How to treat cervical erosion? Cervical erosion: treatments


Erosion (ectopia) of the cervix among the other pathologies of the body ranks first in frequency. The most effective method of dealing with it is surgery. But if the area of ​​the modified epithelium is small, there is a chance to do without it. In this case, douching during erosion of the cervix is ​​able to rid itself of the pathology without the slightest discomfort and long subsequent recovery.

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Why erosion occurs so often

Cervical coating is very sensitive due to its natural features. The organ itself is transitional between the uterus and the vagina, that is, it is easily subjected to all changes occurring with them. It is not surprising that erosion, that is, a violation of the development of the epithelial layer of the cervix, appears so often. The reasons for the formation of red spots on the mucous membrane may be:

  • Sexually transmitted infections, herpes viruses and human papillomas. They create a focus of inflammation that can change the structure of the mucous membranes of the cervix in any area.
  • Pathologies affecting the vagina. Bacterial vaginosis, thrush are characterized by irritating mucous secretions. Prolonged contact with them cervical uterus her epithelium may suffer.
  • Mechanical damage. There are many opportunities to injure the cervix: early sex life, childbirth, gynecological examination and diagnostics, which require insertion into the vagina or uterus of a medical device, abortion.

In some girls, erosion may occur due to the nature of the development, that is, to be innate. As a rule, they need only control, as over time, in the absence of other provoking factors, they disappear on their own.

Effective recipes for douching from erosion

Erosive spots on the cervix are easily detected during a routine examination by a gynecologist. If you do not ignore the need to report to a specialist regularly, even without complaints, there is an opportunity to see the pathology in the embryonic stage. And this is a chance to avoid traumatic cauterization.

But before conducting douching during erosion or treating it with other popular methods, one should receive test results from the doctor. They should confirm that changes in the epithelium are not complemented by inflammatory or infectious processes in other parts of the reproductive system, and also do not contain atypical cells.

The following compositions for douching will help to get rid of erosion.

Other home erosion treatments

Redness on the surface of the cervical mucosa can be removed using tampons and lotions. It is important to make sure that there is no allergy to the home remedy. The tool is introduced carefully so as not to injure the mucous even more. Each of them is applied for no longer than 2 weeks. Treatment conditions are the same as for douching.

The following compounds will help to get rid of minor erosion:

  • Nettle juice To obtain it, grind fresh leaves and pass them through sterile marlechka. Sok impregnate a cotton ball and lay it in the vagina, seeking to contact with the neck for 6-8 hours.
  • Ointment of dried marsh. The plant is ground to very fine particles and mixed with butter. They are treated with a tampon and placed it in the vaginal area of ​​the cervix.
  • Mumie. To soak a cotton ball, a solution of 2.5 g of raw material and 100 ml of water is needed.
  • Tea tree oil. A cotton pad is dipped into it, which is daily placed in the cervical area for an hour for 14 consecutive days. After a 2-week pause, the treatment is repeated.
  • Honey water. It is prepared from 1 share of a bee product and 2 parts boiled and cooled to 37 degrees liquid. Honey water impregnates the tampon and keep it in the vagina for 10 hours.
  • Propolis. You can use the ointment on its basis, causing it on the vaginal tampon. There is a 3% alcohol solution, which is impregnated with the same remedy for local treatment. At the same time, it shows the internal reception of propolis, 15 drops 3 times a day 30 minutes before meals.

We recommend reading an article on the treatment of cervical erosion without cauterization. From it you will learn about the effectiveness of non-surgical therapy, the appointment of drug treatment, as well as the recommended drugs.

The effectiveness of douching and other home remedies for small erosion is confirmed by official medicine. And if it has not grown to a large size, there are no other obstacles to such treatment, it is worth trying.


There are several types of erosion:

  • Congenital ectopia. During the inspection, it is presented in the form of a rounded education, having a bright red color. As a rule, such erosion of the cervix in non-bearing women in adolescence is detected. Congenital ectopia is considered the only one of all species that is able to heal independently and spontaneously. In this case, the risk of developing oncology is quite low.
  • True erosion. This pathology is a defect in the stratified squamous epithelium. During the inspection with the help of mirrors you can see a red spot having a diameter up to a centimeter. It surrounds the external pharynx of the uterus and has clearly limited edges. The existence of true erosion lasts about 1-2 weeks. After this, the pathology passes into the next type - ectopia. Experts note that the risk of transformation into oncology at this stage is also quite low.
  • Ectopia (pseudo-erosion). This violation is characterized by the final replacement of the squamous epithelium with cylindrical cells. During the inspection in the mirrors visible area having a red color. It is located near the outer throat, as a rule, on the back lip. The existence of ectopia can last for months or even years. As practice shows, such erosion does not pass on its own, but requires a certain treatment. In the absence of cell atypia, the risk of transformation into oncology is quite low. However, women with human papillomavirus 33, 31.18 and type 16 are wary. Such patients have a high chance of developing cancer of the neck. It should be noted that ectopia occurs more often than other species. In this regard, it is necessary to consult a specialist in time to cervical erosion as soon as possible. The consequences of this pathology can be quite serious.

Signs of disease

How can cervical erosion occur? Symptoms in pathology, as a rule, are absent. The disease in most cases is detected suddenly during the examination of the gynecologist. However, it also happens that patients turn to a specialist with complaints of bleeding. With erosion of the cervix in women may experience pain during sex. In some cases, inflammatory processes may join the pathology. In this case, purulent-mucous discharge may occur. Inflammations significantly worsen the course of the disease. Many women do not suspect that they develop cervical erosion. Symptoms that accompany the pathology, they are confused with the signs of thrush, menstruation, the threat of miscarriage and so on. For any manifestations indicated above, a woman should immediately contact a gynecologist, so that cervical erosion is detected or eliminated in time. The consequences of pathology can be prevented by adequately prescribed treatment or timely prevention. Among the main complications should be called the progression of the infectious process, the occurrence of problems with the reproductive system, as well as the probable degeneration of benign education in the malignant one.


The disease can be detected by visual inspection by a gynecologist. However, as a rule, this is not enough. To understand how to treat cervical erosion, the doctor must evaluate the entire clinical picture. To this end, the specialist designates additional tests. Among them:

  • Smear on the flora.
  • Colposcopy (extended). This study is carried out using a special microscope. It allows you to increase the surveyed area 30 times.
  • Cytological examination. This analysis is a scraping from the surface of the cervix and cervical canal. Taken cells are examined to detect a malignant neoplasm or inflammation.
  • PCR diagnostics. This study allows you to identify or eliminate the presence of major infections: herpes (genital), trichomoniasis, HPV, gardnerelleza, ureaplasmosis, mycoplasmosis, chlamydia.
  • Hepatitis, RW (syphilis), HIV tests.
  • Smear (bacpossev) of the vagina.
  • Biopsy. This study is appointed in case of suspicion of a malignant process. For histological examination, a sample of the affected area of ​​the cervix is ​​taken.

Therapeutic activities

Today, there are many options for how to treat cervical erosion. Therapeutic tactics will depend on the type of pathology, the extent of the lesion and the associated infections or inflammations. Before we talk about how to treat cervical erosion, it should be recalled that therapeutic interventions should be carried out under dynamic observation. Congenital erosion, as mentioned above, can be eliminated independently. Specialists recommend getting rid of other types of pathology on time. Today, there are two main methods of how to treat cervical erosion. Therapy may be conservative. In severe cases, various surgical interventions are prescribed.

Conservative therapy

If ectopia is accompanied by an infectious or inflammatory process, treatment begins with its elimination. First of all, a specialist identifies the cause of the development of pathology. Given the identified diseases, the patient is prescribed a course of antibiotics. Drugs prescribed by the doctor, as a rule, have a wide range of therapeutic activity. In addition, anti-inflammatory drugs, immunomodulators are prescribed. It is also recommended to topically treat the cervix with drugs that can cause chemical coagulation in the affected area. Such products contain organic acids: nitric, acetic. These medications are intended only for the elimination of benign tumors and are recommended to a greater degree to unborn patients, since after their use no scars remain. Among the minuses of conservative therapy should be noted the likelihood of re-development of the pathology.

Surgical intervention

Experts recommend to undergo a regular examination by a gynecologist, and when signs of pathology appear, do not delay the visit to the doctor, since it is only necessary to treat cervical erosion in advanced cases. There are several ways to eliminate the defect surgically.

Types of surgery

Cauterization of cervical erosion, the price of which varies from 300 to 10,000 rubles, is carried out in various ways using these or other means. The most common options are:

  • Diathermocoagulation. The procedure is carried out using electric current. As a rule, this method is recommended for giving birth to patients who have not planned a pregnancy for at least a year.
  • Cryotherapy. Cauterization is carried out with liquid nitrogen. During the procedure, the so-called "freezing" of the tissue occurs. This method is considered more benign than the previous one. However, erosion of the cervix after burning with nitrogen can recur.
  • Laser therapy This method is considered one of the most effective ways to treat cervical erosion. Reviews of patients suggest that healing is much faster than in other cases. During the procedure, a laser beam of minimum power is used. After such an impact does not remain scar.
  • Radiowave treatment of cervical erosion. As a rule, such an effect is recommended by those planning to re-pregnancy. This procedure is also prescribed to nonparty patients. In the process of using the device "Surgitron". Radiowave treatment of cervical erosion is a virtually painless method. However, this procedure is considered one of the most expensive. The price can reach 10 thousand rubles. After the procedure there is no scarring. Bleeding is also absent. However, there may be a discharge from the vagina and pain of a pulling character in the lower abdomen for 2-3 days. After cauterization in this way, it is recommended to refrain from sexual intercourse for at least ten days. Anesthesia during the procedure is not required. However, at the request of the patient can be given a shot of lidocaine.

