Why is a terrible depression attacking before critical days?


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I always have PMS, I eat sweets, it helps!

And my migraine begins. I'm too tired of this. It doesn't help anything. It knocks me out of normal life for a day. I jump on the wall literally from pain.

I have before and during))

I also have PMS before and after. buy yourself some collection, it's all hormones

Chickens, PMS is premenstrual syndrome, and the author asks about the state AFTER menstruation.

And we have postmenstrual

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the same ***, girls. what to do, I don’t know yet! I don’t remember this before) let's find together how to cope?

I systematically after menstruation, comes the depression of the day for 4, and not immediately, but after the end of menstruation, it takes 3 days, and then the depression comes. I'm already tired of this, these three days are just hell for me. Nothing helps. How do you handle it? Thank.

Previously, I did not have this, but now it has appeared. I tolerate, eat sweet and cry in a rag.

I understand postmenstrual syndrome STE
On this definition, search engines give info.

Girls, I have the same thing, though only a second or third time, plus autumn depression. Just started to live with a guy, but he scoops me up, I arrange it, he has hair on end, I always want to hurt him, ask him to leave forever, and fits like in Mr. Nobody from Eliza. The biological components of the pathogenesis of depression are postulated: a decrease in the activity of biogenic amines (serotonin, norepinephrine, dopamine), the hypothalamic system hyperactivity ≈ the pituitary body ≈ adrenal glands with an increase in cortisol secretion, genetic factors. . Maybe this is an explanation, because after the menstruation, we just have the hypothalamus and the pituitary gland involved. Fuuuuh I only thought I had this, I already wrote out the telephone of psychoneurology

also suffer from it. trying to deal with depression with the help of Hypericum (tea, capsules)

I only after the Time Factor began to transfer PMC more or less normally, that is, in general I don’t feel it now. There are no depressions, the mood is even, there are no such irrational jumps. In general, a good tool, I recommend.

I have the same))
only after menstruation everything is much worse than before it))
about a week, rhinestones, PA, tachycardia, easy depersonalization, total (total) LOSS TO THAT, FOR WHAT I HAVE EVERY YEAR WENT AND THAT IS MY MEAN LIFE!
It's very scary! Like, then I’m becoming a different person, unfamiliar to myself. By the end of the first week, I’m letting go, but not until the end (it just gets easier) everything goes completely on day 12-14 after ovulation))
And there comes the euphoria! Lifting in everything, meaning returns to life, all my desires, perception becomes normal. In one word, I become myself!
Fortunately for me this does not happen every month, about 1 time in 2 months!
I think an endocrinologist, a neurologist and a psychotherapist are needed. apparently strong hormonal dysfunction!

All my life, I was treated twice in the neurosis department, it did not help, so I live with it.

I, too, have been diagnosed with progesterone deficiency precisely these days. After ovulation, progesterone is already secreted by the corpus luteum, estradiol is compensated in this way.

I have the same thing)) only after menstruation everything is much worse than before it)) the duration is about a week, rhinestone, PA, tachycardia, easy depersonalization, complete (total) LOSS TO THAT, FOR WHAT I AM WANTED YESTERDAY AND THAT IS MEANING MY LIFE! It is very scary! As if, then I become a different person, unfamiliar to myself. By the end of the first week, I let go, but not until the end (it just gets easier) everything goes completely for 12-14 days after ovulation)) And there is euphoria! Lifting in everything, meaning returns to life, all my desires, perception becomes normal. One word I become by myself! Fortunately, this happens not every month, about 1 time in 2 months! THIS IS VERY MUCHELY!)) I think here An endocrinologist, a neurologist and a psychotherapist are needed. apparently strong hormonal dysfunction!

I have the same thing)) only after menstruation everything is much worse than before it)) the duration is about a week, rhinestone, PA, tachycardia, easy depersonalization, complete (total) LOSS TO THAT, FOR WHAT I AM WANTED YESTERDAY AND THAT IS MEANING MY LIFE! It is very scary! As if, then I become a different person, unfamiliar to myself. By the end of the first week, I let go, but not until the end (it just gets easier) everything goes completely for 12-14 days after ovulation)) And there is euphoria! Lifting in everything, meaning returns to life, all my desires, perception becomes normal. One word I become by myself! Fortunately, this happens not every month, about 1 time in 2 months! THIS IS VERY MUCHELY!)) I think here An endocrinologist, a neurologist and a psychotherapist are needed. apparently strong hormonal dysfunction!

Just like you. (((
Only + this is still insomnia.
I want to note that these symptoms began to appear in the years 26-27, but it was all a little different. Bad mood, depression. tearfulness, loneliness and insomnia, all this was a week before menstruation. Now I am 28, and already about half a year it starts a week before and lasts another week after. Plus, some months I feel physical weakness, lethargy, I think badly. Bruises and swelling appear under the eyes. In a word "unhealthy vidonchik." Do employees ask if I was ill? So tired of that. horror! Advised the Wild Yams. I will try, accomplish your goal.
Joy and smiles to all!

I have exactly the same condition, I do not know what to do .. How are you doing now?

What is the reason for depression before menstruation

The whole life of a woman is connected with the fine game of hormones. Mood swings, sudden tearfulness or, conversely, unbridled joy - all this is the result of a change in their ratio in the blood. Dominant influence on.

I can no longer, just unbearably, before the onset of menstruation, where for 2 and a half weeks I have a terrible depression, not as common as irritation, I have some sort of devilish thing happening to me, I start not to like it, it seems to me that I’m terrible on my face (at the same time a terrible acne rash appears), that is, various complexes in terms of the figure begin that thick and all that. Next, I am at home just a beast of some kind, everything enrages, I scream, I do not want anyone to talk to. Ohhhhh, but what’s happening to me on the street is just awful, I’m generally afraid to go out on the street, I’m afraid of the general situation, isolation, chained ridiculous movements, in a conversation with anyone I don’t want to look at it. All sorts of uuzhasnye little thoughts, such as I'm sick and all that. Nuuu and that's what's most interesting there tatam begin MONTHLY I like a different person, what with me before them was just I don’t want to imagine myself, I immediately thought differently, as if I exhaled. I already think the myths about the transformation.

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The victory over chronic diseases without drugs.

The ways out of depression are inherent in us - we just need to be able to activate them, says neurobiologist David Servan-Schreiber. Sometimes this requires the help of a psychotherapist, but we can change the physical exertion, nutrition, and our environment.

Standing on the New Bridge, I look like a hay flowing between white stones. On the shore, in the very center of Paris, a man is fishing with his son. The boy just caught a fish, and his eyes shine with happiness.

I often recall long walks along the same river with my father when I was at the age of this boy. My father told me that when he was young, his father, my future grandfather, was still swimming in the Seine, even in winter. And he added that now the river is so polluted that it is not only impossible to swim in it, but even fish.

Schoolgirls often write in diaries: “Before menstruation, Zhor attacked - ate everything that came to hand”

Many of us have noticed that on the eve of a new cycle, appetite is noticeably increasing and I want to eat all the time, despite the fact that it is not particularly useful for the organism. To resist such a desire, you need to have enviable will power and knowledge about how a woman's body works and why you want to eat before menstruation and how to resist gluttony?

Look into our body - what is happening there?

Before the beginning of menstruation, this period is a few days, there is a very powerful reconfiguration of the body. The uterine lining is preparing to receive a fertilized egg. The female body repeats this procedure from cycle to cycle. Despite the fact that it is often not crowned with success, the body prepares for the bearing of the fetus, the body prepares to feed two at once. That is, hormonal changes occur in the woman's body. And in cases where fertilization is not.

During the premenstrual syndrome, some women feel fatigued, others complain of pulling pain in the lower abdomen, and still others rush to the refrigerator, not knowing how to cope with zhor.

The work of the whole organism depends on the level of different hormones, so the zhor before menstruation is a consequence of hormonal adjustment.

At this time, women want everything at once: sweets, buns, cakes, etc. Even the most resistant girls, strictly adhering to a diet, can lose control over their appetite before the menstrual cycle, and when they normalize, they begin to regret their incontinence.

Why zhor attacks before menstruation

In the first phase of the menstrual cycle, when estrogen levels increase, women feel great and nothing speaks of increased appetite. Everything changes in the second phase, when a wild appetite appears: at this time, the estrogen decreases, and.

Depression - an epidemic that engulfed modern humanity. According to the World Health Organization, this nervous disorder is in the first place in the world among the reasons for non-attendance due to disability.

Women develop depression twice as often as men. At first glance, this fact is puzzling. Why women are much more prone to depression? After all, men, too, are sick, experiencing the loss of loved ones, divorces, scandals, stress, conflicts and problems in the professional sphere. Why does depression “attack” women more often? What is the reason for this?

There are objective reasons that are rooted primarily in the features of female physiology.

A certain role in why women are more susceptible to depression is played by a special hormonal background. It is hormones that we owe to mood swings during the premenstrual period. It is women of the so-called reproductive age - from 20 to 40 more often.

Methods of dealing with PMS

PMS, or premenstrual syndrome, is subject to ridicule by men and the biggest misunderstanding in the life of the fair sex. Often, before menstruation, a woman feels “broken,” depressive thoughts go to her, she has tears for no reason, headaches, irritability, and insomnia.

Unfortunately, until now, specialists have not found an unequivocal answer to the question of what exactly is the reason for feeling unwell before critical days. It is believed that this is due to hormonal imbalance.

There are 2 effective methods to combat PMS:
- “rely on yourself”
- the help of a specialist.

If your general malaise is within reason, but you want to feel on “Pyaterochka” throughout the month, the first method will suit you. It includes:
- diet
- sports,
- the use of prophylactic sedatives,
- taking vitamins.

People often get depressed before their birthday. As a rule, a few weeks before the birthday mood spoils, no one wants to see. This condition happens in many people every year before every birthday. But few people know the true causes of this state and ways to get rid of them.

Depression before a birthday occurs for one of the most important reasons: a person becomes one year older. Most often this happens after 30 years. The man begins to remember the ups and downs. Sees wrinkles and gray hair. When it comes to 40 years, then I remember those with whom he studied, but they are not alive.

And at this moment relatives stick with questions about the time of the event, a gift. And if the livelihood is not so much, then I want to get a ticket to an uninhabited island as a gift.

Psychological reasons

Depression from Latin is translated as depressed human condition. This is a special mental disorder and therefore it is very important to know how to get out of depression on your own or with the help of specialists. After all, it is characterized by a decline in vitality and mood, a pessimistic assessment of the surrounding world and myself, including the inhibited state of motor and intellectual development, somatoneurological disorders of the nervous system.

