Folk omens by month - what can predict menstruation


The woman’s menstrual cycle is a period that has long been associated with mystical events. It is known that monthly signs can predict incidents for the near future and prevent the occurrence of health problems.

Positive signs

Signs can have a positive meaning, because menstruation itself means that the female body functions normally and is able to continue the race.

Beliefs say that the girl during menstruation acquires an unknown force that protects her from the evil eye and influences everyone who is near, therefore for a long time there are rituals that can be performed during this period:

  • a girl with a month must go around the house 3 times, then natural disasters and fire are not terrible,
  • monthly discharge smeared threshold to the house did not enter evil,
  • having sprinkled livestock on the livestock, it is possible to expect a great offspring.

Negative signs

Some signs tell that during the menstruation the energy of the woman is changing for the worse. For this reason, there are beliefs about what can not be done during menstruation.

In the old days, the girl during the menstrual cycle was not allowed much. She was not allowed to do responsible work, but was engaged in minor household chores. According to the Slavic belief, during the menstruation a stream of forces passed through the girl that could harm others:

  • you can not harvest from trees and fields so that they are not withered,
  • a girl with menstruation was suspended from cooking for the whole family - otherwise salty or unleavened dish will come out,
  • it is unacceptable to roll up the preservation during menstruation, can break the banks,
  • a woman should not start cutting up meat, otherwise the bleeding will last for a month,
  • kneading the dough and baking the bakery products are also contraindicated during the cycle, otherwise the unbaked will come out,
  • you should not be near wine barrels due to the possible souring of the product,
  • in ancient times it was believed that if a woman looks at a naked man during menstruation, he will have a skin rash.

A girl during the menstrual cycle is not allowed to attend church because of the prohibition to shed blood inside the temple.

Beliefs on the days of the week

Determining the value of the monthly by day of the week is a prediction for the next month. Remembering what day of the week menstruation began, you can predict the outcome of upcoming cases or make an important decision.

  1. If menstruation began on Monday, there will be a lot of worries. For the whole week, a woman will be tormented by anxiety for an unfulfilled business or troubles at work. There is another meaning of the beginning of the monthly on Monday - this is the upcoming discovery, which will help to learn something new for yourself.
  2. Bleeding began on Tuesday - this is a reason for action and the adoption of important decisions that the girl could not decide before. It means changes in the image, it is possible to change the image or hairstyle.
  3. The beginning of the month falls on Wednesday - be prepared for problems and hassles. Perhaps this is a long overdue conflict that will flare up during the menstruation period or in the next few weeks.
  4. Monthly, which began on Thursday, herald the arrival of uninvited guests or a long trip.
  5. Friday promises unpleasant news, and also warns about secret conversations behind your back.
  6. Monthly, starting on Saturday, talking about a romantic relationship. The girl should expect the appearance of a fan or a quick engagement.
  7. If a woman has menstruation on Sunday, you should expect sudden fun and good news. In the period of several weeks there will be many meetings with friends or a holiday trip.

First half of the month

  • 1 - the beginning of a new, meaning auspicious, full of joyful events month,
  • 2 - the woman will expose the cheater, who for a long time did not show his true face,
  • 3 - a conflict situation in the family,
  • 4 - a dream come true,
  • 5 - a strong number that attracts excellent energy, monthly on this day promise unexpected gains or budget replenishment due to additional earnings,
  • 6 - a woman may experience severe pain,
  • 7 - the number is happy, so the monthly on this day will bring good news and positively affect family relationships,
  • 8 - the number, in some way meaning infinity, monthly, started on such a day, may foreshadow an engagement or declaration of love,
  • 9 - the number can predict disorders in a married couple, and for unmarried people it promises solitude in the near future,
  • 10 - a boyfriend will appear in the girl’s life or she will receive a compliment from an outsider.

Mid month

Signs associated with the "women's" days, which began in the middle of the month, also have their own interpretation:

  • 11 - means obsessive thoughts, difficulty in communicating with loved ones,
  • 12 - the number indicates upcoming difficulties in the work,
  • 13 - the date is mystical, but foreboding joy for a month,
  • 14 - means that problems that have been tormented for a long time will be resolved,
  • 15 - the date that plays the role of the middle of the month and means positive emotions and a state of inner calm and balance,
  • 16 - the number warns about possible gossip and talk about you,
  • 17 - promises separation from a loved one,
  • 18 - the number tells the girl about the upcoming changes, moving or changing jobs,
  • 19 - talks about the conflicts around the girl, which is better to avoid
  • 20 - date, talking about a romantic mood.

