The appearance of herpes before menstruation: symptoms, causes, treatment


Herpes is a very common disease. Infections are susceptible to all people, regardless of gender and age. But women whose body is infected with a virus often face the problem of menstrual herpes. The disease in this case is exacerbated almost before every month. Constant relapses significantly worsen the patient's quality of life. What to do in such cases? Why does it develop and how is menstrual herpes treated? Reviews of treatment, features of therapy, possible complications - this is important information that you should study.

Brief description of the pathogen

Herpes - an infectious disease that is associated with the penetration into the body and the activation of the herpes virus. This is an extremely common infection. According to statistics, about 90 percent of the world's population is infected with a particular species of this pathogen.

Symptoms of the disease are very characteristic - a blistery rash appears on the skin and mucous membranes (in particular, the tissues of the genitals), which is accompanied by severe burning and itching. In most cases, the cause of the disease is the herpes virus of the first or second type. It is worth noting that the infection can be present in the body for several months or even years without causing any external disturbances. The herpes virus is activated against the background of a decrease in the activity of the immune system.

Why does herpes pop up before menstruation?

We have already figured out the reasons for the appearance of blistering lesions on the skin and mucous membranes. Nevertheless, women at a gynecologist's reception are often asked about why herpes is activated every month before menstruation.

The fact is that the menstrual cycle is directly related to fluctuations in the level of hormones - the number of certain active substances is constantly changing. Toward the end of the cycle, progesterone levels increase, which has immunosuppressive properties. This is a kind of defense mechanism designed to ensure the successful implantation of a fertilized egg. Unfortunately, a decrease in the activity of the immune system is often associated with the activation of various infections, including herpes.

Are there any risk factors?

We have already dealt with the main causes of menstrual herpes. Nevertheless, not every woman infected with a virus faces a similar problem. There are factors, the impact of which increases the likelihood of the development of herpetic inflammation. Their list includes:

  • general or local hypothermia,
  • reduced immune system activity
  • the presence of diabetes mellitus in the patient (affects both the level of hormones and the work of the immune system),
  • recent colds,
  • the presence of some chronic inflammation in the patient,
  • wearing too tight underwear made of synthetic fabrics,
  • change of sexual partners,
  • the presence of various intestinal diseases,
  • unhealthy diet, a strict diet, against the background of which vitamin deficiency develops,
  • previously transferred antibiotic therapy (antibiotics negatively affect the useful microflora of the body, which negatively affects the work of the defense systems),
  • smoking, alcohol abuse and some other bad habits,
  • previously transferred surgical procedures and other manipulations on the pelvic organs (including the installation of the intrauterine device),
  • non-compliance with intimate hygiene rules.

What are the symptoms of the disease?

Unfortunately, many women complain that herpes is activated before each month. Reviews and the results of statistical surveys indicate that the pathological process in most cases is accompanied by damage to the skin and mucous membranes of the external genital organs. It is necessary to get acquainted with the main symptoms of the disease:

  • On the skin and mucous membranes of the vulva, a very characteristic herpetic rash appears. Rashes look like small bubbles with transparent, sometimes slightly turbid content. The number of such structures increases as the disease progresses. A rash also forms on the skin of the perineum and thighs, on the tissues around the anus.
  • The appearance of rash is accompanied by a very unpleasant sensations, in particular severe itching.
  • Discomfort and burning sensation during urination. Sometimes the rash also spreads to the urethral mucosa - in this case, when the bladder is emptied, women feel a slight tingling sensation.
  • Lymph nodes in the groin area often increase.
  • Herpes is an infectious disease, the activation of which is often accompanied by the appearance of symptoms of general intoxication. Often there is an increase in body temperature, weakness, aching muscles, headaches.

Is a rash on the lips possible?

In most cases, this form of the disease is accompanied by the formation of characteristic rashes in the area of ​​the external genital organs and in the perineal zone. Nevertheless, some women have herpes on the lips before the menstrual period. The skin and mucous membranes of the lips become blistered rash. As they mature, vesicles burst, releasing the liquid contents, as a result of which small wounds form on the lips. The whole process is accompanied by a feeling of severe itching and burning.

