Pain during menstruation


Familiar recommended nayz. Says a good remedy. Can I drink nayz during menstruation?

The expediency of using the Nise during menstruation should be determined by the doctor. The dosage of the drug in each case is considered individually. Doctors necessarily consider the presence of health problems in the patient. This drug should not be consumed if any of the following disorders are detected:

  • intolerance to certain substances of the drug Nise,
  • exacerbation of asthma,
  • intestinal infection, enterocolitis,
  • allergic reaction to acetylsalicylic acid,
  • aggravation of gastritis, gastric ulcer,
  • bleeding disorder,
  • liver disease,
  • renal failure
  • heart ailments.

Nise should not be used during pregnancy and lactation. It can have a negative effect on the fetus. The active ingredient of the drug is deposited directly in breast milk.

In the lowest dosage and with high caution, Nise should be used for cardiac ischemia, peripheral artery pathologies, and diabetes mellitus. If the patient after taking the drug has deteriorated health, then urgent medical assistance is required. As a rule, among the side effects are skin rashes, accompanied by itching, dizziness, increased anxiety, drowsiness, excessive sweating, nausea, swelling, stomatitis, bleeding gums, pain in the liver and bitterness in the mouth, general malaise and blurred vision. But with proper use of the drug, such reactions are extremely rare.

Nise allows you to get rid of the pain that occurs during menstruation. However, if you take the drug during the entire period of critical days in a high dosage, the effect can be extremely unpleasant. In rare cases, it occurs even with a minimum amount of pills used. This may be due to the increased sensitivity of women to the relevant substances that are part of the drug. Therefore, the use of Nise without the consent of the doctor is unacceptable.

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And to go to the doctor? Or doesn’t hurt enough?

How can you get rid of pain during menstruation

Stomach hurts - this is natural, but if wild intolerable pain and analginum does not help, consult your doctor.

Similar garbage! I am helped only by very strong painkillers. I went around a few doctors, the answer is one, “you have a cigar, and we don't treat a magnum, we will treat what we can.” The advice is this: look for a THINKING gynecologist.

Ahaaa, the author! I have the same. just hellish pains. I went to the doctor, he says, as if everything is normal (.), when it hurts, you need feet in a basin with hot salt water (half a packet of salt in the basin) and hold for 20 minutes. But what salt can I get if I even get out of bed at this time? I can not, I lie and yell from the pain? And so it goes on for 4 hours. Then it goes by itself. and my mom had the same, the problem was gone after the birth) so I think it's time I had to give birth too, and forget about it)) but in general, of course, all this is terrible.

wow, why suffer so much. There are OK (oral contraceptives), which make the course of menstruation virtually painless. I drink Yarina - my stomach hurts only on the first day, but No-Spa helps. And the chest is not particularly sore.

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Excellent in such cases helps Nise - better analgin, definitely! In extreme cases, you can take it in combination with Noshpa - a double effect - Nise relieves pain, Noshpa - relaxes muscles. BUT! Be sure to look at contraindications and instructions for use!

On my first day like this (((I immediately drink two tablets of Nurofen and sleep! I fall asleep without fail! I wake up as good as new)))) If sleep fails, that's all - the day is lost in torment.

On the first day, everything hurts, whines, pulls. I tried to brew chamomile + h. spoon of honey in a glass of broth = perfectly helps. lets go gradually, enough for 4 hours. but in general I noticed: if the intestines are well cleaned the last days before the month. - then almost painlessly the first day passes, and if something in the intestine lurks - then, as if all the intestines inside the abdomen become inflamed.

Hurt Strongly should not be easy discomfort is the norm!

I was like that today. awful with vomiting bile. and hellish pains. I am planning baby now. and here I think - and it is more painful to give birth - this is the UGNS uttermost. OK - helps temporarily. and it helped me and my sister to cope with pain, HOWEVER, after it was canceled - I had terrible mastopathy, my sister had a tumor in the chest, cut out. and both have a hormone. violations.

I share my sister's experience.
When pain during menstruation helps tea with viburnum and cranberries. And still lime tea (in a pharmacy you buy, in the morning you brew and drink instead of tea, every day for a month or two).

