Massage during menstruation: a taboo or a common thing?


Anti-cellulite massage is a type of massage that includes the techniques of reflex and mechanical action on the skin to improve blood circulation and the appearance of the skin. To increase the effectiveness of the procedure after its completion, oils are often used - fatty and essential. In order to understand how to act on the skin, it is important to understand the causes of the formation of cellulite.

Benefit and harm

Cellulite is a peculiar condition of the skin on the thighs, abdomen and buttocks. In another way it is called orange peel, it is a change in the structure of the subcutaneous fat layer that disrupt the outflow of lymph and blood.

Is it possible to do anti-cellulite massage during menstruation? Many doctors think not. Massage is contraindicated for any bleeding, including during menstruation. At this time only a slight impact on the limbs and the sacral spine is allowed. During the massage, the blood flow to the area where the massage therapist performs the manipulations, as well as the reflex relaxation of deep muscles, increases. Most often, anti-cellulite massage is done on the hips and buttocks. This can cause severe bleeding and cause intense pain in the lower abdomen, as blood begins to flow to the uterus.

In addition, massage during menstruation will not give results, because the fluid that has accumulated under the skin during menstruation, independently comes out after their completion.

Yes, and most doctors do not recommend to spend them on critical days. But there are exceptions, when massaging relieves the condition, and the menstruation for the woman after that is never so painful and does not cause discomfort.

If there is a great desire to have a massage during menstruation, then the following rules should be observed:

  • Movement should be smooth and gentle.
  • For massage, it is better to use a special cream or oil that helps reduce friction.
  • It is strictly forbidden to do canned and honey anti-cellulite massage during menstruation.


The effectiveness of the massage is explained by the processes in the body that begin to occur under the influence of massage movements, namely:

  • Mechanical stimulation of the normal movement of blood, lymph and interstitial fluid.
  • Increase the local body temperature during the massage a few degrees.
  • Reflex stimulation of vessels and tissues.
  • Activation of metabolism in the massaged tissues, which also helps to normalize blood flow and metabolism.

Together, these factors significantly improve blood flow and lymph drainage, saturate cells with oxygen and other nutrients, and improve metabolic processes. All this reduces tissue swelling, removes metabolic products from the body and others.

But in order to achieve the desired effect, it is necessary to influence the affected area intensively, which is contraindicated during menstruation. Thus, light stroking of the thighs and buttocks most likely will not bring any result, except for general relaxation.

To get rid of cellulite faster, it is recommended to use cellulite cream and scrubs during menstruation, more details about which can be found here.

What can cause a massage during menstruation?

During the massage procedure, blood flow increases to the area in which the massage therapist deals. Therefore, an additional impact on the area of ​​the back, pelvis and abdomen can cause severe bleeding. The blood rushes to the uterus and only increases the painful sensations of the woman. Prohibited in this case, and such warming types of massage, as honey and can.

Anti-cellulite massage during menstruation

Most women who are actively engaged in their figure and preparation for the beach season, doubt whether it is possible to do anti-cellulite massage during menstruation. Some experts do not prohibit procedures against cellulite and lymphatic drainage. However, during menstruation, such a massage may be ineffective and the woman will spend money in vain. This is due to excessive swelling of the body at the time of menstrual flow. Therefore, all the liquid that has accumulated under the skin will be released after the end of the menstruation by itself.

The benefits of massage during menstruation

Even with all the restrictions imposed on the massage with it, you can relieve menstrual pain in some women. Acupressure during menstruation with the right effects reduces pain. Such a massage technique like Shiatsu offers to gently massage the point, which is localized at a distance of three fingers below the navel. During acute pain, it is sufficient to act on it for 5 minutes. Another point is the area on the inside of the ankle. To detect it, you must press the palm on the inner side of the ankle so that the little finger is at the very base. The place for impact will be just on the index finger. This zone must be affected by the thumb for six seconds every two minutes. This massage should go at least 25 minutes.

