Lady s formula Menopause Enhanced Formula


Ladys Formula for menopause The enhanced formula (lady’s formula) is a complex of nutrients that women need when they enter menopause. How does the drug, if he has any side effects, and what is included in its composition? More in the article.

What is a drug and how does it work

Ladys Formula Menopause is a complex of vitamin-mineral substances and plant extracts necessary for the female body during menopause. The drug Ladys Formula Menopause works as follows:

  1. Reduces the negative effect of tides, reduces their frequency and intensity.
  2. Normalizes the state of the nervous system, calms, relieves emotional tension.
  3. Improves sleep quality, makes it stronger and healthier.
  4. Stimulates sexual desire.
  5. It activates the production of vaginal lubrication, improves the quality of sexual life.
  6. Prevents the thinning of bone tissue, which is typical for menopause.
  7. Normalizes the synthesis of collagen in the body - improves the appearance, elasticity and smoothness of the skin.
  8. Strengthens muscular strength, due to the content in the composition of vitamins and minerals.
  9. Saturate strength and energy, prevent weight gain.
  10. Strengthen the body's defense system and help resist viruses.

Enhanced formula of the drug - Ladis Formula Menopause helps women survive this difficult period without problems, and reduce the negative effect of menopause on women's health.

The complex "Ledis" contains vitamins B - biotin. They are involved in metabolic processes, blood formation and energy exchange. Lack of biotin seriously impairs health ..

  • Vitamin B1 or thiamine - normalizes energy metabolism.
  • Vitamin B2 or lactoflavin - reduces symptoms during menopause. A beneficial effect on the skin, eyesight and is involved in the formation of blood cells.
  • Vitamin PP or acid nicotinic acid - releases the collected energy reserves of cells, activates the formation of proteins and lipids in the body.
  • Vitamin B5 or Pantothenic. Strengthen the body's defenses, stimulates the appearance of antibodies, accelerates tissue regeneration.
  • Vitamin B6 or pyridoxine acid - improves immunity and blood formation. Participates in the work of the central nervous system and psycho-emotional processes. It is during menopause that the woman’s psycho-emotional state is unstable.
  • Vitamin B9 folic acid is an important element for the female body. Especially during childbearing and during menopause, when reproductive function is declining. Strengthens the immune system, accelerates cell division. Regulates hormones.

Trace elements

The hormonal balance of a woman largely depends on the amount of minerals in the blood. The composition of the tablets include selenium, manganese, magnesium and boron. Each of them has a positive effect on the female body.

  • Selenium - makes the skin supple and smooth, rejuvenates the body at the cellular level, has antioxidant effects. Normalizes carbohydrate metabolism, is involved in the breakdown of fat cells.
  • Magnesium - reduces the load on the cardiovascular system, which increases during menopause. Mania strengthens the vascular walls, normalizes blood pressure, and reduces the appearance of hot flashes.
  • Manganese - has an antioxidant effect, strengthens cell membranes. Accelerates the work of estrogen during menopause, improves the functioning of nerve cells and protects them from destruction.
  • Boron - it is small in the human body, but it is involved in metabolic processes, the work of the endocrine glands. Boron normalizes the level of female and male sex hormones in the blood. During menopause, it activates the natural formation of estrogen in the ovaries before the postmenopausal period, when estrogen production stops altogether.

Herbal Extracts

In the complex Ledis and Ledis Forte - the main plant component - extract of the Chinese mushroom Maitaki. The mushroom contains many nutrients and phytohormones that help the female body during menopause. In addition to Maitaki, other herbal ingredients are included in the complex.

  1. Maitaki or ram mushroom is similar in properties to chaga, but more effective. Natural antioxidant, has an antitumor effect. What is especially important during menopause, when the risk of cancer of the uterus and breast in a woman increases. The extract of the plant prevents the appearance of cancer cells and reduces their activity, if they have already appeared. Maitaki mushroom also helps in the fight against obesity, accelerating the splitting and removal of fat cells from the body. Maitaki also has a beneficial effect on the nervous system.
  2. Clover extract Clover is rich in isoflavones. They are similar in their effects to female hormones (estrogen, progesterone). Phytohormones reduce the factors of oncological pathologies, reduce the symptoms of menopause. Stabilize pressure, heart rate, prevent the development of bone diseases, reduce cholesterol levels in the blood, reduce the intensity of headaches, and normalize sleep.
  3. Peruvian Maca. Famous aphrodisiac growing in South America. Substances contained in the plant, contribute to the active release of lubricant, strengthen the vaginal walls. In addition, weight is normalized, and improves thyroid function.
  4. Extract of cimicifuga branched. Another plant containing phytoestrogens. It is widely used in the medical industry, in particular in gynecology.
  5. Monastic pepper extract - improves the functioning of the heart and blood vessels, helps the body cope with menopausal hot flashes, nervous and depressive state, and other symptoms of menopause.

