Features of the use of propolis in gynecology


Our mother nature is the best doctor, including for women's health. Even now, when medicine has made great strides, treatment with folk remedies is used in gynecology. One of the best natural substances is called propolis: its unique healing properties help to cope with various diseases of the uterus. In particular, bee glue is successfully used for inflammation of the uterus, cysts, herpes and myoma.

Features of the use of propolis in gynecology

If you are a supporter of the treatment of folk remedies, then you probably know that propolis exhibits special healing properties. Due to the strong antiseptic effect of bee glue it suppresses the reproduction of fungal and bacterial infections. Also in its composition are substances that have a detrimental effect on most viruses. The flavonoids and tannins that make up this bee product promote rapid healing of wounds.

Properties of a wide range give all bases to apply bee glue in gynecology. The use of this substance makes it possible to deal with various manifestations of female ailments, be it a cyst, chlamydial infection or cervical erosion.

Basic uses

From propolis make a variety of therapeutic drugs. For gynecology, propolis tampons, as well as tinctures based on it, ointments and aqueous solutions are most suitable. In what features of each of them, we will consider in detail in our article. You will find out which way is best suited for getting rid of inflammation, fibroids or herpes.

Propolis is used not only in the treatment of folk remedies. Pharmaceutical companies are actively using this product as a basis for medical ointments, suppositories and other dosage forms. It is also valued for its properties tincture based on bee glue. Patients who have used propolis-based pharmaceuticals leave good reviews about their use.

Propolis tincture

In combination with alcohol, propolis enhances healing properties. Alcohol tincture of bee glue copes with various types of microorganisms. Therefore, gynecologists prescribe this dosage form for genital herpes. Also, this drug contributes to the accelerated regeneration of tissues, so it is effective in erosive formations on the cervix.

You can prepare the tincture yourself, but the finished product is sold freely in pharmacies. The fact that pharmaceutical companies are actively producing such a dosage form speaks of the great potential of bee glue. Tincture will not be superfluous in the home first aid kit, because its scope of application is quite wide.

Aqueous solution and douching

If a woman has an infection in the genital tract or the microflora in the vagina is broken, douching with an aqueous solution of propolis will help. Previously, this method was defined as treatment of folk remedies. But now traditional medicine recognizes the effective and harmless effects of propolis on the body. The advantages of this treatment are that the aqueous solution of bee glue is a natural and harmless medicine. It does not violate the level of hormones and does not affect fertility.

Propolis tampons

The use of propolis tampons is reasonable in the case when prolonged exposure to the walls of the vagina is necessary. This method is used for strong menstrual pain or menopause, as well as to combat bacterial and fungal infections, with trichomoniasis and cervical erosion. Apply an ointment on the basis of propolis or its aqueous solution on a tampon. The tampon is injected overnight, while it is necessary to sustain a course of treatment for about 10 days.

Treatment of women's ailments with propolis

It turns out that most gynecological diseases can be cured by folk remedies. Even traditional medicine is gradually inclined to use the most natural products in treatment. In particular, positive reviews about the use of bee glue for diseases of the urogenital system in women. The healing properties of propolis make it effective even with tumors and fungus, allowing you to avoid taking expensive chemicals.

With uterine myoma

The standard treatment for fibroids involves hormone therapy or surgery. Both methods are unsafe, while the use of bee glue with myoma is not dangerous to health and can even eliminate the need for surgery. Propolis has an antitumor effect and quickly eliminates inflammation. To get rid of fibroids as soon as possible, a combination of two preparations based on propolis is used: a combination of propolis balls with a decoction of this substance.

Propolis balls

Bee glue as a strong antioxidant has a positive effect on the epidermis and mucous membranes. To get rid of fibroids, you need to put a ball of propolis in the vagina of a small size for 10 days at night. After 10 days, you must take a break of 5 days, and then repeat the course.

Propolis decoction

A decoction of bee glue is taken orally, observing the dosage three times a day and 1 tablespoon. It is necessary to accept broth 2 months without interruption, in parallel with use of balls from propolis. To prepare such broth, bee glue is rubbed on a grater, poured with water and heated in a water bath. After a few minutes, the substance will dissolve: after that you need to remove the container from the heat and pour the broth into a glass dish.

With endometriosis

Endometriosis can be eliminated using various preparations based on propolis, alcohol and water tincture, in a mixture with honey or a resinous substance in its pure form. Combining propolis and honey, they make intravaginal suppositories, and with the help of tinctures they make douching and put tampons. In this way you can get rid of endometriosis, without resorting to hormonal means.

Ovarian cyst

If the cyst on the ovaries is not running, it can be cured by medication, or one of the popular methods. Most likely that the cyst will dissolve, if you use an ointment based on propolis. To prepare such a tool, bee glue is melted by adding vegetable oil and boiled egg yolk. Tampons soaked in this ointment, use overnight for several weeks. However, to determine whether a cyst has passed, it will be possible only with the help of an ultrasound scan and a gynecologist.

Features of folk remedies

The therapeutic effect of this beekeeping product is due to its truly unique composition. Propolis is a natural blend of essential oils, beeswax and vegetable gums. Of great importance in the presence of nutrients in this substance is the habitat of a particular swarm, and from which plants the bees collect pollen.

Propolis has proven to be an excellent anti-inflammatory and antibacterial agent, doctors widely use its analgesic effect. This substance is actively involved in the regeneration of tissues and cells of the human body, restores the immune system, plays a large role in the excretion of waste products.

Experts recommend using beeswax for the treatment and prevention of many diseases. They successfully use this popular remedy for the treatment of colds and infectious diseases of the upper respiratory tract, chronic problems of the gastrointestinal tract, stomatitis, periodontal disease, kidney disease and urinary system.

The list of ailments in the treatment of which doctors include this beekeeping product is quite wide. Propolis is successfully used in gynecology, the medicinal properties of the substance help physicians to help women with the most diverse pathologies.

We recommend to read an article about medical swabs. From it you will learn about the indications for the use of therapeutic tampons, the treatment of gynecological diseases, the use of tampons with drugs.

Beeswax is used when a woman has the following problems:

  • For the treatment and prevention of various inflammatory and benign diseases of the cervix and the most genital organs. Erosions, fibroids, fibroids respond well to therapy with the help of this folk remedy.
  • No less important aspect of the use of propolis can be called and various inflammations of the female genital organs. This may include fungal diseases, the consequences of an infection caused by protozoa. The treatment of most sexually transmitted diseases also includes a medicinal drug.
  • Problems with appendages of a different nature have recently come to one of the first places in gynecology. Treatment of ovarian cysts with propolis is widely used by the doctors of the antenatal clinic; moreover, good results were obtained with the prevention of functional disorders of the menstrual cycle in patients.
  • Mastitis of lactation and infectious nature, various forms of impaired reproductive function of women, early menopause, and other women's problems suggest inclusions in the therapy of this folk remedy.

This is an incomplete list of the problems of the female body that magic beeswax helps to solve. It is recommended to patients in the early stages of cancer in women as a substance that prevents cancer cell degeneration. In addition, propolis is used to relieve intoxication and as a means of cleansing the body.

With an ovarian cyst

Malfunction of the female hormonal system is often expressed in impaired functioning and tissue structure of the appendages.. Under the massive effects of progesterone and estrogen, the ovarian cavity is completely filled with fluid or glandular contents.

The consistency of this content directly depends on the disease that caused the similar problem. In addition to hormonal disorders, changes in the female appendages can be a consequence of inflammatory processes.

