Monthly delay for several days, pulls the lower back and lower abdomen, the test is negative: what does this mean?


The female body has a unique structure. Girls from adolescence begin to understand his signals of any changes and irregularities. The definition of the stages of the menstrual cycle is a confirmation. Women for a few days and even 1-2 weeks before the arrival of menstruation understand that it is time to carry a hygienic in the form of tampons or pads in her purse.

In the middle of the menstrual cycle, women suffer pain in the abdomen. They can cover only the bottom or be localized on both sides. Pain in medicine is called ovulatory.

It occurs due to irritation of the mucous membranes of the peritoneum caused by bleeding in the ovary during ovulation. Suffer from pain before menstruation, not all the representatives of the weaker sex, some of them do not even know about ovulatory pain. Its presence and intensity depends on the constitution of the body and the degree of sensitivity.

Pulls the lower abdomen, and no monthly

In puberty, girls only begin the formation of reproductive function. Therefore, the stabilization of the menstrual cycle is delayed by 1.5-2 years.

During this period, there may be no monthly bleeding, but to disturb the pain and lingering sensations in the lower abdomen. When the body gets used to the new hormonal background and changes, menstruation will occur with a frequency set by nature - every 21–35 days.

In an adult woman, nagging pains in the abdomen can signal serious disturbances.

Hormonal disorders

An imbalance of hormones in the body occurs when the thyroid gland is impaired. Menstruation does not start on time if the level of hormone-like substances (prostaglandins) is elevated. Their large number provokes an increase in uterine contractions and a menstruation shift for several days.

When hormonal disorders, in addition to painful cramps, a woman has:

  • insomnia,
  • irritability,
  • weight fluctuations
  • nausea.

Infectious and inflammatory diseases

If delayed, the lower abdomen may be in the presence of infectious or inflammatory diseases of the urogenital system.

The most common ones are:

  1. Vaginitis- The inflammatory process affects all the mucous membranes of the vagina. The disease develops due to the active activity of pathogenic microorganisms in the body.
  2. Endometritis inflammation affects the inner mucous layer of the uterus. It is caused by infectious pathogens.
  3. Uterine myoma- benign education in the uterine muscle layer. It represents a danger to the health of a woman with serious complications.
  4. Adnexitis characterized by inflammation of the fallopian tubes and ovaries. The cause of the disease is an infection that has penetrated from the vagina and cervix.
  5. Sexually transmitted infections caused by a variety of pathogenic bacteria, viruses and fungi. Infection with chlamydia, ureaplasmosis, trichomoniasis and other infections occurs during unprotected sexual contact from a partner's carrier.

All these diseases have similar first symptoms, lack of menstruation, nagging sensations and back pain - one of them.


In the first days after conception, it is natural to delay the menses. Pulls the lower abdomen due to the fixation of a fertilized egg in the uterus. Along with these signs of pregnancy, a woman becomes irritable, swells her breasts and reacts painfully to touching.

During this period, white vaginal discharges with patches of brown clots are considered normal. They are easily confused with the onset of menstruation, but in fact changes in the color and structure of the mucus indicate successful fixation of the embryo. This is implantational discharge.

Pain in the lower back and lower abdomen is felt due to the stretching of the muscles of the uterus. It should not last more than 7-10 days and be too intense.

Threat of interruption

The absence of critical days and the pulling feeling make a woman apply a rapid diagnosis of pregnancy:

  • If the test is positive and there is an increasing stinging around the peritoneum, then the probability of abortion is high. In this case, to save the fetus, you should immediately go to a gynecologist, who will determine or disprove the tone of the uterus.
  • If the test is negative with pulling pain on one side of the abdomen, then an ultrasound can show an ectopic pregnancy.

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Other reasons

The less dangerous reasons for the absence of menstruation and pain include:

  • transferred stress
  • emotional excitability,
  • overwork,
  • frequent consumption of fatty and spicy foods, unbalanced nutrition,
  • bad habits,
  • inadequate exposure to fresh air
  • passive lifestyle.

All of them sooner or later lead to a decrease in the reproductive capacity of women. Therefore, it is worth reviewing your daily routine and eliminating negative factors from it.

How many days can be a delay of menstruation without pregnancy? Read in the article about the main reasons for the absence of menstruation on time, gynecological and non-gynecological factors, what to do in case of delay and possible consequences.

What pills cause menstruation? Details here.

Recommendations gynecologist

It is impossible to ignore any signals of the body. It is better to go to an unscheduled doctor and check for all possible causes that could lead to a failure in the menstrual cycle and the appearance of lingering pain. This is necessary because of the risk of ectopic pregnancy or miscarriage in the early stages. But also about the presence of fibroids, STDs and hormonal failure is also better to know in a timely manner.

A gynecological examination and additional tests and research will give a complete picture of the woman’s condition. According to it, the doctor will be able to deliver and prescribe an effective course of treatment.

Article author:Anna Sviridova, gynecologist, endocrinologist

On which day of delay is a pregnancy test necessary?

All pharmacy pregnancy tests contain markers that respond to urinary chorionic gonadotropin. This hormone begins to be produced in a pregnant woman after the fetus emerges from the fallopian tube into the uterus and is attached to the endometrium. Implantation occurs on days 7-9 after conception. After 3-4 days after the delay, the woman can feel how her lower abdomen pulls, her back aches, she is nauseous - this is normal for the onset of gestation.

Initially, the concentration of hCG in urine is too low for the test to react to it. That is why in the instructions for tests it is indicated that home analysis should be done only after a delay. On the second day after intercourse, the result can also be negative, regardless of whether fertilization has occurred or not.

The most sensitive is an electronic device. It can be used on the first day of the delay; it responds to a hCG concentration of 10-15 mIU / ml. Habitual strip strips, which are sold in pharmacies and some supermarkets, have low sensitivity, so they are recommended to be used for 3-4 days of delay, and then repeat the test after a week.

Pulling pain in the absence of menstruation and a negative test result: causes

If there are no periods for 3-5 days, women who have sex, usually immediately think about pregnancy. Before you go to the antenatal clinic, your assumptions can be checked with the help of a pharmacy test. What if the results are negative even one week after the onset of the alleged menstruation? Such symptoms may indicate the presence of diseases of the reproductive and urinary areas, especially if they occur against the background of pain in the lower abdomen and in the lower back.

