Choosing an effective method: radio wave treatment of cervical erosion


Removal of erosion by radio waves is considered one of the most effective methods. It is as safe as possible, therefore it is mainly used in women who have not given birth earlier.

Radiowave treatment of cervical erosion is a non-contact method of removing an eroded area. The current of high frequency evaporates the damaged tissues, so the pain during the procedure is absent, and healing occurs quickly, the negative effects are minimal.

Principles of radio wave surgery

A special device (knife) generates radio waves, and the specialist directs them to the damaged area of ​​tissue, the temperature in the zone of impact of the knife increases significantly. This allows you to quickly evaporate the cellular fluid, causing the abnormal cells to die, and healthy tissue to remain intact.

Burning of erosion by radio waves is considered the most promising innovative method. In addition to the fact that the affected areas of the mucous are removed without pain, an increase in temperature in the zone of influence “sticks together” the damaged capillaries. There is almost no bleeding after using the radio wave technique, the wound is instantly tightened without scar formation.

With this method of removing erosion, you can achieve the fastest possible healing of the affected area. The method is used in girls who do not give birth to women, because it does not affect the reproductive function at all.

Indications and Contraindications

Radio wave cauterization is carried out in the presence of such indications:

  • congenital or acquired erosion,
  • cervical dysplasia,
  • erosion caused by an inflammatory process caused by fungi or STDs.

In this case, the radio wave method can remove the damaged area of ​​the endometrium to women of different ages, including girls before the first birth.

It is not recommended to use the radio emission method in the following cases:

  • during menstruation, it can significantly complicate healing, increases the risk of attaching infection,
  • acute infection, reduced immunity, inflammatory processes in the gastrointestinal tract, fever of unknown etiology, as well as any acute diseases - influenza, ARVI and so on,
  • inflammation of the uterus, appendages and other female diseases,
  • diabetes,
  • pregnancy,
  • history of seizures, mental disorders,
  • previous operations on the thyroid gland,
  • breastfeeding period,
  • presence of a pacemaker.

There are also a number of other contraindications - in the presence of oncological tumors, fungal or inflammatory diseases of the pelvic organs, low blood clotting.

Preparation for the operation and its implementation

Before removing erosion radio waves apparatus Surgitron requires careful examination of the patient. It takes place with the obligatory consideration of the main contraindications. During diagnostics, individual limitations to the procedure can be identified.

In this case, other methods are prescribed - the use of medicines, chemical removal, and so on. Accordingly, it depends on the choice of cautery method, how a specialist will treat erosion. When choosing a radio wave technique, this is a temperature effect, in fact, a burn of erosion and its further healing.

Moxibustion examination

Before radio wave therapy occurs, it is necessary to undergo an examination:

  1. Analysis for tumor markers PCR. The method allows to identify all types of microorganisms. For examination, a scraping or smear is taken directly from the cervix. The PCR technique reveals Trichomonas, Chlamydia, HPV. Radio wave therapy is not used for any inflammation, thrush.
  2. Colposcopy. Details and as accurately as possible determines the location of the damaged area of ​​the endometrium.
  3. To determine the composition of microflora and possible deviations, it is necessary to pass a smear.
  4. Such tests as blood for the detection of hepatitis, syphilis, and HIV are mandatory.

For any suspicion of pregnancy, including the presence of unprotected sex, a few weeks before the procedure, it is necessary to conduct a home test or donate blood to determine the level of hCG, if the period does not allow you to use the usual test.

In addition, bacterial seeding is carried out. Early detection of various abnormalities in the microflora reduces the risk of infection during the procedure itself. If an oncologic tissue degeneration is suspected, a biopsy is performed. When confirming cell rebirth, cauterization is not carried out. In addition to biopsy, tumor markers can be prescribed.

Carrying out the cautery procedure

The method of removal by radio waves is the most appropriate treatment option, because during the procedure the depth of penetration of radio waves is most regulated by a specialist. This avoids burns of healthy tissue, which cannot be controlled by laser coagulation.