The end of the month

If your critical days were at the end of the month, then pay attention to the following interpretations:

  • 21 - the number warns about theft or deception,
  • 22 - the number foreshadows financial profit,
  • 23 - the date, telling about the sadness of the coming month,
  • 24 - a favorable period for buying clothes,
  • 25 - the number tells about upcoming acquaintances with interesting people,
  • 26 - warning of troubles and problems
  • 27 - the emergence of new friends,
  • 28 - the number is happy, so the menstruation on this day speaks of the upcoming favorable events,
  • 29 - the date in which the period began, means insults and tears,
  • 30 - you should carefully look at the health,
  • 31 - worries and surprises.

Folk signs of menstruation

Signs of the monthly, which are passed from generation to generation, tell about the time of day when menstruation began. Each case has its own explanation, signs are very famous and revered among girls.

  1. It is believed that if the menstruation began at dawn, then the day will be successful, and the month will pass quietly. This was explained by the fact that at dawn the sun rises and nature awakens to a new day.
  2. Monthly began in the afternoon - the next month will pass smoothly and calmly, without incident.
  3. The beginning of the menstrual cycle in the evening speaks of the despondency of the upcoming weekend and the following week. Belief formed on the basis of the daily routine of the mistress of the time. In the old days we went to bed early, and the evenings were languid and dull, therefore, the beginning of menstruation promised joylessness.
  4. The sign of the monthly, which began at night, did not bode well, because the night in the old days was associated with fear and evil spirits. It is believed that menstruation, which began at night, predict a quick separation from a loved one or a disease.

Other signs

In addition, there are a number of signs to listen to which makes sense:

  • for quick relief of pain when bleeding a girl should get a slap in the face - such a belief came from the Slavic people,
  • the main sign of the beginning of menstruation is the absence of pregnancy
  • The early age of the beginning of the cycle speaks of motherhood with many children.

Monthly fortune telling

Beliefs and fortune telling on monthly blood have great power. Fortune telling and conspiracies read at full moon to get the maximum effect. A woman during menstruation is able to commit a magical effect on attracting love and beauty.

For the ritual to attract love will need a candle and a container for collecting monthly emissions. Ritual:

  • go out at midnight
  • light a candle
  • say the spell words:

"I break a cup, I gain love, my blood, bring love to me."

Break the container and, without looking back, go home.

A sign says that the menstrual blood taken out of the body is able to give the girl youth and beauty, so during menstruation a daily ritual should be performed: take a bath without dressing, stand in front of the mirror and say the words of the ritual:

“I stand in front of the mirror - I see myself young, beautiful, healthy. Krovushka follows - it will give me beauty. ”

Divination monthly - signs on the start date

Even in ancient times, the influence of numbers on the fate of man was noted. The magic of numbers is still being studied by certain schools. You can believe it, but it's better to check!

Monthly values ​​- signs by start date

  1. The first day of the month with monthly promises auspicious beginnings throughout the next menstrual cycle.
  2. Deuce always personifies a pair. For girls whose heart is free, the ring finger of their right hand is not busy, there will be an opportunity to meet their soul mate next month. If a woman is married, she will find a business partner, like-minded person and so on.
  3. Promises fun this month. Troika - company, celebration, gatherings, meetings.
  4. Stable position in finance, in school, at work, in everything. Next month promises to be lucky.
  5. The five foreshadows the presence of conflict situations, unspoken moments, unclear development of cases. Next month you need to be alert, be vigilant.