Candles from cervical erosion

Topical preparations can be prescribed both during conservative treatment and after surgical procedures. Suppositories are considered the most effective and, therefore, popular. Among the drugs should be noted the following:

  • Candles "Depantenol". The basis of this drug is dexpanthenol. This substance is transformed into pantothenic acid after penetration into the mucous cells. This vitamin-like compound has a wound-healing effect.
  • Candles "Hexicon". This agent contains chlorhexidine as an active ingredient. This substance is an excellent antiseptic. Its activity is manifested relative to various microbes, viruses, fungi. The action of the drug is aimed at eliminating pathogenic microflora, provoking inflammation, which, in turn, causes erosion.
  • Means "Suporon". These suppositories have a healing, anti-inflammatory effect. In addition, the drug stimulates the formation of normal cells in place of those that cover the damaged surface.
  • Suppositories containing sea buckthorn oil. Erosion of the cervix, as mentioned above, is amenable to conservative methods of exposure. Many patients prefer natural remedies. Sea buckthorn oil is an antiseptic and wound healing substance of natural origin.

Preparing drugs at home

There are many means by which you can eliminate the disease such as cervical erosion. Folk treatment is usually used after surgery or in the early stages of the development of pathology. For the manufacture of suppositories should take honey - 5 tbsp., To which should be added propolis (tincture) - 5 g. To these components add 150 g of butter. The resulting mass is heated to a uniform state in a water bath. After a homogeneous mixture, turn off the fire. Mass cooled. After the mixture becomes warm, you need to make candles and put them in the refrigerator. The course is calculated 7-8 pcs. It is recommended to introduce 1 candle at night daily. Also at home apply syringing. Tampons soaked in broths and infusions of medicinal herbs are also used. Popular and sea buckthorn oil. It is hypoallergenic, non-toxic. It is not contraindicated in pregnancy. A cotton swab moistened with sea buckthorn oil is injected into the vagina overnight. The procedure is repeated daily for two weeks. For douching, as a rule, use a two percent solution of tincture of calendula. The procedure is carried out for ten days after using the toilet regularly.

Antenatal Therapy

It must be said that erosion does not affect the course of pregnancy, as ovulation does not affect the development of pathology. Surgical intervention is not carried out in the prenatal period. This is due to the fact that after cauterization, childbirth will be more difficult - the neck will be worse to stretch and unfold. Therefore, surgical manipulations should be postponed. In the prenatal period, it is allowed to use folk remedies (sea buckthorn oil, for example). But phyto-tampons, which have recently become increasingly popular, are contraindicated in pregnancy. If an infectious process is detected, a specialist can prescribe a course of antibiotics and anti-inflammatory topical preparations. But in most cases, gynecologists simply carry out dynamic monitoring of pregnant patients with this pathology.

What is dangerous disease?

Experts note that there is no obvious threat to the health of a woman with this pathology. Exceptions, however, are cases of complications. They can not be allowed if you do not run the disease. Cervical erosion can cause female infertility — damaged tissue can interfere with normal fertilization. In addition, defects in the mucous during pregnancy can contribute to its interruption (miscarriage). Erosion in some cases is the cause of premature labor, colpitis and cervicitis.

Preventive actions

As you know, it is better to prevent the pathology than to treat it. To protect yourself, you should follow a number of recommendations:

  1. Regularly visit the doctor (at least twice during the year).
  2. Follow the rules of hygiene. In particular, you should take a shower at least twice a day, especially during menstruation.
  3. Use condoms for sexual intercourse with casual partners to prevent infections from entering.
  4. Strive for monogamy and regular sex life.
  5. Предохраняться в случаях, если беременность не планируется. Следует помнить, что любой аборт усложняет течение патологии, травмирует шейку.

Если гинеколог выявил эрозию, рекомендуется вести здоровый образ жизни. You should regularly change the pads or tampons during the menstrual period (at least once every three or four hours). It must be remembered that erosion contributes to the formation of an ideal environment for the development and subsequent penetration of pathogenic bacteria into the uterus and ovaries.


It should be noted that in almost all cases (99 out of 100) erosion is amenable to therapy. Existing methods of influence for the most part give excellent results. The main thing - to prevent the recurrence of pathology. During rehabilitation after surgical manipulations, it is recommended to refrain from heavy physical exertion and sexual contact for two weeks. This will contribute to better healing of the tissues after the procedures. During the recovery period, spotting may occur. As a rule, they pass independently.

Symptoms of the disease

Normally, the cervix has a pale pink smooth and shiny surface. If the outer surface around the cervical canal becomes bright red, then most likely it is erosion. Epithelial changes are not malignant. Erosion of the cervix may occur in both adult women who have sexually active lives, and in girls who do not give birth. In children, erosion does not happen.

It is rarely possible to determine the presence of erosion at the initial stage, since there are practically no complaints for women. A doctor is approached when the following symptoms appear:

  1. Blood discharge with an unpleasant smell and an admixture of pus. They may indicate penetration into the uterus infection and the occurrence of the inflammatory process.
  2. Abundant mucous discharge white.
  3. Painful sensations in the lower abdomen and in the lower back, which are also signs of an inflammatory disease that occurs when the body’s defenses are weakened by erosion.

Usually, if there are such symptoms, women turn to the doctor with suspicions of thrush. Pregnant women fear that such signs may indicate the possibility of miscarriage. The doctor finds erosion during a detailed examination.

Causes of erosion

Causes of erosion can be:

  • hormonal disorders occurring during pregnancy and childbirth, as well as menopause (often a sign of such disorders is a sharp change in body weight),
  • mechanical damage to the cervical surface when using contraceptives or improper douching,
  • penetration into the neck of the infection (human papillomavirus, genococcus, chlamydia, trichomonas and others),
  • cervical damage during childbirth,
  • neck injuries during abortions or gross sexual intercourse,
  • chronic inflammatory processes of the genital organs,
  • too early or late sexual debut, frequent change of partners, irregular sex life,
  • weakening the body's immune defenses
  • genetic predisposition.

Congenital erosion occurs after 16 years, usually it does not require treatment, as it disappears on its own. There are true erosion (damage to the epithelium), in which the edges of the affected area are clear, and the diameter is 1 cm, as well as pseudo-erosion, ectopia (the structure of the epithelium changes). Ectopia can degenerate into a malignant form, therefore, requires increased attention and treatment.

Erosion treatment methods. Folk ways

In nonpartine women and girls, erosion is usually treated conservatively: by treating the cervix with special solutions, taking antibiotics, anti-inflammatory drugs. In the presence of a large lesion in women who have given birth, the method of cauterization with current discharge, liquid nitrogen, laser and others is used.

Traditional medicines are widely used for the treatment of erosion. These include:

  • infusions and decoctions for drinking,
  • infusions for douching and compresses,
  • formulations for use in the form of tampons.

Recommendation: Before starting treatment of the cervix with folk remedies, it is imperative that you visit a doctor, establish an accurate diagnosis and consult how effective and safe this treatment is in this case. Improper frequent douching can disrupt the vaginal microflora. This increases the likelihood of infection in the uterus and ovaries. Douching can not be done during pregnancy, menstruation, and after childbirth or abortion.

Chamomile decoction

The stems and flowers of the plant (approximately 2 tablespoons l / 1 liter of water) boil for 15 minutes, cool, use for douching in the morning and evening.

Preparing a decoction (20 g of grass / 1 cup of water). After boiling should be diluted by 2 times.

You can brew yourself or buy in the pharmacy a ready-made 2% tincture (1 tsp. / 1 ​​cup of water). Douching with all these drugs is usually carried out for 10 days, usually 2 times a day.

Take 5 tbsp. l plants, infused in 5 cups of boiling water for about 1 hour, filtered and squeezed through gauze. It is used for douching 1 time in 3 days. The course of such home treatment is 2 weeks.

Curd Whey

Buy fresh cottage cheese. Syndrome warm settled serum in the morning and evening. The serum contains lactic acid, which disinfects the damaged area, and also restores the weakly acidic environment in the vagina, which is necessary to protect against the penetration of bacteria into the uterus. If erosion is small, then it heals quickly.

Alum and blue vitriol

Take 1 tbsp. l pounded into powder alum and copper sulfate, dissolve them in 1 liter of warm water, boil for several minutes, pass through a sieve. Store this solution in a dark glass container with a ground-in lid. Keep in the fridge. For douching take on 1 liter of boiled water and 1 tbsp. l the resulting solution. Conduct the procedure after the end of menstruation for 10 days.

Sea buckthorn oil

Known remedy for wound healing. It is good because it does not cause allergies, harmless. The duration of such treatment is not limited. Moisten the swab with oil and leave it in the vagina for the whole night. In the morning you can douch with a solution of baking soda (1 tbsp. L / 1 l of boiled water). After 2 weeks, take a break for 5-7 days, then repeat the treatment.

Nettle juice

Squeeze out the juice, dip a tampon into it and put it in the vagina overnight for 1 week. Take a break for 3 days, then repeat the procedure. Nettle juice is an antiseptic, wound-healing agent. To enhance the effect, you can add honey to the juice.

Take a small onion head, make a hole in it, pour honey. Place in the oven and bake for 20 minutes. Cool completely, and then make a sterile gauze swab, wrapping this bulb inside. The tampon is used every night, just spend 10 procedures. In the morning they spend douching chamomile decoction.

Flaxseed Broth

Cook flaxseed pudding (1 tablespoon per 1 cup of water). A tampon is dipped into it and laid on all night. Flaxseed, when cooked, forms abundant mucus, which then envelops the damaged surface, protecting it from irritation by substances contained in the urine, due to which the wound heals quickly.

