What vitamins to drink during menopause: a review of drugs, reviews


The onset of menopause worsens the condition of any woman. There is a decline in ovarian function, changes in hormonal levels. This leads to mood swings, anxiety, depression, sleep disturbances, hot flushes with bouts of sweating. Hormonal restructuring begins at the age of 37 - 40 years and lasts from 1 to 10 years. Every woman has it individually, but the general symptoms are similar and significantly worsen their state of health. At this time, it is necessary to take certain medications that will help to level unpleasant symptoms.

The value of vitamins during menopause

The role of vitamins in menopause during this period of life is especially valuable for health. They perform several important functions:

• increase immunity, thereby contributing to mitigating unpleasant menopausal manifestations,

• stimulate the synthesis of sex hormones, the production of which is significantly reduced.

• start metabolic processes, accelerate metabolism, because in the menopausal period there is a significant decrease in it and a quick set of excess body weight occurs.

How do vitamins in menopause

To improve the overall condition, there are several vitamins for menopause that are especially necessary during this period, which will not only reduce the unpleasant symptoms, but significantly improve the quality of life. First of all, these are antioxidants that slow down the aging process of the body. They neutralize the free radicals constantly forming in the body - active molecules that have lost several electrons in the process of oxidative reactions and that destroy other cells in search of the missing ones. Healthy cells damaged by the “attack” themselves turn into active free radicals that act on the remaining intact cells. The consequences of such continuous exposure to free radicals are the physiological aging of all organs and systems.

Some vitamins, acting as antioxidants, are able to suspend this destructive process. They donate their electrons, but remain stable compounds. Thus, antioxidant vitamins interrupt the pathological process of destruction, slow down the aging process.

Side effects and harm from self-treatment with vitamins during menopause

The course of treatment, the dose of drugs determines only the doctor in order to avoid overdose - hypervitaminosis, which are serious side effects of taking high doses of vitamins. Independently chaotic use of vitamin complexes or individual vitamins can be not only useless, but also unsafe for health. It is believed that it is impossible to overdose vitamins: the body will take as much as necessary, the rest will be eliminated with urine and feces. This is not entirely true. Water-soluble vitamins can be excreted in the urine. Excess fat-soluble accumulates in the body, providing a toxic effect.

Vitamins with menopause - and water-soluble (vitamin C), and fat-soluble (A, D, E) - when released into the blood are delivered to all tissues, including fat. Excess vitamins that are not absorbed in the intestines are excreted in the feces. An overdose of fat-soluble vitamins causes diarrhea. This is due to the fact that an excess of substances that are not absorbed in the intestine, "pull" the water from the body, which leads to dehydration.

An overdose of fat-soluble vitamins has similar clinical symptoms. At the same time, hypervitaminosis of each of them also causes specific manifestations.

Acute hypervitaminosis occurs when a single vitamin intake in a huge dose, many times higher than normal. Chronic hypervitaminosis develops with prolonged, for 4-6 months, taking high doses of the drug.

Vitamins - antioxidants in menopause: the benefits and harm

The antioxidants, vitamins for menopause include several important drugs, without which it is impossible to do in this difficult period.


Vitamin E (tocopherol): it prolongs the functioning of the ovaries, extending their livelihoods. Tocopherol indirectly stimulates the synthesis of estrogen with progesterone. It also strengthens the vascular walls, makes them more elastic, protects against thrombosis, because it regulates cholesterol metabolism, participates in lowering blood pressure, which with the onset of menopause tends to increase in many. Being a powerful antioxidant, it prevents the destruction of cells by free radicals, contributes to the preservation of youthful skin, hair, nails. Protects against the formation of malignant tumors.

In case of an overdose of E, the absorption of the remaining fat-soluble vitamins (A, D, K), leading to their hypovitaminosis, is disturbed. Immediately there is a headache, diarrhea, double vision.

A higher concentration of tocopherol contains Hypotrilone. In its composition there are also essential trace elements. The drug is effective at the beginning of menopause - in its most difficult period. Well removes hot flashes, reduces the risk of tumors.


Vitamin A (retinol) - prevents the formation of tumors in the intestine, uterus, mammary glands. It slows down the aging process, moisturizes the skin, thereby preventing the appearance of wrinkles. Per day you need 700 mcg of retinol for good health. Its maximum amount is contained in cod liver oil, fatty fish, carrots, pepper, green onions. It is part of the convenient and effective complex "AEvit", consisting of two vitamins: A and E, and is also an integral part of other vitamins: Dekamevit, Undevit, Gendevit, Hexavit.

An overdose of vitamin A leads to hair loss, dryness and flaking of the skin, headaches, insomnia. Discomfort appears in the liver, hypercholesterolemia is noted in the blood (increased amount of cholesterol), alkaline phosphatase activity increases. With chronic deficiency, spontaneous bone fractures occur.

Vitamin C

Ascorbic acid (vitamin C) is a natural antioxidant that prevents the formation of tumors in menopause, when there is the greatest risk of their occurrence. It strengthens the walls of blood vessels, prevents the formation of edema, increases resistance to various types of infections.

An overdose of C leads to the formation of oxalate stones in the kidneys, gall bladder, especially when there is a genetic predisposition. Vision, kidney and pancreas are also impaired. This is due to changes in the permeability of blood vessels and the exchange of oxalic acid, which is formed in large quantities with an overdose of vitamin C.

Alphabet 50+ is an effective combination drug containing ascorbic acid and the entire set of vitamins and microelements necessary for a woman. It also contains lutein and lycoptin, which prevent deterioration of visual acuity. Another complex of vitamins in menopause for women after 50 is Vitrum Centuri: perfectly improves the general condition, contains all the necessary elements in a balanced amount.


Vitamin D (calciferol) consists of several provitamins, the most significant of them during menopause: ergocalciferol (D1), cholecalciferol (D3), which are activated in the body. Cholecalciferol is involved in the exchange of calcium and phosphorus in bones and cartilage, improves calcium absorption. Thus, it prevents the rapid development of osteoporosis, which develops in all women without exception after 50 years. For some, this process starts much earlier, depending on the risk factors (smoking, drinking large amounts of coffee and tea, and steroids). Owing to a decrease in the level of estrogen in menopause, the formation of osteoporosis is accelerated. During this period, there are more injuries and fractures of the bones, which grow together for a long time, requiring a lot of effort for healing. Vitamin acts on the state of not only bones, but also teeth.

With an overdose of cholecalciferol (vitamin D3), the following are observed:

• low-grade fever, nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, constipation, loss of appetite,

• dizziness, headaches,

• severe pain in the bones and muscles.

Also numb and shaking hands, there are multiple subcutaneous hemorrhages, increased blood pressure. The examination revealed a high content of calcium in the blood and urine.

Prolonged uncontrolled intake of vitamin D causes calcium deposits in the walls of blood vessels of various sizes, in soft tissues, and in the lungs. This can be seen at X-ray examination. Osteoporosis is observed with the deposition of calcium around the joints, calcinates in the lungs, soft tissues. Calcifications in a conjunctiva, a sclera, a cornea can be formed.

Balanced preparations containing vitamin D3 and calcium are:

• Complivit Calcium D3 forte,

• Vitrum Calcium D3.

Vitamins of group B

Some B vitamins play a huge role in menopause. They affect the nervous system, normalizing sleep, mood, increase efficiency.

Vitamin B1 (thiamine) normalizes the nervous and cardiovascular system.

Vitamin B6 (pyridoxine) stimulates mental and physical performance, boosts immune status, prevents early aging of the skin, in combination with vitamin E eliminates irritability and nervousness (Magne B6 forte).

Vitamin B9 and B12 (cyanocobalamin) help to avoid depression, irritability, prevents the appearance of apathy.

Folic acid

Folic acid has an estrogen-like effect, effective in reducing hot flashes, improving overall well-being. It is taken both as a separate drug and in combination with other vitamins for menopause: Vitatress contains, in addition to folic acid, all the necessary vitamins (A, D, E, C, group B, PP), as well as a number of trace elements. Most effective in the early stages of menopause. Increases resistance to stress, has a positive effect on all departments of the central nervous system, normalizes the work of the cardiovascular system.

Trace elements - a necessary component of health

In addition to the above mentioned vitamins, an important role for the woman is played by the sufficient intake of microelements:

1. Calcium and boron help strengthen bones and joints. Their administration with cholecalciferol (D3) not only contributes to prevention, but also cures the resulting osteoporosis, prevents possible bone fractures, which can often happen in this state.

2. Magnesium is a very important trace element: it improves sleep and reduces irritability due to sedation.

Lignins - substances that can reduce the "tides", eliminate dryness of the mucous membranes of the vagina.