Depression is characterized by such signs as low self-esteem of his personality, various cognitive properties associated with his own destruction and detachment from the external environment.

A person in a depressed state differs from other people in the prevalence and variety of underestimations of his personality.

So, from this article you will learn:

What is depression, melancholy, Types and.

Bad mood, unwillingness to do anything, the desire to be alone - all this can be a sign of depression. It is extremely important to get out of it in time to fully experience the taste of life. How to do this, you will learn from the following article.

The origins and history of the disease

The main reasons for the emergence of various changes

Psychological factors of depression

Diseases leading to depressive disorder

The negative effects of depression on a woman’s health

General rules for self-treatment of depression

Effective and effective recommendations

Treatment of depressive disorder folk remedies

People react in different ways to various events and changes in their lives, to the blows of fate and trouble. Depending on the situation of life and individual character traits in a person can come difficult.

I was inspired to write this blog by my depression, or rather, my experience in dealing with it. I want to share with people who are depressed right now and talk about how I fought with her. How to get out of depression yourself. Maybe my personal experience will help you, and I will be very happy about it. I will say right away that my depression was not associated with any injuries and losses of close relatives, with a divorce or other really serious critical events in life. If you're interested, then read to the end.

To begin with, I am prone to depression and melancholy in my temperament, i.e. I have always been in the "risk" zone, let's say. I often had mood swings. I am quite vulnerable and sensitive and I have an increased anxiety by nature. Knowing all this about myself, I did not think that I could plunge into depression for a whole year. Yes, of course, this is not the biggest time. People for years are in this state, but for me this year seemed.

Depression - an epidemic that engulfed modern humanity. According to the World Health Organization, this nervous disorder is in the first place in the world among the reasons for non-attendance due to disability.

Women develop depression twice as often as men. At first glance, this fact is puzzling. Why women are much more prone to depression? After all, men, too, are sick, experiencing the loss of loved ones, divorces, scandals, stress, conflicts and problems in the professional sphere. Why does depression “attack” women more often? What is the reason for this?

There are objective reasons that are rooted primarily in the features of female physiology.

A certain role in why women are more susceptible to depression is played by a special hormonal background. It is hormones that we owe to mood swings during the premenstrual period. It is women of the so-called reproductive age - from 20 to 40.

At the age of 30, depression before birthday becomes a frequent occurrence; almost every person has ever experienced the "birthday boy syndrome". Recently, one of the most common diseases is depression.

The symptoms of this psychological illness are easily noticed, but difficult to treat: constant bad mood, lethargy, lethargy, inability to experience feelings of joy are the most noticeable signs of depression that can result from any dramatic experience, loss of a loved one, stress and other factors.Depression is not only an unpleasant state of mind, but also the cause of many other diseases in the body, such as ulcers or gastritis. Some people who, in principle, are not prone to depression, still sometimes, especially on the eve of their birthday, experience bouts of depression, when they think about the upcoming holiday, their mood begins to deteriorate, there is no desire to see anyone, much less note the upcoming one.

Depression can happen to anyone. And this does not mean that you are weak in spirit or have gone mad at all. Some people suffer from depression for a long time, and some recover from it quickly. Someone needs help, but someone has the strength to cope with their condition on their own.

Depression most often occurs in women, and this is due to their increased emotionality and vulnerability. If you are reading this article, then you are also worried about depression - what to do about it, you know? We will try to help you with advice. But first, let's decide if you are really depressed.

Why does depression occur?

The exact cause of depression is not yet known. It is believed that the interaction of several leads to it.

Before every birthday I start to "sausage". I suddenly withdraw into myself and try to isolate myself from people. I am covered by such boundless longing that there is no power to think about the upcoming birthday as a holiday. As well as no strength to prepare for it. Sometimes I even become aggressive in order to forcibly nip the contacts that I so unnecessary at this time. What is it? Depression before birthday? But why?

I, of course, then repent for my rudeness. "I suck up" to relatives and friends. I am arranging a party about my birthday, which everyone was waiting for. Favorably accept gifts and even arrange a treat for guests. But, my God, I wish I never was born! So that in my life there is no this day when everyone is so happy about my birth, and I am covered with a black depression.

Depression before birthday

Depression before birthday Psychology is powerless

Do you think I'm the only one? Go to.

You can talk about depression long and smoothly, or you can just be silent. No matter. Nothing happens until you act. Here is collected that helps, caught in a sticky network of depression. You will learn what to do if you have depression - this material has been collected for several years, piece by piece. It contains information from dozens of books, from hundreds of letters, from thousands of Russian and English articles. And most importantly - it is taken from Life - from the experience of those who struggled with depression. Those whose path was not straight. Those who fell, perhaps even for a few months. But, nevertheless, I got up and walked again.

... any person is able to learn how to manage his mental activity and his behavior to a degree that he could not even imagine before. If you are in a depressed state, then you yourself have produced in yourself and created what you consider to be a depressed state. If you are in a state of ecstasy, then this is also the result of your creativity.

It is important to remember that.

The danger of such a state is that it is extremely difficult to notice it: in public, such a person always “holds his face”. But once he is alone with himself, apathy, longing and guilt are piling on him.

People suffering from the syndrome of "smiling depression," believe that, without falling out of ordinary life, facilitate their position. Yes, it is, but only in part. On the one hand, they do not have to drink pills.

Why do not everyone love me, why is everything so bad, why am I so unhappy and so fat? Such and many other similar questions revolve in the head of a woman before and during menstruation. How to avoid such a behavioral mood, or at least soften it? This question is posed by almost eighty percent of all women. Let's try to figure it out.

Before menstruation, almost every woman is covered by a special condition. Something incomprehensible is happening in the body for the woman herself, not to mention the people around her. Although doctors have long called days before menstrual premenstrual syndrome, when vegetovascular, metabolic-endocrine, neuropsychiatric disorders in the female body appear. Depression and drowsiness, irritability, and, of course, aggressiveness, are the main manifestations of PMS.

Why does the psycho-emotional state change?

Psycho-emotional instability in the form of nervous breakdowns, aggression, bad mood, unreasonable crying, insomnia before menstruation, according to scientists, is associated with an imbalance of sex hormones.

  1. After the release of the egg, the level of estrogen in the female body decreases markedly, while progesterone rises. A sharp change in the level of hormones provokes not only mood swings, but also worsens the general condition of the body in the form of nausea, headache, and painful sensations in the mammary glands and small pelvis.
  2. An increase in body weight for no apparent reason is no less a common reason why girls during their periods are so irritable. This condition is associated with the action of estrogen, which contributes to fluid retention in the body. Even when they go on a diet, women feel a sense of dislocation in the pelvis.
  3. Reduced progesterone levels contribute to slow intestinal motility, increased flatulence, constipation and other dyspepsia. The lack of this hormone is manifested by decreased performance, lack of libido, apathy, a woman can sob over the slightest trifle.
  4. Irritability before menstruation is often combined with increased appetite due to a lack of endorphins. At such a moment, you often want to indulge yourself with your favorite dishes, sweets, pastries.
  5. Blood stasis in the blood vessels causes pain in the limbs after physical activity. Pain syndrome is more often experienced by women with meteorological dependence and a tendency to melancholy.

The hormonal imbalance observed before menstruation has become an integral part of the premenstrual syndrome, so it is sometimes difficult to identify the true causes of disorders in the work of different body systems.

Depression before menstruation or irritability may be caused by other reasons:

  • diseases of the genitourinary sphere (polycystic ovary),
  • endocrine diseases (hypothyroidism, diabetes, Cushing's disease),
  • previous infectious diseases or brain injuries,
  • cardiovascular disease
  • endured by stress or a long stay in an uncomfortable environment,
  • use of psychotropic, hypnotic substances,
  • irrational use of contraceptives,
  • drinking alcohol, cocaine, caffeine,
  • surgical intervention (abortion)
  • postpartum depression
  • individual feature of the body and character (androgenic personality type).

A temporary event or alarm?

The change of mood and increased nervousness give a lot of anxiety not only to the woman herself, but also to close people who are in contact with her. Naturally, the search for an effective way to prevent depression becomes relevant. Adjusting to the usual changes at the end of each month, women in their own way struggle with an irritated state. Some of them try to ignore changes in the body associated with the menstrual cycle, taking this fact as an inevitable phenomenon. Others, on the contrary, wish to alleviate mental and physical suffering in this period with the help of traditional and traditional medicine.

Premenstrual syndrome can manifest itself as a slight change in mood before menstruation, and severe depression. An exciting moment are pronounced changes in the psyche, pain, insomnia, intoxication phenomena, fever and other symptoms that were not previously observed .. Perhaps this is a temporary phenomenon, and depression with physical discomfort will disappear on its own after menstruation, when the provoking factor is eliminated. However, it should not be overlooked that the excitation of the nervous system may be associated with a developing disease.

Why do you want to cry before menstruation, often the mood changes, it is better to discuss with the relevant specialists: a neurologist or psychotherapist (especially if this is observed for a long time). Severe pain in the pelvic area or the mammary glands requires immediate consultation by a gynecologist, an endocrinologist, or a mammologist.

Depression is suspected in the presence of such symptoms:

  • decrease in mood
  • fatigue, apathy,
  • loss of ability to experience joyful moments,
  • pessimism,
  • negative thoughts,
  • reduced self-esteem
  • inability to concentrate,
  • trouble sleeping
  • lack of interest in social and physical (including sexual) activity,
  • craving for alcohol and psychotropic substances,
  • all-or-nothing thinking.

The occurrence of depression is more often observed in women older than 40 years. At this age, mental disorder in the form of melancholy is more pronounced. Women during menstruation lack serotonin, norepinephrine, dopamine, which contributes to a change of mood, depression.

Methods of dealing with depression

Depression is a mental disorder that needs to be addressed, if not medication, then independently, following the recommendations of specialists. Treatment for depression does not necessarily require hospitalization. In most cases, mental disorders before menstruation can be eliminated on an outpatient basis, using medications, herbal decoctions, physiotherapy, and other options prescribed by the doctor.

