Contraceptive pills "Rigevidon": instructions for use, composition and reviews


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04/13/2014, Vasilisa
I take 23 pills for the first time I drank it all and there are no monthly periods after how long they start after taking the last pill?

    Evgeniya34 (consultant):
    Vasilisa, approximately 2-4 day seven-day break.

04/12/2014, Ludmila
Zdrastvuyte say and Regividon compatible with hellebore if hellebore taken with the purpose of losing weight.

    Evgeniya34 (consultant):
    Lyudmila, there are no contraindications to the joint use.

11.04.2014, 555
Hello! I take Rigevidon for more than six months. This month, when I took 19 pills, after 2 hours I had an excuse (diarrhea). Please tell me if my contraceptive effect has decreased. On this day there was no sexual intercourse, and on 21 pills there was sexual intercourse. Tell me if there is a chance of getting pregnant.

    Evgeniya34 (consultant):
    555, no likelihood.

04/10/2014, Irina Zapp
Hello, I take Rigevidon 7 days, today should be the 8th pill. At the same time, the monthly periods are already 8 days, and even intensified. Instead of the usual daub, today it’s just gushing, as if it was blood in general, and not menstrual. And I do not know what to do. Either stop taking it right away, or finish it by 21 days and quit. Earlier, before pregnancy and childbirth, 10 years ago (now I am 27) I took logest for two months, and this was not the case. And the monthly did not go for a whole week, but decreased to three days, and they came after 21 pills. And now, to be honest, I'm already starting to panic. Stop taking rigevidon or doperpet to 21 tablets?

    Evgeniya34 (consultant):
    Irina Zapp, you cannot stop taking it, it will only increase the discharge. If the discharge is scanty, obscure, then you do not need to do anything, the body will cope. If the discharge intensifies and resembles the menstrual by abundance, then it is necessary to double the daily dose of OK taken (1 tab. In the morning and 1 in the evening), and so take until the bleeding stops, and then return to the usual dose of 1 tab. per day. Since the total cycle of OK administration should not be shorter than 21 days, it is necessary to purchase another package of the drug in order to take additional pills from it.

09.04.2014, Julia
Hello, I am 26 years old, I had acne from rigevidon, my skin became greasy. And a lot of "daub". I would like to switch to other pills. The gynecologist advises "which ones I like more, there are now many different ones." And which is still better to pick up?

    Evgeniya34 (consultant):
    Julia, there are no bad or good OK, there is one that fits or does not fit a particular woman or girl. About daub:
    With a cosmetic effect Yarin, Janine, Diana, Belara.

04.04.2014, magmar
Good day to all. I decided to clarify the following information for my girlfriend. I'll start over. We went with a gynecologist to clarify which contraceptive is better to drink, we did an ultrasound, found a cyst on the right ovary, were treated with droppers and injections in the day hospital. Then they started drinking Rigividone (contraception). It took about one and a half months, there were no complications during the admission, the girl with the doctor considered the end of the menstruation, they went on schedule, and re-ultrasound, to re-check the cyst. But the monthly did not end, but continued to go, at week 2 they went to the doctor again, said that a long period is possible, you have to wait. At 3 weeks, the doctor prescribed a hemostatic for sure I could not name. At week 4, we went to the hospital, the attending physician said that Rigividon might have to be taken by course, that is, to drink 5 tablets today, tomorrow 4, etc. I don’t say anything concrete about the causes of bleeding and I would like to clarify whether it is possible to drink these pills like that ??

    Evgeniya34 (consultant):
    magmar, it is possible, this is a hemostatic (hemostatic) scheme: 5-4-3-2-1 and then one tab per day. If a girl has cysts, then it makes sense for her to take OK all the time until she is ready to plan a pregnancy.

04/08/2014, Ludmila
Hello, I am 24. The problem is that menstruation is 16 days. First, they have endometriosis, NMS, polycystic and ovarian inflammation. My baby 1.5 year after birth began a problem with the monthly nebylo for 2 months. There are overweight 160) 79 today appointed Regividron according to the scheme 1 day 5 table. 2 day 4 tabl and then 21 days I’m very afraid of gaining extra weight, he is already rather big. What to do so that I don’t gain.

    Evgeniya34 (consultant):
    Lyudmila, you need to take Rigevidon according to the regimen recommended by your doctor. And about the effect on weight here:

04.11.2014, Ludmila
One more question: how can I find Yarina?

04/08/2014, Irina Zapp
Hello, I have already written my questions about rigevidon, but I am interested in the following - you need to start taking rigevidon from the 1st day of your period, I did. I noticed that on day 1 after taking 1 pill, my stomach began to hurt, the pain was tolerable, and reminded me of the onset of labor at birth. And the amount of this menstruation has decreased. The question is: before, my period of menstruation was 5 days, not more. On day 6, there was nothing. And now (I take pills for 6 days), and menstruation is already 6 days, which is uncharacteristic for me. And as if not going to stop. Allocations are small, but they are. Is this normal? And will it ever stop? Or is it worth throwing pills?

    Evgeniya34 (consultant):
    Irina Zapp, this is normal. The entire first package can be chaotically bloody. The theme of bleeding in the first 3 months of taking any COC - on the forum was discussed hundreds of times. Please read the instructions for the drug, and then here in detail:

04/08/2014, Irina Zapp
Tell me, please, but are there such OK, from which every now and then it does not bleed? Or there are none? The fact is that I started to take OK for the most part not for the purpose of contraception, but because of heavy menstruation, which I would like to reduce.

    Evgeniya34 (consultant):
    Irina Zapp, no such OK. This is a side effect in the first months of taking any OK.

Pharmacological effects

Contraceptive pills "Rigevidon" is a monophasic combined oral contraceptive oral estrogen-progestin drug. When it is taken orally, it suppresses the secretion of pituitary gonadotropic hormones. The effect of contraception is due to several mechanisms. Levonorgestrel, a derivative of 19-nortestoterone, which is more active than progesterone, the hormone of the corpus luteum (and its synthetic analogue, pregnin), acts as a gestagenic element (progestin). It works at the receptor level. The estrogen component is ethinyl estradiol.

Due to the effects of levonorgestrel, a blockade of FSH and LH release - releasing hormones from the hypothalamus occurs, suppression of the secretion of gonadotropic hormones by the pituitary gland, which inhibits maturation and then the release of the egg, prepared for fertilization (ovulation). The protective effect is enhanced by ethinyl estradiol. The high viscosity of the cervical mucus is preserved, which makes it difficult for sperm to enter the uterine cavity. Simultaneously with the contraceptive effect, with regular use, it normalizes the menstrual cycle and prevents the appearance of many gynecological pathologies, including tumors.


Let us take a closer look at how the active components of the contraceptive pills “Rigievidon” work.

Ethinyl estradiol. This substance is almost completely and rapidly excreted from the intestine. It undergoes a peculiar “first pass” effect through the work of the liver. The half-life is approximately 26 hours.

When ethinyl estradiol is taken orally, it is removed from the blood plasma for twelve hours. The half-life is 5.8 hours.

