Chinese feminine hygiene Anion pads Love Moon Company Winalite (Winalite)


It is a mineral, i.e. substance formed in the bowels of the Earth by inorganic forces. It is homogeneous, has a certain atomic structure and chemical atomic composition, and the set of physical and optical characteristics is the same for its entire mass.

Of the 90 elements found in the earth's crust, only eight make up its mass, of these eight elements oxygen and silicon are the dominant pair, and these two elements combine with the other six (aluminum, iron, calcium, sodium, potassium and magnesium) to form the main minerals - silicates and aluminosilicates.

Tourmalinethis is a mineral. He, like most gems, refers to insulators (dielectrics). This stone has such electrical properties as pyroelectric and piezoelectric effects, which are used in medicine for the synthesis of negative ions.

In the production of anion gaskets usednanotechnology , which determines the effect observed when using them: restoration of the hormonal background of the ovaries, adrenal glands, thyroid gland, normalization of the urinary system, not only women but also men.

In addition, women's medical and preventive pads help protect women from infection during pregnancy, menstrual cycles, before and after operations in the pelvic area. Gaskets absorb not only foreign microorganisms, but also create a high-frequency vibration series that negatively affects the parasitic microflora.

Anionovye sanitary pads Love Moonunique patented product developed on the basis of nanotechnology.

And finally, the women of our city have the opportunity to acquire such sanitary pads!

Chinese female sanitary pads Anion "Winalite" ("Winalite") have unique advantages over other pads:

  • sterile and hermetically packed,
  • provide a mild therapeutic and prophylactic effect,
  • do not cause side effects and allergies,
  • does not contain chemical ingredients
  • take the desired configuration and air access "breathing",
  • suitable for all categories of people - women and men, children and the elderly.

The main advantage of Chinese women's sanitary pads Anion is the improvement of conventional pads, namely, the high-tech ionizers (chips) embedded in them, in connection with this a national Patent was obtained for the production of this type of product. Anion (anion) chip in Chinese Anion pads "Winalite" ("Winalite") It can generate up to 6000 anions per 1 cubic centimeter and effectively eliminates the causes of inflammation of the vaginal membrane, and also prevents the proliferation of bacteria that cause inflammation, since almost all women's diseases are caused by bacteria of the class Anaerolinea.

Chinese female pads Anion will help improve metabolism and internal secretion, enhance immunity, put pressure in order, destroy bacteria, reduce inflammation, eliminate unpleasant odors and relieve you from fatigue. Taking care of health, Chinese pads with anions are an indispensable tool in maintaining personal hygiene for any woman, this is the true and reliable friend of every woman.

Anion's Chinese women's sanitary pads help protect women from contamination from the outside and, most importantly, from infection during menstrual cycles, before and after operations in the pelvic area.

Chinese pads Anion Love Moon they absorb (pull out) not only foreign microorganisms, but also create a high-frequency vibration series that negatively affects the parasitic microflora, being cancer preventive. The main advantages of Chinese sanitary pads Anion: 100% protection against infection, especially after abortions and childbirth, the beneficial effect during the monthly cycles and menopause, their sterility and safety, the absence of chemical additives, are not toxic.

8 therapeutic properties of Chinese female sanitary pads Anion:

  • have an antibacterial effect
  • improve internal secretion
  • have anti-inflammatory effects,
  • strengthen the immune system
  • eliminate unpleasant odors
  • relieve fatigue
  • improve metabolism
  • put pressure in order.

The main purpose of the Chinese sanitary pads "Love Moon" "Vinalayt":

  • recovery and normalization of the menstrual cycle,
  • resorption of adhesions, erosion, cysts, myomas, thrush,
  • infertility treatment
  • restoration of bodily functions (eg., for such disorders as urinary incontinence in the elderly and children),
  • pulling up the uterus after childbirth, pulling up the vagina in old age,
  • treatment of prostatitis, hemorrhoids, rectal bleeding,
  • normalization of hormonal background (including weight loss),
  • general rejuvenation.

Chinese feminine hygiene pads Anion "Vinallight" consist of 7 layers designed for delicate care of your body.

  • 1 layer
    The surface of ultra-thin cotton allows you to feel as comfortable as possible,
  • 2 layer
    A unique insert (chip) with negative anions (anion) effectively prevents the formation of fungi and bacteria, eliminates unpleasant odors and inflammation on the skin,
  • 3 layer
    A layer of their super-soft cotton, giving you a feeling of freshness and softness,
  • 4 layer
    Powerful absorbent polymer responsible for blocking liquids and preserving dry surfaces,
  • 5 layer
    Ultra soft cotton layer gives a feeling of comfort and freshness,
  • 6 layer
    Thermally stable layer that allows air in, creates a feeling of freshness and comfort and prevents moisture from contacting your body,
  • 7 layer
    Specially designed adhesive strip that repeats the lines of the female body.

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Recently, I bought a cleansing milk on sale and I faced the question: how to use it? Show full story ...

I decided to study this question, since there is a lot of information on the Internet. I share with you the results of my research.

Delicate in its structure, face milk provides easy removal of makeup and sweat from the face. For a long time it was believed that the product is suitable only for owners of dry and sensitive skin.

But now manufacturers produce milk for oily skin. Let's find out how to use facial milk and why it is needed at all.

In the morning, get out of bed, and in the evening after a long day, your face should be refreshed with water to remove any impurities. Such procedures are needed not only from a hygienic point of view, but also to prepare the skin for applying the cream.

Properly cleansed skin absorbs the moisture and nutrients of the cream that you use much better, which only enhances the impact of cosmetics. And this means that without a facial milk you can not do.