Cycle failure

Not every woman can boast of a regular cycle in which menstruation comes on the same day. A delay of 2-3 days, or even more, for many, is the norm and does not speak about health problems. In addition to diseases, the following factors can affect the delay of menstruation:

  1. Climate change. After long flights, changing of the climatic zone, especially from hot to cold, the cycle may lengthen, which will cause a delay in menstruation. This is due to the need for physical adaptation of the organism to new conditions: air temperature, humidity, time, pressure. Sometimes regulations may occur earlier than expected.
  2. Stress. Emotional shocks, prolonged exertion and excitement, including pleasant ones, affect the hormones. Often the period does not occur until the moment when the woman leaves the stressful state. For example, the delay may appear at the stage of final preparation in the diploma defense, and the monthly ones will begin only after the student defends her thesis. Together with the delay can pull the lower abdomen, as before menstruation.
  3. Physical exercise. Exhausting physical labor, participation in sports competitions have an impact on the reproductive organs of women and hormones. As a rule, due to heavy loads, menstruation, which is accompanied by severe pain in the abdomen and lower back, appears prematurely, but may linger. The delay in menstruation is often 4-6 days, while pulling the lower abdomen.

Gynecological diseases and genital infections

Delayed menstruation and pain are characteristic signs of gynecological diseases of an infectious and non-infectious nature. Women complain that they have a stomach ache, as before menstruation, but they all do not start. The cause of the ailments can be inflammatory processes or sexually transmitted infections. If you suspect a gynecological disease, a woman should immediately contact a gynecologist and begin treatment.

The table contains a list of possible diseases:

Diseases of the gastrointestinal tract

Can diseases of the gastrointestinal tract cause a lack of menstruation? Directly, these diseases do not affect the organs of the reproductive system, but the stress that the body experiences may cause a delay.

Diseases of the digestive tract are often accompanied by the following symptoms:

  • cutting or aching pain in the stomach and intestines,
  • nausea and vomiting,
  • impaired stool
  • fever, fever.

Diseases that can affect the reproductive sphere:

  1. Colitis is an inflammation of the large intestine. Accompanied by diarrhea with blood, abdominal cramps, spasms, bloating. The cause of colitis can be infections, impaired blood supply to the intestines, autoimmune diseases, drug poisoning.
  2. Intestinal obstruction - a violation of the promotion of intestinal contents in the digestive tract. The reason usually lies in adhesions and hernias of the intestines, in the absence of innervation of the intestinal section, tumor processes. The earliest symptom is abdominal pain. The abdomen swells asymmetrically, the intestines pinch nearby organs.
  3. Appendicitis is an inflammation of the appendix. The acute form of the disease is characterized by a sharp pain in the right side of the abdomen.
  4. Tumor diseases. Oncological tumors often reach significant sizes and pinch nearby organs, including the ovaries, tubes, uterus. Due to the general intoxication and exhaustion of the body, the reproductive function is disturbed.

Kidney and urinary tract diseases

The urinary system is closely related to the genitals. Because of the anatomically close location of the infection from the urinary tract, it is easy to penetrate the vagina and vice versa. Some diseases of an inflammatory nature can cause delayed menstruation.

Common symptoms of kidney and bladder disease:

  • slash in the lower back
  • pulls in the lower abdomen,
  • burning pain, sharp pain when urinating,
  • itch
  • frequent, painful urging to the toilet.

Diseases that can cause reproductive disorders:

  1. Pyelonephritis is an inflammation of the tubular system of the kidneys. Infection (intestinal, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, staphylococcus) most often penetrates by hematogenous, rarely urinogennym way. The woman has severe back pain, fever with high fever, chills, nausea, no menstruation.
  2. Cystitis - inflammation of the bladder. The etiology is infectious, often resulting from vaginal infections. Hypochondria, hypovitaminosis or poor hygiene can be a provoking factor. With cystitis, a woman constantly feels the urge to go to the toilet, every urination is accompanied by a rezya.

Ectopic pregnancy

Fertilization of the egg occurs in the fallopian tube, then the zygote moves into the uterus and attaches to the uterine endometrium. Obstruction of the tubes, adhesions, immobility of the villi of the tube can lead to the fact that the zygote does not come out into the uterus and become fixed in the fallopian tube.

Symptoms of tubal gestation:

  • a sharp pain in the lower abdomen,
  • bleeding,
  • temperature rise,
  • drop in blood pressure.

With tubal gestation, the level of hCG in the blood is low, so tests can give a false-negative result. This condition requires immediate medical attention. Without timely assistance, there is a high risk of a fallopian tube rupture, which can be fatal.

What to do?

The doctor first establishes why the violations occurred. To do this, he examines the patient on the gynecological chair, takes a smear, sends an ultrasound and a general analysis of blood and urine. Based on the results of the examination and laboratory tests, a diagnosis is made. For the treatment of infectious diseases prescribed antibiotic therapy and means to maintain immunity. Tumors, intestinal obstruction, cysts often require surgical intervention.

Self-treatment for gynecological or urological problems is unacceptable. At best, it will be useless; at worst, a woman will cause irreparable harm to her health.

Causes of delayed menstruation (test negative)

The reasons for the delay in menstruation are almost always associated with a violation of hormone levels, but different situations can lead to this imbalance:

  • Dramatic weight loss, or vice versa - a sharp weight gain.
  • Acceptance of hormonal drugs, in particular, agents with an abortive effect.
  • Tumors of the reproductive system: fallopian tubes, ovaries, uterus, cervix.
  • The presence of cysts on the surface of the ovaries.
  • The presence of inflammation in the uterus.
  • Oophoritis is an inflammation of the tissues of the ovary.
  • Strong stress.
  • Excessive physical exertion in the last 2 to 3 weeks.

The reason for the delay of menstruation, when the test is negative, often include diseases such as PCOS (polycystic ovary syndrome) and MFN (multifollicular ovaries).

Hormonal causes of delay

1) Lack of Estradiol - is the most common reason due to which menstruation may be absent for months. Due to the lack of this hormone among the antral follicles in the ovary, the dominant one does not mature, therefore, the second phase of the cycle cannot occur, and progesterone cannot be secreted by the adrenal cortex in full.

