The influence of Mastodinone on the menstrual cycle of women


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09.10.2010, VALENTINA 41 YEAR

07.07.2011, Olga
the fact of the matter is that the herbal preparation is part of mastodinon and it is hormonal and the adoption of mastodinon CAN cause a cycle violation! summoned me.

07.07.2011, Olga
and the weight was added (when accepting mastodinon) and today all the sites were turned over and found answers to the question about the delay and it is an increase in the cycle (the girl writes that the cycle was on the same day and suddenly after 1.5 months it became 37 days. Also read - "I have a PCM with a sheet of 8 mm in my left breast. The doctor prescribed mastodinon. I drink 1 month. I didn’t come monthly, although it wasn’t possible before taking it. It was always like a clock. Can mastodinon have any influence? I read that it can cause premature arrival of menstruation. Then what is it?
Answers to the question: Olga Antropova, Obstetrician-gynecologist, PhD

Against the background of mastodinone violations of the cycle can be observed. However, do a pregnancy test.

02.10.2010, ELLA
I am 28, diagnosed with diffuse fibrous mastopathy, I have been taking mastodinon and aevit for a month now. Immediately I felt better, PMS was gone, no acne and weight gain, although I eat as much as I want and do not limit myself. The only thing constipation began.

09/25/2010, Tasha
I am 23 years old. The doctor has written out Mastodinon, I drink it already more than two weeks.
I have a delay of 5 days (usually always on a schedule) and in this connection I am interested in the question: can it be caused by taking the drug?
Just in case, I did a test - negatively (well, what if two weeks had not passed yet).
I'm all on the nerves, please answer, did anyone have any delay due to taking the drug?

11/08/2010 Natalie 33g
I have the same story, delay, tests are negative, there is no menstruation, and in May of this year I already had an abortion. Mastadion accept the second month. I'm waiting on.

09/22/2010 Natalia
Yes, when applying mastodinone, some weight gain is possible. This is a consequence of the fact that the hormonal background is normalized and the stress resistance of the organism increases. The doctor said that the level of stress hormones (guilty in the development of mastitis and premenstrual syndrome) decreases in blood and slows down to a normal level of metabolism. The remaining food habits, on the background of a decrease in metabolism, creates an excess of calories and, as a result, an increase in weight. The same thing happens when you quit smoking.

09/22/2010, Maria
Two weeks spent on drink mastodion. Monthly started 10 days earlier. The cycle is lost, I see no improvement.

09/16/2010, Petrol
I was prescribed mastodinone (there was a cyst in the chest). I took it for 3 months, after 3 months of taking the drug, she could not feel it. After half a year, she came to the doctor as she began to feel pain in the place where she had the cyst; mastodinone was again prescribed for 3 months. What it helps is exactly, well, on my body so.

08/17/2010 Nata
I was prescribed mammoleptin, drank for 2 months, did not feel any improvements. Immediately after he was given mastodinon, drank for 3 months. During the reception I did not feel any special improvements. But after the end of the entire course of treatment, about a month later, I began to improve, my chest stopped to hurt. The therapeutic effect was long, about 6 months. I didn’t recover from one or the other drug. The only thing is to refrain from taking any alcoholic beverages.

What properties has Mastodinon

Like all homeopathic remedies, the drug is made on the basis of natural gifts. Components included in its composition, obtained from medicinal plants. Such plants include: iris multicolored, alpine violet, tiger lily, stem list vasilistnikovidny, grusposhnik bitter, prutnyak. The auxiliary substance is ethanol. The positive effect that Mastodinone has on menstruation is caused by the manifestation of the properties of these plants.

Taken together, herbal ingredients have an active effect called dopaminergic. As a result, the production of prolactin, which contributes to the development of pathological processes, decreases. This in turn reduces the risk of diseases, one of which is fibrocystic mastopathy. Mastodinon has these properties due to its content in

it prutnyak. Taking the medicine softens the premenstrual syndrome and treats infertility.

The drug is made in Germany and has scientific evidence of its effectiveness. Available in the form of drops and tablets. In order for the result of treatment to become obvious, the drug must be taken six months.


Basically, the treatment proceeds without side effects. You need to be careful in applying the medication to those who have a sick liver. Alcohol should not be taken while taking a homeopathic remedy. If a woman becomes pregnant while taking Mastodinon, the treatment should be stopped. Not assigned to nursing mothers and children under 12 years. With malignant tumors, the drug is contraindicated. Course -
from 3 to 6 months. Repeated treatment - only on the recommendation of a doctor. The drug is prescribed in violation of the menstrual cycle.

Applying Mastodinone to cycle

If a teenage girl has a menstrual cycle, but there are irregularities, there is no need to leave this

about without attention. With a delay in menstruation, you should not immediately resort to hormonal drugs. There is an alternative. Mastodinon helps to deal with this problem. The drug restores various disorders of the menstrual cycle: heavy bleeding, prolonged menstruation, insufficient menstrual flow and, if the menstruation is premature. Homeopathic remedy prescribed after 13 years with a duration of treatment of 3 months. It is usually effective.

When infertility Mastodinon take 12 months. Practice shows that many women recover after the menstrual cycle and become pregnant.

It happens that women taking Mastodinon note a delay in menstruation. Experts believe that this is due to the physiology of the patient. Any irregularities in taking this medication are most likely caused by other reasons, and are not related to its use. This may be stress or individual intolerance.

