Is it possible to put candles Laktozhinal during menstruation


Vaginal suppositories are used to treat various gynecological diseases. Due to the fact that the course of use for most drugs is two weeks, in some cases the period of their use falls on the beginning of the menstrual cycle. The instructions for most drugs indicate that it is not necessary to interrupt their administration during critical days. However, many women are embarrassed to clarify this information with a doctor, so a natural question arises: is it possible to put candles during menstruation?

Key facts

Vaginal suppositories are used in gynecological practice to treat diseases of the uterus, appendages, as well as genital infections.

Positive aspects of using candles:

  1. Act locally, due to which they are not absorbed into the blood, and do not affect the overall condition of the body.
  2. They are quite simple and convenient to use.
  3. They are mainly administered overnight, which enhances their therapeutic effect.
  4. They act locally, due to which the maximum therapeutic effect is achieved.
  5. This form of the drug is also preferred because their use minimizes the likelihood of side effects, since the active ingredient of the drug has a local effect.

Suppositories are of two types: vaginal (more common) and rectal. Both types are used to treat a variety of diseases: candidiasis, genital infections. Also used in the appointment of antibiotics during the treatment of gynecological diseases to restore the normal microflora of the vagina.

The use of vaginal suppositories for the treatment of diseases of the gynecological spectrum is very convenient. Dissolving directly into the vagina, they provide a gradual local effect of the therapeutic substance on the infection or pathogen.

During menstruation

Standard treatment with candles is 10-14 days. It so happens that the beginning of the menstrual cycle falls on this period.

We highlight the main dangerous moments with the introduction of suppositories during critical days:

  • Since the drugs act locally, dissolving directly into the vagina, bleeding can wash out all the medicinal substances.
  • Due to the fact that the cervix is ​​dilated, it is possible to infect the infection (if the rules of administration are not followed).
  • Certain side effects may occur due to changes in the acidity of the vaginal environment. The use of suppositories during this period can cause itching, allergic reactions, and burning.

Is it possible to insert candles during menstruation? Their use at the beginning of the cycle (during menstruation) is undesirable because it can cause an infection.

It should be noted that this does not apply to all drugs, some must continue to be applied during menstruation. Quite often, women are prescribed the drug Lactoginal, which normalizes the vaginal microflora, fighting bacteria. You can use it during critical days.

There is no unequivocal answer to the question about using the remedy during menstrual bleeding. In each instruction to the drug, the mechanism of use of the drug during menstruation is clearly stated.

Before the appointment of funds gynecologist usually takes into account the day of the cycle will begin reception. Also prescribing a specific medicine, the doctor will tell you whether to continue using during menstrual bleeding. If a woman missed (forgot) to put a candle, you must wait until the end of menstruation, and so continue treatment.

In any case, it is advisable to ask your gynecologist about this, since the doctor will know for sure whether to stop treatment during the critical days. It is best to use vaginal suppositories for menstruation when recommended by a doctor.

Terms of use

During the use of these drugs, and especially if it occurs during menstruation, you should strictly adhere to the rules to prevent infection.

  1. Before use, you must take a shower and wash the genitals.
  2. Wash your hands thoroughly with anti-bacterial soap and wipe dry. If desired, you can use disposable rubber gloves.
  3. Open the packaging immediately before the introduction.
  4. Carefully insert the candle and lie quietly for some time for complete suction.

Since suppositories are generally used at bedtime, it is easy to follow these rules. Particular attention should be paid to antiseptic, to prevent the ingress of bacteria into the vagina. This can trigger an infection that can lead to serious diseases of the uterus.

It is worth noting that if the instructions (as well as, on the recommendation of a physician) indicate that it is not advisable to use the remedy for menstruation, a break should be taken.

In any case, when the gynecologist prescribes suppositories, the woman must tell how soon she will begin the next cycle. This will allow you to choose the optimal period for the course of drug treatment.

Instructions for use

It all depends on the appointment of a doctor. He either prescribes one capsule for 14 days, or two each: in the morning and in the evening during the week. Used only vaginally. Previously, before use, the capsule is moistened in warm water and only then injected. This is required in order to speed up its dissolution.

Can I use Lactoginal during menstruation?

During menstruation is not prohibited to use these candles, but it is not recommended. The fact is that their effectiveness during this period is significantly reduced. If there is an urgent need for their use during menstruation, it is not prohibited. But, in this case, you will have to extend the course of treatment to 3-4 weeks. It is all the better to talk with your doctor.