Effective self-massage during menstruation

Understanding whether it is possible to do a massage during the menstruation to itself, the answer will be positive. Moreover, some types of massage are more effective for independent action on certain points. Since no massage therapist and the doctor can feel the sensations of touch better than the man himself.

Massage options:

  1. Massage in a circular motion in a clockwise direction around the uterus. Hands better pre warm.
  2. Before starting the procedure, you must prepare 2 tennis balls and place each of them in a sock. Next, lie on your back, placing these balls in the lumbar region on both sides. First you need to lie on them for a few minutes, and then slide the ball back and forth on the balls.
  3. Sit on your knees and do a massage on the outside of the thigh. For this, you can iron and pinch the massage area.

The main thing in the massage is not only to monitor the effects of the massage therapist, but also to ensure complete relaxation of the client. Otherwise, even a foot massage during menstruation can cause a woman to experience discomfort and pain. Therefore, answering the question of whether it is possible to do massage during menstruation, it is necessary to take into account the large role of the individual factor.

Types of massage to help relieve menstruation

To eliminate pain during menstruation and reduce spasms, you should plan a relaxing uterine massage in the morning and evening three days before the arrival of menstruation and the same number of days after the process is completed. A similar effect has an ancient Chinese massage technique Guasha, normalizing the menstrual cycle and the decisive number of other female features during menopause or menstruation. You need to plan this massage in the middle of the cycle, as it takes 5-10 procedures.

Even if the periods are painless and do not have abundant blood loss, it is recommended to consult with an expert in this field before any massage procedure.

It is indisputable that during the menstruation the female sexual sphere is more vulnerable to infections. . As for the solarium and lumbar massage, as well as weight loss apparatus, they should also be avoided, but for different reasons.

Do not forget about the hormonal adjustment of the female body during menstruation. . Massage during menstruation is not a vital necessity, and patients should think about chasing beauty.

What provokes the development of such states, why are they so clearly associated with menstruation? . Self-massage and massage, especially of the neck and collar area, of the head. We recommend reading an article on nutrition during your period.

Permissible and forbidden exercises during menstruation. Modern medicine does not give a woman specific recommendations about lifestyle during the menstruation period.

This also helps lumbar massage with tennis balls, if you lie on them. . Saves from pain when taking up to 5 times a day, also saves from spastic contractions of the uterus during menstruation

not compensatory - over time, the painfulness of the flow of menstruation increases. . light massage of the abdomen in a circular motion

Permitted massage during menstruation

Massage during menstruation can reduce pain, relieve tension and spasm. Certain movements can reduce the amount of menstrual blood.

  1. Pressure on the point in the navel

Following the technique of Shiatsu can achieve this in 5 minutes. For pain in the period of menstruation is the point that is 2 fingers below the navel. In the middle of the abdomen. During attacks, it is necessary to do massage with light circular motions for 5 minutes. Relief will come immediately. If necessary, you can repeat the massage several times a day.

  1. Ankle massage for menstruation

According to Shiatsu philosophy, clots of female energy are concentrated in the ankle. It is possible to determine this point, but one cannot do without clarity. It is recommended to place the palm on the inside of the ankle. Little finger touch before it starts. The index finger will fall in the right place. Press down on this point with your thumb. 6 seconds press down, 2 minutes rest. It is necessary to do massage 25 minutes. Only in this case relief will be felt. If the "magic" point could not be determined, you can simply massage the ankle. There is no magic in this. The ankle is the most distant point from the uterus. By massaging this area, you can remove the spasm from the uterus, transfer the concentration of blood flow to a distant part of the body. Thus, it is possible to get rid of pain during menstruation, heavy bleeding. Blood will circulate in the legs.

Massage of the uterus during menstruation

This type of massage should be done by the woman herself. Since the impact is aimed at getting rid of discomfort in the uterus. Who, no matter how the woman herself can feel the tense place on her body.