Delay in connection with the use of the drug

Some people think that taking Mastodinone medication and delaying menstruation is not a coincidence. Experts explain some reasons why it may seem so. Firstly, there are cases when the drug does not cope with the task of reducing prolactin. If its concentration is very high, then more effective drugs are needed. Secondly, there are patients who do not tolerate lactose. This substance is contained in the tablets Mastodinon. In such a case there is a medicine in the form of drops.

With problems associated with reproductive organs and violations of the monthly cycles, Mastodinon does not act as a separate drug. Often it is prescribed in combination with other drugs. Therefore, if during treatment there are misunderstandings, it is not a fact that this is caused by the intake of this homeopathic remedy. Questions need to be addressed with

by the attending physician.

It is important to remember that the effect of homeopathic remedies does not occur immediately. It can occur after 6 months. Reduce the effect of the drug can take alcohol. And since the drug acts slowly and gradually, the treatment should take place regularly. No need to skip the medication. In case of delayed menstruation while taking Mastodinone, a deep examination is recommended.

Delay of menstruation may occur from overdose of the drug. Such an improper use of the drug can lead to a slow release of the follicle and the release of the egg.

In general, the homeopathic remedy Mastodinon does not adversely affect menstruation.

Menstruation in the middle of the cycle

In medicine, menstruation in the middle of the cycle has 2 types of classification: intermenstrual and uterine. Uterine bleeding can be caused by such serious diseases: cervical erosion, endometriosis, fibroids, cervical cancer. When such manifestations need to go to the hospital. If bleeding is caused by contraceptive use, this is normal. But there are small disruptions that occur at the level of hormonal levels. Factors causing bleeding between menstruation:

  1. Medication containing estrogen
  2. Stress,
  3. Any termination of pregnancy
  4. Drugs
  5. Intrauterine device,
  6. The restructuring of the body associated with hormones,
  7. All kinds of infections
  8. Hormonal thyroid disorders,
  9. Injuries to the genitals.

Can Mastodinon cause premature monthly, the question is clear.

The drug eliminates the causes that prevent the formation of progesterone, which is necessary for the natural beginning of menstruation. If progesterone is not enough, then Mastodinon causes menstruation and thus performs the assigned function. It serves as a stimulant. If menstruation is not delayed due to progesterone deficiency, then other hormonal drugs are prescribed. From the above, it can be concluded that the drug does not cause unwanted bleeding.

Monthly change while taking Mastodinone

Symptoms that Mastodinon can relieve during menstruation:

  • Breast swelling,
  • Premenstrual syndrome,
  • Menstruation too painful,
  • Abundant menstruation.

After a certain period after taking the drug, a woman may notice the desired changes in her body.

  1. Some, a week before menstruation, chest is poured. This process is painful. Already 2 months after admission

    medication, you can get relief. Such manifestations begin to pass much softer.

  2. Mastodinone has a positive effect during menstruation and on emotional state. Not so pronounced drowsiness. Woman becomes less irritable. Disappears anxiety and despondency. It does not show crying.
  3. Over time, nagging pain in the lower back and lower abdomen decreases. Headaches become less and less, and even completely pass.
  4. The drug stimulates the production of progesterone and normalizes ovarian function. There are changes in the mucous membrane (in the second phase of the cycle), which contributes to the volume of normal secretions.

Mastodinon - composition and release form

Currently, Mastodinon is available in two dosage forms - tablets and drops for oral administration. Both tablets and mastodinone drops contain the same active ingredients, which are extracts or other preparations of medicinal herbs, such as:

  • Agnus castus (Abraham tree) - 162 mg in one tablet and 20 g in 100 ml drops,
  • Caulophyllum thalictroides (Labeller) - 81 mg per pill and 10 g per 100 ml drop,
  • Cyclamen (Cyclamen) - 81 mg per pill and 10 g per 100 ml of drops,
  • Ignatia (Chilibuha) - 81 mg per pill and 10 g per 100 ml of drops,
  • Iris (Iris) - 162 mg per pill and 20 mg per 100 ml of drops,
  • Lilium tigrinum (Lily) - 81 mg per pill and 10 g per 100 ml drops.

As auxiliary components, Mastodinone tablets contain potato starch, magnesium stearate and lactose, and drops - only ethyl alcohol of 47 - 53% concentration.

Mastodinon tablets have a round shape of a flattened cylinder and are painted in beige color with light brown splashes. Available in packs of 60 or pieces. Drops Mastodinon represent a homogeneous transparent solution, painted in yellowish color and having a specific aroma. During storage, a slight turbidity of the solution or loss of a small volume of sediment is allowed. Drops are available in 50 ml or 100 ml glass dark bottles.

Therapeutic and pharmacological action

Mastodinone is a herbal preparation, and its pharmacological and therapeutic properties are due to the effects of herbs that make up.

The main pharmacological action of Mastodinone is dopaminoergic. This means that the drug enhances the production of dopamine in the structures of the brain and accelerates the work of the corresponding receptors. Under the influence of accelerating the exchange of dopamine in the pituitary gland, the production of the hormone prolactin, which, in turn, is a direct stimulator of the synthesis of various gonadotropic hormones, such as follicle-stimulating (FSH), luteinizing (LH), thyroid-stimulating (TSH), etc., is reduced. Against the background of a decrease in the production of prolactin, its excessive influence is reduced and the synthesis of gonadotropic hormones that regulate the functioning of the female genitals (ovaries, uterus and fallopian tubes) is normalized. The final result of the pharmacological effect of Mastodinone is the normalization of the menstrual cycle and the elimination of infertility caused by excessive secretion of prolactin and the associated yellow body deficiency.