Therefore, the complex of vitamins during menopause should consist of antioxidants, trace elements and lignins. The specialist will select the vitamins individually, taking into account the peculiarities of the female body in each particular case, including:

• general condition of the body,

• the duration of hormonal adjustment,

Most of the funds required for menopause are complex balanced drugs that positively affect the entire body. It is not recommended to self-medicate and take even ordinary vitamin complexes uncontrollably, because overdose is dangerous for the body. The choice, dose and duration of admission should advise the doctor. In the future, you must strictly adhere to the recommendations. If you follow these rules, you can keep well-being for many years.

Features of the choice of the complex during menopause

The average age of menopause is from 42 to 50 years. The process itself lasts about five years - the menstruation is not constant, the hormonal status is changing. This is very strongly reflected in the physical and mental state: the woman becomes irritable, unbalanced, suffers from hot flashes, pressure surges. It is during this period that many chronic diseases develop, including endocrine pathologies, oncology, both benign and malignant neoplasms, problems with the stomach and intestines. Because of all these misfortunes, many women "unstuck" and give up, feel old and problematic. Because of this, mental illness can develop - anxiety and depressive disorders.

During this period, it is very important for a woman to keep working and feel sufficiently in demand. What kind of vitamins to drink, when will menopause begin, and how to maintain body vigor and strength of mind? To do this, you should maintain maximum vitality, do not give up social positions. After a few years, hormonal storms will subside, and the psycho-emotional state will even out.

What vitamins to drink during menopause? Optimally, in them was enough:

  • iodine (to support the endocrine system),
  • vitamin E, or tocopherol - to smooth out hormonal failure,
  • calcium (responsible for bone health),
  • magnesium (responsible for the stability of the central nervous system),
  • phytoestrogens and plant extracts,
  • essential amino acids
  • the whole complex of vitamins of group B.

What vitamins to drink during menopause? The name that the pharmacist will tell the pharmacy will not say anything specifically. You should first get to know about the composition, contraindications, side effects. It would be ideal to read reviews about how certain women transferred the course of the drug that you yourself are going to purchase. Of course, there is no guarantee that the body will react to the dietary supplement in the same way, but at least it will become clear whether the drug is in demand among consumers.

"Hypotrilon": composition, description and reviews

The drug is enriched with tocopherol, selenium and 3-carbinol. Recommended for admission to women in the period of the following diseases and conditions:

  • mastopathy,
  • papillomatosis and condilomatosis,
  • pronounced premenstrual syndrome
  • growths (hyperplasia) of the endometrium,
  • benign neoplasms
  • menopause,
  • fibroids,
  • ovarian cystic masses,
  • endometriosis,
  • ovarian and cervical cancer.

If a woman is looking for an answer to the question of what vitamins to drink during menopause, it is worth trying "Hypotrilon". This drug satisfies the need for tocopherol (responsible for the health of the reproductive system) and selenium (supports the functioning of the cardiovascular system).

Reviews of specialists and patients about the effect of the drug are not distinguished by obvious enthusiasm. At the same time, a part of women who took this dietary supplement mentioned the weakening of premenstrual tension and pain during menstruation. The ability to somehow influence the growth of tumors has never been clinically proven in the laboratory. What vitamins to drink during menopause, if the action of "Hypotrilon" seemed to be not sufficiently effective? Let us turn to the description of more complete in terms of the composition and action of drugs.

"Doppelgerts Active Menopause": composition and reviews

The instruction to the vitamin-mineral complex reports its ability to exert the following effects on the body:

  • decrease in intensity of tides during menopause,
  • controls sweating
  • restores cognitive qualities - memory, acumen,
  • positive effect on the cells of the nervous system, has a mild sedative effect on the central nervous system,
  • eliminates anxiety, nervousness and depression in a woman during menopause,
  • thanks to selenium, the composition has a positive effect on blood vessels and heart muscle, selenium gives them greater elasticity,
  • It has a beneficial effect on the female genitals, with the result that sexual desire returns to her,
  • moisturizes the vaginal mucosa, greatly facilitating sex life,
  • can be used as adjuvant therapy for cystitis, fibroids and other diseases.

Feedback on the drug is mostly positive. Women do not notice any magical effect on the organs of the reproductive system. Time cannot be reversed, like the menopause process. But working capacity increases, the mood improves, sad thoughts leave, bone tissue hurts less, psycho-emotional state improves. What vitamins to drink during menopause, if the budget is about six hundred rubles? Definitely a good choice will be "Doppelgerts Active Menopause".

"Supradin" in tablet and effervescent form

Supradin is the leader in the pharmaceutical market among vitamin-mineral complexes. At relatively low cost, the composition is rich in minerals and vitamins. For women in menopause, this is an excellent choice, despite the fact that there are no specific phytoestrogens in the composition. But there is a whole range of essential minerals - iron, zinc, selenium, calcium. Also in the composition has all the vitamins of group B, which are so necessary for the female body during menopause.

Reviews show that in the first week of admission appears cheerfulness. It becomes easier to get up in the morning. Особенно этот эффект заметен при употреблении средства в шипучей форме. Таблетированный "Супрадин" тоже хорош, но усваивается немного хуже.For this reason, changes in well-being may not be as noticeable as when using an effervescent form.

"Alphabet 50+": composition and features of the reception

This is a great option for those who are looking for the answer to the question of what vitamins to drink during menopause. "Alphabet" is special vitamins, the daily dosage of nutrients in which is divided into three doses. Three tablets of different colors should be consumed after breakfast, lunch and dinner. In order to maximize digestion of beneficial microelements, this form of the preparation was created.

  1. The pink tablet contains copper, ascorbic acid, thiamine, iron and folate. Iron prevents the development of iron deficiency anemia and helps to improve the composition of the blood. Ascorbic acid increases immunity and resistance to seasonal colds.
  2. The blue pill contains nicotinic acid, pyridoxine, riboflavin, iodine, magnesium, manganese, zinc. Iodine provides support for the thyroid gland, thereby indirectly facilitates the process of weight loss and endocrine problems. Pyridoxine and riboflavin restore the cells of the nervous system, give peace of mind, normalize sleep, improve mood. magnesium is completely absorbed due to the presence of pyridoxine in the composition and supports cardiac activity.
  3. The white tablet contains cyanocobalamin, calcium, chromium, phytoestrogens. Calcium maintains the state of bone tissue, preventing the development of bone diseases. Phytoestrogens maintain hormone levels in more or less one position, preventing serious spikes.

These are the best vitamins for menopause in the price range up to five hundred rubles. Let the inscription "50+" not confuse - this vitamin-mineral complex is also perfect for women a few years younger. The feedback on the complex is positive - almost no side effects occur, and the result of the intake is felt already after a week of use - cheerfulness comes, working capacity improves, the psycho-emotional state is smoothed out.

"Ortomol Femin" for women in menopause: description, composition, reviews

This complex was specifically designed for menopausal women. The composition includes vitamins D3, E, C, group B, as well as trace elements (alpha and beta carotene, coenzyme Q10) and omega-3 fatty acids. The complex not only affects the level of estrogen, but also contributes to the improvement of appearance. Small wrinkles are smoothed, hair stops falling out.

When menopause occurs the following problems:

  • rapid weight gain due to drastic hormonal changes,
  • problems with the absorption of carbohydrates and fats - almost all of them immediately go to the fat stores,
  • hyperhidrosis and hot flashes
  • changes in bone and cartilage tissues.

Today, the pharmaceutical market is represented by a large number of drugs designed to relieve symptoms of menopause. What to drink vitamins for women with menopause? Ortomol Femin is a good choice. Reviews of host women indicate a positive dynamic in well-being.

"Klimadinon" - a drug designed specifically for women in menopause

The main active component of this drug is an extract of rhizome of zimitsifuga. Available in the form of tablets and liquid drops. It has the ability to saturate the body with valuable bioflavonoids, due to which the negative symptoms of menopause are smoothed out.

The drug suppresses the jumps in the production of estrogen by the ovaries, due to which there is a beneficial effect on the whole organism. Nervousness, irritability goes away, the intensity of hot flashes softens, reduces hyperhidrosis. A woman becomes cheerful and cheerful. What vitamins to drink during menopause, not to get better? You can try "Klimadinon" - the effect on the level of estrogen is directly related to being overweight.

"Aevit" and "Tocopherol": the cheapest, but effective vitamins during menopause

These are vitamins familiar to all of us, which can be purchased at any pharmacy and the cost of which is low. But rarely anyone knows that vitamin E ("Tocopherol") has a healing effect on the reproductive female system. It is prescribed even for infertility and problems with conception. In this regard, there are many analogues of vitamin E, both expensive and cheap. And if a lady does not know which vitamins to drink during menopause, you should not overpay, Tocopherol is quite good in capsules from domestic pharmaceutical factories.