During the procedure, the structure of erosion is maintained, therefore, after cauterization, a complete histological examination is possible, which cannot be achieved when exposed to a laser.

The device allows the use of electrodes of various types - ball, loop. Due to this, for therapeutic purposes, it is possible to carry out various manipulations depending on the location and size of the eroded area.

Before searing erosion, a woman must pass all the necessary tests. The procedure is usually carried out on an outpatient basis and lasts a maximum of 15 minutes. During the manipulations light painful sensations arise due to the fact that lidocaine injection is given before cauterization. In some cases - increased pain threshold, fear - radio wave removal can be carried out under general anesthesia.

The first used loop electrode. It removes tissue destroyed by erosion. Then a spherical electrode is used, which is necessary for coagulation (sealing) of vessels and leveling the damaged tissue. After this, the cautery site is treated with antiseptic solutions. The whole procedure is controlled by colposcope.

You can treat only once. In rare cases, re-removal is required. Cervical tissue is restored no more than 3-4 weeks.

Advantages and disadvantages of the method

The radio wave method of treating cervical erosion has several advantages over other methods of removing damaged tissue:

  • no possible bleeding during and after the intervention,
  • relative painlessness of the procedure,
  • the absence of scars and scars on the treated surface after healing,
  • healthy tissue is not affected,
  • the risk of infectious complications is minimized,
  • the procedure takes about 10 minutes on average
  • the immediate effect of therapy - in one procedure, you can remove all damaged tissue without burning a healthy epithelium,
  • after completion of the process there is no pain and discomfort,
  • short recovery period, which does not require the admission of special medicines and manipulations.

The success of the technique is the most comprehensive examination of the patient before the procedure. If infections are not detected, the risk of inflammation after cauterization is high. It is also necessary to exclude the presence of pregnancy as much as possible.

Many women are concerned about the question: when can you plan for conception after cauterization? Only a doctor can answer this question by evaluating the full picture after the procedure. However, it will not be superfluous to read additional information on this topic.

The main tangible minus of radiosurgical removal is quite a high cost of the procedure. In addition, the device Surgitron is not in all clinics due to its high cost. Examination before the start of the procedure is also quite expensive. Nevertheless, the technique is one of the best, so it is widely demanded by patients.

Cautions of cauterization

Treatment of radio wave erosion can have a number of negative effects:

  1. During the recovery period, which lasts on average 3-4 weeks, rare vaginal discharge occurs. The secret becomes profuse, bloody or slightly brownish mucus appears in the early days, but does not have an unpleasant smell.
  2. With under-examination and the presence of fungi, bacteria or viruses after cauterization, symptoms appear - burning, itching and discomfort. Such signs indicate infection or indicate a possible complication after treatment.
  3. With RHT, the condition after the procedure may worsen due to intolerance to anesthesia.
  4. Sometimes erosion heals long after burning. This happens if a large surface area is affected.

Directly during cauterization, there may be nagging, cramping, low-intensity pain in the lower abdomen. This condition can persist up to several days, rarely requires the use of analgesics. Bleeding after this technique is practically not recorded. Directly after the procedure and within a few days, discharge is possible.

The long-term effects of this technique that occur during the first year after cauterization include cicatricial deformity of the cervix, stenosis of the cervical canal, recurrence of erosion, development of endometriosis, failure of the cycle. However, such complications are extremely rare and are most often caused not by radio wave cautery, but by other factors.

Recovery period

If cervical erosion during radio wave treatment has been completely treated, no postoperative bleeding and other complications should arise. On average, the restoration of tissues takes up to one month, so by the next menstruation, the manifestations of erosion disappear.

During the recovery period of at least 6 weeks, it is not advisable to return to intimacy, intensive exercise and weight lifting, bathing in open water and hot baths are prohibited.

