Sex during menstruation - when you can, and when you can not? Dispelling myths about sexual intercourse on critical days.


Not everyone likes sex on “critical days”. But. without trying, it is difficult to judge. On this occasion, there are many myths and delusions, especially among men.

Of course, sex during menstruation is not the cleanest thing to do, but if you prepare for it thoroughly, you can avoid a significant amount of inconvenience. If you do not want to use extra sheets or towels, make love in the shower. In addition, a woman may use a diaphragm, a special cap or a female condom.

Is sex on health critical days harmful? In many cultures and religions there is a taboo, and menstrual blood is considered dirty. However, if you use contraceptives when making love, sex during your period will not cause any harm to your health in general, or to the reproductive organs in particular.

There is a strange belief that during menstruation you cannot get AIDS or other sexually transmitted diseases, such as syphilis or chlamydia. If a woman is infected, sex without a condom can end very badly for a man. Protection is always necessary, regardless of the woman’s cycle.

Sex during menstrual straining and not fun? In fact, many women experience an increase in sexual desire during this period due to hormonal changes in the body. Also, menstruation makes the woman's vagina more sensitive to stimulation, and many of them admit that at this time they have the most powerful orgasms. In addition, many couples like extra hydration.

If you are sure that it is impossible to get pregnant during your period, you may have a bitter disappointment. None of the days of the month a woman is 100% protected from pregnancy. And, although pregnancy is unlikely during this period, it remains possible. If you have not yet decided to become parents, protect yourself!

Does sex aggravate menstruation symptoms? If you worry that as a result of sex, menstruation will last longer and become more abundant, get it out of your head. In fact, you can see the opposite effect. Making love saves many women from pain and spasms during menstruation, because orgasm causes the uterus to contract, and sperm contains a hormone that promotes contractions. Thus, the woman's body is cleared of menstrual blood faster, and menstruation ends earlier.

Pros of closeness in monthly

Sex during menstruation has several undeniable advantages:

  • when menstruation takes place, a woman greatly increases sexual desire, she quickly reaches orgasm, which not only improves the quality of sexual intercourse, but also improves relationships in general,
  • menstruation causes the flow of blood to the pelvic organs, which causes a narrowing of the vagina, and since its surface is very sensitive, then getting good feelings from such intercourse is provided to both partners,
  • during sex, the uterus contracts more strongly, which ensures the rapid removal of a detached endometrium from its cavity, also the girl's menstrual pain decreases significantly and relief occurs,
  • sex during menstruation is often considered taboo, and therefore very desirable, which means that the attraction during this period should be strong with both partners.

Cons of intimate life in critical days

Unprotected sexual intercourse on any day of the menstrual cycle threatens a woman with possible pregnancy or various infections and diseases in her body. When sex during menstruation has its own characteristics and negative consequences, which we consider in more detail:

  • if you have sex during critical days without a condom, you can get pregnant. The presence of menstruation does not exclude conception at this time, especially in cases where the menstruation cycle in a woman is irregular or has a short duration of 15 to 20 days. You should also remember that the life expectancy of sperm is 5-7 days, which means that they retain their motor activity in the uterus for a long time and unprotected sex may well end in pregnancy,
  • you can not have sex if a woman is diagnosed with thrush or any other sexually transmitted disease, the same applies to her partner. There are a number of diseases, the development of which is dangerous sex during menstruation, for example, endometriosis. It occurs when microtrauma occurs during intercourse, in which endometrial particles fall, and then pathological growth begins. This disease is characterized by severe pain in the lower abdomen, irregular menstruation and, in rare cases, sterility. Any infection and illness received from a partner during sexual intercourse at such a delicate time can bring harm to the body. By itself, menstrual blood is an excellent breeding ground for the reproduction of bacteria, fungi and other organisms, also increases the chance of infection reduced during menstrual immunity,
  • engaging in intercourse with a regular partner is not prohibited, it is not recommended to do this with unfamiliar men or women, so as not to harm their health,
  • menstruation itself for a woman is a rather unpleasant process, so if you experience pain during sex, you should immediately stop sexual contact,
  • It is not recommended to use sex postures in which deep penetration is assumed, which significantly reduces the diversity of sexual positions. At this time, you need to give preference to the "missionary" pose, when a man is on top.