When doctors use propolis, ovarian treatment in a similar way helps to do without surgical intervention in 30–40% of cases. Most often, folk medicine experts recommend the following prescription to their patients:

First of all, you need to get propolis tincture at home. For its preparation, 100 grams of the substance is poured with 0.5 liters of vodka, insisted in a dark, cool place for 14 - 16 days. 100 grams of the resulting liquid is mixed with 0.5 liters of fresh juice of celandine. The drug is recommended to drink 25 grams 2 - 3 times a day on an empty stomach. The recommended course of treatment should not exceed 45 days.

Propolis tincture in gynecology is quite widely used for the treatment of many diseases, however, if it is not possible to make a national drug by yourself, you should apply to the services of pharmacies. Most drug trading centers can offer their customers a variety of packagings of this infusion.

Uterus diseases

Uterine fibroids are most often benign in nature, but the process of rebirth into oncologic is always possible. Modern methods of treatment of this pathology most often offer women surgical treatment (removal of an organ) or a large amount of hormonal drugs.

Treatment of fibroids with propolis allows you to avoid mutilating surgery and protect the patient's body from exposure to large doses of hormones. Both of these methods of treatment of benign diseases of the female reproductive organ can cause great harm to the patient.

Usually, most patients are offered a combination treatment with special vaginal balls based on medicinal wax and propolis decoction. Women specialists in folk methods of treatment recommend the following scheme:

  • Vaginal balls, including propolis by 70 - 80%, are purchased by ladies in pharmacies. The normal course of reducing the layer of the epidermis in the uterus lasts 10 days, when these round candles based on bee glue are inserted into the vagina at bedtime. Experts recommend to repeat the treatment after a week to repeat a similar procedure.
  • A decoction of beeswax can be prepared, if 100 grams of the mass of this substance is finely ground, pour a liter of water and smoothly bring to a boil. The benchmark is the complete dissolution of solid masses. After that, the resulting drug is defended 4 - 6 hours and take 100 grams, divided into 3 doses.

Such a complex therapy usually helps to reduce the size of a benign tumor within 30 to 40 days, and also rather often helps to restore the menstrual cycle.

Honey is also not recommended for counteracting hormonal disorders in women, as it can affect the functioning of the pituitary and adrenal glands, which is fraught with another hormonal failure.

For the treatment of erosive processes of the cervix caused by various pathogens, most doctors recommend using a pharmacy 3% solution on alcohol. Gauze swabs are moistened with this liquid and they burn down the problem area. The course of treatment takes 1 - 2 tampons for 9 - 10 days.

Look at the video about what propolis is:

Candles and ointments based on traditional medicine.

Doctors widely use candles with propolis in gynecology to combat the numerous infections of the female genital organs. Adnexitis and cervical inflammations of various etiologies are particularly well treated.

This drug can be purchased at pharmacies, but you can also prepare it yourself. For this you need:

  • 2 grams of beeswax mixed with 30 grams of cocoa butter and achieve a homogeneous mass, using a water bath for this purpose. From the substance obtained, you can manually twist 15 to 20 candles, which are used to treat inflammatory diseases of the vagina, uterus, appendages, etc.

If you focus on retail, then most often women ask pharmacies for a certain kind of candles. Propolis DN in gynecology, used by patients in the form of vaginal or rectal suppositories, is considered one of the best drugs for the treatment of not only female inflammatory diseases. It is extremely valuable in such diseases, comorbidities, such as hemorrhoids and cystitis or inflammation of the kidneys.

The retail price of the considered natural medicines varies from the percentage of propolis in them, so they in pharmacies of the Russian Federation range from 200 to 500 rubles per pack of 10 candles. Ukraine is not distinguished by its special originality, in its outlets similar medicines can reach 400 hryvnia. But it also often depends on the region and the owner of the pharmacy chain.

Most doctors advise their patients pharmaceutical preparations with different percentages of propolis. However, traditional healers suggest not to trust the factory production, and prepare the national drug to the woman herself:

  • A standard pack of regular butter is taken, heated to 50-60 degrees, 25 grams of solid beeswax is added. Under the influence of temperature it is usually possible to achieve a homogeneous mass. After filtering through a dense mesh until the solution reaches room temperature, the medicine is ready.

Most often it is used to treat external inflammatory processes in women, however, there are recommendations from some doctors to use this folk remedy to treat cervical pathology and possible mastitis during breastfeeding.

Propolis in the pharmacy chain

Due to its high therapeutic qualities and low allergic activity, beeswax is used to treat a large number of diseases. Of course, gynecological problems account for more than 40% of this list, however, in other areas, propolis provides patients with proper assistance.

In pharmacies, the substance in question is presented to customers in a variety of combinations. In addition to the listed tinctures, decoctions, ointments and suppositories based on natural medicines, the pharmacy chain offers its customers a fairly wide choice of medicines and toilet articles, including propolis.

An example would be a specialized cream soap containing propolis and royal jelly in equal proportions or a similar toilet means for ladies with sea buckthorn and beeswax. Dentists are actively promoting toothpaste and mouth freshener, which consists of 50% of this popular medicinal product.

Propolis in the form of ointments and creams offer for the treatment of burns and wounds. Even to counteract the poisoning and relieve intoxication, a special activated carbon based on this beekeeping product has been developed.

We recommend reading an article about aloe during menstruation. From it you will learn about the beneficial properties of the plant, indications for use, use in cosmetology and gynecology, as well as possible contraindications.

The list of drugs containing propolis can be continued for a long time. Однако при решении гинекологических проблем специалисты советуют использовать только перечисленные выше привычные лекарственные формы, притом советуют строго соблюдать рекомендации лечащего врача.

As for oncology, thanks to its effects on a woman’s immune system, propolis, of course, can play a positive role in the prevention and treatment of certain cancer processes in the body. However, making it a panacea is absolutely not worth it. Self-treatment in the presence of such pathology can only aggravate the condition of the woman and lead to the most disastrous consequences.

Medicinal properties of propolis in gynecology: the secrets of health

The healing properties of propolis in gynecology are widely known and have not been challenged by anyone for a long time.

The tool, recognized as classical and alternative medicine, effectively fights fungi and infections, reduces inflammation and heals tissue. Particularly interesting is propolis for women who appreciate the natural composition of therapeutic agents.

It can safely use the future mothers, as well as women who do not have any health problems as a preventive measure.

Propolis will preserve women's health and the ability to conceive for many years

Natural Healer

Propolis is a natural medicine of brown color with a pleasant, tart aroma. In a different way it is called bee glue or wax. It is a product of the processing by bees of resinous substances collected from the spring buds of trees.

Treatment with propolis for female diseases is based on a number of healing properties:

  • soothing
  • anti-inflammatory,
  • antimicrobial,
  • bactericidal.

In addition, the product of beekeeping reduces the severity of pain, increases local immunity and restores healthy microflora.

Attention. Scientific studies have proven antitumor and cleansing activity of beeswax. With prolonged use, the suspension of growth and development of cancer cells is noted.

The chemical composition of propolis is rich and unique.

In gynecology, propolis is used in the form of local vaginal means:

  • seating trays,
  • tampons
  • douching
  • suppositories.

With some pathologies practiced compresses on the lower abdomen, lower back and mammary glands.

Indications for use

Inflammations of the pelvic organs and sexually transmitted diseases have become the main cause of infertility today. Local application of beeswax helps to reduce the symptoms of women's ailments, prevents the development of complications, and in some cases saves from surgery.

Attention. Proper combination of non-traditional methods and classical medicine can quickly save a woman from most gynecological ailments.

Propolis is successfully used to treat the following pathologies:

  • cervical erosion:
  • myoma,
  • endometriosis,
  • thrush,
  • ovarian cyst.

Means based on propolis are often used in the postoperative period. They help to quickly and without complications go through the recovery phase, reduce the risk of recurrence.

Cervical erosion and polyps

The efficacy of bee glue during erosion depends on the cause of the disease. If the culprit of the disease has become an inflammatory process or a cancer, then the propolis will most likely be powerless. In other cases, he perfectly heal ulcers.