Description of possible complications

According to statistics, in most cases, such an infection can be kept under control with the help of properly selected medicines. However, chronic menstrual herpes is dangerous. To begin with, it is worth noting that frequent relapses significantly worsen the patient's quality of life.

Herpetic rash is often complicated by bacterial infections, because viruses significantly weaken the immune system. Against the background of the disease, the walls of the vessels weaken, which leads to the appearance of menstrual bleeding. Blood loss is often associated with anemia and other complications. Sometimes the virus spreads to the urinary tract and organs of the excretory system. In addition, doctors warn that a chronic, often recurring infection increases the likelihood of developing cancer of the reproductive organs.

Is there a delay on the background of herpes infection?

Many women face the problem of menstrual herpes. And in the gynecologist's office, patients are often asked whether a monthly delay is possible. Of course, sometimes exacerbation of an infectious disease may be accompanied by a violation of the menstrual cycle. The fact is that the activation of the herpes virus affects the immune system and often causes fluctuations in hormonal levels. If the rash appeared before the discharge, then there is a possibility of a delay. The cycle, as a rule, is restored by itself immediately after the infection has passed into a passive form.

Herpes is activated every month before the month: what to do?

Herpes - a disease that requires complex therapy. First of all, antiviral medications are prescribed to patients. Panavir, Acyclovir, Valaciclovir are considered effective. These drugs are available in the form of tablets, as well as ointments and gels, which are intended for the treatment of herpetic bubbles and wounds. By the way, gels help not only to accelerate the healing of tissues, but also cope well with itching and other unpleasant sensations.

If there are frequent, prolonged relapses, then patients are prescribed immunomodulators. Such drugs as "Viferon" and "Cycloferon" are considered effective. Such tools are available in the form of solutions for injection and tablets. The course of treatment usually lasts five to six weeks. Therapy helps the body cope with a viral infection.

Symptomatic treatment

You already know why herpes can be activated before menstruation. Of course, it is impossible to do without antiviral drugs in this case. However, patients often require symptomatic therapy.

Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, in particular Ibuprofen, Nurofen, etc., are used to relieve the unpleasant sensations. In the period of attenuation of infection, patients are prescribed vitamins, in particular group B, as well as vitamins A and E, ascorbic acid. It helps to improve the activity of the immune system and strengthen the blood vessels, thereby reducing the likelihood of bleeding.

If there are heavy bleeding, then drugs such as Etamzilat and Vikasol are included in the treatment regimen. Sometimes patients are additionally prescribed hormonal drugs, in particular Utrozhestan and Duphaston (such treatment helps normalize hormone levels). If herpes is complicated by secondary infections, antibiotics and / or antifungal drugs may be included in the treatment regimen.

Preventive actions

According to statistics, herpes spreads mainly by direct contact with an infected person, in particular during sexual intercourse. That is why it is very important to use condoms, use caution and avoid casual sex. But the virus spreads in a household way, so it is sometimes impossible to prevent infection in the body.

Because of this, it is very important to maintain normal activity of the immune system. Proper nutrition, walks in the fresh air, periodic intake of vitamins, physical activity, stabbing - all this helps to improve the functioning of the body. Smoking and alcohol abuse are contraindicated. It is also important to choose the right means for intimate hygiene, to refuse to wear synthetic clothes that are too tight, and also to avoid hypothermia.

Symptoms of herpes activation

Symptoms of infection with the herpes virus are absent for some time. There are people who have never seen herpes on their lips in their lives, they become the hidden carriers of the infection. At the same time, the incubation period of the disease in typical cases ranges from 1 to 12 days.

Activation of herpes in women occurs at the beginning of monthly bleeding. Under the influence of physiological processes occurring during menstruation, the woman's body seems to provoke an infection. Before menstruation, herpes leads to aggravation, and the rash becomes atypical. For several days, itching and burning in the places of further formation of sores appear. In the days of bleeding visible bubbles with a colorless liquid inside, with time it becomes dark. After menstruation, the ulcers burst and a crust forms in their place.

Before menstruation, herpes is manifested with pronounced symptoms, it is rather difficult to confuse it with other diseases. This is, oddly enough, a plus for a woman. After all, early diagnosis allows you to quickly begin treatment and reduce the time when a woman has a non-aesthetic appearance.