"Aevit" is also a vitamin E, only with the addition of retinol, or vitamin A. It is sold in capsules with oily contents. Once a quarter, you need to drink a course of these inexpensive and beneficial for the female body during menopause vitamins.

"Amino 2500" for women over 50 who lead an active lifestyle

In search of an answer to the question of which vitamins to drink during menopause at 55 years old, women forget about the importance of saturating the body with essential amino acids. Meanwhile, it depends on their presence in the diet the amount of muscle mass and how the hair and skin look. After all, keratin and collagen are just amino acids, the building material for human hair and epidermis cells.

An excellent and relatively inexpensive amino acid complex "Amino 2500" can be purchased at sports nutrition stores and some pharmacies. Composed of collagen, l-carnitine, alanine, glutamic acid, lysine, cystine, phenylalanine, serine, tryptophan. Per day you need to take 4-6 tablets. If a woman pays regular time to playing sports, you should definitely choose a high-quality amino acid complex and include it in your diet. This will help maintain the tone of the body and muscle tissue even in such a difficult period as menopause. By the way, amino acids are also necessary to combat excess weight. Especially well proved in this regard, l-carnitine.

What vitamins are best to drink during menopause: rating of the most popular

Depending on the ratio of price and quality, you can make a small rating. The most recommended are the complexes at a low price, but with a rich composition:

  • "Alphabet 50+".
  • "Supradin" effervescent form.
  • "Ortomol Femin".
  • "Doppelgerts Active Menopause."
  • "Hypotrilon".

The rating does not include "Aevit" - this is a universal remedy, which sometimes needs to be drunk with a course no matter how old a woman is. By the way, they are also the most positive reviews.

What vitamins to drink during menopause, because the choice is too big? It should be empirically tried several complexes and, based on the individual reaction of the body, to choose the most suitable for themselves. For some, it will be "Supradin", and athletes will not be able to do without amino acids. Women with a predisposition to diseases of the reproductive system is best to try "Hypotrilon". The choice in the end always depends on the goals pursued and the individual tolerance of the drug.

Why is it important to supplement the diet with vitamin complexes during menopause?

In the human body, all processes are interconnected, therefore, malfunctions in the work of a separate organ or system will certainly cause failures in the work of others. This is even more relevant during periods of hormonal instability: during puberty, pregnancy, and, of course, during menostasis. After all, the end of the reproductive function is sometimes experienced extremely difficult. Hot flashes, insomnia, pressure surges, emotional instability, weight gain, accelerated aging - all these gifts make menopause. However, this stage of life is not a disease, and should be treated accordingly. And in order to help the body restore internal balance and quickly overcome difficulties, use special pharmacological complexes.

The use of minerals and vitamins during menopause can help a woman during menostosis.

  1. They speed up the metabolism, which has a beneficial effect on the work of the gastrointestinal tract during menopause, and generally helps to reduce the severity of hormonal imbalance. Accelerated metabolic processes help avoid weight gain, which is so feared by all women and which is so characteristic of menopause.
  2. They are participants in the synthesis of sex hormones, which is especially important for women during menopause, because the production of female sex hormones (estrogens) decreases every year, and it must be supported.
  3. It gives an opportunity to preserve appearance in an attractive state longer, because a decrease in the level of estrogen leads to the fact that the signs of aging begin to manifest themselves. This is reflected in the deterioration of the skin, nails, changes in voice, hair can fall out.
  4. Strengthen the immune system, which is extremely important, as the body experiencing increased stress becomes susceptible to infections and various kinds of diseases.
  5. Maintain the proper functioning of all internal organs and systems.

The most important vitamins and trace elements during menopause

  • Vitamin A in menopause is important for its antioxidant effect, it helps to resist the development of tumor neoplasms of different localization and etiology, makes it possible to preserve the youth of the skin, maintains healthy mucous membranes, has a positive effect on vision, stimulates the synthesis of sex hormones.
  • Vitamin E is not for nothing called female. Vitamin E for menopause is indispensable. It also participates in the synthesis of sex hormones, stimulates sexual desire, protects cell membranes from free radicals, improves the structure of hair and skin, supports heart and muscle tone, minimizes the possibility of development of mastopathy and other pathologies of the mammary glands, especially sensitive to hormonal changes.
  • Vitamins of group B (B6, B9, B12) harmonize the work of the nervous system, improve protein and lipid metabolism, allowing you to control weight gain, increase overall performance and resistance to stress.
  • Vitamin C activates defenses to resist external and internal adverse effects, improves blood clotting (prevention of bleeding), strengthens the walls of blood vessels, prevents the formation of edema.
  • Calcium What is it for? Calcium helps strengthen bones and teeth, is responsible for carbohydrate metabolism, prevents the development of hypertension.
  • Vitamin D is responsible for the full absorption of calcium. Thus, the prevention of osteoporosis, which is so common in women, especially after 50 years, is carried out.
  • Magnesium also helps calcium absorption, supports the cardiovascular system, prevents insomnia.
  • Potassium prevents fluid retention, prevents the formation of edema, has a beneficial effect on the heart and blood vessels, prevents the development of atherosclerosis, hypertension, enhances the ability to withstand physical and mental stress, increases emotional stability.

The best complexes for women in menopause

For the representative of the fair half, who has reached or is approaching the age of 50 years, it is extremely important to get all the vital substances in full, in order to remain healthy and beautiful as long as possible. However, to achieve their balanced intake from food products only at the expense of nutrition is extremely difficult. This is due to the inaccuracies of the diet, the quality of the products, the environmental situation, and the financial limitations of many people. In order to keep the body working at this unstable time, it is necessary to select the right vitamin and mineral complex, which not only provides basic needs, but also has a beneficial effect on the manifestations of menopausal syndrome. The modern market of pharmacological agents offers a wide choice of products aimed at eliminating the negative manifestations of menopause. Consider the best vitamins that have received recognition and the most favorable reviews.

Users recommend taking for menopause:

Doppelgerz Active Menopause

Restorative mix made in Germany, created on the basis of soybean isoflavones - vegetable estrogens. The vitamin complex helps to smooth hormonal changes, reduce the intensity of hot flashes, prevent the development of osteoporosis, helps prevent cancer, the incidence of which increases during menostase.

Ladys Formula Woman 40+ (USA)

These are vitamins for women, additionally enriched with citrus bioflavonoids, extracts of broccoli, green tea, grape seed, Dong Kwai root. This drug enhances the metabolism, prevents weight gain, normalizes hormones, maintains the structure of collagen, enhancing the elasticity and smoothness of the skin, provides antioxidant protection of cell membranes. Reviews of Ledis vitamins Day-Night formula read by clicking on the link.

Complivit 45+

It is also a Russian complex containing in its composition: vitamins of groups C, B1, B2, B5, B6, B12, A, PP, P, B9 (folic acid). In addition to the standard set of ingredients, the complite also contains L-carnitine, motherwort extract and cimicifuga extract. Due to the additional effect of these components, it is possible not only to meet the basic needs for vital elements, but an auxiliary positive effect on the nervous system, hormones, lipid metabolism, body defenses. Complivit can be taken before menopause, or already in the midst of the manifestation of menopausal symptoms. How to take komplivit right? It is recommended to drink one tablet once a day. In one jar komplivit contains thirty pills, respectively, this is enough for a month.

A fairly common complex of vitamins during menopause due to its affordability. Aevit contains in its composition the necessary vitamins A and E. It has a good effect on the metabolic process in the body, it has a positive effect on the nervous system and the circulatory system. The drug normalizes and stabilizes body weight. The use of aevit can be supplemented with folic acid, vitamin D and calcium.

Amino acetic acid (glycine), contains 100 milligrams per dose of the drug. The active ingredient, sweet taste, helps to calm the central nervous system, helps to cope with insomnia, a beneficial effect on the vascular system of a woman. In addition, glycine improves the performance of the brain, improves the ability to concentrate and memorize. Glycine is taken 5 tablets twice in 7 days, by resorption. Sometimes there can be allergic reactions to glycine. Care is taken by persons suffering from hypotension. Quite often taken during menopause and postmenopausal, but glycine is able to greatly reduce the pressure, so when you receive it, you should monitor the level of blood pressure.

This is another very popular drug in our country, developed on the basis of herbal ingredients and being a substitute for hormone therapy. Cemicifuga extract is famous for its action, alternative to the action of natural estrogens. In addition, the preparation contains such vital elements as potassium and magnesium. The combination of all components allows women to effectively deal with the manifestations of menostasis. Tsi-klim tablets eliminate the frequency of tides, prevent blood pressure surges, eliminate vegetative-vascular disorders.

Why is it important to drink vitamins during menopause?