2) Excess Testosterone - affects the reproductive system of women in two versions: an increased level of androgens either prevents the maturation of the dominant follicle, or provokes the appearance of follicular cysts. They arise from the fact that high testosterone makes a follicle capsule thick, and it cannot break through at the peak of LH.

3) Lack of follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH) - prevents the formation of antral follicles in the ovary. Thus, there are no conditions for ovulation, therefore, the cycle is monophasic. A lack of FSH is a very serious symptom, it can not only cause a delay of 7 to 10 days or more, but also indicate a depletion of the ovarian reserve.

Long delay of menstruation (2 months or more) - what to do?

If the test is negative, then you need to make sure that there is really no pregnancy. The gynecologist will prescribe various hormonal drugs that can provoke a miscarriage if the conception has occurred, so it is important to make sure that the reason for the delay is not related to the child. In addition, the survey will help to understand why menstruation does not come.

Ultrasound diagnostics - Ultrasound of the body of the uterus and ovaries can reveal cysts, polyps, endometritis, endometriosis or tumors. All this may cause a delay, in addition, the conclusion of a specialist in ultrasound diagnosis is important for the gynecologist in the diagnosis and treatment of amenorrhea.

Hormone testing - To exclude pregnancy you need to donate blood for hCG. In addition, an analysis of estradiol, testosterone, DEG, LH, FSH, progesterone is prescribed. Usually they are given on the 3rd-5th day of the cycle, but if a woman has a long delay of menstruation (2 months or more) and the test is negative, the doctor, when interpreting the results, will be forced to push off from the day of the cycle in which blood was taken on research.

A gynecologist may prescribe hormonal agents in order to induce menstruation (for example, Duphaston). However, such treatment is not shown in all cases; therefore, it is impossible to prescribe drugs yourself, because if the cause of the delay was a tumor, then hormonal preparations will only provoke its growth.

Delayed menstruation, pulling the belly and lower back - is it dangerous?

Women who have one of these diagnoses are more likely to suffer regular delays. Иногда они составляют несколько дней, иногда – несколько недель или даже месяцев.Of course, these women are not satisfied with a detailed examination of their body every time there is a delay, because for many of them the menstrual cycle is irregular all the time.

There are signs that indicate that you need to be alert and consult a doctor:

  • The delay of menstruation for more than two months, but the test is negative and pulls the lower abdomen (pain may give in the lower back). Pain can mean that there is an inflammatory process in the uterus, which is not associated with hormonal disorders.
  • Constant pain in the right or left side of the abdomen.
  • A delay of more than two months, which is not accompanied by pain or fever. Requires ultrasound to eliminate the presence of follicular cyst.
  • Delay, accompanied by purulent discharge from the genital tract.
  • Pink or red spotting that lasts more than 7 days, but does not look like monthly in volume.

if you pull the belly and lower back - it can be dangerous!

Possible complications due to the delay

If menstruation has not come in time, then after 2 weeks you need to visit a gynecologist and an ultrasound examination room. It is important that such cycle failures are controlled by the attending physician.

Inattention to your own body, the desire to postpone a visit to the doctor "for later", may entail negative consequences:

  • The inflammatory process from the acute form becomes chronic and it will be much more difficult to treat it.
  • If there is a cyst on one of the ovaries, then it will grow to a gigantic size, and this may be fraught with a twist of her legs, as a result of which there will be a direct threat to the life of the woman.
  • If a tumor has appeared in the body of the uterus, then a late diagnosis may aggravate the prognosis during treatment.

A timely visit to the doctor, as a rule, helps the woman to establish the menstrual cycle without complications for the body or in time to begin the treatment of the detected disease.

You should be attentive to yourself and those who have a delay of menstruation, a negative test and abundant white vaginal discharge - you must pass a smear on the flora and conduct an inspection using a gynecological mirror to eliminate cervical erosion, or an infection process that hit the vaginal wall or reproductive organs.

Pathological causes

If there is a delay, but the test shows a negative result, and the lower abdomen pulls, you should definitely contact a gynecologist. Sometimes this pathology can be explained by harmless reasons:

  • stressful situations, intense anxiety or depression,
  • excessive physical labor associated with weight lifting,
  • the use of products containing a large number of flavors, preservatives, flavors, etc.,
  • lack of iron in the body, as well as vitamins of groups C and B,
  • alcohol and smoking abuse
  • rapid weight loss
  • lack of oxygen.

Proper lifestyle plays a huge role in the reproductive system. If a small amount of vitamins, minerals and amino acids gets into the female body, it gradually begins to falter. In addition, the menstrual cycle is reflected by a lack of physical activity, a lack of outdoor exercise, a sedentary lifestyle, and the abuse of alcoholic beverages.


Endometritis is an inflammatory process that is localized in the area of ​​the uterine lining. This disease causes pain in the abdomen, fever, possibly a violation of the menstrual cycle.

The inflammatory process in the appendage area can also cause cycle failure. The initial stage of the disease is characterized by acute pain in the lower abdomen. Independently eliminate pain is impossible, because for this you need to cure inflammation.

Pathology is treated with antibiotics. After relief of the inflammatory process in the uterus and appendages, the normal menstrual cycle should also be restored.

Endometrial hyperplasia

Endometrial hyperplasia is a disease in which the inner layer of the uterus overgrows. Provocateurs of the disease are various disorders in the hormonal system, therefore, hormonal contraceptive drugs are widely used as treatment.

During heavy menstruation, women are advised to take medications containing large amounts of iron in order to prevent iron deficiency anemia. In addition, for the prevention of very useful to eat veal, buckwheat and apples, as well as drink pomegranate juice and decoction of rose hips.


When, with a delay in menstruation, the lower abdomen is pulled, the appendix may have become inflamed. Symptoms of this disease are:

  • complete lack of appetite
  • bloating
  • nausea or vomiting
  • severe pain when urinating,
  • pain in the lumbar region or in the rectum,
  • weakness,
  • fever,
  • diarrhea or, conversely, constipation.

When a woman discovers that she has a delay of menstruation, and the test shows a negative result, but very much pulls the lower back, you should not hesitate and go to a specialist. Since the delay can be a sign of various pathologies developing in the female body.