Beeswax products will help eliminate pain and inflammation.

For the treatment of erosion, gauze tampons moistened with propolis oil extract are used. Prepare it from a standard pack of butter and 50 grams of solid bee glue. The mixture is heated in a water bath until smooth, filtered and used for its intended purpose.

Council Cow butter can be replaced with the same amount of interior fat. The result of this will not be worse.

Before the introduction of the tampon, syringing is performed with a weak soda solution, and after it is removed, alcohol or water infusion of beeswax is performed. Therapeutic course is 10 days. If necessary, repeat the procedure after 2 weeks.

In general, propolis tincture in gynecology is used very often both for local use and for oral administration. If you can not make a tool at home, you can buy ready-made medication at the pharmacy.

It is sold without a prescription and in different packaging.

Will uterus polyps be treated with propolis? Unfortunately not. Polyps are not amenable to conservative therapy.

The only way to get rid of them is prompt.

Today, more than 60% of women of balzac age suffer from fibroids. In this case propolis is applied only at the initial stage of the pathology or as a preventive measure. In the later phases of discomfort, overgrown nodes must be removed promptly.

With myoma propolis is effective only at an early stage of the disease.

The treatment of early fibroids includes the use of tampons and douching with propolis tincture. For either method, prepare 10% water decoction or oil concentrate. For the last means take:

  • a glass of olive or calcined vegetable oil,
  • 25 grams of crushed beeswax.

Mixture insist until complete dissolution of the components and used for the purpose.

You can cook the drug according to another recipe:

  • crushed propolis - 100 grams,
  • alcohol or vodka - 150 ml,
  • tea tree ester - 25 ml,
  • cocoa butter - 80 grams.

Ingredients are thoroughly mixed and kept in a dark place for 14 days. At the end of the period, the alcohol is evaporated over a slow fire and the composition is used to soak tampons.

Attention. For the treatment and prevention of uterine fibroids, the ability of propolis to suspend and suppress the growth of tumors is especially valuable.

In the postoperative period, if hysteroscopy was performed, a special ointment is prepared for the treatment of wounds. Beeswax is mixed with petroleum jelly in equal proportions and applied to the damaged tissues of the perineum and vagina for 10 days.

Propolis for uterine myoma is used only locally - vaginally or rectally. Reception of tinctures in this case will not give effect.


The disease ranks second in prevalence among women of childbearing age after fibroids. But, unlike her, well amenable to apitherapy. Candles with propolis help reduce pain and inflammation, improve nutrition and blood supply to tissues.

Vaginal candles are more convenient to cook at once for the entire course of treatment.

For the manufacture of suppositories will need:

  • 200 grams of quality honey
  • 50 grams of crushed propolis.

Melted beeswax combined with liquid honey, mix until smooth. The mixture is poured into the fingertips and placed in the refrigerator. Vaginal suppositories are stored at room temperature and used daily. In total, the course of treatment requires 10 suppositories.

For douching propolis tincture is used, made from 50 grams of product and a glass of alcohol. Mixture insist week in a dark place and add to the water for irrigation of the mucous.

The therapeutic course consists of 10 sessions that can be repeated after a two-week break.

Attention. For endometriosis, compresses to the lower abdomen are effective. For procedures use alcohol, oil or water extract of propolis.

Local treatment of the disease is desirable to combine with the use of alcohol tincture of bee glue inside. For a single dose is enough 25 drops per cup of water.

Ovarian cyst

With cystic lesions, propolis tampons help to avoid surgery in half the cases. For the complex treatment of ailment, it is recommended to prepare a tincture of a glass of celandine juice and 50 ml of alcohol concentrate. The resulting drug is taken orally for 1 tsp. before eating.

When an ovarian cyst beeswax often helps to avoid surgery

Simultaneously with the use of the healing drink, tampons with ointment from equal parts of beeswax and vaseline are used. Enter them for no more than 6 hours for 14 days. If necessary, a course of therapy is repeated a week later. After removal of used tampons, douching with alcoholic infusion of bee glue is used at the rate of 50 ml of concentrate per ½ liter of liquid.

Treatment of ovarian cysts with propolis is a supplement to drug therapy and is carried out under the supervision of a physician.

Women face this disease of the fungal nature very often. Reduce the symptoms of the disease and restore the vaginal microflora will help vaginal candles with propolis. Prepare them with wax, because honey often serves as food for the spores of the fungus. The ingredients, taken in equal amounts, dissolve in a water bath until a homogeneous mass, cool a little and form suppositories.

Tampons and douching with propolis in a few days will get rid of thrush

In addition, for thrush, douching with propolis alcohol tincture diluted 1 to 5 with warm water helps a lot. After a few procedures, all the symptoms of the ailment disappear.

Despite the natural nature of propolis, before starting apitherapy, you should consult with your doctor to identify possible contraindications.

Council To treat complex gynecological diseases of folk remedies is necessary under the close attention of a specialist. This will help to notice the slightest change in health status and prevent the aggravation of the disease.

Pathology of pregnant women

Propolis is often prescribed for all sorts of gynecological ailments for expectant mothers and nursing women. This simple and safe tool has practically no contraindications and does not harm the baby.

Usually, propolis tampons are used to treat pregnant women. Douching is prescribed less frequently and only with water infusion of a bee product. A small piece of wax is dissolved in a warm liquid and used to irrigate the vagina.

All procedures are performed under the supervision and with the permission of the doctor.

Contraindications and adverse reactions

The only disadvantage of propolis can be individual intolerance to the components. If the patient is allergic to honey, then, most likely, the bee glue will also have a reaction.

Propolis has few contraindications, but nevertheless, before using it, you should consult with your doctor.

Council Women who do not tolerate sweet nectar need a sensitivity test before using wax.

Signs of local allergies:

  • itch
  • redness and swelling of the mucous membranes,
  • chills,
  • burning.

When these symptoms appear, you must stop treatment, take an antihistamine pill and see a doctor.

In the local application of concentrated products based on propolis, side effects may appear in the form of a slight burning sensation and tingling. Especially often such symptoms are observed in the place of contact of the mucous and medicinal substances. These phenomena pass through 1-2 procedures and do not cause discomfort to the patient.

It cannot be said that propolis in gynecology is a remedy for all female diseases. But to leave this gift of nature without attention is also impossible. Unique in its medicinal qualities, the product can reduce symptoms and speed up recovery after an illness. And exact execution of all instructions of the doctor together with apitherapy will help the woman to keep health and beauty for many years.

Attention. The article is for informational purposes only. Consultation is required.

How to make tampons, described in the video.

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Beneficial features

A wide range of application of propolis due to its composition: 16 classes of organic compounds imply the possibility of using bee glue not only for prevention, as is most often recommended, but also for treatment.

It has pronounced:

  • bactericidal and bacteriostatic,
  • antiseptic,
  • anti-inflammatory,
  • antiviral,
  • antifungal,
  • anesthetic,
  • tonic
  • anti-toxic,
  • regenerating and healing,
  • anti-toxic,
  • and other healing properties.

Bee glue used in natural conditions for disinfection helps prevent the growth and reproduction of bacteria, fungi, viruses,

removes toxins, slags and decomposition products from the body,

accelerates the healing of tissues and improves their blood supply. In addition, there is an experience of analgesia propolis.

Such properties allow the use of propolis in gynecology in the form of local intravaginal and rectal means:

  • suppositories,
  • applicators,
  • tampons
  • douching
  • trays.

So also internally in the form of alcohol and water extracts. In addition, sometimes practiced compresses, lotions and applications on the lower abdomen, lumbar region and on the breast glands.

Propolisotherapy in gynecology

For a long time, traditional medicine has been using propolis and its preparations for the prevention and treatment of certain gynecological diseases. In scientific medicine in recent decades there have been reports of the effective action of propolis in the treatment of inflammatory diseases of the vagina and cervix.