Safe for health

Despite the fact that modern medicine does not prohibit categorically having sex during the regulation, it is impossible to call this activity safe. If we talk about the psycho-emotional state, a woman at this time feels increased anxiety, she cannot fully relax and have fun, because she is worried because of the partner’s reaction to the appearance of menstrual flow or is simply afraid to dirty their clothes and bedding.

If we talk about physical health, at this time the risk of contracting sexually transmitted diseases increases significantly, especially in cases where sexual intercourse was performed without a condom. Bacteria and fungi develop rapidly in the menstrual blood and freely enter the uterine cavity through its slightly open neck. During menstruation, and the cervix itself has a more loose structure, which contributes to the ingress of pathogenic microflora. It is not necessary to think that it is safe for a man to have sex with a woman during the period of regulation, for him also increases the risk of infection.

Another dangerous phenomenon is reflux - this is the reverse pushing of secretions into the uterus, triggered by the active actions of the male penis in the vagina. Reflux prevents the normal exit of menstrual blood, which can cause it to enter the fallopian tubes and further into the abdominal cavity. In more severe cases, this can lead to a pathological proliferation of the endometrium outside the uterus (endometriosis). Very often, the treatment of this disease is performed surgically, and its most dangerous consequence is infertility.

Always relieves pain

There is a perception among women that sex on critical days can get rid of any pain, there is some truth in this statement, but it does not concern the pathological pain caused by diseases and problems with reproductive function.

If a woman is diagnosed with algomenorrhea, in which the menstrual function is disturbed and severe cramping pains occur in the lower abdomen, in the lower back and in the coccyx area, then it is impossible to cope with this pain syndrome with sex; suffering. Also, do not use sexual contact as an analgesic for secondary dysmenorrhea, as it can be caused by inflammatory processes in the reproductive organs.

If the pain during menstruation is very strong, you should immediately seek help from a doctor, and not look for a partner for bodily comfort. As an anesthetic, the doctor, after the diagnosis has been established, may prescribe drugs of various actions:

  • antiprostaglandins,
  • analgesics,
  • tranquilizers,
  • combined oral contraceptives.

In case of detection of endometriosis, surgery may be necessary. For these reasons, for painful menstruation, it is worth refusing to have sex, and to undergo an additional examination by a gynecologist.

Is a contraceptive method

Some women mistakenly assume that it is impossible to get pregnant during menstruation, justifying this by the fact that the egg cell did not fertilize, and the endometrial rejection began, which means that with unprotected sex, the pregnancy definitely does not come. At this time, the probability of conception is indeed reduced, but it is still there.

  1. Firstly, a girl could have matured 2 eggs with a small time difference, so spotting may be a sign of rejection of the first egg, while the second is still quite ready for fertilization within 1-2 days after the start of menstruation.
  2. Secondly, girls with an irregular menstruation cycle have a high risk of becoming pregnant during critical days, as well as women who have subjected their body to a certain amount of stress (stresses, hard diets, change of residence, etc.). These factors can cause an early onset of ovulation, for example, on the last day of menstruation.
  3. Thirdly, if unprotected intercourse has occurred in the last days of menstruation, then it is quite possible that the pregnancy will occur with normal cycle regularity, when ovulation occurs on the 12-14 day. This is possible because of the vitality of sperm, which are able to maintain their activity in the body of a woman from 3 to 7 days.

Thus, menstruation is not a method of contraception, so if you do not want to acquire offspring soon, use other contraceptives to prevent pregnancy.

Better moisturizing

Menstrual flow has nothing to do with lubrication, which is excreted by a woman’s body during sexual intercourse. Although blood is fluid, it does not provide a good glide during sex, because it has a more fluid consistency than lubricant.

The bleeding during menstruation cannot become a complete moisturizer, in case of insufficient moisture during intercourse, a woman should look for the cause with the help of a gynecologist, and not use menstrual blood as a lubricant.

Holding husband

To love a woman, first of all, as psychologists say, she must love herself. If she believes that the only chance to keep her faithful is to have sex during critical days, even if there is a possibility of dangerous consequences for her health, this woman loves herself not enough, and therefore the partner will not love and appreciate her in full least

Since sexual intercourse during menstruation can trigger the development of gynecological diseases, it is unlikely that a woman suffering from inflammations and having a complete ban on sex life during their treatment can cause a strong attraction in the opposite sex. Also during menstruation, a woman is too concerned about the problems of hygiene and poor health, so it is unlikely that she will be able to fully unleash her sexual potential and show all her secrets of seduction.