  1. Additional intake of vitamins in the composition of special drugs allows you to improve metabolism, so that a woman can more easily tolerate changes accompanying menopause.
  2. Vitamins improve the secretion of sex hormones, the production of which during menopause is significantly reduced in women.
  3. Vitamins have a beneficial effect on the immunity of women and help smooth out the negative manifestations of menopause, such as irritability, anxiety, apathy, and help improve vitality.

What vitamins and elements are needed most?

  • Vitamin A- has an antioxidant effect, preventing the appearance of various tumors in the uterus, mammary glands and intestines. It contributes to the preservation of moisture in the upper layers of the epidermis, thereby slowing down the aging of the skin and reduces the rate of wrinkles.
  • Vitamin B6- improves physical and mental performance, stimulates the function of the nervous and immune systems, prevents early aging of the skin, combined with the intake of vitamin E helps to eliminate anxiety and irritability.
  • Vitamin B1- normalizes the nervous and cardiovascular systems,
  • Vitamins B9 and B12 - allow to cope with irritability, changeable mood, apathy. In general, they have a tonic effect on the nervous system,
  • Vitamin C - significantly strengthens the walls of blood vessels, allowing to reduce the swelling of tissues - the most common and unpleasant side of menopause,
  • Vitamin E - effectively stimulates the function of the sex glands, which allows to reduce undesirable manifestations during menopause. Являясь мощным антиоксидантом витамин Е защищает клетки от разрушения свободными радикалами, помогает сохранить здоровье и красоту кожи и волос, борется с онкологическими заболеваниями и снижает риск тромбообразования в сосудах,

  • Витамин D – способствует более полному усвоению кальция и укреплению костей, которые при климаксе становятся тонкими и ломкими,
  • Кальций и бор – укрепляют костную систему, позволяя бороться с остеопорозом,
  • Magnesium - has a slight sedative and calming effect, thereby helping to cope with insomnia and irritability.
  • Lignins - substances that can soften the "tides" and eliminate dryness and mucous membranes of the vagina.
  • 40 plus woman

    This drug is designed to combat obesity, to improve skin elasticity and prevent early aging, as well as to increase vitality and combat the first manifestations of menopause.

    In addition to vitamins, it contains magnesium, boron, sodium, bromelain, and citrus bioflavonoids.

    The course of this vitamin complex is designed for 1 month, you need to take 1 tablet a day.

    The course of treatment with this drug will cost you from 500 rubles.


    1. “From the age of 40 I started having a hormonal failure and menopause began. Feeling was very bad, even had to go to the hospital. The gynecologist advised me to take these vitamins to support the body. And you know - my state of health has improved significantly - headaches and irritability are gone, sweating has decreased, even the skin has become a little more elastic. Now I take regular courses in a month. ”
    2. “Unfortunately, by the age of 45 I began to feel unwell because of the onset of menopause, in addition to being able to feel some kind of apathy towards everything that happens. Seeing in the mirror a tired aging woman, I realized that I had to do something and went to the doctor, who recommended these vitamins to me. At first I reacted to them with disbelief, but when I started to accept it, I appreciated it. I became more cheerful, more cheerful, and even felt like I was 10 years younger. ”

    Vitamins for menopause, why you need

    Female sex hormones affect the skin's elasticity (production of collagen and elastin), as well as control the skin's oily skin. During menopause, sleep worsens, vascular disorders begin and weight increases, especially the belly begins to grow. If you choose vitamins wisely, you can correct these changes.

    What can help trace elements:

    • Acceleration of metabolic processes - many substances help to correct metabolism, which is extremely important for women after 40 years.
    • Regulation of hormone synthesis, stabilization of ovarian function, background normalization.
    • Strengthening the immune system - the weakness of this system can lead not only to frequent colds, but also cause disruption of the cardiovascular and bone systems.

    Regular intake of vitamins will improve the condition of the skin, nails, hair, making them stronger, healthier.

    What exactly include vitamins - a detailed analysis

    When choosing a complex during menopause, you can mindlessly take from the pharmacy offered by the pharmacy. There will definitely be no harm from this; in any case, you will enrich your body with the necessary elements. But the best option is to choose a drug with the most appropriate composition and dosage. It is not always necessary to give preference to complexes marked "for women" or "after 40". This can only be an advertising move, so it’s better to make your choice on the right one, specifically for the individual composition. Optimally - entrust the selection of the complex to an endocrinologist.

    Vitamins of group B

    Nutrients of this group play a huge role in the metabolism of homocysteine ​​- an amino acid that in elevated concentrations can provoke atherosclerosis, Alzheimer's disease (senile dementia), as it is deposited on the walls of blood vessels, may well cause the formation of blood clots.

    Also, B vitamins in menopause are involved in lipid metabolism, helping to control weight gain and regulate the functioning of the nervous system. Introduction to the diet of this group provides energy and vigor, strengthens the immune system and reduces the phenomenon of hot flashes.

    Folic acid (also known as vitamin B9) has a positive effect on the emotional background, helps reduce frustration during menopause. Vitamin B9 is often associated with symptoms of insomnia, irritability, and depression.

    Retinol (Vitamin A)

    This trace element is the main source of preservation of the beauty of the skin, brain cell membranes. The element has powerful antioxidant properties, contributing to the prevention of cancer in the breast, reproductive organs. When used, the recommended daily dosage activates the work of the sex glands and the production of collagen, which gives the derma a healthy appearance.

    Vitamin C

    During menopause, it is important to maintain the thyroid and pancreas, remove toxins, improve their work contributes to the intake of vitamin C. This powerful antioxidant helps maintain vascular tone, relieves inflammation of their walls, improves immunity.

    No wonder this element is also called the vitamin of childbirth. It has a positive effect on the functioning of the genital organs, in particular the ovaries, and contributes to the accumulation of vitamin A. Regular consumption of a sufficient amount of tocopherol helps to maintain the beauty of the skin and delay aging.

    It has been proven that a lack of an element leads to serious nervous disorders and an increased risk of developing Alzheimer's disease. Element E helps to maintain the composition of the brain membrane, helping to prevent the loss of important molecules.

    Osteoporosis most of all affects women after 40 years of age (the number of cases among the fair half of humanity is 3 times higher than that of osteoporosis among men). This is due to hormonal imbalance. The additional intake of nutrient D helps to absorb calcium, which is especially important when living in areas with low insolation.

    Recent scientific studies have proven the effect of vitamin D on reducing the risk of tumors of the ovaries, brain and mammary glands.

    Menopause Minerals

    Minerals are an integral part of maintaining a woman’s health, but the right complex should also include trace elements to regulate metabolic processes.

    One of the essential is calcium. It prevents the development of osteoporosis, makes bones and teeth more durable. In addition, the reception of Sa will make your nails firm and beautiful. The mineral is important not only for body strength, but also for the mind - calciferol is actively involved in the normal functioning of the brain.

    What microelements are important in menopause:

    • Potassium is responsible for the health of the heart and blood vessels, supporting the contractility of the muscles.
    • Magnesium is an important element for the nervous system. Its additional technique removes the effects of irritability and nervousness due to mild sedation.

    Table: Norm of vitamins, minerals during menopause

    Medicinal herbs for menopause

    Often, as an enhancement to the formula, the additives in the complexes include herbal extracts of herbs. Many of them possess not only a therapeutic effect, but are phytoestrogens - hormones similar to those of a female, which are completely of plant origin. They have a rather weak activity, reducing the risk of side effects.

    Phytoestrogens, according to the results of many studies, are able to activate receptors to attach their own hormones, enhancing their work.

    The most famous source of natural estrogen is soy, in particular, a large amount of active substances is contained in its sprouts. Some types of herbs also have a weak hormonal effect.

    • Red clover - the inclusion of this plant in addition contributes not only hormonal support, but also a diuretic and anti-inflammatory effect.
    • Alfalfa - speeds up the metabolism and improves blood quality.
    • Flax seeds - can have a laxative effect and reduce cholesterol. Flax is also useful for weight loss.
    • Hops - fresh plant buds have an active estrogenic effect. Whereas the already processed raw material (beer) has a rather weak effect.
    • Zimicifuga rhizomes - a common plant to combat autonomic disorders during menopause. It has a sedative effect and a gradual therapeutic effect (the result of treatment becomes noticeable after 2 weeks of use).

    Important: the effect of phytoestrogens on the female body is quite weak, so they are not able to replace hormone replacement therapy. Also, the use of medicinal plants for a long time has not been studied, and how they will affect the body is also not known. Therefore, it is recommended to take such supplements in short courses up to 1 month.