Since 1960, 10% propolis ointment has been used in the treatment of cervical erosion.

To do this, first swab moistened in a solution of bicarbonate soda, remove mucus from the cervical canal, then a tampon with propolis ointment is pressed against the surface and left for 10-12 hours

Such procedures are carried out daily for 10-12 days. After 4–5 days, whitish islands of squamous epithelium appear on the eroded surface, the flora of vaginal secretions changes, the pain in the lower back and sacrum stops, and the general condition improves.

According to the author, complete cure was noted in 65.8%, partial healing in 23.3%. In 10.9% of patients the therapeutic effect was not achieved.

In studies in the long term, 6-8 months after treatment, no recurrence of the disease was observed. Based on the obtained results, the author came to the conclusion that 10% propolis ointment does not irritate and stimulates epithelization of the affected areas.

Scientists obtained interesting results in the treatment of 3% and 15% alcoholic tincture of propolis in 35 patients with postoperative gynecological diseases (inflammatory processes of the vagina). Produced daily lubrication cotton swabs, abundantly soaked propolis tincture.

Only a small group of patients with a sluggish current process were orally given metronidazole 2 times a day for 0.25 g and intravaginal 0.5 g once a day. Vaginal discharge due to propolis normalized very quickly - within a few days.

In the treatment of trichomoniasis apply propolis tablets, each of which contained 20 mg of propolis. Tablets per day were introduced into the vagina. During the 10-day treatment, there was almost complete recovery, which was confirmed by laboratory tests.

There is convincing data obtained in the treatment of cervical dystrophy with the help of 30% alcoholic propolis tincture by lubrication and local applications. 137 observed women had erosions and inflammatory diseases of the cervix uteri.

After a thorough laboratory examination, patients were prescribed 15 procedures. As a result, complete erosion epithelialization has occurred, and laboratory parameters have normalized.

It is possible to use propolis suppositories with other biologically active components (bifidumbacterin, tea tree oil and d / p) for candidal colpitis, cervical dysplasia, erosions, and postpartum cervical ruptures.

Propolis and its drugs are well tested by many clinicians and have received positive feedback in the treatment of diseases of the urogenital area. Given the combination of antibiotic and anti-inflammatory properties of propolis, it has proven to be effective for the treatment of diseases of both specific (infectious) and non-specific etiology.

The obtained clinical data show that the best results were obtained with a combination of propolis preparations with other beekeeping products, because in gynecology inflammatory processes are often associated with microbial, fungal or protozoal infections, and can also be accompanied by dystrophic (atrophic) phenomena that complicate the restoration of functions.

Bee family products: honey. Royal jelly in combination with propolis in dilute solutions, ointments, suppositories and other forms contribute to the regeneration processes, suppressing the development of pathogenic microflora, and also improve the trophism of tissues.

The use of propolis in urology and gynecology

Inflammatory diseases of the vagina and cervix of an infectious nature (caused by trichomonads, pathogenic fungi, staphylococci and streptococci)

Dosing and application of 30% alcohol tincture of propolis daily for 7-10 days. Inflammatory gynecological diseases

Douching solution: 2 tsp propolis tincture in 0.5 liters of water.

Cervical erosion

After removing mucus from the cervical canal, a propolis swab is applied to the eroded surface daily. The course is days. Inflammatory processes of the vagina (postoperative)

Lubrication with tampons abundantly moistened with 3% and 15% alcoholic tincture of propolis.

Erosion and inflammatory diseases of the cervix dystrophic nature

Lubrication and local application of 30% alcohol tincture of propolis.

20 mg propolis tablets, intravaginally, for 10 days.

Acute mastitis in childbirth

Phonophoresis with propolis ointment (alcohol solution of propolis - 5 ml, vaseline - 25 ml, lanolin - 25 ml). The duration of the session is 6 minutes, 2 times a day, with an interval of 4-6 hours. From the second day - 1 session daily. The course is 5-10 days.

Apply on the erosion surface ointment 15% propolis in combination with other components: imanin - 3 g, streptocide - 5 g, hydrocortisone - 1 g.

Itching of the vulva

Apply ointment 15% propolis - 100 g, zinc oxide 20 g, starch - 20 g, 3% pure phenol. Nonspecific vulvitis and colpitis

Washing the vagina with disinfectant solutions and applying 10% propolis ointment. At home, the use of propolis in globules of cocoa butter, weighing 2 g, containing 10% propolis, 1 globule overnight. The course is 7-30 days.

Erosion and ectopia of the cervix

Used globules with 10% propolis. Course - 10 globules.

Acute and chronic vulvovaginitis in pediatric gynecology

Used 10% propolis ointment.

What is treated with propolis?

Despite all the versatility of bee products, including propolis: its use should be dosed and under the supervision of an experienced doctor who knows how to treat and what to do. Sometimes only surgery can cope with the disease, so the obligation of any woman is to constantly monitor their health.

Uterine myoma

Unfortunately, it is still not fully known what actually causes the development of a tumor. But, one of the factors triggering this process can be called - hormonal imbalance. Due to the increased content of estrogen and unstable sex life - the process of renewal of muscle tissue is disturbed and the tumor increases in size.

Of course, the first thing worth mentioning the magical properties of propolis in the treatment of uterine fibroids. But that's not all that bee glue stops at. With cervical erosion, propolis ointment is used; an aqueous-alcoholic solution is used to combat Trichomonas, fungal and bacterial coleps.

After gynecological surgeries, the alcohol infusion of bee glue helps to heal wounds and relieves inflammation. Cystitis also soon ceases to bother, if you take this tool.

How to use propolis in gynecology

The usefulness of this product is so great that until now scientists have not ceased to make more and more new discoveries and expand the list of its positive effects on the human body. Useful properties possessed by propolis:

  • antibacterial, antifungal and anti-inflammatory effects,
  • destroys all pathogens of infectious diseases and disinfects the body,
  • has an antioxidant effect,
  • able to quickly heal wounds on the skin and has analgesic properties,
  • strengthens the immune system and increases vitality,
  • improves metabolism
  • excellent tool in the fight against toxic substances,
  • tends to relieve itching on the skin,
  • narrows blood vessels and fights headaches
  • reduces blood clotting
  • has the ability to treat diseases of the gastrointestinal tract,
  • anti-radiation effect
  • a positive effect on the liver
  • helps to remove cholesterol from the body.

There are several uses of the substance. It is possible to prepare ointments or suppositories on the basis of a beekeeping product. They have wound-healing properties, so they can be used for erosion and dysplasia.

The use of candles or tampons accelerates rehabilitation after laser vaporization and cryosurgery of dysplasia and erosion. Candles and tampons are introduced at night. Before the introduction of the drug must be removed from the vagina mucus and discharge. Squat down and relax to insert a tampon or candle. Deeply inject the drug.

Candles with propolis have long been in great demand, and are widely used in the field of gynecology thanks to numerous recipes of traditional medicine.

Their ability to provide antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, local anesthetic, antifungal and immunomodulatory effects is used in the treatment of colpitis, metritis and endometritis, adnexitis, cervical erosion and other reproductive pathologies.

Propolis Tampons in Gynecology

To prepare the ointment, you need to mix in equal amounts of lanolin and petrolatum. For 100 g of the mixture, 5 g of propolis tincture of alcohol is needed. Stir the mass. Make a ball of cotton wool and wrap it with a sterile bandage. Leave the tail in order to conveniently remove the tampon. Lubricate the top of the bandage with a mass of propolis and petroleum jelly. Usually such procedures need to be done at night.

The duration of treatment depends on the severity of the disease.