Delayed menses and sore back: the main causes of the condition

Women often complain to the gynecologist with complaints that they have a menstruation delay and sore back. The main reason for such a condition should be considered the onset of pregnancy. But sometimes women suffer from the back pain when the menstruation is delayed, and women complain with a negative test.

general information

Usually, the “critical days” are late in young girls of school age. This is not considered a pathology, since their menstrual cycle is only established. If the discharge appears a day or two later, this is also the norm. This results from the fact that the organism of each young lady is individual.

Cycle instability is characteristic of young, nulliparous ladies aged 18–40 years. If the delay once a month is observed regularly, and the test is negative, we usually talk about the development of the pathological process.

If, against the background of "late" discharge, the woman pulls the lower abdomen, we are talking about ectopic pregnancy. This pathology is very dangerous for the life of a woman, since its consequence is the discovery of internal bleeding. If help is not timely, the woman may die.

When, against the background of late “critical days”, it starts to hurt and ache at the bottom of the right side, it can also signal an ectopic pregnancy. The probability of this pathology is often due to the development of:

Another provoking factor may be a previously transferred ectopic pregnancy, as well as endometriosis.

Talking about ectopic pregnancy is possible when the delay is observed for five to six days. At the same time, hCG is positive, and the home test is negative. Symptoms such as the appearance of an almost imperceptible daub indicate the progression of this abnormal condition.

Onset of pregnancy

The fact that a woman bears a fruit is indicated by such signs as:

  • muscle spasms of the leg,
  • pigmentation of the skin,
  • bloating
  • violation of the chair,
  • morning sickness
  • the appearance of strange gastronomic preferences,
  • frequent urination,
  • increased olfactory sensitivity.

A woman who conceived a child suffers from increased salivation. Excretion of saliva is observed not only during breakfast, lunch or dinner, but throughout the day.

Darken begins to line the lower abdomen. Often the appearance of age spots is observed on the skin of the face, upper and lower extremities.

Often a woman complains of fatigue. She is drowsy, her reactions are inhibited. This is due to the fact that the body is undergoing a hormonal adjustment that requires a lot of energy costs.

Hormones, which are actively produced in the female body, often provoke a change of mood. A future mom may become very whiny or nervous. A woman can cry for no apparent reason.

Frequent urination due to the fact that the uterus, having increased in volume, is prepared for the growth of the embryo. That is why the uterus puts pressure on the bladder.

With a negative result

Pain syndrome in the actual area with a negative test result often indicates the presence of:

  • inflammation in the ovaries,
  • reproductive abnormalities,
  • polycystic
  • thyroid gland malfunctions,
  • benign neoplasm
  • malignant neoplasm.

This symptom may signal improper adrenal gland function. This often leads to ovarian dysfunction.

Often the "delay" of menstruation is in no way connected with the female reproductive organs. This condition may be due to mental or physical stress. Often this symptom is observed under severe stress. Pain in the back and lower back against the background of the “critical days” delay can be explained by a sharp climate change. Suffer from this symptom and young ladies, professionally involved in sports.

The development of gynecological anomalies

If, against the background of delayed menstruation, the lower back is strongly drawn, this may indicate development:

  • endometritis,
  • oophoritis,
  • apoplexy,
  • vaginitis
  • salpingoophoritis.

In this case, a woman may complain that she has a strong lower abdomen. Monthly can be "late" for 4-5 days. Often there are specific discharge, accompanied by severe itching in the region of the labia. During sex, as well as during the evacuation of the urine, painful or unpleasant sensations arise.

The main factor that provoked the development of reproductive abnormalities in women is the inflammatory process. It is often caused by hypothermia. Another provocative factor is often a sexually transmitted infection.

When vaginitis is observed inflammation of the vaginal walls. Pain syndrome has an intense temper. Severe lower abdomen, lumbar. Sometimes there is mild itching.

Adnexitis is characterized by inflammation in the tubes of the uterus and ovaries. The pain is not strong pulling character. Specific symptoms of this pathology has not. For this reason, it is diagnosed and treated with great difficulty. The danger is that adnexitis can develop into a chronic form, menstruation is absent. This leads to infertility.

Endometritis is characterized by damage to the uterine mucosa. This anomalous process is characterized by the fact that it can cause sore back or lower abdomen. Sometimes bleeding occurs.

The cause of back pain on the background of late menstrual discharge can be a venereal anomaly. Often this symptom is observed against the background of the occurrence of ureaplasmosis, candidiasis, chlamydia and mycoplasmosis.

Pathology of the genitourinary system

When the delay is observed for 1.5-2 weeks and at the same time pain in the abdomen gives in the back, we can talk about the development of cystitis, pyelonephritis and other abnormalities of the genitourinary system. Sometimes in the inflammatory process, the absence of "critical days" is observed within 3-4 days.

The main symptom of the presence of inflammation is an increase in body temperature. Another specific symptom is the appearance of discomfort in the abdomen. Itching is often present in the labia region. Sometimes itching is combined with a strong burning sensation.

Anomalies of the digestive tract

Failure of the menstrual cycle can be justified by the development of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. Very often, back pain on the background of "late" menstruation due to inflammation of the intestinal walls.

Another reason may be an inflammation of the appendix. In this case, the woman strongly pulls the lower abdomen to the right. Some women try to suppress pain with analgesics. Do not do this, because the consequences can be unpredictable.

The most terrible reason for the delay of "critical days", which is accompanied by the appearance of pain in the lower back, is the proliferation of a malignant tumor. Symptoms depend on which particular organ was affected.

Often the delay in menstruation against the background of a violation of the gastrointestinal tract is accompanied by severe nausea, which often transforms into vomiting. A woman may experience a disorder in the stool.

What should be remembered

There is a connection between the "delay" of menstruation and conception. Each lady can independently install it. After that, the woman herself will be able to determine when she urgently needs to seek help from a doctor.

If the delay varies from three to five days, then doctors recommend to wait another 4-5 days. Maybe “critical days” will come. When 1-1.5 weeks late, the woman is recommended to purchase a test in a pharmacy. If the result of the analysis is negative, the young lady should wait another six to seven days.

With a 14-20 day delay, it is recommended to retake the hCG analysis. If the result is still negative, you need to wait another 30 days. With a thirty-day delay, a woman should also take an hCG test. If the result is negative, the woman is advised to watch herself over a two-week period.