For tampons can be used as follows:

1. In the form of ointment, which is impregnated with a tampon. It is prepared from 15 g of crushed propolis and 100 g of melted butter. Heated for 15 minutes in a water bath, filter the mixture and cool.
2. In the form of alcohol tincture. Pharmaceutical drug has a concentration of 10%. Dilute it 3 times, dip a tampon in it.

Treated with these tampons for 2 weeks. Propolis disinfects the wound surface, protects against infection.

Swabs are moistened with a solution (2.5 g of substance per 1/2 liter of water), and then put into the vagina overnight. Conduct procedures for 10-14 days, then pause for 7 days. The treatment is repeated several times.


Squeeze the juice from the leaves of the plantain, dipped in a tampon and put it in the vagina at night. Diluted plantain juice (0.5 cups of juice in 0.5 liters of water) can be done douching. Leaves are also used for the tampon. They need to knead well, so that they let the juice, and then wrap in sterile gauze. Treatment with plantain spend 1 week. After a break of 5 days, repeat. A good effect is obtained if you alternate plantain juice with natural honey.

Badana root (bergenia)

This plant contains tannins, manganese and other components, due to which the products based on it have a strong bactericidal effect, when administered to increase the immunity.

Used as a decoction of 3 tbsp. l root in 1 cup of water. Concentrate the solution, evaporating it by half. At one time using 30 drops of the obtained extract. Use three times a day before meals (about half an hour). The extract can be used for douching after a three-fold dilution.

Birch mushroom (chaga)

Soak the pieces of fungus in water for 5 hours, squeeze, grind in a meat grinder. Store in the refrigerator. For preparation of medicine take 1 tbsp. cooked mushroom, pour 1 cup boiling water, insist half an hour. Drink infusion in 3 divided doses throughout the day. Eat infusion should be half an hour before meals. This plant contains minerals necessary for the recovery of cells of various tissues of the body. It is used for the prevention of malignant diseases, has a strong antimicrobial effect, is a hemostatic agent.

Recommendation: During treatment, it is recommended to follow a diet. It is necessary at the time of treatment to abandon the bitter, over-salty, spicy foods, as well as from alcohol. All these products have a negative effect on the healing of the neck, which often leads to painful sensations.


Traditional medicines are harmless to the body, but certain precautions must be observed. Everything must be sterile: only boiled water is used, thoroughly purified raw materials. Required to comply with the specified storage conditions, as well as the dosage of the components.

This treatment is usually used as an auxiliary. Before contacting him, you must consult with your doctor.

Main types

Erosion of the cervix occurs in 3 forms - mild, moderate and severe, depending on the level of tissue damage.

There are 3 types of pathology:

  1. True. Characterized by exfoliation of epithelial cells and manifested by secretions of blood.

  2. Congenital. Erosion develops in adolescents, it can pass on its own and rarely turns into oncology.
  3. Pseudo-erosion. The look is shown by shift of a flat epithelium and low probability of development of cancer.

There are uncomplicated forms of the disease, in which the uterus resumes cells with a lesion on their own, in the absence of treatment, and complicated forms characterized by a modification of the cervix and the appearance of diseases of nearby organs.


The factors contributing to the development of pathology include:

  • human papillomavirus
  • immune disorders in the female body, especially during pregnancy, childbirth and a sharp set of extra pounds,
  • breaks after childbirth,
  • vaginal inflammations - bacterial vaginosis, thrush, vaginitis.
  • sexually transmitted infections - ureaplasma, chlamydia, mycoplasma, genital herpes, trichomanade,
  • abortions,
  • colpit,
  • chronic inflammations - inflammation of the ovaries, cystitis,
  • endocrine pathological changes,
  • endocervicitis,
  • syphilis,
  • failures of the menstrual cycle
  • tuberculosis,
  • too sooner or later the sexual activity of a woman begins,
  • promiscuity and frequent change of partners.

Important! The cause of erosion of the cervix may be excessively active sexual acts, mechanical contraception and improper use of tampons. As a result, cervical injury occurs.

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Symptoms of the disease

Cervical erosion may not manifest itself by any signs for many years. That is why regular examinations of women by a gynecologist are important for detecting pathology on time.

The disease can occur hidden: without pain, disruptions in the menstrual cycle and abnormal abundant secretions.

In rare cases, symptoms of a violation appear:

  • purulent-bloody discharge with an unpleasant smell,

  • pain, cramps and burning in the genital area,
  • itching and irritation
  • purulent mucous discharge of yellow or brown after lifting weight,
  • discomfort and discharge of a small amount of blood during and after intercourse.

What can not be done?

After cauterization, erosion of the cervix is ​​prohibited:

  • within a month to have sex,
  • lift weights
  • take a hot bath, bathe in high temperature water,
  • supercool,
  • do sport,
  • visit the solarium and is under direct sunlight,
  • use tampons, except those recommended by a doctor,
  • use saunas and baths,
  • do an ultrasound using a vaginal probe,
  • swim in the ponds.

If these elementary rules are not observed, the epithelium can be broken and the blood vessels damaged.

General recommendations

Treatment is not prescribed for congenital form of pathology. In this case, experts monitor the course of the disease.

In other situations, use a surgical or conservative method of getting rid of the pathology.

Important! In the presence of additional diseases, they are first affected by a course of anti-inflammatory, antibacterial drugs and immune system modulators.

In the absence of the effect of treatment, surgical intervention is used:

  1. Cryotherapy with liquid nitrogen. The disadvantage of the procedure is a high probability of recurrence of recurrent cervical erosion. After the session, possible severe swelling and heavy discharge. The duration of the procedure is 10 minutes.
  2. Diathermocoagulationimplying the use of electric waves. The procedure is accompanied by discomfort for women and is not suitable when planning pregnancy in the coming year and for women who do not have children. Duration - 20 minutes.
  3. Radiowave treatment. Fast, painless and non-contact method. Suitable for women who have not given birth and does not leave scars.
  4. Diode laser exposure. Suitable for women who do not give birth, practically has no contraindications.
  5. Chemical coagulation. Carried out by cauterization with concentrated acid. Suitable for erosions of small sizes. Not prohibited method for giving birth to women.

When untimely cauterization of cervical erosion increases the risk of scarring, affecting the process of childbirth.

In case of erosion of small sizes, the following means can be prescribed by a specialist:

  • drug treatment,
  • douching
  • candles.

The purpose of conservative treatment is the normalization of the vaginal microflora for self-help the body to cope with the disease.

During pregnancy, cervical erosion is dangerous only when combined with diseases of the urogenital system of infectious origin. In this case, the specialist usually recommends candles, reducing the signs of pathology, and treatment is carried out after the birth of the baby.

After undergoing a course of treatment for cervical erosion, menstrual irregularities are possible within 1-2 months; every woman should visit a doctor for an examination at least once every 6 months.

Proper nutrition

To get rid of cervical erosion, it is necessary to compensate for the lack of selenium, vitamins E, C and A and folic acid, which leads to hormonal disruptions and reduced immunity of the woman.

To improve the condition of a woman, it is important to include the following foods in your daily diet:

  • cabbage,
  • lentils
  • bananas
  • asparagus,
  • veal liver,
  • Brewer's yeast,
  • citrus fruit,
  • orange and yellow vegetables,
  • walnuts and hazelnuts,
  • celery,
  • leafy green vegetables,
  • olives,
  • vegetable oils,
  • seafood,
  • garlic,
  • parsnip.

Symptoms and treatment of uterine fibroids folk remedies: women's reviews of recipes.

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How to treat folk remedies?

The effectiveness of popular folk remedies is not refuted by traditional medicine. The use of recipes based on natural ingredients is possible after consulting a doctor.

For safety and maximum benefit, you should follow the dosage in the preparation of funds, rules of use and storage.

Benefit will bring douching:

  • In 2 glass of water should be dissolved 2 tablespoons of celandine. The broth is infused for 1 hour, the grass is squeezed and the infusion is filtered. Douching is carried out not more than 14 days with a frequency of 1 every 3 days.
  • In 1 liter of water, you must add 2 tablespoons of chamomile herb in shredded form. The resulting mixture is boiled in a water bath for about 20 minutes. The broth is recommended to insist in the continuation of 15-20 minutes.

The following recipes have a beneficial effect:

  • Flour, wild rose and vegetable oil are thoroughly mixed. The mixture is cooked on low heat for 3-5 minutes, filtered. The mass is used for night tampons, which are recommended to be put for 2 weeks.
  • Pumpkin pulp should be separated from the seeds, put into gauze and put a tampon into the vagina during the night's sleep. You can perform the procedure up to 4 times a week. It is recommended to additionally eat pumpkin extracts and juice.
  • In 0.5 liters of vodka dissolve the pion root in a crushed form. Next, the decoction should be insisted in a cool dark place for 1 month.Use the infusion up to 3 times a day for half an hour before meals for 1-1.5 months.

Remember! Douching is not suitable for women who have recently undergone childbirth or abortion, during pregnancy and during menstruation.

Preventive measures

To prevent the occurrence of pathology, it is recommended to follow simple rules:

  • Timely referral to a specialist when anxious symptoms appear in the form of burning, pain and unusual discharge.

  • Personal hygiene.
  • Using condoms during sexual intercourse with a new sexual partner.
  • Regular visits to the gynecologist and timely treatment of gynecological diseases.

It is important to observe measures to prevent cervical erosion. If the warning signs of the disease have already appeared, you should not postpone the visit to the gynecologistwhich, after correct diagnosis, will select the proper treatment for the rapid elimination of the pathology and the elimination of the risk of severe complications of the disease.

