How to quickly get pregnant after menstruation


If a woman has decided to become a mother as soon as possible, she, of course, does not want to lose a single day. That is why many of the fair sex begin to actively work on the realization of their dreams immediately after the end of menstruation.

The sooner you start preparing for pregnancy, the more likely you are to become a mother.

But is conception really possible during this period? And how to get pregnant after menstruation? Answers to these questions will be given below.

How realistic is it to conceive a child in the first days after the end of menstruation?

The period of onset of ovulation for each woman is individual

According to tradition, it is considered that the first few days after the end of menstruation are safe from the point of view of unplanned pregnancy.

Ovulation occurs closer to the middle of the cycle, but for now the egg cell is simply not ready for fertilization. This is a theory that we all know from school. However, we must not forget that the female body is not at all an accurate and verified mechanism, all of whose reactions can be calculated without problems. On the contrary, it is a complex system whose behavior is almost impossible to predict - so do not be surprised if the pregnancy comes completely unexpectedly.

  1. Ovulation in a woman does not occur in the middle of the cycle, but immediately after menstruation or even in their last days. This may be due to both a genetic predisposition and a very short (up to 25 days) cycle, subject to prolonged (about 7 days or more) menstruation.
  2. Ovulation shifts due to external factors. These include: stress (can be caused even by pleasant impressions), taking certain medication, speed dialing or, conversely, weight loss, intense exercise, etc. In this case, the woman may not even know that she is able to conceive immediately after the end of her period.
  3. The man is very "tenacious" sperm. If a partner has good health, does not suffer from bad habits and is at the very reproductive age, his spermatozoa may be distinguished by a special “vitality”. That is, getting into the body of a woman immediately after the end of menstruation, they are able to maintain vitality up to seven days - just before the onset of ovulation.
  4. The formation of two eggs during one ovulation. This is a rare phenomenon, but still it can occur. And in this case, one of the eggs becomes ready for fertilization almost immediately after the end of menstruation.

Of course, in all the cases listed above, it is difficult to indicate on which day after menstruation it is guaranteed that conception may occur. And therefore, if a woman seeking to avoid an unplanned pregnancy simply needs to remember to use contraceptives, the one who, on the contrary, wants to become a mother, will need something more. It is important to understand when exactly ovulation occurs.

And in order to understand this, you should:

  1. First, determine the duration of your cycle and understand how stable it is,
  2. secondly, to use special tests to determine ovulation or learn to pay attention to the characteristic symptoms that accompany the condition in question. These symptoms include:
  • increase in basal temperature
  • an increase in the amount of vaginal discharge and a change in their hue,
  • an increase in sexual attraction to a partner
  • increase the sensitivity of the mammary glands and increase them in size,
  • discomfort in the lower abdomen (it can be both aching pain and spasms).

Learn to understand your own body, and it will be easier for you to achieve the desired result, regardless of what period of the cycle ovulation occurs.

Important recommendations for a woman who wants to have a baby as soon as possible.

A visit to an endocrinologist will help increase your chances of a quick pregnancy.

There are other conditions, the fulfillment of which will increase your chances of a successful onset of conception in any period of the cycle. In particular, according to experts, a woman who is interested in how to quickly get pregnant after menstruation should:

  1. Get an appointment with an endocrinologist, who will evaluate the peculiarities of the state of her hormonal background and the likelihood of successful fertilization of the egg,
  2. Get an appointment with a gynecologist and pass tests to determine the viral or infectious diseases of the reproductive system (including venereal diseases),
  3. Revise the diet, exclude from it any questionable foods and even coffee,
  4. To refuse from bad habits,
  5. Start spending more time outdoors,
  6. Avoid stress
  7. Start following the nutrition and main features of your partner’s lifestyle,
  8. Calculate (at least tentatively) your ovulation and take into account that conception may occur during this period plus or minus five days.

Take into account these recommendations and use them to achieve your goal. And then it does not matter if you get pregnant immediately after the end of your period or at about the middle of the cycle - the most important thing is that conception will occur. So, very soon you will be able to hold your baby in your arms.

Stages of the menstrual cycle

At the first stage of the menstrual cycle, a follicle is formed, from which the egg cell subsequently matures. After that, ovulation occurs or “fertile window” from 1.5 to 3 days, when the probability of conception is as high as possible. If the egg is fertilized, then the body is rebuilt at the hormonal level in order to preserve the pregnancy. The absence of a male sperm cell leads to the reverse process, a natural process occurs - uterine bleeding.

The probability of conception after the ovulation period is getting smaller every day. If a woman's regular menstrual cycle is 28 days, then the fertile window is formed between 13 and 15 in the afternoon. In the next few days, the chances are reduced to 10% and further, the figure is about 2-5%.

When is it better to get pregnant before or after menstruation?

When a man and a woman choose the best time for conception, it is necessary to focus on the ovulation period and use the calendar method of calculation. If menstruation is irregular and it is not possible to calculate the fertile window, then when planning pregnancy, it is recommended that both partners undergo a full examination in order to exclude or identify possible diseases affecting gestation.