The mechanism of manifestation of herpes

For a long time, herpes is in the human body in a "sleepy" state. He patiently waits for the moment when the defense system of a person fails, and that is when his activation begins. For this reason, women have herpes every month before their monthly period. In this period of the menstrual cycle, the body sends all the energy reserves to the reproductive function. Under the influence of hormones, the endometrium is updated, cleared from the old layer, preparing for the maturation of a new egg. It is necessary to spend a lot of energy for such a complex process and naturally, unprotected areas appear in the body. This awakens the herpes virus and allows it to develop a hectic activity.

Herpes activity before menstruation on the background:

  • hormonal surge,

  • hypothermia,
  • vitamin deficiency
  • decrease in motor activity due to pain,
  • lack of oxygen.

The appearance of herpes before menstruation is also caused by the emotional instability of women, a distinguishing feature of premenstrual syndrome. Therefore, before menstruation, herpes is activated in beautiful women who do not know how to deal with negative emotions.

Genital herpes

Intensification of the infection most often leads to a rash of herpes on the lips, on the priest and in the nose. But this virus affects almost all mucous membranes in the human body. Therefore, there are cases of genital herpes, in which the ulcers appear on the external genitals and even on the vaginal mucosa. Genital herpes is distinguished by the fact that after bursting bubbles with a cloudy liquid, a crust does not form at the site of the ulcers. This is due to insufficient ventilation of the air in the perineum, the wounds do not heal for a long time.

A woman with genital herpes before menstruation requires medical assistance, without treatment, there is a high probability of opening massive bleeding, delay and the spread of infection to the uterus. Another danger is that genital herpes is often activated along with other infections of gynecological origin. In such a situation, rapid diagnosis and treatment are vital.

With genital herpes, correct daily habits are important:

  1. A woman needs to wear underwear made from natural fabrics, it should not hamper movement, and put pressure on the crotch.
  2. To give up bad habits - smoking and drinking alcohol. Even the abuse of sweet dishes can aggravate the situation, so it is worth adhering to proper nutrition.
  3. Carefully monitor the cleanliness of the genitals. Use only natural hygiene products without chemical components.

Before menstruation, herpes is activated, thereby causing additional inconvenience to the woman. She already has to control the menstrual bleeding, and itchy ulcers, in contact with underwear, cause pain. Avoid contact with the surface of the fabric does not work, so personal hygiene should occur as often as possible.

A big mistake women can be using tampons for herpes before menstruation. The first thing she thinks about with the arrival of menstruation is how to prevent bloody discharge from getting sores? Of course, with a hygienic tampon. This is a logical, but completely wrong conclusion. After all, together with a tampon, an active virus will also fall into the female's genital tract, the spread of herpes will begin in the vagina and uterus.

Rash herpes on the genitals can occur after menstruation. In this case, the reason is completely banal - a rare change of gaskets or their poor quality. After menstruation, herpes can lead to heavy bleeding. Due to a sharp decrease in the level of progesterone and the active production of estrogen, a violation occurs in the vascular system - small vessels burst, bleeding opens. Infection after menstruation with inadequate therapeutic measures often leads to irregularities in the menstrual cycle. The delay of menstruation with genital herpes can continue until full recovery, and sometimes you need a comprehensive strengthening of the immune system.

Treatment of genital herpes

In modern pharmacology there are no drugs that allow you to completely get rid of the herpes virus. The use of medicines in the form of ointments helps to relieve pain from rashes on the lips, on the pope and in the nose. And also reduce the time of their healing. But worse is the case with genital herpes. To cure his difficult enough task for the doctor and patient. It will require the use of many drugs and home treatments.

The treatment of genital ulcers requires an integrated approach aimed at blocking the activity of herpes and parallel stimulation of the protective function of the body.

The task of treating a virus includes:

  • relieving symptoms (reduce itching and burning, relieve pain),

  • reduce wound healing time
  • block the access of the virus to the already affected mucous membranes,
  • try to rule out relapse

In medical practice, drugs are used - nucleosides, such as Zovirax, acyclovir, virolex. These medicines are effective in treating herpes due to the complex mechanism of action on the virus. At the time of active dissemination of lesions, zovirax is administered at a dosage of 200 mg 5 times a day. The course of treatment is 5 days. To prevent recurrence of the drug should be taken from 1 to 3 years. Remission in this case will be long.