It is best to keep the swab about 10 hours. Before the introduction of the tampon is recommended to syringe. This will remove mucus from the vaginal walls and improve the absorbability of the substance.

Pharmacy range of funds

To make candles we need:

  • 100 grams of natural honey.
  • 15-20 grams of propolis.

To make candles you need to pour 200 g of propolis with alcohol. It needs 50 ml.

Put this mixture in a water bath and warm it up. Add 150 g of cocoa butter and 50 g of tea tree essential oil to the mass.

Heat the mixture on the fire until the ingredients are completely dissolved. Shape candles 2 cm long.

Reviews indicate the effectiveness of the drug. Bacterial infection can be cured in 10 sessions.

By its nature, propolis is a natural substance, from brown to dark green. Its composition is represented by plant resins that bees collect from the buds of trees such as poplar, birch, alder, willow and plum, as well as essential oils and wax.

Tannins, pollen and various foreign components may be present as impurities. Bees this product is necessary to eliminate cracks and disinfect the hive.

Propolis has a pronounced regenerating, anti-inflammatory, antipruritic effect, exhibits a bactericidal, bacteriostatic and fungicidal effect against a large number of pathogenic microorganisms, local anesthesia and reduces the severity of pain, beneficially affects the nonspecific immune defense mechanisms of the body against infections.

There is information about the antitumor and detoxicant activity of the bee product. With prolonged use, inhibition of growth and development of cancerous cells is observed, as well as increased growth and differentiation of healthy cells, improved function of the affected organ, and a favorable effect on the organism as a whole.

Pharmacy assortment medicines in gynecology differ from traditional medicines by their proven pharmacological action and standardized composition, which significantly affects their bioavailability and effectiveness. They are represented by tincture, ointments, candles and sprays on the basis of propolis.

Tincture is often used in traditional medicine to facilitate the preparation of various recipes. According to the instructions, it is used internally for a peptic ulcer of the digestive tract, externally for skin damage, applied to the tonsils or ingaled with tonsillitis, pharyngitis and other similar diseases.

Ointments are applied externally for various types of dermatitis, eczema, neurodermatitis and other skin lesions.

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Doctors widely use candles with propolis in gynecology to combat the numerous infections of the female genital organs. Adnexitis and cervical inflammations of various etiologies are particularly well treated.

This drug can be purchased at pharmacies, but you can also prepare it yourself. For this you need:

  • 2 grams of beeswax mixed with 30 grams of cocoa butter and achieve a homogeneous mass, using a water bath for this purpose. From the obtained substance, you can twist the candles manually, which are used to treat inflammatory diseases of the vagina, uterus, appendages, etc.

If you focus on retail, then most often women ask pharmacies for a certain kind of candles. Propolis DN in gynecology, used by patients in the form of vaginal or rectal suppositories, is considered one of the best drugs for the treatment of not only female inflammatory diseases.

It is extremely valuable in such diseases, comorbidities, such as hemorrhoids and cystitis or inflammation of the kidneys.

Propolis in gynecology with myoma

For the treatment of this disease, you can use oil or candles. To prepare the medicine, mix 60 g of sunflower oil in a saucepan. Warm it in a water bath and add 20 g of butter. After that, add 20 g of propolis, crushed on the grater. Instead, you can add propolis "Geliant." This oil should be lubricated with tampons.

The course of treatment with tampons is 10 days. Then you need to take a break of 10 days. In total, it is necessary to conduct 3 courses of treatment. Together with the use of tampons, it is necessary to apply propolis tincture orally. For this, 20 drops of the substance is dissolved in 100 ml of water. You need to take this medicine 3 times a day. The course of treatment is 3 weeks. Then a break of 10 days, and repeat the course again.

What are women's diseases treats?

It turns out that most gynecological diseases can be cured by folk methods. Even traditional medicine is gradually inclined to use the most natural products in treatment.

In particular, positive reviews about the use of propolis in diseases of the urogenital system in women. The healing properties of propolis make it effective even with tumors and fungus, allowing you to avoid taking expensive chemicals.

Side effects

When local use of drugs based on propolis in any form, temporary side effects may appear: slight burning or tingling, especially in the place of direct contact with mucous membranes.

This phenomenon is temporary, it quickly passes and subsequently the organism adapts to the effects of propolis on the tissue.

The use of bee glue in gynecology is associated with the delicacy of women's problems. That is why the restoration of women's health should take place under the strict supervision of a gynecologist and taking into account all contraindications.

Antitumor qualities

The ability of propolis to slow the growth of tumors and suppress the division of pathological cells is widely used from uterine fibroids.

Uterine fibroids is a benign tumor that grows from the muscular layer of an organ. According to medical data, its prevalence reaches 25%, but, according to unconfirmed data, this figure is about 70%. The cause of the pathology are hormonal changes, accompanied by stressful states and physical inactivity.

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Treatment of fibroids in gynecology should be comprehensive, including the use of tincture and the use of tampons or douching. Tincture or water extract take 20 drops 3 times a day for 10 days. Tampons can be wetted with 10% solution or propolis oil. The course of treatment is also 10 days.

This treatment is contraindicated in the presence of individual hypersensitivity to bee products and severe liver disease.

The use of propolis in gynecology

The healing properties of propolis are used in gynecology to treat various diseases of the cervix, appendages and vagina. Bee glue is used in the form of candles, tinctures, decoctions, sprays, ointments.

This more natural medicine has a fast anti-inflammatory and analgesic effect. When using propolis in the body, the following changes occur:

  • inflammation is quickly removed,
  • pathogenic flora is eliminated,
  • the number of beneficial bacteria increases
  • harmful substances are removed from the body,
  • accelerates the healing of mucous membranes,
  • are pain,
  • the result of antibiotics is enhanced,
  • the body is enriched with amino acids that make up propolis.

Propolis vaginal candles

Candles with a bee bond are easy to use, they are easily and painlessly inserted into the vagina. Due to the direct contact with the affected areas, the result manifests itself quickly, after a few procedures.

The presence of fat in products contributes to the rapid dissolution and the entry of components into the blood. The preparations are notable for their delicacy and do not injure the sensitive mucous membrane of the genital organs.

Independent production of candles with propolis

There are many recipes for creating an effective remedy at home.

Here is one of the most common methods for making gynecological candles with propolis. To do this, you need 10 g of butter per 1 g of grated bee product. The cooking process consists of the following steps:

  1. put in a water bath a pan with a mixture of propolis and butter,
  2. heat until it becomes fluid and uniform,
  3. remove from the heat and cool the prepared medicine, not allowing it to completely harden,
  4. spreading the mixture in molds, put in the refrigerator.

For the treatment of gynecological diseases, vaginal suppositories with propolis made from cocoa butter are also successfully used. To make such candles with your own hands you need:

  1. put on a glass board covered with a sheet of wax paper, a mixture of 20 ml of liquid propolis and 80 g of cocoa butter,
  2. roll the mass into a sausage with a diameter of 10-12 mm,
  3. divide it into pieces 25-30 mm long and sharpen the ends of each one,
  4. finished products wrapped in foil, put in the fridge.

For the preparation of the following recipe you will need 80 g of cocoa butter and 10 g of grated propolis and beeswax. Add the bee product to the cocoa butter melted in the water bath.

The resulting mixture is heated at a temperature of 50-60 ℃ for 2-3 hours on a water bath to a state of homogeneous mass, stirring continuously. Add wax to this composition, cool the resulting solution to 30 and decompose into molds. Allow the mixture to cool completely and place in the refrigerator.

If the vaginal mucosa is highly irritated, you can make propolis candles with petroleum jelly. 80 g of this ingredient is heated in a water bath at a temperature of 40-50, then 10 g of propolis is added, stirring it as often as possible.

