Candles for the treatment of thrush during pregnancy: a review of effective drugs


The body of a woman who is expecting a child undergoes many changes. Not so rare are cases when, due to a decrease in immunity in a pregnant woman, the vaginal microflora changes, and now all the unpleasant manifestations of thrush are present. What suppositories can be used for expectant mothers and learn the cost of a treatment for candidiasis - find out from the article.

What candles can be pregnant for thrush

Why do doctors prescribe the use of suppositories in the treatment of this disease in most cases? The advantage of using antifungal drugs in this dosage form over tablets or capsules is that their active ingredients act locally, only in the vaginal environment, without entering the bloodstream and not affecting the fetus. No need to postpone treatment, because in itself a fungal infection will not go anywhere. If you do not turn to a gynecologist, the disease can become chronic and even cause inflammation of the vaginal mucosa.

Although suppositories have a minimal side effect on the body, it is strictly forbidden for a woman in a position to independently choose a treatment based on the instructions for the drugs. Only a doctor can correctly determine which candles from thrush can be pregnant, and which drugs contain active substances that are contraindicated during this period.

Thus, it is considered safe to use Pimafucin preparation containing candidaci, which contains an natamycin, an effective substance against the fungus and that cannot penetrate the mucous membranes into the bloodstream during candida infection. Other effective remedies for thrush — Betadine suppositories (based on iodine), Nystatin, Clotrimazole, Ketoconazole, Klion, Irunin, and others — are contraindicated either throughout pregnancy or during certain trimesters. Their use can have a negative side effect on the female body (nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, etc.) and threaten the development of the child.

Why does thrush appear during pregnancy?

Candida fungi are transmitted from person to person sexually. Men often do not realize the persistence of the pathogen in their bodies. Against the background of the course of thrush, the risk of growth of populations of other microorganisms in the vagina, such as mycoplasmas, increases.

The following reasons for the development of candidiasis during pregnancy can be distinguished:

  1. Weakening of immunity. Against the background of a changing hormonal background, exposure to stress factors and intoxication, the immune system weakens and reduces resistance against various microorganisms, including fungi.
  2. Progestins, the secretion of which increases during pregnancy, create in the vagina a favorable environment for the growth and reproduction of Candida fungi colonies and the suppression of normal microflora.
  3. Long-term use of antibacterial drugs. The useful microflora destroyed by antibiotics is not able to suppress the growth of various dangerous bacteria, as a result of which infectious and inflammatory diseases develop, including thrush.
  4. Long current chronic diseases. Diseases such as diabetes, hypertension or anemia lead to the "depletion" of all reserves of the body and reduce reactivity.
  5. Chronic infectious and inflammatory diseases of the female genital organs. Sluggish colpitis, endocervicitis and endometritis, without proper treatment, lead to impaired microflora and can cause the development of a fungal infection.
  6. Violation of vaginal hygiene. Lack of care for external genital organs, regular unprotected sexual intercourse, promiscuous sex life and other factors can lead to the development of a large number of sexually transmitted diseases and exacerbate local disease processes.
  7. Unbalanced nutrition. Against the background of a deficiency of individual protein representatives, vitamins, macro- and microelements, thrush can appear.

Drug review

Thrush is a serious illness that requires urgent treatment for the following reasons:

  1. Ability to infect overlying genitals (uterus, fallopian tubes, ovaries). Vertical distribution of infection leads to intrauterine infection of the fetus and increase the risk of miscarriage.
  2. Against the background of exhaustion, serious complications can occur: from miscarriage to the addition of severe bacterial infections.

The disease gives the pregnant great discomfort. Itching, burning, pathological discharge cause a lot of inconvenience and confuse with the rhythm of everyday life.

What anti-inflammatory drugs are currently recommended for the treatment of thrush? There is a wide range of different means: pills, candles, injections, capsules. Each form has many drawbacks and contraindications. The least of them in candles, because their action is limited to the cavity of the vagina and is practically unable to harm the fetus. What kind of candles from thrush during pregnancy to choose?

Candles Pimafucin

Pimafucin is a complex antifungal agent whose active ingredient is natamycin. The drug in the form of candles is recommended for pregnant women at any time, as well as during breastfeeding. No systemic impact on the mother and fetus has been identified.

The advantages of the drug include:

  1. Convenient sealed packaging with the number of candles, the corresponding course of treatment (3 or 6 pieces), which is comfortable to take with you,
  2. The period between administrations of suppositories is 24 hours,
  3. No contraindications and adverse reactions. The only exception is the increased individual sensitivity to the various components of the drug. An allergic reaction usually develops locally in the form of a urticaria, accompanied by itching, burning and painful sensations in the vagina.
  4. Rapid effect achievement. 12 hours after using the first vaginal suppository, the general condition improves, and the symptoms of inflammation and vaginal discharge begin to decrease.

Vaginal Suppositories Zalain

Zalain is an antifungal agent whose active ingredient is sertaconazole nitrate. The active ingredient effectively acts against Candida fungi and almost all gram-positive bacteria.

The drug is available in the form of vaginal cream and suppositories, acts quickly, does not enter the general circulation. The advantages of Zalain include:

  • use 1 time per day,
  • treatment time is 3 days,
  • the possibility of re-course already after 7 days after the first application,
  • good tolerability and extremely rare development of side effects in the form of allergic reactions.

When using this medication is not recommended to use combined oral contraceptives, local chemical contraceptives (in the form of suppositories, tablets, capsules) and other drugs that have low pH values. The tool is extremely demanding to storage conditions - you need to keep the room temperature at 16-19 degrees in the absence of exposure to direct light sources. The price of candles is about 500 rubles.

Vaginal tablets Terzhinan

Terzhinan is a combined drug intended for the treatment of a huge number of pathologies: trochomoniasis, candidiasis, gardnerelleza. The tool is also used for treating infectious and inflammatory complications before childbirth, abortion and other therapeutic and diagnostic measures.

Tablets contain several active ingredients at once:

  • ternidazole - broad-spectrum antibiotic,
  • neomycin - inhibits the activity of fungi and "purulent" bacteria,
  • Nystatin is a classic antifungal drug.
  • prednisolone - accelerates regeneration and contributes to the delimitation of the inflammatory process.

The drug is used on 1 candle per day for 10 days. Application may cause some difficulties. The candle must be wetted in water for 15-20 seconds, and then introduced into the vagina. After the introduction, you need to lie on your back for 30 minutes.

Terzhinan is recommended for use only with the 2nd trimester of pregnancy on prescription. In the early stages of the use of a drug for the treatment of inflammation is strictly prohibited. The drug has a strong effect on hormones, a change which can lead to numerous disorders of the uteroplacental blood flow. The price of the drug is quite high - about 400 rubles.

Hungarian tablets Klion-D

The drug is allowed for use only in 2 and 3 trimesters strictly on doctor's prescription, as it can even be absorbed in small amounts and have a teratogenic effect on the fetus. The course of treatment is 10 days, but the duration of treatment is compensated by ease of use - you need to enter 1 tablet in the vagina before bedtime. Vaginal discharge may persist for up to 7–10 days after the end of treatment. The price of the drug is slightly lower compared to peers - 300-350 rubles.