When the first symptoms of herpes (tingling and burning), you should immediately use the drug Foscarnet. With such a fast therapy, the activation of the virus will die out, and the bubbles will not have time to form.

Pregnant women for the treatment of genital herpes can use rectal candles Viferon. Their interferon component destroys a large number of virus cells. If the activity of the infection coincided with the labor, then the woman is given a cesarean section. Это необходимо для того чтобы ребенок не заразился герпесом от матери, проходя родовые пути.There are no indications related to the herpes virus on the genitals for abortion. Therefore, the future mom should not worry too much about this.

Success in treating herpes depends on the professionalism of the doctor and on the patient patient. Properly chosen drugs and treatment regimen allow to efficiently and effectively overcome the active phase of the virus. The patient only needs to adhere to all recommendations of the attending physician and to observe elementary standards of hygiene.

Herpes Homeopathy

A homeopathic doctor to rid the patient of herpes on the lips takes into account many individual factors. The treatment regimen depends not only on the main symptoms that appear on the background of the infection, but also on the patient's lifestyle, his character, preferences and appearance. Homeopathic treatment is a long process, you can wait for the result for months. At the same time, a doctor can change the treatment regimen dramatically during this time: reduce or increase the dosage, cancel one drug and prescribe another.

Homeopathic remedies for the treatment of herpes:

  • Rus Toxicodendron. Helps to cure diseases of the skin and mucous membranes, which lead to the appearance of bubbles of different etiologies. It is indicated for supercooling of the body, to strengthen the protective function.
  • Apis mellifika. In its pure form - it is dried bees ground into dust. All raw materials in beekeeping is used by man for strong immunity. Apis mellifica relieves swelling from mucous membranes, under its influence ulcers heal faster.

  • Acidum nitricum. Prescribe the drug for herpes on the lips, nose and bottom. It also improves the condition of a person whose body reacts negatively to rainy weather.

All long-term homeopathic medicines reduce the symptoms of herpes and re-adjust the body so that he himself seeks to prevent activation of the infection.

Of course, the effectiveness of homeopathy in the fight against the herpes virus has not been scientifically proven. But adherents of such treatment are confident that they are right, and they are not even turning to conservative medicine. It is in some cases dangerous, because the same genital herpes can lead to sad consequences. Therefore, if you already use homeopathy for the treatment of the virus, then together with medical preparations. The naturalness of homeopathic remedies gives hope for the absence of harm to health.

Preventive measures

Due to the fact that the virus lives with a person, it is impossible to completely eliminate the active phase of its vital activity. In everyday life, you can try to reduce the risk of "cold" on the lips:

  1. Do not contact with people who have herpes symptoms.
  2. If one of the family members showed bubbles on the mucous membranes, then he should be allocated a personal dish and towel.
  3. With the defeat of genital herpes herpes from sexuality should be abandoned to complete cure.
  4. Refuse frequent change of sexual partners. Always use condoms during sexual intercourse.

  5. Recurrent herpes is possible with chronic diseases - they should be treated promptly.
  6. Not only hypothermia, but prolonged exposure to the sun can cause the virus to act.
  7. A healthy lifestyle is the key to strong immunity.

In order for a person not to have a question about how to treat herpes on the lips, a doctor may prophylactically advise against a virus vaccine. But no vaccine registered to date has proven to be effective. When vaccination against herpes did not form antibodies, and the appearance of specific immunity did not protect the body from attacks of the virus. Therefore, it makes no sense to additionally load the body with medicinal particles, especially without a positive effect.

Features of the disease

The causative agent of genital herpes can be HSV type 1 (herpes on the lips occurs in about 20% of cases) and type 2 (up to 80%). When and how can an infection occur:

  • in early childhood - in contact with adults, carriers of herpes,

  • during unprotected sex,
  • infection of the fetus during pregnancy during the initial meeting of the mother with herpes or during exacerbation of a chronic infection.