  • The uterus is located in the lower abdomen. It is necessary to warm the hand, in this area massage in a circular motion in a clockwise direction. 5 minutes is enough to make the pain less noticeable during menstruation. The uterus will relax, the number of contractions will decrease, and, consequently, the pain.
  • The second way to relieve pain during menstruation, kneel down, massage the inside of the thighs. Allowed to push, pinch, pull the skin. Such a massage during the month transfers blood circulation to the hips.
  • It will take 2 balls. The easiest way to use tennis. Put them in a sock, or wrap in cloth. Put on the floor. Lie on top of them all over. So that they are in the lumbar region on both sides of the spine. Lie down for 2 minutes. Move on them to the side.

Massage technique during menstruation is reduced to stroking, pinching, pressing. Nowhere zealous is not worth it. Not the last role in pain is the tension of the nervous system. We must try to relax.

Relaxation massage during menstruation

A relaxing massage is different from other types of gentle, light movements. He has no contraindications. In particular, you can do during menstruation. The main purpose of the massage is to relieve stress and tension. The therapeutic effect is to improve the psycho-emotional state, and as a result, the physical. The main requirements of relaxation massage during menstruation:

  • A comfortable psychological environment should be provided.
  • Light music, or complete silence. At the desire and status of women.
  • Lighting should be muted.
  • To create a calm atmosphere, you can use aromatic oils. The smell is barely perceptible. One that pleases a woman.
  • Massage movements are light, gentle all over the body. In the area of ​​the shoulders, head, you can use the technique of pressure.

Massage during menstruation begin to do with the feet. At this time, blood circulation will concentrate in this area. Legs, hands, back, you can just stroke. Give head special attention. A woman takes a comfortable position. You can lie on your stomach. Press with your fingers, make circular movements in the temples, neck, forehead. Very relaxing face massage. You can use a moisturizing lotion. The skin is very sensitive during this period. Massage will benefit the skin and nervous system.

After such an effect of massage on the body, the woman calms down, the problems go away. Critical days flow calmly, without much discomfort.

Tips and tricks

Summing up, it should be noted that massage during menstruation is not only possible but necessary. The main thing is to choose the right technique and movement. Sometimes it is enough just to lie down on your stomach, put one leg under pressure, put your hand below the navel. A few minutes in a similar position will relieve suffering during the period of exacerbation of pain during menstruation.

Regarding the massage during the period of other monthly varieties, there are no direct contraindications. Depends on the well-being of women. If the monthly is not abundant, there is no discomfort, massage is allowed. But with less intensity or duration. It is recommended to do a massage according to the methods described above before the beginning of the month. When the genitals are preparing for menstruation. The procedure is sufficient to do in the morning and evening for 2-3 days before the start of menstruation. So a woman can reduce suffering on critical days.

Permissible types of massage for menstruation

One of the contraindications of massage treatments are the notorious “critical days” for women.

This prejudice arose not by chance, because massage stimulates blood circulation well, which is not always appropriate in such conditions.

What types of massage can be performed during menstruation, as well as special instructions and contraindications of the procedure are discussed in detail in the information provided.

  • 1 Recommendations
  • 2 What can and can not
    • 2.1 Possible consequences

Usually, when prescribing a course of therapeutic massage, it is better to plan the start of procedures after the cessation of the monthly menstruation.

But in most cases it turns out that this rule is not always feasible, for example, for a woman who works late, the only convenient time for procedures can be a weekend. Also, the course of massage can take quite a long time, and it is not recommended to interrupt it.

In these cases, it is better to know in advance what you can not do during menstruation.

  • Abundant discharge, accompanied by cramps and severe pain.
  • Feeling unwell.
  • Related problems relating to contraindications of such procedures (skin diseases, fever and diseases of the internal organs in the acute stage).

A positive effect during the procedure is the removal of pain and spasm. This is a kind of anesthesia that will help not everyone.

It is necessary to be guided by one’s well-being, because some women on “these” days generally refuse from the usual rhythm of life because of severe pain.

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What can and can not

In general, if you decide to visit the salon during menstruation, you must also decide on the technique used. There are no contraindications for massaging the face and neck, but a general body massage or visceral massage should be discarded.