Suppositories Betadine

Betadine - solution and vaginal suppositories for local use, made on the basis of pavidone-iodine. The tool has an antiseptic and powerful anti-inflammatory effect. Iodine, combining with the cells of the skin and mucous membranes, forms a large number of iodo-amines, which coagulate bacteria and lead to their rapid death. Effective against a wide range of gram-positive and gram-negative microorganisms, as well as fungi, viruses and protozoa.

The duration of treatment is up to 7 days, the recommended frequency of use is up to 3 times per day. It is necessary to introduce 1 suppository in the morning and before bedtime. With the active course of the inflammatory process, you can enter an additional reception - in the middle of the day.

The drug has bright advantages compared with other means:

  • low price (up to 250 rubles),
  • lack of addiction and dependence
  • extremely wide spectrum of action.

Despite the mass of useful characteristics, Betadine has many drawbacks. The tool is prohibited to use in pathologies of the thyroid gland: endemic and colloid goiter, Hashimoto thyroiditis, thyroid adenoma.

Poliginax Capsules

Polygynax is an Italian antimicrobial drug for topical use. The composition contains such effective substances as neomycin sulfate, polymyxin B and nystatin. Used against a wide range of gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria, fungi, the genus Candida, Cryptococcus and Hystoplasma. Polygynax also improves blood supply to the affected areas of the vaginal mucosa, increasing the rate of recovery after abating the pathological process.

Combined tool acts quickly. Already after 6 hours, improvement of the general condition and reduction of inflammation is observed, and after 24 hours - complete subsidence of the inflammatory process in the vagina. The drug should be administered 1 time per day for 12 days. The price is high - about 600 rubles for the course.

Clotrimazole Candles

Clotrimazole is an antifungal drug with the same active substance. It has only local antifungal effects. The drug is prohibited to use in 1 trimester and during lactation.

Method of application: administer 1 candle at night for 6 days. In relation to this tool often develop adverse allergic reactions. Clinic of increased body reactivity is extremely diverse: from itching and burning in the vagina to difficult urination and the development of cystitis.

The drug can be used from 14 weeks of gestation. Not recommended for reuse during life due to the development of resistance. The average price on the pharmaceutical market is 30-60 rubles.

Effective remedy Livarol

Livarol - antifungal candles of domestic production. The active ingredient is ketoconazole, which is the most popular antimycotic agent among doctors.

The undeniable advantage is its price - from 90 to 150 rubles for a course of treatment. The frequency of adverse reactions, including allergic, is extremely low.

Hexion from thrush

Another effective domestic drug is Hexicon. The breadth of therapeutic action covers gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria, fungi, viruses and protozoa, but, oddly enough, the drug has low efficacy in the treatment of thrush.

The drug is allowed in any trimester of pregnancy, as it is not absorbed and does not affect the body of the baby. The course of treatment is about 10 days. The price is about 300 rubles.

Lomexin from thrush

Closes the chain of drugs for the treatment of thrush Lomeksin, produced in the form of vaginal creams and suppositories. The active ingredient of the drug is fenticonazole nitrate. The drug has a fungicidal and fungistatic effect, that is, it blocks reproduction and kills fungi, including the genus Candida, directly.

The drug has a surprisingly short course of treatment - only 3 days, while every day you need to enter only 1 vaginal suppository. There is a frequent development of side effects in the form of itching and burning in the vagina and in the area of ​​the vulva lips. The price is 200-250 rubles.

Which candles are better to use in the early stages?

If a woman becomes ill with thrush during pregnancy, then many drugs used to treat this disease are prohibited for her. They can get to the fetus through the mother’s circulatory system, and this will negatively affect its development. Therefore, in the treatment of thrush during pregnancy the most effective - vaginal suppositories. We will tell you more about what candles can be used for pregnant women.

The most common candles for candidiasis are Pimafucin. The active ingredient of this drug is natamycin, it is able to cope with all fungi. They can be used at any time, they solve the problem well and almost do not cause a negative reaction. But often women complain that these candles are not very convenient to use. They are quite large in size, which greatly complicates their introduction into the vagina. Vaginal suppositories quickly melt and often leak, soiling underwear. In addition, this drug is ineffective, although it has a high cost.

One more candle from thrush allowed for pregnant women is Zalain. They are used at any time, a single injection is enough. In addition to a slight burning sensation, there are no side effects. But a week after treatment, the disease can return, and their cost is too big.

Betadine - candles allowed in early pregnancy. Excellent disinfectant and antiseptic properties, the course of treatment can last a week. But despite the affordable price, this drug is ineffective. And because of the presence of iodine in its composition, it can cause an allergic reaction in a woman. In addition, suppositories can leak, soiling clothes and dry the delicate vaginal mucosa.

In the mild stage of thrush effective candles - Hexicon. Treatment with them can last 10 days. But they are also quite leaky, which causes discomfort and can trigger bleeding. In the acute stage of the disease, the efficiency is minimal.

Preparations for late pregnancy

Terzhinan - candles from thrush allowed for use in 2 and 3 trimesters of pregnancy. They are quite effective, their antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties are noted. But the duration of treatment can last up to 3 weeks.

During pregnancy, the drug Clotrimazole is also used, it is allowed from the 2nd trimester. Candles can fight with many microorganisms, but have side effects. The treatment course lasts a week, but the harmful microorganism often adapts to this drug, and the thrush can return again.

Polygynax - these vaginal suppositories are allowed from the 2nd trimester and quickly remove all signs of the disease. As part of them are substances such as nystatin, polymyxin and neomycin - they have a detrimental effect on fungal bacteria, but thanks to them the vaginal mucosa is quickly restored. The mild form often complicates the insertion of a candle into the vagina. In the chronic stage of the disease, the active ingredients will be ineffective.

Quite effective candles for thrush, used from 2 trimesters - Livarol. The active ingredient of this drug is ketoconazole, it is well absorbed through the mucous membrane and enters the bloodstream, but this does not threaten the normal development of the fetus. The course of therapy can last 5 days.

How to use drugs

Despite the term of pregnancy, a woman should start treatment in time. Her partner is also subject to compulsory treatment in order not to cause re-infection. At all times of treatment, it is recommended to refuse sexual intercourse or use contraceptives.

To the introduction of the drug into the vagina does not cause difficulties, you must lie on your back, bend your knees and push them apart. The candle is removed from the packaging and gently injected deep into the vagina so that the medicine works better. The procedure is best performed at bedtime. Рекомендуется пользоваться бельем из натуральных материалов и прокладками, которые предотвратят вытекание содержимого свечей наружу.

Процедуры необходимо выполнять, соблюдая все правила личной гигиены. Wash genitals and hands before each procedure. During treatment, it is necessary to abandon the use of smoked and sweet dishes, which can create favorable conditions for the reproduction of fungi.

So, now you know that only a doctor can determine which candles from thrush can be pregnant. He prescribes the necessary medicines individually. In each case, it is necessary to take into account the duration of pregnancy, the stage of the disease and the condition of the patient.

Is it necessary to be treated for thrush during pregnancy

Thrush during pregnancy is a common phenomenon that requires immediate treatment for such reasons:

  • the infection can spread deep into the reproductive organs, adversely affect the gestation of the fetus and provoke infection of the child in the womb,
  • symptomatology of candidiasis is extremely unpleasant and causes discomfort to the expectant mother,
  • candidiasis during labor is naturally transmitted to the newborn with a 90% probability, this figure decreases after a cesarean section, but it still remains high.