In addition, as a result of reducing the production of prolactin, a favorable condition occurs for the reverse development of fibrocystic mastopathies. However, the involution and disappearance of mastopathy occurs with continuous administration of Mastodinon for at least 6 weeks, since a reduced level of prolactin production should be maintained precisely for such a period of time.

General provisions treatment Mastodinonom

Drops and tablets of Mastodinon are taken orally (orally) with a small amount of water (half a glass is enough).

If during the application of drops or tablets of Mastodinon a woman has become pregnant, then the drug should be stopped immediately. Optimally, during the entire course of treatment with Mastodinone, use various methods of birth control and plan conception 1–3 months after discontinuation of the drug.

Since drops of Mastodinone contain alcohol, they should not be used by people suffering from diseases of the liver, brain, epilepsy or after successful treatment of alcoholism.

Simultaneously with Mastodinone, you can use other drugs designed to treat the same conditions. Moreover, the use of Mastodinone in combination with other drugs in the complex treatment has a more pronounced and persistent therapeutic effect.

However, smoking or drinking alcohol does not reduce the therapeutic effect of drops or tablets Mastodinona. Therefore, theoretically, against the background of the treatment with Mastodinone, one can avoid giving up bad habits if this causes too much psychological and physical discomfort.

If a woman has unclear and repeated complaints for 2–3 weeks, you should stop taking Mastodinon and consult a doctor.

Mastodinon does not change the reaction rate when used in therapeutic dosages, so during the course of treatment a woman can drive a car, work with mechanisms or engage in other activities that require attention and concentration.

Mastodinon drops - instructions for use

The bottle with the solution before each use must be shaken to eliminate the precipitate. The presence of a small amount of sediment and turbidity in solution Mastodinon does not reduce the effectiveness of the drug.

The solution for mastopathy, PMS and impaired fertility must be taken twice a day with 30 drops for at least three months. For the period of menstrual bleeding Mastodinone reception is not interrupted. Drops can be diluted in a small amount of water or drink them. However, to reduce the unpleasant bitter taste, it is recommended to dissolve the drops in water, tea, juice, fruit juice or compote. It is best to take drops in the morning and evening.

Symptomatology is stopped, and the woman's condition improves on average after 6 weeks of continuous administration of Mastodinon drops. If, after completion of therapy, the symptoms of the disease reappear, you should consult a doctor.

Acceptance of Mastodinone - what to choose: drops or tablets

If a woman for any reason wants to completely eliminate the use of alcohol or ethyl alcohol is contraindicated to her, then it is necessary to use only Mastodinon tablets. Also, tablets are preferable in the presence of any diseases of the liver, brain, epilepsy or alcoholism. However, tablets are contraindicated in intolerance to milk sugar, because they contain lactose as an auxiliary component. In this case, you should choose a drop.

Otherwise, there are no differences between drops and tablets, and two dosage forms are created solely for the convenience of women. For example, if it is inconvenient or unpleasant for someone to take pills, then they can replace them with drops without losing or reducing effectiveness. Because of the individual characteristics of the body and psychology, it is more convenient and comfortable for some women to use the drops, because they are better tolerated, and the other, on the contrary, are pills. If there are no diseases or conditions that involve the use of a particular dosage form, then you can choose any, which for subjective reasons, like more.

Some women recommend drops, because subjectively, they tolerate them better than tablets. Другие пациентки, напротив, предпочитают таблетки, поскольку по их ощущениям, они эффективнее капель. То есть, выбирать лекарственную форму Мастодинона можно и нужно исключительно под свои особенности, руководствуясь личными предпочтениями и ощущениями.

Мастодинон при мастопатии

For the most effective treatment of mastopathy, Mastodinon can be taken in combination with other drugs without adjusting the regimen, dosage and duration of therapy.

Mastodinon take 30 drops or one tablet twice a day, for at least three months without interruption. Improvement is usually felt after 6 weeks of use. However, reception continues until the full or significant involution of education, determined by the results of ultrasound or mammography. The drug is suitable for long-term use, so a continuous course can be continued until the desired result is achieved. You can also take Mastodinon regular courses with a few breaks in between. The optimal tactic is chosen by the doctor together with the woman.

While taking Mastodinone, the unpleasant symptoms of mastopathy (pain, tightness in the chest, discharge of fluid from the nipples, etc.) should gradually decrease and disappear. If this does not occur, then it is necessary to consult a doctor. You should also consult with your doctor about the resumption of Mastodinone, if after the abolition of the drug complaints have resumed.
More about mastopathy

Does Mastodinone help you get pregnant?

If difficulties with conception are caused solely by insufficiency of the corpus luteum (second phase of the menstrual cycle), then Mastodinon can help to get pregnant, because it normalizes the production of sex hormones, thereby eliminating the cause of infertility.

If the impossibility of conception in addition to the insufficiency of the corpus luteum is associated with some other factors, for example, lack of ovulation, low quality of sperm and others, then Mastodinon will not help to get pregnant.