At leisure, consider whether your partner is worthy of such victims if he is not able to wait for a few days for vaginal sex, or try other ways to get pleasure in practice. Petting or oral sex does not harm the female body at all, anal is a more controversial type of sex, which has its own contraindications and consequences, but it is also an alternative to vaginal sex.

Great desire in men

Sexual fantasies in men are purely individual. Indeed, a number of male representatives want to have sex with women during their periods, but there are relatively few such "visionaries". More often, the representatives of the strong half of the male have disgust or even disgust for menstrual discharge.

In some cases, the onset of menstruation can be used as part of a role-playing game when a partner wants to have sexual experience with a virgin. But in this situation it is difficult to predict his reaction to the real bloody discharge from the vagina during intercourse. These points need to be specified in advance so as not to worsen the relationship and not to scare the partner. Perhaps a variety of sex toys and costumes can help bring variety, not menstrual blood.

Opinion of doctors

In modern medicine, there are no strict contraindications for sexual intercourse during menstruation, although experts believe that this is a rather dangerous time when the reproductive system is most vulnerable to external infections and irritants. Gynecologists believe that in case of sexual intimacy during critical days, one should first of all be guided by the woman’s well-being and should be stopped if there is any pain or discomfort.

If to summarize, modern medicine does not see anything reprehensible in having sex during menstruation in cases where partners have weighed all the pros and cons and are responsible for the health of each other.

To prevent infection, contraception should be used even with a regular partner. Sex during menstruation with a new man is not recommended, it is also worth postponing if one of the partners has diseases of the sexual sphere.

How to have sex during menstruation

The decision to have sex during menstruation should be supported by both partners, for such closeness it is necessary to prepare in advance not only for a woman, but also for a man. The main reason for not having sex on critical days is the aversion or fear of the sight of blood from one of the partners. This is his personal decision, which in no way should affect the future relationship. The degree of disgust in each person is different: someone can not even eat food from one plate, and for another lovemaking in the first days of menstruation, when the allocation is maximum, is not unnatural or repugnant.

If you decide to make love during critical days, then to reduce discomfort, consider the following recommendations:

  • on the first day of your period, try to avoid intercourse,
  • it is better to postpone intimacy for another time, if a woman has pain in the lower abdomen,
  • before the act and after it you need to take a warm shower and pay special attention to hygiene,
  • it is better to use condoms during the proximity, which will prevent infection and possible pregnancy,
  • if one of the partners is confused by the sight of blood, it is better to turn off the lighting,
  • the best place for intimacy at this time is the bathroom,
  • there should be napkins or a towel next to them, which can be spread on the bed if necessary so as not to stain the bed sheets,
  • postures in which there is no too deep penetration should be used, for example, classical positions when a man is on top,
  • if the smell of menstrual flow confuses partners, then you can cover the lower abdomen with a blanket that will prevent the spread of aromas,
  • If during sexual intercourse a woman begins to feel pain or discomfort, you must immediately stop sex, so as not to harm women's health.

With a regular partner, not only can you have sex on critical days, but if you follow these recommendations, you even need it. This will bring your relationship to a new level of trust and understanding.

Why did the period start during sex

If during a sexual contact a woman began her period, it means that just for this process it was the right time, and the woman forgot that on this day the regulators should go or consciously succumbed to her partner's persuasion to have sex. But there are cases when the release of blood during sexual intercourse is not a sign of the beginning of menstruation, but caused by completely different reasons:

  • genital trauma caused by too intense sexual intercourse,
  • the first sex, accompanied by a rupture of the hymen, in which a small amount of blood can be released,
  • pathologies of the urogenital system are accompanied not only by bleeding during sexual intercourse, but also by other symptoms that should be addressed,
  • benign lesions, erosion, polyps can cause bleeding after sexual intercourse, in which some women think that menstruation has gone. Если выделения отличаются от менструальных и по сроку критических дней не должно быть, в таких случаях следует обязательно обратиться к врачу,
  • hormonal contraceptives, especially in the first three months after the start of their reception, when the body gets used and hormonal changes, can be the reason for the fact that menstruation began during sex. If the bleeding on the background of oral contraceptives will be repeated after each intercourse, you should always consult a doctor, you may need to replace the appointment,
  • bleeding from the genital tract after sex can be a sign of a malignant tumor,
  • if sexual intercourse took place without a condom, it is possible that the bleeding does not belong to a woman and indicates the presence of serious diseases in the man’s body,
  • bleeding can be caused by gynecological diseases or inflammation in the reproductive organs,
  • Short-term bleeding during sex can be a manifestation of the honeymoon syndrome, which is characteristic of women with irregular sex life. When a woman has a permanent sexual partner, the problem goes away on her own.