Planning a pregnancy is better not earlier than 1-2 months after the next cycle. In the first weeks after the procedure, the use of a vaginal probe during an ultrasound scan is prohibited.

A thorough intimate hygiene is recommended, it is better to replace tampons with gaskets. In case of extensive damage to the cervical tissue, additional reducing agents are recommended, both from traditional medicine and traditional vaginal suppositories with antiseptic, immunostimulating properties.

Radio wave cautery erosion is the best treatment option for the disease. It minimizes the risk of trauma, bleeding, infection during surgery, allows a woman to quickly return to intimate life and plan a pregnancy.

The essence of the procedure

Radio wave cauterization is considered an advanced method of treating cervical erosion. After its application there are no scars and deformed tissues.

The procedure for burning radio waves is carried out with the help of a "radio knife". Its peculiarity lies in the fact that there is no direct contact between the instrument and the organ when the affected tissues are removed. The separation of erosive formations from the mucous membrane occurs due to low-temperature evaporation of cells.

Simply put, the tip of the instrument directs the flow of high-frequency waves, and the body evaporates the affected segments in response to the impact. No need to worry - healthy cells will not suffer. Then the remote area is removed with all layers of pathogenic epithelium. The received sample is sent for examination to determine the nature of the damage.

In contrast to the laser treatment of erosion, radio wave cauterization avoids burns and damage to the biomaterial when it is removed from the body.

The positive aspects of the radiosurgical method are:

  1. Painlessness
  2. The speed of the.
  3. Short rehabilitation period.
  4. The absence of scars, scars, mucosal deformities.
  5. Minimal risk of bleeding during the procedure.
  6. Versatility - suitable for all women, regardless of the cause of erosion.

What devices are used?

The radio wave method is carried out by means of a special knife. This is a non-contact effect on erosion. The basis of such treatment is the response of the tissues to the action of high-frequency waves. In this situation, they evaporate.

The most popular today is the Surgitron apparatus. It is used in many areas of gynecology.

There is an electrode in its construction, it is with its help that radiation occurs. Fabrics under the action of radio waves are heated and cauterized, while the apparatus does not touch the patient's body.

Preparation rules

Treatment with radio waves is carried out after passing the examination. It involves the following tests:

  1. A smear from the vagina will help determine the composition of the microflora.
  2. Colposcopy helps to detail the location of the erosive lesion.
  3. Bacteriological smear.
  4. PCR to confirm the causes of genital infection.
  5. Blood test for syphilis, HIV, hepatitis and tumor markers.

Removal by radio waves is assigned to the 5-10 day of the menstrual cycle. So you can shorten the recovery period.

How is the procedure?

The procedure takes a total of 10-15 minutes. The patient is located on the gynecological chair. The cervix is ​​pretreated with a disinfectant solution with an anesthetic effect. The upper layer of the tissue during the manipulation is partially numb. With high sensitivity, Lidokin is injected into the patient.

At the first stage a loop electrode is used. Use it to remove the affected areas. Then the electrode is replaced with a ball. They are the coagulation of blood vessels and smoothing the surface. Finally, an antiseptic solution is applied. The doctor controls all manipulations through a colposcope.

After cauterization, a woman may feel pain in the lower abdomen. In terms of intensity, it is similar to pain during menstruation.

Complete healing of tissues occurs after 10 days. At the same time, blood-suckling vaginal discharge ceases. They start immediately after the operation, so you should take a strip on the day of the radio wave cauterization.

Rehabilitation period and practical recommendations

The treatment of erosion by radio waves reduces the rehabilitation period to 7-10 days. During this period, a woman should comply with the following recommendations:

  1. Drink immunostimulating drugs to avoid infection and as a consequence of the reappearance of erosion.

  2. Do not play sports, namely, run, lift weights.
  3. Take only a shower.
  4. Do not go to saunas, pools, open ponds.
  5. Do not douching.
  6. Do not use vaginal tampons.
  7. Do not take aspirin and medications based on it.
  8. Pay special attention to the hygiene of the genitals.