What types of massage can not:

  • Treatment of the back and waist. Will not bring benefit except new painful sensations.
  • Anti-cellulite (due to tissue swelling will not give the desired effect). Watch the video, how to properly do cellulite massage cans.
  • Lymphatic drainage. Also will not bring the desired result.
  • Banks for massage. This procedure contributes to increased blood circulation, which can lead to abundant secretions.
  • Vacuum massage. Contraindicated and not effective in such a period.

Such procedures are usually associated with a certain discomfort.

However, some women note a good relaxing effect and even the removal of unpleasant symptoms.

It all depends on the individual characteristics, so if during the procedure you feel discomfort, it is better to stop the session.

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Suitable methods of implementation:

  1. Massage the neck area.
  2. Relaxing foot massage. Read more about foot massage, benefits and contraindications.
  3. Handling limbs. Light massaging of arms and legs will not bring harm. Read whether it is possible for pregnant women to do a foot massage.
  4. Treatment procedures against migraine.
  5. Face and neck massage.
  6. Shiatsu massage. Its principle is the impact on certain energy points of a person. An unconventional procedure in the full sense of the word will effectively help relieve pain and relax muscles.
  7. Acupressure. Recommended after consulting a doctor. Not all manipulations will be allowed, so do not hesitate to inform the specialist about your special condition.
  8. Honey massage, not affecting the abdomen and lower back area.
  9. Self-massage of the abdomen. This procedure is carried out in a comfortable position and does not provide for a strong impact.

На видео: массаж шиацу

Of great importance and intensity of exposure. All movements should be soft and gentle.

If the procedure is aimed at relaxing the body, it will not interfere with menstruation, but it is better to temporarily refrain from treatment.

Possible consequences

The main negative factor during the procedure may be increased bleeding.

It is especially important to abandon the procedure if you are concerned about heavy discharge and great pain.

In this case, the massage will bring only harm, so it is better to suffer a little.

During this period, a previously uncharacteristic negative reaction to the effects of oils and massage creams may also occur. That is why it is better to abandon the aromatic oils, as well as experiments with the new composition of the cream.

A description of the types of massage can be found here.

And about the contraindications of anti-cellulite massage is written here.

Massage during menstruation is quite possible, but unsafe procedure. Usually, women in this period are more vulnerable, and excessive discharge and pain can spoil the positive emotions from the procedure.

What types of massage are allowed, and which should be abandoned in principle, tell our information.

Massage during menstruation: a taboo or a common thing?

Physiological changes in the body of a woman that occur during menstruation impose a number of restrictions on physical activity, including massage. This is especially true during the course of massage. Girls are constantly wondering whether it is possible to do a massage during menstruation in this case? Experts recommend that women check the peculiarities of their menstrual cycle and not plan procedures a few days before and after their menstruation. If you postpone classes, there is no possibility, and for women there is scant blood loss, then massage is allowed in the area located as far as possible from the abdomen (neck, shoulders, hands, feet).

Combine massage and cycle

Disharmony in the rhythm of life can make the menstrual cycle. Especially for those who have heavy periods with serious pain. Is it possible to do massage during menstruation - a question that is relevant for many.

On the one hand, I do not want to interrupt the course of procedures already begun, but on the other hand, there is no desire to cause harm to health.

First, remember the most popular types of massage:

Any massage for menstruation, of the above, traditional medicine does not recommend.

Massaging the back, lower back, hips, abdomen on critical days is contraindicated due to increased blood flow to the pelvic organs, which will lead to increased bleeding.

Or is it still possible?

Distant parts of the body can be massaged. Do not enhance the menstruation of a mild effect on:

  • upper limbs (forearm, shoulder),
  • long legs (feet, legs),
  • collar back area,
  • neck,
  • face,
  • scalp.

Cosmetic procedures

Completely deny yourself a visit to the beautician is not worth it. You just need to avoid excessive exposure.

For example, in the anti-cellulite complex, procedures that can hardly be called soft are applied. Therefore, it is better to abstain from canned massage, wraps, and rubbing of biologically active substances.