Douching with calendula and soda during cervical erosion

  1. Traditional medicine recommends that women douche calendula. This medicinal plant has a pronounced anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and wound-healing effect, contributing to the speedy healing of wounds and ulcers on the mucous membrane of the cervix. For douching you need to pour 4 tablespoons of freshly picked calendula flowers in a cup of boiling water, let it stand under the lid for at least an hour, then use calendula extract for daily douching.
  2. The calendula and alcoholic propolis tincture has an excellent effect. Preparing a remedy for douching is extremely simple - you need to mix 3 tablespoons of the flowers of the plant and the same amount of propolis alcohol tincture, then pour the thoroughly mixed ingredients with two cups of boiling water. After the mixture is infused, it is used for douching.
  3. Also, traditional medicine recommends to mix in an enamel or glass vessel 2 - 3 tablespoons of freshly harvested and pre-crushed calendula flowers with 500 ml of vodka. Then the mixture should be left in a dark and dry place for two weeks for infusion. Before use, infusion is recommended to pour boiled water at room temperature in a ratio of 1: 7. Use for daily douching.
  4. For effective treatment of cervical erosion, you can use not only fresh calendula, but also alcohol tincture of this plant, which can be purchased at any pharmacy. One teaspoon of alcohol tincture must be poured into a glass of cool boiled water and apply the mixture for douching.
  5. Not less simple, but extremely effective way to help speed up the treatment of cervical erosion - soda douching. It is worth noting that the opinions of gynecologists regarding douching with soda are rather contradictory, but many of them believe that treatment with soda is effective and efficient. To prepare the medicinal solution, you need to dilute one teaspoon of ordinary soda in a liter of boiling water, and after the mixture has cooled slightly, it can be used for vaginal douches. Dosing with soda has an excellent antibacterial effect, prevents infection from getting into the tissues affected by erosion.
  6. For the treatment of even advanced forms of cervical erosion, traditional medicine recommends a course of soda-salt douching. To do this, in one liter of boiled water to dissolve a teaspoon of soda and a tablespoon of regular table salt. After cooling, the solution with salt and soda is used for douching.

Effective douches in the treatment of erosion

Badan broadleaf is considered to be no less effective folk remedy in the fight against this gynecological disease. For the preparation of medicinal decoction will require the roots of the plant, which must be thoroughly chopped by means of a meat grinder. Two tablespoons of crushed broad-leaved badan root should be placed in a bowl with 200 ml of hot water and simmer for 30 minutes. After cooling, the decoction is used as a medicinal solution for douching. In the same way, a decoction of wormwood or celandine is prepared, which is equally often used to treat cervical erosion.

At the advanced stages of the erosive process, it is recommended to be treated with bedding syringes. Tear off the plant, rinse it under running water, chop the stems and flowers, then put 4 tablespoons of tea in a bowl with 400 ml of boiling water. The mixture should be infused for at least 5 - 6 hours, after which it is filtered and used for daily douching. Duration of treatment is from 10 to 14 days.

Natural honey has long been famous for its unique healing properties, making it widely used in the treatment of many gynecological diseases. Not an exception and cervical erosion. Dissolve a tablespoon of high-quality honey in a glass of boiling water, and after the honey water cools to room temperature, douche it.

Pine buds are used to treat many diseases of the female genitalia. You will need freshly harvested pine buds in the amount of one tablespoon, which must be placed in a bowl with a glass of boiling water and put in a water bath. Pine decoction should boil no more than 5 minutes, after which it should be filtered from the kidneys and used for douching.

To do or not?

Disputes about whether to wash the vagina with various solutions for diseases of the cervix, do not subside to this day. Women share with each other various recipes for douching and claim that such a procedure can get rid of erosion once and for all. Calendula and celandine, chamomile and sage are used, as well as many other medicinal herbs. Douche soda and a solution of potassium permanganate are very popular. According to reviews, such manipulations eliminate inflammation in the vagina and, therefore, allow you to get rid of erosion that occurred against the background of the pathological process.

The advantages of douching are known:

  • Relatively safe: most medicinal herbs are not capable of causing significant harm,
  • Effectively enough: the symptoms of inflammation really go away, the woman’s condition improves,
  • Can be held at home.

Meanwhile, gynecologists warn their patients against douching. Until recently, this procedure was actively prescribed to women, but in recent years, doctors have reviewed their tactics. It was found that harm from douching can be very serious, while the benefits of this procedure are questionable. Concerning doctors are less likely to recommend douching to their patients, preferring more modern and effective methods of local treatment.

Before douching, you should consult with your doctor to make sure that this therapy is appropriate.

  • Irrigation of the cervix solutions violates the normal microflora, leading to the development of dysbiosis in
    vagina and contributes to the development of inflammatory processes,
  • The use of medicinal herbs can cause allergies.

If itching and burning after syringing with herbs, wash the vagina with water and stop using this product.

When can douching be used

Irrigation of the vagina during erosion is assigned as an aid. It is important to understand: no solutions can save a woman from this pathology. The only thing that can be achieved with this procedure is to reduce inflammation and thereby eliminate the probable cause of some forms of erosion.

Indications for douching:

  • True erosion on the background of the inflammatory process,
  • Cervicitis and vaginitis in ectopia, dysplasia and other cervical pathology (as the initial stage of therapy).

Thus, at first the doctor eliminates inflammation in the vagina and on the cervix with the help of various local preparations and only then decides on further treatment. In this case, douching can replace the use of suppositories and vaginal tablets. During therapy, true erosion can disappear - a defect in the mucous membrane that has arisen during the active multiplication of pathogens. Other forms of the disease usually require different treatment.

Douching soda, herb decoction, chlorhexidine will help to cope with inflammation caused by opportunistic flora (nonspecific colpitis and cervicitis). With HPV, chlamydial and mycoplasma infections, such agents are not effective.

Contraindications and restrictions

Irrigation of the vagina is not carried out in such conditions:

  • Acute inflammation of the uterus and appendages,
  • Severe vaginal dysbiosis,
  • Pregnancy,
  • The first 6 weeks after childbirth or abortion.

Douching is not carried out during menstruation. It is necessary to wait until the bleeding is complete and only after that return to therapy.

There are a number of restrictions for douching, which should be read before the procedure to avoid undesirable consequences.

Women during menopause douching is also not recommended. During this period, dry vaginal mucosa is observed against the background of the development of atrophic vaginitis. This problem haunts almost all women after 45 years. Douching with atrophic vaginitis provokes deterioration and can lead to new problems. In addition, the risk of developing cervical cancer increases in menopause, and such homemade erosion treatments are simply unacceptable.

Procedure technique

If a woman is seriously tuned to the procedure, she should consult with a gynecologist about this. It is necessary to clarify with the doctor whether it is possible to do douching with a specific pathology and whether it will make sense from them precisely in this form of erosion. If no contraindications are identified and some benefit is expected from the procedure, you should prepare for it.

For syringing need syringe and solution for syringing. The solution for the procedure can be purchased at a pharmacy or prepared at home. Store the finished product is recommended no more than a day.

  1. Take a comfortable position: lying in the bathroom, over a basin or on the toilet,
  2. Fill the syringe with a prepared solution,
  3. Insert the syringe tip into the vagina,
  4. Squeeze the syringe so that the solution gradually enters the vagina and slowly flows out,
  5. Clean up with clean water.

In order for the procedure to bring the most positive effect, it is better to study the technique of its implementation

Douching should be done daily or every other day. The course of therapy is from 5 to 14 days. During the manipulation you need to carefully monitor your condition. Any unpleasant and painful sensations cause to stop the procedure.

How to douche during cervical erosion

The most popular tool for the procedure. A teaspoon of soda is dissolved in 0.5 liters of water. The finished solution should be warm. It is recommended to douching no more than 10 minutes.

Soda has an antiseptic and wound-healing effect, eliminates inflammation and can be used for certain cervicitis caused by opportunistic flora. It is not recommended to carry out the procedure for more than 10 minutes and more often than in a day - the risk of damage to the mucous membrane is sufficiently aggressive enough.

Potassium permanganate solution (potassium permanganate)

For syringing, a 0.1% solution of potassium permanganate is used - very weak, slightly pink. This solution dries the vaginal mucosa, but it can destroy not only pathogens, but also normal microflora. To restore her balance after this aggressive means is quite difficult.

In addition, if you do not follow the rules for preparing the solution, you can get a burn of mucous membranes. Gynecologists do not recommend this method for cervical erosion as dangerous enough for women's health.

Hydrogen peroxide

To prepare the drug, you need to take a pharmacy 3% solution of hydrogen peroxide and dilute it with warm water (1 part peroxide to 3 parts water). The resulting solution has pronounced disinfectant properties, but it is often not recommended to use it. The duration of the course of therapy should not exceed 5 procedures every other day.

It is forbidden to use undiluted 3% hydrogen peroxide solution for douching - you can get burned!


For convenience, you can buy ready-made solution for douching with a special nozzle. It is impossible to heat the solution - it will change its antiseptic properties. For the procedure enough 10 ml of chlorhexidine. The scheme of its application does not differ from the above.

Against the background of therapy with this drug, many women experience itching and burning in the vagina. If the discomfort persists, you should carefully wash with plain water and continue to stop using chlorhexidine.

The drug is designed to treat animals and is used in veterinary medicine. Gynecologists do not prescribe this drug to their patients. It is believed that ASD-2 eliminates inflammation, including erosion, and is especially effective for trichomoniasis and chlamydia. Convincing evidence of this has not been obtained, but the drug is popular among supporters of home treatment.