When answering the question when it is better to get pregnant before or after menstruation, you should focus on regularity, so the correct answer will be - 7-10 days after the start.

The best days to conceive a child after menstruation

When determining the days, they are guided by the number of days and the regularity of the cycle. Favorable days come exactly in the middle, at this moment the egg is ready for fertilization.

It is impossible to guarantee that pregnancy does not come immediately after the end of menstruation, the probability of conception is small, but it exists, especially with not constant menstruation and the inability to calculate the time of ovulation. In this situation, you can use the ultrasound, which most accurately determine the required day.

When calculating the date, the following factors are taken into account:

  • short duration - less than 21 days, due to conception in the next day to the end of menstruation,
  • prolonged menstruation indicates the possibility of fertilization closer to the beginning,
  • irregularity - it says about the inability to calculate the day of ovulation,
  • additional bleeding can be confused with menstruation, which will allow you to skip a good day due to the impossibility of calculation,
  • ovulation of 2 ovules, rare, hereditary.
In the lactation period, when the pregnancy with the first child has successfully ended, the chance to re-conceive is sufficiently small. I associate the situation with the hormonal background of the woman. When breastfeeding, prolactin is strongly produced, preventing the production of estrogen, a hormone responsible for the cyclical possibilities of the female body. The likelihood of becoming pregnant by the second child increases significantly with a decrease in lactation, as soon as the infant is given extra food, supplementary foods, except for breast milk.

In adolescence, menstruation is not yet fully established, the risk of conception in the absence of bleeding increases significantly. At this age stage one should be attentive not only to the calculations, but also to contraceptive methods.

When you can get pregnant after your monthly calculation - calculator

When choosing a method of counting, you should evaluate the regularity of menstruation, if there is no consistency, you will need to use additional methods to determine ovulation. To date, there are special tests that determine the appropriate days. You can keep a basal diary, where you want to record rectal temperature, as it will be different with ovulation.

Stressful situations, bad habits, taking certain medications, unreasonable and uncontrolled diets with a sharp decrease in weight violate the hormonal balance, which leads to failures, the maturation of the egg will occur sooner or later.

To calculate auspicious days, you need to understand that the first day of the onset of bleeding heads the countdown. The next month, the date is shifted by 2-3 days and the first day is considered to be the last one in the cycle. Thus, in the absence of disruptions in the hormonal background, it becomes easy to calculate when you can get pregnant after your period. A calculator for calculating the most appropriate day will help determine the successful date of conceiving a baby.

The cycle time can only be a number!

What is known about the menstrual cycle

Recall that the beginning of the menstrual cycle is considered to be the first day of menstruation, and while the uterus is bleeding, the maturation of the new egg begins in the ovaries. This phase is called follicular and lasts differently for each woman: from 7 to 20 days or more. This depends on many factors, including the secretion of follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH).

Further, the production of luteinizing hormone is enhanced, which ultimately leads to the release of a ripe egg from the follicle - ovulation. From the moment the egg leaves the follicle, it can easily be fertilized with a sperm cell and give rise to a new pregnancy. For conception to occur, at this stage it is enough:

  1. During intercourse, which occurred before the onset of ovulation: that some sperm cells survived and waited until the egg came out of the follicle. As a rule, after ejaculation, many spermatozoa die within a few hours, but some of them are able to stay alive for up to 2–5 days. But for fertilization of the egg is often enough and 1 "lucky."
  2. With sexual intercourse that occurred some time after ovulation: “catch” an egg at the moment when its fertilization capacity is still preserved.

After ovulation, it usually takes 13–14 days, and menstruation begins again.

And in order to get pregnant, after the period should pass from 7 to 20 days. Under normal conditions, the probability of getting pregnant immediately after menstruation is very small.

But, nevertheless, there is such an opportunity, and a positive answer to the question of how to get pregnant after menstruation is caused by the hormonal features of the body in some women.

Why periodically brings the calendar

Normally, the menstrual cycle is constant, and if a woman regularly maintains a calendar in which she marks the beginning and duration of her period, she can easily calculate the approximate date of ovulation and the most favorable days for conception.

However, the problem lies in the fact that the woman, calculating ovulation, is based only on how she had happened before, and can not guarantee that in the current cycle there will be no “surprises”.

For example, a woman had a 28-day ovulation cycle for the 14th day for several months in a row. Suppose that menstruation lasts about a week. In this case, starting from the last day of menstruation before ovulation, a whole week is “in reserve”, and if sexual intercourse takes place on that day, then by the 7th day all the spermatozoa should have died, the conception will not occur.

However, it may happen that, due to some circumstances, the egg cell of this same woman will mature earlier, for example, by the tenth day of the cycle. In this case, during sexual intercourse immediately after the end of the monthly spermatozoa, it remains to wait for the release of the egg cell for only 2–3 days, which is very likely to become pregnant compared with the previous version.

Unfortunately, the calendar is not able to inform a woman about how long this cycle will be, which leads to the risk of becoming pregnant after menstruation if it changes.