The resulting mixture continues to warm up for 8 hours, stirring it every 10 minutes. After that, 10 g of beeswax is added to the solution and kept on the fire for some time until the composite uniformity is achieved. After cooling the resulting product to 30, it is poured into molds and put in the refrigerator.

Pharmacy Candles

Pharmacological drugs that can be purchased at pharmacies include Prostotopin, Apigrin, Gemo-Pro, Propolis D, Propolis DN. The advantage of using pharmaceutical candles with propolis in gynecology is that there is no need to waste time and effort on their production. In addition, they are produced under sterile conditions that are difficult to provide at home.

The cost of propolis candles in the pharmacy.

How to apply gynecological candles with propolis

Before the procedure, you must take a shower and thoroughly wash the crotch. It is not recommended to perform the procedure during menstruation. To introduce a candle should be as deep as possible, lying on your back, it is better before bedtime. If the candles were kept in the freezer, you need to hold them in your hands for about a minute before use.

After entering, you need to lie on your back for about 30 minutes. Using pharmaceutical candles, you need to read in detail the instructions for their use.

The duration of the treatment of the vagina with candles is determined by the doctor.

The use of candles in various gynecological diseases

Myoma is a benign growth that occurs in the muscle layer of the uterus. Symptoms of the appearance of a tumor can also manifest not immediately, but only when the formation increases in size. Women should immediately consult a doctor when they appear:

  • menstrual disorders,
  • lower abdominal pain
  • difficulty urinating and urinating.

Sometimes the only way to stop the disease is surgery. If there is no need for surgery, the doctor will prescribe a drug treatment. The use of products with propolis can enhance the effectiveness of drugs prescribed by the gynecologist.

The beneficial substances contained in the bee product create favorable conditions for the suppression of diseased cells and the reproduction of healthy ones, which contributes to the resorption of fibroids. For tumors, candles, tinctures or propolis tampons are used.

Cervical erosion

This disease is an ulceration or other violation of the integrity of the mucous membrane of the cervix of the cervix, resulting from an infection or an inflammatory process. The healing properties of propolis contribute to the recovery of cells and the healing of wounds that appear during illness.

For the treatment of erosion using tampons with ointment from a bee product. The tool is left in the vagina for 10-12 hours. Перед началом процедуры нужно обработать пораженную область тампоном с 2% раствором соды и удалить выделения.Pharmaceutical agents for the treatment procedure use "Propolis Geliant", which is inserted into the vagina also with the help of tampons.


When harmful bacteria appear in the body that destroy the microflora of the female genital organs, inflammatory diseases of varying severity occur.

The reason for this may be infection, reduced immunity, non-compliance with the rules of hygiene. In such cases, the doctor often prescribes treatment with candles with propolis, which are perfectly combined with any other drug.

Hormonal disorders

Malfunctions in the hormonal background can occur with endocrine disruption, often resulting from the use of hormonal agents in the treatment of fibroids and other gynecological diseases.

Hormonal imbalance can lead to an ovarian cyst and other unpleasant consequences. The danger of this pathology is that for some time it does not manifest itself in any way and most often it is diagnosed already at the second stage of development, when patients notice:

  • pain before and during menstruation,
  • skin irritation,
  • inflammation of the mucous membrane of the genital organs,
  • quick weight gain.

Propolis suppositories neutralize the damage done to the vaginal microflora with some medicines designed to treat hormonal imbalance, eliminate pain and accelerate epithelial healing. However, they can only be used as an aid.

Propolis in gynecology and its medicinal properties

Propolis is the kind of glue that bees use to seal gaps and enter the hive. They collect viscous substances from plants and trees, and then process them in their bodies and secrete propolis.

This is an excellent treatment for many diseases. It has proven its effectiveness for many years. Used by traditional medicine. Its medicinal properties have found use in most areas. And reviews of connoisseurs of folk methods of treatment say that it is almost a cure for all diseases.

Features of propolis

Especially propolis is popular in the treatment of gynecological diseases. It is used for ovarian cyst, in the treatment of mastopathy, cystitis, various tumors. Its unique properties help many women around the world.

The action of propolis is directed directly on the cells themselves. He cleans them and fills them with vitamins. This gives rise to the formation of new ones.

Propolis for gynecological diseases

The use of this tool is a real find in the treatment of erosions, cystitis, chlamydia, with uterine myoma, ovarian cyst, mastopathy.

Bee glue preparations have no contraindications, except for individual intolerance, that is, allergies. Usually it happens to those who also suffer from allergies to honey, as these products are related.

Treatment of cervical erosion

Pharmacy candles of bee glue can take advantage of each. They are very productive. With their help they treat cervical erosion. The source of this disease is inflammation. If you catch it at the very beginning, you can cure it very quickly. The active substance penetrates into the heart of inflammation and neutralizes it. Do douching or spend a course of treatment with candles of propolis.

Vaginal dysbacteriosis

The problem is the lack of natural bacteria and an excess of harmful microorganisms.

To restore the useful vaginal microflora, you need to do baths in the evenings, using the following composition:

  • propolis tincture (manufactured at home or purchased in a pharmacy) - 2 tbsp. l.,
  • warm water (38 degrees) - 6 l.

On average, the procedure takes 15 minutes.

Propolis inactivates pathogens, restoring the natural flora of mucous membranes. It has been proven that glue from bees successfully destroys staphylococcal and pseudomucic bacteria that many antibiotics fail to cope with.

Immunocorrective, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties are also vaginal suppositories with propolis and sea buckthorn. You can make candles on the basis of cocoa butter by yourself.

Menstrual cycle

Often the cause of the violation of regularity of menstruation is hormonal imbalance, reduced immunity or inflammatory processes.

  1. To increase the body's defenses, it is necessary throughout the day. take propolis tincture. To do this, dilute 1 tbsp. l the main ingredient in half a glass of milk or water.
  2. To restore hormonal levels should daily chew on a small, the size of a match head, a ball of native bee glue. It is advisable to do it in the morning.
  3. In case of infectious diseases, you need to melt the propolis in a water bath, cool to 38 degrees, mix with honey. Take 1⁄2 tsp. for the night.

This kind of medication helps to increase the activity of leukocytes.

Polyps and erosion

The proliferation of cells is often due to insufficient self-purification of mucous membranes, as well as inflammation or microcracks in the vagina.

For the treatment of erosion and the prevention of neoplasms, special tampons moistened with propolis infusion or bactericidal immunostimulating suppositories are used.

The procedure is recommended once a day at bedtime. The course of treatment is about 10 days.

Often, unique cleansing and wound healing abilities of propolis are noted. For example, during the war bee glue was saved by many women who found themselves in marching conditions without medicines.

Hemorrhoids in pregnant women

In the period of carrying a child is dangerous to take any pharmaceuticals. However, it is allowed to use candles with propolis. Topical treatment of aggravated hemorrhoids will not harm the baby and the expectant mother.

Important conditions of use:

  • there is no allergy to bee products,
  • there is a doctor's permission,
  • rectal suppositories are used only at bedtime.

It is not recommended to take tincture during pregnancy, however with its help you can disinfect the affected external areas throughout the day.

Earlier in the hospital, phonophoresis was used, which consisted of the following: a mixture of propolis tincture and vaseline (lanolin) in a liquid form was administered to women in order to eliminate the inflammatory process. To date, this method is not practiced, however, it is noted that rubbing the chest with propolis ointment helps nursing mothers to get rid of milk stagnation, and also contributes to easier pumping.

Contraindications and side effects

The main limitation to the use of propolis is allergy. Individual intolerance of a substance is verified quite simply:

  1. A drop of tincture to moisten the inner surface of the lower lip. If redness is formed, there is a slight swelling, itching or rash, it is not recommended to take the remedy.
  2. Due to the hypersensitivity of the body with the introduction of candles or tampons in the vagina, severe burning, hyperemia, pain, swelling may occur. It is necessary to quickly wash the mucous soda solution (1 tsp. Per 200 ml of water) or contact a specialist.