  1. When symptoms of depression are pronounced, psychotherapists prescribe antidepressants (Bupropion, Fluoxetine, Venlafaxine, Sertralin, Azafen and others). However, these drugs can be purchased only on prescription. Due to the significant number of side effects, the uncontrolled use of antidepressants can lead to irreparable consequences.
  2. Remove excitement before menstruation can, taking the drug Hypericin, made from extract of Hypericum. At home, prepare an infusion of herb St. John's wort and valerian roots in the ratio of 1: 2. 1 tbsp. a spoonful of dry raw materials pour 0.5 liters of water and boil for 5-7 minutes over low heat. After infusion for an hour, the decoction is ready for use. The remedy is taken in a quarter cup 3 times a day before meals for 5-7 days to improve the condition of the woman. Herbal teas made from mint, fennel, chamomile, lemon balm are taken as prophylactic.
  3. Sedative properties have drugs Persen, Nott, Novo-Passit, Fitoed, Nervohel, Phenibut and others that can be taken to correct the emotional state.
  4. If there is no desire or time to prepare medicines, you can alleviate the condition with the help of aromatherapy. A good sedative effect is mint, ylang-ylang, lemon, mandarin, bitter orange, lavender, St. John's wort, lemon balm. They can be used both independently and creating compositions at their discretion, provided that there is no allergy.
  5. If before the monthly mood deteriorates, decoction of hypericum and oregano will help. 1 tbsp. a spoonful of a mixture of dry herbs (taken in equal proportions) pour 200 ml of water and boil for 5 minutes. Cooled decoction take 1 tbsp. spoon 2-3 times a day before meals throughout the week.
  6. Exercise, yoga has a positive effect on mood. If it is not possible to attend classes with experienced consultants, you can limit yourself to hiking, swimming and other pleasant sports. Do not forget about shopping, as one of the most effective ways to overcome depression in women of different ages.
  7. The lack of light (short light day in the autumn-winter period), a long stay in darkened rooms becomes the reason why there is depression before the menstrual periods. To prevent depression, you can use artificial lighting, stay in society, socializing with nice people.
  8. If during menstruation a bad mood appears, everything is annoying, tasty foods such as dark chocolate, bananas, nuts, red grapes, dates will give an additional portion of endorphins. It is better to refuse sweet, floury, fried dishes, strong tea and coffee, so as not to provoke fermentation in the intestines and a feeling of distention in the stomach.

There are various reasons why psychoemotional instability occurs during menstruation. If a woman alone can not determine the cause of depression, it is worth visiting a specialist. Timely identification of the true cause of the pathological phenomenon and adequate therapy prevent the occurrence of complications and relapses.

What is depression before menstruation?

The female body is subject to monthly changes when the hormonal, mental and vegetative-vascular systems are rebuilt. These changes have cycles. That is why a woman feels balanced and calm after menstruation, and 2-14 days before their onset, it becomes as if she herself is not her own. What is depression before menstruation? This is a condition that is characterized by all depressive symptoms in the period before the onset of menstruation.

Many women seem to be unable to control themselves before the onset of menstrual bleeding. They become whiny, suspicious, touchy, irritable, aggressive, etc. Doctors say that during the period of PMS a woman becomes a little crazy, unbalanced, restless. To a large extent it does not depend on the woman herself. It is simply subject to the hormonal changes that are incorporated into it by nature before menstruation.

In this period, the woman becomes weak. Some seek the help of psychologists, others try to cope on their own through the use of folk remedies. In any case, each reader can ask for the help of a psychologist at if she feels the need to do so. It is not a painful condition. Just women sometimes need the support, attention and love from others.

Psychologists say that the condition of a woman before menstruation depends largely on her lifestyle, as well as the nervous system. More subject to emotional changes are women, for example, neuropathic or hysterical. If on ordinary days a woman is balanced, then she is less susceptible to major changes.

It can be traced in the period of depression before menstruation that a woman’s appetite increases, the need for alcohol and even drugs, if on other days she suffers from these dependencies.

This period becomes dangerous because women do not have much control over their actions. It is during PMS that women commit suicides, harm others, there are accidents, etc.

Causes of depression before menstruation

It is difficult to explain why women experience changes in PMS. Causes of depression before menstruation are varied:

  • Changes in hormonal levels, when the estrogen level drops sharply at the 21-28 menstrual cycle. However, this fact is rejected, because the use of drugs to increase the level of estrogen does not help.
  • Improper nutrition, when the female body does not receive the right amount of vitamins, minerals, trace elements, etc.
  • Emotional seasonal disorders.
  • Stress.
  • Thyroid dysfunction, aggravated during the period of PMS.
  • Diseases of the body that are exhausting emotionally and physically.

However, the considered reasons do not always help in improving the state, even if a person eliminates them. What is the reason for hiding?

More depression before menstruation is attributed to the peculiarities of the higher nervous system when a woman is prone to this state. At the gene level, she is transmitted inclinations, especially if her mother also had mood swings before menstruation.

One should take into account the character and temperament of the woman herself. In the period before menstruation, its quality is exacerbated. If it is aggressive, then during the period of PMS its aggressiveness increases significantly.

However, not all women are prone to inappropriate behavior. Some may become vulnerable, mournful and weak, but they do not commit rash acts. What is the reason? Most likely, we are talking about the features of education and self-development. If a woman is restrained and continues to maintain composure for the period of PMS, then she will try to do less negative things, despite her inner impulses and desires. This can be called self-discipline, which is brought up.

Symptoms of depression before menstruation

It is usually not difficult for people to determine the symptoms of depression before menstruation. However, the difficulty lies in the fact that a woman can constantly show certain signs, which is a feature of her character, or simply be prone to depression, which is not always possible to associate with PMS.

Symptoms of PMS are:

  1. Outbreaks of aggression and anger.
  2. The feeling that everything falls from the hands.
  3. Drowsiness or insomnia.
  4. Headaches.
  5. Change of mood and longing.
  6. Anxiety, resentment, tearfulness.
  7. Indecision, fatigue.
  8. Heightened perception of noise.
  9. Подверженность к ранениям.
  10. Конфликтность, раздражительность.
  11. Слабость, рассеянность, нервное напряжение.
  12. Невнимательность, плохая реакция.
  13. Путаница в мыслях, забывчивость.
  14. Increased appetite, desire to consume more sweet, salty and flour.
  15. Feeling broken.

From the direction of others may notice the changes that are manifested in a woman, but the lady herself may not notice them. It all starts with irritability and sleep disturbance. Often the appetite increases. Soon comes the mental and motor inhibition. Depression can be noted by the fact that a woman is fenced off from her usual contacts, closes in and ignores emotionally positive interests.

It can be accompanied by various disorders in the form of pain in the mammary glands, muscles, and joints. Various abdominal pains may also occur. All this adversely affects her mood.

How to avoid depression before menstruation?

Ignoring your own “broken” state is not recommended. It, of course, can pass on the onset of menstruation, but every month the symptoms may increase and become longer. Doctors advise to contact them if the woman makes various independent attempts to avoid depression before the menstrual period and she fails.

Doctors will find out the physiological reasons for the development of PMS. It can be prescribed hormones, painkillers, sedatives. Also, doctors recommend balancing your diet:

  1. Eliminate salty foods.
  2. Drink diuretic drugs.
  3. Include foods rich in vitamin B6 and potassium: dried apricots, dairy products, fish, eggs, beans, raisins, grapes, broccoli, bran bread, apples, bananas, cocoa, chocolate, etc.
  4. The use of vitamins A, B6, E, calcium and magnesium, which prevents the accumulation of estrogen and promotes its exchange.

As for the drugs, they are prescribed individually. It depends on the physical health of the woman, as well as her psycho-emotional state.

The treatment may be such methods:

  1. Medicines:
  • Diuretic drugs.
  • Hormones progesterone and progestin.
  • Soothing and antidepressants.
  • Venonizing medicines.
  • Contraceptive hormonal drugs.
  • Medicines to improve blood circulation in the brain.
  • Vitamins B, C, A.
  • Minerals calcium, zinc, magnesium B6, iron.
  1. Physiotherapy:
  • Acupressure and classic massages.
  • Acupuncture.
  • Reflexology.
  • Homeopathic remedies: Remens, Mastodinon.
  1. Phytotherapy:
  • Wormwood ordinary.
  • Klopogon.
  • Bearberry
  • Hop cones.
  • Motherwort Grass
  • Melissa.
  • Oregano.
  • Mint.
  • Peony roots.
  1. Soothing baths.

The positive effect is sport. However, before menstruation, they should be engaged in smaller loads. Efforts to reduce, but the sport is better not to give up. Heavy physical exertion can be replaced by the period of PMS jogging, fast paced, swimming, breathing exercises and other light sports.

Techniques for splashing out their emotions are popular: smashing dishes, pillows, pears with pasted photos of their enemies, etc. If a woman feels that she has a lot of emotions, then they should be thrown out. If something needs to be broken or broken, it is better to do it. The most important thing is to achieve emotional relaxation.

Another good solution to the problem will be communication with friends. A woman feels emotional satisfaction and relaxation, if she can speak out, stay heard, have a good and pleasant time. Men are not always inclined to understand female psychology, therefore girlfriends with whom you can sincerely talk, stay yourself and have a nice time, will become the best "psychologists" for this period.

Women for the period of PMS are often disturbed by psychological problems, when love relationships do not develop, at work not everything goes smoothly, some people from the inner circle are concerned. I want to speak out, tell, cry! Refer to a girlfriend who is able to give such emotional support.

Sometimes you just want to be a woman whose emotional explosions and emotions do not frighten those around you. This can be understood only by women who themselves could experience unreasonable outbursts of feelings. If there are such girlfriends in the environment, then you should contact them. It is not necessary to have small talk with them, you can just take a walk or go shopping to please yourself.

Also, the woman is encouraged to relax more, relax and pamper yourself. It will help massages, swimming activities, yoga, listening to pleasant music, etc.

Do not worry about the appearance of depression before menstruation. PMS in all women is accompanied by various mood disorders. The main thing is this: if the symptoms increase and become inhibited, then do not ignore and engage in treatment, elimination of the condition. The result will be positive.

Before menstruation, the female body is rebuilt at the hormonal level. Naturally, this can not pass without a change in mood or exacerbation of emotionality. If a close man does not understand your condition, then a friend will be able to support this period by acting as a psychologist. This is one of the best solutions to the problem.

Depression during menstruation and PMS

About a week before the onset of menstruation, the so-called premenstrual syndrome occurs. It is caused by mood swings, tearfulness, irritability, a decrease in sexual activity. It is at this time that the change in the ratio of hormones in the blood occurs. However, not every woman falls into depression during menstruation, the development of a similar mental disorder is more likely in unbalanced and hysterical women. An additional impetus to the emergence of the affective state are:

  • Prolonged diet
  • Poor nutrition, a small amount of vitamins and minerals enter the body,
  • Chronic thyroid disease.

    Causes of bad mood during PMS

    Also, independently determining whether it is time to go to the doctor will help positive answers to the following questions:

  • Are you making a family scandal over any minor reason?
  • Have you become overcome with thoughts of hopelessness and the possibility of suicide?

