Is it normal if there is no discharge before menstruation


Allocations are observed in almost every girl. This is considered normal, especially if they occur before the start of menstruation. If there is no discharge before menstruation, it can be associated with many pathological diseases. When the secretion is accompanied by various symptoms and a bad smell, you should definitely visit a doctor.

Is there a secretion before critical days?

Intimate life, the process of conception and the menstrual cycle are associated with the hormonal background of the woman. In adolescents, discharge starts at twelve to sixteen months before the onset of the first menses. Before the start of critical days, women and girls may swell breasts and vary the degree of hormones. In connection with this, the color of secretion also changes. Since progesterone becomes more and estrogen on the contrary less.

Attention requires and discharge from the breast of women who appear before the start of menstruation. Sometimes, two or seven days before the beginning of these days, liquid may appear from the chest, clear or white. This phenomenon is considered normal. This may occur for the following reasons:

  • hormonal pills,
  • conception occurred, and colostrum comes out of it,
  • various infectious diseases.

It is advisable to consult a gynecologist, as well as a mammologist.

The secretion before menstruation is a different color, can be cream, white and transparent. And a few hours before menstruation may appear and blood discharge. Similar phenomena are considered the norm for every woman.

After the girl begins to live sex life, changes occur in her body. About twelve kinds of different bacteria, viruses and fungi appear in it. Their number varies due to secretion and immunity. But when a hormonal disorder occurs in the body, the number of viruses and microbes doubles, and self-purification by secretions does not occur.

Do not run your health, see your doctor several times a year, take blood and urine tests. According to the test results, the doctor will tell and tell you how the discharge should go in the right way and in what cases they are considered pathology.

Why there is no secretion before menstruation?

Poor state of the genital organs is considered when there is no discharge at all, and the genitals are dry, tight, and baked. In this case, it is worth visiting a gynecologist. You will also need to go to him if the discharge has an unpleasant smell and itching. The lack or reduction of secretion may be for such reasons:

  • stress,
  • upset glands that are responsible for producing mucus,
  • contraceptives, they contain one progesterone,
  • changes with age
  • lactation,
  • gasket allergy,
  • frequent douching
  • medication intake.

When menstruation occurs for the first time, the amount of gestagens increases, and estrogen decreases, therefore dryness appears and discharge disappears.

Drugs based on hormones can slow down the onset of ovulation and thereby affect the lack of moisture in the vagina. The amount of secretion also decreases after eight weeks from delivery. Before menopause, the amount of estrogen and hyaluronic acid is reduced, which leads to a decrease in secretions or even their complete absence.

Very often, the reason for which there is no secretion may not be properly selected intimate methods of hygiene. They dry the mucous membrane and give a malfunction of the glands. Some women have a rash, redness of the genitals, itching and burning.

When no discharge is available, the sexual life of the partners is not as active. Since there is pain during intercourse from severe dryness. This provision may be created due to various gynecological diseases. Allocations are divided into the following groups:

  • tubal tubes when the fallopian tubes are inflamed,
  • neck,
  • vaginal secretion
  • vestibular discharge when the infection is just before the vagina.

When the weaker sex of all ages feels some inconvenience in the genital area, it is necessary to be examined by a special doctor.

Liquid discharge before the start of critical days.

Monthly - this discharge, which comes every month, as well as the main component for the good health of every woman.

Transparent discharge from women is necessary to moisten the walls of the uterus, as well as they are a kind of barrier in order to avoid various microbes from the genitals. Liquid mucus is a discharge that is produced before the month of the tissue of the cervix and its separated particles. Liquid discharge is also considered normal, provided that they do not cause unpleasant odor and discomfort.

Treatment of diseases

Often enough women of the mature years address to the gynecologist with complaints of genitals. They feel dry before menstruation and after their completion. In these cases, the doctor is obliged to take extensive tests, to conduct an ultrasound and necessarily blood. This is to determine the level of estrogen. By removing the real reasons for the lack of discharge, the gynecologist prescribes the necessary drugs and therapy. Complex preparations of such actions are used:

  • pills for updating hormone levels
  • antibiotics
  • homeopathic medicine
  • phytotherapy,
  • antihistamines.

When discharge is weak, itching, dryness, burning and an unpleasant odor are always present. In these cases, the gynecologist prescribes antibiotics and anti-inflammatory drugs. Various hop extracts and sage decoctions help to raise the level of hormones. A woman should definitely change her lifestyle. Alcohol and smoking reduces the degree of hormones and destroys the blood supply. It is from such factors that it depends on whether there will be a discharge before the start of critical days or not.

The main thing is not to skip the scheduled inspections of specialists. Use special emollient gels, it will return the selection and increase libido. If a woman feels some discomfort, it can be the beginning of various pathologies. In these cases, you should immediately consult a doctor and be examined.