If the term "late" varies from 3 weeks to 1.5 months, you should sound the alarm. This signals the occurrence of a severe pathological process. Sometimes this symptom signals the presence of amenorrhea. If there are no monthly periods for 90-95 days, the woman should consult a doctor about a comprehensive examination.

With a positive result of hCG, it can be both an ectopic pregnancy and miscarriage. In the latter case, the woman may complain that her back and stomach ache. In this case, specific spotting may occur.

How can I help

The treatment of such an unpleasant condition, such as delayed menstruation and back pain, is prescribed by a doctor, after an ultrasound scan and other diagnostic methods. But if a woman does not have the possibility of an emergency visit to the doctor, she can take a series of measures that will help ease the painful symptoms.

In case of spasmodic pain, it is allowed to take 1 tablet of No-shpy or Spasmalgone. If pain can be tolerated, then it is advisable to do without medication.

It is possible that treatment will require changes in lifestyle and nutrition. Having discovered symptoms such as back pain and delayed menstruation, a woman should stop eating fatty and spicy foods. Should stop smoking and drinking.

The diet of women suffering from excess weight, and those young ladies whose body weight is below the critical norm, will differ significantly. Assign yourself a diet yourself is strictly prohibited.

Sore backache delay test negative


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2 weeks delay, test negative.

Girls, hello! In my case now, 2 weeks delay, I did 2 tests and both were negative, the uterus, then tensed, then relaxed, the loin was sore, the chest was sensitive, but it didn’t hurt, the basal temperature was 37.1 and already the fourth day. To the doctor at the end of the month only (((what is it. Pregnancy or inflammatory process. Maybe someone had it that way. Last month was July 31, there was never such a delay ((((

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Delay, day 13.

Hello! Today is the 13th day of delay, hCG was given the day before yesterday, the result is negative. The test is no longer done, and all that was previously - negative.

The chest hurts like hell (just before M starts it hurts in the armpits, and now the nipples are stone and everything in the veins is bluish), pulls the lower back, drool like a dog, and TT 37.1 lasts 10 days.

The gynecologist says to wait and do nothing so far, in three days I fly away on vacation in some kind of suspense. Places are not ...

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Girls look pliz! We want a baby.

Hello girls! Tell me please! Today, I have 8 days of delay, pulls the lower back, my chest is slightly swollen (it does not even hurt), my stomach does not pull. Prior to that, 1,2,5,6 did tests negative.

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Delay, test negative

Girls, tell me, can anyone come across: PA was 27, i.e. 19 days ago (test ovulation was January 29), today there is a delay of 3 days! My chest hurts, my lower back pulls a little and to the left it jerks my lower abdomen, the tests are negative and with sensitivity 10 and 15 and 25. I am very afraid of a recurrence of VB (last time the test showed up to a delay). What do you think?

I don't know what to think

Here is the third day of the delay. Lomit lower back quite noticeable. The chest began to hurt recently, but it hurts not in the same way as before M. The whole picture is spoiled by a negative test. Girls, who showed a test after 3 days of delay?

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No monthly and test negative

Good evening everyone! I have a delay of 4 days, my stomach hurts and my lower back, the test is negative, the temperature is 37, then 36.9, my chest is poured and the areola of my nipples increases, then I feel nauseous. Was the ovulation late, could it have affected me? , graph of mind, but it has not been for 4 months!

On day X, the test was negative (with the son, the test showed a barely water strip on day 5 of delay). Two days does not hurt the chest. In general, all the signs of PMS disappeared two days ago.

This evening, the lower abdomen (not to pull) and the loin began to hurt. And beige highlights. I will do the test in the morning (if M does not start).

Tell me, if it's still B, then you can smear? Or do you need to do something about it? I will try to go to the doctor, but I’m not sure that it will work out urgently ...

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1 day to delay

Good morning everyone. Today, 28 DC. On 23 DC, I felt that there was implant bleeding. Mazalo for two days, a little bit quite, the lower abdomen ached. During the week, the loin hurts, the ovaries are pricked, the lower abdomen pulls. Today, so is the ovary.

In the morning I made a test, cheap biola, negative. I think it may be too early, some wrote that they showed a test only for a 5-10 day delay ...

The chest does not hurt, it is not poured. Please tell us how you had it. When did the test show? Thanks in advance.

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And how long to wait? and who or what to expect?

The 3rd day is a delay, the tests are negative (only 2 pieces were done), the chest hurts, the head hurts, the lower back pulls, everything infuriates. or are the monsters lingering? :) The pregnancy test showed daughters before the menstruation was delayed, but here the silence is straightforward ... My mesiki usually come in day and hour at an hour. Still, they are monthly.

Hello, a delay of 2 weeks, chest full, pulling the lower back and abdomen, good appetite, fever, runny nose, sore throat, nauseated in the morning, I go to the toilet every half hour. The first test was negative, and on the second one there is a barely noticeable second bar. Would it?

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Hello girls! I do not know what to think. I have 7 days of delay, on the 4th day I did a test, I do not remember what I call it, a negative result. Well, I think everything, I'm waiting for M.

Before this, a bit of anointed, literally a drop of light brown. And now I’m waiting, and today it’s already 7 DZ, but there aren’t, in the mornings the stomach and lower back ache, then everything passes. The chest does not hurt at all. Usually before M hurts.

What it is? G need to go? Yes, I understand that it is necessary, but strange ...

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10 days delay!

Hello everyone! Girls, I know that I have to go to the doctor, hgch and so on. But still, I want to hear your situation and your assumptions. I have 10 days delays, tests are negative, beybika really want. I do not go to the doctor, because there was a delay of 13 days after which M. came

but then we didn’t plan beibika. Nausea, temperature. In the evenings, it freezes sometimes, a change of mood and stomach ache, I often run to the toilet, stabbing pain in the lower abdomen, about three days ago the lower back was dragged out wait, test again, well, then I'll go to the doctor.

What say girls?

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Hello all girls again I resent ... the delay is already a week, what is happening now, my lower stomach hurts sometimes, pulls my lower back a little, I feel sick after eating, but I do not vomit. Did the test the first day is negative, I passed yesterday tes on HCG

The delay is monthly, and the test is negative: the reasons for the delay are 5, 10 or more days. What does the delay in menstruation mean with a negative test, if it pulls the stomach and lower back?