  6. Six promises a sea of ​​temptations. Tolley is overly tempting courtship for men, or tolly tempting offer in work, study, career.
  7. Seven - a month will be favorable in all. But especially pleased with the emotional sphere. Conflict situations will become a thing of the past, everything will go like clockwork, no nerves. Divination on the monthly - omens by the start date on this day always comes true.
  8. The eighth of the month is controversial. Life can change dramatically. A good band will change to a bad one and vice versa. Change is guaranteed.
  9. Nine foreshadows joy, fun, momentous events. Perhaps you will be invited to the wedding, if you do not become the subject of this holiday.
  10. The tenth day of the month brings love, renewed feelings, attentive attitude of loved ones. A woman will feel truly happy.
  11. Sign of the 11th of the month promises new beginnings. Who is looking for work - will find, who wants to go to college - will definitely go, and so on. Guessing on the monthly - signs of the start date help to focus on the main thing.
  12. Promises replenishment. Perhaps next month there will be a conception, or someone will appear unexpectedly in your life.
  13. Number 13 brings trouble, conflict, disease. Signs with negative consequences around this combination of numbers evolved throughout life.
  14. Signs of the 14th day of the month are favorable - promotion, honor among others, bonus, salary supplement, scholarships.
  15. Monthly 15 numbers suggest preparing a woman for a change of residence, environment.

  16. This month number promises gifts, surprises, pleasant moments.
  17. Monthly 17 numbers mean a pleasant pastime with friends, family, children. Complete idyll in relationships, mutual understanding, trust.
  18. Conflicts, quarrels, separation, betrayal over the next month.
  19. Monthly numbers 19 offer to prepare for treason. Optional from the man. Substitute can a friend, girlfriend, sister, anyone.
  20. Monthly, beginning on the 20th, foreshadow family leisure, attention of a spouse, boyfriend, groom. Renewal of the senses.
  21. A new hobby will appear. What it will be a sphere is difficult to say.
  22. According to signs on the 22nd of the month - get ready to receive guests. The house will be crowded a whole month.
  23. Monthly 23 numbers promise physical indisposition. Diseases of ARD are possible.
  24. Sign of the 24th indicates good financial well-being, debt recovery, profit.
  25. Monthly 25 numbers foreshadow monetary losses. It is necessary to repay debts, repay a loan, monetary losses are possible due to fraud, theft.
  26. Monthly spells unexpected improvement in well-being. Perhaps you will get something by inheritance, make a large significant gift.
  27. Monthly 27 numbers and signs associated with them tell about the great joy that is to be experienced. A meeting with a long-time acquaintance, the arrival of distant relatives, the sudden news of the pregnancy — one’s own or someone else’s.
  28. Omens 28 numbers unfavorable. Monthly on such a day talk about stress, upheaval, failure.
  29. Monthly 29 numbers offer to take care of your future life - to make investments in something, deposits. You will start saving money for something, direct your efforts towards achieving future success.

  30. Signs 30 numbers - the end of the last stage of life. Everything will change, from personal life to the place of residence.
  31. Monthly 31 numbers foreshadow a surprise, long-awaited event. Perhaps it will be a marriage proposal.

Divination on the monthly - signs of the start date make girls, women, make the installation for upcoming events. After reading the prophecies, psychologically, a woman is disposed to implement what has been said, as if attracting these events to herself. The irony is that - if you do not guess, life goes on as usual, if it is guessing - it goes according to what has been written. Divination on the monthly - signs of the start date - the most simple, harmless magic, for which you do not have to answer.

Spend fortune telling, wait for pleasant surprises, turns of fate, watch what is happening! Then the monthly will be associated not only with an unpleasant physical condition, but also with the ability to predict the future!

Methods of divination by monthly

There are many techniques that allow you to get a prediction of the menstrual cycle. This can be a specific time, day number or day of the week. When divination by Feng Shui to obtain accurate predictions also use the connection with the signs of the zodiac and the elements.

This method is proven and most common among the fair sex. There are many variants of interpretation of the results, allowing you to find out what you expect in the near future. When applying this method, it is important to accurately remember start time of first discharge:

  1. In the near future, a woman is expected only positive changes. It can be joy or good news.
  2. It is important to be extremely careful not only in words, but also in deeds. If at this time there will be a person who causes irritation, it is not recommended to waste emotions, as soon there will be changes in relationships and there will be complete indifference towards him.
  3. It is not excluded the development of conflict situations that can lead to complications in life. You must be able to restrain yourself, not to emotion and think in advance about what the consequences may be.
  4. In life there will be changes for the better. Dreams come true, and moments of happiness will not take long to wait.
  5. A time of pleasant surprises.
  6. In the near future, you need to reconsider the circle of communication, as much as possible to protect from it, which will prevent empty talk and unreasonable gossip.
  7. The dream man will reciprocate or a secret admirer will appear. Someone can confess love.
  8. Do not be jealous. Before blaming a lover, you must first analyze the situation.
  9. Ambient will gossip and slander you. The main thing - do not give reasons for gossip.
  10. All the delights of love will be waiting soon.
  11. The main emotion for the coming month is jealousy. However, it is not necessary to go on about it, since there is no reason for it.
  12. To meet the person of your dreams, you need to carefully look around. Maybe he is exactly in your environment.