Monthly or first days after their termination: when conception occurs

  1. In the case of the rapid maturation of the egg and the rapid onset of ovulation, for example, with a 21-day cycle, it can be only on the 7th or 8th day from the first day of the onset of menstruation. Stress, fad diets, taking hormones and much more can easily speed up or slow down the maturation of an egg..
  2. If the partner sperm in the body of a woman have a good vitality. Everything is very simple here: they did not die and waited for ovulation. For this reason, pregnancy can occur not only during sexual intercourse, performed during ovulation, but also 2–5 days earlier. And to talk about what is the probability of getting pregnant after menstruation in this case is very difficult. Even the method of determining ovulation based on basal temperature does not help here: sexual intercourse can occur today, and a jump in the curve upwards after 2 days.

  3. Anovulatory bleeding. These bleeding can be caused by a variety of reasons, but they have nothing to do with ovulation. In other words, it is impossible to say with certainty that in a week or 2 from the first day of the onset of such bleeding, ovulation will occur. The problem is that a woman can easily perceive them as ordinary “menstruations” (this is especially true for an irregular cycle, for example, during menopause), and the chance to become pregnant is quite large.
  4. The presence of spontaneous ovulation. This is a rare phenomenon when it is impossible to predict ovulation at all (this is reminiscent of the situation “when I want, then I will go out”). Such women can theoretically become pregnant on any day of the menstrual cycle, since the eggs behave almost unpredictably, so ovulation should be expected on any day of the cycle.

These situations are most typical when some women may become pregnant during their periods or immediately afterwards. And when asked whether it is possible to get pregnant after menstruation, they can confidently answer: “Yes!”

For this reason, for the purpose of contraception before ovulation and a short period after it, it is best to use more reliable means of contraception than the calendar or the method of determining the basal temperature.

What to do in order to quickly become pregnant

There are certain statistics: even sexual intercourse with full ejaculation during ovulation can cause pregnancy in only one third of cases. But what can be done to increase the chances of pregnancy?

  • Visit the gynecologist-endocrinologist and check your hormonal levels.
  • Examine for the presence of various venereal and gynecological diseases. For example, the commonplace and very common cause of female infertility is the formation of adhesions in the fallopian tube due to chronic gonorrhea, the presence of which the patient does not even realize.
  • Give up alcohol, coffee and smoking (this applies not only to you, but also to your spouse).
  • Take a walk in the fresh air.
  • Learn to be optimistic about life and eat well.


So, to quickly become pregnant during menstruation or immediately after their completion is not such a rare occurrence. Take responsibility responsibly to everything related to the birth of a child, and may you have only the children you want!

When you can and when you can not get pregnant.

In this video, an obstetrician-gynecologist, Ph.D. Dmitry Lubnin answers the sacramental women's question - "is it possible to get pregnant while."? When a woman can become pregnant, dangerous and safe days of the cycle, "condom broke", is it possible to get pregnant during menstruation - and in general - about sex during menstruation.

Ovulation - it's time to get pregnant

If you wish to become pregnant, a woman can independently calculate the time of ovulation. The moment of release of a mature egg from the follicle is successful for conception. In a healthy woman with regular monthly ovulation occurs on the 14th or 16th day of the cycle, if it consists of 28 or 30 days. The life of the egg is very short - 48 hours, sometimes less.

Активные сперматозоиды могут обитать в женских половых путях 3 суток.

Если половой акт с семяизвержением без контрацептива случится за 3 дня до и после овуляторной фазы, появляется шанс забеременеть. Вероятность сохраняется с 11 по 16 день стабильного МЦ. Таким образом, забеременеть можно уже через неделю после завершения менструации.

Но полностью полагаться на календарь не стоит, т. к. The calculation of ovulation does not always give accurate results. This method is considered the most unreliable. A woman can become pregnant at any time.

Is it likely to get pregnant after menstruation

Having an idea of ​​the mechanism of the menstrual cycle, it may seem that on some days it’s impossible to get pregnant. However, the probability of successful fertilization exists even in the “safe” period. The body has its own reasons for this:

  • Short cycle If the monthly go every 2 - 3 weeks, the ovulatory phase can take effect 3 days after their completion.
  • Short cycle and prolonged bleeding. In this case, the egg can be ready for fertilization as early as 2 days after the completion of the discharge.
  • Irregular cycle. It is impossible to predict when there will be ovulation, if menstruation is irregular. It happens that menstruation ends, and at this time in the female body already has an egg, ripe for a meeting with male seed.
  • Spontaneous ovulation. The maturation of two eggs at different times of the cycle is a phenomenon. Doctors can not give him an explanation, but the pregnancy for this reason has already been registered.

Some gynecological diseases are accompanied by bleeding from the genital tract. A woman may confuse discharge with menstruation and hope for “safe” days.

Medicinal herbs favorable for conception

Knowing the approximate date of your ovulation, you can try to accelerate the onset of pregnancy after menstruation by folk remedies.

The ability to stimulate ovulation has a plant boron uterus.

The herb contains estrogen, so it can not be abused. Overdose dangerous headaches, cycle disorders and exacerbation of chronic diseases.