Pregnancy can be long-awaited or undesirable. The main factor indicating its appearance is the absence of menstruation. It often happens that when it is delayed, the pregnancy test stubbornly issues one strip. Why is this happening, and what can be called the root cause monthly delaysif not pregnancy? Let's figure it out.

Is it possible to delay the monthly with a negative test?

The answer is unequivocal - yes! A negative test for delayed menstruation in such cases is considered justifiable:

  • Disease - menstruation occurs due to the coordinated work of the brain, ovaries and uterus. Interruptions in their overall functioning lead to a delay in menstruation, and the strip test for pregnancy shows correctly - there is no pregnancy.
  • Test cheats - test works on the principle of detecting the level of the hormone hCG Chronic gonadotropin is produced after fertilization of the egg at 6–8 weeks, and its level in the urine increases significantly. A negative test result may be shown if the test is overdue, poor quality or has passed a short period after conception, and hCG in the urine has not reached the optimal level. For more information about the reasons that "cause" the test to show a false-negative result with an existing pregnancy, read the article: "When should I take a pregnancy test? Negative test during pregnancy.
  • Improper preparation for the use of the test. A lot of fluid you drink on the eve of the diagnosis, diuretic intake - distort the result.

With the result - the test is negative, and the delay in menstruation is present for several days in a row, it is necessary to visit a gynecologist. He will be able to confirm a possible pregnancy or prevent the progression of gynecological pathology.

Delay of menstruation with a negative test: causes

If we talk about the reasons provoking the delay of menstruation with the "-" test, then they can be divided into two large groups:

Common causes include the following:

  • Pregnancy - This is the first thing that comes to mind when you are late. But the strip test quite often with such a lateness shows a negative result. One strip may be present during pregnancy, if the test is done earlier than 5 days from the start of the delay (provided that the woman has a stable cycle).
  • Anovulatory period. According to the physiology of a woman’s body, ovulation occurs in 10 cases out of 12 menstrual cycles. As they say, 2 cycles turn out "single". Gynecologists say that with age, the "idle" becomes more, which can provoke an unstable "arrival" of menstruation. And the test at the same time shows one strip, since there is no pregnancy.
  • Stress. Quite often, stressful situations provoke the production of progesterone (pregnancy hormone), which contributes to delaying the start of menstruation. Of course, a small house scandal or misunderstanding at work does not have such a reaction, but the death of a loved one or a significant loss of property may well be the reason for the absence of menstruation for 1-2 cycles, while there will be no pregnancy.
  • Great regular exercise. We will not go into details on how this affects our internal organs. We simply note that 80% of women who are professionally involved in weightlifting do not have monthly periods for half a year or a year. Therefore, if this is not your career and you do not plan to become a world champion, do everything in moderation and do not overwork the body.
  • Obesity (excess weight). In most cases, when the stages of obesity are running (3-4 degrees), the sexual and endocrine systems are disrupted in the body, which provokes the unmatched egg or its unstable maturation. Therefore, it is appropriate to speak here not about a delay in menstruation, but about a violation of the menstrual cycle, which needs to be adjusted. Of course, in these cases the test will be negative, because there is no need to talk about pregnancy, as getting pregnant with obesity in the latter stages is rather difficult.

Solving the problem with the menstrual cycle is quite simple - you need to get rid of excess weight.

  • Anorexia state. The problem is similar to obesity, only with the exact opposite. The egg cell does not have the strength to mature, and this is what causes the lack of menstruation. This is the reason for the inability to conceive a child.
  • Climate change. Many women probably noticed that after a trip to a holiday in other climatic conditions, the cycle shifts by 5–8 days. This is normal, as the body is acclimatized. The test in such cases is “single-lane”, although the delay takes place.
  • Acceptance of hormonal drugs. Taking drugs containing hormones affects the work of sex hormones responsible for the stability and course of the cycle. As a side effect of such drugs, there may be a delay in menstruation. The test will give a negative result on the fact of pregnancy.
  • With regard to the medical factors of the absence of the arrival of menstruation on time with a negative test, it can be:

    • Ovarian dysfunction (polycystic).
    • Biological changes (restructuring before the start of menopause).
    • Diseases of the uterus.

    To avoid severe pathologies of the uterus, such as adenomyosis, fibroids, endometriosis, leading to disruptions of cycles and infertility, it is necessary to treat the first manifestations of any pathologies of this organ. About cervical erosion and its treatment methods can be found in the article: "Cervical erosion: symptoms, treatment, folk remedies to combat cervical erosion."

    The delay of the month to 5 days, and the test is negative

    Women with a stable cycle know exactly when their period should begin. If she never comes, then the first thing you sin on is pregnancy. Having bought a strip test and finding only one strip on it, they start to panic. Is it worth it?

    In medicine, it is believed that deviations from the date of the onset of menstruation in one direction or another for 3-5 days are the norm, which is called an absolute phenomenon.

    What can cause a delay of up to 5 days?

    • Strict diet. In pursuit of a beautiful body, a woman depletes her body; this can provoke a delay in menstruation from 5 days to 2 months.
    • Permanent nerve strain. Nervous stress can delay the arrival of menstrual periods up to 5 days without pregnancy. Quite often, this happens in young girls, since their cycles are still not completely stable, and exams, sessions, etc., cause nervous tension.
    • Beginning of employment by physical culture. If you have just started going to the gym where you are actively engaged, then your period may well be delayed for up to 3-5 days, and the test done will be negative. After the organism adapts to new loads (2-3 months), the cycle returns to normal and delays disappear by themselves.

    Monthly delay for 10 days with a negative test

    If on the 10th day of the absence of menstruation the test persistently shows one strip, then this is a reason to go to the gynecologist.

    • First, the test can lie and pregnancy is already there.
    • Secondly, with stable cycles, such a delay indicates violations of the functioning of the pelvic organs.

    The sooner the doctor visits, the sooner it will be possible to diagnose the disease and prevent its progression.

    There are exceptions, when due to such a delay with a negative test you should not worry:

    • There were changes in climatic conditions in this cycle (they went to rest).
    • 2-3 weeks ago, an abortion or premature artificial labor was performed.
    • You are on a strict diet.
    • Take medication with hormonal content.