    Usually, the first to notice a sudden change in mood during and after periods are those around you. It is relatives who suffer from the first symptoms of depression. The main signs of a psychological disorder are:

  • Weeping, irritability, sometimes aggression,
  • Distraction, apathy, physical weakness,
  • Fatigue, constant domestic troubles (everything falls out of hands, burns, cuts, etc.),
  • Inattention and lethargy (this condition is especially dangerous when driving a car),
  • Increased appetite, craving for chocolate and flour,
  • Sensation of discomfort in the mammary glands, which also leads to irritability.

  • Antidepressants and sedatives
  • Means that improves blood circulation of the brain,
  • Taking vitamins and minerals to improve the overall condition of the body.
  • Cognitive behavioral therapy.

    The feature of light therapy is that under the influence of light rays chemical reactions occur in the brain. Light therapy procedures are most relevant in the winter.

    Relaxing baths

    According to doctors, the bath with the addition of lavender oil, ether of ordinary wormwood, can reduce the possibility of depression. Before bedtime, you can use the foot bath with chamomile or mint. After this, it is recommended to massage the legs using fir oil. To forget about problems with sleep, you can use a time-tested recipe: put a few leaves of lemon balm, currant leaf or oregano in the pillow.

    Doctors also recommend not to keep emotions in themselves, but to throw them out. Of course, it will be better if you are alone at this moment. For example, you can break a plate, shout loudly in a deserted place, do a couple of dozen squats or something else. If there is a desire to cry - no need to hold back, let the tears flow in streams, then there will be a noticeable relief.

    For the prevention of depression during menstruation, doctors recommend spending more time in the fresh air, doing favorite things and not focusing on the changes in the body during the menstrual cycle. To rejoice in every day and with endurance to endure all the "female lobe" is the main recipe for depression.

    According to statistics, women are more prone to depression. This is due to changes in hormonal levels depending on the menstrual cycle. Depression during menstruation affects not only the condition of the woman, but also the atmosphere in the family. To disregard such a condition is not necessary; the earlier measures to eliminate depressive disorder, the better.

  • Increased exercise
  • Frequent stress and nerves,
  • Lack of regular sex life

    Depression in the ICP thing is quite common. However, it is also impossible to ignore a psychological disorder at all or, on the contrary, to go to a doctor at the first symptoms. It is necessary to understand the causes of poor health and try to eliminate them. Perhaps the menstrual cycle has nothing to do with it.

    It will help to understand the problem of keeping a daily diary for at least three months. In principle, the diary can be replaced with a regular calendar, but an important condition is the daily input of your well-being. It is enough to write in front of each day: “cheerful”, “sad”, “irritable”, “tired”, “indifferent” and so on. Thus, it can be traced whether your mood changed depending on the approach to menstruation, or if no connection was observed. If, according to the diary, a direct link “depression and menstruation” is really noticeable, it’s time to consult a doctor.

  • You can not work normally and enjoy life during your period?
  • Are you having trouble sleeping?
  • Do you change your eating habits during the menstrual cycle?
  • Are you experiencing unreasonable anxiety these days?

    If you have a positive answer to more than half of the questions, especially the last, you need to seek help from a specialist.

  • Frequent headaches
  • Drowsiness or vice versa insomnia

    It is especially noticeable to others, if a sociable and cheerful woman suddenly becomes withdrawn and irritable. If these symptoms occur over a long period of time, it will be better to make an appointment with a specialist.

    Drug treatment

    To improve the general psychological state, the doctor may prescribe the following drugs:

    This method of treatment allows a woman to learn how to manage the situation, and not to adapt to it. For example, if a woman knows that she is going to have monthly periods next week, then she should not plan important and responsible matters for this period. Psychologists recommend that women draw up a schedule of important matters a month in advance so that difficult work does not fall on “these days”. During the menstrual cycle is better to do yoga or other soothing activities.

    Light therapy

    With the help of medicinal fees, tinctures and decoctions can be calmed loose nerves. Mint, motherwort, hop cones are able to relieve anxiety, normalize sleep. Also, doctors recommend for the prevention of taking wormwood ordinary, bearberry and black cohosh brush.

    A great distraction from depression is shopping. Rarely a woman refuses to update her wardrobe. Go shopping with a friend, drink a cup of coffee - and the blues will certainly retreat. These days you should not give up sports, you just need to reduce physical activity. Brisk walking, running, swimming will lift your spirits and bring pleasant fatigue.

    During the consultation with the doctor, you need to discuss all possible options for getting rid of the depressive state. When nothing bothers us, we think that the concept of “depression” is something distant and does not concern us, and we attribute any neurological disorder to bad weather, PMS, anything, but not depression. A calm state of mind must always be present and not depend on the time of the menstrual cycle.


    For preventive purposes, pay attention to the daily diet. It is necessary to exclude fatty and salty foods from it, and give preference to eggs, chocolate, apples, broccoli, grapes and raisins. Food should be balanced, in the incoming products should contain potassium and vitamin B6. To normalize the hormonal background of the woman and improve metabolism, you can take a course of injections with vitamin complex B6, A and E, as well as calcium and magnesium.

    What causes depression during menstruation and how to deal with it

    A woman is more likely to develop depression than the representatives of the stronger sex. This is due to the concentration of sex hormones constantly changing in different phases of the menstrual cycle in her body. Depression during menstruation affects both the health of the guardian of home comfort and the whole atmosphere in the family. Treatment includes changing food preferences, vitamins, antidepressants, counseling a psychologist.

    What contributes to the deterioration of mood

    Every third woman feels mood swings at the time of hormonal adjustment, not everyone develops depression. Strengthen similar phenomena can:

  • nervous and physical exertion
  • long stay on a diet
  • insufficient intake of vitamins from food,
  • love of coffee (increased excretion of magnesium from the body),
  • lack of a permanent sexual partner
  • pathology of the thyroid gland.

    The emergence of a sad mood, the disappearance of any motivation to work and interest in life often occurs in women in the late autumn period. If there is a seriously ill person in the house who has to be looked after, the depression before the menstrual period becomes alarmingly strong.

    Women are more susceptible to such conditions, among the close relatives of whom there have been cases of depression. An important role is played by the deterioration of physical well-being in front of the regulations, pain and bloating, headaches, insomnia, bad mood. If such symptoms bother a woman every month, over time she begins to unconsciously fear the approach of critical days.

    How to suspect that something was wrong

    A change in mood is characteristic already 5-7 days before the onset of menstrual bleeding. Previously all feel close women.

    The first manifestations, as a rule, are the occurrence of irritability, too emotional reactions to ordinary events, frequent conflicts with close people of a woman. Any events during this period are accompanied by the appearance of tears in a woman. Over time, it appears:

  • distraction and forgetfulness,
  • increased fatigue
  • the desire to sit or lie in the same position with the gaze fixed at one point,
  • it becomes harder to make decisions
  • loss of appetite
  • sometimes the appetite increases.

    Changing not only the behavior, but also the appearance of a woman. A lady with a twist stops looking after herself. Her posture becomes stooped. Washing hair turns into an impossible task. It becomes easier for a woman to get into people with an untidy head and unkempt appearance than to force herself to get out of bed and take five steps towards the bathroom.

    The gait is slow, the legs barely lift off the floor. Doing any homework is postponed indefinitely. A mountain of unwashed dishes is becoming commonplace.

    Diet correction

    To overcome this ailment, it is important to first of all make changes to the diet. It is important to enrich it with products containing vitamin B6 and potassium. These are dairy products, fish, eggs. Many fruits contain them - bananas, apples. Also useful is dried apricots.

    Save magnesium will help limit the cups of coffee per day. In addition, magnesium is abundantly found in wheat bran and its seedlings. It would be nice to start using these products daily.

    Since there is water retention during the period before menstruation, it is important to cook with a small amount of salt. To make the food tasty and salt went a little, it is better to add it to the dish at the very end of the cooking process.

    To reduce the swelling of the woman can cook broths from diuretic herbs - rosehip, parsley, shepherd's bag. It is better to steam the fruits of wild rose with boiling water and insist until the water acquires a beautiful reddish tint. Drinking such a drink is good instead of tea. Lemon slice can complement the flavor range. Portion for one day consists of three hips.

    Parsley is rich in magnesium. As you know, the lack of this ion leads to a deterioration of mood. Parsley can be added fresh to salads or to press juice from it.

    Physical exercise

    A woman should not give up sports. What kind of sport to give preference, you need to choose individually. It depends on the patient. If there is no favorite sport, you can just go walking at a fast pace. In good weather, it is easy to choose a suitable route and additionally, in the form of a bonus, get a portion of fresh air.

    If someone does not suit a woman, walking can be easily replaced with swimming or dancing. Главное – не давать организму слабинку и заставлять его переключиться от психического дискомфорта к физической усталости.

    Шоковой терапией для мозга женщины является дыхательная гимнастика с задержкой дыхания на выдохе. Performing any exercises with breath-hold after exhalation cause the nerve cells to start and begin to function more actively.

    Give a way to the negative

    Do not hold back your emotions within yourself. We need to throw them out. Here all means are good:

  • beat the dishes
  • to cry
  • beat the pillow
  • tag the darts.
  • Lesson favorite hobby will help relieve nervous tension. The main thing that this occupation was calm, monotonous, relaxing - knitting, embroidery, modeling from clay.


    If, after all efforts, the condition does not improve, apply various medications. For a start, it is useful for a woman to apply any multivitamins. The body at the same time will receive the necessary amount of nutrients.

    It is especially important to do this since winter, when there are less fresh vegetables and fruits, and the price for them in the store is constantly increasing. A variety of multicomponent vitamins in the pharmacy chain allows you to choose the right tool for the price.

    Funds with magnesium are widely used to eliminate the problems of women. This ion can affect:

    • on the uterus tone, reducing it,
    • lower the pressure
    • improve communication between brain cells.

    Such a mechanism of influence can improve the mood of a woman in a short time. With proper intake of drugs with magnesium (for example, Magne B6), a sedative effect will appear.

    Antidepressants are able to relieve persistent obsessive anxiety, improve emotional state, mood. A woman ceases to focus on her inner fears and feelings. Clouds diverge, the world around her acquires paint. However, it is important to remember that antidepressants can be taken only after consulting a specialist in psychotherapy or psychiatry. Uncontrolled reception of these funds by a woman can turn into dependence on them, which will aggravate depression.

    Sedatives will help a woman calm down, relax, relieve temper and irritability. Depression sedatives will help improve sleep, eliminate anxiety.

    Nootropic drugs have a specific effect on the condition of a woman during her period. These substances are able to stimulate brain activity. In this case, a woman will improve memory and mood, she can better concentrate on things that interest her. She will have an interest in the environment, depression disappears. The right decisions will come to mind faster.