Gynecologists recommend monitoring the health of the genital organs at the planning stage of pregnancy, since the chronic type of candida fungi may be complicated by infertility. In women who often suffered from candidiasis before pregnancy, the risk of recurrence while carrying a child is high.

Far from all suppositories and pills are suitable for treatment, since besides effectiveness, many of them have a number of contraindications and the ability to exert an abortive effect. But pharmacology offers a decent selection of candles from thrush allowed for pregnant women. It is necessary to apply them strictly to destination of the gynecologist.

Permitted Drugs

It is possible to treat thrush during pregnancy only under the supervision of a gynecologist. He selects the drug, based on the current period, the causative agent of the disease and the individual characteristics of the organism of the future mother. Among all the drugs for thrush most often prescribed candles - inexpensive, but effective. They are easy to use, with the first use eliminate itching and burning, reduce the amount of cheesy discharge and prevent further reproduction of fungi.

Popular candles that can be pregnant with thrush:

  1. Pimafucin, which has no side effects and treats the disease well at any time.
  2. Terzhinan - an analogue of Pimafucin, which is most often prescribed in the last stages of pregnancy - maintains a healthy microflora and in rare cases has side effects. Expensive.
  3. Candles Zalain - allowed in all trimesters, use may be accompanied by a slight burning sensation.
  4. Clotrimazole is contraindicated in the first 12 weeks of pregnancy, but is effective in later periods.
  5. Neo-Penotran and Neo-Penotran Forte are very easy to use and effective, but are prescribed in exceptional cases during pregnancy.
  6. Betadine - it contains not only antifungal agent, but also iodine, which has an antiseptic effect.
  7. Polygynax is an effective tool, but it can negatively affect the healthy microflora of the vagina.
  8. Candles Hexicon - due to its availability and harmlessness, it is used even for prevention purposes.
  9. Livarol - quickly and effectively eliminates the symptoms of candidiasis in late pregnancy, but has a number of side effects.
  10. Gyno-pevaril - almost no side effects, the treatment lasts only 3 days.

First trimester

In the first trimester, the fetus is most vulnerable to external intrusions, so the choice of drugs for therapy is approached with extreme caution.

In the early stages of pregnancy, the suppository Pimafucin is most often prescribed. Its benefits include:

  • quick course of therapy - 3 days,
  • The package contains 3 or 6 candles, which is enough for 1 course,
  • it is necessary to put a candle only once a day,
  • from the first application relieves itching and irritation,
  • practically has no adverse reactions.

  • relatively large candles, which in the first minutes after administration cause discomfort in some women,
  • relatively high price, which is justified by a short course of treatment,
  • It is very rare for women with sensitive skin to have a burning sensation in the genital area,
  • the agent flows out of the vagina after some time, it needs to be taken care of and hygiene.

Suitable for treatment in any week of pregnancy and Zalain. Benefits:

  • only one candle per day is needed
  • the drug is very effective
  • the tool does not flow from the vagina,
  • practically has no side effects.

Disadvantages Zalain: a relatively high price and very rarely - an allergic reaction on the skin of the genitals.

If the pregnant woman does not have an allergic reaction to iodine and the thyroid gland is healthy, Betadine can be used in the early stages to treat thrush. What is remarkable is that during this period the active substances of the drug do not enter the placenta, and already from the second trimester there is such a danger. Benefits include:

  • a relatively short course of treatment (7 days) with the use of 2 candles per day,
  • in addition to antifungal, has an antiseptic and disinfectant effect,
  • low price.

The disadvantages of Betadine include:

  • the likelihood of an allergic reaction to iodine,
  • With the introduction of 1 candle per day, the course of treatment lasts 2 weeks,
  • the product is leaking, so when applying it you need to take care of hygiene,
  • negative effect on the microflora, drying the vaginal mucosa,
  • rarely, but provokes bleeding,
  • candles inconvenient to get out of the blister.

Hexicon - intervaginal candles, allowed for the treatment of thrush in all trimesters of pregnancy. Benefits:

  • highly effective in treating mild disease,
  • the likelihood of side effects is minimal,
  • 1 candle per day is enough
  • low price.

  • an allergic reaction may occur,
  • the course of treatment is long - from 7 to 10 days,
  • medication leaks
  • there are minor risks of bleeding,
  • in the acute form of the disease, the drug is ineffective.

In the second trimester

Among the candles for thrush during pregnancy, clotrimazole is most commonly used for second trimester treatment, their advantages are:

  • availability,
  • highly effective in fighting fungus,
  • the introduction of 1 candle per day.

  • impressive list of possible side effects
  • slight burning sensation
  • fungi adapt to the active substance of the drug and each time give in to its effects worse.

Polygynax - suppositories that effectively eliminate thrush in the second and third trimesters of pregnancy. Benefits:

  • candles are convenient to use,
  • effectively eliminate the infection
  • removes manifestations of the disease after the first use,
  • 1 suppository per day.

  • treatment course is 12 days,
  • the medicine is leaking
  • the soft consistency of the candle, which makes it difficult to introduce,
  • the likelihood of allergies,
  • ineffective in chronic candidiasis,
  • high cost.

Livarol suppositories are also used to treat thrush in the later periods. Their advantages:

  • the course of treatment lasts from 3 to 5 days,
  • you need to enter 1 candle per day,
  • manifestations are eliminated after the first dose,
  • effective fight against fungi.

  • a number of side effects
  • probability of an allergic reaction
  • in case of chronic candidiasis, the course of treatment lasts at least 10 days,
  • high cost
  • adaptation of fungi to the remedy.

In the third trimester

Almost all candles used for thrush in late pregnancy are those drugs that are allowed for use in the early stages.

Terzhinan: treatment is allowed from the second trimester, but more often used in the third. Benefits:

  • maintains healthy genital microflora
  • effectively eliminates fungus,
  • in addition to antifungal properties, it fights against harmful microbes and reduces the inflammatory process,
  • side effects occur in extremely rare cases.

  • the full course of therapy is quite long - from 10 to 20 days,
  • high cost
  • high probability of an allergic reaction.

Neo-Penotran Forte is prescribed during pregnancy in the 3rd trimester only if it is serious. Benefits:

  • it is convenient to introduce a candle thanks to a special cap,
  • need 1 candle per day.

  • The course of treatment lasts a week,
  • impressive list of possible adverse reactions,
  • high cost
  • relatively high probability of allergies
  • possible relapse.

Gyno-pevaril - effective, but not the most popular for the treatment of candidiasis in the third trimester drug. Benefits:

  • quickly and effectively eliminates symptoms,
  • the course of treatment can be as little as 3 days if candles of 150 mg each are chosen,
  • per day they introduce only one candle
  • there are almost no side effects, in rare cases there is a slight burning sensation.

  • if you use candles 50 mg each, the treatment lasts 2 weeks,
  • there is a high probability of relapse
  • possible allergic reactions,
  • high cost
  • not always available in pharmacies.

Complications for mom and baby

If the discharge and other symptoms of the disease were ignored by the woman and she did not consult a doctor, did not use candles for thrush for pregnant women or other medicines, there is a risk of serious complications:

  • if the disease appeared in the first trimester of pregnancy, then there is a high probability of miscarriage or premature birth,
  • the occurrence of more serious infectious diseases,
  • placenta is a dangerous pathology that is not accompanied by pain: it can only be recognized by abundant purulent discharge and blood tests,
  • intrauterine infection of the fetus or infection during childbirth, developmental delay, hypoxia.