Herbs for douching in cervical pathology

3-4 ml of water is enough for 3-4 st. l Calendula flowers. The resulting broth should be cooled. It is recommended to douche daily at night. Calendula has a wound-healing and antiseptic effect, eliminates inflammation and reduces itching with concomitant cervicitis and vaginitis.

Broths of many herbs are used for douching, but each of them has specific properties and may have a different effect on certain pathologies of the cervix.

A glass of water is taken 1 tbsp. l dry grass. It is believed that celandine has an antitumor effect, and that is why it is actively used for cervical erosion. Unfortunately, this herb does not cure cancer and does not even reduce the risk of cancer. Celandine is not effective with HPV infection. Everything that makes this solution reduces inflammation and eliminates the unpleasant symptoms of concomitant cervicitis.

Chamomile drug

A glass of water is taken 1 tbsp. l chamomile flowers. The plant is known for its healing and anti-inflammatory properties. Chamomile is considered one of the mildest and safest preparations recommended for erosion therapy. Quite rarely causes allergic reactions, which is deservedly popular with women.

The method of preparation of the solution for douching does not differ from that for other herbs. Sage has a sedative effect, helps fight against pathogens, eliminates burning and itching with concomitant cervicitis.

Red brush

For syringing taken 1 tbsp. l dry grass to 1 cup of water. This remedy is known for its beneficial effects on women's health. It is believed that the red brush not only eliminates inflammation during erosion, but also normalizes the microflora, and also restores hormones. There have been no full-fledged studies on this issue, so doctors are not very actively prescribing this herb for such procedures.

According to reviews, many women red brush helps to get rid of erosion and other gynecological diseases, but check these statements is difficult. The absence of symptoms does not mean a complete cure, and only after an examination by a doctor can any conclusions be drawn. Unfortunately, women who use traditional methods of therapy do not always turn to specialists, therefore, it is rather difficult to evaluate the real effectiveness of the red brush during erosion.

After cauterization of erosion, it is not recommended to douche before 6 weeks in order not to disrupt the regeneration process.

In gynecology, douching after cauterization and other destructive therapies is not practiced. After all the manipulations, the cervical mucosa becomes very sensitive to any stimuli. It is not recommended to use tampons for 4-6 weeks after cauterization, to live sexually, to take various smears and tests. And even more so, do not douching - the risk of damaging the mucosa is too high and slowing down the natural processes of its healing.

The probability of dysbiosis and imbalance of the microflora of the vagina is another reason why syringing is not prescribed after cauterization. In the first month, there is an active healing of the cervical mucosa, as well as the restoration of the number of beneficial lactic acid bacteria. Douching flushes the useful flora from the vagina, creating the conditions for the penetration of pathogenic microorganisms. All this threatens the development of cervicitis and colpitis, and subsequently can cause recurrence of erosion.

The question of whether to do douching for cervical erosion, remains open. Gynecologists do not advise to once again interfere with the well-established system of vaginal microflora and use different solutions for irrigation. Normally, cleansing occurs spontaneously, and there is no need to additionally introduce drugs. Для терапии воспалительных процессов гораздо эффективнее использовать свечи и вагинальные таблетки, которые доставляют действующее вещество непосредственно в очаг воспаления и работают прицельно против конкретных микроорганизмов. При любых сомнениях не лишним будет посоветоваться с врачом.

Характер патологии и динамика лечения

Причинами возникновения эрозии шейки матки может быть широкий спектр факторов – от инфекционного поражения до иммунологических проблем.

To understand how to effectively treat erosion of the cervix at home, it is worth first to decide on the nature of the occurrence and dynamics of the course of the disease - and for this you should contact a qualified specialist and undergo a range of specialized examinations.

As for home treatment of cervical erosion, not all experts recognize their feasibility and effectiveness. However, among the indisputable advantages of such methods are their relatively low cost, the ability to perform all medical manipulations at home, in a familiar environment, and the elimination of the stress factor of treatment in a hospital. In addition, many women are attracted by the possibility of treating a pathology without cauterization - since this procedure is quite painful and can have the most unexpected consequences.

One of the common fears about this method of treatment is the possibility of malignant oncological formations due to the use of cauterization. It is worth noting that many experts are not very willing to cauterize erosion, if the case is not critical and there is an alternative possibility of treatment.

Therapeutic measures performed without cauterization show efficacy in approximately 70% of clinical cases of the disease.

Home treatment methods

The question of whether erosion can be cured at home is debatable enough.

Most experts recommend being extremely careful when choosing home remedies, and combining them with following the recommendations of traditional medicine.

However, the number of adherents of home treatment is not reduced - due to the comparative cheapness of such methods, their loyalty and painlessness, the ability to independently regulate the cycle and sequence of treatment.

The most popular methods used for erosion treatment at home are the use of the following products:

  • propolis,
  • copper sulphate,
  • sea ​​buckthorn oil
  • drug levomekol,
  • medicinal herbs.

The algorithm of use and the recipe for the use of these funds are strictly individual. It would be a mistake to look for some kind of universal recipe that can help you overcome erosion in a short time. However, you can familiarize yourself with the basic recommendations on the basis of which it is worth developing an individual scheme of therapeutic measures.

Sea buckthorn oil application

The use of sea buckthorn oil for erosive manifestations is widespread and truly effective.

Properties that distinguish the recommended tool:

  • high activity
  • anti-inflammatory effect
  • operative defeat of infectious agents,
  • activation of the recovery of affected tissues,
  • no contraindications.

Sea buckthorn oil is taken both internally and externally. The course of treatment is from 14 days to 1 month. The way of external use is to use tampons moistened in oil. They are put on the night. In the morning, the used tampon is removed - no need to remove the residues. Sea buckthorn has no toxic effect, its use is possible even during breastfeeding. Most patients note a positive cure dynamics when using this tool - however, it is recommended to use it under the supervision of a physician.

Use of propolis

Propolis is an effective remedy to combat erosive manifestations, having antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects, characterized by good restorative dynamics of tissue damage. In addition, the tool has a pronounced immunological function.

Apply propolis in the form of an aqueous solution, as well as in an alcohol solution, topically. The damaged mucous membrane is wiped with a tampon moistened in a polar solution. High efficiency is characterized by the use of a polar ointment that stimulates regenerative processes and the healing of damaged uterine epithelium.

In parallel with external use, most experts recommend the use of propolis internally - at an individually determined dosage, but at least 2-4 times a day.

Copper sulfate: douching cycle

Copper sulphate solution is a fairly effective method of home treatment for erosive manifestations.

For douching, 1 liter of alum (1 tablespoon) and pure blue vitriol, ground into powder (1 tablespoon), are taken for 1 liter of warm water. Broth for 5 minutes, cook on low heat, stirring well. Next, the resulting substance is allowed to cool and filter.

Save the broth to the refrigerator. For further use, 1 spoon of the substance is diluted in 1 liter of water of average temperature, pre-boiled. Douching procedure is carried out at night, for 7-10 days, after the completion of menstrual bleeding.

Use of Levomekol Ointment

Methods for treating cervical erosion at home include the use of both traditional folk remedies and modern medicines.

For example, Levomekol ointment has proven to be highly effective when used for the treatment of erosive manifestations at home.

The ointment is applied in the form of application to a special tampon, which is introduced into the vagina overnight. In the morning the tampon is removed, then a range of necessary hygienic and medical procedures is carried out. The course of treatment lasts from 14 days to two months, depending on the nature and dynamics of the disease.

The effectiveness of the considered drug is quite high, but its use may be accompanied by a number of side effects, the main of which is the occurrence of allergic reactions of a wide range. Therefore, therapeutic measures should be coordinated with a specialist, and regularly undergo gynecological examinations.

Treatment of cervical erosion at home: proven recipes

Cervical erosion is a problem that many women face. Moreover, the disease can occur both after childbirth and in women who have not given birth. Solving the problem by surgery or cauterization will entail the formation of scar tissue, prone to rebirth, as well as tears during childbirth. The use of folk recipes contributes to a longer, but natural and gentle healing process.

With self-treatment using folk remedies, patience, accuracy and regularity of the procedures are the main thing, otherwise there will be no effect.

Is the treatment of cervical erosion by folk methods effective?

The result of such treatment for each organism is individual, often depends on the general state of the hormonal background of women. Someone enough 3 weeks, and someone toils his whole life. Then the treatment of erosion should be carried out in a complex with other diseases that interfere with healing.

With self-treatment, it is important to adequately control the process and evaluate the result, turning to your gynecologist for regular check-ups.

When observing positive dynamics, it is worth repeating the course. If there are no changes, then try another tool. It happens that in difficult cases, you have to resort to traditional methods of treatment. Prevention will not help. In the case of early detection of minor erosion folk recipes will be effective.

In any case, if erosion has developed to a condition that requires treatment, then first try traditional medicine. Since you can always cauterize, but the consequences are unavoidable. So, in our article we will talk about how to treat cervical erosion with folk remedies.

Means for douching and anti-erosion tampons

  • Sea buckthorn oil. Sea buckthorn is famous for its healing properties and is an effective folk remedy for cervical erosion. This tool is often prescribed to patients and professional doctors. A regular tampon is abundantly oiled and inserted into the vagina for 15–20 hours. Linen will protect the daily panty liner. The course of treatment is about 2 months. If the method is suitable, then the result is noticeable already in 3-4 days. Bleeding stops, discomfort disappears. After 3 weeks, many are cured completely.