Ethinyl estradiol metabolism occurs in the intestine and liver. The metabolites of this substance are water-soluble glucuronide or sulphate conjugates, which enter the intestine with bile, where they disintegrate by means of intestinal bacteria.

Metabolism occurs in the liver, the half-life varies from 2 to 7 hours.

Ethinyl estradiol is eliminated by the intestines and kidneys.

Levonorgestrel. This component is absorbed quickly (less than four hours). Does not fall under the effect of "first pass" through the liver. If levonorgestrel is used simultaneously with ethinyl estradiol, there is a relationship between the maximum content and dosage in the plasma. The elimination half-life of levonorgestrel from the body is from 8 to 30 hours (16 hours on average). More levonorgestrel in the blood binds to HSPG (i.e. globulin that binds sex hormones) and albumin. Metabolism occurs in the liver. This substance is excreted through the intestines and the kidneys.

Contraceptive pills "Rigevidon" are used in the following cases:

  • oral contraception
  • premenstrual syndrome,
  • functional deviations of the menstrual cycle (including dysmenorrhea without an organic cause, as well as difunctional metrorrhagia).


According to the instructions for the contraceptive pill "Rigievidon", as contraindications are:

  • severe liver disease,
  • cholecystitis,
  • hereditary hyperbilirubinemia (they include Rotor syndrome, Dubin-Johnson and Gilbert),
  • presence or history of serious cerebrovascular or cardiovascular diseases,
  • thromboembolism, as well as predisposition to those
  • malignant tumors (primarily endometrial or breast cancer),
  • liver tumors
  • severe forms of hypertension,
  • family types of hyperlipidemia,
  • sickle cell anemia,
  • endocrine diseases (including severe types of diabetes)
  • hemolytic anemia of a chronic nature,
  • vaginal bleeding of unknown origin,
  • migraine,
  • idiopathic jaundice in pregnancy in history,
  • severe itchy skin in pregnant women,
  • age over 40 years
  • herpes during pregnancy,
  • direct pregnancy
  • lactation period (breastfeeding),
  • hypersensitivity of the body to the composition of the drug.

Very carefully, you need to use the drug for diseases of the gallbladder and liver, depression, epilepsy, uterine myoma, ulcerative colitis, tuberculosis, mastitis, diabetes, kidney disease, cardiovascular pathologies, impaired renal activity, hypertension, varicose veins, phlebosis , multiple sclerosis, small chorea, latent tetany, intermittent porphyria, bronchial asthma, as well as in adolescence (if there are no regular cycles of ovulation).

How to take birth control pills "Rigevidon"?

The tool is taken orally, the tablets do not need to chew, drink a small amount of water. In the absence of hormonal contraception in the period of the previous menstruation cycle, “Rigevidon”, for protection, take one pill for 21 days from the first day of menstruation every day, and at the same time.

After that, you need to take a break for a week, during which bleeding occurs, like menstrual bleeding. The next cycle is 21 days. Tablets should be taken from the new package, in which there are also 21 tablets, you need to start the next day after the break for a week, that is, on the eighth day of the cycle, including when the bleeding has not stopped. The beginning of the reception of funds from each new pack, therefore, falls on the same day of the week.

How to drink birth control pills "Rigewidon", it is important to find out in advance. If you switch to this drug from any other oral contraceptive drug, the scheme applies the same. Reception means is carried out as long as there is a need for protection.

After an abortion, the use of the drug should be started on the day of the abortion, or the next day after it.

After childbirth, the tool can only be prescribed to women who do not breastfeed. Starting to use contraceptives should be no earlier than the first day of menstruation. In the lactation period is contraindicated to take the remedy.

Many people wonder whether it is possible to get pregnant by taking birth control pills “Rigievidon”? It is possible, but only in case of incorrect reception.

The missed pill must be taken within the next twelve hours. If 36 hours have passed since the last pill was taken, contraception is considered unreliable. To avoid bloody intermenstrual discharge, the use of the drug should be continued from the already started packs, excluding only the missed pill.

If the reception is missed, it is desirable to additionally use another method of contraception, non-hormonal (for example, barrier). The dosage of the drug and the scheme of application for medicinal purposes is determined by the doctor individually in each case.

According to reviews, the price of birth control pills "Rigievidon" is quite acceptable.

Side effects

Usually the drug is well tolerated.

Possible side effects of a transient nature that pass spontaneously: vomiting, engorgement of the mammary glands, nausea, headache, changes in libido and weight, mood, bloody acyclic discharge, in some cases - conjunctivitis, edema, visual disturbances, discomfort when wearing contact lenses ( these phenomena are temporary, they disappear after the cessation of use without the appointment of any treatment).

With prolonged use, very rarely can occur: hearing loss, jaundice, itching, cramps in the muscles of the legs, an increase in the frequency of seizures of epilepsy (in those suffering from this disease).

Rarely observed: hyperglycemia, hypertriglyceridemia, reduced glucose tolerance, thrombosis, increased pressure, venous thromboembolism, rash on the skin, changing the nature of vaginal secretion, diarrhea, vaginal candidiasis, fatigue.

The price of birth control pills "Rigewidon" will be given below.

special instructions

Before starting to use this drug, it is recommended to undergo a gynecological and general medical examination, which includes a cytological analysis of a smear from the uterine cervix, an assessment of the condition of the breast glands, blood glucose, cholesterol and other liver activity, urinalysis, pressure control.

Appointment of "Rigevidon" to patients with thromboembolic pathologies at a young age and increased blood coagulability in history is undesirable.

The use of oral protective agent is allowed no earlier than six months after the patient suffered viral hepatitis in the event that liver function returned to normal.

When sharp pains, hepatomegaly and symptoms of intra-abdominal bleeding appear in the upper abdomen, a liver tumor may be suspected. In case of need the use of means needs to be stopped. If the activity of the liver is impaired, then during the use of the drug "Rigevidon" consultation of the general practitioner is required.

If intermenstrual (acyclic) bleeding occurs, the use of Rigevidon should be continued, since in most cases these bleedings are not dangerous and stop on their own. If intermenstrual (acyclic) bleeding recurs or does not disappear, a medical examination should be conducted to rule out diseases of the reproductive system.

For diarrhea or vomiting, the drug should be continued. This is confirmed by the instructions for use to the contraceptive pill "Rigevidon".

In smoking patients who take hormonal contraceptives, there is a high risk of cardiovascular diseases with significant consequences (stroke, myocardial infarction). The risk increases with age, depending on the number of cigarettes smoked per day (especially for women over 35 years old).

Use of the drug should be stopped in the following situations:

  • if a headache first appears or worsens,
  • if early symptoms of phlebothrombosis or phlebitis occur (vein swelling on lower limbs or unusual pain),
  • if there is hepatitis without jaundice or jaundice,
  • in the presence of cerebrovascular disorders,
  • if stabbing or coughing or unresponsive pains appear, feeling of tightness and pain in the chest,
  • if there is a suspicion of a heart attack or thrombosis,
  • with an acute decrease in visual acuity,
  • if the pressure rises sharply,
  • when itching,
  • if epileptic seizures increase,
  • about six weeks before the intended surgery,
  • three months before the pregnancy is planned,
  • upon the occurrence of pregnancy.