Using a similar technique it is not necessary to pay attention to the time of day. In this case, it is important to maintain accuracy, which will allow you to get the most reliable result.

By time of day

There is another proven method of divination by menstruation, for which you need to mark the time of day for the start of critical days. Thanks to numerous experiences, it has been established that this option provides more accurate results. First of all, this is explained by the simplicity of determining the beginning of a cycle with respect to a fixed period of time. In addition, the period of day and night plays a significant role in divination.

To find out what awaits a woman in the near future, divination is carried out by the time of day:

  1. Until eleven days. If the beginning of the month was in the early morning, then you can expect complete harmony with the people around you. It will turn out to establish spoiled relations with relatives, if they have taken place, and also the beginning of a new romantic period is not excluded.
  2. From 11 to 13 hours. At the onset of menstruation at this time a woman will be visited by luck and joy.
  3. Between 14 and 18. To avoid failures and unpleasant moments, you must be extremely careful and cautious. You can not trust others, you can only hope for himself.
  4. 18-21 hours Наступление месячных в этот период предвещает одиночество и плохое настроение.
  5. Ночное время. Скорее всего, произойдет неприятная неожиданность. В последующие несколько недель возможна разлука с близким человеком, предательство и непорядочное отношение со стороны окружающих. But also quarrels are not excluded.

There is another method of interpreting monthly by time of day, which is more concerned with love experiences. About him will be written later.

By the day of the week

After it turned out to explain the value of the onset of menstruation in daily time, you can refer to the calendar and determine what the day of the week at which menstruation will begin.


If the period came at that time, then it will not be possible to avoid trouble and anxiety. It can be not only experiences associated with negative moments, but also excitement is not excluded. It is difficult to say for sure how pleasant this interpretation will be, since every day leaves a lot of trouble for a modern person. But it is worth noting that anxiety will be unusual in comparison with everyday concerns. Therefore, it will not work not to pay attention to them.

There will be a reason to think aboutchanging the fate. You may need to make an important decision or choice. In life, by chance there will be those people who have long disappeared from memory. During this period, the emergence of new acquaintances. It is also possible that such a reconciliation will occur with a friend with whom there were once disagreements.

If menstruation began on that day, then you need wait for trouble. It is important not to be upset, because the effect of interpretation extends only until the beginning of the next cycle. Most likely, there will already be a certain readiness for future difficulties and knowledge of possible problems. In the coming period, it is recommended to bypass strangers and not trust anyone.

You can relax and wait for guests or you invited to the event. It can be a birthday, housewarming party or wedding celebration. If there is a holiday in the period indicated by fortune telling, then it will turn out to be celebrated cheerfully with friends. And also new acquaintances and the appearance of interesting people in life are not excluded.

The moment has come when necessary be patient. Not a very pleasant event (grief or trouble) is expected, but presence in life and joyful moments are not excluded.

It is considered one of the most favorable days for the onset of the menstrual cycle. If you believe in omens, then this is the period will please the fulfillment of desire. Someone may confess love, new relationships are possible. In addition, if the monthly began precisely on Saturday, then, according to the ancestors, this is a good sign for the upcoming engagement or marriage.


Fun and joy - this is what will be expected in the next few weeks. The month will bring only positive and joyful attitude, which no one can ruin. There will be a sea of ​​interesting events, friendly communication. Not excluded and a trip to rest.