    Feeling unwell and depressed, depression during menstruation requires compulsory intervention. Correction of diet and lifestyle must necessarily be carried out. Sedatives and anti-depressants will help a woman to feel better, reduce anxiety. Antidepressants should be prescribed only by a qualified professional.

    About love and the engine

    Typically, “depression” during menstruation and in front of them in women looks very different. It resembles the definition of love by means of a locomotive.

    • Vasya, what is love?
    • Well, how can I tell you, Katya ... Do you know what a steam locomotive looks like?
    • Of course I know…
    • So here. Love is completely different.

    Before menstruation, women become agitated, sometimes aggressive, prone to dramatic emotional changes, tearfulness happens, but not like during depression. According to statistics, weather dependence is rising at this time, there may be headaches and abdominal pain. Sleep is disturbed, but it is not enough when it is disturbed. It is also disturbed during toothache. If a woman has a tendency to alcoholism, then she can drink more than usual or smoke more often than usual. Changing attitude to food. Favorite dishes are no longer happy, I want something else.

    In the period from the 21st to the 28th day of the menstrual cycle, the level of estrogen hormones sharply decreases. Attempts to compensate for this by an artificial increase in the amount of hormones do not lead to anything. Nutritionists recommend even the opposite strategy - you need to eat more foods that prevent their accumulation and activate metabolism. It is a food that is rich in calcium and magnesium. Sometimes prescribed vitamins A, E, B6. But some drugs from the category of those that are used in terms of psychotherapy try not to prescribe to the last. It is not recommended to self-medicate and drink tranquilizers or antidepressants only because you believe that you are depressed during your period. It is anything but not depressed and nothing needs to be treated. From the criteria for a depressive disorder, you may have a couple of similar symptoms. But it does not burn about anything. People with severe toothache may even have more symptoms of depression. But then dentists will help ... But to fight with the natural structure of the female body is useless.

    Another thing - psychotherapy, especially in the form of self-help. Here the arsenal is wide enough ...

    In all cases when it comes to mental disorders, we strongly do not recommend that outsiders be initiated into it. All this can be told to specialists or participants of psychological groups. In extreme cases, those who once suffered something like that. The rest simply will not understand. In the case of PMS, depression is not real, so feel free to share your feelings with your friends.

    How to help yourself in this difficult period?

    So, how to deal with PMS depression, i.e., that is not a mental disorder?

    1. Do not keep anything in yourself. If you are angry, you can beat a pillow, break an unnecessary plate or go into the woods and shout. Do not tear evil on others. Tear on something that will not offend you.
    2. Do not resist the desire to cry or just complain about life. Just do it completely. If you cry, then so that you cry out all the tears, and if you complain about something, then bring it to the point of absurdity, until it becomes the most ridiculous.
    3. Well help exercise. They do not need to give up, but you should reduce the load.
    4. Walk more.
    5. On such days, many have a diminished ability to concentrate on something. This does not need to fight. However, knowing this feature, try not to drive and not do any dangerous work.
    6. The following advice will not help everyone; some simply won't do it. It is given only for those who like the idea. A kind of meditation. It is necessary to relax, sit in any comfortable position and begin to make such movements with your hands that the hands “want” to make themselves. To start, you can help yourself and slightly push your right hand mentally. Then gently free your hands from mind control. Let them move as they like. Movement can be smooth or sharp. Do not interfere in this process. Approximately 20 minutes of such meditation will let out the accumulated emotions.
    7. From primitiveness and craving for scandals, this method helps well. As soon as you feel that you can not cope with yourself try to retire. Sit or lie down on your back and start turning your eyes clockwise. Movement should be as complete as possible. Unaccustomed to you will get tired quickly enough. As soon as there are signs of fatigue, stop, rest, and continue to practice the exercise again. It is also useful for vision, but the main task is to create a condition that will allow you to relax your head as much as possible. At the end of the practice, be sure to stay in peace and quiet for at least 10 minutes.

    What would a disorder look like

    And in the final, a little about how to distinguish the usual state before menstruation from affective type mental disorder. Depression in the medical sense is found according to a number of criteria. One of them is the lack of identity in words and facial expressions. A sick person may be dreary and tearful, but his face remains stony, as if a mask. He may experience wild and inexplicable anxiety, which he feels as a lump in the area in front of his heart. He thinks negatively and does not see prospects in life. He does not just lose his ability to concentrate on something, but falls into the realm of the psychological lack of things.

    As if conscious of a white mist or wall. He not only disrupts sleep, but changes the nature of the phases of sleep. He falls somewhere and does not sleep. Rest can not and wake it is not called. The patient is inclined to solve all problems in an inadequate way. In many ways, a mental disorder causes dependence on the patients themselves. In principle, in the course of a depressive episode, a person can rejoice at something once. But then, as if by duty, he would again return to his longing. Joy causes withdrawal syndrome. How is that? Am I suddenly without anguish?

    You have to admit, this is not at all like you. So don't call it depression. No one would ever think to say about schizophrenia before menstruation.. What do you all so love this word "depression"? There is nothing good in it. So don't look for it in your home country just for the reason that you are a woman, and women have PMS.

    Now you understand why the psychotherapist from the beginning of this story began to deny the presence of depression in that lady. She didn’t like it ... We hope that you will be more savvy and will not look for signs of a mental chimera in yourself.

    1. What is depression?

    Depression - this quite common mental illness today. Doctors often equate it to a cold, since statistically, as a percentage, these diseases occur much more frequently than others.

    You can often hear the phrase "I have depression" from a completely healthy person. Basically, people who feel that way failed in any life endeavors.

    But despite its failures , a person continues to live in his usual environment, without making any changes in his life.

    From another point of view, a person who actually suffers from depressive disorders constantly experiences depressed state and sense of helplessness and alienationwho don't leave him for a second does not notice his painful condition, or rather, just does not want recognize yourself sick .

    This fact greatly violates the ability of people to adequately relate to the world around them, prevents them from communicating with work colleagues and with your family, as it is absent, or the ability to logically and adequately evaluate one or another vital important situation.

    Today, depression is one of main problems of the public. This is primarily due to the increase of such a disease among people.

    The urgency of this problem in Russia, according to psychologists, is connected with the economic crisis in the country. People do not have confidence in the future, do not understand how to save money with a small salary in the current environment, are worried about their future and the future of their children, in this regard increases the amount of stress in the population.

    Depression is hard enough to identify.that affects a more in-depth study of this disease and its causes.

    Only results Scientific research will help create the most relevant approach and the diagnosis of depression and the implementation of concomitant care for people who are concerned about stressful situations and other psychological disorders.

    2. What is melancholy?

    Melancholy is a disorder of the human psyche, which is accompanied by a number of characteristic symptoms.

    These include: inability to experience joyful events, a certain degree of reduced thinking, lack of good mood, lowering the active life position.

    People in a state of melancholy are prone to negative reasoning about life and others, they have a pronounced pessimistic mood in relation to real events.

    People with the disease lose any interest in your employmenthave them lack of appetite, own self-esteem is understated. (We already wrote about how to raise our self-esteem in the article “How to increase self-esteem and self-confidence?”)

    Quite often, this category of citizens drink alcohol and others psychotropic substancesthat contribute to the perceived improvement of mood.

    Today, melancholy occurs in almost half of the population. According to statistics, after thirty years of age 70% of women suffer from this affliction.

    Probability of occurrence of mental disorders and adolescent childrenis also quite high.

    Today medicine perfectly helps with the treatment of this condition. How it is cured from it is described in detail below.

    An important point!

    Before starting treatment, it is important to correctly clarify the diagnosis. That the disease is exactly depression, and not the usual blues, which happens in the spring or a typical mood swings and temporary life difficulties.

    Serious intervention of specialists and properly selected medicines require biochemical, and psychosomatic consequences of the disease.

    Opinion that depression is 21st century diseaseis erroneous from the point of view of experienced doctors. Since the disease was known and quite common in the distant past. Medieval healers defined depression as the last and worst stage of melancholy.

    In ancient times, this disease was treated with opium tincture, mineral healing waters, cleansing enemas, and full and long sleep.

    The causes of depression are usually complex disorders of the nervous system, the factors of which are internal or external influences on the human psyche.

    3. The main causes of depression

    • Alzheimer's Disease.
    • Increased stress on the brain, due to prolonged stress.
    • Alcohol abuse.
    • Use of narcotic substances.
    • Psychological trauma, for example, the death of a relative, loss of workplace.
    • Climatic or seasonal factors, for example, in spring or winter.
    • Excessive physical or mental stress.
    • Iatrogenic form of depression. Excessive use of drugs.
    • Various head injuries.
    • Separation from your loved one.
    • Changing of the living place.
    • Procrastination (the habit of postponing important things for later).

    Not infrequently, the state of depression in a person appears for no reason. According to experts in such situations, an important factor is disruption of normal neurochemical functions in the human brain.

    4. Signs of depression in women and men - symptoms of "disease"

    The states of a person’s depression are quite diverse, and, in most cases, they affect the body as a whole. To help specialists accurately diagnose the disease help complex symptoms, and this in turn contributes to the appointment right and effective treatment.

    To prescribe these or other medications, as well as concomitant therapy, the doctor can only by conducting a general diagnosis of the patient’s mental disorder.

    As a rule, the physiological signs of the state of depression are distinguished by the individual characteristics of the organism.

    For example, most people loss of appetiteand for some it is quite the opposite. increases during the period of illness. The same feature concerns full-featured problems. a dream person One patient may suffer from insomnia, and the other - constantly wants to sleep and suffers from fatigue around the clock.

    Symptoms of depression are divided into several groups according to the accompanying symptoms.

    Symptom # 1. Emotional manifestations of depression in humans

    • Decreases or disappears interest in life and the world.
    • Increased irritability, even without a specific reason.
    • Depressed mood, feeling of melancholy and despair.
    • Feelings of helplessness and guilt in any situation.
    • Low self-esteem.
    • The state of anxiety and panic.
    • Anxiety, for example, for their loved ones.
    • Impossibility to be content with earlier favorite hobbies.
    • Waiting for disaster and other unforeseen events.
    • Loss of emotional sensitivity.

    Symptom # 2. Physiological manifestations of depression in humans

    • Painful psychosomatic nature. For example, arms, legs, stomach, heart, head, etc. hurt.
    • Disturbance or lack of sleep.
    • Low performance.
    • Disorders of the human digestive system.
    • Increased fatigue, even with slight physical exertion.
    • Increased appetite, or its complete absence.
    • Decreased sexual desire, until impotence occurs (in men).
    • Weakness with any physical exertion.