You can pay more attention to the hands, feet and face, upper back. A missed session to combat cellulite will catch up later.

Massage room

To a good masseur without an appointment is difficult to get. Missing admission because of elementary physiology is annoying.

The most optimal would be to take into account in advance the predicted maturity of the regulations and not to plan any procedures for this period. But if it so happened that it coincided, then you should not cancel the visit.

It is necessary to warn the masseur about the nuances of his condition and relax.

Even if you have to wait a few days with an anti-cellulite massage, you can please the skin of your face and neck, give rest and relaxation to your legs, hands, shoulders and upper back.

Dangerous and safe procedures

Why not massage during critical days? An additional effect on the back, abdomen, pelvic region can lead to heavy bleeding. A rush of blood to the uterus will increase the discomfort during painful periods.

Safe treatments on critical days:

  • neck massage, thoracic,
  • light relaxing lumbar massage - many women only can eliminate pain during menstruation,
  • hand massage, foot.

All movements should be smooth, for better sliding it is necessary to use oils.

Sometimes massaging during menstruation is not only useful, but also helps to significantly alleviate the condition. Acupressure Shiatsu helps to effectively eliminate pain. You can massage the point, which is located 5 cm below the navel. Acute pain goes away after 5 minutes.

Massaging the head helps eliminate migraine, weakness. A cosmetic facial massage improves the appearance and mood. Many relaxing treatments can be found in Thai massage. They will eliminate the nervous tension that often accompanies women during menstruation.

Anti cellulite treatments

Many masseurs do not consider monthly contraindications for carrying out manual anti-cellulite or vacuum effects on the skin. But on critical days, women slightly swell, which will lead to inefficiency of the procedure, wasted money and time. Yes, and completely relax on the massage table during menstruation, not all women succeed.

Vacuum cellulite massaging is a very painful procedure. And during critical days in women, there is an increased sensitivity and susceptibility to pain. If the vacuum massage does not cause much discomfort, then it can be done without affecting the abdominal area.

Canned, honey and all warming types of rubbing are strictly prohibited. Such intense and vigorous actions can disrupt the whole cycle.

Lpg-massage refers to anti-cellulite procedures. He recently appeared on the market of cosmetology services, therefore it raises many questions. Is it possible to do lpg-procedures during menstruation?

Experts believe that critical days are contraindications for such cosmetic effects. During lpg-rubbing, blood circulation is significantly accelerated, which can lead to an increase in secretions. Especially dangerous is such a massage for those who have poor blood clotting.

In some cases, the lpg-procedure is done if the monthly has passed the initial stage. But it is always necessary to consult, to warn the master about the state of his health.


By doing the massaging yourself, you can ease the state during menstruation.

  1. Massaging the ankles - leads to a small outflow of blood from the uterus, eliminates spasms.
  2. Light rubbing in the area of ​​the uterus - the movement should be clockwise.
  3. Massaging the waist and back - twist the terry towel tightly with a harness. Lie a little, then make a few up and down movements.

Best of all eliminates the pain, swelling massage of the diamond shape Michaelis, which is located in the lower back. Here are the vessels responsible for the blood supply to the pelvic organs. To carry out the grinding must lie on the stomach or to the side. Fist to make movements in a circle, alternating them with stroking.

Most experts do not recommend massage and anti-cellulite procedures during menstruation. But if massaging brings relief, discharge is scanty, the woman does not feel discomfort, then exceptions are possible.

Exceptions to the rules

Some women do not want to break the established rhythm of life. They go for a massage during menstruation, attend fitness. This, of course, is their decision, but if the monthly periods are not abundant and scarce, then it is possible not to refuse completely the pleasures for the body. But to reduce their activity is still worth it.

Beauticians who recommend anti-cellulite massage, argue that you can not interrupt the course, if the bleeding is scarce or it is the final days of menstruation. A woman who has felt the results of the procedures is very hard to refuse them even temporarily.

If the decision is made to continue the sessions despite the monthly ones, it is necessary to notify the specialist - he will correct the program.