If the body is deficient in estrogen, it will be helpful to take the herb in 2 half of the MC. With a normal ratio of hormones, use of the uterus of the uterus is allowed for 3 to 6 months. But on critical days you need to take breaks.

How to cook and apply a decoction:

  1. A tablespoon of raw materials is poured with a glass of hot water.
  2. The dishes are placed in a water bath.
  3. After a few minutes, the remedy is removed from the stove and allowed to stand.
  4. The drug is filtered and taken before meals.
  5. You can do douching.

Sage properties also have beneficial properties for the reproductive system.

Grass helps the cervix to “suck up” sperm. In addition, the plant fills the female body with estrogen and controls the process of maturation of the egg.

For pregnancy, sage tea is drunk for 3 months. If conception did not take place, herbal medicine is interrupted for 2 months. Then the course is resumed. Take a decoction in the morning and evening about 2 hours after meals. A single dose is 1 tsp.

Prepare a decoction of sage from 1 tbsp. l grass and 1 liter of boiling water. Means insist, filter and cool. Use it inside and is used for douching.

As soon as the fact of the occurrence of pregnancy will be known, the use of sage immediately ceased.

Red brush

If you are looking for a way to quickly become pregnant after menstruation, pay attention to the plant red brush.

It stabilizes hormonal levels and improves the menstrual cycle. Women and men can use grass. Contraindications - the menstrual period, pregnancy and lactation.

With the help of a red brush, infertility is treated for 5 days after the end of menstruation. On day 10, treatment is completed. The recipe is simple - 1 tsp. raw materials pour a glass of boiling water and take chilled.

The aerial part of knotweed is rich in minerals and trace elements.

Useful substances strengthen the immune system and the body as a whole, and also stop inflammatory processes. In women, the knotweed resolves the adhesions, smoothes the scars and tones the uterus.

You can take drugs from knotweed from the beginning of the cycle to ovulation. Further - it is impossible, because if the conception takes place, miscarriage will occur due to the increased tone of the uterus.


Familiar leaves perfectly cope with the inflammatory processes of the appendages and increase the motility of sperm.

The drug plantain for pregnancy is made from 1 tbsp. l seeds and 200 ml of boiling water. Components 10 minutes kept on the steam bath. Then insist 1 hour in a dark room. Drink liquid before meals with a dosage of 2 tbsp. l

Bright vegetable is rich in vitamins and microelements. They strengthen the immune system, help the body prepare for pregnancy and relieve toxemia in the early stages. Regular consumption of pumpkin improves the functioning of the prostate in men and the ovaries in women.

Rose petals

Adjust the pair in an intimate mood and stimulate ovulation can drink made from rose petals.

One spoonful of fresh petals is poured with hot water (1 cup) and steamed for 20 minutes in a water bath. Next, remove the phytomass from the stove and insist 20 - 30 minutes. The finished product is consumed by 1 tsp.

How to get pregnant the first time: poses for sex

Couples that are ripe for childbirth, sometimes think that there are some specific postures for quick conception. In fact, nothing prevents sperm from reaching the egg. They move due to flagella.

It turns out that you can get pregnant in any position, and the seminal fluid itself will flow to where it should be.

And yet, if fertilization does not occur at all, it is necessary to change the position of the bodies during sex and give the male semen a chance to be as close as possible to the cervix. To quickly get pregnant, lovers can choose a missionary position, knee-elbow or side.

Pose "missionary"

The position in which the woman lies on his back, and the man is on top, as the best option for conception was determined in ancient India. The bodies are in a harmonious position and make the likelihood of fertilization successful. However, if the partner has a uterus fold, the missionary position will not ensure pregnancy.

To increase the chance of pregnancy will help a small maneuver. A woman can bend the legs at the knees and pull them up to the stomach. The second option is to throw the legs on the men's shoulders. In such positions, the penis penetrates deeper into the vagina and is more fully in contact with the cervix.

"Man from behind"

Knee-elbow posture implies that the woman is on all fours, leaning on her elbows, and the partner is located behind. Pose like a dog fits all women, and the bend of the uterus in this case is not a hindrance. In the knee-elbow position of the body, the uterus is below the vagina. Sperm easily penetrates into its cavity, not taking the bend as an obstacle.

The description of the best poses to get pregnant continues the lateral position. When a couple has sex lying on its side, ejaculation occurs near the cervix.

In all positions that facilitate conception, women's hips are raised. The male organ penetrates deeper, the path of sperm after the release of the seed is shortened. "Zhivchik" faster reach their goal.

How to conceive a child of a certain sex

A woman's orgasm plays a definite role in the conception of a boy. Well, when the "flash" coincides with the release of the seed from her husband or occurs a little earlier.

During orgasmic discharge, the vagina secretes a special secret that changes the alkaline environment to an acidic one. Acidic composition prolongs the life of the Y-sperm responsible for the birth of a boy.

But if the family urgently needs a girl, a woman can make love without using contraceptives 2 to 3 days before the intended ovulation. In the next few days of sexual intercourse should not be. To get pregnant as a girl, you should also take into account that the poses discussed above are not suitable for this purpose. Here you need to increase the path of the sperm, and in this case, those positions where the woman is on top or both partners are on the floor are suitable.