Diclofenacum 75 mg.

Thank you girls for advice,) And I consulted with the doctor about this (though I’ll go through inspection and run away for a long time, forgetting to consult), so I just prescribed candles and said that everything is fine. And candles, this is somehow not very convenient, because you don’t go to work)) And my MCH doesn’t believe that it’s possible to experience terrible pain on such days .. ironizes .. unhappy .. here it is for muzhiks so)))

I drink Ketanov pain reliever. Analgin, Pentalgin badly affect the stomach.

and I prick ketanal, ketanov, ketarol.

I have severe pain, I do not even get out of bed. I always want to go to the toilet. What to do? How to treat

Well, my name also hurt me badly - but I drink 1 pill of noshpy and if it does not help after the second hour - and everything returns to normal

And the gynecologist wrote me good pills a long time ago. After taking this drug for a period of some kind of pain for a year gone. It seems like the hormonal background returned to normal and the pain stopped. It is called Edas - 901 (this is the number. But it will probably have to be ordered in advance at the pharmacy. There are tiny granules, a couple of millimeters in diameter, just like instructions. It’s written on how to take)

And yoga asanas help me (dog pose). + Yarrow decoction.

Tell me, please, what to do if it hurts a little from the place of menstruation?

About the pain that will pass after giving birth. I just did not feel any periods before childbirth. I gave birth 2 years ago and every month I bent the coral ((((((If I drink OK everything is smooth, I cancel the nightmare. The first day only on painkillers, then easier.

you need to iron the stomach (well, lower abdomen) counterclockwise.
really helps !!

I drink tablets "Buscopan", they relieve cramps. The doctor advised you to apply a heating pad with cold water on your stomach (of course, with a towel). Sometimes it helps, but at work you can't do it. ((((((((

girls hello. the whole problem is in digestion, not to eat the night after, and everything will pass.

girls hello. the whole problem is in digestion, not to eat the night after 6 and everything will pass.

+ you will be slim.

I called an ambulance today ... but I know why I have it all: from nerves. terrible problems with MCH, I love him very much, and he treats like that, as if I don’t exist, even though I am smart and smart, I have never cheated on him .. and he constantly drinks, spits, as soon as he can, and with that and I'm really nervous. crying almost every day. and on the bill after 6 pm is not - it is simply impossible. I come from Kiev every day to my city in 8 hungry .. here and so

I understand you very much I have the same pain! Only nurofen tablets in capsules save me. I drink them byv even 2 pieces at a time. Try it should help.

thanks for the advice)
Nursing does not help at all. 3 tablets drank. to no avail. and about the digestion completely agree. I also noticed such a pattern.

yesterday was writhing in pain, all the pills that the saw in turn was torn by them. The ambulance helped only by injecting

Girls, I also sooo sore lower abdomen. Saves only "Nimesil". The gynecologist advised him to me, saying that, of all the drugs, he is the safest!

In short, so! all her life up to 25 years was suffering from pain, she also sat on pills, three months ago she started a lover, sex was awesome, hard sex, now nothing hurts the cycle instead of 25 days became 30 days. The gynecologist confirmed that this is from regular good sex, this is the type of massage of gynethaliums, and now it does not hurt me! And I advise you of the same. Maybe I'm wrong.

3 Noshpy + 2 Pentalgin. and nothing helps. then my husband takes the pills (

You need to visit a good gynecologist. Severe pain during menstruation with endometriosis, but its presence must first be established.
I have had terrible pains in my right side since the arrival of menstruation until the birth of a child. I read your reviews, remember myself, and so I sympathize with you. Gynecologists, which didn’t give me any diagnoses, than didn’t treat me, nothing helped. From endometriosis saw what a super-hormonal medicine, "Danoval", that was called, oh, I do not remember exactly. Analgin in school years was eaten up, the body got used to it and then simply did not react. Noshpa is generally bullshit, if it helps someone, it means that you are not so sore. As a result, I miraculously became pregnant and during a birth miraculously I was given a cesarean section, that is, my stomach was spread. A day later, the doctor who operated on me approached me (God bless him!) And says: “You had a cyst on the right ovary, I cut it out”. And that's all, girls, since then the word “monthly” won't spoil my mood. Does not hurt!