Admission of a contraceptive does not affect the ability to control the transport or machinery, when working with which increases the risk of injury.

Doctors reviews about birth control pills "Rigevidon"

In the Russian pharmaceutical market, the drug has been on sale for a long time. It contains the most studied and currently safe progestogen - the substance levonorgestrel. It is recommended by doctors to women as a contraceptive with a therapeutic effect in case of painful and heavy periods, adenomyosis. Quality and cost are comparable.

Patient Reviews

Reviews of birth control pills "Rigevidon" from patients mostly positive. High efficacy, normalization of the cycle, lack of weight gain, reduction of monthly painfulness are noted, they become less abundant. Some women begin to grow hair and nails better. The cost of the drug is available, with excellent effect. However, patients note that they only need to take pills by prescription, not on their own.

Some women note such a drawback of the drug as a severe headache. Because of this, you have to switch to another method of contraception.

What is the cost of birth control pills "Rigevidon"?

Tablets (21 pieces) cost about three hundred rubles. Tablets in the amount of 63 pieces - about 685 rubles. It depends on the region and the pharmacy network.

We reviewed the instructions, price, reviews for the drug "Rigewidon".

Admission Rules

Rigavidone tablets must be taken daily, preferably at the same time. As a rule, before bedtime. Evening reception minimizes side effects, improves the digestibility of active ingredients.

  • Starting to drink tablets should be on the first or last day of menstruation. If a woman has previously taken another drug, you need to finish the package until the end, on the first day of your period, drink Rigevidon. Further according to the scheme.
  • Menstruation should begin while taking brown pills. The absence of active ingredients in their composition leads to a sharp decrease in progesterone, which causes menstrual bleeding. Magnesium stearate and other auxiliary components prevent the deterioration of health during the critical days, keep the level of hemoglobin, pressure, etc., at the right level. If you do not start the monthly pill for 7 days, start the new package without interruption.
  • Take Rigevidon necessary after consultation with a specialist. Hormonal background while taking pills must be constantly monitored. A woman is obliged to visit a gynecologist once a month, even if nothing is bothering her.

With good tolerability, Rigevidon can be used as a contraceptive for an unlimited amount of time.

If a tablet is missed

Take the drug should be according to the scheme. Premature discontinuation of the course causes bleeding. What to do if a tablet is missing?

  1. It took less than 12 hours. You need to take the missed dose, continue to continue taking as scheduled.
  2. It took more than 12 hours. You need to throw away the pill, take the next one at the scheduled time.

Do not simultaneously take 2 tablets at once. In this case, there is an overdose with side effects, deterioration of health.

Features of the monthly admission

Ripevidon allows you to restore the menstrual cycle, to prevent bleeding. However, the female body can respond to pills in its own way. What is considered the norm when to sound the alarm?

In the first 3 months of the start of taking the pills, the organism adapts to the new conditions of existence. At this time, possible menstrual bleeding, lack of menstruation, daub in the middle of the cycle. This is considered normal and does not require discontinuation of the drug. Worry is necessary if the situation arose 3 months after the start of reception.

  • Do not go monthly. There may be several options. Rigevidon inhibits the production of estrogen very strongly, the endometrial layer is not formed, at the time of menstruation there is simply nothing to reject. Taking certain medications reduces the effect of contraceptives. Delay may be due to pregnancy.

    The same situation can occur if there was a missed tablet in the cycle. The absence of menstruation may indicate the presence of gynecological diseases. It is necessary to conduct a test, visit a gynecologist.

  • Started before. There is a surplus of hormones, you need to take a break. Or there is a gynecological disease. Attention should be paid to the presence of other alarming symptoms.
  • Go for a long time. The situation indicates a violation of hormonal levels. If menstruation does not end at the beginning of the use of pills, there is nothing wrong with that. In other cases - an alarming symptom that speaks about the development of diseases, including cancer.
  • Scanty (heavy) discharge. Under the influence of pills, the number of menstrual flow is reduced. If a woman before this period lasted 3 days, there was little blood, instead of menstruation there will be scanty discharge. If the situation occurs after a long time after using Rigevidon, variants 2 - hormonal disorder, disease. And also it is worth worrying if the spotting does not end at all.
  • Bleeding started. Large discharge of blood is always an alarming symptom. What could be? Pregnancy. Contraceptives do not give 100% of the result, the chance to get pregnant increases, if the pill is missed, you had to take medicines. And by themselves, hormonal pills increase the risk of ectopic pregnancy. Bleeding with severe pain indicates a premature miscarriage, rupture of the ovary. In the case of an ectopic pregnancy, immediate hospitalization is required, otherwise the woman risks dying from internal hemorrhage. Bleeding is a symptom of many gynecological diseases. Unfortunately, self-diagnosis cannot be made. Inspection, examination is necessary. Bleeding always occurs if a woman stops taking the pills without finishing the packaging until the end.

Features of the month when canceled

After stopping the pill, the body reappears in

stressful condition. From now on, the ovaries need to independently regulate the amount of hormones, stimulate natural processes. On the recovery of the body is given 3 months. At this time, the monthly may be absent, smear, do not stop for a long time, linger, and so on. Worry is necessary if after 3 months the menstrual cycle is not adjusted.

How quickly the menstrual cycle recovers without pills depends on the duration of the drug. If a woman takes up to a year, it happens quickly. The opportunity to get pregnant appears the next month after discontinuation of the drug. And also there are individual features of the body. If the menstruation was irregular until Rigavidonone, it is possible that the cycle will also be disturbed after withdrawal. In general, for 3 months, menstruation becomes what it was before.

Ripevidon is well tolerated, reliably protects against unwanted pregnancy, regulates hormones, menstruation. Take should be prescribed by a physician, monitor well-being, regularly undergo regular inspection.

Why is Rigavidone prescribed

As an estrogen component, Rigevidon contains ethinyl estradiol, and as a gestagen component, levonorgestrel acts. The main purpose of the drug is oral contraception. This effect is achieved due to the suppression of ovulation, an increase in the viscosity of the mucus of the cervical canal of the cervix. The thickness of the endometrium of the uterine cavity also changes, which prevents the normal implantation of a fertilized egg.

Like other oral contraceptives, Rigevidon counteracts the formation of functional cysts on the ovaries, and is therefore used after their surgical treatment or during conservative therapy.

Also on the background of its reception, a slowdown in the growth of fibromatous nodes is noted, the menstrual function is improving. But if the monthly periods are possible on Ripevidon of a pathological nature, it depends on the available gynecological pathology and the hormonal background of the woman.