X-spermatozoa (female) are more enduring than Y-cells. For 2 - 3 days they will reach the egg and fertilize it. As a result, after 9 months a daughter will be born. It should also be remembered that the orgasm creates a sour atmosphere in the vagina and prolongs the life of the "boy" sperm. Therefore, the absence of orgasm increases the chance of the birth of a girl.

How to get pregnant quickly: useful tips

Reading the reviews of experts, it is easy to understand how you can quickly get pregnant after menstruation. First of all, doctors are reminded of the importance of the absence of bad habits. Give up smoking because nicotine increases the risk of infertility and provokes fetal malformations.

But even if pregnancy and childbirth were successful, the child of smoking parents in the future may often get sick. Coffee and alcohol is also better not to drink. A man should give up hot baths, saunas and wearing tight linen.

Increased body temperature affects the quality of sperm. For semen to be productive, the temperature in the scrotum must be 1 degree below total body temperature.

For healthy offspring is also important to choose the best period for conception. Registration of pregnancies are increasing in the spring and autumn months.

Spring cool creates the optimum temperature for male testicles. In spring and autumn, sperm cells are most mobile. A woman better bears a pregnancy if conception took place at the end of summer or in the fall. At this time, her body is rich in vitamins.

Special attention deserves stress. Frequent psycho-emotional shakes do not allow women to get pregnant quickly. So that the body does not suffer from everyday turmoil, you need to relax. Methods should be only pleasant and useful - massage, aromatherapy, warm baths.

A few more tips for successful conception and normal pregnancy:

  • Follow the menstrual cycle.
  • Abandon contraceptives.
  • Lead an active lifestyle, but without heavy loads.
  • Keep your distance from cats - sources of toxoplasmosis.
  • Take folic acid, vitamins and dietary supplements under medical supervision.
  • Eat balanced, drink enough water.
  • Reduce coffee consumption to 2 cups per day.
  • Maintain weight at a normal level.
  • Avoid intoxication and contact with pesticides and chemicals.
  • Any medications taken only in consultation with the doctor.
  • If there is any disease, treat it at the family planning stage so that the necessary drugs are taken before pregnancy.

P.S. Prospective parents should understand that getting pregnant from the first time does not work for everyone. It is necessary to prepare for conception in advance so that the conditions in the body of a man and a woman are the most favorable.

Should I trust the calendar method, which poses are more suitable for conceiving a child and what you need to do for a full-fledged pregnancy, you already know.

Excursion to the physiology

  • The normal cycle lasts 21-35 days.
  • Bleeding is called the menstrual phase. Normally, it lasts from 3 to 7 days (due to the individual characteristics of the woman).
  • Ovulation does not occur continuously on the same day, it is largely a “floating” stage, and it can vary depending on external factors. Stress, medication (especially antibiotics), weight loss and weight gain are all causes that affect the duration of the menstrual phases.
  • Pregnancy can occur only after ovulation at the meeting of an egg with a sperm cell. With a normal 28-day cycle, ovulation occurs on day 13-14. After ovulation, the egg lives 24 hours. At this point conception must occur. If a meeting with the sperm does not occur, the egg cell dies. Conception of the child after the death of the egg is impossible.
  • Male spermatozoa live in the female genital tract up to 7 days. Intimacy, which occurred a few days before ovulation, can lead to the conception of a child. The shorter the total cycle time, the higher the likelihood of pregnancy during sex in the first days after menstruation. In this case, the sperm that fell into the female body a week ago, live to the release of the egg and fertilize it.

It is difficult to predict the exact day of ovulation. Therefore, if there is a need to avoid pregnancy, you should use contraception.

How to calculate the optimal time for pregnancy:

  1. Regardless of age, you must control the duration of your menstrual cycle and understand how stable it is in order not to be in an unforeseen situation.
  2. You can use tests purchased in a pharmacy.
    They help to calculate when, after menstruation, the egg comes out, i.e. when ovulation occurs.

  3. Schedule a basal temperature.
  4. Pay attention to the abundance of secretions and their duration. Closer to ovulation, the discharge becomes viscous, thick, similar in texture to egg white.

None of the listed methods guarantees accurate advance determination of the day of ovulation.

If a woman lives a regular sex life, while both partners are healthy, and pregnancy does not occur, you should consult a doctor.

How can you quickly get pregnant after menstruation?

Tips for becoming a mom:

  • No need to pay attention to external stimuli, all that is required of you - peace of mind.
  • A complete rejection of alcoholic beverages, tobacco (here it is not a question of smoking, since it is completely forbidden, but doctors do not even advise inhaling tobacco smoke).
  • The most favorable time for intimacy - from 7 to 14 days of the cycle (with a total duration of 28 days). These days the likelihood of fertilization increases.
  • After sexual intercourse is completed, the woman should rest for half an hour in a calm state. You can raise the legs in the pose of "Birch".