To avoid dangerous consequences, it is necessary with the first symptoms to see a doctor and follow his recommendations for treatment.

Why is thrush treated during pregnancy candles

The manifestation of candidiasis in the period of gestation is associated with hormonal changes, reduced immunity. The situation is complicated by the fact that not all antifungal drugs can be used.

Specialists prescribe vaginal suppositories, candles. This choice is associated with local drug exposure. The active components are rapidly absorbed by the vaginal mucosa, localized in the pathological area, do not penetrate into the general bloodstream. This reduces the risk of side effects, nothing threatens the development of the fetus.

Candles are convenient to use. During the day it is recommended to put 1-2. The duration of therapy depends on the severity of candidiasis, the stage of pregnancy. Guided by the instructions to the drug. In some cases, a single suppository before bedtime is enough to reduce the activity of pathogens and stop thrush.

Rules of use during pregnancy

The pharmacy has a wide range of products against thrush in the form of candles. What means to choose, the expert should prompt. Self therapy is not allowed.

Due to the fact that during pregnancy increases the likelihood of an allergic reaction, it is necessary to closely monitor their own feelings during the period of therapy. If, after applying the suppository, there is a burning sensation, itching, discomfort appears, the candle should be pulled out, and if it has already dissolved, wash it off from the vaginal mucosa with a solution of baking soda or soap.

In the event of an allergic reaction, therapy is stopped immediately, report to the specialist. Replace the funds in consultation with the gynecologist.

List of inexpensive but effective drugs

Specialists often recommend the following drugs:

One of the most common means for the treatment of thrush during pregnancy. Produced in the Netherlands, under license in Russia. Convenient application. A full course of therapy is only 3 days. In severe cases, extend to 6. Inserted into the vagina before bedtime. Among the advantages are the absence of side effects, although there may be a burning sensation in the first minutes after administration. Women refer to the negative aspects of the shape of the candle itself - rather large in size, poorly administered. Symptoms of thrush eliminates after the first use. Price 250 rub. per pack.

Means of foreign manufacture. Available in several countries - Hungary, Germany, France. In the package 1 candle in a sealed package. So much is required to defeat candidiasis during gestation. Use the drug at bedtime. The advantages include convenient introduction, compact size of the candle. The active components are quickly absorbed by the vaginal mucosa, are distributed along the walls of the penis, do not leak, the laundry remains clean. Among the relative disadvantages of the price. Zalain allowed to use in any week of pregnancy. Practically does not cause an allergic reaction, but initially there is a burning sensation. Packing cost 550 rub.

Candles French production. Convenient shape, compact size. With the introduction of the vagina does not occur burning. Allergic reaction occurs in rare cases. The drug has antifungal, anti-inflammatory properties. The disadvantage of women consider a long course of therapy - about 20 days. Put suppository before bedtime. There are traces of medication in insignificant quantities on linen. Packing price from 460 rubles.

The drug is produced in Hungary. The package contains 10 intravaginal suppositories. It is recommended to put 1 time per day before bedtime. Moisten the tablet with warm water before administration. There are several active components in the composition, one of which, metronidazole, partially penetrates the systemic circulation. In this regard, it is prohibited to use candles in the first trimester of pregnancy. During therapy, itching, burning, discomfort in the vagina may be observed. Apply under the supervision of a specialist. Packing cost 350 rub.

Produced in Hungary. It is allowed to use on the first stages of pregnancy. In the package of 14 candles, you can buy half. This is exactly what is required to complete a full course of therapy for uncomplicated thrush. Injected deep into the vagina before bedtime. Of the shortcomings of the woman noted the presence of mucus on the laundry during therapy. There is often an allergic reaction, as well as side effects - vaginal dryness, there are droplets of blood. The composition additionally includes iodine, therefore the agent has an antiseptic effect besides the antifungal effect. Accelerates mucosal regeneration. Packing price 400 rubles.

Gyno singing

Drug of domestic production with anti-inflammatory and effect. Not recommended for use in the first months of pregnancy, since the active components are able to penetrate into the systemic circulation. It may be used in the early stages in consultation with a specialist if the risks of candidiasis are extremely high. Candles are sold for 3, 5 pieces in a blister. The course of therapy depends on the complexity of the manifestations of candidiasis. With minor symptoms, 3 days is enough. The maximum duration of treatment is 2 weeks. In the first minutes after the introduction of the candle there is a slight burning sensation, which passes quickly. Cost - 400 rubles. per pack.


Produced in India. In the package of 6 tablets for intravaginal use. It is recommended to moisten with warm water before administration. Use 1 time per day before bedtime. Among the shortcomings - a slight burning sensation after application, traces on linen. The active ingredients of Clotrimazole partially flow into the systemic circulation. Manufacturers do not recommend the use of suppositories in the first trimester of pregnancy. Gynecologists prescribe, but therapy is carried out under strict control. Full course of treatment 6 days. Fungi are able to get used to Clotrimazole, therefore, prolonged use is not recommended. Moreover, if there is no desired effect within 3 days of therapy, the drug is canceled. Price - 40 rubles.

Neo-Penotran Forte

Available in Turkey. It has a combined effect. It has anti-inflammatory effect, antifungal, antibacterial. There are several active components at once. One of them partially penetrates the systemic circulation. Manufacturers prohibit the use in the first months of pregnancy. Gynecologists prescribe if it is impossible to achieve the desired effect with other drugs. Among the disadvantages of burning after the introduction, the possibility of an allergic reaction. Pack of 7 candles for the full course of therapy. Suppositories have a convenient form, practically do not remain on linen. Packing cost 800 rub.

Drug of domestic production. Available in gel form with convenient dispenser. It is allowed to use at different stages of pregnancy. Active ingredients of natural origin. They destroy the pathogenic microflora, disinfect, relieve inflammation, accelerate the recovery of the mucous membrane. It is recommended for use in uncomplicated thrush. The application does not cause burning, allergy develops extremely rarely. It should be used at bedtime for 14 days. The disadvantage of women is called high cost - about 1300 rubles.


Made in Italy. In a special soft capsule is an emulsion. This form of the drug accelerates the absorption of the active components of the vaginal mucosa. The drug combined action. Eliminates unpleasant symptoms - itching, burning, irritation, envelops the walls of the vagina. Stops inflammatory processes, contributes to the restoration of microflora. At the first introduction the insignificant itch is possible.This is not evidence of an allergic reaction, but speaks of the effect of the active substance on pathogenic microorganisms. The duration of therapy from 5 days to 10. Do not apply for chronic candidiasis. Packing cost with 6 capsules 350 rub.

The drug is available in Russia. In packing 5 or 10 suppositories in a tight wrapper. The active ingredient - ketoconazole does not enter the general bloodstream, acts locally. In this regard, it is allowed to use candles in any week of pregnancy. Minimum side effects, in rare cases, individual intolerance is manifested. But it can cause a burning sensation after an injection, which passes within 5 minutes. The tool is prescribed for any form of thrush, mixed infection, any violation of the vaginal microflora. When not complicated forms required to put candles before going to bed for 5 days. Price for a package with 5 candles 400 rubles.