This drug has several advantages compared with other means of similar action. These include the following:

  • After a course of administration, the probability of ectopic pregnancy is reduced. This effect is used to prescribe the drug immediately after surgery for tubal location of the ovum.
  • This medicine reduces the severity of venous congestion in the pelvic area.
  • The placebo pills are enriched with iron, so the prescription is useful for women with strong menstruation. Helps Ripevidon stop menstruating with an excessively abundant temper and at the same time renew microelement stocks.
  • During the seven-day intake of pacifiers, one's own production of FSH is activated, which is necessary for the growth and maturation of follicles in the ovary. But with the beginning of the new packaging process is retarded. Thus, the development of the “hyper-inhibition syndrome” does not occur and the adaptation to the reception is higher: their own periods after Rigevidon are restored quickly after the final cancellation.

Action of hormonal contraceptives

Basic rules for taking the drug

Rigevidon per pack contains 21 tablets with active ingredients and 7 pacifiers. It is necessary to accept in turn all from the first day of monthly, at the same time daily.

Many are wondering if to start drinking Rigividon, how to cause menstruation? There is no need to make an additional break between new packages of medicine. As active pills are used and placebo is administered, the girl has a menstrual discharge.

Some nuances of admission:

  • When switching to Ripevidon from other birth control pills, you should start using it on the first day of any bleeding. When removing a transdermal patch, a hormonal coil or a vaginal ring, the first tablet should be taken on the same day.
  • After termination of pregnancy up to 12 weeks, the drug must be drunk at the time of the procedure. In the case of a longer period or after childbirth, you can start using the product only after the first normal menstruation. It should also be borne in mind that during lactation it is impossible to take Rigevidon - it penetrates into breast milk in significant quantities.
  • In the case of skipping the next pill, if not more than 36 hours have passed, it is necessary to drink it as soon as possible. The contraceptive effect is preserved. If more than 36 hours have passed, you do not need to take the missed pill. And in the following week additional non-hormonal methods of birth control should be used. After taking Rigevidon, menstruation in such a case may come not according to the intended schedule, there is also a probability of spotting.

Watch the video on the effects of hormonal contraception:

Possible side effects

In most cases, Ripevidon does not have serious consequences of admission if all instructions given to it are followed. In case of minor disorders, they disappear during the first months of administration.

Most often, women note the appearance of headaches, increased fatigue, irritability, nervousness. Nausea is also possible, rarely vomiting and other digestive disorders.

It is also necessary to monitor liver function and blood glucose levels, especially in individuals prone to such changes.

Like all contraceptive drugs, Rigevidon increases the risk of blood clots, so it is not prescribed to women with varicose disease and its complications.

Sometimes there is a decrease in libido, an increase in the likelihood of developing candidiasis of the vagina due to changes in the quality of mucus.

Effect on the menstrual cycle

Ripevidon - monophasic combined oral contraceptive. Despite the fact that it contains both estrogen and progestin, the number in each pill is the same. This is contrary to the cyclic and constantly changing hormonal background of a woman. Therefore, against the background of taking the medication, various failures occur, which should be interpreted as the adaptation of the organism to the new regime.

You can hear from the girls and such a remark: I accept Rigevidon and there is no menstruation. Tactics in each case is different. In such a situation, it is better to contact a gynecologist, who can most correctly interpret such failures.

Monthly after taking

During the first month, sometimes two or three, a woman may experience periodic spotting. In situations like this, girls often interpret this by accepting Rigevidon when menstruation does not end. In fact, this is an acyclic insignificant discharge, indicating adaptation to a new hormonal background. As a rule, everything is normalized on the second or third package of tablets.

Stop menstruation and causes of delay

Ideally, the monthly should come immediately to cancel the active pills. But they are allowed to start within 7 - 10 days. Therefore you should not panic if the whole package of Rigevidon is over, but not monthly.

Sometimes during one cycle, there may be a general omission of any bleeding. If this happened once, after exclusion of pregnancy should continue to receive. Similar failures can occur while taking hormone pills. In the case when the girl alone cannot exclude the possibility of conception, it is necessary to contact a specialist.

If there is a need to eliminate in the next cycle of menstruation, it is necessary to skip the pacifiers and immediately begin active tablets of the new packaging. Monthly in this case will be in 56 - 60 days.

We recommend reading the article about the delay of menstruation. From it you will learn about the possible causes of the absence of menstruation, diagnosis and methods of treating the disorder.

Bleeding: what to do

Sometimes, taking Rigevidon, do not end monthly, but begin to increase, turning into bleeding. In such situations, you should contact a specialist as soon as possible. If this is not possible, it is necessary to start taking hemostatic pills (etamzilat, vikasol, ascorutin, tranexam and the like), herbal preparations, and apply cold on the lower abdomen.

Bleeding in most cases will decrease, but you will have to seek medical help if it does not stop at all.

The advantages of oral contraceptives compared to other methods of protection are obvious. Rigevidonone is one of the popular drugs that is recommended for use in girls with a pronounced estrogenic phenotype. Sometimes on the background of the reception may be minor violations of the cycle. In such situations, you should consult a doctor, who can clearly explain why, while taking Rigevidon, menstruation did not come or other failures appeared. Only he can recommend further intake or refusal of medication.

"Rigevidon": composition

In terms of its composition, “Rigevidon” can be attributed to oral contraceptives of the combined type. The drug is monophasic, which means that the concentration of estrogenic and progestin components is the same in each tablet.

Based on only one composition, a person without special medical education is unlikely to be able to understand how this or that drug, including “Rigevidon”, is suitable for him. Feedback from women, on the contrary, will help to present the overall picture, to highlight the features not only of a group of medicines, but also of a specific type of pill.

Many users claim that they decided to take the drug not only because of its high performance. The main advantage of the drug is a sparing effect on the body. It is not a secret to anyone that side effects and effects on other organs can negate even the best testimony. Given that contraception is supposed to be taken regularly for several years, the harm they cause should be minimized.

Active substances and their functions

How exactly does the organism "Rigavidon"? Instructions, reviews of doctors and their comments will help to put complex concepts on the shelves and find out how the drug differs from the nearest analogues.

One of the important components of a contraceptive is levonorgestrel, which is a synthetic derivative of 19-nortestosterone. The substance exhibits activity that fully responds to the effect of taking endogenous progesterone, but the strength of the action is several times higher than that of the latter. This feature of levonorgestrel can significantly reduce its dose, protecting the woman's body from excessive influence of the injected substances.

Ethinyl estradiol is also present in tablets, which is nothing more than a synthetic analogue of endogenous estradiol. The above substances are supplemented with other components, the effect of which is not so significant.


The effectiveness of the drug can be assessed by hearing the opinion of users. What results does Rigavidon show? Reviews of women suggest that the pill can really be called reliable. Opinions of experts also confirm the effectiveness of contraceptives.

All contraceptives are assessed on a special scale, they are assigned one or another index using the Pearl method. The indicator "Rigevidon" is 0.1-0.9, which gives him the title of an independent drug that does not require additional measures to prevent unwanted pregnancy.

As noted by the patient gynecological consultations, the tablets give a reliable result. Таблетки противозачаточные «Ригевидон», отзывы о которых от акушеров-гинекологов носят в основном положительный характер, удивляют своей действенностью в первую очередь дам, испробовавших на себе влияние других средств или методик контрацепции.