When contraception is not working

Every adult woman knows that two weeks after ovulation, she begins her period. If this does not happen, then hormonal failure has occurred, or pregnancy has occurred. The pharmacy test or blood test for hCG will help to learn about pregnancy.

If pregnancy is not planned, a woman who does not take contraceptives must calculate her “dangerous days”.

Favorable days for conception

To calculate the day favorable for conceiving a child, you need to consider three important points:

  1. If the monthly cycle is short (21 days), then the egg matures very quickly and goes to 7-8 days. The probability of conception is high during the first half of the cycle, including the days immediately after the end of menstruation.
  2. If the duration of the cycle is 28 days - ovulation occurs on the 13-14th day after the first day of menstruation, these days are favorable for conception.
  3. In the case when the cycle length is irregular and constantly changing, it is impossible to calculate favorable days.

If the cycle is not established and is floating with a constant change in the number of days, then ovulation can occur on any day. In this situation, you need to consult a doctor for examination.

How does this happen

The onset of pregnancy is not an easy process. It consists of several stages:

  • Ovulation At a certain stage of the menstrual cycle, an egg cell ripens, after which it becomes ready for fertilization and rushes off the ovary. The process of maturation of the eggs and their release is affected by hormones, which in different phases of the menstrual cycle behave differently,
  • Fertilization. The period of release of the egg from the ovary is the most favorable for conception, the main thing is to meet a viable spermatozoon on its “path”. During one sexual intercourse, about 50 million spermatozoa are released, and only one of them will reach the egg,
  • Division The fertilized egg divides to move into the uterus through the fallopian tubes.

In order for this complex process to take place, many conditions must be fulfilled, and for this, the woman's body must be healthy and function properly. The slightest failure can prevent conception, and to avoid pathologies, a woman must carefully monitor their health.

There are 7 secrets of how to quickly get pregnant. Any gynecologist will open these “secrets” to you, and you will not even have to persuade for a long time.

How to get pregnant quickly: expert advice

Many experts say that getting pregnant immediately after the end of menstrual bleeding is almost impossible. However, in practice, a number of cases are known when fertilization occurred either during the menstruation period, or immediately after its completion.

Very often, the woman gets pregnant on the last day of her period or immediately after. Spermatozoa can maintain their activity and viability in the female body up to one week. If in the last days of menstruation to have sex, then there is a high probability that an ovulatory period will occur on day 7-10 and conception will occur.

Many couples prefer to have sex through interrupted sexual intercourse, that is, without contraceptives. In this case, it is necessary to take into account that during the release of lubricant on the head of the male organ, active spermatozoa appear, which penetrate into the vagina and continue their activity. It was found by the treating experts that sometimes a single touch of the head to the labia may be enough for conception to occur.

В первые дни менструального кровотечения оплодотворение не наступит, поскольку из влагалищного прохода выделяется отторгнувшаяся неоплодотворенная яйцеклетка, а для сперматозоидов нет благоприятной сферы жизнедеятельности. Кроме того, ввиду наличия кровянистых выделений различной обильности, плодное яйцо не сможет прикрепиться, в связи с чем наступление беременности в первой половине менструального кровотечения невозможно.

If you want to speed up the process of conception, then you should have sex in the last two days after the end of menstruation and over the next 14 days. It is during this period that the likelihood of pregnancy is high.

How to get pregnant quickly: 7 secrets

As practice shows, pregnancy can occur immediately after menstruation, if there is a hormonal imbalance in the female body. Sometimes there are cases when a woman herself, unwittingly, expects the next menstruation, but she does not come. First of all, a test should be carried out, most likely, a long-awaited pregnancy has come.

If for some reason you and your spouse are unable to conceive a child, despite the fact that both of you are completely healthy and have sex regularly, learn the secrets of quick conception. Believe me, the cherished two strips on the test will not take long to wait. Compliance with a few simple rules will help you get pregnant immediately after your period, and as you remember, sperm retains its properties in the female body for up to 10 days:

  • find peace of mind and tune with your spouse in the way of conceiving a child: your thoughts should be absolutely peaceful and abstracted,
  • Avoid alcohol abuse and smoking - bad habits have only a negative impact on the ability to conceive, and also balance your diet,
  • show your feelings for each other, surrounding your spouse with love, caress, care and tenderness,
  • before the expected date of conception, refrain from sexual intercourse for 3-4 days - so the spouse will be able to save up strength,
  • if you want to get pregnant immediately after menstruation, then before sexual intercourse, perform soda douching to make the vaginal environment conducive to the survival of sperm,
  • have sex only in the missionary position - in the position facing each other, the chances of conception increase significantly,
  • At the end of sexual intercourse, the fair sex must necessarily lie down in a state of complete rest for half an hour, while legs are better pressed under the stomach, that is, in an embryo position.

If you do not succeed, do not despair, the stork will definitely look into your home.

How to get pregnant quickly, if it does not work: folk methods

Herbalists say that the future mother should take sage decoction to quickly conceive. Due to the content of nutrients, sage decoction acts on the body according to the principle of natural hormones. Not less useful is a decoction of the boron uterus. You can purchase a dried plant in the pharmacy. The treatment course can last up to 4 months.