A month later, you need to visit the specialist again for colposcopy and cytology.

Possible consequences

Complications after radiowave effect on the cervix is ​​only 1%.

What are they expressed in? The first symptom is light bleeding for 1 week. It can cause infectious tissue damage. therefore It is very important to follow all the recommendations of the doctor during the recovery period.

If the operation was performed more than once, it may affect the woman's libido. Frequent exposure to radio waves may cause physiological changes in the vaginal mucus.

Myths and Facts

Many believe that it is impossible to cauterize the erosion of a girl who has not given birth. Radio wave exposure does not affect reproductive functionstherefore it is used regardless of age.

Hearing aids or other devices that negatively transfer the action of radio waves should be turned off.

In the presence of a pacemaker, without consulting a heart surgeon, the use of a radio wave knife is impossible. You can not use it in the presence of metal implants or spirals.

The recovery period will increase several times if the patient has diabetes or she is elderly.

Due to its safety and the minimum list of possible complications, radio wave cauterization is in demand in gynecology. The only thing that can confuse the patient is the price. The use of expensive equipment that only a professional can handle can significantly affect the cost of the procedure.

The essence and features of the method

Radio wave erosion treatment has several advantages. before other methods. Among them are the following:

  • painlessness
  • no bleeding during surgery
  • after cauterization, no scars or scars remain,
  • short rehabilitation period.

As a rule, patients who have not yet given birth rarely experience erosion, but if this happens, the physician should choose a method that is safe and does not affect reproductive functions.

As for the shortcomings of the method, it is one - a rather high cost.. However, the safety and effectiveness of his break through this moment.

The essence of this procedure is that the flow of high-frequency waves is directed to the affected place through the tip of a special apparatus.

This leads to evaporation of the affected areas. Healthy areas of the mucous membrane are not affected.

The operation takes very little time - usually no more than 5-7 minutes.

Radio wave treatment method for cervical erosion:

How is the burning of radio waves

Radiowave erosion treatment involves several steps..

Preparatory - this is the tests we have already mentioned and the consultation of a specialist. Then the procedure itself takes place, and after it the recovery period.

The procedure is almost painless., in the process of it there is no direct contact between the tissues and the equipment used. But there is a local anesthesia that prevents even mild discomfort.

As a rule, for local anesthesia apply sprays with lidocaine.

The procedure does not last long - only 5-7 minutes, and at the same time one session is enough. Together with the preparation for cauterization, 20 minutes is enough. The main part of the recovery period usually requires the entire week.

In addition, it is at this time that the regenerative abilities of cells are as high as possible, and the healing period is minimized.

The patient should be placed in a gynecological chair. The doctor establishes a kolkoskop and monitors the accuracy of manipulations.

Then on the area of ​​influence of the church channel anesthesia is applied and an electrode is inserted. It is he who emits the necessary waves.

The radio wave knife, which is the main device at the same time, does not cut tissue like a scalpel, and does not directly burn it, like a laser.

Special waves, without contacting the mucous, cut through the tissue in the right place. And the low-temperature steam formed in the process of cell evaporation coagulates the vessels below, preventing bleeding.

Tissues are heated, the area of ​​erosion seems to be "sealed" and cauterized.. The process continues for several minutes, then the electrode is removed, and the procedure is considered complete.

Methods cauterization erosion of the cervix

The method of physiological surgical burning is performed with liquid nitrogen, electric current, laser, radio waves, and ionized argon with the help of special devices.

Advantages: gentle, has a low percentage of complications and does not require long periods of treatment.

Types of cauterization

  • Cryodestruction - freezing with liquid nitrogen,
  • Radio wave exposure
  • Laser coagulation,
  • Electrocoagulation,
  • Chemical coagulation.
  • Argon plasma ablation

All methods are successfully used in nonparturiating women, except electrocoagulation. It can cause scar formation and deformation due to the depth of the lesion. Let us consider in detail each method of cauterization of cervical erosion, its pros and cons.