    What does the delay of menstruation over 2 weeks with a negative test?

    With a stable cycle and exclusion of the reasons that are described with a delay of 5-10 days, the absence of menstruation for more than 2 weeks with a negative test should be alerted. In this case, a trip to the gynecologist is a must. In addition to problems in the field of gynecology, such a delay can be provoked by:

    • missed abortion
    • endocrine disruption,
    • sexually transmitted infections
    • the presence of inflammation
    • ectopic pregnancy.

    It should also be noted that a delay of 2 weeks or more with a negative test may indicate a decline in ovarian function. This happens every woman individually, and to name a certain age is quite difficult.

    On average, it is believed that the period of “preparing the body” for menopause can begin at 38–45 years, and the duration of this period cannot be predicted either.

    In some women it is a sharp cessation of menstruation, in others it is the presence of delays and irregular cycles that can last up to 10-12 years.

    Almost all women after 45 months "come" irregularly, and the probability of getting pregnant is reduced to no more than 5%.

    Delay of menstruation: the test is negative and pulls the stomach

    Usually the delay of the monthly does not affect the general condition of the woman, but in some cases, when the monthly "late" and the test is negative, pulls the belly. You should know that this does not bode well. What can cause this condition?

    • Ectopic pregnancy. If there is one, the test will show one strip. Nausea joins painful pains in the stomach, less often vomiting, general weakness, dizziness will be felt. It is necessary to diagnose it as soon as possible, since the fertilized egg, not falling into the uterus, attaches to the ovaries, tubes, and begins its development and growth. If such a process is left to chance, then the consequences can be dire, even fatal. Therefore, with pulling pain in the abdomen and a significant delay in menstruation, be sure to visit a gynecologist.
    • Endometritis - for this disease is characterized by inflammation of the mucous membranes of the uterus. Quite often, it is the cause of lack of menstruation and lower abdominal pain. With such an illness, the test will be negative, since the pregnancy has not come. The danger of such a disease is that after the menstrual delay, there is abundant bleeding that can be stopped only by medical means (diagnostic curettage).
    • Adnexitis (inflammation of the appendages). A delay of up to 5–7 days may be recorded. During the initial inflammation in the fallopian tubes and appendages, the woman experiences slight pulling pains in the lower abdomen. With the progression of the disease the pain becomes unbearable.

    According to medical statistics, 50% of women with adnexitis are fruitless due to late referral to a gynecologist or improper treatment.

    Pulls the lower back when you delay the monthly and negative test

    The main factor provoking the pulling sensations in the lower back is inflammation or trauma in the pelvic region. It is they who provoke the “lateness” of the monthly with a negative test. The main "provocateurs" of this delay include:

    • Gynecological diseases - oophoritis, vaginitis (there may be discharge and itching / burning in the vagina), ovarian apoplexy, myoma, cyst.
    • Infectious inflammations - fungal infections (ureaplasmosis, chlamydia, mycoplasmosis), gonorrhea, candidiasis.

    White discharge with delayed menses with a negative test.

    Quite often, the primary cause of whitish discharge in the complex with a delay of menstruation and one strip on the test is sexually transmitted infection. This group includes sexually transmitted diseases. The symptoms supporting this diagnosis include:

    • swelling of the vulva,
    • presence of burning and itching in the vagina,
    • pain during sex.

    If you have a delay, whites and the above symptoms, then immediately consult a gynecologist.

    If you do not take into account the delay of menstruation, which occurs for objective reasons (climate change, excess weight, stress), then white discharge from a healthy woman, actively sexually active, is a normal indicator of the work of the genitals. But it should be noted that the sour smell, the curd consistency, the presence of pus or blood streaks indicate diseases of a different nature.

    Pregnancy should not be discounted, because the test can deceive, and the white discharge in the early stages is a natural physiological process.

    Negative pregnancy test for delayed menstruation: what to do?

    So, the reasons that can provoke a delay with a negative test, considered, now let's talk about what to do, faced with the problem of lack of monthly periods in time.

    • In the absence of menstruation 3-5 days - wait another 5 days, it is possible that absolute phenomenonwhich is considered the norm.
    • In the absence of menstruation up to 10 days - you need to pass the analysis for hCG. He will confirm or deny the fact of pregnancy. If the answer is no, you can wait another week.
    • With a delay more than 2 weeks - Go to the gynecologist and begin the examination in order to exclude the development of gynecological diseases, the possibility of ectopic pregnancy, infection with sexually transmitted infections.
    • No monthly 3–6 weeks already indicates the presence of severe pathologies or inflammation of the ovaries, passing in a chronic form.
    • Delay in 1 month - if you are not a professional athlete, do not suffer from obesity or anorexia, you are still far from menopause and have not been on vacation for the last 2 months - RUN FOR DOCTOR! Well, if the test simply did not show the presence of pregnancy, and if not?

    Remember that only timely treatment minimizes the risk of complications and the appearance of infertility. Watch your cycle, as its failures signal the presence of “irregularities” in the functioning of the genitals.

    And if the onset of pregnancy is long-awaited and desired for you, then look at the article: “How to get pregnant quickly: reliable and proven methods, folk remedies for a quick pregnancy the first time.”

    And remember A happy woman is a healthy woman!

    When there may be a delay in menstruation with a negative pregnancy test

    You can often face situations where the delay in menstruation is due to a woman. This is due to the lack of control over the dates of the beginning and end of critical days. Thus, having come to the gynecologist, the woman cannot even name the numerical period when she had the last menstruation.

    In this case, it is necessary to keep a calendar of beginning and end of the month in order not to follow the critical days at random, but to know exactly when you can not worry, and when you really need to do a home pregnancy test, as there is already a persistent menstruation delay.

    If we talk about the phenomenon of delayed menstruation, it still does not mean that the egg is fertilized with a sperm cell and a woman will soon become a mother. Thus, if, nevertheless, such a condition is fixed, it is imperative to pay attention to certain symptoms, which can speak with precision about a possible pregnancy or the presence of any pathology in the reproductive organs of a woman.

    In most cases, these symptoms may be as follows:

    • morning sickness or vomiting
    • feels heavy in the mammary glands.