Can sex affect the cycle

In rabbits, new ovulation begins immediately after an intimate relationship; fortunately, in women, the menstrual cycle is not so strongly influenced by sexual life, although it may well affect menstruation. Specific menstruation is affected by this, sexual intercourse cannot change the regularity of the cycle or in any way affect the onset of ovulation.

Very active and intense sex, and even more so a few sexual acts in a row can speed up the completion of already started menstruation. This can be justified scientifically. At the very beginning of the critical days in the female body, prostaglandins begin to be produced, which in their action are similar to hormones. They have a special effect on the endometrial bloodstream. The same substances are in the male sperm. When sperm enters the vagina, the level of prostaglandins increases significantly, which promotes rapid cleansing of the uterus from the outdated mucous layer. This leads to the rapid completion of critical days.

Making love is possible in the absence of gynecological diseases and inflammatory processes, since their presence may cause an increase in the duration of menstruation and its intensity. In especially severe cases, bleeding can develop, which can be stopped only with medical assistance.

Why sex during menstruation is undesirable.

Monthly discharge from girls is associated with such a physiological process as a small opening of the cervix. This is what causes pain in the premenstrual period — contraction of the muscular organ and the appearance of a hole for outflow of mucous epithelium and blood.

This means that the reproductive system of a woman literally leaves the “open gate” for the infection to penetrate into them. Even if both partners are completely healthy, conditionally pathogenic bacteria from the vagina, quickly and actively multiplying in the blood, can easily move to the uterus, fallopian tubes and ovaries, which will cause inflammation.

Why still can not have sex during the flow of menstruation? The same processes can occur in the guy's urethra, where the discharge also penetrates. As for the rest, according to gynecologists and urologists, medicine has no prohibition on sexual intercourse during this period.

Can sex be useful during menstruation?

  1. Intimacy during this period helps to reduce the abundance of secretions. An orgasm causes the uterus to contract more strongly, allowing it to push out a larger volume of fluid in a short period of time. It also reduces the pain of menstruation.
  2. It is believed that women experience a brighter orgasm during this period. There are three reasons:
  • increased sexual appetite
  • sufficient natural moisturizing of the vagina,
  • increased sensitivity of the cervix due to increased blood flow to it.

Provided that some rules are followed, having sex when menstruation takes place is not only not prohibited, but also useful.

The rules of safe sex during menstruation

Making love these days is associated with some aesthetic inconveniences that can be easily leveled if you listen to such advice.

  1. Keep clean. To avoid staining the bedding and not devoting the rest of the night to removing blood clots from the sheets, use towels. They will absorb all the excess fluid.
  2. Choose the correct posture. It is better if this is a classic missionary, with her discharge intensity decreases.
  3. Wait out the intense period. The most severe bleeding in the 2-3 day of the cycle, so the proximity can be transferred to the very beginning of the month or wait until they begin to end. "To endure" will have only a couple of days.
  4. Be protected. Even during this period there is a risk of becoming pregnant, therefore it is necessary to use contraceptives (if pregnancy is not included in the plans yet).

Protection during this period and the choice of contraception is a separate issue. If a husband and wife want to protect themselves only from conception, it will be enough for them to end sexual intercourse a little earlier than ejaculation or use spermicidal lubricants.

For couples who are not sure of each other’s health, it is better to choose a condom. Any unprotected intimate contact can result in not only orgasm, but also a sexually transmitted disease.

How do women treat this sex

As shown by sociological polls, sex during menstruation for most girls is unacceptable and this is due to the aesthetics of the question, and some women will have a panic fear of intimacy these days. They are ashamed that a man will see a dirty gasket or smell an unpleasant smell, which later will affect his attitude towards her.

Someone claims that it hurts them to have sex on such days, but they do not get satisfaction, because they cannot fully relax and wait all the time for the partner to finish. According to psychologists, the emergence of such sensations is connected with psychological barriers.