Основное действие

How exactly does "Rigevidon" affect the organism? Feedback from users confirms that most of the changes take place without external manifestations. Experts also distinguish the following actions of the drug: suppression of ovulation, an increase in the viscosity of the cervical mucus, a decrease in the sensitivity of the endometrium to the blastocyst.

It is necessary to consider in more detail the mechanism of action of the drug "Rigevidon". Reviews of doctors will help to understand the contribution of each individual active ingredient that is part of the contraceptive.

How exactly does the drug work?

The following aspects can be highlighted:

  • blocking the release of releasing factors in the hypothalamus (namely, luteinizing and follicle-stimulating hormone),
  • suppression of the secretion of gonadotropic and similar hormones by the pituitary gland,
  • follicle maturation slows down significantly, eventually it breaks.

Summing up, it can be noted that the active components of the drug in general inhibit the course of ovulation, the likelihood of fertilization, and as a result, the onset of pregnancy is practically reduced to zero.

In addition, the gestagenic element of the substance, levonorgestrel, increases the viscosity of the cervix secretion, which makes it difficult for sperm to penetrate into the uterus, and, in addition, because of the change in the texture of the endometrium, implantation of a fertilized egg interferes.

Additional effects

In addition to the contraceptive result, the drug with systematic use leads to a significant reduction in the risk of various gynecological diseases (it is possible to emphasize the reduction of the risk of ovarian cysts, various fibroadenomas and fibrocysts in the chest, congestion in the pelvic area).

Concerning the effect on the body of the drug "Rigevidon" reviews also indicate a decrease in the frequency of dysmenorrhea, a decrease in the amount of discharge during menstruation, as well as a decrease in the risk of ectopic pregnancy while taking the whole course.

Side effects are what worry users in most cases. Some fears can dispel information from manufacturers of the drug "Rigevidon" - instructions for use. Reviews of patients of gynecological clinics confirm the information that even after a particularly long use of the drug, fertility completely resumes after passing 1-3 cycles immediately after its cancellation. Taking pills doesn’t hurt later on to have children, and this issue is of concern to many women.

The composition of the drug

The composition also includes tablets-placebo (7 tablets-placebo accounts for 21 tablets, including active elements).

Some of the elements included in the composition, due to the concentration of iron salts, prevent the formation of anemia, and in addition, due to the lack of hormones in them, they increase the content of follicle-stimulating hormone in the body, which is necessary for the selection of the dominant follicle. Thus, when using the drug, there are no signs of hyper-inhibition syndrome.

Instructions and method of use

Before prescribing the drug, it is recommended to find as much information as possible regarding the nuances of using contraceptives “Rigevidon”. Instructions, price, reviews and expert opinions will help to make a preliminary idea of ​​the possible results of the reception and whether this tool is suitable for you.

Before writing a prescription, specialists should receive the results of a comprehensive gynecological examination. In addition, it is necessary to provide the results of general examinations and analyzes - indicators of blood pressure, glucose levels in the urine and blood, complete blood count and urine, data on the functioning of the liver, the conclusion of the mammologist and cytological examination of smears.

The drug is taken orally, it is recommended to use the pill completely, without chewing and not grinding, drinking the necessary volume of water. In order to achieve the greatest result of the tool must be taken at approximately the same time of day.


As a contraceptive, the drug is prescribed 1 tablet per day. Begin reception is recommended from the 1st or 5th day from the onset of menstruation. The duration of taking the course of white tablets is 21 days, after which the course must be supplemented by taking 7 red-brown tablets during the week.

During the period of taking the pill red-brown girls usually have menstrual discharge. If necessary, follow-up contraception at the end of the red-brown pill can be resumed by following the indicated scheme. Experts do not recommend avoiding breaks between adjacent courses (the full course lasts 28 days - 21 white tablets and 7 red-brown). The beginning of the next course should fall on the 28th day, preferably at the set time of day. The recommendations are almost the same for those who decide to change the previous oral contraceptive, and start taking Rigevidon.

If no negative changes and side effects are observed while taking, the pill can be continued as long as there is a need for contraceptives.

Application features

After an abortion, an agent is usually prescribed as soon as possible, in the first few hours after the procedure, but not later than the next day after the medical intervention.

The drug in some cases may be assigned to mothers after childbirth, in the absence of breastfeeding. In this case, it is necessary to start taking the substance no earlier than the first day of menstruation.

If the period for taking the contraceptive was shifted by less than a day, it can be resumed without additional measures. If 36 hours or more has passed from the previous administration, it is recommended to use contraceptive aids.

In order to prevent intermenstrual bleeding, it is necessary to continue taking pills from a previously opened package, leaving the missed pill. Red-brown pills can be ignored, as they do not contain hormonal components.

What to do, if during the break of Rigavidon the monthly periods did not come?

It may happen that women taking contraceptives will be examined more often, so that breast cancer is detected earlier. It has been reported about malignant and benign liver tumors in women taking oral contraceptives. Liver tumors can lead to intra-abdominal hemorrhages that threaten the lives of those who suffer. Therefore, if you have pain in the upper stomach, which is not relieved soon, tell your doctor.

The ability to influence the course of events in the female body, made it possible to regulate the duration of the menstrual cycle. Under the influence of Ripevidon, it becomes equal to 28 days. At the same time, the premenstrual syndrome smoothes, the woman does not feel pain, mood swings and other unpleasant moments.

Since hormones regulate the formation of the endometrial layer in the uterus, they can change the nature of the discharge. Under the influence of pills, the duration of menstruation is reduced to 3-4 days, the amount of blood is halved. Tablets are often prescribed for therapeutic purposes to prevent bleeding.

After you start taking Rigevidon, your doctor will see you again at regular screenings. Every year, or if you have any problems, you can see your doctor at any time. Use rigevidon with other medications. Tell your doctor or pharmacist if you are taking, recently taken or could.

Take any other medicine. Also tell any other doctor or dentist that you are prescribing another drug that you use Rigevidon. They can tell you if you need to take extra precautions regarding contraception and, if so, for how long.

Interaction with other drugs

Reminder of 21 coated tablets. A flash reminder was designed to help. Remind him to take pills. The blister is marked the day of the week in which you must take each pill. You must take one tablet daily for 21 days after the direction of the arrow printed on the cardboard until the blister is empty.

Then there are 7 days when you do not take any pills. Within 7 days without pills, day 2 or 3, you will have bleeding for the removal of blood, similar to menstruation, that is, the period. Start the next bubble on day 8 - even if the bleeding is not over.

Indications for use

If oral contraceptives were not used during the previous cycle. This is the first day of your cycle - the day when the bleeding begins. Take one labeled pill on that day of the week. Follow the arrow and continue taking one tablet each day until the blister is empty. If you start day 2-5 of your period, you should also use another method of contraception, such as.

Condom, during the first seven days of taking contraceptives, but only in the first blister pack. You do not need to use another method of contraception during a seven-day break while you are. They took all 21 pills correctly and started the next blister pack, when.