    How to choose vitamins

    For women over 40, it is important to choose a drug with the most complete composition of vitamins and minerals. It is necessary to pay attention to the dosage - it must meet the daily rate. A number of specialized complexes contain extracts and concentrates of medicinal plants, these components are completely optional, although they can alleviate the symptoms of menopause.

    You can simply pick up a good vitamin supplement, and as an assistant to relieve the unpleasant signs of menopause (your gynecologist will help in choosing a drug), you can use a medicine with phytoestrogens, for example, Climaxan.

    Important: during menopause, all vitamins should be taken only with meals. To avoid irritation of the digestive tract. If you take several types of supplements at once, it is better to separate their intake.

    Pros and cons of popular complexes for women after 45:

    1. Tsi-klim - dietary supplement containing phytoestrogens, motherwort extract and L-carnitine. Contains almost all the necessary elements in the recommended doses. L-carnitine contributes to weight loss, however, its content in tablets is quite low, which is unlikely to have an effect when taken. Motherwort has a good sedative effect.
    2. Femikaps - capsules with a significant content of natural ingredients with vitamins and minerals. Medicinal plants help relieve menopausal symptoms, reduce the severity of age-related changes. The drug has an incomplete set of elements (E, B6, magnesium), so it will have to be supplemented with other vitamins. A large number of extracts can cause allergic reactions.
    3. Alphabet 50 + - this additive is divided into 3 types of tablets with different composition of minerals and vitamins for better absorption. It has the most complete composition of microelements, but important minerals for women in the menopausal period are presented in low amounts (the same extremely important calcium is only 400 mg, which is 30% of the recommended dosage). Additionally enriched with lutein and lycopene, which support visual acuity.
    4. Doppelgerts Menopause is a supplement with phytoestrogens of soy, contains an extensive list of essential vitamins and minerals, but with dosages there are problems - only 500 mg of calcium (50%), vitamins B12 and B9 exceed the daily rate of 3 and 2 times, respectively. As part of no magnesium and potassium.
    5. Omega 3 - in the period of menopause salvation for blood vessels from blood clots, prevention of cardiovascular diseases, namely, heart attacks and strokes, cancer diseases, especially breast cancer, Alzheimer's disease, many other problems. Omega polyunsaturated fatty acids are found in fish oil, which should be included in the diet not only for women, but for all segments of the population.

    Required Exercise

    Regular exercise, even in the form of a banal charge, will help to better assimilate not only drugs, but all supplements. Law of nature.

    In fact, already young girls should know and prepare for the upcoming inevitable changes in nutrition, exercise:

    • to strengthen the pelvic organs, to avoid involuntary urination during sneezing, coughing,
    • cervical, to prevent withers, headaches,
    • back muscles for even posture
    • the press, that would grow less belly,
    • strong legs and buttocks contribute to easy walking.

    And be sure to regularly drink vitamin complexes, to maintain an appropriate balance of the body.

    In adulthood, it is also important to pay due attention to your health. Good nutrition, healthy sleep and exercise will help you stay active longer. When menopause, taking vitamins is able to support the organism suffering from the rearrangements and reduce the associated symptoms of menopause. Carefully consider the choice of supplements, carefully examining the composition and dosage. It is advisable to consult with your doctor before use.

    Dear ladies, take care of yourself and try to keep youth longer!

    What vitamins are needed for menopause? Names of vitamins

    To stabilize the state in a period of decreased activity of the reproductive system, a woman needs to use these vitamins:

    • Vitamin group A (or retinol) - this substance has antioxidant properties, which allows it to prevent the occurrence of tumors in the intestine and mammary glands, as well as the uterus. Retinol can slow down aging, moisturize the skin, thereby preventing the appearance of wrinkles,
    • Vitamin C is a natural antioxidant, and in addition it acts as a prophylactic agent, which is necessary during the period when there is the greatest risk of tumors,
    • Vitamin D group promotes rapid absorption of calcium (this is very important at a time when metabolic processes begin to slow down) and prevents the occurrence of osteoporosis due to the rapid decrease in estrogen levels,
    • Vitamins of groups B6 (or pyridoxine), as well as B1 (or thiamine) are the means to help normalize the function of the nervous system - stabilize mood with sleep, and in addition provide good performance.

    American vitamins for menopause

    The drug Herbal Female Complex from the American company Solgar is a herbal vitamin complex, which allows you to maintain good health and good health in women after 40 years. It stabilizes hormonal levels, as a result of which it is used during menopause. Required to drink 1-3 capsule / day. Taking medication course.

    The complex of vitamins during menopause

    Each multivitamin complex in the required amount contains substances that are necessary for the female body during menopause. Since now a huge number of such drugs are being produced, one should carefully approach their selection. Among the most popular are the following vitamin complexes:

    • The Russian drug Extravorel, which contains vitamins of groups B6 and E, as well as medicinal extracts (wild yam, nettle, and besides this, cicicifuga ricimosa and soy), and with them amino acids with folic acid, as well as boron,
    • The German Klimadinon Uno, which includes the cicicitum de racimosa,
    • Croatian feminine vitamins, including red clover,
    • Finnish femikaps containing vitamins of groups E and B6, as well as passionflower, vitex fruits, soy lecithin, and in addition magnesium with evening primrose.

    The properties of vitamins in menopause are considered on the example of pyridoxine.


    Pyridoxine is a water-soluble vitamin from group B6, which helps to compensate for the lack of this substance in the body, and also regulates the effects on neurotransmitters and amino acid metabolism. This substance is coenzyme decarboxylase with transaminases.

    Pyridoxine promotes the process of the breakdown of the substance glycogen in the muscles (including the myocardium), and also stabilizes the energy exchange in the muscles during hypoxia. Vitamin PP (or nicotinic acid) is synthesized from the substance tryptophan, and also stabilizes the metabolic processes of cysteine, 2-aminopentanedioic acid and methionine.

    In addition, this element synthesizes neurotransmitters - dopamine and norepinephrine, and in addition glycine with serotonin and GABA. At the same time, it shifts the balance of the above-mentioned conductors towards the predominance of slowing ones (these are glycine, as well as GABA with serotonin). Pyridoxine controls the excitability processes in the central nervous system and activates the activity of the antinociceptive system.

    The substance contributes to the process of heme synthesis inside hemoglobin, increases the synthesis of siderofilina, and in addition stabilizes the metabolism of folic acid, as well as vitamin B12. On the surface of fibrinogen and platelets, pyridoxine binds to 2,6-diaminohexanoic acid, as a result of which blood coagulability and platelet aggregation slows down. As a result, the fluidity of the blood rises, its viscosity decreases, and the blood supply to the cells and tissues improves.

    Pyridoxine changes the effects of steroid hormones (such as androgens, glucocorticoids, estrogens, gestagens), thereby modifying the interaction of the cell nucleus with the hormone-receptor complex.


    After ingestion, pyridoxine is rapidly absorbed (in the small intestine this occurs with the help of passive diffusion, as a result of which this path is not considered saturable). The concentration of the substance in the blood plasma is 3-18 mg / ml.

    The movement of the substance through the circulatory system is carried out in a state associated with hemoglobin in the erythrocytes, as well as albumin. In the liver, it undergoes a metabolic process, resulting in vitamers (pyridoxal with pyridoxine, as well as pyridoxamine). Vitamin B6 is mainly found in the muscles of the skeleton (about 80-90% of the total substance present in the body).

    The substance is excreted in the urine under the guise of inactive pyridoxine acid. Время полувыведения – примерно 25-33 дн.


    Пиридоксин нельзя назначать при наличии повышенной чувствительности к этому веществу, а также при печеночной недостаточности в терминальной стадии.

    Tocopherol is not recommended to be taken in case of cardiosclerosis in a severe form, and in addition, for thromboembolism or myocardial infarction.

    Retinol is contraindicated in chronic pancreatitis, as well as cholelithiasis.

    Side effects of vitamins during menopause

    Among the adverse reactions after taking pyridoxine - allergy (possible anaphylactic shock), and in addition to this irritation of the gastric mucosa and pain in the stomach. In case of prolonged intake of vitamin in the dosage of 100-200 mg / day. may begin the so-called syndrome "pyridoxine-dependence." When it is observed confusion, convulsions, anemia, glossitis, as well as seborrhea.

    Tocopherol in high dosages can provoke creatinuria, and in addition diarrhea, as well as reduced performance.

    Retinol can cause hypervitaminosis A, the symptoms of which are vomiting with nausea, headaches, drowsiness, fever, exfoliation of the epidermis.

    Dosage and administration

    Extreme need to use 1-2 tablets with food. The course lasts 2 months.

    Klimadinon Uno is administered at a dosage of 2 times / day, 1 tablet and drink water.

    Feminal use in a dose of 1 capsule 1 time / day, it is desirable to carry out reception until noon.