In order to determine whether a woman has a yellow body deficiency, it is necessary to determine the concentration of hormones (prolactin, FSH, LH) in the blood. If the level of prolactin is increased, then we are talking about the insufficiency of the corpus luteum, which can be eliminated by taking Mastodinon, thereby normalizing hormones and creating conditions for the onset of pregnancy. In such a situation, Mastodinon will help to get pregnant, and for infertility caused by other reasons, the drug will be ineffective.

This means that Mastodinon helps to get pregnant only if there is a certain problem, and not in all cases. Therefore, women suffering from infertility should not take Mastodinon just for the sake of “what if they help”, because despite the natural composition, the drug is very powerful because it affects the production of hormones that regulate the ovaries, and therefore can only aggravate the situation when using not on purpose.

Mastodinon and menstruation delay

Some women who took Mastodinone for various diseases, notes the presence of delayed menstruation and lengthening the cycle. This situation is associated with the individual reaction of the woman to the drug, which is physiological and does not require any special treatment. Doctors-gynecologists believe that the delay of menstruation is not associated with the reception of Mastodinon, but due solely to stress or other reasons. That is, the delay of menstruation is not a factor, with the appearance of which it is necessary to stop taking the drug.

In addition, normalizing the second phase of the menstrual cycle, Mastodinon restores the fertility of a woman, which increases her chances of becoming pregnant. Accordingly, a woman can become pregnant, which, in turn, will cause the delay of menstruation. Moreover, on the basis of clinical observations, it can be concluded that women often become pregnant while receiving Mastodinone.

Therefore, if a woman takes Mastodinon and leads an unprotected sex, then with a menstruation delay, you should first of all do a pregnancy test.

Mastodinon - reviews

Women take Mastodinone in the overwhelming majority of cases about the two conditions - this is mastopathy and premenstrual syndrome with painful periods. However, since they are often combined, or women taking the drug for one reason, notice its positive effect in relation to the menstrual cycle or the state of the breast, it is almost impossible to thematically divide the reviews. Therefore, we consider general reviews of Mastodinone, which are positive in about 70% of cases and negative in 30%.

Positive reviews of Mastodinone are associated with its ability to eliminate pain and tension in the chest, as well as reduce the amount of fibrocystic mastopathy. Thus, women noted that during the use of Mastodinon, pain in the mammary glands disappeared, swelling was eliminated and, accordingly, the quality of life improved, since it became possible to walk normally, play sports, sleep in a comfortable position and touch the chest in general, without expecting strong pain . In exchange application (from 3 to 6 months), the volume of fibrocystic mastopathy, as a rule, decreases, rarely disappears completely or does not change. After several repeated courses of Mastodinone intake, according to reviews, mastopathy disappears completely and the achieved effect remains for a long period of time.

Also positive reviews about Mastodinone associated with its ability to eliminate premenstrual syndrome, reduce pain during menstruation and normalize the cycle. Many women note that the drug was taken on mastopathy, but as a pleasant "side effect" it normalized the cycle and made the menstruation painless and short. However, all patients note that for the appearance of the Mastodinon effect it is necessary to take a long time, since the drug is homeopathic.

The advantages of Mastodinon women include efficiency, convenient dispenser of a bottle with drops, natural composition, an increase in appetite, weight gain, as well as a small number of contraindications and side effects. The disadvantages of the patient's drug are relatively high cost, unpleasant taste and the need for long-term use.

Negative reviews of Mastodinone are left by women who did not help the drug to fix the problem. However, the characteristic quality of even negative reviews is their benevolence, since women indicate that Mastodinon did not help them, but for many other drops or tablets turned out to be an effective means of solving the problem. From this fact, women conclude that Mastodinon, like any other homeopathic remedy, has an effect individually, and therefore it helps someone, but it does not.

Separately, it is worth mentioning about the company to discredit Mastodinon, during which information is spread that the drug is banned in Europe and the USA, because it causes growth of myomas and endometrial pathology, and is not a medicine with proven effectiveness. This information provokes an emotional reaction in women, and they leave negative reviews about Mastodinone, motivated by the fact that pharmaceutical companies conduct experiments on them.

However, the reality is not so simple. Indeed, from the standpoint of evidence-based medicine, all homeopathic preparations do not have clearly proven efficacy, but this does not mean that it does not exist at all. In addition, homeopathic remedies in the United States and Europe do not belong to drugs, therefore, they are sold in pharmacies without prescriptions, like vitamins or dietary supplements. But nowhere is a ban on these drugs, and they are used in a wide variety of situations not only according to the direct indications indicated in the instructions, and this is done in all countries - Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, the USA and Europe. After all, there is a group of so-called off-label prescription everywhere, that is, conditions in which doctors prescribe a particular drug for a reason that is not specified in the instructions and on the basis of its own conclusions and assumptions, and not evidence of its effectiveness. And in many cases, it becomes easier for a person and his quality of life improves while taking the drug with unproven effectiveness.

Operating principle

“Mastodinon” is a homeopathic medicine that is intended for the treatment of mastitis, disorders of the menstrual cycle, premenstrual syndrome.
The drug is available in two forms.

  • Drops. It is a clear and aromatic liquid with a slightly yellow color. When taken orally, it first has a sweet taste, and then bitter. It is produced in dark dropper bottles of 100 and 50 ml.
  • Pills. Beige, round, odorless, 20 each in blisters.