By day

Such divination by menstruation, in which the dates of the month are taken into account, is also very popular. In addition, the interpretation provides important information:

  1. This day is considered a great start to start menstruation. The whole next month will bring only joy and positive emotions.
  2. A woman can be betrayed by a close person at the very moment when they expect support from him. The events will help bring to the clear water people who have long ceased to seem to be who they really are.
  3. A quarrel with one of the close relatives or a colleague is possible. In this case, the probability of inevitability is almost zero. It is at this moment that it is important to learn to control your emotions and follow the words.
  4. In the near future, cherished wishes or dreams that have long been forgotten can be fulfilled.
  5. Pleasant surprises from a loved one. This means that the next month will be filled only with joyful events and luck.
  6. For the next few weeks, this number will not bring anything good. There will be gossip and unpleasant rumors from people in the close circle of friends. The main reason for this situation is human envy.
  7. Seven means receiving a sign from above. You can enjoy real love. Probably, the fan has not yet expressed his feelings, but he will definitely do it soon. The main thing is not to cause him an insult and, if possible, to respond with mutual feelings.
  8. Jealousy and betrayal. Initially, the events will seem strange, but over time everything will become clear.
  9. Unpleasant moments in a relationship with a loved one are expected. It is possible the emergence of male fans. In such a situation, it is necessary to remain calm and, if possible, solve the problem peacefully.
  10. Love. Perhaps as the beginning of a new relationship, and the transition to a more romantic level with a boyfriend or husband.
  11. Previous weeks will be filled with not very pleasant events. A woman may suspect her husband of treason, which is only an assumption. But there will be such moments that confirm artificiality.
  12. One of the days is expected to meet with a man who will cause more sympathy for a woman. However, it is important to remember that such a relationship will not last long.
  13. Over the next four weeks, only negative emotions and disappointments will be haunting.
  14. A lot of joy and luck.
  15. Bad news related to relatives or work.
  16. It is necessary to keep a distance with respect to others.
  17. Separation from a loved one.
  18. Good news and love.
  19. Romantic feelings.
  20. We'll have to part with dear man for a long time.
  21. Trouble related to fraud or deception.
  22. Financial well-being.
  23. Peace of mind.
  24. Unexpected guests.
  25. Meeting new people.
  26. May need the support of a loved one.
  27. Only pleasant events.
  28. Most likely to meet someone who can solve existing problems.
  29. Tears from resentment.
  30. The fateful meeting.
  31. Unexpected happy or unpleasant events.

If divination by numbers is combined with interpretation by the time of day, then the most reliable results can be obtained.

This method is a variant of fortune telling by the days of the week, while each element is characterized by a certain interpretation, which is presented in the table below.

Divination by the month today

Many will find it hard to believe, but this kind of divination is quite common at present. There is a huge number of folk signs and beliefs about menstruation, which modern girls fully trust.
Such divination usually gives information only about the next month, without long-term prospects, but this is quite enough if you guess every month.

You can guess only once - on the day when the menstrual cycle began. The prediction will depend entirely on at what point the menstrual periods begin. Attention is paid not only to the number, but also the day of the week, as well as the exact time of day.

Morning is the best time. It is believed that if the monthly began early in the morning, this foreshadows quick love or harmony and mutual understanding in the family. In general, this time of day indicates a positive relationship with close people: with close relatives, a beloved, with children and closest friends. If your period began exactly in the morning, then over the course of the next month you will have only warm and tender relations with people dear to you.

Such methods help the development of intuition.

Day - until 13:00. It is also considered a good time to start the menstrual cycle. This time indicates that the whole next month of your life will be filled with kindness, joy and happiness.

Afternoon is not the best time. The beginning of the month at this time may portend small troubles and setbacks awaiting you in the near future.
The beginning of the cycle in the evening foreshadows an unsuccessful month, perhaps some events will happen to you that will cause a rather long sadness or melancholy.

Night is a bad time. The beginning of the cycle at night may portend close separation from your loved ones.

The value of the day of the week

The day of the week, when the menstrual cycle began, is also of great importance.
Monday - the beginning of the cycle on this day may portend possible troubles and anxieties that can arise, both for pleasant and unpleasant reasons.

We can say that our whole life consists of constant troubles, but what is predicted by the monthly will be something rather important and unusual. It is also worth noting that the beginning of menstruation on this day may also portend an expensive gift that you will receive from a loved one.

Tuesday - foreshadows an early meeting with an old friend, friend or relative, with whom you have not seen for a long time. In some cases (quite rarely), the beginning of the cycle on Tuesday may portend a quick acquaintance with a person who will eventually become very dear and close to you. One more variant of the meaning of such a beginning of the cycle is a quick change in life.