Vitamin E has a beneficial effect on reproductive function. You can use it in the form of capsules or eat foods that contain the natural concentration of this vitamin. So, vitamin E in sufficient quantities contain the following foods:

  • nuts (walnuts, hazelnuts),
  • oat groats,
  • beans,
  • olive oil,
  • tomatoes,
  • pears
  • cottage cheese,
  • citrus,
  • bananas.

In order to quickly become pregnant, a woman can take broths from mother and stepmother. The beneficial properties of this medicinal plant help to cope with inflammatory processes occurring in the ovaries. For the treatment of infertility in traditional medicine is used a decoction of golden whiskers. This plant can be grown at home, but the tincture must be done in clear proportions. You can take any folk remedies only after consulting with your healthcare professional.

There is a belief that you can get pregnant quickly if a woman carrying a baby sneezes on you. It is also recommended to constantly communicate with a pregnant woman, stroking her tummy. Who knows, maybe you really get pregnant faster, or it will be a coincidence.

If you want to get pregnant faster and immediately after the month, then be sure to take note of the advice of experts. When a long-awaited pregnancy does not occur, consult with your doctor, along with your spouse undergo a full-scale examination. Believe me: it is imperative that children's laughter will be heard in your family nest!

Menstrual cycle: what is it

Gynecologist will help calculate favorable days for conception.

To calculate correctly the most favorable for conceiving days It is not necessary to seek advice from a gynecologist, it is quite possible to do it yourself, provided that the woman knows what processes are taking place in her body.

Menstruation - These are regular monthly changes in the reproductive system of a woman, which is divided into start and end of the cycle. The beginning of the cycle is considered to be the first day, when the bleeding begins, and it ends on the first day of the following menstruation.

The cycle duration depends on the individual and physiological characteristics of the body of girls and women, and it can last from twenty one to thirty five days.

The cycle of each girl includes 4 phases.

There are four main phases of the cycle:

  • Menstrual . This is the period when a woman begins with monthly bleeding, lasting from three to seven days. This is because the unfertilized egg is rejected by the uterus along with the blood secretions.
  • Proliferative . During this period, the woman's body is prepared for the next ovulation. It lasts no more fourteen days.
  • Ovulatory . This is the optimal phase for conception, because it is then that the egg cell is ready for fertilization. The duration of this phase is a day and sometimes only twelve hours.
  • Luteal . At this time, a special hormone is produced in the reproductive organs of a woman - progesterone, which prepares the uterus for receiving a fertilized egg. He continues ten to sixteen days. If conception did not occur during this period, progesterone production gradually stops and a new menstrual cycle begins.

What time can I get pregnant after menstruation?

In rare cases, girls get pregnant during the first seven days after their periods. It is connected with hormonal failure.

Getting pregnant in the first seven days after menstruation is almost impossible, but sometimes it still happens if hormonal failure occurs in the body.

Conception planning: creating a monthly calendar

Gynecologists recommend to make your own schedule of the menstrual cycle.

To increase the likelihood of pregnancy after menstruation, it is necessary schedule a menstrual cycle. Many women neglect such a simple rule and do not attach importance to some features of their body when planning conception, therefore, getting pregnant during the period when they wish it does not work for them.

What you should pay attention in the first place:

  • The regularity of the menstrual cycle. It is especially important to make a calendar of your monthly for young girls , preparing to become a mother, because they have not yet formed a final cycle.
  • The duration of monthly bleeding is also important. Interesting fact: more likely to see the cherished two strips immediately after menstruation there are those women whose cycle time between menstruation is twenty or less days. This is explained by the fact that due to prolonged bleeding, the new egg has time to mature, and becomes ready for fertilization.

Simple recommendations will help you to see the cherished two strips on the test.

Experts strongly recommend that women who want to become a mother, keep a schedule of the menstrual cycle and notice any, even minor changes in the body.

How to conceive a child after the first month: useful recommendations

Couples should be patient and not lose optimism when planning a pregnancy.

It happens that a married couple makes every effort to become parents, and long-awaited pregnancy is not coming. Do not despair, because the reason may lie in the fact that the spouses are preparing incorrectly for such a crucial moment.

Conception Secrets

  • It will be worth a visit endocrinologist and gynecologist . Indeed, sometimes diseases associated with the thyroid gland or inflammation of the genital organs, can prevent pregnancy.
  • It is necessary to discard all negative thoughts and tune in only in a positive way.
  • Before planning a pregnancy, it is necessary to give up all bad habits, such as alcohol or smoking . But it is also desirable to reduce the use of coffee and caffeine-containing beverages.

Giving up bad habits is an important part of preparing for pregnancy.

Adhering to such simple rules, it is hoped that in the near future, children's laughter and the tramp of small clumsy legs will sound in the house.

And finally: you should never forget that such a joyful and long-awaited event as the birth of a child should be carefully and responsibly prepared. After all, the stork arrives to those people who are really ready for such happiness as the appearance of the long-awaited baby.