Forms of release

Complexes for women Ladys Formula for women after forty-five, there are several types:

  1. "Menopause. Improved formula "(FFM). - eliminates unpleasant symptoms during menopause.
  2. "Menopause. Day-night "(MD-N) - struggles with insomnia and gives strength and energy to the body.
  3. "Menopause. Personal Monthly System (MPMS). - normalizes the menstrual cycle in the period before menopause.

The composition of all of them are similar, but the concentration of substances is different, so they act differently. Vitamins are prescribed for medical reasons.

Ladys formula for menopause has its own unique composition, designed specifically to improve the condition of women, in this difficult period of hormonal adjustment. The amount of substances in the composition depends on the form of release of the drug. In the strengthened form of tablets, the ratio of substances is as follows:

  • Pyridoxine, thiamine, riboflavin - 3 mg, 2.5 mg, 3 mg.
  • Nicotinic acid (vitamin PP) - 15 mg.
  • Folic acid - two hundred micrograms.
  • Vitamin B5 or Pantothene - two and a half mg.
  • Tocopherol (Vit. E) - 30 IU.
  • Magnesium, manganese, selenium and boron - two hundred mg, two mg, twenty mg and one mg.
  • Maca Peruvian - one hundred mg.
  • Red Clover - thirty mg.
  • Maitaki mushroom - from twenty mg.
  • Monastic pepper - thirty mg.
  • Tsimitsifuga - thirty mg.

Also in addition there is an admixture of cellulose, magnesium stearate, silicon and stearic acid in minimum quantities.

Indications and Contraindications

Ledis Formula vitamins during menopause are prescribed for such indications as:

  1. Severe menopausal symptoms.
  2. Reduced sexual desire.
  3. Depressive-nervous disorder.
  4. Predisposition to osteoporosis.
  5. Weak cardiovascular system.
  6. Lack of secretory lubrication in the vaginal canal.
  7. Pathological menopause.
  8. Recovery period after gynecological surgery.

Take vitamins only need to be prescribed by a gynecologist, because they contain phytoestrogens.

Side effects

This medicine for menopause is ideal for women. It practically does not give side effects, as it consists entirely of components of natural origin. The only contraindication to the use of - an allergy to the components in the preparation. If an overdose of the drug occurred, then you need to immediately clear the stomach and take the adsorbents.

Took this drug for six months. And all these unpleasant signs of menopause were easier. Tides were few, the head did not hurt, and the mood was normal. But the friends who did not drink this complex went all very hard.

Before the beginning of menopause, the doctor prescribed the Ledis Formula complex for me. Reinforced formula. Took one tablet per day. I felt much better, I got better sleep, and I became less nervous. She advised the complex to her friends.

I have always been attentive to my health. Of course, the period of menopause wanted to spend with less stress. I studied reviews on the Internet about different drugs for menopause. Ask around girlfriends. And bought the pills Ledis Foomula. Very happy. No side effects, I feel great. Sexual desire returned to normal, began to engage in sports.

The price of Ladys Formula Menopause depends on the form of release and manufacturer. For example, Ladys Formula Strengthened Formula. Menopause where the manufacturer of the United States costs from seven hundred to eight hundred rubles per pack. In one package - 30 tablets. But there are other manufacturers, and here the cost starts from four hundred rubles.

Areas of use:

I have been taking supplement for 4 years now. It helps me a lot. Feel great. You can take the supplement only on a full stomach. I also had this. I had a break for a month. Then she began to take the Lady.s formula in the morning after a good meal.

The symptoms of menopause this complex eliminates, I use the third week and so far the effect is good. There are no side effects from Ledis, the mood has become good and irritability has passed. There is an effect from this complex, not a dummy

I liked the formula reinforced by Ladis more than the previous preparation, the effect is fast, I did not have to wait for 2-3 months for the result. That's what I call a really standing complex!

