How to use the tampon for the first time and what means should be chosen


Modern hygienic tampons are presented in the form of small cylinders. They consist of fibers made from high-quality viscose or cotton. Many young girls and women are interested in how to use tampons for the first time. Use them only during the "critical" days.

general information

The main advantage of tampons is their convenience. This hygiene product allows a woman to play sports and even go to the beach. You can not use tampons in the case of:

  • relief from cesarean section
  • the specific structure of the hymen,
  • the presence of vaginal pathologies,
  • vaginal dryness,
  • developmental abnormalities of the genital organs of the young lady.

It is very important to properly use hygiene products. The size of the cylinder should be chosen depending on how strongly menstrual blood is released. Change tampons need to be regular. Gynecologists recommend alternating them with menstrual pads.

When swimming in the sea or lake, the cylinder should not be longer than thirty minutes in the body of a woman. If, due to the use of a cylinder, the temperature rises in a person, it is necessary to remove it from the vagina and come to the doctor.

Unsealed hygiene products must not be stored. Before inserting a tampon, it is necessary to ensure the strength of the cord to be removed. When removing a hygiene product from the vagina, you need to act carefully, slowly and smoothly.

Introduction of a conventional tampon

How to enter hygienic? There is nothing complicated about it.

  1. Treat the upper limbs with antibacterial soap.
  2. To wash with the use of baby soap.
  3. Unpack the swab.
  4. Release the cord by holding the cylinder with two fingers.
  5. Spread the labia.
  6. Insert into the vagina by gently pushing with your finger.

If discomfort occurs, it is recommended to change either the insertion angle or posture. Perhaps it should be moved closer to the spine. Push, trying to push the cylinder inside, there is no need. The administration procedure should be painless.

If pain syndrome occurs, it can be due to both the wrong movement of the cylinder and fear. In the second case, you should relax as much as possible and try again.

Introduction of a tampon with an applicator

Many young ladies are interested in the answer to the question of how to insert a cylinder equipped with a special applicator. Make it very easy. After washing your hands and choosing the optimal position for the introduction of the product, you should relax the abdominal muscles. Then you need to take the applicator with two fingers. It is necessary to tackle the part of the product that begins to narrow.

The free end of the product must be pushed into the vagina. Introducing the tampon is necessary until the fingers touch the perineum. Then it is recommended to slightly squeeze the free edge of the applicator and push through the pad.

Possible problems

Sometimes after the introduction of the cylinder, the young lady complains of discomfort. Usually, an unpleasant feeling arises while walking, as well as when trying to sit down or lie down. Discomfort can be combined with moderate pain. This is because the cylinder was inserted incorrectly. The incorrect introduction of a tampon is almost always due to the strong tension of all the actual muscles.

To remedy the situation, it is recommended to remove the hygiene product and reinsert it. Perhaps the second time a woman will have to take some other position. Need to calm down and relax. If the cylinder still does not want to enter, replace it with another. Often with complaints "I can not enter the tampon" are the young ladies who use the cylinders of the company "Koteks". It would be best to replace the hygiene product with “Tampax” with an applicator.

If in this case, the woman complains that it hurts to insert the cylinder, then she may simply not fit tampons. In this case, it is recommended to use menstrual pads during “critical” days.

Features of proper use

It is recommended to change this hygienic every three to four hours. This is very important because a swollen piece of cotton can easily become a breeding ground for dangerous bacteria. As a result, a woman can “catch” a serious illness that is difficult to treat. Gynecologists recommend changing the cylinder after each trip to the toilet.

In theory, tampons can be used not only during the day, but also at night. They are able to keep the liquid inside, even when a person tosses from side to side. But the use of cylinders at night is constantly not recommended.

It all depends on the individual characteristics of the organism. On the first day, menstruation may not go very well and even miniature tampons can cope with the discharge. Then you should give preference to products with greater absorption. If the menstrual blood is released too much, tampons should be changed periodically. To do this at night is extremely uncomfortable. Therefore, before going to bed it is best to use pads with wings.

Which is preferable

These funds vary in size. They are indicated depending on the volume of liquid to be calculated. The percentage of absorption is indicated on the pack. Means with one or two droplets can be used even by young girls, preserving their chastity. Women should prefer cotton cylinders with three to four drops.

The amount of absorbability is as follows:

Many women prefer the use of several types of these hygiene products. Virgins are encouraged to use products equipped with an applicator. Adult women are advised to use conventional tampons.

What brand should I choose? It all depends on the characteristics of the organism and individual preferences. The classic Tampax cylinders, made of cotton, are equipped with an applicator. They are great for both young girls and adult young ladies.

Kotex products are distinguished by their elegance and miniature size. They provide comfort and dryness, but not all are suitable. Tampons “OB” are distinguished by a smooth coating. They can use very young ladies. “Ola” products are easily inserted, and “Libress” products are distinguished by reliability and maximum convenience.