    Femikaps need to drink twice a day for 2 capsules for 3 months.

    Tocopherol must be taken in a dosage of 100-200 mg for 10-15 days. This course should be repeated 4-5 times / year. You should alternate the use of pure vitamin E with the intake of multivitamin complexes.

    Hypotrilone is required to drink 2 / day, 1 capsule with food or after it for 1 month.

    "Doppelgerts active Menopause" you need to drink 1 tab. with food, drinking water. The duration of the treatment course is 1 month.

    "Woman 40+" - this complex of vitamins is required to be taken within 1 month, 1 tab. / Day.

    Ortomol Femin is required to take 2 caps every day. Course duration - 1 month.

    Vitamins "Qi-Klim" should be drunk for at least 2 months, daily, at a dosage of 1 table / day.


    When taking pyridoxine overdose is possible (if you enter 200-2000 + mg of the drug per day). Its manifestations are numbness in the feet and hands (squeezing is felt).

    You can eliminate the consequences by withdrawing the medication, as well as by conducting symptomatic treatment. For this, galantamine or neostigmine (in a small amount) is introduced to improve neuromuscular activity. Special antidote is missing.

    Interactions with other drugs

    Pyridoxine reduces the neurotoxic effects of substances such as cycloserine, isoniazid, and hydralisin and D-penicillamine. In addition, it reduces the anti-Parkinsonian effect of levodopa, increasing the rate of metabolic processes of this substance in the liver and gastrointestinal tract, as a result of which it fails to enter the central nervous system.

    Pyridoxine also helps the body absorb iron and put it in a reduced form. Increases the effects of heparin and indirect anticoagulants (such as warfarin, phenyldione, and neodicoumarin). Increases the analgesic properties of tramadol and metamizol, and in addition to nefopam and aspirin. Pyridoxine does not have pharmaceutical compatibility with vitamins of groups B12 and B1.

    The bioavailability of tocopherol is increased in combination with selenium. Tocopherol increases the effects on the body of indirect anticoagulants. It is forbidden to combine it with drugs that have silver or iron in their composition, as well as drugs with an alkaline medium.

    Tocopherol enhances the properties of anti-inflammatory drugs, reduces the toxicity of substances such as digoxin and digitoxin. It acts as an antagonist of the vitamin K group. It increases the effect of antiepileptic drugs on the body. Tocopherol absorption slows when combined with mineral oils.

    Retinol can not be combined with other drugs that contain retinoids and vitamin A, to avoid the development of hypervitaminosis type A. You can not also combine tetracycline antibiotics. HA with salicylates helps reduce the risk of adverse reactions from taking retinol. The concentration of vitamin A in plasma is increased when combined with estrogen and oral contraception.

    When combined with vitamin D, the risk of hypervitaminosis of both types (A and D) is reduced. Absorption of retinol interfere with substances such as colestipol, nitrites, and in addition, neomycin (internal administration) and colestyramine.

    The best vitamins for menopause

    Vitamins with menopause allow you to fill the deficiency of nutrients and trace elements. Many of these drugs are balanced complex drugs that have a systemic effect on the body. Special supplements and medicines that contain extracts and extracts from medicinal herbs, as well as phytoestrogens, are best suited.

    What is climax?

    What exactly is such a change in a woman's body? Climax is a special physiological restructuring of the body, in which the process of inhibition of the functioning of the ovaries and female appendages is formed.

    In the process of menopause, the hormones of progesterone and estrogen are not produced in the body of a woman.

    This condition is inherent in women after 40-50 years, depending on the individual characteristics of each organism.

    First signs of menopause

    Each symptom of this condition occurs in different ways, but the obvious uncomfortable signs of menopause occur in 1/3 of all women.

    In this case, the beautiful half of humanity feels:

    1. The most obvious sign of menopause - the tides felt by a woman. They manifest as a sharp increase in body temperature, the appearance of redness in the chest, neck and face. This condition occurs 3-4 times a day.

    2. Excessive sweatingwhich most often occurs with tides.
    3. Fragility of bones and skeletonIt occurs due to a sharp decrease in the level of calcium in the body.
    4. Decreased libido, as well as pain during intercourse. This is due to the fact that during the period of menopause, the mucous membrane decreases, the level of lubrication decreases significantly. The mucosa of the genitals becomes as sensitive as possible.
    5. Weakness, drowsiness, fatigue accompany the period of the onset of menopause. This affects a sharp decline in working capacity, loss of strength.
    6. Unnatural appearance, due to which the fat layer dies off and decreases, and the amount of subcutaneous collagen loses its tone and elasticity. Therefore, the skin on the face becomes less smooth and elastic, the cheeks are swollen.

    7. Emotional surges and instability. This manifests itself as frequent irritability, the blues that can occur suddenly. Unexplained tearfulness, melancholy, sentimentality, etc. may occur.
    8. Sleep dysfunctionResting is most often one of the first symptoms. It is difficult for women to fall asleep during the manifestation of menopause, and in the morning it is very difficult to wake up, regardless of the amount of sleep time.

    Why is it important to take vitamins during menopause?

    Without the help of specially formed vitamin complexes, it is very difficult for women to cope on their own with the problems of menopause. Vitamins can help prevent the decline of muscle tone, breaking hair and bones, and more. Vitamins contribute to the quality support not only physical but also emotional, mental state.

    Modern pharmacology has specially formed a course of substitution therapy based on vitamin complexes. This will help to normalize sleep, strengthen the nervous system, etc.

    The mineral elements in menopause allow for the qualitative synthesis of estrone and progestron, and also participate in:

    1. Normalization of the level of production of its own hormones, stabilization of hormonal levels.
    2. Enhance the immune system to reduce the risk of developing colds, problems with the cardiovascular system.
    3. Increase the metabolism process, due to the active components.

    Elements and minerals during menopause

    During this period, effective vitamins "PP", which are also referred to as nicotinic acid. This element belongs to the type of water-soluble, so it is very easy to use. The use of vitamin "PP" significantly improves the strength and the work of blood vessels and blood pressure.

    During the period of menopause, experts recommend taking about 25 mg per day. If there is a desire to replace the element with natural products, you can use pineapple, rye flour, mushrooms, liver, which are high in nicotinic acid.

    In addition to the main minerals, which are prescribed by experts, it is also recommended to take additional vitamins, necessary for a woman to restore body cells:

    1. Calcium significantly reduces the possibility of osteoporosis, both acquired and congenital. This mineral is used as a course of treatment and as a preventive measure. Calcium in menopause is prescribed to women who have given birth at any time to restore fragile and brittle bones. It also helps if there were chronic thyroid disorders in the family. Calcium helps with difficult operations, if a woman has worked in harsh working conditions for the entire work experience. Choosing for the treatment and prevention of drugs containing calcium, you must carefully listen to the recommendations of a qualified doctor. After all, there are different modifications of the drug, so the effectiveness may vary significantly. Modern calcium-containing agents are easily absorbed in the body, have high efficiency and efficiency. Approximate course of calcium intake is from 2-3 monthsin, depending on the recommendations of the doctor. The mineral helps to raise the vascular tone, strengthen the immune system, improves blood clotting. During menopause, the doctor prescribes calcium to prevent fractures and other injuries.

    2. Magnesium has a sedative effect on a woman's body in such a difficult period. Thanks to the reception of this element, you can easily eliminate irritability, improve sleep, and fight insomnia. Thanks to the intake of this mineral, cholesterol levels are significantly reduced. In the period of the entire climatic period, regardless of age, magnesium is necessary for all women. Receiving magnesium helps in the prevention of myocardial infarction.

    Popular vitamin complexes 45+

    Specially created vitamin complexes for women during menopause help reduce and even prevent the development of unpleasant and uncomfortable symptoms of this condition.

    The drug contains almost all the necessary trace elements.

    At the appropriate dosage required, it is considered the most popular and effective mineral-vitamin complex.

    In addition to the main minerals, Menopace includes extracts of passionflower plant.

    This dietary supplement has a beneficial effect on strengthening the immune system, tones the body during menopause, gives more strength and vitality.

    Menopace is very effective for hormonal dysfunction, improves the synthesis of estrogen in the body, improves the performance and condition of the genital organs.

    The composition of the drug Femikaps includes the main elements - vitamins "E" and the complex of minerals "B", also among the basic minerals there is an extract of passionflower and primrose flowers.

    Drug benefits:

    • This dietary supplement helps normalize sleep,

    • Eliminates the uncomfortable symptoms of hot flashes and sweating,
    • Also, the use of this tool improves overall health,
    • Restores blood pressure, eliminates pressure surges.
    • Due to the presence of an extract of passionflower and primrose, irritability, nervousness and depression are eliminated.
    • The drug helps to organize the work of the nervous system.