I accept the strengthened formula with courses for the third year, from the moment when I realized that the climax is just around the corner. It definitely helps, I feel good, there are no migraines, hypertension, nervousness and other symptoms, BUT! The first course of admission thought it was an accident, the second course was a coincidence. Now I am sure that the additive contributes to my weight gain. I'm 52.

There are recommendations for nutrition in the instruction, I still observe them, although this reinforced biocomplex has already been completely drunk and not 1 month. Thanks to an integrated approach, I got rid of sweating, headaches, excessive fatigue. The sexual life has normalized, since sex began to bring pleasure, and not torment because of an over-dried vaginal mucosa and terrible state of health ... Of course, you should not count on tablets only, but many people do not understand this!

I like Lady's Formula Menopause Enhanced Formula. I accept not very long - about two months. As soon as she noticed the first manifestations of menopause and the doctor confirmed my guesses, she immediately began taking it. I think that it was this that saved me from a migraine (it had already begun) and nervousness. All these extracts in the composition very gently soothe the nervous system and replace the missing hormones. Although keep in mind - the drug is still non-hormonal, and natural. So do not be afraid to take it even for six months, if there is a need.

I am 52 years old, about six months ago the tides began to appear, menstruation stopped, vaginal dryness appeared, libido disappeared. On the recommendation of the gynecologist, she began to take the Ladys formula, the menopause strengthened formula, after about two weeks the tides stopped, a month later the humidity of the vagina and libido recovered, two months after taking the menstruation returned very scarce, the weight began to decline, the mood is good, I plan to take further

There is no inscription in my preparation on the inside of the carton pack from the promo series (30 + 15 for free). I have an early climacteric, at 42 cycles stopped, there was still no tide, I found a cyst to the gynecologist, it seemed there was no menstrual period, they punctured me intravenously in March, after that the menstruation was 40 days very abundant, but alas last, in May, the control ultrasound cyst is not, and in the summer this nightmare began! head like a wadded, you can not wake up during the day, you can not fall asleep at night, throws into the heat, hands are shaking! when specific migraine attacks began, she went to a neurologist, and she, though young but clever, said what and how. since September, out of 90 tablets I have drunk 70, I look like everything returned to normal, I abandoned it, and after a month and a half I again started vata in my head that I don’t have the strength to work, again I feel sleepy in the afternoon, and you can not sleep in the evening, start over, I think it will be forever , now 44. I remember my beautician, she somehow shared that from 45 Laura has been taking pills for 1 day for 9 years already, there are no side effects, it seems to be blooming.

This preparation was advised by my gynecologist, for which I am very grateful to her. After menopause, I became just a monster. At least my homework was sure of that. And these terrible tides ... Thank God, Ladys formula helped to cope. Although, frankly, earlier I was very skeptical of dietary supplements.

Menopause reinforced formula I like, BUT there were stomach cramps and intestines and weight gain, alas! I began to drink half pills every other day, but the weight immediately began to increase, as I constantly wanted to eat. But he shot tides, sexual desire increased, irritability disappeared.

About myself I want to say that I also did not want to take hormonal drugs during menopause, the only thing that can increase the weight from them. The gynecologist recommended me the use of Estrovel, phytoestrogens in it, which was also important for me in vitamin K1 and Bor, which help reduce the risk of osteoporosis in women during menopause. And I want to say that amid the reception, I felt good and my tides decreased markedly.

Well, yes, of course. Need an integrated approach. And so generally, I agree, a good remedy is this formula. And it is convenient to take - just one tablet per day with meals, and so much good. The mere renewal of sexual desire is worth something. I do not know how anyone, but personally my husband and I are very important. ,)

It's all good, but you need to understand that the positive effect of this complex also depends on how a woman eats, what kind of lifestyle she leads. Ie it is necessary to approach the solution of the problem correctly, and not rely only on a miracle tool

I like the fact that, in addition to ice formulas, menopause, in addition to vitamins and minerals, are plant extracts. I specifically looked for my mother for something of this type. And as a result, I was not mistaken. Mom is very pleased, right before her eyes has blossomed. So I advise!