Means of Italian production. In packing 1 candle in a soft shell. Convenient introduction, no burning, fast absorption. With an uncomplicated form of candidiasis, 1 candle is enough before bedtime, in other situations 3 days. Every time they take a break for three days. Antifungal agent of broad-spectrum fights fungi, eliminates the unpleasant manifestations of thrush, helps to restore the mucous, microflora. The instructions indicate a ban on use during pregnancy. However, during the tests it was found that the active components are localized only in the tissues of the penis, do not enter the blood. Therefore, experts prescribe under high control on any weeks. Price - 450 rubles.

Means of domestic production. Treats antiseptic, does not possess antifungal property. But it helps to stop the pathological processes in the initial stage of the disease. The course of therapy lasts about 10 days. Introduce a candle before bedtime, compact size, fast solubility. But the disadvantages include traces in underwear. With prolonged use, vaginal dryness occurs. Side effects are absent, with the introduction does not occur burning. Among contraindications only individual intolerance. It is allowed to apply in any trimester of pregnancy. Packing cost 280 rub.

The tool is manufactured in Italy in the form of round vaginal tablets. It is applied once a day before going to bed for 8 days. Unlike many antifungal agents, Makmiror does not violate the vaginal microflora, promotes the growth of lactic acid bacteria. Normal environment is gradually restored, fungus activity decreases, unpleasant manifestations of candidiasis are eliminated. Additionally has anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial effect. It is allowed to use during pregnancy at different weeks, but under the strict supervision of specialists. Contraindication is individual intolerance to the components, which is manifested by increased itching, burning, skin rashes. Package price 800 rubles.

Produced in the USA. Candles of a convenient form, quickly thaw, active components are localized in a pathological zone. In a minimum amount penetrate the systemic circulation. In this regard, it is not recommended to apply in the second, third trimester of pregnancy. A full course of therapy is 7 days. Use 1 time before bedtime. The disadvantages of women include traces in their underwear. Eliminates unpleasant symptoms after the first use. Does not cause burning. Allergic reaction is extremely rare. There is no recurrence. The treatment is carried out under the supervision of specialists. The price of the drug is 1500 rubles.

Antiseptic domestic production. It is allowed to use at any stage of pregnancy. It does not have an antifungal effect, therefore it is meaningless to use in case of acute candidiasis or complex forms. In packing of 10 candles of a convenient form. However, the shell quickly melts, leaving marks on underwear. It should be applied 1 time per day before bedtime. May cause bleeding, therefore should be used under the supervision of specialists, no more than 10 days. Packaging costs 200 rubles.

Produced in Russia. It is an analogue of Pimafucin. Active ingredients do not penetrate the general bloodstream, act locally. It is allowed to apply in any period of pregnancy. Comfortable candle shape. You may experience a slight burning sensation at the first injection. It is used 1 time before going to bed for 5 days. May be renewed at the direction of a specialist. A contraindication is only individual intolerance to the components. The cost of packaging is about 500 rubles.

What is a thrush?

Thrush, or candidiasis, is a fungal infection caused by fungi belonging to the genus Candida. The most common is Candida albicans. This type of microorganism is referred to as conditionally pathogenic.

As a rule, Candida bacteria are present in any human body. They are part of the microflora of the mouth, colon and vagina. With reduced immunity, the Candida fungus multiplies in large numbers and becomes a pathogenic microorganism.

Can there be thrush during pregnancy? Thousands of women ask themselves this question when faced with this problem. Sure yes. After all, a woman's immunity goes down, and the body is unable to fully resist the growth of pathogenic bacteria. Thrush during pregnancy (3 trimester) requires specific treatment, and a woman during this difficult period should be under constant supervision of a gynecologist.

Symptoms of the disease

Thrush affects up to five percent of all women (both pregnant and not expecting a child). In pregnancy, candidiasis occurs mainly in the 3rd trimester. Often accompanied by the following symptoms:

  • itching in the vagina
  • the presence of whiter, resembling cottage cheese flakes,
  • nervousness,
  • insomnia,
  • pain and burning when urinating,
  • pain during intercourse,
  • bad smell, like a rotten fish.

The gynecologist during the examination sees the redness and swelling of the genitals, the inflammatory process. In a difficult situation, microcracks, erosion and scratching can occur in the perineum.

Thrush during pregnancy (3 trimester) treatment requires immediate. And an experienced doctor needs only one glance to establish a diagnosis.

Causes of candidiasis

Thrush during pregnancy may appear for a variety of reasons (3 trimester). Treatment during this period should be prescribed and monitored by a doctor. The main factors for the appearance of candidiasis are:

  • reduced immunity
  • excess weight,
  • the presence of diabetes
  • the presence of chronic diseases
  • failure of the gastrointestinal tract,
  • dysbacteriosis,
  • improper hygiene,
  • antibiotics
  • hormonal imbalance.

In addition to these factors, thrush can cause an unbalanced diet, against the background of which there is a shortage of important trace elements and vitamins.

Thrush complications

Causes a number of unpleasant symptoms of thrush during pregnancy (3 trimester). Treatment begins at the first signs of the disease, otherwise there may be complications in the form of vulvovaginal candidiasis. This disease provokes infection of the fetal bladder, premature rupture of amniotic fluid and early birth.

Candidiasis can cause infection of the fetus during childbirth, when the baby passes through the birth canal. With this disease, the inflamed walls of the vagina become less elastic, looseness appears, which increases the likelihood of ruptures during delivery. Candida infection also interferes with caesarean section. With it, stitches heal more slowly, may fester. The disease increases the risk of postpartum hemorrhage.

Diagnosis of the disease

Before treating thrush during pregnancy (3 trimester), it is necessary to diagnose. First, the doctor performs a gynecological examination. Defines the clinical picture of the disease. Finds out if a woman has had thrush before and how often. Identifies comorbidities and identifies risk factors.

During the examination, the gynecologist takes a smear from the vagina for a microscopic examination and prescribes a detailed blood test. At the first examination, molecular biological and cultural methods of examination are not used, since it is believed that Candida albicans is present in small quantities even in healthy women.

If the disease enters a chronic stage, then a culture diagnostic method is used to determine the type of yeast-like fungi that caused candidiasis.

Trimesters differ in terms of treatment for a disease such as thrush. The third trimester of pregnancy allows the use of certain drugs. Although they may be prohibited in the first two trimesters. You can choose candles from thrush effective and inexpensive.

Features of the treatment of thrush in the later stages

Treatment of candidiasis during pregnancy is a strict necessity and has its own characteristics:

  • Preference is given to topical use. These are preparations in the form of suppositories and vaginal tablets.
  • Antimycotic tablets are used only by prescription and only in the third trimester.
  • With the introduction of candles into the vagina, some women feel a slight burning sensation. This is normal and should not be interrupted.
  • After the course of treatment, you should undergo a follow-up examination and pass all the necessary tests for candidiasis.
  • If during the period of pregnancy at least once there was a thrush, then immediately before birth, you should undergo a full course of treatment for candidiasis, regardless of whether there is a thrush or not.

In the presence of thrush, the spouse of a pregnant woman should also be examined and treated, since this disease is transmitted through sexual intercourse.