Cauterization diathermocoagulation

Coagulation is the process of clumping of cells. The edges of the defect are connected, and the wound surface heals over time.

Electrocoagulation is one of the very first methods. Under the action of an electrode heated by electric current, the wound is cleaned. In fact, it is a thermal burn with charring and smoking of tissues, which is accompanied by an unpleasant smell. The procedure can be painful and anesthesia is desirable. After removal of the hearth, healing occurs within two months.

Cauterization of erosion of the cervix current is acceptable for giving birth, because the scars can cause a narrowing of the cervical canal, which will serve as an obstacle to conception. This complication is not desirable for the future mother.

Laser cauterization

Laser cauterization of cervical erosion is a unique method that requires jewelry laser possession. A beam of high-intensity light evaporates water from the cells and coagulates tissue. It has a proven result, completely painless.

The method does not have such consequences as electrocoagulation and recovery occurs in a month and a half. It requires good practical medical skills and experience of the staff, because of this is not always available.


Wave coagulation is the most promising and fastest method of treatment. The thinnest electrode creates such powerful energy on the tip that the cells literally evaporate. Nerve endings coagulate, so the procedure is painless. Reparation in a month.

The advantage of the method is the absence of a scar. Given that the effects of cauterization of cervical erosion by radio waves are minimal, this type of surgery is popular with non-pregnant women. The most gentle and safe form of exposure - healthy tissue does not suffer.

Cauterization of cervical erosion by radio waves does not apply to patients with an artificial pacemaker and pregnant women.

A liquid nitrogen

Cryodestruction is a method of freezing a pathological area with nitrogen. A gentle form of erosion treatment. It is safe and proceeds painlessly. The duration of healing is 2 months. Also leaves no scars and other complications.

Chemical coagulation method

“Solkovagin” acts as a coagulant - a mixture of acids that have an effect only on the damaged parts of the cervix of the uterus and practically do not cling to healthy parts of the mucous membrane. During extended colposcopy (up to 8 times increase), the doctor applies the drug to erosion. The method is well proven in small erosion.

They also use “Vagothyl” - a medicine with a double effect: cauterizing and anti-inflammatory, accelerates recovery from erosion.

Argon plasma coagulation method

Argon plasma ablation is a progressive method of treating erosion. The latest development of non-contact impact, which allows you to control the depth of penetration. With the help of argon plasma it is possible to achieve a surface action to a depth of only 0.5 mm.

While in hospitals there are few similar devices and the method is currently expensive. The reparation takes place in two months without the formation of scars.

Treatment of cervical erosion with radio waves

Radio wave treatment method pathology of the cervix uterus is successfully used in gynecology. The method consists in the physical effect of radio waves on fabrics subject to erosion. During the procedure, the tissues diverge, at the same time the vessels are sterilized and sealed. Therefore, unnecessary bleeding and postoperative infiltration are excluded. In the area that was exposed to radio waves, there are no burns and scars. The procedure in patients does not cause pronounced discomfort.

Radio wave method used equipment

Radio wave surgery is not a traumatic method of affecting soft tissues using high-frequency radio waves. Radio wave incision is done without manual physical impact or fragmentation of tissue cells. The thinnest surgical electrode imitates high-frequency waves. Under the influence of waves, the cells heat up and release heat, under the influence of which the cells evaporate and the tissue diverges to the side.

One of the most famous devices of radio wave surgery is device Surgitron. With it, perform cuts of different depths and any configuration. This technique makes it possible to remove exophytic formations of mucous membranes and skin without using optical magnification and suturing. After surgery, there are no purulent complications and bleeding.