On the advice of a friend, she started to drink, because she was tortured with "hot flashes" .. for the first time it helped almost the first day, strange as it sounds. spent three months. after six months the story repeated, but it did not help at all. therefore I feel some kind of perplexity). Supplements bought in the same store.

46 years old. Women's days are not regular during the last year. Symptoms of menopause were not. In the previous two weeks, the body became lead, irritability, and fever. to the tips of the hair. Bought a lady menopause formula. After the first pill after two hours, the body is cold. In the evening there was no gravity. This I mean, if you drink the drug without delaying, the result is noticeable instantly

For me, better Estrovel. I drink the third month, in two capsules (I was appointed by the doctor so), phytoestrogens, plant extracts, vitamins and minerals with the norm for the day. The tides were tormented, with the intake of isoflavones soybeans, which are the main component of estrus, they began to decline, now several times and not strong.

Hot flashes and irritability are flowers. And my hands began to be taken away. Long tormented by doctors, and then in some list of symptoms of menopause, read about "paresis of the limbs." Well, I think it’s time to take action, otherwise I was afraid to go to bed at the memory of the fact that my hands would start to go numb (even though standing and sleep :)
I use PharmaMed products for many years, but with other drugs. Vitamins "More than multivitamins" - a smart thing, and "woman 40 plus". The second drug helped with mastopathy.
Therefore, when I decided to suppress the paresis of the extremities, I immediately ran to buy “Menopause. Reinforced formula”
Before that, I thought it was too early to take such a drug.
Accept the third month.
1. A week later, the hands stopped numb. Now it sometimes happens, once a week in the morning and a little bit. So we put a plus.
2. The normal period between menstruation as in his youth was restored (and he began jumping quite strongly, which also depresses him: now 14 days, then 40)
3. The dryness of the mucous membranes disappeared, the libido increased
4. “Zhor” has decreased, so now instead of 90 cm the waist has become 85
5. Diminished irritability

Girls, I recommend this drug from personal experience. Drink for at least 3 months, watch the health, less coffee, sweets and spicy (loss of appetite with these capsules guarantee)
All happiness and love!

What happens to female hormones during menopause

Changes in the hormonal background of women contribute to the fact that when menopause changes the work of the whole organism. This is due to the fact that the ovaries stop producing the main female sex hormone - estrogen.

Кроме эстрогена снижается уровень прогестерона, эстрадиола, тестостерона, а количество гормонов фолликулостимулирующих (ФСГ) и лютеинизирующих (ЛГ) в несколько раз увеличивается.

Из-за этих изменений возникает hormonal imbalancewith which the body adapts to function. This situation contributes to the adaptation of all organs and systems to new working conditions.

The effect of the lack of sex hormones is also reflected in the appearance and well-being of women.

What is this drug

“Ladies Formula” (“Lady’s Formula”) is dietary supplement with a vitamin complex designed specifically for use by women in acute menopause, when menopausal symptoms have a severe course and not in the best way affect the well-being, as well as the physiological and psychological state.

“Ladys Day-Night Formula” has two types of pills: some are applied in the morning, others in the evening.

The different composition of morning and evening pills helps to get rid of fatigue in the afternoon, and in the evening - to calm the nervous system and ensure a restful sleep.

What is the difference from the enhanced formula

The manufacturer of natural products "Ladys Formula" produces two types of drugs - "Ladys formula Day-Night" and "Ladys enhanced formula". Even from the name it is clear that the drug "Strengthened Formula" contains an improved and more effective composition.

The drug "Ladys formula Day-Night", in contrast to the enhanced formula, has only vegetable herbs in its composition. "Day-Night" is designed for women with menopause, who have ended menstruation.

The strengthened formula additionally incorporates trace elements, vitamins and natural extracts of medicinal plants.

It is recommended to apply “Ladys enhanced formula” during menopause, when its course is aggravated by complex symptoms, hot flashes, dizziness and other unpleasant signs of menopause. Due to the balanced formula, the drug acts on the body as a hormonal agent - it compensates for the lack of organic estrogen and eliminates the negative effect of menopause on the female body.


Unlike hormonal drugs, Ladys Formula has virtually no side effects. Herbal ingredients are selected in such a way that, dissolving in the body, they complement each other's actions, thereby enhancing the effect.

Clinical studies conducted by specialists of RAMS, confirmed the safety of the drug.