    Symptom # 3. Significant changes in people's behavior

    • Alcohol abuse.
    • Tendency to loneliness and not wanting to communicate with others.
    • No desire for entertainment and hobbies.
    • The use of psychotropic and narcotic substances in order to improve mood.
    • Passive life position.
    • Replacing important, necessary and urgent matters with a waste of time.
    • Preference sedentary, or lying way of life.

    Difficulties in making any independent decisions.

    As in the example with any disease, whether it is a cold or cough, if you do not start timely treatment of depression with properly selected drugs, the patient’s condition will be aggravated daily.

    This increases the number of symptoms of the disease and their severity, which can even lead to suicidepatients , specialif viewed adolescent depression.

    Not infrequently, the thinking of a sick person is so critical that they can easily be mistaken for a person’s dementia, instead of a serious mental disorder associated with a neglected state of depression.

    Often the disease is accompanied by increased attention to life problems. A patient, usually, completely sure that he has mentaleither somatic disease.

    In order for the doctor to be able to correctly diagnose and prescribe the appropriate treatment, a stable (at least 14 days) the presence of a person in any of the above signs of depression.

    1. Endogenous depression

    Endogenous depression is a severe type of illness. It brings a huge amount of suffering, both to the patient himself, and to his family and all the people around him.

    There are certain symptoms for detecting endogenous depression in humans.

    These primarily include: inability to fall asleep in the evening, and early awakening at dawn, lack of interest in the world and society.

    There are also external signs of this type of disease.. These include: increased alarm condition, systematic presence of causeless sadness and longing, depressed human condition.

    Secondary Signs of the patient having endogenous depression are: slow motion, constant slouch, quiet and uncertain speech.

    The external features of such people are lifeless, dull hair, as well as sallow and dark skin complexion.

    The characteristic signs of endogenous depression in humans are slowthinking and reasoning, absence ofconcentration and attention, memory problemsabsolutely not no desires and interests.

    Neglected forms of this serious mental illness lead to a deterioration in the general condition of the patient, there is apathy towards the world and society as a whole. Patients characterize their state of health, in the form of heaviness in the soul, a depressed state, similar to the severity of a serious illness and other similar symptoms.

    People with this disease usuallywith indifference apply to all surrounding citizensincluding closest relatives. They lock themselves in their inner world and reflect only on their difficult life fate.

    From the social position in society, such patients try to remove themselves in various ways.

    2. Manic depression

    There is a group of people who appear in the course of the disease. megalomania, inappropriate behavior in a particular situation unreasonable change of mood, eg, the sudden emergence of joyful emotionsor vice versa sadness. This kind of mental disorder is called manic depression, in other words, bipolar mental illness.

    This disease makes people irritable, overly active and rather self-confident.

    Manic depression can be expressed in various forms.

    The initial stage of a given mental disorder in a person is a mild form of the disease, called - cyclothymia . Citizens suffering from this type of depression, there is a constant change of mood. They may have no reason to cry or laugh. The initial stage of mania (mild form) appears.

    The most dangerous is bipolar in other words, big depression. At the stages of exacerbation of this serious mental illness, a person has obsessive thoughts about committing suicide, and during the manic phase of depression all bad thoughts instantly disappear, clarity of mind and sobriety of mind appear. In addition, these patients are not able to foresee the dangerous consequences of their own actions.

    Not rare dysthymic diseases. It is a depressive nerve, the easiest stage of a depressive disorder of a person. Otherwise, it is called minor depression or minor depressive disorder of the human nervous system. This includes postpartum depressionwhich is described in detail below.

    In various manifestations, depression is a state of a person in which he disfigures the way he conducts himself in society. No person is immune from diseases of the depressive disorder of the nervous system.

    Depression can hit absolutely any person, old and young, idle people and divorced or never had a family the poor and millionaires. By the way, how to become a millionaire, we also wrote in the last article.

    In the life of every citizen there can be such events that will certainly lead to overvoltages and stressful situations that are the initial stage of depressive disorder of the human nervous system, especially if unpleasant events simultaneously overtake the psyche or their systematic alternation follows.

    When applying for the psychological help of women, in most cases a diagnosis is found and made major depressive disorder nervous system, compared with cases of seeking the help of male patients.

    Specialists in this regard have the opinion that women they more often recognize their condition as a serious disease and rush to visit a doctor, and men they try to be treated on their own, therefore they rarely go to the hospital.

    But, as a rule, such depressive experiences as loneliness, helplessness, sadness and other mental disorders, more common in female patients. In such states of depression in men, instead of the skilled help of a specialist, they prefer to drown out their sorrows and hardships with the help of alcoholic beverages or other substances that are able to temporarily improve mood and give imaginary self-confidence.

    3. Masked depression

    The stage of such depression, which runs unnoticed by other people, is called maskedor latent depression. Its experts do not consider as an independent disorder of the human nervous system, but as a result alcoholism or the adoption of other psychotropic substancescheering up. In such a situation, men are practically do not ask for help .

    A depressive disorder of a person can manifest itself in a wide variety of forms. In certain situations, the states of depression in people differ in their severity. In some, such a state is clearly visible to others, and another category of people hides their psychological state from outsiders.

    Easy, depression is in that situation if, against the background of certain symptoms in a person, a breakdown and mood, he finds the strength to do his daily work and his usual activities.

    Moderate, depression is when the totality of mental disorder symptoms do not allow for the proper performance of daily work.

    Severe depressionThis is when a person has all the signs of a nervous system disorder and they are noticeable to others, and all these symptoms do not allow a person to do his daily activities and work.

    4. Clinical depression

    Clinical depression in other words is called bigeither mono polar depression. This form of human nervous system disorder is most common today.

    Entitled "Clinical", Implies the presence of a single extreme position in the range of emotions. It is characterized by only one kind of patient mood, for example, sad or depressed.

    In most cases, this mood does not pass during the day, and also causes insomnia, loss of appetite, heartache and pain, lack of joyful emotions, inability to focus on anything.

    In a similar condition, patients usually, consider themselves to be useless to no one, and consider their position in society or at work as absolutely meaningless and useless. These people have very low self-esteem.

    The points of view of specialists, according to the occurrence of depression in people, are divided .

    Some doctors believe that the disease is directly related to abnormal processes in the human brain. In most patients, the propensity for such a disease is hereditary.

    In another category of people, depression can cause abnormalities in the hormonal background of the human body.

    The remaining factors include the following factors: stressful situations, postpartum period in women, death of relatives, guilt and helplessness, various stressful situations.

    Doctors distinguish 4 main groups of symptoms of depression:

    • Mood disorders. People have unreasonable obsessive thoughts about their guilt in something, there is a feeling of loneliness and despair, they are constantly in a state of melancholy.
    • Volatile behavior. A person is completely detached from communication with others, it is difficult for him to concentrate his thoughts, a vague consideration.
    • Physical manifestations. Changes in body weight, impaired or complete lack of sleep, systematic pain in the head.
    • Complex mental disorders. The simultaneous presence of several of the above symptoms of depression.

    The patient himself is not able to adequately assess their own well-being, since the symptoms of a person’s mental disorder may manifest themselves in different ways and may be expressed to a greater or lesser degree.

    The depressed state completely amazes the sincere mood of citizens, clear thinking is getting worse.

    6. Major signs of depression

    Experts identify two major signs of depression.

    These include: lack of interest in the joyful events of the surrounding world, a steady feeling of depression and depression, and an extreme stage of the disease, is complete indifference to all people around and everything that happens in the world and the public. Constant feeling of melancholy and depression, sense of hopelessness and misunderstanding of the meaning of his own life lead not just to sadness and tears, but to acute spiritual painful diseases .

    Being depressed, most people withdraw into themselves and do not want to communicate with others. In the process of such a psychological disease of a person, the attraction to the opposite sex disappears, difficulties in achieving orgasm and erection appear.

    During depression, the person’s physical condition changes. It differs from the others by its slow gait, quiet speech, stoop, in medicine this condition is called psychomotor retardation the patient.

    But there are also situations when people have an absolutely similar physical condition. They are characterized by accelerated and restless movements, speech is loud and fast. This state is called - psychomotor agitation.

    Depression condition significantly affects the feelings of people and their thinking. Usually, all patients’s thoughts are directed towards negative moments of life. Vividly expressed, the difficulty to focus on a particular issue, thinking is difficult, the person has memory problems, absent-mindedness, confusion of thoughts.

    In such a state, human feelings and thoughts do not reflect reality. The patient experiences anxiety, has low self-esteem, is surrounded by his own fear, guilt, and feels that he is no longer needed.

    Psychological feeling dissatisfaction with yourself and own life often aggravated by all sorts of manifestations: the patient periodically appears not only thoughts about suicide , but also his attempts, or developed plans to commit suicide.

    Major depression is divided into several forms.

    Psychopathic depression, during which hallucinations and delusions occur in a patient, the number of suicides increases significantly and treatment is required under the supervision of specialists.

    Atypical depression, when expressed mixed picture of the above symptoms.

    Postpartum depression is observed in women after childbirth.

    Minor depression is called dysthymia. This is a protracted mental disorder of a person, which is accompanied by a lack of joyful events in life and emotions.

    If the patient suffers from dysthymia, then he is almost always in a gloomy mood. His thoughts are guilty and anxious. A person is constantly slowed down, and every occurring event in the surrounding reality is viewed as another failure. We recommend reading the article - “How to attract luck and money?”

    Dysthymia can last for several years. The concomitant gloomy mood of people in the process of such a disease does not rarely lead to the loss of work and family.

    Previously, dysthymia was treated with psychotherapy, and mainly with psychoanalysis. There are other ways to get rid of this disease. These include: interpersonal, cognitive, behavioral therapy. Most experts argue that the best is a mixed treatment with the simultaneous use of drugs and psychotherapy.

    Spring depression - seasonal affective disorder

    A particular form of depression that occurs only at certain times of the year, for example, in the autumn or in the spring.

    Many citizens who suffer from a similar mental disorder may feel fine throughout the year, but in one season or another they experience lethargy and depressed mood.

    According to statistics, this disorder occurs more often in the fall and ends by the beginning of spring. But there are other categories of citizens suffering from depression in other periods of the year. As a rule, spring depression occurs in women, less often occurs in men.

    Symptoms of this disease are:fatigue, drowsiness, anorexia, decrease in working capacity, inability to focus your thoughts on a specific question, irritability, sense of anxiety, unwillingness to communicate with other people.

    Seasonal mental disorder passes, without any particular therapy, with the onset of another season. People have a surge of strength and vitality.