Specificity of the general treatment

After the doctor has diagnosed the disease and the cause of the disease, you should proceed to treatment. With regular relapses, candidiasis can become chronic, and then it will be more difficult to treat.

Thrush during pregnancy (which candles should be used during this period, it will be written below) requires complex treatment. Use topical medications, prebiotics, multivitamins. In complex advanced cases, prescribed pills. The doctor recommends changing the diet and abandon a number of products.

What kind of suppositories and drugs can a woman use in the third trimester to get rid of candidiasis? In this period, the list of drugs for the treatment of candidiasis is expanding. The use of such drugs as:

Some use Zalain candles. They give a 100% result. If thrush is accompanied by frequent relapses, the treatment is repeated. In some cases, use candles with interferon. Allowed reception "Wobenzym." In severe stages of the disease, external agents are combined with pills.

Overview of topical medications

Most often during pregnancy in the third trimester use of funds intended for topical use. Most often these are the following drugs:

  • "Pimafucin". The active ingredient is natamycin. It is applied on one candle once a day, for the night. Therapy lasts about six days. The package contains six suppositories. If thrush progresses, then add Pimafucin tablets.
  • "Zalain." The active substance is sertaconazole. The drug is available in the form of cream and suppositories. The latter is administered at night, once. If the symptoms of the disease persist, then seven days later another candle is introduced.
  • Candinorm. The drug is produced in the form of a gel. It is administered vaginally, once a day, before bedtime. The procedure is performed for three days. The gel is enclosed in tubes for one-time use.
  • "Polygynax". May be appointed only from the second trimester of pregnancy. Available in the form of vaginal capsules. Apply the medicine once a day. Therapy lasts from 6 to 12 days.
  • "Terzhinan". The drug is produced in tablets. They are introduced into the vagina once a day, moistened abundantly with water. Duration - 6-20 days.
  • "Clotrimazole". Candles for thrush effective cheap. Introduced once or twice a day. The course lasts from 3 to 6 days.
  • "Livarol". Available in the form of candles. Apply intravaginally, once a day.
  • “Gino – Pevaril”. The active ingredient is econazole nitrate. There is a dosage of 50 mg and 150 mg. In the first case, the treatment lasts two weeks. When using a dose of 150 mg, the course is reduced to three days.

In the third trimester, borax in glycerol or sodium tetraborate 20% can be prescribed. The solution is used when a lot of fungus accumulates on the walls of the vagina. When using the drug, the tampon is plentifully moistened in glycerin and shallowly inserted into the vagina. The procedure is performed for three days. This is a minor remedy that is used in combination with antifungal drugs.

Treatment of thrush in the third trimester is carried out under close medical supervision. If relapses bother the patient, then an additional examination is prescribed.

About tablets for thrush

Pills for thrush during pregnancy in the third trimester is used extremely rarely. As a rule, it is the safest drugs. These include the following antibiotics:

Medications are used for candidiasis in pregnant women, starting from the second trimester. The drugs have a wide spectrum of action and are effective against the fungus Candida. The dosage of each of the drugs is determined by the doctor individually.

During pregnancy, it is not recommended to take the tablets "Flucanosol", "Diflucan", "Flucostat" and "Mikosist". The active ingredient in all of these drugs is fluconazole. This substance causes the uterus to tone, which can lead to premature birth or miscarriage. Fluconazole also penetrates the placenta unhindered and adversely affects the fetus.

"Miramistin" during pregnancy from thrush

Often, in the treatment of thrush women use Miramistin. The tool is characterized by anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and regenerating properties. The drug is available in the form of a solution and ointment.

"Miramistin" during pregnancy from thrush is used only externally. The solution is carried out external irrigation. Allowed to make applications with a solution for a couple of hours in the vagina. Thus, treatment is carried out throughout the week. It is allowed to use ointment instead of solution. It is applied to the genital organ once a day, at night.

The drug is safe, so it is often used during pregnancy. Reviews of pregnant women say that this medicine can cure thrush for three days and does not harm the baby.

Therapy by folk methods

How to cure thrush during pregnancy, so as not to harm the unborn baby? This question worries most women, so many of them prefer folk remedies.

The most popular are the following recipes:

Sage or thyme grass (tablespoon) is poured with boiling water (300 ml) and cooked for 15 minutes in a water bath. Broth are washed twice a day. Oak bark can be used instead of grass. The result of the procedure will not be worse.

To remove the swelling of the genitals will help baby cream, mixed with a few drops of tea tree.

The solution containing iodine, soda and water is effective against candida. On a liter of water take a teaspoon of iodine and a tablespoon of soda. The resulting solution is used as a bath.

Soda for thrush during pregnancy is a unique product. For one liter of water is taken a tablespoon of soda. This solution is washed away.

To combat thrush use onions and garlic. Their juice washed external organs.

There are a lot of folk treatment methods for thrush, and all of them should be coordinated with the doctor before use in order to avoid negative consequences.

Behavior of the woman during therapy

When treating thrush, a woman should strictly follow all instructions of the doctor. Do not forget that proper hygiene of the genital organs can prevent the occurrence of thrush and speed up the healing process.

During treatment, thrush need to remember that during pregnancy it is forbidden to douche. This procedure can remove all the beneficial microflora from the vagina and aggravate the course of the disease.

Soda for thrush during pregnancy helps relieve itching. A weak soda solution is prepared with it and washed away. The procedure creates an alkaline environment unfavorable to pathogens.

At the time of therapy should refrain from sexual intercourse. Bath prefers a shower. Wear only cotton underwear. It is better to refuse strings for the period of pregnancy completely, and to change the gaskets more often during the day.

Food for thrush

During treatment, follow the diet. Abandon sweet, salty and spicy. A ban on sweet pastries, confectionery and carbonated beverages should be introduced. The diet of a pregnant woman should include fresh fruits and vegetables, cereals, meat and fish.

If you do not make restrictions on nutrition, then even the most powerful and effective drugs will not help to remove thrush.

Candidiasis can be considered defeated if it does not occur for five months or more.

Thrush: symptoms and underlying causes of development

A large number of bacteria, antibodies and immune cells that form an acidic environment inhabit the woman's vagina, thereby protecting the genitals from infections. Lactobacilli make up 98% of all bacteria in the vaginal microflora. Но иногда по определённым причинам бактерии-защитники не в силах справляться со своими обязанностями, и тогда начинает развиваться кандидоз.

Candidiasis of the genital organs (common thrush) is a lesion of the mucous membranes of microscopic yeast from the genus Candida. This fungus is always in a small amount in the vaginal microflora, but it is not able to multiply in an acidic environment, and therefore does not cause a feeling of discomfort to a woman. When the acidic environment is destroyed, favorable conditions are created for its distribution - this is the beginning of thrush.

A small amount of Candida is always present in a woman’s body, but it progresses only when the acidic environment of the vagina is destroyed.

Thrush can be of two types:

  • uncomplicated The development of candidiasis is not aggravated by the presence of other diseases of the organs of the reproductive system, and the disease bothers a woman no more than 4 times a year,
  • complicated Along with thrush, a woman has other diseases of the reproductive system, with the frequency of relapses more than 5 times a year.

Even an experienced gynecologist is unable to recognize the nature of the thrush with the naked eye, let alone self-diagnosing the disease. Therefore, self-medication is unacceptable.