The composition of the active components in both forms of release is the same. (All of these are extracts of medicinal plants, as detailed in the following table). Identical and bioavailability. Therefore, it is not worth thinking about what is better, pills or drops of “Mastodinon”.

Table - The composition of the drug "Mastodinon"

Ethyl alcohol (47-53%) acts as an auxiliary substance in drops. In tablets - potato starch, magnesium stearate, lactose.

As part of "Mastodinona" no hormones, only natural raw materials. In addition to the main action, the drug can reduce the level of the hormone prolactin in the body. Increasing it disrupts the normal activity of the pituitary gland, which is why ovarian function suffers. As a result, hyperprolactinemia occurs, which is the cause of infertility in both sexes and gynecomastia (breast enlargement) in men.

Indications for appointment

"Mastodinon" is used as a symptomatic drug in the treatment of the following pathological conditions:

  • cystic fibrous form of mastopathy - manifested by pain, engorgement, breast tissue compaction,
  • infertility and / or cycle disorder - in case it arises due to inferiority of the corpus luteum, against the background of an ovarian cyst, with uterine myoma, endometriosis,
  • premenstrual syndrome - helps with migraine-like headache, engorgement and tenderness of the glands, edema, constipation, severe nervousness.

Indications for use "Mastodinona" can be extended at the discretion of the doctor. For example, the medicine is used for the treatment of manifestations of menopause, with polycystic.

Instructions for use "Mastodinona"

"Mastodinon", regardless of the form of release, taken orally and washed down with water (about half a glass). If a woman becomes pregnant while taking the drug, use it should be stopped.

The best option is to protect against a possible pregnancy during the course of treatment, but to conceive after conception one to three months after discontinuation of the medication. “Mastodinon” is often used to normalize the cycle and subsequent pregnancy, but not to conceive while taking medicine. Its effect on the embryo is not installed.

This medicine is often prescribed as part of a comprehensive treatment. In this case, its effect is more persistent and pronounced. If a woman has complaints for two to three weeks, you should stop taking the drug and visit a doctor.

Before each dose of the drug, it must be shaken. During the storage of the solution, it may be cloudy or the presence of small flakes. It does not affect the effectiveness of the drug. Regardless of the pathology, the Mastodinone regimen is as follows:

  • 30 drops in two doses - during the day (the best option is in the morning and in the evening),
  • treatment lasts at least three months
  • for the period of menstruation - no need to interrupt the use of drugs.

Drops can be washed down or diluted with water. Dilution with juice, compote, tea or frosting will help reduce the slightly unpleasant taste of the drug.

The tablet form must be consumed one every 12 hours whole, with water. The minimum duration of treatment is three months. The course of treatment is continuous. If the condition has not improved, you should additionally consult a doctor.

Side effects and complications of taking

Side effects of the drug are extremely rare, usually with long-term use. Details are shown in the table.

Table - Side effects of taking Mastodinone

If such reactions occur, the Mastodinone treatment should be stopped and a doctor should be visited.

Cases of intoxication and overdose are not described. Receiving doses that are much higher than the recommended, can cause diarrhea. More often this applies to people who suffer from enzyme deficiency to process galactose.

Similar medicines

According to the active substance, Mastodinon does not have any analogs, like any other homeopathic medicine. Similar in mechanism of action are:

  • "Ginekohel"
  • "Remerns",
  • "Ovarium compositum",
  • "Chi-Klim",
  • "Sigetin",
  • "Mamoklam"
  • "Mammoleptin",
  • "Galavit",
  • "Metro adneks inel",
  • "Klimadinon".

The possibility of using analogs must be coordinated with a specialist.

special instructions

While using the drug you need to pay attention to some points.

  • Alcohol and nicotine. The use of alcohol-containing and nicotine-containing agents adversely affects the effectiveness of homeopathic medicines. Due to the presence of ethanol droplets in the composition, it is not necessary to use the preparation after anti-alcohol treatment. Also, in liver diseases, this form of release can be used exclusively with the permission of a physician.
  • Unclear complaints. With prolonged and recurring symptoms in the treatment process, it is imperative that you consult with your doctor.
  • Dopamine antagonists. The effect of "Mastodinone" may be weakened while applying with drugs of this group.
  • Diabetes . The drug can be used when a woman has this disease, because in a single dose less than 0.020 grain units.

Reviews of doctors and women prove the effectiveness of the use of “Mastodinon” drops from mastopathy. Also, the drug is used in the treatment and prevention of other women's ailments. Mostly - with hormonal causes. Including during menopause.

I drink cyclodinone 2.5 months. Prolactin was at the upper limit of normal. Previously, for 2 weeks in a cycle, the chest was almost in her arms worn from pain. About the pain on the first day of menstruation in general keep quiet, from the second year after the beginning of the month's. And so, on the very first cycle, the chest did not hurt at all. In the second, the pain in 1 dmc became tolerable, and I found out that “they” came only in the morning in the shower. This is fantastic for me, but it's true. Prolactin decreased a little while, by 100. I will continue. I hope now for pregnancy.