    Experts today can not answer definitely what exactly is the cause of such depression. Basically, they indicate a decrease in the level of the hormone of joy in people in a certain period of the year. Usually such a mental disorder is hereditary.

    Bipolar depression (mania)

    In the period of bipolar depression in humans is observed changeable mood. It can suddenly move from joyful emotions to sad well-being, or vice versa. On average, this category of patients has an absolutely normal mood, despite systematic drops in it during the depression phase.

    During the period of exacerbations, a person displays symptoms similar to those of major depression: excessive activity, emotional arousal, and increased self-confidence. Usually, such mood changes of people are completely unrelated to current life problems.

    The course of this disease violates the usual human activities, and causes difficulties in the performance of daily work.

    Develop and begin bouts of bipolar depression can completely unexpected way. People may experience all sorts of anxiety during the phase of an attack of mental disorder. They find it difficult to focus on anything, there is a feeling of guilt and estrangement from the outside world.

    There are also the opposite phase of mental disorder, in which a person is different superb well-being, elevated thinking abilities, experiencing a surge of strength and is in an inexplicably high spirits.

    In the process of increasing mania, the patient's arousal increases, and his actions may become completely unforeseen. The feeling of immense joy can change in an instant to resentment and anxiety.

    For people with such depression, various failures and life falls are unacceptable. They have excessive bouts of anger and excessive demands on the people around them.

    The lack of a critical attitude towards one’s own state is a distinctive feature of mania.

    In what situations is overly joyful mood regarded as a sign of mania?

    • The need for rest and sleep disappears.
    • Instant change of thoughts.
    • The feeling of greatness and high self-esteem.
    • Obsession in communicating with others and increased talkativeness in general.
    • The tendency to be distracted by extraneous elements that are irrelevant.
    • Enthusiasm for anything that will entail further complications.
    • Increased activity and acceleration of movements in all spheres of life.

    Only in the situation when the above symptoms are expressed quite clearly, and also interfere with the normal existence of a person and his presence in public places, experts put it with confidence diagnosis of mania and prescribe the appropriate treatment.

    In severe cases, the inexplicable self-confidence of a patient diagnosed with mania can gradually turn into a delusion of greatness. With this psychological disorder, a person decides for himself that he has the ability to communicate with supernatural invisible objects and recognize their voices. Such behavior of patients is very dangerous for other people.

    When mania significantly increases the speed of thinking of the brain, increases the patient's physical activity, increases sexual desire.

    Other forms of bipolar disorder are rare. These include:accelerated circular disorder and moody mania.

    The symptoms of the course of such diseases are similar to the above reasons for the psychological disorder of people.

    7. What causes depression in women?

    There are several types of depression that can develop in women.

    These include:

    1. Agitated depression. The disease is associated with self-preoccupation, loss of social status and self-criticism.
    2. Pathological form of depression. It is usually the cause of death of relatives and close friends.
    3. Alcoholic or narcotic. Occurs with excessive use of alcohol or psychotropic substances.
    4. Iatrogenic depression. It develops from the uncontrolled use of drugs, usually with a sedative or hypnotic effect, without a doctor's prescription.
    5. Somatic. Caused by diseases such as brain tumors, hydrocephalus, sclerosis, epilepsy, thyroid disease, and others.
    6. Postpartum depression and depression of pregnant women.

    All types of these mental disorders are accompanied by hormonal changes and other physiological processes in the body of women.

    Postpartum depression

    Mental disorders in women are significantly affected. surplus active substances in the body, which are responsible for the normal production of beneficial hormones that help maintain a person's normal mood.

    Usually, depression in pregnant women or those who have given birth to a baby in the last six months, arise and end on their own, without any reason or medication.

    But in the event that the signs of a mental disorder are sufficiently pronounced, immediate medical intervention and the appointment of concomitant treatment is required. According to statistics, depression after childbirth about 40% of women suffer different age categories.

    Postpartum depression Is a nervous system disorder that develops in women from 0 before 6 months after giving birth.

    Periodic disorder of the nervous system that occurs in about 15% women of the fair sex of childbearing age, called pre-menstrual syndrome.

    In the process of such a disease, women experience nervousness, sleep disturbance and appetite, a broken and depressed mood. This period lasts no more than two weeks and ends with the onset of menstruation.

    8. Signs of depression in women

    Very often the occurrence of a state of depression directly associated with hormonal disorders in the body . They affect the fertility of women of appropriate age. In the body of a woman, this period is divided into several stages.

    These include: menstrual cycle , pregnancy and childbirth , climax . Peculiar changes in the hormonal background in the body occur in each of the listed periods. These features of the female body violate certain functions of the nervous system and, therefore, affect mental state generally.

    Patients with such nervous system disorders experience mood swings depending on a particular phase of the menstrual cycle. for 1-2 weeks.

    Not infrequently, the onset of pregnancy leads to depression, in no dependence, long-awaited or not.

    But, oddly enough, abortion, only in exceptional cases, can cause depression. The highest probability of occurrence in women of depressive disorders, this is the time of birth of the baby, it does not affect what kind of child was born.

    Postpartum depression can be a mild form of nervous breakdown, or a severe form of depression that can occur several weeks or months before delivery.

    Experts claim that suddenly such depression cannot come, and this is due to the fact that woman and previously had mental problems, but did not seek help from doctors.

    On the psyche of women in labor also affects a sharp decrease in the level of hormones. This condition is due to the stressful situation associated with childbirth, as well as new difficulties and responsibilities in your lifewhich are added with the birth of the baby.

    Including, postpartum depression can be directly related to unsuccessful childbirth, problems in the family, material disadvantage and other factors.

    Menopausal period in a woman is not so dangerous for the onset of depression. Experts say that mental disorders during menopause are no different from depression, which can occur in any other period of life.

    The most susceptible to mental disorders are those categories of women who have previously experienced nervous system disorders.

    Today, the occurrence of depression in young girls is quite common. (aged from 14 to 29 years). The risk of the emergence of all kinds of mental illness in the younger generation is prone to depression 4 times higher.

    In girls at a young age in the period of nervous overstrain digestive disorders, they are prone to overeating, or, conversely, completely refuse to eat food. Such mental disorders often lead to other various diseases, as well as significantly affect the physical development and health of the body.

    When refusing food, a serious illness can develop. anorexia, which leads to a decrease in the resistance of the young body and contributes to the emergence of no less dangerous diseases, such as tuberculosis or pneumoniaas well as others infectious diseases.

    How to help a girl cope with depression?

    The general condition of the patient is required to pay enough attention. Since the problems associated with the digestive system, require long-term treatment with a psychiatrist.

    The first is symptomatic therapy, contributing to the overall strengthening of the body. Nutritionists select a special diet for the patient, and doctors control her overall well-being.

    The treatment will be most successful if you start it. timely .

    Stressful situations for women

    The impact on the body of a woman of various stressful situations causes a high percentage of diseases of depression.

    Stressful situations include:

    • care for a small child,
    • trouble and frustration in personal life,
    • lack of life partner,
    • loneliness.

    A huge number of divorced women suffer from depression.

    Many women part with their loved ones, which can lead to reactive depression, which is large and requires long-term treatment.

    Women with a distinctive character are most often subjected to mental disorders due to their lack of balance or overconfidence.

    The category of these women often consumes alcohol or various drugs.

    Symptoms of reactive depression

    • Self-criticism has been raised without any reason.
    • There is no interest in everyday life and the surrounding society.
    • Bad memory and difficulties in making independent decisions.
    • Disturbed sleep and increased causeless irritability.
    • The presence of periodic obsessive thoughts about suicide.
    • Constant feeling of fatigue.
    • Headaches and general physical exhaustion.
    • Increased heartbeat, pain in the heart and pressure problems.

    Depression among citizens male is less common than women. What is considered to be "men do not cry”, And it is precisely this expression that they try to conform to in everyday life.

    But such a statement does not save men from the onset of various mental illnesses, including all kinds of depression.

    The main symptoms of depression in men are: inability to control one's emotions, weakness, inability to overcome all sorts of life obstacles, problems in one’s personal life.

    According to experts, it is quite difficult for men to express their own emotions and feelings due to their usual shyness.

    Usually, men do not discuss personal issues or difficulties in the workplace. They believe that they can independently overcome possible obstacles that, one way or another, are present in their daily lives.

    Among men, few people will think about visiting a psychiatrist for the purpose of drug treatment of mental health problems. Psychologists for the required consultation, men also practically do not apply.

    9. Signs of depression in men

    Among the main signs of detection of depression in men are the following:

    • Systematic use of alcohol or various drugs.
    • Addiction to gambling.
    • Aggressive and unstable behavior.

    These symptoms are only capable of silencing a serious illness that requires immediate treatment for some time.

    Get out of depression with alcohol, egNo man can. In addition, the above signs of depression contribute to the deterioration of the psychological state and the difficult position in society and the family. Do not be afraid of depression and related symptoms.

    The best way for a man to be a timely appeal to a specialist for help. Only a psychotherapist will help improve the quality of life and take the path of recovery.

    The same stressful situation in different men can be the reason for the development of a complex form of depression, or it can do a minor mental disorder.

    The reasons for stress can be the following life troubles:

    • Dismissal from a permanent job.
    • Bad relationships with women.
    • Difficulties in personal life and family.
    • All sorts of psychological tragedy.
    • Assignment of the responsible and complex tasks.
    • Material difficulties.
    • Lack of purpose in life.
    • Changing of the living place.
    • Retirement age.

    In addition, you can cite many cases of psychological disorder in men without any significant problems of the apparent causes of depression.

    It is important to note that in the situation when a person has previously there were difficulties with the emotional and mental statethen, in consequence, a slight stressful situation is enough for the occurrence of a serious mental disorder and prolonged depression.

    The factor of heredity is also important in the possibility of depression with a slight stress.

    Experts say that the tendency to such a state is passed down from generation to generation, and in such a family it is very difficult and almost impossible to avoid problems with mental disorder.

    Children from such families require a special individual approach. Recommended to limit them to possible ways from stressful situations, and in case of the slightest suspicion of possible deviations in mental development, you should immediately seek psychological and medical help from specialists, in order to avoid serious complications and dire consequences.

    10. Depression in men and women: what are the differences?

    It follows from the above that men suffer from depression almost 2 times lesscompared to women. This feature is primarily due to the high dependence of the body of women on hormonal levels.

    The lability of the nervous system of women is another reason for such statistics. As well as women, emotional reactions are more pronounced. It is often enough for a woman to say a rash word for the development of a severe form of depression.