Candidiasis can be recognized by the following symptoms:

  • redness of the female genitals and vagina,
  • itching and burning in the perineum,
  • pain during urination and during intercourse,
  • white cheesy discharge with a sour odor.

Cheesy white discharge with a sour odor is one of the signs of thrush.

With chronic form of thrush and frequent herThese symptoms are not as pronounced as in a single case of the disease. In connection with the permanent damage of mucous membranes by a pathogenic fungus, the walls of the vagina coarsen and do not react so sharply to the reproduction of the pathogen of pathology.

The main causes of candidiasis include:

  • weakened immunity
  • prolonged use of antibiotics and anticancer drugs, birth control pills,
  • wearing underwear made of artificial fabrics,
  • chronic diseases
  • microflora death,
  • hormonal changes.

Even before pregnancy, I constantly used intimate hygiene products from Oriflame. Intimate gel contained lactic acid, so its regular use, sometimes even three times a day, led to the fact that natural vaginal bacteria were washed out and stopped being produced in the right amount. As a result, there was my acquaintance with thrush. After consultation with the gynecologist and a single dose of a prescription prescribed by a specialist, candidiasis retreated. Previously used tool has thrown away for a long time. Now I buy intimate hygiene gels only in pharmacies, but do not abuse their use, alternating with baby soap.

Features of treatment of thrush in pregnant women, depending on the trimester

The risk of candidiasis in pregnant women is twice as high as in non-pregnant women. This is due primarily to changes in hormonal levels, since immediately after conception, the hormone progesterone begins to be released, which changes the acidity of the microflora, and this is good soil for the development of the fungus. As well as reduced immunity due to a lack of vitamins and minerals. In pregnant women, it is more common to detect thrush at the initial stages of its development, as the woman regularly visits a gynecologist.

To make a diagnosis, the doctor takes a swab from the vagina for analysis, and then prescribes the necessary treatment. After a course of therapy, a control smear for the absence of a disease-causing fungus will be required. To avoid relapse and consolidate the result, the doctor may prescribe Viferon 1 (from the 12th week of pregnancy until the 24th), Viferon 2 (from the 24th week until delivery) to strengthen the immune system.

There are two types of drugs used to treat thrush:

  • local drugs: vaginal suppositories and tablets, ointments, creams. Only affect the affected area
  • medication systemic action. This group includes tablets that are taken orally and affect several organs.

When choosing medicines for the treatment of thrush, doctors are guided by the following criteria:

  • safety for mom and baby
  • low absorbability and toxicity
  • minimum side effects.

To get rid of thrush during pregnancy usually use local medications: vaginal suppositories and tablets, ointments, gels and sprays. The use of local drugs during pregnancy is due to the fact that they affect only a certain organ and do not spread throughout the body, and therefore do not pose a threat to the developing baby.

Treatment for thrush during pregnancy depends on the trimester:

  1. The first trimester is the most vulnerable, since there is a laying of all organs and systems of the baby, so the ingress of any chemicals into the amniotic fluid can cause the development of congenital pathology. Fortunately, thrush is much less common in early pregnancy than in the second and third trimesters. But if the disease still manifested itself, then only a doctor can prescribe treatment with the safest medicines or traditional medicine. Most often in the first trimester of pregnancy, doctors prescribe candles Pimafutsin.
  2. In the second and third trimesters, the list of drugs for the treatment of thrush is significantly expanded. Thrush at the end of pregnancy is especially dangerous, as it is fraught with infection of the baby during the passage through the genital tract and rupture of the female genitals. In the last two trimesters, treatment with systemic drugs is also possible if the local ones are ineffective.

Almost the whole bunch of complications caused by thrush during pregnancy, felt for themselves. In the first trimester, almost immediately after conception of the baby, I had an itchy crotch and soreness when urinating. Immediately with these symptoms I turned to a gynecologist, who diagnosed and prescribed candles Pimafucin. The treatment helped to get rid of candidiasis, but after two months - a relapse and again treatment. As a result, at the 32nd week of pregnancy, I was urgently put on to be preserved with a diagnosis of fetal hypoxia. Grade III Zvur (intrauterine growth retardation) ". The weight of the fetus at that time was 1680 g, which corresponded to the 28th week of development. For four weeks I supported the life of the baby with various medications and at the 36th week I had an emergency cesarean section. A child was born weighing 1900 g and 31 cm tall with intrauterine pulmonary infection.

What better use candles from thrush

During pregnancy, it is necessary to take into account the effect of the active components not only on the painful microflora, but also on the whole organism. If possible, use drugs, the effect of which ends with the penetration into the tissue of the vaginal mucosa, without getting into the bloodstream. If thrush progresses, the use of stronger drugs is required, treatment should be carried out under the supervision of specialists.

Treatment for thrush in the first trimester

In the early stages of pregnancy, the incidence of candidiasis is extremely high. This is due to a sharp change in hormonal levels, restructuring of the body, reduced immunity. According to the instructions for each drug, it is allowed to use suppositories in the first trimester of pregnancy. Specialists often recommend candles:

The peculiarity of such drugs in the sparing impact on the body of the future mother. Means do not just fight fungi, but also contribute to the restoration of the vaginal microflora. At the end of therapy to preserve the therapeutic effect of prescribed funds containing lactobacilli - Vagilak, Lactobacterin, Bifidumbakterin, Vaginorm C.

Second Trimester Therapy

In this period, the baby has already formed internal organs, the uterus increases in size. It is not recommended to use drugs without special need. Treatment with candles for thrush is carried out under the supervision of specialists at the minimum rate allowed. Relatively safe means:

At his discretion, the specialist may prescribe another drug from the category of approved. Also, the choice depends on the financial capabilities of the woman.

Third Trimester Treatment

In the last months of carrying a fetus, candidiasis is dangerous if the baby is infected with thrush in the womb or while passing through the genital tract. Use drugs should be with extreme caution. Gynecologists prescribe candles if the intended effect is much higher than the possible negative effects. The category of permitted funds include candles indicated for the treatment of thrush in the second trimester.

Treatment of thrush during pregnancy should be mandatory. Unpleasant symptoms bring inconvenience not only to the mother, but also threaten with interruption, premature birth, pathologies in the development of the fetus. In the third semester, untreated candidiasis threatens to infect a baby, and congenital thrush appears. Therefore, at the first unpleasant symptoms, you need to contact the specialists.

Causes of thrush during pregnancy

Thrush or vaginal candidiasis is called inflammation of the mucous membrane of the vagina, which occurs when the immune system is weakened. The causative agent of the disease is a pathogenic fungus of the genus Candida, which actively reproduces in the genital tract. Thrush is not considered a serious and dangerous disease requiring immediate treatment. Therefore, young mothers should not grab all possible medications to quickly get rid of the infection. But the disease should not be started either, otherwise complications may arise during the child's pregnancy.

Candida fungus spreads sexually, pregnant women usually become infected from a sexual partner. Men most often do not even realize that they are carriers of pathogens. Vaginal candidiasis is diagnosed mainly during pregnancy, as the expectant mothers are significantly weakened immunity. A fungus that multiplies easily with a poorly functioning immune system provokes the appearance of another pathogenic microflora, usually bacteria of the Mycoplasma class. It is strictly forbidden to treat the infection with pills and injections during pregnancy, so doctors prescribe candles for thrush during pregnancy. Suppositories do not adversely affect the embryo.