I will tell you about my experience with this “harmless” weed. I will say right away - they've been drunk for a month, everything started from the first week, depression, drowsiness, lack of strength, from the second week my chest and lower abdomen began to hurt, even more severe retardation appeared, starting from the third week I stopped eating normally, constant dizziness, confusion, on the fourth week plus all this, my heart ached, I didn’t understand that it was all from these pills, it’s just weed as many people say, on the last day of the reception she couldn’t get out of bed all day, she thought her head would blow up This was not, did not remember what happened a couple of days ago. Became inhibited. Today is the third day as I do not drink them. I feel great, adequate normal person. the only thing is an unpleasant feeling in the head, it does not hurt, but it is discomfort. Like a head in a vise and there someone is crawling. I hope all this will pass. I do not argue - everything is individual, but the fact that the drug is not so harmless is a fact. I am ready to continue to live with a downed cycle, only not to drink them anymore. 10 years before the drug weighed 46 kg, now I weigh 40 (((

And I have long been a gynecologist recommended to drink it, but not only in connection with mastopathy, but in connection painful periods. But then I missed this recommendation, because the tempalgin pill is easier and more effective for me than the long months of herbal medicine.

I drink mastodinon 5th week. The improvement in well-being is already there. I hope that, together with a healthy lifestyle and diet, the improvement will be stable and further the improvement process will go even faster.

Mastodinon was assigned to me by my breast specialist, when I addressed breast problems. Both breasts were very painful, she could not sleep, even to take a bath was painful, my husband was denied everything. Life has stopped. Has handed over analyzes, have made ultrasonography, have revealed cysts. The first thing that the doctor suggested to me was to be operated on, but then they decided to take a course of treatment to see what changes would be. In the list of appointments was listed mastodinon. Saw drug at the rate. The result is. The pain decreased, the nodes did not disappear but did not increase. I feel so much better now that the operation is out of the question.

What is the manufacturer modestly silent about? An excellent tool for the treatment of mastopathy, but it causes a failure of the menstrual cycle.

Greetings to all who looked in my review!

In 2016, I underwent breast surgery, sectoral resection. If in simple words, they found a benign tumor in my chest, it was very deep, could not be felt by fingers, grew rapidly. As a result, I was removed a part of the mammary gland together with a tumor and was appointed every six months to go to the control ultrasound.

Ultrasonography did not show the presence of new fibroadenomas, but there were very, very many small cysts in both mammary glands. Treatment was needed, and I was pulling everything.

Но потом меня так припекло, что к маммологу на приём всё же пришлось записаться.

Мои жалобы:

- Чувство жжения в груди, покалывание, грудь ( особенно перед месячными ) набухшая, болезненная, горячая.

- очень сильный ПМС. Раздражительность, агрессивность, иногда плаксивость.

- Бессонница ( не могла уснуть до 2-3 часов ночи, потом днем ходила усталая и вялая ).

The doctor - the mammologist scolded me for not having been treated for so long, prescribed tests for hormones (I took for the first time in my life, a little expensive, but necessary). He also appointed to make a computer mammography of the mammary glands.

Mammogram showed the presence of fibrocystic mastopathy and a large number of cysts, and the analysis of hormones showed increased prolactin. Not that quite elevated, but on the border of the norm. Therefore, the doctor wrote me Mastodinon for 3 months at least.

From what day can you take the drug?

I asked the doctor if it was necessary to wait for the beginning of a new cycle and then start taking Mastodinon, to which the doctor replied that the day of the cycle does not matter, and you can start the treatment today. I had the second phase of the cycle, either 17, or 18th day, when I started taking Mastodinon.

Forms of release.

Generally, Mastodinon is in droplets and tablets. I decided to buy pills, as they are easier to carry with me, plus to this, I take statins from high cholesterol, and with them any alcohol is contraindicated (a drop of Mastodinone is alcoholic).

Price for Mastodinon.

I bought Mastodinon in an ordinary network pharmacy Maksavit at the price of 447 rubles per pack of 60 tablets. Such packaging should be enough for a month of use.

Now I drink the second pack. I had doubts about the purchase of the third package, but still I decided to get treated for the third month.

The tablets are small, swallowed easily, do not cause heartburn and an unpleasant aftertaste in the mouth. I did not try to chew them, because I can not judge what they taste.

The composition of the tablets Mastodinon.

The composition is completely natural, homeopathic. But even with homeopathic remedies, as shown by my experience, you can get an unexpected result.

The instruction is written simply and clearly and does not cause discrepancies.

I take Mastodinon pills 2 times a day, in the morning on an empty stomach, at 6 in the morning, and in the evening, about an hour after meals, at 7 - 8.

Feelings when taking Mastodinone.

The drug was effective. Moreover, he begins to help quite quickly.

The burning sensation in the chest disappeared in the second week of taking the drug. I began to sleep better and fall asleep easier. I became less whiny and less irritable, my mood was even and calm. Months before me were not particularly painful, even on the first day, and here in general they do not cause any negative emotions.

Hair began to fall out less (but I also saw iron preparations for anemia, I can’t say exactly what helped).

Monthly came with a delay of 1 day, which I considered quite normal. I had my own cycle before treatment with Mastodinon for 28-30 days and did not need correction.

In general, in the first month I was satisfied with the drug and would have boldly given him 5 points.

What has changed in the second month of admission?

All the positive moments have not disappeared anywhere, the chest still does not hurt, there is no feeling that the chest is burning from the inside.

PMS does not bother, the mood is even. BUT!

Mastodinon is able to bring down the menstrual cycle, and in this I was convinced from my bitter experience.