    The duration of depression in men is significantly less in time, compared with the course of the female psychological disorder. Depression in women usually lasts from several months and can last for years. Only with the right treatment can they get rid of this serious disease.

    Despite the fact that depression in men is not as long, the disease may develop intensively and leaking heavier.

    According to statistics, suicide attempts men commit more often than women. As a weak half of the population, suicide attempts require quite serious reasons than the loss of one or another interest in life.

    Women, even during depression, can go to work and do everyday household chores, while men are practically incapable of doing so during a period of mental illness.

    11. How to get out of depression yourself - 10 tips of a psychologist to get rid of depression

    Proven advice from psychologists will help and prompt how to get out of depression yourself when there is no strength to do anything.

    Tip number 1. Take responsibility for yourself.

    Tip number 2. Watch interesting and inspirational TV shows and movies.

    Council number 3. Avoid solitude and loneliness. Communicate more often with people around you. Attend interesting events. Find yourself an exciting job or hobby.

    Council number 4. Allow yourself to take help from other people.

    Council number 5. Refer to the spiritual world.

    Council number 6. Completely eliminate alcohol and other drugs. They adversely affect the state of the psyche of people and worsen it with each use.

    Council number 7. Adjust sleep. Only a long and healthy rest is able to restore the nervous system of a person.

    Council number 8. Get exercise.

    Council number 9. Do something useful for the people around you disinterestedly - show love to them, and they will reciprocate.

    Council number 10. Use affirmations.

    12. How to deal with depression?

    In modern medicine, any, even the most complex forms of mental disorders can be cured . It should be noted that the treatment will be most effective if you start it at the first signs of the disease.

    Today it is difficult to avoid permanent stress at work or in personal life, but properly chosen medication will help cope with life difficulties.

    Only highly qualified specialists can help to avoid depression. psychologists and psychiatrists.

    One of the most common treatments for depression is psychotherapy. The doctor will help you learn how to communicate with other people correctly, change the negative style of thinking and behavior into a positive attitude towards life.

    The specialist will help to normalize the emotional comfort of the person and advise how to avoid the recurrence of mental disorder. In cases of severe disease, apply electroshock therapy for patients. She is appointed in those situations when the patient for some reason does not take, or cannot take the necessary medications, or in cases where the patient’s condition threatens his life or the life and health of the people around him.

    The main drug treatment is antidepressant use . Select, advise and assign which can only professional doctor.

    Self-medicate Not recommended, and even, is strictly prohibited. Only a specialist can choose the right medical therapy, which is safe for the patient's health and most effective in a particular case of mental disorder.

    During postpartum depression, as a rule, a woman feeds her baby’s breast milk. In this situation, the selection of drugs should be particularly careful so that in the process of treating the mother does not harm her young child.

    Improving the patient's condition is manifested in the first week of taking the drugs prescribed by the doctor.

    But, it is necessary to take into account that in order to achieve a good result of treatment, and its stability, as well as to avoid repeated mental disorders, use drugs It takes at least six months, and in some cases, even a few years.

    13. How to get rid of depression yourself?

    In addition to the medical treatment of depression, aromatic therapy is widely used today and is quite effective. This is a great way to get rid of certain types of mental disorders without using drugs.

    This type of disease treatment is ideal for of womensuffering postpartum depression, because not all drugs can be used.

    Aromatic oils through the pores penetrate the human body and contribute overall improvement of well-being. With the help of such tools you can raise your mood, as the aroma of oils has a positive effect on the human brain.

    There are several ways to use aromatic oil. You can simply breathe them indoors, add a few drops while taking a bath, use essential oil during the massage.

    To get rid of mental disorders there is a huge variety of aromatic oils. The most effective are:melissa oil, rosemary, lavender, orange and many others.

    14. Treatment of depression: 2 main ways

    Depression is a serious medical condition and patients need complex treatment.

    If stressful situations gradually disappear on their own, then the diseases caused by them will never go away without a trace, unless an effective, properly chosen complex treatment is started in time.

    Today distinguish two main types of treatment for depression, this is an independent treatment, or with the help of doctors.

    Only initial forms of the disease can be cured on their own, which have minor symptoms and last a short period of time.

    Treatment by specialists is the most preferred and effective option. So how to get out of depression on your own when there is no strength to do anything is almost impossible (or very difficult).

    Doctors, usually, are not advocates of self-treatment of diseases, especially if it concerns complex mental disorders in humans.

    Consider in more detail the most modern, safe and effective treatments for all sorts of mental disorders.

    It should be noted that, first of all, successful therapy depends on the well-established emotional contact between the patient and the psychotherapist. Only with trusting and benevolent relations, the result of the applied therapy will not be long in coming, and it will also be steady and more pronounced.

    The main directions of treatment:

    • Hypnotherapy.
    • Social therapy.
    • Classical psychotherapy.
    • Treatment with drugs.
    • Electroconvulsive therapy.

    Today, experts are trying to use aggressive treatments for depression, namely, electro-convoyeither drug therapy, solely in serious health problems, when the mental disorder is complex and lasts long enough.

    The main drugs for the treatment of psychological disorders are sedatives and various antidepressants. For each patient, doctors select medical treatment on an individual basis.

    In order to achieve the best result of treatment and its long-lasting effect, the desire of the patient to get rid of depression forever is of great importance.

    In the process of rehabilitation, patients are obliged to strictly follow all the recommendations of doctors, as well as to monitor their own behavior and try to establish friendly and trusting relationships with people around them.

    Depression before menstruation

    Depression before menstruation very familiar to many women. Most femins do not know how to deal with this temporary emotional discomfort, and do not fully understand the causes of this phenomenon, but it is precisely these days that the greatest number of women go to doctors for help is noted. Scientists attribute this behavior to the loss of self-control and increased suspicion. Experts have noticed that it is precisely these days that women who use alcohol and drugs take them more often and more than usual. In addition, in women on critical days, the likelihood increases, while driving a car, to have an accident.
    The causes of depression before menstruation are rooted in a change in the hormonal levels of women. The level of estrogen hormones in the blood from the 21st to the 28th day of the menstrual cycle drops sharply, and significant changes occur in the body of feminine. The most amazing thing is that the additional intake of estrogen on these days has no effect. Therefore, scientists attribute to the causes of depression before menstruation other factors. These can be seasonal, emotional disorders, exacerbating thyroid dysfunction, stress, etc. Also, most scientists believe that hysterical, neuropathic women with an unstable psyche are subject to a depressive state on critical days.

    Why before menstruation depression? One of the versions of the occurrence of a depressive condition include improper diet, so if you change the power system on these days, then the symptoms of this disease can be avoided.

    Symptoms of depression before menstruation are as follows:

    - tearfulness, touchiness, anxiety,

    - aggression, sudden outbursts of anger,

    - headaches, melancholy, change of mood,

    - constant nervous tension, confusion, weakness,

    - increased fatigue, indecision,

    - the feeling that everything falls out of hand,

    - susceptibility to domestic troubles (cuts, burns, etc.),

    - bad reaction and inattention,

    - forgetfulness, confusion in thoughts,

    - insomnia or drowsiness,

    - heightened perception of noise,

    - unstoppable thirst for flour and sweets.

    First of all, in women, the occurrence of depressive symptoms is noticed by the immediate environment, the femin themselves may not even notice the symptoms. The first signs are problems with sleep, irritability. Next come the behavior disorder in the form of refusals of actions that bring earlier emotional satisfaction. Mental and motor lethargy is noted, often the femin refuses food. You can suspect a depressive state if a sociable and cheerful woman starts avoiding familiar contacts, isolates herself and behaves closed. Somatic manifestations are also noted: pain in the joints, muscles, in the mammary glands. If all of the above symptoms occur, it will be better to seek help from a psychotherapist. Lack of qualified assistance can lead to suicidal attempts.

    How to avoid depression before menstruation? “Poor before menstruation, what to do?” Often women do not know how to help themselves. Doctors advise to drink at this time strongly diuretic infusions, to eat unsalted food. The diet includes foods rich in vitamin B6 and potassium (fish, dairy products, eggs, bananas, dried apricots, apples, grapes, raisins, legumes, broccoli, bran bread, chocolate, cocoa, etc.). Drug therapy is prescribed by a psychotherapist individually and urgent need. All feminis are recommended during this period to take vitamins A and E, calcium, magnesium, vitamin B6 preparations, which prevent the accumulation of estrogens and stimulate their exchange.

    Sports will help to deal with the symptoms of depressive state more quickly, so you shouldn’t give up on sports, but it is recommended to reduce the load. Walking fast paced, jogging, swimming, breathing exercises are able to elevate mood.

    If the depression before the menstruation still does not leave, then psychologists advise not to save the negative, but to splash it out. For example, break a plate, sit down intensively 20 times, go to a park or a deserted place and shout, take a pillow and start beating it, until all negative emotions come out, if there is a need to cry, then it is better not to fight it, let tears flow.

    In loneliness it is better not to suffer, but to call a girlfriend for help. A friend will definitely listen, especially since soon she will also need to be supported on difficult days. Having discussed the unenviable female fate, psychologists advise to go shopping together, since shopping is an excellent remedy for depression during menstruation. The main thing to remember is that an unpleasant state lasts only a few days a month, and it will definitely end.

    What to do to prevent depression?

    In order to prevent all sorts of psychological disorders, it is recommended to monitor the occurrence of initial signs of depression, as well as to try to get rid of them promptly and effectively.

    If you think you have become irritable and quick-tempered, you notice mood changes, you lose your emotional attraction to everyday activities, you have trouble sleeping, you need to urgently think about proper rest, or a change of work and other changes in your life.

    Healthy and prolonged sleep is one of the most significant conditions for getting rid of stress and improving one's psychological and emotional well-being.

    Properly composed daily routineIt also plays an important role in getting rid of the initial signs of depression.

    We also recommend watching the video about the treatment and symptoms of the disease:

    In conclusion, the following should be noted:

    Depressed is an heavy mental illness of a person. Her treatment must be treated with great responsibility. You can not drown out all sorts of symptoms of the disease with the help of alcoholic beverages and various drugs.

    If you find yourself in any signs of psychological disorder, it is urgent to take action. The best solution in this situation is Seek qualified help to specialists.

    Do not confuse this serious disease with ordinary mood swings or seasonal blues (for example, spring depression). Depression differs in physiological characteristics that occur in the human body. It never passes without a trace, but only aggravates every day, and gradually from a mild form it passes into a difficult stage.

    Now you know how to get out of depression, what it is, how best to get rid of it, what symptoms and signs are there with depression in a person, etc.

    Never Do not start the course of such a disease, and do not wait for it to pass on its own. Seek advice from a psychotherapist, and he will definitely help you!