Other contraindications to the use of drugs based on propolis in the treatment of gynecological diseases have been identified.

What forms are used

It is used in gynecology in three dosage forms: the use in the form of tincture, the use in the form of candles / tampons, as well as the use in the form of ointment. Pharmaceutical preparations based on bee glue are countless, good reviews about the Geliant preparation, they often contain dimexide, which helps to transport useful components and properties of the preparation to the needy areas of the body.

Fortunately, you can find a huge number of medical recipes that will help prepare the dosage form of propolis at home and with minimal cost for the treatment of diseases in the field of gynecology. The benefits of home remedies will be no less.

Inflammation of the uterus

Gynecological diseases do not bring joy to anyone, for example, chronic inflammation of the uterus leads to pathological changes in its shape, dysfunction, all of which can lead to the formation of cancer cells. If you apply the propolis tincture every day for a couple of weeks - you can. to significantly reduce or even eliminate the focus of inflammation, restore epithelial tissue, because its healing properties are very extensive, as evidenced by numerous reviews.


Sometimes under the influence of various stimuli, white, parchment-like spots may appear. This disease is called leukoplakia. It is characterized by high resistance and is also able to progress into tumor formations.

The use of propolis tincture in a mixture with honey and pollen will help to cure it in the shortest possible time, to stop the disease and nullify the symptoms, the properties of bee glue are very helpful. According to reviews of people who have tried this medicine on themselves, the disease recedes very quickly.

Other diseases

In addition to these diseases, which are listed above, propolis 3% alcohol tincture is used to treat fungal, bacterial and trichomonas inflammations of the vagina. Bee glue successfully treats sexual disorders, ovarian dysfunction, helps in the treatment of infertility and pathological menopause, uterine tumors. During the period of formation of the body, girls are advised not to use hormonal drugs for treatment in favor of propolis tincture, its properties do not harm the young body.

Propolis tampons are also widespread. In gynecology, they are taken vaginally. They help to dissolve uterine myoma, relieve fungal and bacterial lesions, mitigate the effects of menopause and pain during menstruation, eliminate bleeding.

To lubricate tampons, you can prepare a special ointment at home. Then do not have to spend money on pharmaceutical products. Ointments can be used without tampons for the treatment of mastitis, cystitis and trichomonas diseases. Reviews of this type of treatment are positive color.


For the preparation of ointments, which lubricate the tampons, you should take 50 grams of vaseline and lanolin, and then mix them with 5 ml of alcoholic propolis infusion. Tampons smeared with ointment can be inserted into the vagina overnight. To achieve significant results, it is enough to apply such a tool for 10 days.

Propolis Heliant

Because of its properties, propolis Geliant is very popular in gynecology. It helps to transfer the postoperative period well in the treatment of genital wounds, Geliant accelerates healing processes, reduces pain and prevents the appearance of scars and scars.

Propolis Heliant will help eliminate light infections, relieve discomfort, restore the vaginal microflora and eliminate various dysfunctions. It is especially recommended to apply it to girls who have not yet given birth. Due to its properties, a geliant does not violate the hormonal background, does not violate it in any way and does not affect the body's reproductive functions. Feedback on this product is only positive!


From all of the above, we can conclude that the use of natural bee products in gynecology is a very common and effective phenomenon. In addition, the prevention of such drugs as Geliant significantly reduces the risk of serious diseases, including uterine fibroids and various infections. The main thing, remember, any treatment must be prescribed under the supervision of a doctor!

In which dosage forms is propolis?

Apply the product of beekeeping for gynecological diseases can be in various dosage forms. It can be candles, tampons, tinctures, decoctions, sprays, ointments. To enhance the therapeutic effect and ease of use, other ingredients are added to the composition of the medicine: honey, medicinal herbs, vegetable and animal fats.

Propolis candles

Gynecological candles with propolis are effective in complex and in independent therapy. They are in direct contact with the affected area of ​​the mucous membrane, which causes a quick result of recovery. Thanks to the fat base, it is easy and painless to inject candles with propolis. This eliminates the possibility of injury to the mucous.

In the presence of bee glue, you can do self-production of candles. Of course, it will take some time, but so you will be confident in the quality of the drug. There are several options for the manufacture of suppositories:

With butter

This is one of the most common manufacturing methods. Butter thaws well, contains vitamins, and also has an enveloping effect. Composition:

  • 100 g butter,
  • 10 g of crushed bee ties.

Place the components in a container, put in a water bath, stew until a homogeneous consistency is obtained. When the mass cools to 30 degrees, it is poured into forms and cleaned in the refrigerator. As a form, you can take the packaging from purchased candles, rubber fingertips, latex gloves.

Diseases of pregnant women

This drug is very effective in treating diseases in pregnant and lactating. For all sorts of pain and mastopathy. During this period, a woman can take almost no medication.

Propolis is an exception due to its natural origin. Usually use tampons. If a woman does not have allergies, then this is a good way out.

The use of bee glue in pregnant women is carried out under the supervision of a physician.

Use of propolis ointment

Propolis ointment is used to treat mastitis and erosion. Reviews of those who have already tried this method, only excellent.

Ointment is easy. To do this, it is enough to mix with petrolatum or lanolin. After you need to lubricate the place you want to cure. The action should be repeated within 10 days and the result will not take long.

The use of this ointment is very helpful in wounds of the perineum, used in the postoperative period.

Often this tool becomes more effective than antibiotics. According to the researchers, it turns out that only a small number of people who left feedback about propolis, up to 10%, there is no positive result from the treatment. All others note only good effect.

Treatment of mastopathy

Ointment with bee glue successfully treats mastopathy. Usually using the phonophoresis method. Recovery occurs much faster than with conventional therapy.

Propolis kills harmful organisms and helps absorb chest seals. In the treatment of mastopathy, it is simply indispensable. Tincture on alcohol is mixed with milk, and it acquires healing properties, they drink it three times a day.

Also, when the nodules of the mammary glands effective aqueous solution.

Ovarian treatment

When an ovarian cyst is also used propolis. If you identify it at the very beginning, you can heal as soon as possible. Its application generally helps in the treatment of any mucous environment. They make a special ointment and moisten the tampon with it, leave it in the vagina overnight. The treatment process for an ovarian cyst takes a month.

Propolis in gynecology - medicinal properties of candles, tampons

Candles with propolis have long been in great demand, and are widely used in the field of gynecology thanks to numerous recipes of traditional medicine.

Their ability to have antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, local anesthetic, antifungal and immunomodulatory effects is used in the treatment of colpitis, metritis and endometritis, adnexitis, cervical erosion and other reproductive pathologies.

Natural Drug

By its nature, propolis is a natural substance, from brown to dark green.

Its composition is represented by plant resins that bees collect from the buds of trees such as poplar, birch, alder, willow and plum, as well as essential oils and wax.

Tannins, pollen and various foreign components may be present as impurities. Bees this product is necessary to eliminate cracks and disinfect the hive.

Propolis has a pronounced regenerating, anti-inflammatory, antipruritic effect, exhibits a bactericidal, bacteriostatic and fungicidal effect against a large number of pathogenic microorganisms, local anesthesia and reduces the severity of pain, beneficially affects the nonspecific immune defense mechanisms of the body against infections.

There is information about the antitumor and detoxicant activity of the bee product. With prolonged use, inhibition of growth and development of cancerous cells is observed, as well as increased growth and differentiation of healthy cells, improved function of the affected organ, and a favorable effect on the organism as a whole.

Treatment of gynecological diseases

Inflammatory diseases of the pelvic organs and sexually transmitted infections are one of the leading factors in reproductive disorders.