Massage during menstruation

Not wanting to interrupt the course of wellness procedures, a woman should check with the attending physician in advance, can she be massaged during her period?

Most physicians tend to ban physiotherapy on critical days. Strictly contraindicated manipulation in the lower abdomen and lumbar region. Relatively safe is the massage of the upper back, neck, head, upper and lower extremities.

An experienced massage therapist knows how to properly massage during menstruation.

Special attention during this period requires the pelvic area. If a woman decides to continue the set of procedures, then you should stop massaging the abdomen and lumbar during critical days.

Massage the pelvic area is possible only after 3 days after the cessation of menstruation.

It is not necessary to provoke uterine bleeding enhancement by applying lymphatic drainage or anti-cellulite massage (these techniques are aimed at stimulating blood circulation).

During the menstruation procedures, massage therapists recommend using special blends of aromatic oils, the composition of which promotes easy gliding of the hands, relief of pain and muscle spasm.

The choice can be stopped on the following types of aroma oils:

  • lavender,
  • bitter orange,
  • thyme,
  • juniper,
  • jasmine,
  • neroli,
  • patchouli,
  • carnation
  • Melissa,
  • coniferous oils.

These plants have natural anti-inflammatory, anti-edematous, antispasmodic, antioxidant properties. A few drops of this cosmetic product is added to the base oil. You can create phytocompositions for maximum efficiency.

Acupressure during menstruation, i.e. acupuncture with fingers on certain areas. The traditional Japanese method called shiatsu helps to normalize the menstrual cycle and eliminate the unpleasant symptoms of PMS. It eliminates pain, muscle spasm, swelling.

The first point is located in the central zone of the abdomen 2 fingers below the navel. It must be alternately pressed 6 times for 1 minute. The second acupuncture zone is located on the lower leg, 4 fingers below the popliteal fossa. This area is massaged to drain blood from the uterus to relieve pain and muscle spasm. Shiatsu technique uses many other reflexogenic zones and contributes to the restoration of energy in the body. Proper use of acupressure during critical days will not do any harm to a woman.

No less popular is the Chinese technique of gouache, which improves blood circulation and lymphatic drainage in the pelvis, preventing the development of stagnation and the formation of adhesions. Massage of gouache is carried out with the help of special scrapers. It is recommended for many gynecological diseases, but during menstruation, it is strictly prohibited, as it can cause heavy and painful bleeding.

Massaging the feet also contributes to the acceleration of metabolic processes in the body, the removal of puffiness, relaxation of muscle tissue. It is allowed to a woman at any time.

The most popular among the female audience is a set of procedures to combat cellulite. The question naturally arises: "Is it possible to do anti-cellulite massage during menstruation?"

This type of cosmetic procedures during the period of critical days remains permitted for use on any part of the fat deposits, except for the hip area, abdomen and lower back.

Anti-cellulite massage during menstruation not only improves the condition of the skin in problem areas, but also enhances blood circulation and lymph flow. Therefore, to do this massage in the abdomen and lower back area is possible only after the end of menstruation.

In addition, the following types of massage are prohibited for use during menstruation:

These techniques increase blood circulation, stimulate blood flow to the pelvic organs, bring muscles into tone, which is undesirable during menstrual bleeding.

Contraindications to the massage procedure

Despite the tangible effect after physiotherapy, there are a number of contraindications to their appointment:

  • increased body temperature
  • infectious inflammatory processes in the pelvic organs,
  • blood diseases (thromboembolism, bleeding tendency),
  • uterine bleeding of unknown etiology,
  • diseases of the cardiovascular system
  • mental illness
  • arterial hypertension,
  • skin allergies,
  • exacerbation of chronic diseases
  • acute respiratory diseases
  • oncological processes
  • disorders of the gastrointestinal tract.

Conducting massage must be trusted by experienced professionals. It is better to stop the choice on specialized medical institutions and health centers. Performing the procedures by a qualified masseur guarantees a positive result in most cases. Consultations of the attending physician will help to correct a complex of physiotherapeutic actions for the period of female critical days.