First of all, the woman and her partner must be sure that everything is in order with their health and there are no pathologies that may be the cause of the absence of pregnancy. It is necessary to conduct a comprehensive examination and get recommendations from the doctor about further actions.

Normally, it should be regular, i.e. between the days of the onset of menstruation should be the same amount of time. So a woman is much easier to understand what she needs to do in order to get pregnant as soon as possible - to calculate the days of ovulation.

Make it simple - you need to take 14 days from the number of days of the cycle. The result will be the same day when the chances of a woman to conceive are maximum.

With an irregular cycle, it is much more difficult to calculate ovulation. In this case, you have to use special tests or use the rectal method. It is necessary to measure the basal temperature daily in the morning, not having time to get out of bed. The data is entered in a diary, and then the results of three months are compared.

The fact is that the basal temperature before ovulation differs from the temperature before its approach and onset. By comparing the data, you can understand when your egg matures.

Bad habits

They need to get rid of a few months before the time of the desired conception. This should be done not only by a woman, but also by a man. Tobacco, alcohol, and other harmful substances adversely affect the reproductive system as a whole.

Sperm cells become less active under their influence, and the woman's hormones are disturbed, which can cause inability to conceive.

To bad habits can be attributed, and improper diet and diet. Healthy people need to fully relax, and do it only at night, and from food you need to get the necessary substances and vitamins.


It is necessary to relieve your body and nervous system from stress, neurosis, and other negative manifestations. These conditions are detrimental to both the sperm and the egg cell. You need to tune in to the positive, make your life calm and harmonious.

There is a myth among the people that in intimacy it is necessary to select special postures so that it becomes possible to get pregnant quickly. In reality, they do not play any role. Sperm will still fall into the female genital tract, and only their health and vitality will determine whether fertilization will occur. However, a woman can help them get to the egg.

In addition to finding the right posture, it is believed that after intercourse, a woman needs to lie down for about 15 to 20 minutes with her legs raised. "Birch" do not need to do, but with the fact that after lying for a quarter of an hour, you will allow the sperm to meet with the egg, doctors agree.

Do not overdo it

This is one of the secrets to which you should listen, even if it seems to you that this is not so. Repeated sex every day, even during ovulation, can lead to a lack of results.

The fact is that the quality of sperm falls during frequent sexual intercourse with ejaculation. Once every few days you can have sexual intercourse, but not more often, based on the fact that the lifetime of the sperm is about 72 hours.

Pregnancy after menstruation

There are many cases where pregnancy occurs during menstruation or immediately after them. Many women who want to become mothers are interested in how to quickly become pregnant after menstruation. If you have a normal cycle, you are not subject to its failures, the chance of conception after menstruation is not great. Most likely, you will have to wait for the middle of the cycle.

Doctors associate such rare cases with irregular menstruation and hormonal imbalances in the body of a woman. Against this background, the maturation and release of the egg occurs earlier or later for several days. Considering that these days are safe, the woman is not protected during intimacy, and after a while finds two bands on the test. Well, if they are welcome.

Hormonal failure can occur against the background of stress, moving to another country, changing their place of residence, a sharp change in weight, and many other factors.


To stimulate ovulation, doctors may prescribe one of these drugs:

  • Duphaston. It is indicated to be taken with a low content of progesterone in the body, which is responsible for the onset of pregnancy and its normal course,
  • Folic acid. This drug is recommended to drink before pregnancy and after its occurrence. Studies have shown that the drug allows you to increase the chances of conceiving and successful bearing of the fetus by 40%. It must be combined with vitamin E and a number of other vitamins,
  • Aktifert. The drug is a gel used in the vagina. It helps to establish the normal acidity of the environment in which sperm can survive and fertilize an egg.

Before you start drinking pills and use other drugs that allow you to quickly become pregnant, consult your doctor to find out if you can take them and what to expect from taking them.

Folk remedies

Women often resort to them to achieve the desired conception. More than once it has been said that it is very risky, because it is not known how the body will behave if you begin to use popular recipes.

The most famous "female doctors" are:

  • Sage It affects the hormones, allowing you to "adjust" the body to conceive. Prepare a decoction as follows: 1 tbsp. l herbs pour boiling water, let it brew for 1 hour. Take twice a day at a dosage of 1 tbsp. l During his monthly drink it is impossible. In the absence of pregnancy after taking the funds, you need to repeat the course a month later,
  • Borovaya uterus. For the onset of pregnancy is preparing such a tincture. 2 tbsp. l plants combine with a glass of water and boil. Sent to a dark place for 30 minutes, then decant. Take the drug you need four times a day at a dosage of 1 tbsp. l.,
  • Red brush. This plant produces a rejuvenating effect, but its most valuable ability is the treatment of female diseases, which leads to a successful conception. Cooking decoction. Cut the root of the plant with boiling water, insist on a water bath for a quarter of an hour, and then insist for another 45 minutes. without a bath, decanting. You need to take the medicine three times a day before eating at a dosage of 1 tbsp. l The course of treatment lasts from 30 to 40 days.

Take care of your health, and you will soon have a baby.