Cost of Laktozhinal in pharmacies

Usually the package contains 14 vaginal capsules. You can buy them in ordinary pharmacies, or via the Internet. The average price of candles Latogenal 650−700 rubles. Depending on the city and the pharmacy chain in which the drug is purchased, the price may vary. Keep the drug better in the refrigerator.

What is part of the urological collection Fitonefrol, and from which diseases it helps?

Instructions for use of the drug Menoril Plus is described here.

Analogs candles Lactogenale should be used with caution, after consulting with your doctor. Most often, analogues are used in order to save, or in the event that Laktozhinal, or rather one of its components, is allergic to a woman. The most popular analogues of the drug are:

  • Euofemin floravag,
  • Vaginorm,
  • Acylact,
  • Lactonorm,
  • Vagilak,
  • Bifidumbacterin candles.

You should not replace the drug on its counterpart. It is better to consult with your doctor before.

Reviews on the use of Laktozhinal: Does it help?

Marina, 39, Cool:

I have them appointed by a gynecologist for the treatment of bacvaginosis. This nasty sore periodically bothers me. During the next resuscitation, she again went to the doctor for some new treatment. She assigned me a Laktozhinal candle for 7 days. It was necessary to introduce them in the evening before bedtime, after a little wetting them in water, to better dissolve. The first 5 days were all right, except that in the morning everything flowed out and the discharge became more abundant. 6 and 7 days became hellish, because burning and itching began. In vain I did not read in detail the instructions and side effects that could be. There, burning and itching were indicated in one of the paragraphs. In general, I went now with complaints to the doctor. She was a little surprised, and said that it was most likely an individual intolerance. But, by the way, the bacterial disease has passed, but in what way!

Galina, 29, Cherepovets:

Thrush visits rarely, but very aptly, because the symptoms can not be tolerated. Immediately I take the hospital at work and run to the doctor so that he can save me. During the next visit to the doctor, when I had thrush, he advised me to use Laktozhinal's candles to restore the microflora. Before that, he prescribed another treatment regimen for me, but for me it turned out to be ineffective. I had to appoint another, which includes Laktozhinal. Its action has already been directed to the normalization of microflora. At first I was stunned by the price because it was high, but I thought that health was more expensive and decided to purchase them. In the first few days, I still had doubts about the effectiveness of these candle-tablets, but then, when I went through the whole course, they completely disappeared. These nasty symptoms of thrush waters for almost 8 months have not bothered me. The disadvantages include the high cost of the drug, as well as the fact that they are introduced very uncomfortable.

Zarina, 32 years old, Buynaksk

She treated thrush, cured, and Laktozhinal I was appointed to restore the vaginal microflora. Pre-smear to make sure that there is no inflammation. When thrush, these pills are contraindicated. I did treat thrush specifically with them, but by the end of the first week she appeared again. I visited my doctor with complaints, saying why so, because we are getting rid of thrush. He replied that this could be a side effect. So it is, it turns out in the list of side effects from the use of these vaginal tablets, there is thrush. But this, as my doctor said, rarely happens, and I am the second time in his long practice. Well, I'm lucky as always. They can not categorically say that this drug is bad and discourage others. He just did not help me, and it is unlikely that I will use it in the future.

A little more about what vaginal dysbacteriosis is in the video:

Laktozhinal during menstruation - medical consultation on the doctor

It is not recommended (not advisable) to use any vaginal tablets / suppositories, including Lactozinal, during menstruation, because menstrual flow prevents the absorption of active substances, thereby reducing the effectiveness of treatment.
If menstruation began at the beginning or middle of the course of treatment with vaginal tablets, then its use is best postponed until the end of menstruation.
The drug Longidase can be combined with Lactofinal, as well as with antibiotics, antiviral, antifungal drugs, bronchodilators.
When combined with high doses of salicylates, cortisone, adrenocorticotropic hormone (ACTH), estrogen, or antihistamine drugs, the enzyme activity of the drug Longidase can be reduced.
Do not use the drug Longidase together with drugs containing furosemide, benzodiazepines, phenytoin.
Do not self-medicate, always before using any medication you should consult with your doctor (in person).

Consultation is available around the clock. Urgent medical care is a quick response.

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