Rigievidon: pharmacological action

When switching from a combined contraceptive with a vaginal ring or patch, follow the advice of your doctor. If you are unsure or have more questions, consult your doctor or pharmacist. You can stop taking contraceptives only for progestogens at any time and start taking Rigevidon the next day at the same time.

How quickly the menstrual cycle recovers without pills depends on the duration of the drug. If a woman takes up to a year, it happens quickly. The opportunity to get pregnant appears the next month after discontinuation of the drug. And also there are individual features of the body. If the menstruation was irregular until Rigavidonone, it is possible that the cycle will also be disturbed after withdrawal. In general, for 3 months, menstruation becomes what it was before.

But be sure to use additional prophylaxis during sex during the first 7 days when you take pills. If you received an injection or implantation of progestin hormones, you can start taking. However, during intercourse, you must use another method of contraception. Sexual intercourse during the first 7 days you take pills.

Start after childbirth or abortion. Your doctor must inform you about the adoption of contraceptives after childbirth or abortion. You can start taking Rigevidon immediately after an abortion, which occurs during the first trimester of pregnancy. In this case, you do not need to take other contraceptive measures.

Ripevidon is well tolerated, reliably protects against unwanted pregnancy, regulates hormones, menstruation. Take should be prescribed by a physician, monitor well-being, regularly undergo regular inspection.

If you had a baby or had a second trimester abortion, your doctor will tell you about contraception. The duration of treatment is not limited, but frequent reviews are recommended. If you take more Rigevidon than you should. If you have any of these symptoms, you must tell your doctor that you can tell them what to do if you like.

In case of overdose or accidental ingestion, consult a doctor or. If you forgot to take Rejewidon. If you forget to take contraception, follow these instructions. If it takes 12 hours or less to take one pill. If you take the last tablet immediately after memorization and continue to take the following pills.


  • You are worried about sudden abdominal pain.
  • And long, chaotic and painful periods are already pretty tired.
  • You have insufficient endometrium to get pregnant.
  • Highlight brown, green or yellow.
  • And the recommended drugs for some reason are not effective in your case.
  • In addition, constant weakness and ailments have already firmly entered your life.

An effective treatment for endometriosis, cysts, fibroids, unstable menstrual cycle and other gynecological diseases exists.

Always, you are still protected from pregnancy. If one tablet takes more than 12 hours. If you take more than 12 hours to take a pill, you can see your protection against pregnancy. Therefore, you should take extra precautions regarding contraception.

When is the contraceptive effect?

If you forget more than one pill, seek the advice of a doctor. You must take the last pill you forgot, as soon as you remember, even if it is. Means that you should take 2 tablets at the same time. For the next 7 days, you should also use a barrier method, such as a condom.

Each drug may or may not be individually suited. An exception is not such a drug that has gained popularity among users in the past few years, as "Rigevidon." Reviews about him reflect different opinions, which will help to understand when it is worth taking this contraceptive, and in which it is better to look for alternatives.

The more pills you forget, and the closer you are to a regular period without a pill, the higher the risk of pregnancy. You should take the last pill you forgot about as soon as you remember, even if it means that you have to take 2 pills at the same time. While pills are taken correctly. For 7 days before a forgotten pill, no additional precautionary measures for contraception are required. However, if this is not the case, or if you forget more than 1 tablet, you should.

Take additional contraceptive measures for 7 days. What to do if you miss the tablet in the third week. The risk of non-contraception is inevitable, because not a single pill interval comes. However, reduced protection against contraception can be avoided by adjusting.

Instructions for use

Therefore, following one of the following two alternatives, you do not need to take any additional precautions while following the rules of contraception, if the pills were taken correctly within 7 days before the first forgotten tablet. If you did not take Rigevidon correctly for 7 days before the first forgotten tablet, you should follow the first of two alternatives. In addition, you must use the barrier method simultaneously for the next 7 days.

Then you will start to take the next blister immediately after taking the last pill of the current blister, that is, between the cups there will be no pills free. You are unlikely to have seizure bleeding before the end of the second blister, but you may experience spotting or bleeding due to a disorder on the days when you take the pill. You can also stop taking the pills of the current blister.

Many users claim that they decided to take the drug not only because of its high performance. The main advantage of the drug is a sparing effect on the body. It is not a secret to anyone that side effects and effects on other organs can negate even the best testimony. Given that contraception is supposed to be taken regularly for several years, the harm they cause should be minimized.

The period of up to 7 days without taking pills, including the days when you forgot to take. If you forget the pill, then the bleeding withdrawal did not appear in the first period. Normal without pills, should consider the possibility of pregnancy. If you want to stop taking Rigividon.

You can stop taking Rejewidon at any time. If you stop taking Rejewidon. Child, use another method of contraception until you have a true period. This will help your doctor tell you when your baby will be born.

What if you have digestive discomfort. If you have vomiting or diarrhea within 3-4 hours after taking the pill. The active ingredients of the pill have not been completely absorbed in your body. After vomiting or diarrhea, take another pill from another container as soon as possible.

Packaging and Components

Contraceptive refers to the type of monophasic means of protection from pregnancy. An identical dose of hormonal components is present in each pill. Dragee consists of:

  • Ethinyl estradiol - 30 mcg,
  • Levonorgestrel - 150 mcg.

The blister contains 21 tablets, designed for a 3-week course of administration. The package contains 1-3 blisters.

Drug benefits

Rigevidon tablets with contraceptive action, reliably protect against unwanted pregnancy, if the rules are followed. The effectiveness of the drug gives almost 100% reliability, temporarily inhibiting the process of ovulation, increasing the viscosity of mucus located in the cervical canal.

Using the pill for three months or more, focusing on the instructions of the instructions, the menstrual cycle normalizes, pain decreases during the period of premenstrual syndrome and menstruation, the amount of excreted blood decreases.

The drug reduces the likelihood of cancer of the uterus or ovaries, endometriosis, mastopathy. The effect of the means is reversible, after a few months after the end of the reception of rigevidon, the girl may become pregnant.

Start receiving

The first days of the menstrual cycle are the best time to start taking the drug. Spotting over time becomes less voluminous, and in rare cases, pass completely, do not be afraid. It happens that menstruation, on the contrary, is extended to 7-10 days, with the use of contraceptive is considered the norm.

Rigavidoneum is taken in one pill once a day for 21 days without interruption. When the blister is empty, take a break for seven days, it is during this time period usually begin monthly. Menstruation is over or not, on the 8th day a new package always opens and a new course of taking contraceptives begins.

Skip reception

Ripevidon has a contraceptive effect from the first day of administration; there is no need to use additional contraceptives. If the remedy is taken in 2-5 days from the beginning of the month, then there is a need for barrier remedies throughout the week. The effect occurs on the 8th day of admission.

If during 21 days of admission there were no gaps, failures with the schedule of admission, then the protective effect remains and extends for a period of 7 days. There is no need for other contraceptives and condoms. If there are gaps or factors that reduce efficacy, for example, a woman had vomiting, diarrhea, she took medicines, consumed alcohol in high doses, refer to the instructions:

  • If a woman remembered the pass, it took less than 12 hours from the time when the pill needed to be drunk, then it is consumed as quickly as possible, and then act in accordance with the standard method,
  • If more than 36 hours have passed, then use additional contraception.