Possible difficulties

The masseurs who respect themselves and their work seriously approach such situations. Sometimes with more responsibility than the women themselves. They know about the likely consequences and do not want problems neither the client nor themselves. It is easier to abandon a small one-time wage than to spoil human health.

It happens that women are silent about menstruation, not wanting to interrupt the course. Some women simply do not attach importance to their gynecological status. And if complications arise, the masters are not blaming themselves.

In addition, a client who takes massage procedures on critical days experiences discomfort, cannot relax, is worried about possible unpleasant “surprises” from her body.

If the specialist is warned about the special condition of the woman, he will acquaint her in detail with all the risks, postpone the course or choose a lightweight version.

Analgesic massage on critical days

There are types of massage that relieve pain and cramps during menstruation. Women for whom such a problem is relevant can try Chinese traditional acupressure or Japanese shiatsu (which in Russian means "finger pressure").

The basis of shiatsu is the physical impact (pressure) on certain points of the body. These active sites are located in the midline of the abdomen, on the iliac bones, in the lumbosacral region, on the inner surface of the tibia.

The first sessions should be conducted by qualified masters. They will give recommendations how not to harm the health and preserve it in full. It is better to start it a couple of weeks before the onset of menstruation. With good portability, you can do directly during it.

The technique is good because you can relieve the pain during the month yourself. But only after they receive detailed recommendations from a specialist.

Everything in our hands: life, health, prosperity. The main thing is to listen to yourself, your body, care for it and take care of beauty and health. Menstruation is a physiological phenomenon. It should not stop life, but can sometimes make small adjustments.

Can I do a massage during menstruation?

Massage in its essence can be relaxing, stimulating, healing. There are a lot of types and techniques of massage, even professionals are not able to master with all the secrets and techniques, and we will find out whether it is possible to do massage during menstruation?

Features of massage treatments during menstruation

  • First of all, it is necessary to take into account the nature of the discharge and the general well-being of the woman.

  • The second is the type of massage technique and the area of ​​the body on which it will be applied.

With moderate secretions, massage is less dangerous, and heavy periods when stimulating blood flow can result in increased bleeding.

Massage movements in the abdomen can cause uterine bleeding, so exposure in the form of vibration, pressure, grinding is prohibited on the abdomen, in the lower back and in the pelvic area during menstruation. Cup massage, massage Guasha, vacuum and honey are also prohibited.

It is necessary to consider the following! One of the important components of a good massage is complete relaxation of the patient, psycho-emotional unloading. And how can a woman immerse herself in relaxation when she has anxiety about a possible sticking thread, a wing, or a leaked speck?

Safe on critical days is a gentle massage of the cervical and thoracic, limbs, and feet. Soft, light massaging movements do not cause damage to the body and do not create complications.

Head massage for migraines is not prohibited. It is least associated with the blood circulation of the pelvis.

A good relaxation effect will bring a facial massage and aroma massage. If you have doubts, you may need to consult a doctor. He will be able to analyze the individual characteristics of your body and make a specific conclusion.

When performing a massage during menstruation in the cervicothoracic region, it is necessary to take into account that the female breast is especially sensitive during this period. Suitable stroking strokes that do not touch the mammary glands.

There are several types of acupressure, it is aimed just at reducing pain in the abdomen. The most common biologically active point is located on the ankle. It can be detected by putting your palm under the knee so that the little finger is located at the very beginning of the ankle. Then the index finger will point to the desired point.

Press on the point with your thumb for 6 seconds, followed by a two-minute break. In total, the session lasts about 20 minutes on one ankle and the same on the other.

Just a good massage of the ankle with rubbing the entire surface is also able to relieve pain. This has been proven experimentally and is explained by the activation of blood flow in the ankle area and blood flow from the pelvic region. Systematic exercises not only eliminate cramps, but also stabilize the endocrine system. You can also massage the feet.

The effect of massage therapy during menstruation for each person may be different: someone feels relieved, someone the difference does not seem obvious, while others may show deterioration. Care should be taken before the massage, and during and after it.