I continue my review. In recent years, before the birth of a child, I drank solpadein, helped specifically. Sometimes she applied a cold (but not ice) heating pad to her lower abdomen, too, a little easier.
In short, girls, go to the ultrasound, look for a good specialist gynecologist. You can also go to the specialists of oriental medicine. I wish you that everything will be adjusted as quickly as possible.

Dear girls! No need to drink all these heavy pills. Itself constantly suffered from a terrible pain in the abdomen and constantly on the nerves during menstruation. But one of my friends advised to take vitamin E every month for 12 days from the first day of her period. On this day, I just started my period. I'm all nervous, screaming at my boyfriend, at her, and she gives me a vitamin. I drink and calm down very quickly. So, from the nerves heals. I spend on drink a course and I wait for the next monthly. And to my surprise and tremendous relief, the menstruations passed painlessly and with complete calm. So forget about all these pills and buy Vitamin E. Best in a regular tutu.

Take pens, write to the pharmacy, one week before the start of the cycle 3 times a day for a no-shpy pill, in the evening, the best before bedtime is one candle with papaverine and so for 7 days. All this is necessary for the expansion of the uterus, the pain can not be tolerated,
Vitamin E - yes, what you need
there are still wonderful plasters that keep the heat warm all day long; they need to be sculpted into panties, cost about 700-800 rubles, in a pack of 5 pieces,
if, after all, his stomach aches a bit, then don't wait until he gets sick until half faint, and drink painkillers right away: Pentalgin, Nise, Ketanov, Solpadein, you know a shorter list =)
remember the main thing, NEVER endure pain, it is harmful!
P.s. She herself suffered from 11 years old, was tired of enduring all this, called an acquaintance-gynecologist (thank you, kind person!), And - today is the second day - I HAVE NOTHING HAPPENING, girls, I am the happiest! I decided to do a good deed, advise someone)) So everyone in the pharmacy and good luck to all!
Oh yeah, I completely forgot .. good, good sex also helps!

Girls, thanks to everyone, I will try to drink vitamin E, I’ll buy it today. I also get help only for a pill, and then it hurts again ((((I always suffer the first day: '(I wanted to ask my gynecologist but all the time).

Vitamin E? come up and say at the pharmacy, give, pliz, vitamin E?

Yes, well, or tocopherol acetate, the same as vitamin E =)))), is sold in ordinary packages, with 10 small red capsules.

Last time I drink ketans. but for some reason I am afraid that I will get used, and so on, I have the second day of my period, and I already ate 3 pills yesterday and today) Yesterday they even called an ambulance. even the ketans could not help

mne 18 godikov..U mene uzzzzzasnie boli pri mesiacnih v nizu zivota i boku .. cto daze wstat nemagu .. tabletki neocen pomagajut..pacti kazdij mesiac prihodica vizavat skoruju pomosh. ((zivu s parnem uze god, i polovaja zizn toze nacalas god nazad, no ranshe bolei pri mesiacnih nikogda teper vrach posovetival cto do prihoda mesiacnih za16

Girls do not drink analgin, this is the most harmful thing that can be, what thread is better than another spasmodic. In general, the gynecologist told me that after the birth this terrible pain would pass. Do not know too.

But the doctor told me this is a hormonal failure, she added every kind of .. ni, and the zhyvot still hurts (((

What nafig no shpa. It does not help at all (((((the only thing that helps me is the pain medication of "Ketans", but my mother does not allow her to drink .. she says it is harmful. But I can’t endure this pain ((((

swing the press check for infections

Similar garbage! I am helped only by very strong painkillers. I went around a few doctors, the answer is one, “you have a cigar, and we don't treat a magnum, we will treat what we can.” The advice is this: look for a THINKING gynecologist.

try an injection of analgin. he only helps me .. tabl. generally do not take

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