    The domestic drug Vitatress includes in the list of ingredients the most effective minerals and vitamins in optimal doses, so that the female body can qualitatively deal with the symptoms of menopause.

    Mineral-vitamin complex improves the condition of a woman, normalizes the cardiovascular system, eliminates stress.

    Klimadion Uno

    Vitamin preparation Klimadinon contributes to the natural production of estrogen in a woman's body during menopause.

    This helps reduce the effect of hot flashes on well-being. The advantage of this tool is its safety and non-toxicity, because it is developed exclusively on a natural basis.

    This complex will help to support not only the emotional background, but also physical activity, to raise the mood.

    Vitamins at high tides

    To stabilize the woman’s condition and help her cope with the tides, a special complex of dietary supplements and mineral preparations is prescribed.

    The intake of missing vitamins will help maintain the structure of cells damaged during hormonal changes.

    Special complexes of drugs help maintain a decent level of heart health and the entire cardiovascular system.

    The advantage of this drug is that it is non-hormonal, therefore, completely harmless to the body. This remedy actively contributes to the slowing down of aging, therefore Qi-Klim is effectively used in the treatment of the early stages of menopause and the symptoms of this condition in women.

    Foreign Finnish preparations include ingredients such as magnesium, vitamins “E”, minerals of group “B”, extracts of passionflower and other medicinal plants.

    Medicine Feminal helps to effectively and quickly eliminate the manifestation of insomnia, normalize the emotional state, get rid of stress.

    Feminal helps get rid of irritability, prevent depression and stress, helps to cure hot flashes and reduce sweating.

    Calcium D3 Complivite

    The composition of this tool includes essential calcium and a very useful boron, which in optimal combination helps to fight osteoporosis.

    The action of the active components that make up the composition is aimed at maintaining the health of the woman during the hormonal adjustment period:

    • Strengthen bones,

    • Help reduce the frequency and duration of tides,
    • Maintain joint health (improve metabolism, increase collagen synthesis, etc.),
    • Improve mood and sleep
    • Take care of the youth of the skin cells from the inside.

    Convenient - only 1 tablet per day!

    Foods rich in vitamins during menopause

    To replace medicines, you can use natural fresh food:

    • Antioxidants - nuts, pulses, olive oil,
    • Oxygen enrichment, rejuvenation - fruits, vegetables, greens.

    It is strongly recommended not to use excessive alcohol during menopause, it is necessary to give up tobacco products, to avoid stress.

    At the first symptoms of menopause, you should immediately take important measures to help the body reorganize and decide which drug to drink.

    Reviews of women:

    Which drug is more effective?

    The downside of most drugs, including those described in this article, is side effects. Often, drugs greatly harm the body, subsequently causing complications of the kidneys and liver.

    To prevent the side effects of such drugs, we want to draw attention to the special phytoampons BEAUTIFUL LIFE.

    In their composition there are natural healing herbs - it gives tremendous effects of cleansing the body and restoring women's health.

    Read more about how this drug helped other women read here in our article on phytoampons.

    Vitamins for menopausal women

    In menopause, women should take the following vitamins and minerals for menopause:

    • Group components BUTthat contribute to the inhibition of aging processes and the protection of the body from the effects of free radical elements. Protects against the formation of pathological tumors in the mammary glands and uterus. It has a positive effect on the condition of the skin. It is used as a single preparation or in a vitamin complex (for example, Aevit).
    • Group components IN 1, affecting the state of the central nervous system, which helps eliminate the fall of psycho-emotional state. Also, these vitamins in menopause have a positive effect on the cardiovascular system.
    • Vitamins of the group AT 6able to maintain a positive mood, as well as a stimulating effect on the tides of strength and vitality. Vitamin B6 is an extremely necessary element for the female half of humanity who crossed the threshold of the 45th anniversary.
    • Folic acidwith estrogen-like properties, necessary for the treatment of hot flashes during menopause and normalization of general well-being. It can be used separately in tablet form or in complex with vitamins.
    • Group components AT 12, reducing the attacks of irritability characteristic of menopause. At the beginning of menopause, they strengthen the central nervous system and prevent the development of depressions.
    • Group components WITH, contributing to a positive effect on the walls of blood vessels, leading to a decrease in edemas.
    • Group components Enecessary at the initial stages of menopause development. They contribute to a decrease in the intensity of hot flashes during menopause by stimulating the ovaries for the natural production of hormones, which leads to a noticeable improvement in the general condition of the woman. А также витамин Е при климаксе нормализует артериальное давление, способствует улучшению процессов кровообращения и питанию тканей.
    • Essential and indispensable for the female body, entering into menopause, are vitamins D, as they contribute to the assimilation of the elements of calcium, which is part of the bone skeleton. They have a preventive effect on the development of osteoporosis.
    • Magnesium, contributing to the deliverance of women from irritability, fatigue and frequent changes in the psycho-emotional state. It has a positive effect on the functioning of all parts of the brain, the condition of the skin, the structure of the hair and nail plates. Also, magnesium in combination with calcium and phosphorus prevents the formation and development of such a pathology as osteoporosis, which occurs against the background of a decrease in estrogen production. Magnesium can be used as a separate drug (Magnerot) or in a complex vitaminized composition.
    • The complex of vitamins developed to support the female body during the menopausal period should mainly consist of calcium, necessary for the elasticity of bone tissue, lignins, which help eliminate dryness of mucous surfaces in the vaginal area, as well as magnesium, which has a positive effect on the central nervous system.

    Acceptance of non-hormonal fortified preparations helps to alleviate menopausal symptoms and improve the health of a woman during menopause.

    The course of administration, duration and dosage should be determined only by a qualified technician. Spontaneous use of even ordinary vitamin complexes in the menopause is not allowed, due to the high risk of developing hypervitaminosis.

    Complex drugs

    To facilitate menopausal manifestations in menopause, the correct selection of fortified drugs is very important. Chaotic intake of various vitamin complexes can be not only useless for the body, but also dangerous. When selecting vitamin non-hormonal complexes, the following individual characteristics of women are taken into account:

    • The possibility of allergic reactions.
    • Physiological age.
    • Severe symptoms.
    • The duration of the hormonal adjustment of the body.

    It is recommended to select the necessary fortified preparations only with a qualified specialist, who, in determining all the features of a woman’s body and menopause, will be able to prescribe the use of complex preparations consisting of the components most in demand by the body.

    Consider the most popular complexes prescribed for the treatment of hot flashes and other associated menopausal symptoms.

    1. Qi-Klim - medicinal non-hormonal drug, which includes the active components of vitamins and minerals. Helps prevent aging processes and is also used to treat early menopause in women.
    2. Vitatress - Russian-made medicine, consisting of vitamins A, B, D, PP, E, C, folic acid and other beneficial trace elements. It helps to increase resistance to stressful situations, has a positive effect on the central nervous system. Normalizes the performance of the cardiovascular system. It is most effective in the early stages of the development of menopause in women.
    3. Femcaps - is a medicinal product of Finnish production, containing in its composition magnesium, vitamins of group E, B, extracts of medicinal plants such as passionflower, evening primrose and others. Helps prevent the development of insomnia, has a calming effect on the psycho-emotional state, eliminates bouts of irritability and extreme anxiety. It has an effective effect on the elimination of symptoms of hot flashes.
    4. Menopace - a drug developed by a pharmaceutical company in the UK. It has a strengthening effect on the immune system protecting the body, eliminates climacteric symptoms.
    5. Alphabet 50+ - This is a Russian drug designed to strengthen the body of women who crossed the threshold of the 50th anniversary. In addition to the vitamin complex, the preparation contains the active components of lutein and lycopene, which prevent the possibility of deterioration of visual acuity.
    6. Hypotrilon - drug used to eliminate hot flashes and normalize blood pressure. Moreover, it has the highest efficiency in preventive measures against the development of pathologies of oncological nature, caused by hormonal disruptions in the body in women in menopause.
    7. Doppelgerz is an enriched medicinal substance in tablet form, containing in its composition a huge amount of vitamins and other beneficial trace elements that have a positive effect on the condition of the whole body of women during menopause. Due to the high concentration of calcium, has an impressive effect on the positive side of the bone skeleton.
    8. The most susceptible female body becomes during periods of hormonal changes. Inevitable age changes are no exception. True now there is absolutely no cause for concern thanks Lady’s formula Menopause Strengthened Formula - a complex preparation designed specifically to improve well-being and preserve youth. Carefully selected and perfectly balanced minerals, vitamins and extracts of medicinal plants will eliminate the unpleasant symptoms of menopause, fill you with energy, improve sleep and improve your mood. The power of nature itself, contained in the components of the Lady’s formula Menopause Strengthened Formula, normalizes the metabolism and helps to avoid excess weight. Do not forget about the lack of side effects. Convenient administration of the drug is also important - only one capsule per day. And the cost of the course is cheaper than many other drugs. Lady’s formula Menopause Enhanced Formula is the first step in achieving inner harmony and self-confidence.