There is a more detailed description of what to do in such situations, when more than 36 hours have passed, focusing on the dragee number:

  • Initial week (1-7 pill). Take the pill as quickly as possible. If you have to drink two pills at once, you should not be afraid. Use minor contraceptives,
  • The second week (8-14 tablet). They drink as soon as possible, even if you need to take two. The protection effect does not decrease if the previous week was free of passes and situations reducing the level of protection. In the case of at least one forgotten reception use condoms throughout the week,
  • Third week (15-21). A missed pill is taken, if necessary, and when it is consumed, two. Until the blister is over, they continue to use dragee in the usual way. The woman does not take a break for a week, but opens a new blister and takes pills. The situation with the passes is repeated: if there were no passes in the previous week, then condoms are not needed, if they were, then they use barrier protection.

Pass 2 pills

The girl who missed two pills in a row, should be aware of the reduced protective effect. The following actions depend on the number of the tablet. If 1-14, then two pills are drunk at once, as well as two pills on the next day, after they drink 1 tablet per day, as usual, until the pack is completed. Use condoms week.

When it comes to 15-21 days, then get rid of the current blister, open a new one and start with 1 tablet. Packaging is used until completion, is a break for seven days. In the absence of gaps earlier, minor contraception is not required.

Pass 3 pills

The blister is thrown away, a new one opens. Condomas are used throughout the week. In the presence of unprotected sexual intercourse in the period of time when the dragees are not taken, the chance of conception increases. Doctors advise you to go to a gynecologist, get tested for pregnancy, or do an analysis.

Transition to Rigavidon

When previous OK or COC consisted of 21 tablets in a package:

  • The starting point is considered the next day after the final pill of the previous type was drunk,
  • You can start to drink drops from the 8th day after the completion of the previous pills.

If a woman could not drink a pill during the specified period of time, you must wait until the day of the next menstruation, drink pills and act according to the instructions, use other contraceptives for seven days.

Side effects

Patients using the tool rarely experience side effects.

The appearance and elimination of symptoms occurs spontaneously. Manifested in the appearance of nausea, vomiting, the occurrence of headaches, an increase or decrease in craving for sex, an increase in body weight, a sharp and frequent change in mood, the appearance of blood secretions of the involuntary nature, the formation of conjunctivitis.

It is noticed that in rare cases more serious side effects appear:

  • In women, hearing becomes impaired or lost
  • Chloasma appears
  • There is jaundice,
  • Epileptic seizures,
  • Cramps and itching
  • Pressure rises
  • There is a thromboembolism or thrombosis,
  • Various rashes form on the skin,
  • The secretion changes in the vagina.

  • The woman quickly gets tired
  • Candidiasis appears
  • Hyperglycemia, etc.

Important Requirements

Before taking contraceptives, you should consult a doctor, held every six months throughout the time of use of the pills. Gynecological and general medical examination consists of:

  • From cytological analysis,
  • The mammary glands are being studied.
  • Blood glucose level is determined
  • Checks liver function
  • Pressure,
  • Urine composition,
  • Cholesterol level

Women cured of viral hepatitis, with a normal, restored liver, can use the drug no earlier than six months after recovery.

If abdominal pain occurs in the abdomen, hepatomegaly, symptoms of intra-abdominal bleeding, you should be tested for the presence of a liver tumor, the drug is canceled.

When a woman finds intermenstrual bleeding, the use of the contraceptive stops, if it does not pass - you need to consult a doctor. Smoking women who use hormonal pills are susceptible to the appearance of serious diseases: myocardial infarction, stroke.

What is assigned

Most often, this medication is used as a contraceptive, but sometimes it is used for medicinal purposes. Reception of Rigevidon throughout the year helps to normalize the menstrual cycle, reducing spasms in the lower abdomen. In addition, the use of the drug warns against the development of a number of gynecological diseases: cancer, ovarian cysts, mastopathy, mammary gland fibrosis, fibroadenomas and congestive masses in the pelvis.

pharmachologic effect

Ripevidon - oral contraceptive. The main active substances are levonorgestrel and ethinyl estradiol. Hormones are distributed in tablets in the same dosage.

In its activity, the first component is similar to progesterone, but it is much stronger. Ethinyl estradiol replaces estradiol.

When using the drug, unwanted pregnancy does not occur, as is the suppression of ovulation on a temporary basis. Increases the viscosity of mucus in the cervical canal.

From 8 to 14 tablets

According to the rules of application in the second week, you must take the missed pill as soon as possible. As in the first case, it is recommended to use two at once. The contraceptive effect of the drug will not be lost if the woman acted according to the instructions before the pass. Otherwise, you will need additional means of protection from unwanted pregnancy.

15 to 21 tablets

In this situation, it is recommended to take Rigavidon immediately. If necessary, you can use two capsules at once. After that, the drug is taken in the usual way. Weekly break is not necessary. You should continue to take the pills with a new package. Then the contraceptive effect is preserved, and additional contraception does not make sense. However, if there were gaps during the previous seven days, the effect of the pills will decrease. Unprotected unwanted pregnancy may occur.

Skipping several tablets in a row

If a woman has not taken a double dose of the drug, the contraceptive effect is reduced. You can warn yourself against unwanted pregnancy by following all the steps strictly according to the instructions. If you have missed the reception of Rigevidon in the first or second week, then you must take two pills at once. The next day, the regimen is repeated. After that, you need to take one at a time until the end of the package.

If it turned out that a woman missed the use of the drug from 15 to 21 days, then it is no longer necessary to continue this packaging, because you need to start a new one. It should be used until the end, and after a break according to the instructions. If before this time in the first weeks of reception there were no omissions, then the contraceptive effect will remain completely.

If you have not taken 3 tablets in a row

With such a long pass, you should put off the old package of the drug. Application must start with the first white pill and use until the end. It is recommended to continue to protect themselves further, otherwise pregnancy may occur. The effect of the drug will be reduced for some time.

Features of monthly use

Since Ripevidon is a monophasic drug that contains the same amount of hormones in each pill, the female body must adapt to it. While taking the drug may be malfunctioning systems. The first three months, the woman observes spotting in the middle of the cycle. Do not panic, because it is a simple adaptation of the hormonal background. If similar symptoms appear after some time, then it is worth paying attention to.

Delay of menstruation

Such a situation could occur if in one of the periods a woman forgot to take a pill. In addition, some medications suppress the effect of contraceptives. Their combined use leads to the fact that without additional protection can become pregnant. It is necessary to do a test and consult a specialist. Probably, problems with delay are caused by gynecological diseases.

Bleeding started

The use of hormonal contraceptives increases the likelihood of an ectopic pregnancy. If a pill was missed, then most likely it is for this reason that bleeding has occurred. The presence of severe pain indicates miscarriage or rupture of the ovaries. An urgent need to consult a doctor for examination. Only after inspection, he will be able to make an accurate diagnosis. With such symptoms, hospitalization is inevitable.