Washing occurs according to the principle: opening of the pores, cleaning the skin, closing the pores, moisturizing. In the transfer to the usual means, this process can be described as follows: milk, water, tonic, cream.

However, depending on your skin type, the described process can be slightly adjusted.

From using makeup remover milk, sensitive and dry skin feels best. If the foam dries and tightens the skin, then such sensations do not occur with milk.

Indeed, in its action milk can be compared only with cleansing cream, but only the first is not so fat.

Cleansing milk can use not only owners of dry skin. Today, manufacturers offer a range of products designed for normal, combination and even oily skin.

Do not be surprised, because oily skin must be moisturized to look beautiful. But the excessive gloss of the skin - is the result of improper skin care and drying it with alcohol.

When applied to the skin, cleansing milk effectively dissolves the lipids of the skin, sweat and dead skin scales - this is its main task.

It opens up blocked pores, pulling out contaminants, sebum, keratin, scrubbing the skin like a powerful vacuum cleaner.

Further, during sleep, the body includes the process of active cell regeneration. And if you have not cleared the face of cosmetics, then do not be surprised if redness and acne appear in the morning.

The tonal basis, which you were too lazy to wash off, remained on the skin, like a film ,. She created a greenhouse effect and forced to soak all yesterday’s dirt inside.

Therefore, no matter how tired you are, your skin should always be thoroughly cleansed before going to bed.

Depending on your skin type, the milk should be properly used.

To cleanse dry and sensitive skin, milk is applied with a cotton pad or with a finger on the skin, left for a couple of minutes, then washed with a cotton swab.

Since the milk opens the pores, they should be closed, therefore, after cleansing your face, wipe with a tonic suitable for your skin type. The final stage - applying the cream.

To cleanse normal and oily skin, apply the milk on your face, wait until the product is absorbed. Wash with water, wipe the face with tonic and apply the cream.

You can use milk for skin care every day, but still do not be very zealous.

It is better for owners of dry and normal skin to cleanse their face with milk only in the evening in order to completely remove impurities.

But with oily skin with milk you can wash twice a day.

Milk is perfect for mature skin care. But since with age, the skin loses the ability to retain moisture inside, so choose fatter remedies.

From time to time, the milk can be used as a nutritional mask. To do this, first, as usual, cleanse the skin with the help of milk, then apply the milk again, in a more bold layer. Leave on for 5-7 minutes, then remove with a napkin.

Having studied the question, I reviewed my evening facial. Now it is the main component of moisturizing milk.

PS: Do you have any questions ?! Write in the comments


Anion pads are a novelty that helps not only to properly maintain the hygiene of a woman, Show completely ... but also get rid of many ailments.
What is the peculiarity of gaskets, how do they work and is it worth believing in their effectiveness?

At first glance, these gaskets can not be distinguished from the usual, but what is the difference between them ?!

They contain special chips that are generators of negatively charged ions - anions, which carry out the therapeutic effect.

In nature, such particles are formed during thunderstorms, in the mountains and some other natural conditions. The well-known “healing air” is just that which contains a large number of such negatively charged elements.

Since ancient times, it was believed that longevity is typical for people who constantly live in sparsely populated non-industrial areas, ideally - in the mountains.

Namely, in such conditions, the concentration of anions is maximum. So, if you compare the number of such particles in an ordinary apartment and in the forest, the difference will be thousands.

Negatively charged particles by inhalation and contact with the surface of the human body affect pathological microorganisms, destroying them.
Also, anions activate the production of various cellular enzymes, which improve metabolism, and, accordingly, the healing of tissues.

In ordinary apartment buildings, it is possible to increase the concentration of negatively charged particles in the air with the help of humidifiers. Similar technologies are used in anion gaskets.

Anion gaskets generate negatively charged particles in the amount of 5000 - 6000 per cm3. It is even more than anions contained in the fresh mountain air.

Including negatively charged oxygen atoms that are extremely detrimental effects on all pathogenic microflora.

In addition to the main action, an anionic chip in gaskets is able to generate small magnetic waves in the range of 5 to 15 microns. It also has a significant healing effect.

In addition to the useful therapeutic effect for women, it is recommended to use them for men with prostatitis, various erectile dysfunctions, problems with the rectum, etc. For this fit the option in the form of daily pads.

So, if we compare these hygiene products with conventional ones, we can single out the following advantages of the first:

They help to fight against various diseases not only of the genital organs, but also of all the structures of the small pelvis.

Gaskets "breathable", i.e. pass oxygen. That is why they do not develop diaper rash, rubbing, etc.
Also, oxygen itself stops the active reproduction of anaerobic bacteria, which are contained in the menstrual and even normal secretions of a woman.

These universal remedies can be used to treat the whole family, including men and children (for example, incontinence).
Nighttime and daytime, which are designed for critical days, absorb liquid so well and have such a structure that even with heavy discharge, the woman is protected from any kind of leakage.

Each gasket is individually packaged, which ensures leaktightness and, as the manufacturer promises, sterility of products.
Since these hygiene products have an antibacterial effect, this is a preventive measure for the occurrence of any unpleasant odor in the genital area, especially during critical days.

This hypoallergenic products, which is very important for women with very sensitive skin.

In addition to everything, each packing of gaskets is equipped with an indicator strip, which determines the pH of the contents of the vagina a woman.
The result can be seen on the presence of diseases of the reproductive system.

If you use pads instead of insoles in the shoes, the smell will go away, the severity of the fungal lesion will decrease.

Anion pads are another innovation in the industry that promises fast and complete recovery without the use of drugs. To believe or not this fact is up to each woman to decide.

PS: Any questions? Write in the comments