Why bitter? Because it was planned to leave, and I specifically counted the days so as not to go on the train and not to fly on an airplane during menstruation. Therefore, I expected that vacation days would fall approximately in the middle of the cycle. It was also planned swimming.

And here Mastodinon by the law of meanness decided to show his character.

Monthly did not come on day 31, or even on day 35 of the cycle. I was in a panic, the vacation could have been hopelessly flawed.

I drank tea with pharmaceutical chamomile and shook the press, but there was no body reaction.

Pregnancy was completely excluded.

I read on the Internet that for those with a cycle that is unstable and lasts 40-50 days, Mastodinon helps, and the cycle is getting better. To the same girls who have their own good cycle, the drug is able to knock everything down completely, and there may be delays from 5-8 days to 50 days.

There are few such reviews on the net, the whole drug is praised and wondering how it causes delays, and in general, apparently, you are doing something wrong, since you have a delay, and in general, you're lying.

But do not lie .. And I would like the manufacturer to write about the possible delay of menstruation in the instructions for the drug.

My vacation will not be overshadowed by the monthly in the train, and I am very glad that the monthly periods have already reached 38 days! But the drug left mixed feelings.

On the one hand, for a breast it is a real wand - a wand, on the other hand, with Mastodinon it is unrealistic to plan something, the same vacation, for example, since menstruation can begin when they want.

I put 4 points. I will buy the 3rd pack so that the breast treatment is complete, and on this, perhaps, I will tie it up with Mastodinon. I will ask the doctor about alternative means.

Mastodinon and menstrual cycle

Menstruation is not many lucky people pass completely without problems. Often they and the accompanying manifestations need to be adjusted with medications, one of which is mastodinone.

It is a herbal medicine that has become popular due to its effectiveness. Most often, it is prescribed for diseases of the chest, but mastodinon and menstruation can lead to normal. To understand how and when it is possible, it is worth knowing the peculiarities of the work of a homeopathic remedy.

Read in this article.

Little about the drug

Mastodinone is used, as a rule, in combination with other drugs for the treatment of ailments associated with the work of the reproductive organs, as well as disorders in the field of sex hormones. It:

Questions about whether mastodinone could affect menses would be superfluous. This is one of his tasks. Another thing, what will be the impact.

But the effect of mastodinone on menstruation is due to the properties of medicinal herbs included in its composition. They stimulate the body to produce dopamine, which normalizes the amount of prolactin.

From the latter depends on the production of FSH and LH. Their sufficient, but not excessive amount restores the work of the ovaries, affects the uterus and its appendages. That is, the influence of mastodinone on menstruation consists in its normalization, elimination of problems of the second phase of the cycle. This is usually oligomenorrhea and metrorrhagia.

Application features

The drug to achieve the effect requires two times daily use for several weeks, possibly longer. But since it has an effect on the production of hormones, and if it is used in the form of drops, it contains alcohol, there are doubts whether it is possible to drink mastodinone during menstruation.

The woman will feel the first signs of improvement after 6 weeks of using the drug. The minimum period of application is 63 days, the dosage is determined by the doctor.

Cycle impact

One of the possible difficulties when taking the drug is the absence of menstruation in time. And naturally, a woman has a question: can the medicine cause a delay in menstruation?

Exposure to the duration of the cycle to extraneous exposure, including drugs, is not a discovery. However, the delay in menstruation when taking mastodinone can be the result of not only its effect on the body, but also:

  • Stress. The drug is not prescribed to a healthy woman, which means that for negative emotions there is at least one reason - a disease. Many other reasons can provoke stress. But in this case, mastodinone and the delay of menstruation simply coincided in time, and are not cause and effect,

  • Hormonal failure. It can occur due to an overdose of the drug, as a result of an excessive reduction in the amount of FSH and LH, that is, slowing down the release of the follicle and the readiness of the egg to exit the membrane,
  • Pregnancy. Delay of menstruation after the drug is often caused by this reason, since it restores the ability to conceive and is often appointed for this. So, when the monthly periods disappeared after mastodinone, it is worth finding out immediately, because the drug cannot be used during pregnancy.

We advise you to read the article on the effect of the drug Jess on menstruation. You will learn the features of taking the medicine and its effects on the body, how it affects the menstrual cycle, about possible side effects.

Can menstruation come earlier?

Since it is known that the drug eliminates the factors interfering with the development of progestins, many wonder: can mastodinone cause premature menstruation? After all, these substances are among the most important for the beginning of menstruation.

You should not expect that it will act in the same way as hormonal drugs.

Change in menstruation when taking

One of the indications for the use of the drug is a cycle failure, as well as strong PMS manifestations. Therefore, the monthly when receiving mastodinona acquire:

  • Lesser soreness. You should not wait for this from the first menstrual period. Does mastodinone affect on menstruation, it will become clear from the second when the sensations become lighter,

  • Normal volume of discharge. Stimulation of ovarian function and progesterone production leads to the fact that the endometrium restores its development and normal thickness at each stage. Formerly, due to hormonal insufficiency, the mucosa remained voluminous and in the second phase of the cycle, which led to heavy menstruation.

Mastodinon and the monthly periods that go along with the reception give the woman greater emotional stability than before on critical days. Irritability, tension, mood swings disappear. Weakness is also less pronounced.