    In some cases, even seemingly accurate signs may be erroneous. More often, a woman wants to become a mother so much that her body begins to provoke the appearance of one or another sign, which can be compared with the onset of pregnancy, although this phenomenon is absent. Thus, with the phenomenon of delayed menstruation, it is not worthwhile to harass yourself, since nervous breakdowns will not have a good effect on reproductive function and this can only delay the term of pregnancy planning.

    The main causes of delayed menstruation with a negative pregnancy test

    In the event that a woman lives a regular sex life, then the first suspicion in the absence of menstruation is that she could become pregnant. However, apart from pregnancy, there are still a number of reasons because of which there can be a complete or partial absence of bleeding and they are mostly the following:

      The use of hormonal contraceptives. This is due to the fact that these drugs are not suitable for every woman and without a preliminary examination they may fail in the hormonal system of the body. In this case, it is worth discussing with the attending physician the expediency of using the drug, but not based on the experience of a girlfriend or someone else. Such levity can be dangerous not only for the reproductive system of a woman, but also for her entire body.

    Also, some women mistakenly believe that it is necessary to take contraceptives only before and after sexual intercourse, and during the period of ovulation. This is a serious delusion, since OC are drugs that should be used according to a certain scheme, only then they provide a lasting contraceptive effect and do not cause menstrual failures.

    In any case, only highly qualified specialists should appoint oral contraceptives, only in this case their use will not harm the health of the woman:

    • in some cases, menstruation may be long enough to be absent due to a recent inflammatory process or an infectious disease. This is due to the fact that during inflammation of various organs there is a hormonal imbalance and, as a result, instability of the menstrual cycle,
    • If a woman has a phenomenon such as polycystic ovarian cancer, then this can also be the most direct cause of the phenomenon of menstrual failure and the absence of menstruation. Because of the pathology, ovulation is almost always absent and, consequently, the chances are reduced that without elimination of the pathology a woman can become pregnant and bear a baby. Some experts believe that the delay in menstruation with polycystic may be associated with an increase in the level of a hormone such as insulin,
    • If a woman notes the instability of the menstrual cycle in the period after the birth of the child, then this phenomenon may be directly related to the recovery of the body after labor. This is especially true in the case when a woman preferred breastfeeding, which is most directly manifested in the absence of menstruation,
    • excess weight can also be the most direct reason for the delay of menstruation. However, persistent anorexia can have the same effect and menstrual bleeding will be absent and appear at an unexpected moment until the full recovery of the weight index of the woman. In this case, you should definitely ask for help from a specialist who can use all possible methods to cope with the problem that the lower abdomen hurts and there is no menstrual test negative by adjusting the woman’s weight.

    Painful or pulling sensations in the absence of menstruation and a negative pregnancy test

    In the case when there is no menstrual test negative and there are certain nagging pains in the lower abdomen, you should consult a specialist. However, it is necessary to identify the common causes of this unpleasant phenomenon:

    • The most dangerous condition that can be accompanied by persistent delay of menstrual flow and pulling pains, and the test is negative with an ectopic pregnancy. Thus, most women after the test calm down enough and write off the pain on the features of the body. However, this should not be done, since an ectopic pregnancy can be dangerous not only for the reproductive health of the woman, but also for her life in general.

    This is due to the fact that diagnostic measures for the detection of such pathology are not limited to carrying out an ordinary home test, it should be diagnosed in a medical institution with the help of special equipment.

    Thus, the very principle of an ectopic type of pregnancy is due to the fact that the fertilized egg does not reach the uterus and is embedded in the wall of the fallopian tube. And such a condition ends with a rupture of the tube, which can threaten both very heavy bleeding and infection of the woman’s blood,

      Pulling pain in the abdomen in the absence of menstruation is very often observed due to an inflammatory process in the reproductive organs of a woman. Such pathologies can occur both when the infection is brought in from the outside, and after a certain overcooling of the sensitive sexual sphere. The first symptom in this case is the delay of menstruation and pulling pain.

    Thus, to understand that an infection is present in a woman’s body, you should pay attention to the following symptoms:

    • pain can be both pulling and growing, which can even lead to cramping,
    • paining the stomach can more than three days
    • a woman may feel discomfort in the external genitalia, such as itching, burning or pain,
    • a stomach ache can be quite intense, while there may be a discharge of blood, of a scanty type, which have a very repulsive stench,
    • sex is not a pleasure because of pain or discomfort,
    • while going to the toilet in a small way, a woman can feel how she starts to ache in the bladder area.

    In any case, if the condition is noted, then you should consult a doctor for advice. The treatment of infectious inflammations of the reproductive organs of a woman is always characterized by a special duration and complexity.

    It is necessary to highlight the most common diseases that are detected by doctors after examination, with pulling pain in the lower abdomen in women and with a persistent absence of monthly discharge:

    • vaginal inflammation, which is manifested in the inflammatory process of the walls of the uterus or vagina. All symptoms come down to pain, itching, or pulling sensations.
    • endometrial pathology. In the case of such a pathology, the mucous membrane of the uterus is significantly inflamed, which is fraught with sterility in the future,
    • ovarian dysfunction. Such a disease very often becomes chronic due to the fact that its symptoms are not sufficiently pronounced and precious time is lost, which can be used for treatment. Inflammatory processes in the appendages very often end in infertility of a woman.

    All these pathologies are dangerous for the reproductive sphere of women and require not only long-term urgent treatment, but also constant monitoring by a specialist.

    Actions with a negative test and no monthly discharge

    Why there is no menstruation for a certain period of time must necessarily alert the woman. Thus, regardless of whether the test is positive or negative, you should seek help from a specialist.

    The doctor will take all the tests and conduct examinations in order to determine the cause of such a condition as efficiently as possible and to prescribe an adequate therapy that will be aimed at the full restoration of the female reproductive organs.

    In the event that such a situation is associated with a deficiency or excess of any hormone, the gynecologist will recommend adequate hormone therapy, which will quickly and effectively restore all processes and eliminate failures of the menstrual cycle in a woman.

    However, it is worth remembering that it is strictly forbidden to use hormonal drugs without prescribing a doctor on your own. This can be fraught with not only problems with the genital organs, but also with all the health of the woman as a whole.