Which is better: tampons or pads?


Approximately ten years ago, in the USA, there were noticeably more cases of female deaths caused by toxic shock. What exactly provoked it, so it was not possible to establish for certain, but for some reason, some experts attributed the cause of death to regular use of tampons for a long period of time.

Exact evidence of this version was never provided. Nevertheless, all this has re-created a storm of doubts about whether it is better to use - tampons or pads. Nevertheless, there is no definitive answer to this question.

Gasket Features

So what better to choose girls: tampons or pads? Before trying to answer this question unequivocally, let's try to understand the main features of gaskets.

It should start with the fact that they simply use:

  • To begin with, the protective packaging is opened,
  • Special protective film comes off,
  • The gasket is attached to the underwear,
  • At the very end, a protective film is also removed from the wings, and with the help of them the gasket fastening is completed.

The modern industry of hygiene provides a wide range of pads that every woman can choose for herself, given the abundance of menstrual flow. To replace the gasket is worth it as it is filled. But still, do not wear it for longer than six hours. You can choose from the following types of gaskets:

  • Gaskets designed for daytime use. They also come in several forms. If the package shows one or two droplets, then they are intended for small periods. Three to four droplets can be used for menstruation, which are marked by average discharge. If a girl suffers from heavy menstrual bleeding, then she needs to buy gaskets, on the package of which more than four drops are depicted,
  • Gaskets designed for use at night. They differ from the usual larger size and a larger number of drops, which allows not to change it throughout the night.

In general, gaskets have a large number of both advantages and disadvantages. They should be studied before making a specific choice.

Pluses of gaskets

Let's start with the positive aspects of this personal care product:

  • A wide range that allows you to make a choice based on individual characteristics and requests,
  • Ease of use
  • The reliable absorbing layer which serves as protection against course even at night hours,
  • Provides comfort when wearing it, because the blood is well absorbed and, due to this, there is no such unpleasant moisture,
  • Convenient to carry in your purse due to individual packages, in which gaskets are packaged,
  • Special flavoring agents mask unpleasant odor,
  • Inexpensive price makes them available to every girl.

Lack of gaskets

Despite all these positive aspects, gaskets still have some drawbacks. For many, they seem not so significant, but, nevertheless, justice for their sake is worth noting.

So, the following factors belong to the negative side of gaskets:

  • In the process of wearing some of them are capable of making rustling sounds,
  • Gaskets do not miss the air. It gets hot with them, especially in the summer,
  • Flavors are not always able to reliably hide the smell. Sometimes they fail. Moreover, in some women, they can cause allergic reactions.

Currently, gaskets are produced by both domestic and foreign firms. The latter, although they are more expensive, are nevertheless more qualitative and comfortable. That is why they should be preferred.

Features of tampons

This personal care product is intended for internal insertion into the vagina. To facilitate this procedure, some of them are equipped with a special applicator.

In addition, there are also certain types of tampons:

  • Tampons of small size are called Lites. They can be used for non-abundant menstrual discharge, and their use is allowed for girls who have not yet lost their virginity,
  • Tampons, which are recommended for use in menstruation of moderate intensity, are called Regular,
  • If Super is written on the packaging, such tampons are intended for use in menstruation with secretions slightly above average,
  • For heavy periods, it is strongly advised to use tampons labeled Super Plus.

Important: before inserting a tampon, wash your hands thoroughly.

These personal care products also have their own pros and cons. They should also be studied in detail before purchasing. Among the positive features worth noting such as:

  • Tampons are not at all noticeable even in tight-fitting clothes,
  • Virtually no leakage occurs
  • When wearing tampons is not hot even in summer,
  • When using tampons, you can even swim in the river,
  • Total absence of unpleasant smell.

As you can see, the benefits of tampons are quite substantial. But they also have a number of rather significant drawbacks. These include the following facts:

  • Many people enter tampons is difficult, especially at first,
  • A very frequent replacement is needed,
  • When heavily menstruating requires additional protection in the form of gaskets,
  • Some people may get allergic to it.
  • Negatively affects the vaginal microflora,
  • It is forbidden to use in the presence of inflammatory processes,
  • Not recommended at night,
  • Pretty high price.


Based on the above, you can now make an objective choice. Dear girls, what is better - tampons or pads, it's up to you. All these issues must be resolved for themselves individually. All features of the organism should be taken into account, as well as simple personal preferences.