An important nuance for many is that the drug relieves soreness and swelling of the mammary glands during menstruation. This is due to a decrease in prolactin volume. The size of the glandular tissue is normalized, the ducts also restore their normal circumference, ceasing to squeeze the nerves.

We recommend reading the article on the causes and treatment of long periods. You will learn about the normal duration of menstruation, diseases leading to pathology, methods of therapy.

Mastodinone and recovered menstruation often lead to the desired pregnancy, when other drugs have not helped. So you should not consider the tool a harmless weed that you can try everything. It has many contraindications, can cause allergic manifestations, provoke weight gain.

But if they are absent from a woman, this is still not enough to start an independent reception on the advice of a friend. Mastodinon will help only where there is good reason to use.

When the drug is prescribed

Basically, it is prescribed to treat breast problems, but this is not its only therapeutic effect. It is able to normalize the menstrual cycle and reduce the manifestation of some unpleasant symptoms accompanying menstruation. This drug is among the homeopathic and therefore it is often used in combination with others for the treatment of ailments in the genital area. These include mastopathy, strong premenstrual manifestations, infertility and problems with the cycle. Therefore, its effect on the monthly allocation is obvious.

Can Mastodinon affect the delay of menstruation

However, when taking this remedy, there are often unpredictable consequences, especially in cases where a woman decides to do it on her own without prior examination and consultation with a doctor. Its effect on the cycle is associated with its medicinal herbs that stimulate the body to produce dopamine. He, in turn, regulates the amount of prolactin in the body, which determines the production of follicle-stimulating and luteinizing hormones. It is their sufficient number, not excessive, that helps to restore the work of the ovaries, and also has a therapeutic effect on the uterus and appendages.

Consequently, the effect of the drug on menstruation consists in their regulation, elimination of problems of the second phase of the cycle.

The composition of the drug and release form

Modern pharmaceutical companies produce two forms of medicine: tablets and drops. The composition contains a large number of medicinal herbs: Abraham tree, stem list, cyclamen, chilibukha, iris, lily. Due to the fact that it is a herbal preparation, doctors often prescribe the joint intake of other medicines with it. For example, you can safely combine Mastodinon and Duphaston at the same time, because they have a similar area of ​​use. True, the first drug is prescribed by a mammologist, and the second is a gynecologist.

Tablets are usually presented in 60 pieces per pack. Drops are a clear solution that is colored yellow with a specific odor. The appearance of sediment during storage. The volume of the bottles of 50 ml or 100 ml.

How and how much to take the drug

To obtain the desired effect, it is necessary to take it twice a day for several months. To the question: “How long can you take it?”, Only a specialist will answer. However, the minimum time period is at least six months. Take before meals or after - depends on the woman. If it is more convenient for her to take before a meal, then it should be done in half an hour. Those who want after eating, it is better to endure an hour and a half after eating. Regardless of the form of the drug, it is necessary to drink it with plenty of water.

The first improvements come after six weeks of use. Necessarily treatment should be continuous. Despite the fact that some forms of the drug contain alcohol, it is not necessary to stop taking it even during the period. The main principle of treatment is precisely the continuity of the course.

Causes of delayed menstruation

One of the difficulties with this is the absence of menstruation on time, it makes women think that it is the drug that is to blame. Of course, it can provoke some disruptions in the body, as well as when taking conventional medications of other groups. But do not forget that other factors may cause the delays.

One of them is stress. Of course, the purpose of this tool is always due to the presence of any disease and therefore menstrual disorders when taking Mastodinon just coincided, and the reason lies completely different.

Hormonal disbalance. What could he be called? Often this is due to an overdose of the drug. As a result, there is a significant decrease in the hormone levels of FSH and LH. Thus, there is a slowdown in the release of the follicle and the readiness of the egg to exit.

It is not necessary to exclude the onset of pregnancy during the delay. During fertilization of the egg and its attachment to the walls of the uterus, there is a delay, after which a slight bleeding may follow. This drug helps to improve the function of the genital organs and therefore the onset of pregnancy in this case is quite natural. It is worth remembering that in this position to use the drug is prohibited and therefore you need to make sure your condition.

Due to the fact that it contributes to the suppression of the production of progestins, the question arises: can it cause menstruation earlier than it should be. To answer you need to understand the principle of its action. The drug stimulates the body's production of substances that contribute to the production of progesterone. Consequently, Mastodinon can cause menstruation only if their absence was due to a deficiency of such a hormone and deficiency of the corpus luteum.

The positive effects of taking Mastodinone

Since this medicine improves the cycle and relieves the manifestations of the premenstrual symptom, critical days become less painful. True, this effect should not be expected from the first days of admission. Usually this becomes noticeable from the second full cycle. In addition, the amount of bleeding will also be within the normal range. This applies to women who have suffered from too little discharge or from heavy. Such phenomena occurred due to the fact that the endometrial layer is excessively bulky in the second phase. The drug restores the work of the pelvic organs and the mucous layer gradually returns to normal, which helps to reduce bleeding.

Due to the fact that this tool has a therapeutic effect on the mammary glands, its reception leads to less swelling of them and relieve pain. This happens due to a decrease in the volume of prolactin, glandular tissue is normalized, and the circumference of the ducts is restored.

Very often, this medicine helps to get pregnant women who are not helped by other means, as confirmed by the reviews. In addition, the condition of the mammary glands significantly improved, their pain and volume of fibrocystic mastopathy disappeared.