Since the device has a very large selection of electrodes, it can be used for a variety of gynecological operations. Loop and scalpel electrodes are used for incision, excision and polishing of tissue, a ball electrode is used for coagulation, a needle electrode is used for dissection. For treatment of cervical erosion there is a special electrode. Almost all operations are performed under surface or local anesthesia.

Advantages of treatment with radio waves

Treatment of cervical erosion with radio waves It has a lot of positive points and a small flaw. The disadvantages of this method include only one thing: rapid healing is possible in the absence of genital infections. Therefore, before the procedure, the patient is prescribed a full examination. Although not everyone can attribute this to disadvantages, because such infections sooner or later will still need to be treated.

Positive aspects of this method of treatment has a lot.

  • Since during the operation there are no damages to the germ layers of the tissue, no rough scars are formed.
  • Controlled by doctors in depth, a mild effect on the mucous.
  • Short recovery period.
  • No adverse reactions.
  • During the procedure, the patient does not experience unpleasant painful sensations.
  • After surgery, the shape and structure of the cervix is ​​preserved.
  • Optimal for women who have not yet given birth.
  • The procedure is carried out without anesthesia in the laboratory.

Radio wave treatment method for cervical erosion quick and painless. Scars do not appear, only blood-like secretions are possible. Today, the radio wave method is the most effective and safe.

Radiowave treatment of erosion on the surface of the cervix. The advantage of the method over others and its disadvantages. Cautery technique

Erosion occurs in every other woman in the world and there are many factors that can trigger her appearance. To eliminate this pathology of the cervix it is common to use several methods in combination. Thus, radiowave treatment of cervical erosion can be combined with unconventional treatment with traditional medicines in order to reduce the process of cervical tissue repair in case of complications. But with a favorable course of treatment with radio waves, additional methods are not required.

The principle of the radio wave method

The erosion disease itself is latent in the body, but with extensive damage, after a sexual intercourse in a woman, blood smearing can occur. When erosion of the cervix is ​​detected, the doctor prescribes the necessary treatment. Cauterization of cervical erosion by radio waves is the most popular way to eliminate pathology among modern specialists.

Treatment of cervical erosion with radio waves is performed using the Surgitron apparatus. But before applying the treatment with surgitron, it is necessary to undergo certain diagnostic measures that will help identify the extent of tissue damage by pathological cells and the depth of their penetration into the thickness of the endometrium.

The principle by which cauterization of cervical erosion by radio waves is carried out is to separate the cells of the cervical tissue without exerting physical influence. The thin wire electrode imitates highly sensitive radio waves, which burn the fabric at a distance, sealing the edges of the wound.

Radio wave exposure allows a specialist to fully control the process of surgical intervention, adjusting the depth and degree of impact on the affected area. Such an impact has several advantages compared with other methods of dealing with pathology. The key advantage is to eliminate all possible consequences in the form of: bleeding, purulent infiltrate of tissues and tissue degeneration into malignant ones.

The device simulates radio waves, which allows you to eliminate erosion without burns

Obvious advantages of the method

Removing erosion by cauterizing surgitron allows you to achieve good performance in the fight against abnormal endometrial cells and has clear advantages:

  • After the first procedure does not require re-burning. Since the accuracy in using the device is more than 90%, there are no untreated fabrics.
  • The method is the most gentle in comparison with other methods used. This is due to the absence of a damaging effect on the fabric.
  • After cauterization, scars and scars are not formed, since the process eliminates the effect on healthy parts of the cervix.
  • The absence of pain during the operation and after it during the recovery period.
  • This method is suitable for women who have not given birth and for those who wish to preserve reproductive function.
  • After exposure to surgitron, a natural mucous membrane is formed on the surface of the treated area, which protects the open wound surface from the penetration of pathological microorganisms from the vagina.
  • Fast recovery period. healing of the wound surface, which allows the patient to return to the usual way of life occurs after the expiration of three months.
  • After the operation of radio wave destruction, the patient can prepare for conception six months later.