    Vitamin complexes provide significant support to the body during menopause, and soften its flow. But before using these drugs, be sure to thoroughly examine the attached instructions, as well as consult with your doctor, as some drugs have a number of contraindications and possible side effects.

    For acute climacteric periods, a specialist may prescribe additional means of hormone replacement therapy.

    Interesting and informative video on the topic:

    Why do you need vitamins during menopause

    During preparation for menopause, processes begin to occur in the body when the extinction of ovarian function affects the overall condition. Sharp mood changes, increased anxiety, sleep disturbances, hot flushes, excessive sweating become frequent guests during menopause. By taking the complex recommended by the doctor, the woman will be able to improve her state of health. This will happen because vitamins help:

    • to start up metabolic processes faster, speed up metabolism,
    • there is a synthesis of sex hormones, the production of which has sharply decreased,
    • immunity increases, thereby eliminating the acute symptoms of menopause.

    What vitamins to take after 50 years a woman

    The gynecologist, after the woman has completed the necessary examinations, will be able to recommend the most necessary vitamin preparations during the coming menopause, and will tell about their beneficial effects on the body. For easier perception, the summary table contains information about important nutrients that need to be addressed initially.

    Action on the body

    Improves the condition of the mucous membranes, supports the function of the ovaries, prevents the appearance of tumors in the area of ​​the mammary glands, the pelvic area.

    Ascorbic acid (C)

    Raises immunity, speeds up metabolism, reduces the fragility of blood vessels, removes excess fluid from the tissues. An antioxidant.

    Stimulation of the activity of the female glands responsible for childbirth pushes and smoothes the symptoms of menopause, helping to produce the hormones estrogen and progesterone.

    Takes an active part in the absorption of calcium from outside, reduces the risk of osteoporosis.

    Regulates the nervous system, blood vessels and heart.

    Supports the immune system, delays skin fading, regulates mood, sleep.

    Folic acid (B 9)

    It has a positive effect on the nervous system, helps to avoid sudden changes in mood changes.

    Cyanocobalamin (B 12)

    Maintains the nervous system in a balanced state.


    The intake of vitamins in the body of a woman on the threshold of a new stage of life should not only occur with medication. By following a certain diet, focusing on certain foods, you can help yourself to go through the menopause quietly, without bursts. Saturation of the body with a variety of natural vitamins and minerals that will naturally enter the body during nutrition will reduce the risk of cancer of the female organs. General recommendations on the presence of products in the preparation of the menu:

    • Increased calcium content - fermented milk products, milk, mustard seeds, nuts, chicken and quail eggs, soybeans, sea kelp, yeast.
    • Tocopherol (E) - potatoes, beans, green peas, avocado, brown rice.
    • Boron-containing products - strawberries, peaches, prunes, raisins, figs, asparagus.
    • Vitamins and minerals - greens, brightly colored fruits, vegetables, citrus.


    Timely medical support of the body will guarantee a calm entrance to the stage of menopause. Hormone therapy, enriched with vitamins, is divided into groups. One includes drugs containing only estrogen, the other - both estrogen and progesterone. Take as prescribed by the doctor, after careful study of the instructions. Combined medications that will help a woman in menopause:

    Action on the body

    Divina. Tablets (11 estrogen +10 progesterone)

    Cause monthly in violation of the cycle and menopause. Take the scheme 1 tablet for 21 days with a break for a week, when the selection should begin.

    Climara. Adhesive, attached for a week.

    Contains estrogen, helps relieve menopause symptoms.

    Complex Alphabet 50 plus (vitamins, minerals for people over 50 years)

    In packing three types of tablets: Iron, Calcium-D3, Antioxidant. Each species performs its function at reception.

    Ortomol Vital F, Ortomol Femin

    Female multivitamin complex with depletion of the body during menopause.

    With the right approach to the selection of a complex of vitamins during menopause, the doctor may recommend a parallel intake of dietary supplements. Good reviews famous products of a large company "Evalar." Instructions for use of drugs written available. Here are some dietary supplements of this and other manufacturers that will help with climax:

    Vitamins E, C, pantohematogen, glucose. The risk of osteoporosis is reduced, hair loss is reduced, nail growth is improved. Increases skin turgor.

    Formula Women (Arta Life)

    Minerals, plant extracts, vitamins. The rejuvenating effect on the female body.

    Doppelgerts Active Menopause

    Source of phytoestrogens, calcium, vitamins. Restorative effect to maintain body functions.

    Oils, herbal extracts, tocopherol. Signs of menopause are reduced - rapid pulse, sweating, swelling.

    The cost of hormonal and non-hormonal drugs taken during menopause may vary significantly. It depends on the manufacturer, the capacity of the package and the network of pharmacies. Dietary supplements manufacturer Evalar are affordable, you can buy them from 150 to 1 000 rubles. The cost of natural Femikapsa - about 2,000 rubles. Effective tablets Hemafemin, Doppelgerts have a price of 530-1240 rubles per pack. Save 5-15% of the cost of vitamin complexes, dietary supplements can, if you choose from the catalog and cheaply buy in the online store of the appropriate direction.

    Pyrodixin and thiamine

    Vitamins B1 and B6 have the following beneficial properties:

    • soothing nerves
    • normalization of sleep
    • stabilization of the cardiovascular system,
    • improving mood
    • increase performance.

    • stimulates the brain and physical abilities,
    • stimulates the nervous system,
    • keeps skin young
    • in combination with vitamin E reduces irritability.

    Of the B vitamins, it is also useful to take folic acid (B9) and B12. They are able to further tone up the nervous system.

    Vitamin-mineral complexes in menopause

    Reception of vitamins during menopause is desirable to complement the use of healthy minerals. These substances are able to start the process of metabolism, which "slows down" during menopause, and restore cells. The most essential minerals for women 40-50 years old is calcium and magnesium.

    Especially to pay attention to the complexes containing this mineral, it is necessary for women with a family predisposition to osteoporosis or chronic thyroid diseases, as well as engaged in heavy physical labor.

    When choosing a complex, you should always pay attention to the accompanying elements. So, boron will be an excellent companion for calcium - it helps to avoid rapid leaching of calcium from the body. When symptoms of osteoporosis appear in combination with calcium, vitamin D should be taken.

    Magnesium also helps to absorb calcium, and it also has these beneficial effects:

    • has a calming effect
    • lowers cholesterol,
    • strengthens the walls of blood vessels
    • helps to relax the muscles.

    Due to the sedative effect of magnesium during hormonal adjustment, nervous overstrain, heightened anxiety and sleep problems that usually accompany menopause can be avoided.

    Meal during menopause

    During menopause, special attention should be paid to food. It is better that important elements enter the body in a natural way. Fresh vegetables, fruits and berries are especially rich in compounds that are useful at any age.

    Mature age requires the active use of the following products.

    • milk, kefir, ryazhenka and the like,
    • nuts,
    • eggs,
    • yeast.

    Saturated with vitamin E:

    Fruits and vegetables containing useful elements can be identified by their bright color.

    In addition, during menopause, it is important to adhere to certain rules in the matter of nutrition. Include in the diet products containing polyunsaturated fatty acids that reduce the level of harmful cholesterol: nuts, vegetable oil and others.

    It is recommended to add to the menu dishes rich in monounsaturated fatty acids. They contain fish and some types of vegetable oils. To benefit from the oil, it must be added to salads, and not used for frying.

    It is better not to fry in fat or oil at all, but to steam or cook in the oven.

    It is extremely important to minimize the consumption of ready-made meat products: sausages, sausages, etc. Allowed to eat no more than 1 egg per week due to the presence in the yolk of harmful cholesterol. It is better to prefer skimmed milk and low-fat varieties of cheese.

    You need to cook without the use of fat and oil, especially pasta and flour products containing carbohydrates. It will be useful to include bran in the diet. There should be small portions, but often, in dishes to reduce the amount of salt.

    When menopause occurs, it is very important to balance the amount of fat and carbohydrates entering the body in order to avoid the accumulation of cholesterol dangerous to health.


    The age of 40-50 years for a woman becomes a period of major changes due to menopause. So that serious physical or psychological pathologies do not become the consequences of this period, it is important to support the body by taking vitamin-mineral complexes (Qi-Klim vitamins for women 45-50 years old, Estrovel, Femikaps, etc.) and following the rules of nutrition. Especially useful to drink vitamins during menopause, and correctly choose the course will help a therapist or gynecologist.