  • Honey. Preferably lime. The treatment is carried out in two ways: douching (a tablespoon of honey diluted in a glass of warm water, hold for 10 minutes) and the introduction of honey-tampons. Possible such an option: wrap a tablespoon of honey in several layers of bandage or gauze and bandage. Enter before bedtime. Duration - 2 weeks.
  • Aloe juice Good in itself, and in conjunction with honey, enhancing the effect of the latter. Especially effective tool for bleeding erosion. A mixture of aloe juice with honey (in equal proportions) is applied to a tampon, which is injected before bedtime. Option tampon: Aloe leaf turn out the pulp, wrap with bandage. There is evidence of healing after a month of use.
  • Calendula. For douching make a solution: a teaspoon of alcohol tincture in a glass of warm water. A three-week course of treatment. Another option: a tablespoon of seeds pour 50 ml of boiling water, to insist 10 minutes. Daily douche with this infusion has cured the erosion of 10 years old a week ago.
  • Infusion of medicinal chamomile. 2 tablespoons of herbs are poured with a liter of boiling water, about 15 minutes the broth is stewed over low heat, then infused for half an hour. Sprinkling at bedtime for two weeks.

  • Birch buds. Two tablespoons of kidney pour 500 ml of boiling water and then simmer for half an hour. The effect of treatment will enhance the alternation of 10-day douching with chamomile decoction with a 10-day course of douching with a decoction of birch buds.
  • Pumpkin. From the pumpkin gets the whole pulp without seeds. Approximately a handful of pulp is wrapped in a gauze in the form of a tampon and injected overnight. Duration about 2 weeks.
  • Badana root. Three tablespoons of raw materials are boiled in 250 ml of water until half the liquid boils away. For syringing, dilute two tablespoons of the resulting broth in 500 ml of water. Treatment for 2 weeks.
  • Burdock juice From fresh burdock leaves using a meat grinder, press down a half-liter jar of juice. Syringe 2 times a day for two to three weeks. There are cases when the old erosion responded to treatment in this way after 2 courses with a break of 10 days.
  • Ointment "Levomekol." A tampon, abundantly lubricated with a means, is injected overnight for 2 weeks. In the morning you need to hold douching. For example, a decoction of chamomile or calendula.
  • Copper sulfate. Pour a liter of water into the enameled container, add a tablespoon of burnt alum and as much copper sulfate in the powder. Let it boil for about 5 minutes, then cool, strain, cork a jar and place in the refrigerator. The douching solution is prepared from one spoonful of product per liter of water. The course is 12 days. There were cases of complete cure in 10 days.
  • Propolis. The effectiveness of this tool is confirmed by research. It is used in the form of a 30% alcohol solution by lubricating the vagina with a moistened swab daily. Strengthens the therapeutic effect of the simultaneous intake of propolis inside: 10% solution of 10−15 drops three times a day for half an hour before meals. Epithelization of damaged tissues occurs in 90% of patients.
  • Borovaya uterus (grass). 2 tablespoons of dry grass pour 2 liters of water, boil, cool. Use the decoction for wetting tampons and douching during the weekly course. Broth to store no more than a day.
  • Calamus root 2 tablespoons chopped roots boil for 5 minutes in 500 ml of water. Sprinkle daily for about 2 weeks. During treatment, there may be discomfort, burning. But this is normal, you need to be patient.

Learn all about ways to cauterize cervical erosion: an effective and painless solution.

What candles from cervical erosion can I buy at the pharmacy? A complete list can be found in our article.

Making healing candles against cervical erosion

More time-consuming method, but very effective. Would need:

  • quality honey - 5 tablespoons,
  • about 150 gr. natural cow oil,
  • 5 gr. propolis tincture.

All components are melted in a water bath, then the mass is cooled. Candles are formed standard pharmaceutical size, placed in the refrigerator. Enter one into the vagina at night. A therapeutic effect is achieved in 5 days in 50% of cases. The course is 10 days.

Infusions for oral administration

Erosion treatment will proceed faster and more efficiently when using an integrated approach.


  1. Chaga mushroom pieces soaked in water at room temperature for 5 hours, then passed through a meat grinder. A tablespoon of gruel pour a glass of hot (about 60 degrees) water, insist 15−20 minutes. Take a third of a cup three times a day 30 minutes before meals. A cauterized woman, waiting for equipment to repair, cured erosion in a week.
  2. Seven inflorescences of yarrow pour a liter of water, boil for 20 minutes. Drink in the same amount as regular tea during the day. Course acceptance 2 weeks.
  3. Tablespoon of peony rhizome brewed with three glasses of water, infused for half an hour. Drink 3 times a day.
  4. Pumpkin seed twisted in a meat grinder, pour boiling water in a ratio of 1 to 2. Infuse for at least 10 hours, take ½ cup once a day.

Raw materials for the above recipes are available in almost any pharmacy. This is only a small part of the popular methods used to treat cervical erosion.

With regard to the treatment of herbal infusions and decoctions, in order to achieve a tangible effect it is necessary to use several types or charges. For example, douching with calendula will give a positive result when alternating with yarrow and chamomile.

Traditional recipes, like traditional methods of treatment, do not affect everyone equally effectively. You need to learn to understand your body, to feel its reaction. Then it will be easier to choose an individual effective treatment regimen with folk remedies.

See also the video recipe of the national method of treatment of cervical erosion:

Ways to eliminate erosion

The exact mechanism of erosion is unknown, the existing official treatment methods use “shock therapy” - a hardware or chemical burn of the lesions on the cervix “restarts” the program and causes the woman's body to return to the “previous level”. The erosion zone is closed by the “native” flat epithelium (or a scar is formed), the red cylindrical epithelium, which is not characteristic of the vagina, disappears.

What are the methods of treatment of cervical erosion in official medicine?

During a routine examination or consultation with a woman’s complaint, the gynecologist detects a disorder in the mucous membranes of the cervix. The woman is told the diagnosis, not specifying what kind of violation the doctor sees:

  • true erosion
  • ectopia, or false erosion,
  • congenital erosion
  • other similar states.

After examining the smear and determining the presence of the inflammatory process, the doctor prescribes treatment. At first it is conservative, and involves the elimination of inflammatory processes. After the vaginal mucosa is cleared of pathogenic and conditionally pathogenic microorganisms, and spontaneous cure erosion does not occur, the doctor offers the woman moxibustion method available in the clinic.

If there is no inflammatory process in the vagina and the smear is relatively safe, the doctor takes a waiting position - monitors the state of the mucous epithelium, monitoring the smear. If there are no signs of atypical cells or pathogenic flora, the correction is not carried out. With the full health of the woman mucous membranes can recover on their own.

Erosion is a complex pathology, and its treatment must go beyond the gynecological framework. Fortifying treatment should be conducted to increase the level of body resistance of the woman. One cannot ignore the psychosomatic theory of the development of erosion, which, although not confirmed, but has not been refuted, also implies the restoration of self-confidence in women, the healing of the moral traumas inflicted by men for successful healing.

The normal psychological state of a woman and the hormonal background of her body are closely linked, and without settling the hormonal status of the body, curing erosion will last for years.

For many women, removing erosion by cauterization is a difficult and often unacceptable solution. There are many reasons for this - from a lack of trust in the attending gynecologist to an elementary fear of the procedure. An alternative in such cases would be traditional medicine. Many doctors are skeptical of such therapy because of its duration and the effectiveness not proven by doctors, but at the same time a rather large number of women report a positive result.

Treatment by folk methods

Many women choose a longer and milder treatment, which uses traditional medicine. The healing process is slower and requires patience, carefulness and regularity of the procedures.

A woman who chooses therapy with traditional medicine should take into account that:

  • нельзя определить точный термин выздоровления – это индивидуально для каждого организма,
  • лечение эрозии проводится комплексно с терапией общих заболеваний и укреплением иммунитета,
  • процедуры проводятся самостоятельно женщиной, но контроль проводится лечащим гинекологом,
  • выбор средства может длиться долго, и его нужно будет менять для достижения высокой эффективности,
  • для достижения положительного результата нужно несколько периодов терапии,
  • при неэффективности народных методов необходимо будет провести курс лечения в клинике.

In the use of traditional medicine you need to look for your medicine, carefully observing yourself when using these or other methods.

At the time of treatment should limit sex, stressful and traumatic situations. Before beginning each procedure, the vagina should be thoroughly cleaned through douching with warm soda solution. After the procedures it is advisable to use a pad to protect the linen and bed.

All ways how to treat cervical erosion by folk remedies are divided into:

  • therapeutic douching with specially prepared solutions,
  • administering tampons or medication-soaked tampons
  • fortifying herbal teas.

Tampons from erosion of the cervix and candles can be made independently, the course of correction begins immediately after the end of menstruation, during this period the mucous membranes of the female genital organs are most susceptible to the effects of medicinal herbs.

Oil treatment

Effective in the treatment because of antibacterial and wound healing properties are oils:

The wound-healing properties of rosehip oil are confirmed, the treatment course lasts similar to the course of therapy with sea buckthorn oil.

A similar scheme is used in the treatment of eucalyptus oil, which has a strong antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effect.

Fir tree anti-inflammatory oil is used in a diluted form - 7 drops of fir are dripping into a tablespoon of olive oil, and a tampon is used for inflammations of no more than half an hour. Oil requires careful use or complete failure, if a woman has a predisposition to high blood pressure - it has the property to constrict blood vessels.

The tampon, completely moistened with oil, is inserted into the vagina after douching, after three hours it is removed, douching after the procedure is not necessary. The course of treatment 2-3 cycles according to the scheme 10 days after menstruation, a break, the course of procedures.

Sea buckthorn oil blends

In inflammatory diseases that accompany erosion, you can use the folk remedy for cervical erosion - “antimicrobial bomb”, or a mixture of grated onions and sea buckthorn oil.