The advantages of “Ladys Formula Day-Night” are:

  • the possibility of continuous use for several years without harm to the body,
  • the drug is completely natural,
  • biological complex is produced in accordance with international standards of pharmaceuticals,
  • not addictive,
  • It has no side effects that characterize hormone therapy.

So, Ledis Formula daytime pills invigorate and increase working capacity, while night ones pacify and relax.

Mechanism of action

This dietary supplement is an anti-menopausal and adaptogenic agent that normalizes the hormonal background of women during menopause. Since the drug "Day-Night" should be applied at different times of the day, the effect of each pill (morning and night) has an effect on specific organs.

Day tablets:

  • increase activity, invigorate,
  • reduce the risk of depression
  • increase libido,
  • stabilize blood pressure
  • strengthen the nervous system, resist stress.

Night tablets:

  • relieve anxiety, improve sleep,
  • calm nervous irritability,
  • have a relaxing effect.

In addition, the biological product relieves the symptoms of hot flashes, eliminates excessive sweating and reduces nighttime hot flashes.

It is the plant components and trace elements that are included in the preparation that ensure the effectiveness of the plant complex:

  • extract of cimicifug root. The grass is called "female" because of the action like natural female hormones. Eliminates irritability, helps normalize blood pressure, eliminates psycho-emotional symptoms, provides skin cell renewal,
  • green tea leaf extract. It contributes to the removal of toxins due to the content of powerful antioxidants, it calms, and the polyphenols contained in it prevent the development of Alzheimer's disease, prevent thrombosis, normalize blood pressure,
  • valerian. It is a sedative element that reduces nervous excitement, normalizes sleep,
  • American Ginseng Extract. Promotes stress resistance of the body, improves performance, mental activity, is a conductor of collagen synthesis,
  • hop. Helps to eliminate nervousness and anxiety. Improves sleep quality, normalizes blood pressure. Due to the ability to regulate water and fat metabolism in the tissues prevents obesity,
  • passionflower (passionflower). Relieves dizziness, helps eliminate cramps, helps normalize thermoregulation, eliminates sweating,
  • magnesium. Calms nerves, regulates hormonal balance in combination with vitamin E,
  • boron. Provides calcium absorption, which prevents the development of osteoporosis,
  • Aralia Manchu. Improves libido, stimulates brain activity,
  • strut. A component of the production of female hormones. It has a slight diuretic and relaxing action of the gastric tract.

In addition, the preparation includes a complex of vitamins B, vitamins E and PP, which are involved in metabolic processes occurring in the body.

Contraindications and side effects

“Ladys Day-Night Formula” has no special contraindications.

In the presence of an allergic reaction, the appearance of side effects is possible:

  • itch
  • skin redness
  • the appearance of spots on the body,
  • difficulty breathing
  • increased heart rate
  • sneezing
  • cough.

Adverse symptoms also occur when improper use of the biological complex or in the presence of intolerance to the components of the drug.

In other cases, the tool does not cause undesirable reactions.

Instructions for use

The instruction provides for taking pills twice a day:

  • in the morning at breakfast - one morning pill,
  • in the evening, an hour before bedtime, night.

Do not take dietary supplements with alcohol, in parallel with other biologically active complexes, sedatives or psychostimulants, antidepressants.

Frequently asked Questions

1. Explain what the Lady's formula is “Menopause. Enhanced formula ”differs from Lady's formula“ Menopause Day-Night ”and which of these means more effectively eliminates“ tides ”?

The listed complexes differ in indications for use, i.e. they all apply during menopause
(peri-, postmenopausal), but with the predominance of neuro-vegetative symptoms (hot flashes, sweating, tachycardia, fluctuations in blood pressure, etc.), as a rule, the Menopause Strengthened Formula complex is used. If the symptoms of a psychoemotional nature prevail (mood lability, fatigue, decreased libido, impaired memory, sleep, etc.), then the Day-Night Menopause complex is used. In severe climacteric syndrome, the combined use of the Menopause Enhanced Formula and Day-Night Menopause complexes is allowed.

2. Does Lady's biocomplexes have any side effects for menopause?

Complexes Ladys formula "Menopause Day-Night" and "Menopause. Reinforced formula does not cause side effects of hormone therapy and addiction. In the course of clinical studies, the high acceptability of treatment with biocomplexes to eliminate the symptoms of menopause, excellent tolerability, and the absence of side effects were noted.