In some women, after the operation of cautery may be abundant discharge. Such secretions are the result of the restoration of the epithelium and self-destruct a week after the intervention. But if the discharge increases and does not stop a week after the operation, the woman should contact the specialists for examination.

Sometimes there may be unsharp, pulling pains in the pelvic area, which disappear a few days after the operation.

Radio wave treatment allows you to save the childbearing function

How is the treatment and rehabilitation

Before conducting a radio wave destruction, the patient is prescribed a certain diagnosis:

  • Putting a smear on the microflora.
  • PCR assays for infection.
  • Blood donation for STD analysis.
  • Colposcopic examination.
  • Tissue biopsy, if the doctor has doubts about the qualitative composition of the affected tissues.

Cauterization shown to conduct in the first half of the cycle. During the procedure, the patient may experience the following symptoms:

  1. A slight tingling sensation inside the vagina.
  2. Weak nagging pain in the pelvic organs and sacrum.
  3. The appearance of an unpleasant smell.

And after cauterization, there are weak brown secretions that disappear in a few days.

The patient needs constant monitoring by a specialist for several weeks to evaluate how the healing process is going. During the recovery period it is not necessary to go in for sports or to overload yourself with weight lifting, it is better to rest more. You can not take hot baths and swim in the pool.

New radio wave erosion treatment! all the pros and cons of this method of treatment!

Unfortunately, in our country, and in other countries, every second woman also has a problem of erosion of the cervix. I will not go into details about what it is. I think not all doctors are well aware of what it is. If you say in general, as I understand it, then this is when something abnormal occurs on the neck in the form of some kind of reddening.

In general, this problem did not pass me by. Before pregnancy, everything was in order with my female health. But apparently the hormones failed and it started, as they say. Feel like a woman in age. In general, one of the sores was erosion. Found it when I was already on a decent time, 6-7 months so.

I observed the state clinic, but the doctor, I tell you, I came across a very unfortunate one. As she told me, she would pass by herself and did not burn it. Of course, nothing has passed, but still I am glad that I did not do it then.

1.5 years have passed since the birth. During this time I visited the gynecologist 3-4 times, but already in a paid clinic. As in the state, they put me off my problems to say the least. The reason for my penultimate visit to the doctor was bleeding in the middle of the cycle. The doctor said that the reason was my erosion. I was assigned a couple of smear and colposcopy tests, and these two procedures were performed free of charge.

For me, the radio wave treatment method was chosen. The procedure took about 3 minutes. Disqualification was done to me by popping lidocaine. Feelings are not the most pleasant, but it is quite possible to suffer 3 minutes. Tears did not flow hail, I did not want to shout. And in general, after childbirth, I have nothing scary.

During the procedure, there will be smoke from an intimate place, the smell of burning skin is present. You should not be afraid of it, this is normal.

After the procedure itself, there were some discomfort in the abdomen. They lasted a couple of hours, but there was no pain. I wanted to lie down and rest, which I did. After that, all the unpleasant feelings are gone.

The doctor warned me that for some time there will be discharge, and they may be of different colors. Including clear, yellow, brown and even green. I didn't have such a riot of colors. The excretions were only transparent.

For faster healing, I was prescribed a course of candles "Depantol". Also at least 2 weeks of sexual rest, but better is more. And two months later, again at the reception to see the result and assess the condition of the cervix after the procedure.

The procedure itself is not cheap I cost 5300 rubles. But the price may be less. It all depends on the scale of the disaster.

In general, I recommend this method of treatment if it is not possible to cure the erosion of the drug-induced drug. So this method is more gentle and does not leave scars. What is important for not giving birth and planning to have a second child.

Afraid of this procedure is not worth it, it is not so much painful. And for someone at all painless. For example, when my friend was doing it, she said that she felt nothing at all.

No need to delay with this problem and be afraid to consult a doctor. After all, health is paramount.