For the preparation of suitable blue (purple) onions, which need to be grated and squeeze the juice. The liquid should be mixed in equal volumes with sea buckthorn oil, apply to swabs. They are put in the evening, taken out in the morning without douching, and to protect the linen, gaskets are needed. The treatment lasts no more than 2 weeks, then a one-month break is taken. With sex life, practice protected sex.

You can use a mixture of oil and mummy - two pharmaceutical tablets should be dissolved in a spoonful of water, mixed with a standard jar of sea buckthorn oil from a pharmacy. Apply to impregnate tampons.

Honey, Aloe

Honey in its antibacterial properties is a unique product. For procedures, it is desirable to use honey from proven manufacturers, collected in clean regions. The best is the first honey collected from the early grasses, which is pumped before the linden blossoms.

Some sources recommend the use of lime honey.

Actually, honey is rarely used independently, it is usually used in mixtures with other substances.

Clinical studies of S. Mladenov, K. Borovoy induce 80% of the effectiveness of erosion treatment with the use of honey.

Prepare a mixture of three tablespoons of Kalanchoe juice, which is most convenient to buy in a pharmacy and a tablespoon of liquid honey.

If the honey is solid it needs to be poured with juice and allowed to dissolve. The mixture should be used for tampons at night, the course is a week, and syringing should be done before using tampons.

For the impregnation of the tampon to prepare a mixture of equal parts of fish oil (in bottles) and liquid honey. The course is one and a half weeks, you can use treatment cycles: 10 days immediately after menstruation, 14 days break, then the course should be repeated.

Candles with aloe

Folk remedies for the treatment of cervical erosion - homemade suppositories that are convenient for administration and are an excellent tool for working women. To prepare you need to take in equal parts fresh unsalted lard, honey (hardness does not matter) and aloe juice. To get the juice, you need to cut a few lower leaves from an aloe tree three years old and keep it in the fridge wrapped in foil for at least a week.

The components are melted in a water bath, thoroughly stirred and molded from a mass of suppositories up to 4 centimeters long, wrapped in plastic wrap and put on the cold. After the first production, the amount of components required for 30 candles is calculated. Use them at the beginning and end of the day.

Candle Recipe # 2

As components should be taken unsalted butter with a fat content of over 80% (200 grams), 6 tablespoons of honey, a teaspoon of pharmaceutical alcohol tincture of propolis. Preparation is carried out in the same way as in the first recipe, but the number of candles is 10, they are administered only in the evening after douching.

For a mixture of tampons, you need to take 250 aloe juice (the correct preparation is described in the recipe above) and 150 grams of honey. Tampons soaked in juice are inserted into the vagina after douching 2 times a day.

Syringe need infusion of a tablespoon of calendula and a glass of boiling water, which should be body temperature. Need to be treated for 14 days.

To consolidate the effect you need to drink three times a day for thirty drops of eucalyptus tincture the whole course of treatment.

For wetting tampons to prepare a mixture of equal parts of pharmacy castor oil, honey and aloe juice. The mixture should be the temperature of the body, the components are combined before cooking. A tampon should be inserted in the evening after douching, after waking, remove and lubricate the vagina and cervix with sea buckthorn oil. Procedures perform a week and a half.

In this recipe, instead of a tampon, a cut sheet of aloe is used in which the spines are cut. It must be incised and turned pulp out. Wrap the sheet in a bandage, make a tampon and enter into the vagina at night. Heal, thus, need ten days.

Propolis for cervical erosion

Properties of propolis do not need additional advertising, it is used to treat inflammation and improve tissue trophism.

The ointment, which I. Brusilovsky invented in the middle of the last century, will help cure cervical erosion. It contains 10% propolis in its composition. The effect of the drug has been clinically tested, and contributes to the restoration of the mucous membrane, the healing of damage and wounds on it, the cessation of inflammation.

For treatment, tampons soaked in the agent are used twice a day. Before applying the ointment use douching.

A solution of propolis on alcohol (15%) is clinically tested, this method is used for wetting the tampon. To enhance the antimicrobial effect, a 10% solution of propolis on alcohol is used internally (three times a day, 20 drops before a meal).

Treatment of cervical erosion using folk remedies (the most effective methods) involves irrigating the vagina with a 30% propolis solution, the effectiveness of which in clinical studies amounted to 9 cases of their recovery 10.

Propolis ointment on a vaseline basis

The tool is indicated for healing mucous membranes, as well as for external skin lesions. For cooking, the recipe prescribes:

  • melt five tablespoons of medical vaseline in a water bath,
  • mix with a tablespoon with the top of crushed propolis,
  • keep in a water bath until complete dissolution of the components,
  • hot strain through a bandage or gauze,
  • gradually stirring to room temperature.

In the absence of vaseline, it can be replaced by pharmacy lanolin or unsalted grits. For treatment, ointment-soaked tampons are injected into the vagina twice a day. Before and after the introduction of the tampon make syringing.

Healing herbs

Herbal decoctions are used for douching and for oral administration, as an anti-inflammatory and tonic. The duration of herbal treatment is quite long, but douching longer than once a day is harmful. The temperature of the infusion or decoction should not be less than 37 degrees Celsius. Infusions are used immediately after preparation.

Most often for douching use:

  • a remedy of marigold flowers - for this, a tablespoon of dried flowers is poured 350 grams of boiling water and brought to a boil in a water bath, kept for 10 minutes. Without removing from the water bath, bring to body temperature,
  • a remedy of marigold seeds - 2 tablespoons brewed with 500 grams of water,
  • the infusion of Hypericum, which is prepared at the rate of a tablespoon of water for 350 grams of boiling water, the infusion is boiled in a water bath for 20 minutes, allowed to cool. Filter, bring to the previous volume with boiled water,
  • water tincture of celandine, which take a tablespoon of dry grass for 500 grams of boiling water, which should be insisted under cover to cool,
  • the infusion of the uterus of the uterus at the rate of a tablespoon of grass per 250 grams of boiling water, which should be insisted in a thermos one hour

  • calamus decoction, which is prepared from 2 tablespoons of crushed raw materials and 500 grams of water. Boil for 10 minutes, insist until cool.

In some cases, to prepare the solution for douching, you can use alcoholic extracts of herbs. To do this, you can use:

  • Calendula - a tablespoon of tincture per 500 grams of water.

To enhance the effect, you can use herbal preparations - a mixture of equal parts of calendula, yarrow and chamomile. For cooking use two tablespoons of the mixture per 400 grams of hot boiling water. Infusion stand under the lid for at least two hours.

For syringing, you can use soda-saline solution, for the preparation of which you need to take a tablespoon of salt and a teaspoon of soda per liter of water. The solution is made in boiling water.

You can use the solution for the preparation of which is used in a teaspoon of sugar and salt, which is dissolved in a liter of boiling water.

How to conduct douching without a special Esmarkh mug? For the procedure lying down you need:

  • put a thick towel on the bottom of the bath or warm it under running hot water,
  • lie down on the bottom
  • raised legs put on the edges of the bath,
  • insert the syringe tip into the vagina and slowly add strained decoction into it,
  • lie down for a while.

Another way is douching over the toilet while standing. This method is not as successful as the first one, because it prevents the medicine from lingering in the vagina.

For oral administration is useful to use:

  • an infusion of 2 tablespoons of yarrow per liter of water, which must be infused in a thermos for at least 6 hours, is drunk instead of tea for at least half a month for a day,
  • Pumpkin seeds minced in a mortar or milled in a meat grinder are poured in a thermos with boiling water at the rate of a glass of sunflower seeds for 2 cups of boiling water, leave for the night. Drink half a cup once a day.

Treatment of cervical erosion - recipes of the newspaper "Vestnik ZOZH"

Folk erosion treatment with onion swabs

The woman managed to cure erosion with onion tampons. You need to take a wide sterile bandage, roll it up in 2 layers. Pour on a plate and grate with boiling water, grate the onion on a plate. Transfer grated onions in a bandage, tie a knot. Insert the resulting tampon into the vagina lying to lose less onion juice, leaving the end of the bandage outside. The first 1-2 minutes will be unpleasant feelings of the temperature difference, but will not tweak. In the morning you need to pull out the tampon, it will be dry, there will be a pink stain from erosion on it. The course of treatment of erosion - 1 month. (HLS 2011, № 3, p. 32)

Here is another onion treatment method. Grate the onion, mix the mush with 1 tbsp. l honey, make a tampon and dip it in this mixture. Insert it overnight into the vagina. For 5-7 procedures, many erosion passes. (HLS 2010, №12, p. 31)

Herbalist Clara Doronina recommends a passer-by method of erosion treatment: use even the above-mentioned products (onions + honey), on odd ones - insert a piece of cocoa butter the size of 1/3 of the little finger, you can buy it at the pharmacy. (2003, №21, p. 16)

Here is another case of treating cervical erosion treatment with onions. The woman had this disease for 34 years, no procedures helped her, he was already even registered with the oncologic dispensary. She believed in the onion treatment immediately and began to make tampons: scrolled raw onions in a meat grinder, wrapped onion puree in gauze in 1-2 layers and inserted into the vagina at night. She did 10 procedures daily, then rested for 6 days and made 4 more procedures. After this treatment I went to the reception. The gynecologist examined her and was very surprised, everything was clean, the erosion disappeared. The treatment is painless, there is no tingling or burning. (2002, №2, p. 19-20)

Another woman cured erosion in 6 days with this folk remedy (2000, No. 18, p. 13)