3. Are there any studies confirming the efficacy and safety of biocomplexes?

Efficacy and safety of the Ladys formula “Menopause Day-Night” and “Menopause. Enhanced formula ”is confirmed by the results of clinical studies conducted under the guidance of Academician RAMS V.N. (2008) and Professor Radzinsky V.E. (2011). These biocomplexes are recommended by the Russian Society of Obstetricians-Gynecologists.

The complexes comply with the international standards of the pharmaceutical industry (GMP).

4. For the past few months I have been drinking “Menopause. Reinforced formula. How much more can you drink Menopause? Are there any contraindications if you take the same for a long time?

In the course of the research, the following pattern was revealed: the effect of therapy developed 7–10 days after the start of treatment with biocomplexes. The severity of menopausal syndrome was reduced by the end of the first month of treatment, further admission for 3 months led to a more significant relief or complete elimination of menopausal symptoms. In all cases, treatment should last at least three months, the optimal course is 6 months. Compliance with recommendations for the elimination of postmenopausal disorders provides not only a persistent clinical effect, but also significantly improves the quality of life for women.

Reviews of Lady's formula (spelling and author’s style are preserved):

Pauline "Very pleased with this complex, menopause was very difficult, especially these terrible tides, was tortured completely, drank and different vitamins, and herbs, and soothing, no effect at all, now I finish the second course of the lady, sir, it became much better, and I feel and mood. So try it yourself and make a conclusion. "

Emilia “I heard about the tides only from commercials and from my colleagues until I myself experienced all the delights of this state. The head is plague-like, all the time some kind of weakness, irritations roll in waves — then you hate everyone and run to an empty island, then again you all smile sweetly. I do not know how much longer I would endure this condition if my colleague did not advise trying to drink Ladys menopause for a day or night. Oh, what a good remedy, I don’t even know how to thank my colleague: I began to sleep better, these constant experiences and nervous disorders went away, and the hormonal background improved. Now I myself recommend Ladys to my friends. ”

Maria “I Ladys Menopause reinforced formula took. It really helped me. The tides were very abundant and the doctor said immediately take an enhanced formula, so that the effect was better, since I ran a little and did not accept anything from it. Ladis propyl, feeling better and the tides decreased. "

Tamara “At first I didn’t believe that it would help either. But after about 15 days she began to feel cheerful, her sleepiness disappeared. The drug really fights tides, maintains good health, mood and energy during the day and improves sleep and rest at night. ”

Alice “I have been using this complex for a long time and I can confidently say that it is really effective. When my climax began, I immediately ran to the pharmacy for this remedy. Drowsiness is not, began to feel great. And I will advise my sister in the future. ”

Lyudmila “A great drug that helped me cope with such a terrible state as the tides. This is the most uncomfortable for me. I just can't stand it. Unlike other drugs that are recommended by the doctor, this non-hormonal, which plays a big role. After a month, the effect is already being felt, so I am very pleased. ”

Karina “The drug really helps. I see it by my mom. She felt very bad when menopause began - constant mood swings, it was sometimes hot, then cold. And 2 weeks have spent on drink this preparation and it became much easier. "

Inna “I had problems with the cycle. Menstruation could go 2-3 weeks, and then begin only after six months. Lady, help me. Sawed the course, watched by experienced professionals, and thank God, everything is normal now. Now this drug will be used as a prophylactic agent, natural and safe. ”

Olga “I never thought that menopause is so painful and uncomfortable. I thought that there would be not very pleasant days, that's all. And then these hot flashes, headaches, deterioration of health and mood swings. I thought that I would lose my mind and never survive this period, so I went to my doctor. She recommended me to try this Ladys menopause day-night. I was born like a new one: I stopped being nervous, began to sleep better and feel better. Even the headaches stopped torturing me. In general, girls, as a lady with great life experience, I want to tell you that everything in this life can be experienced, including menopause. ”

Oksyuta “I still have no failures in menstruation, but my mood, breakdown, irritability - speaks of the coming climax. I do not want to fall back on my family because of hormonal adjustment. Therefore, Ladys bought the Menopause formula day-night. This complex helped me a lot to cope with my mood swings, I am again full of strength and enjoy every day. ”

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