Применение лечебных свойств прополиса в виде настойки для приема внутрь, вагинальных суппозиториев (свечей), тампонов, спринцеваний в гинекологии ускоряет процессы регенерации слизистой оболочки половых органов при эрозивных и язвенных поражениях, замедляет рост патологических клеток, оказывает антибактериальный и противогрибковый эффект, стимулирует местный иммунитет и снимает воспаление.

Propolis in gynecology and urology is used for the following diseases:

  • erosion or leukoplakia of the cervix,
  • fibroids and other uterine tumors,
  • sexually transmitted infections
  • protozoal infections,
  • fungal lesions,
  • prevention of infection and promotion of healing after gynecological surgical interventions,
  • lactational mastitis nursing,
  • functional insufficiency and cystic lesions of the ovaries,
  • sexual dysfunction, decreased libido, impotence,
  • menstrual disorders (pain, lack of menstruation, bleeding tendency),
  • pathological menopause,
  • some forms of infertility
  • benign prostatic hypertrophy,
  • urethritis, cystitis, pyelonephritis and other disorders of the urinary system.

Cystic lesions of the ovary

Ovarian cyst is a cavity filled with liquid contents, which is formed in the ovary, and leads to an increase in its size. The reasons for their formation, most likely, consist in disturbances of a metabolism of gonadotropic hormones.

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Treatment of ovarian cysts with folk remedies with the use of propolis can help to do without surgical intervention. To do this, mix the juice of celandine with propolis: 50 ml of tincture is mixed with 250 ml of juice of celandine.

The resulting liquid is taken half an hour before meals for 1 dessert spoon for 1-1.5 months. If, after the course of treatment, the cyst has not completely disappeared, the treatment is repeated after two weeks.

You can also use tampons with ointment for 10 days.

How to use propolis for women's health

As we already know, propolis is simply a magic tool that is used to treat various diseases. This fact did not bypass the gynecology, because there, thanks to its properties, it found widespread use and receives positive reviews.

It regenerates and heals wounds in the shortest possible time, which helps in periods after operations. Medicinal and antiseptic properties help to defeat fungal infections.

It is simply indispensable for the treatment of erosion, for use in cystitis, chlamydia and trichomoniasis, myoma, and not only for these diseases, but also for many others.

Timely treatment and prevention will save you from big problems in the future! Especially popular drug Geliant.

Treatment of uterine fibroids

Candles also treat uterine fibroids. This is a common female disease manifested as a tumor and creates unpleasant symptoms, and may even degenerate into a malignant form. Usually, doctors treat it by surgery or hormonal. Both options are hard on any organism. An alternative is the treatment of uterine fibroids with propolis. Its application supports and creates a comfortable environment for the reproduction of healthy cells, and also suppresses the sick. This gives a very good result.

Treatment is carried out by introducing propolis suppository overnight. The course should be repeated a few days after the end of the previous one. All these actions must first be coordinated with the doctor.

To speed up the effect, some also use a decoction. Judging by the reviews, in combination with candles, such use brings tangible results, because the decoction stabilizes the hormonal background of the body.

Endometriosis treatment

Treatment of endometriosis with propolis is very effective and brings excellent results. Use tincture on alcohol. Do special douching or mixed with honey and put a tampon. Thus, they achieve a positive effect on the body and the disease recedes.

Propolis is a unique gift of nature. Its medicinal properties help scientists and ordinary people. The study of them continues. This is not a panacea, but many believe that if it were used more often, then people would have been ill less.

With cocoa butter

Cocoa butter is not only a good solid basis for the drug, it has a number of medicinal properties. It can reduce pain, reduce inflammation, and accelerate cell regeneration. To create candles you need:

  • cocoa butter - 80 g,
  • a bee's nose - 10 g,
  • beeswax - 10 g.

Preparing suppositories: grate propolis, pour into the pan, add cocoa butter, put in a water bath. Warm up the mass should be on low heat, stirring constantly. After the mixture becomes homogeneous, add wax, stir and remove from heat. We give the mixture to cool to a temperature of 30, form candles and remove in a cold place.

Based on vaseline

This option is suitable for strong irritation of the vaginal mucosa. It is necessary:

  • Vaseline - 90g,
  • wax - 10 g,
  • beehive - 10 g.

Constantly stirring the components (petrolatum and propolis) are melted in a water bath. After dissolving the bee glue, wax is added, mixed and removed from the heat. When the temperature of the mass becomes about 30 degrees, suppositories are formed from it.

There are certain rules for how to use candles from propolis in gynecology:

  • Before manipulation, perineal hygiene (douching) must be carried out.
  • To enter the suppository should be in the supine position to the maximum depth.
  • It is better to perform the procedure at night, so the effect of the drug will be longer.
  • Before you enter the suppository, you need to warm it up a little with your hands.
  • The duration of the therapeutic course is 7-10 days.

In the event that there is no desire or opportunity to engage in the manufacture of a medicine, it can be purchased at a pharmacy. Each drug must be attached instructions for use. First, carefully study it, and only after that proceed to use.

Propolis ointment

Ointment based on bee glue is effective in combating erosion, inflammation of the ovaries. It is very easy to do it yourself, this requires the following components:

  • butter - 200 g,
  • waste product of bees - 50 g

Ingredients are heated in a water bath. When the mixture becomes homogeneous, it must be drained. In the absence of butter, suitable lard. Gauze swabs are soaked in warm propolis ointment.

The finished product can be used repeatedly, before the next procedure it is just slightly warmed up. Store the ointment in the refrigerator for no more than 2 weeks.

With cervical erosion

A fairly common ailment that develops due to infections, as well as during long-term inflammatory process. Propolis tampons are suitable for eliminating erosion. They effectively eliminate inflammation, normalize the microflora, stimulate the regeneration of affected cells.

Therapy is recommended under the scheme: first, perform hygienic procedures with an aqueous solution with a 2% concentration of soda. Then enter the tampons impregnated with propolis ointment. The recommended duration of the procedure is 8–10 hours. It is useful to simultaneously use the alcohol tincture inside. This will strengthen the defenses of the whole body, accelerate recovery.

Against uterine fibroids

Myoma is a benign neoplasm that appears on the uterus in the muscle layer. Signs are menstrual disorders, discomfort when urinating, painful sensations. In the treatment of uterine fibroids, propolis acts as an adjuvant. And the main drug therapy and treatment is a gynecologist.

Under the influence of healing components, the growth of diseased cells is suppressed, and healthy ones, on the contrary, begin to grow actively. This accelerates the resorption process of a benign tumor.

In case of benign education, the therapy is performed with candles, oil tampons.

Please note that this method of therapy is acceptable in the initial stages of the disease, as well as for prevention. At the advanced stage, the tumor is surgically removed. For a more rapid recovery after removal of tumors, locally prescribed candles on the basis of vaseline. It is necessary to fulfill the prescription for 10 days.

Bee glue therapy can be alternated with other bee products. In treating uterine fibroids, effective results can be achieved with the help of bee submarine and mummy.

Ovarian disease

The most common disease of the ovaries is inflammation. It is formed due to transferred venereal diseases, hypothermia, frequent abortions. In this case, propolis candles are used in gynecology. A huge advantage of this drug is good compatibility with antibiotics and other drugs.

When an ovarian cyst is prescribed suppositories with bee glue on the basis of petroleum jelly. They must be entered daily for 2 weeks. The next morning, after the manipulation it is necessary to perform a douching with a solution of water and alcohol infusion. Proportions for the manufacture of a solution - 500 ml of water and 2 tbsp. l extract.

In addition to topical administration, it is recommended to use inside 1 des. l mixtures of celandine juice (1 cup) and 50 ml of alcohol extract of propolis. Reception is carried out 30 minutes before meals for 30–45 days. If necessary, therapy is repeated after 14 days.