How to treat uterus erosion with honey and aloe

Recipe number 1. This recipe was advised by a midwife to the woman, and he helped her cure erosion. It is necessary to put tampons at night. One evening - a tampon with honey, another evening - a tampon with aloe juice. Do so 10 days. (HLS 2011, №12, p. 32)
Recipe number 2. Erosion is successfully treated with tampons from the pulp of aloe leaf. Leaves cut and refrigerate for 2 weeks. Then take a sheet, cut off the thorns and skin from it, you get a transparent bar, wrap it in a soft cloth and insert it into the vagina at night. It is necessary to do 3 procedures, through the night. After that, check with the gynecologist. (HLS 2010, №7, p. 36)
Recipe number 3. You can combine the first and second treatment methods. First, they put a piece of aloe leaf in gauze for the night, and a tampon with honey on another night. The woman did these procedures for a month and forgot about the disease. (HLS 2003, №4, p. 6)

New milk

To cure cervical erosion, it is necessary to do douching with fresh milk. Milk should be warm, it is necessary that more than 10 minutes have not passed since milking the cow. (HLS 2011, №24, p. 32)

Sea buckthorn oil treatment

Sea buckthorn oil is almost always used in the treatment of erosion. Use it in the form of tampons at night. After removal of the tampon in the morning, it is advisable to do a douche with an infusion or a diluted tincture of calendula. For many, this simple remedy helps, here are cases of recovery from erosion with the help of this folk remedy: (HLS of 2010, №2, p. 31, 2010, №7, p. 9)

Chamomile and calendula helped cure erosion

The woman had erosion for many years. We treated her with various means, twice cauterized, but the disease did not go away completely. Once she got an appointment with a good gynecologist, he gave her a simple and affordable recipe that helped cure erosion completely and completely.

Douche infusions of chamomile and calendula alternate:

1st day: 7 tbsp. l Chamomile pour 1.5 liters of boiling water, insist all day, strain in the evening, heat and do a slow (for 10 minutes) douching with the Esmarch mug with all this volume of infusion. It is better to lie on your back in the bath, legs up on the edge of the bath. After douching, insert a swab with a syntomycin emulsion overnight

2nd day 1.5 Art. l Calendula pour 1.5 liters. boiling water and make, as for the first time, only at night insert a piece of aloe leaf, with peeled skin and wrapped in gauze. The course of treatment of erosion of the uterus - 15-20 days.

After that, you need to do tampons for the night with the following mixture: aloe pulp + honey. Recipe proven. The woman cured erosion herself, gave many acquaintances - the recipe helped everyone. (HLS 2010, №19, p. 31)

The second case. The woman was offered moxibustion, but she could not go for this operation. A friend suggested using the folk remedy. You need to take large salt and calcine it in the oven, pour it into a sterile jar. During the month, douche - one day with a solution of salt (1 tablespoon salt for 1 liter of hot boiled water, then cool), the second day - infusion of chamomile (1 tablespoon for 1 liter of water). After this treatment, erosion passed and there was no recurrence. (2005, №22, p. 30)

Folk treatment of erosion at home ointment of resin

Heat the butter in an enamel mug, remove the foam, drain the clean oil, and discard the residue with impurities. For 1 cup of baked butter, take a natural wax in the volume of two matchboxes and the same amount of ground resin. All this is mixed, heating no higher than 80 degrees. When everything is dissolved, strain through double gauze, when the mass begins to thicken add 1 tsp. honey and stir again. It will turn out healing ointment with the scent of pine needles, slightly bitter. Store in the freezer. This ointment heals wounds, erosion (tampon), hemorrhoids, trophic ulcers, boils, cracks on the heels. When ingestion helps with stomach ulcers, heartburn. (2009, No. 19, art. 26).

How to treat erosion with celandine

The woman had erosion, she was given the direction of cauterization. But first she decided to treat erosion by folk remedies. Decided to use celandine - 1 tbsp. l brewed grass with 1 liter of boiling water, insisted for half an hour, filtered and sprinkled with an Esmarch cup. I did the procedures every day for a month and a half. When she came to the examinations, the doctor-gynecologist did not find any abnormalities; moxibustion was not required. (HLS 2008, №4, p. 33)

Another patient helped to cure erosion of the uterus such a popular method: 2 tbsp. l celandine pour 1 cup boiling water, heat on a water bath for 15 minutes, cool, add 1 clove of grated garlic and 1 pounded streptocide tablet, mix, strain, pour to 200 ml. Этим настоем спринцеваться 1 раз в день. На время месячных делать перерыв в лечении.

Лечение эрозии медным купоросом

1 tbsp. l кристаллического медного купороса растворить в 1 литре горячей воды. Получается маточный раствор. Из него делают рабочий раствор: 1 ст. l маточного раствора вливают в 0,5 л теплой воды и спринцуются. С помощью большой спринцовки вводят раствор медного купороса во влагалище так, чтоб оросились все стенки. Спринцевания медным купоросом делать через день. В первый и во второй раз 1 ст. l маточного раствора разводят в 1 литре воды, потом делают раствор покрепче – разводят уже 1 ст. l в 0,5 л. water. Через 2-2,5 недели болезнь проходит. (ЗОЖ 2008 год, №17, стр.24, 2006, No. 21, p. 32)
The woman managed to cure erosion by blue vitriol. She bred vitriol in volume with a pea in 1 liter of warm water and doused, erosion quickly passed. (2000, №16, p. 13)

And here is another similar recipe, but with the addition of burnt alum, which can also be bought at the pharmacy. Boil 1 liter of water and add 1 tbsp. l burnt alum and copper sulphate, boil for 5 minutes, strain. Keep refrigerated. For douching 1 tbsp. l This means to part in 1 liter of warm boiled water. The course of treatment is 10 days after menstruation. Conduct 2-3 courses and the disease completely disappears. (2000, №23, p. 19)

Oil and honey

The woman after birth, found erosion, she was treated for a long time, but to no avail. In line, she suggested a folk remedy treatment. It is necessary to melt the butter and mix with honey in equal proportions. Take a sterile swab and dip it into a tolerably hot mixture. Insert into the vagina so that the tampon pressed against the sore spot. Before each procedure, douche a weak solution of potassium permanganate. The course of treatment is at least 10-15 procedures. The patient used this popular method of treatment, at the next examination, the gynecologist did not find anything in her. (HLS 2007, №1, p. 33)

Folk treatment of erosion with plantain at home

Cure erosion of the cervix and myoma will help plantain, you need to roll a few leaves with a tube, wrap them in gauze and insert into the vagina at night. The course of treatment is 1 month. (2007, №8, p. 31). You can twist 5 plantain leaves in a meat grinder and wrap in a swab - this treatment is more troublesome, but also more effective.

Chagoy treatment

Chop the chaga into pieces, soak in cold water for 5 hours, mince. 1 tbsp. l chagi brew 1 cup boiling water. Infusion to drink 1/3 cup 3 times a day 30 minutes before meals. The woman was treated with this method for only a week, and when she came to the doctor, there was no erosion anymore. (2006, №7, p. 31)
In order to cure cervical erosion, it is necessary to take an infusion of chaga (1 part chaga per 5 parts water) 30 g 3 times a day. On even numbers - tampons with thick infusion of chaga for the night, on odd numbers - tampons with Vishnevsky ointment (take no more than a pea ointment). The course is 2-3 months. (2002, №22, p. 17 - from conversations with herbalist Klara Doronina)

Calendula oil and onion oil

Take 1.5 liters of hot melted fresh interior fat, spread equally in two liter jars. From their first jar, pour 1 cup of fat into a frying pan and throw 200 g of finely chopped onion into it, fry the onion until it turns red and golden. Pour this mass back into the first jar. In the second jar, throw 1 cup of calendula flowers, heat both jars to 60 g and keep at this temperature for 8 hours. Then both banks put in the fridge. Treat the erosion of the uterus, inflammation of the vagina, endometritis should be as follows: one night - ointment with onions, the other night - ointment with calendula .. Tampon made of thick gauze, in the morning to wash with a weak solution of potassium permanganate, put a gasket. There will be copious discharge, itching is possible. This should not be afraid, itch to talk about the healing of tissues. It is necessary to treat erosion by this popular method for 10 nights. (2005, №11, p. 18-19)

Calendula Seed Treatment

A woman after childbirth eroded the cervix. It was treated for more than 10 years, but without success. During a business trip to Pyatigorsk, I learned that a good gynecologist lives there, receiving patients at home. He gave her a recipe with calendula seeds. 1 tbsp. l calendula seeds pour into the teapot, pour boiling water, wrap well. When it cools down to warm - douche. Three spoonfuls of seeds were enough to cure a 10-year-old disease. (2005, №21, p. 29)

Kalanchoe treatment

A woman for many years could not get rid of cervical erosion, no ointment did not help. For treatment, she squeezed the juice from Kalanchoe, sunflower oil boiled and cooled and mixed in equal proportions juice, oil and honey. The mixture insisted 7 days in a dark place. Mix well before use. Before you make a tampon at night, cast part of the mixture, heated and soaked the tampon. In the morning I doused the chamomile extract. 10 procedures were enough to cure uterine erosion. (2004, №16, p. 8-9)

How to treat cervical erosion with eucalyptus

A reader of smog to cure erosion by douching with eucalyptus extract, and her friend cured inflammation of the appendages with the same remedy and was able to get pregnant. 2 tbsp. l Eucalyptus pour 500 ml boiling water, hold for 5 minutes on low heat, insist until it cools. This infusion with the help of the syringe every evening to enter into the vagina lying down, hold for 20 minutes, then get up and the infusion will flow out. At night, put a tampon with honey into the vagina (honey on a piece of cotton wool, then wrap in gauze). So she did 10 days, then a week rested and a new course. Erosion has passed. (2001, №22, p. 20)