Wednesday is an unfavorable day to start menstruation. This day may spell a lot of trouble that will happen to you over the next month. But do not despair, all these troubles will not be fatal and solved, you will be able to solve all the problems with your own if you do not get upset and give up. Remember that you received a warning, not a sentence, so be prepared for difficulties, but do not be afraid of them.

Thursday is a day that monthly fortune telling cannot be interpreted unequivocally. On the one hand, the beginning of the cycle on this day may portend an invitation to a noisy holiday or feast, it is possible that this holiday will take place in your home, and you yourself will be the mistress of the table. On the other hand, this day may portend that at some point you will accidentally come to visit strangers to you, and whether this meeting will be pleasant or not is unknown. In any case, it is in your power to make any meeting safe, especially now that you are warned about it.

Friday is the day of events. The beginning of the cycle on this day may portend a soon pleasant news that will completely change your life. At the same time, certain troubles are possible, to overcome which you will need to put a lot of effort.

Saturday is a good day for the beginning of menstruation, it foreshadows the smooth and pleasant development of all your life events. You do not need to worry too much and fuss, any problems will be resolved by themselves, with your minimum participation. It is likely that in the next month someone you know will confess to you in love or your long-standing wish, which you could simply forget, will come true.

Sunday is the best day, such a beginning of the month can be a forerunner of a whole month of fun and joy, a carefree and happy time. It is possible that in the near future you will solve troubling problems in relations with a loved one, which will be greatly helped by a heart-to-heart talk.

Divination by monthly - the value of the day of the month

In addition to the time of day and day of the week, one can guess by the days of menstruation - consider the day of the month, the day when the cycle began.

  • 1 - throughout the next month, pleasant events and meetings will occur in your life that will cause real euphoria and happiness.
  • 2 - in a short time you may experience a feeling of neglect or frustration with respect to some event or person.
  • 3 - a quarrel is possible, the further development of which is completely dependent on you, or the trouble will be forgotten, or will grow into a large-scale scandal.
  • 4 - in your life there will be pleasant events that you have been expecting for a long time.
  • 5 - in a short time a pleasant surprise awaits you from a person dear to you.
  • 6 - a warning, maybe you have an enemy who is preparing some kind of dirty trick for you (slander and slander are possible).
  • 7 - someone loves you so much that they consider you to be the meaning of their whole life.
  • 8 - in a short time you will experience such an unpleasant feeling as jealousy.
  • 9 - someone plans to break your relationship with a loved one.
  • 10 - in a short time you will have a feeling of love, or a new round will begin in relations with your loved one.
  • 11 - remember that your beloved is faithful to you and honest with you, do not suspect him of any nonsense, at least for the next month.
  • 12 - you will soon meet a charming and sweet man, but be careful, he can use magic to draw your attention to himself.
  • 13 - soon there will be serious difficulties.
  • 14 - expect good news.
  • 15 - expect not the most pleasant news.
  • 16 - no need to talk or gossip a lot, it can lead to unpleasant consequences.
  • 17 - perhaps a short or long separation from your loved one.
  • 18 - new love or development of old is possible.
  • 19 - monthly fortune telling on this day says that soon you will love, but it is unknown whether love will be mutual.
  • 20 - unrequited love is possible.
  • 21 - a warning, you can lie to a loved one.
  • 22 - expect unexpected incomes of material benefits - financial well-being.
  • 23 - nice events that will make you happy.
  • 24 - soon there will be a meeting or a holiday in your house with many visitors.
  • 25 - a new pleasant acquaintance with an interesting person.
  • 26 - you will meet a person who will understand your pain and your frustration.
  • 27 - your old wish will soon be fulfilled, help will come from an unexpected side.
  • 28 - in work you expect success and possible profit.
  • 29 - soon something can happen that will upset you greatly, what will cause your tears, be prepared for this and do not hide your own emotions, only this way you will be able to overcome troubles.
  • 30 - development of relations with a new person is possible.
  • 31 - unexpected events will happen in your life, it is possible that soon you will go on a journey, but there is a chance that you will commit an act for which then you will be ashamed.

According to the monthly cycle, they have guessed from the earliest times, but it is impossible to say for sure whether this is a true divination or mere entertainment. In any case, you can always try fortune telling by monthly - remember the day when the cycle began, look at its interpretation and compare it with the events that will occur in your life in the near future.