 years. Pills prevent pregnancy and restore the menstrual cycle.

Действие препарата основано на торможении овуляции, увеличении вязкости секрета, что затрудняет движение сперматозоидов и препятствует имплантации яйцеклетки в матке.

Прием таблеток начинают в первый день менструального цикла. Принимают по 1 таблетке ежедневно, в течение 21 дня. Затем делают недельный перерыв, после чего курс повторяют.

При отмене препарата способность организма к зачатию полностью восстанавливается.

The price of the drug ranges from 330 to 450 rubles per pack.

More recently in our country, new contraceptive pills Clayra. Klayra is the first contraceptive of the fifth generation, the newest and high-quality contraceptive.

Claira refers to natural oral contraceptives. For the first time ethinyl estradiol, as an active substance, was not included in the combined hormonal drug for contraception. It was successfully replaced by a milder and safer hormone estradiol gale, which is a hormone with a natural formula. This hormone is well studied, and is used mainly for the treatment of symptoms of menopause.

To enhance the contraceptive functions of estradiol valeriate, the scientists added the active substance, dienogest, which also solved the problem of intermenstrual bleeding.

Changed and the order of the drug. It has a unique dynamic dosing regimen. Clayra is a four-phase hormonal drug. The package contains two placebo tablets, that is, they lack the active ingredient, and 26 active tablets with different doses of the active substance. The dose of estrogen is gradually reduced while taking, and the dose of the progestogen increases. This dosage regimen increases the effectiveness of the drug several times.

At the present stage of development of contraception drug Klayra is revolutionary, providing a high degree of protection and treatment of female diseases.

Despite the very large selection of birth control pills, the percentage of abortions remains high in our country. Women do not have enough information about the drugs, they have a panic fear of using hormonal drugs, not admitting that at the present stage safe and reliable contraceptives have appeared. Contraceptive pills of the new generation, which contain lower doses of active substances, can help women plan pregnancy without the risk of complications and abortions.