Dosage and administration of the drug Ripevidon

The drug is taken orally at the same time of day, without chewing and washing it down with a small amount of liquid.

If during the previous menstrual cycle, hormonal contraception was not performed, then Rigevidon® for the purpose of contraception is prescribed from the 1st day of menstruation daily 1 tablet for 21 days. This is followed by a 7-day break, during which menstrual-like bleeding occurs. The next 21-day cycle of taking pills from a new package containing 21 pills should be started the next day after a 7-day break, i.e. on the 8th day, even if the bleeding has not stopped. Thus, the start of taking the drug from each new package falls on the same day of the week.

In the transition to the reception of Rigievidon from another oral contraceptive, a similar scheme is used. The drug is taken as long as there is a need for contraception.

After childbirth, the drug can be prescribed only to women who are not breastfeeding, it is necessary to start receiving a contraceptive no earlier than the 1st day of menstruation. During lactation, the use of the drug is contraindicated.

The missed pill should be taken within the next 12 hours. If 36 hours have passed since the last pill was taken, then contraception is unreliable. In order to avoid intermenstrual bleeding, taking the drug should be continued from the already started packaging, with the exception of the missed tablet (s). In the case of missed pills, it is recommended to additionally use another, non-hormonal method of contraception (eg, barrier).

For therapeutic purposes, the doctor establishes the dose of Rigevidon and the scheme of use in each case individually.

Drug interactions rigevidon with other drugs

Barbiturates, some antiepileptic drugs (carbamazepine, phenytoin), sulfonamides, pyrazolone derivatives can increase the metabolism of steroid hormones that make up the drug.

Decreased contraceptive efficacy can be observed with simultaneous administration with certain antimicrobial agents (including ampicillin, rifampicin, chloramphenicol, neomycin, polymyxin B, sulfonamides, tetracyclines), which is associated with changes in intestinal microflora.

When applied simultaneously with anticoagulants derived from coumarin or indandione, it may be necessary to further determine the prothrombin index and change the dose of the anticoagulant.

With the use of tricyclic antidepressants, maprotiline, beta-blockers may increase their bioavailability and toxicity.

When using oral hypoglycemic drugs and insulin, it may be necessary to change their dose.

When combined with bromocriptine, its effectiveness is reduced.

When combined with drugs with a potential hepatotoxic effect, for example, with the drug dantrolen, there is an increase in hepatotoxicity, especially in women over 35 years of age.

The affiliation of the drug Rigevidon to ATX-classification:

G The urinary system and sex hormones

G03 Sex hormones and modulators of the reproductive system

G03AA Progestogens and estrogens (fixed combinations)

Ripevidon is a contraceptive pill that contains a low dose of hormones, and can be used as a method of contraception and treatment of certain gynecological diseases.

CAUTION: The drug has contraindications. Do not start the use of this drug without first consulting a doctor.

The composition of the tablets and packaging

Ripevidon belongs to the group of monophasic contraceptive pills. This means that all the pills in the package contain the same dose of hormones. One tablet of Rigavidone contains 30 micrograms of ethinyl estradiol and 150 micrograms of levonorgestrel. In one blister (plate) of Rigevidon there are 21 tablets calculated for 21 days of administration.

Rigavidon 21 + 7 contains 28 tablets in one blister (plate). White tablets have the same dosage of hormones as regular Rigevidon (30 mcg of ethinyl estradiol and 150 mcg of levonorgestrel), while the reddish-brown tablets do not contain hormones, being in essence.

Ripevidon and alcohol: interaction and consequences

Ripevidon - a drug belonging to the group of contraceptives. This is a hormonal agent that can inhibit ovulation and prevent unwanted pregnancy. Assign pills also in violation of the menstrual cycle. Ripevidon has no effect on the reproductive functions of the female body. For the onset of a planned pregnancy, it should be stopped no later than 3 months.

The drug is taken according to a strict scheme: in any of the first five days of the menstrual cycle, for the next 21 days, one tablet at a certain time. It is recommended to choose an evening. Therefore, the question "is it possible to drink rigevidon with alcohol?" Should not even arise. Drinking alcohol weakens control over actions and you can forget to take the drug in time.

But this is not the worst trouble. Drinking rigevidona after alcohol is strictly prohibited. The composition of the drug is a complex chemical.

Release form:

Tablets, coated white, round, biconvex.

colloidal silicon dioxide, magnesium stearate, talc, corn starch, lactose monohydrate.

The shell composition: sucrose, talc, calcium carbonate, titanium dioxide, copovidone, macrogol 6000, colloidal silicon dioxide, povidone, carmellose sodium.

21 pieces - blisters (1) - packs cardboard.
21 pieces - blisters (3) - packs cardboard.

RIGEVIDON 21 + 7 coated tablets

Tablets, coated, of two types.

White-coated tablets, round, biconvex, on.

Ripevidon is a synthetic hormonal drug that consists of the necessary balance of hormones of the first phase of the menstrual cycle (estrogen) and second phase (progesterone), and some of the connecting ones, most often it is used as a contraceptive complex oral (tablets) drug for women of childbearing age, and for the treatment of various kinds of diseases associated with an imbalance of hormones and inflammatory diseases and other age groups of women, it is also used in violation of the menstrual cycle (disminorrhea, algynism инорея (болевой синдром во время менструации), климактерический синдром (если повышенно количество эстрогена), ПМС, при фолликулярных кистах и кисте желтого тела. Впрочем эффективен, но имеет ряд противопоказаний. В одной пластинке 21 белая и 7 коричневых таблеток, пить их необходимо не менее 1 цикла и по расписанным дням. Не следует их применять без рекомендации врача -.

Наименование: Ригевидон (Rigevidon)

Наличие: на складе

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Pharmachologic effect:
Ripevidon is a drug of the combined oral contraceptive group. Ripevidon is a monophasic drug, each tablet contains the same amount of estrogen and progestin components. The drug contains levonorgestrel, a synthetic derivative of 19-nortestosterone, has activity similar to endogenous progesterone, but surpasses it in potency, which allows the use of levonorgestrel in minimal doses. In addition, the drug includes ethinyl estradiol - a synthetic analogue of endogenous estradiol. The drug effectively prevents pregnancy, the Pearl index is 0.1-0.9. When using the drug in a woman's body, a number of changes occur that contribute to prevention.

Pharmacological action

Combined monophasic oral hormonal contraceptive drug. When ingestion inhibits pituitary secretion of gonadotropic hormones. The contraceptive effect is associated with several mechanisms. As a gestagen component (progestin) contains a derivative of 19-nortestosterone - levonorgestrel, surpassing the activity of the corpus luteum hormone progesterone (and the synthetic analogue of the latter - pregnin), acts at the receptor level without prior metabolic transformations. Estrogenic component.

What is Rigavidon used for?

According to the instructions, Ripevidon can be used for the following indications:

  • for oral contraception,
  • to relieve premenstrual tension syndrome.

It is also used for functional disorders of the menstrual cycle, in particular, dysfunctional metrorrhagia and dysmenorrhea caused by inorganic causes.