Features of the use of candles from thrush during pregnancy

Usually, vaginal candidiasis is treated with antifungal and antibacterial drugs, but you cannot eat them while carrying a child. When a person takes oral antibiotics, the active components of the medication enter the digestive tract, are absorbed into the blood vessels of the intestine, and along with the blood are sent to diseased tissues. But the blood systems of the mother and the fetus are closely related, the active ingredients of antibiotic medicines inevitably enter the placenta, sometimes causing serious developmental disorders in the embryo. Therefore, taking antibiotics in pill form during pregnancy is prohibited, it is especially dangerous to do this in the first trimester of carrying a child.

Candles from thrush during pregnancy - the only acceptable method of treatment. When using suppositories, the active components of the medicine do not enter the circulatory system, they have no effect on the body of a child developing in the stomach. Positive reviews of young mothers prove that candles from thrush during pregnancy have no side effects, act well and quickly. Suppositories can safely be used both in the first and in the last trimester of carrying a child. But it is advisable for pregnant women to buy candles from thrush after consulting a doctor, because it is not known how the female body can react to strong antibiotic substances.

The best candles from thrush during pregnancy

In pharmacies you can find candles from thrush during pregnancy for every taste and wallet. Both expensive and cheap suppositories are sold, and the quality and effectiveness of the drug does not depend on the price. Some inexpensive candles help to cope with vaginal candidiasis better and faster than advertised counterparts with frightening price tags. Expectant mothers should not buy suppositories at their discretion, it is better to entrust the choice of the drug to the gynecologist. The most effective are antibiotic suppositories based on ketoconazole, clotrimazole, nystatin, as well as a complex of the above antifungal substances. Almost all suppositories are allowed to use in the third trimester of pregnancy, some - in the earlier terms of the child's birth. So, what candles can be used during pregnancy from thrush? The following describes which candles are possible during pregnancy from thrush:

  1. Pimafucin. Pimafucin is the leader in popularity and frequency of use among all medicines for thrush. It is this drug that pregnant women acquire most often, as it has a low price, but it effectively destroys the fungal infection. The active ingredient is the polyamine antibiotic natamycin, which kills the fungus without harming the embryo in the womb. There are no contraindications for suppositories. The drug is injected into the vagina once a day in the evening before bedtime, the course of treatment is 3 to 6 days. The price is 250 - 275 rubles.
  2. Terzhinan. The drug is not available in the form of candles, but in the form of vaginal tablets. The drug is well combined with other medicines, so it can be used for the treatment of thrush. Tablets Terzhinan do not have side effects, but they are not recommended for use in the first trimester of pregnancy. The course of treatment is 10 days. Before insertion into the vagina, the tablet should be immersed in water for half a minute. The price is 320 - 575 rubles.
  3. Polygynax. Polygynax - highly effective vaginal capsules recommended for use during pregnancy, consisting of neomycin, polymyxin, nystatin. An antibiotic drug kills pathogenic bacteria that multiply in the vagina after the onset of candidiasis. Polygynax capsules contribute to the restoration of the mucous membranes of the genital tract, reduce inflammation. Side effects with the use of drugs are not observed. The capsule is immersed deep in the vagina in the evening before bedtime. The course of treatment is 12 days. The price is 305 - 775 rubles.
  4. Clotrimazole. Clotrimazole - inexpensive and high-quality candles used for thrush during pregnancy. These suppositories can successfully treat not only candidiasis, but also trichomoniasis. The drug is allowed to use in the second and third trimester of gestation, but it is strictly prohibited to use in early pregnancy. The composition of candles includes substances that can adversely affect the embryo at the initial stages of development. Therapeutic course lasts a week. It should be noted that the Candida fungus quickly gets used to the antibiotic, therefore, with the recurrence of the disease, it is necessary to use other drugs. The price is 15 - 215 rubles.
  5. Livarol. Livarol - highly effective candles from thrush during pregnancy. The drug is used in the late stages of carrying a child, but it is absolutely impossible to use it during the first trimester of pregnancy. The active substance is ketoconazole. Candles are inserted into the vagina in the evening before bedtime. The course of treatment is not more than 5 days. In the morning after using the drug, many women observe fluid discharge from the genital tract. No need to worry: it comes out of polyethylene oxide - an auxiliary component of the drug. The price is 405 - 790 rubles.
  6. Hexion. The drug is a candle that is used to treat thrush. The tool can be used throughout the entire period of childbearing, as well as during breastfeeding. Hexion acts locally, which prevents it from entering the blood. Many patients are prescribed candles immediately before childbirth. This provides effective prevention of infectious diseases and complications after the birth of a baby. The treatment course is 10 days. Candles are inserted into the vagina. Frequency of use - no more than twice a day, but the appointment should be a doctor. Some patients experience severe itching after the start of therapy, but very little time passes and the discomfort disappears. Pricing policy in Moscow and St. Petersburg is about 270 rubles.
  7. Fluconazole. Future moms on the forums claim that Fluconazole is an effective drug to combat thrush. However, this tool is not recommended for use during the first trimester of pregnancy. If you ignore the warnings, you can harm the baby. According to foreign studies, those women who used Fluconazole during early pregnancy put their child at significant risk, since the drug contributes to the formation of a complex type of congenital heart disease in a baby. А при использовании медикамента в период третьего триместра (400-800 мг/сутки) в редких случаях доктора диагностировали брахицефалию, волчью пасть, аномальную фацию, патологии развития свода черепа и пр. Наиболее безопасно для мам и малышей считается прием Флуконазола однократно 150 мг. Но врачи назначают средство редко, чтобы избежать побочного воздействия, потому использование для борьбы с молочницей Флоконазола становится реальным только после рождения крохи и окончания кормления грудью.Use to eliminate thrush Fljukostat also undesirable. The main active ingredient in this drug is also fluconazole. There is evidence that the drug can cause deformities and have a toxic effect on the child in the womb. Gynecologists can prescribe this medicine only to women who have thrush affected important organs.

Recipes of traditional medicine

It is often enough to hear from expectant mothers that they use traditional methods to eliminate thrush that women consider safe for the child. But pregnant women should be aware of all the responsibility for their actions, as well as remember that the use of safe medications while carrying a child will not harm him. But the popular methods can be appropriate only in combination with medication. Naturally, they are unlikely to cope with the infectious nature of the disease, but they will perfectly eliminate unpleasant symptoms (burning, itching). Complete rejection of traditional medical treatment can harm the baby.

The use of soda to eliminate thrush is a popular alternative to drugs. Soda solution can be used for douching and scrubbing. To prepare the solution will need a tablespoon of soda per liter of boiled water. The fluid should be warm, but not hot. After douching, tablets or suppositories from thrush during pregnancy are injected into the vagina, which the doctor prescribed. The course of soda douching - from 5 to 7 days. Soda baths can be used: a tablespoon of soda and as much iodine are needed per liter of liquid. The future mother needs 15 minutes to sit in the trays.

You can also squirt with the use of other antiseptics of natural origin:

  • Garlic, onions. To cook the garlic bath you need to boil a head of garlic in a liter of water in combination with 1 tbsp. chamomile.
  • Tea tree oil. For douching, you will need a small syringe, which must be filled with calendula oil and add 1-2 drops of tea tree oil to it.