The peculiarity lies in the fact that, once it enters the human body, the herpes remains in it forever, choosing the nervous ganglia as its site. Under certain conditions, herpes during menstruation is activated. These include:

  • decrease in the immune status of the body: lack of vitamins and trace elements, recently transferred respiratory viral infections, hypothermia,
  • low level of personal hygiene
  • wearing close synthetic underwear,
  • stressful situations
  • period and during menstruation - hormones change, the woman's body prepares for possible fertilization of the egg, there is a decrease in the overall immune status.

Herpes of the genital tract, caused by a type 2 virus, is recurrent in nature, has pronounced clinical manifestations and is difficult to treat. More favorable course for herpes type 1.

Genital herpes before menstruation is divided into 2 types:

Primary - the first episode of the disease. The incubation period lasts 10-12 days. In the prodromal period, the temperature rises, weakness and malaise occur. A few days later, on the genitals, in the region of the labia, on the hips, herpes causes burning, swelling and redness.

Rashes appear: small bubbles filled with clear (serous) fluid. After opening them, small, painful sores are formed. Complete healing takes place in 1-2 weeks; no signs of rash remain on the body.

Recurrent - occurs when provoking conditions (see list above), more precisely, the existing infection is exacerbated. Symptoms are similar to those of the initial infection. It can occur in mild, moderate and severe forms. Regarding the features of the flow emit:

  • atypical - easier to pass, symptoms are erased,
  • arrhythmic - there are no clear intervals between manifestations of the disease. May appear during each menstrual cycle or once every few months,
  • monotonous - such herpes occurs every month, is periodic in nature, difficult to treat,

The danger of herpes during menstruation is that:

  • the infection can spread to the upper urinary tract, causing the development of urethritis, cystitis,
  • increases the risk of cervical cancer and infertility
  • bacterial infections often accumulate.

Diagnostic procedures

The material for analysis can be blood, urine, discharge from the vagina. Preparation for the study is as follows:

  • venous blood is given in the morning on an empty stomach, you can drink plain water. It is advisable to take the analysis in 2-3 hours after sleep. After that you can not smoke for at least 2 hours, alcohol is excluded for two days. On the eve it is better to limit sports, avoid prolonged sun exposure or hypothermia,
  • in the study of smear from the urethra on the eve of a toilet of the external genital organs.

Diagnosis includes:

  1. ELISA (enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay) - determination of antibodies in the blood of IgG and IgM classes. Most laboratories give the total value of immunoglobulins for HSV type 1 and type 2. Detection of IgM speaks of an acute infection, IgG - of chronic, the appearance of IgM against the background of the circulation of IgG - of recurrent. This method is characterized by high specificity and sensitivity.

  2. PCR (polymerase chain reaction) - can be qualitative or quantitative. Material - venous blood, smear from the urethra, scraping from the vagina. The method also has high accuracy (more than 95%).

If you suspect the course of herpes examination should be comprehensive. Obtaining a single negative result in the presence of the clinic does not remove the diagnosis. It is necessary to re-analyze the blood after 7-14 days, to assess the appearance of specific antibodies and the increase in their titer. A urogenital smear sometimes has to be repeated up to 4 times a month.


Herpes during menstruation should be treated necessarily. This will avoid the occurrence of complications, the most unfavorable of which is infertility.

The basic principles of therapy are as follows:

  • virus repression suppression

  • normalization of the immune status
  • reduction of symptoms,
  • decrease in the severity of relapses.

For the treatment using specific antiviral drugs. These include Acyclovir, Valaciclovir, Ganciclovir, Famciclovir. Assign them in the form of tablets and topically (ointment, cream). Today it is the only proven method of therapy! Prescribe treatment as early as possible. It is important to comply with the regimen of medication, not to violate the prescribed scheme.

Other drugs belong to the group of auxiliary. Apply to:

  • immunomodulators and interferons Tsikloferon, Immunal,
  • local antiseptics to prevent bacterial complications (Miramistin),
  • vessel-strengthening and hemostatic preparations, since it is possible to increase the intensity of menstruation during the course of herpes. In this case, prescribed Etamzilat, Vikasol, Tranexam, Ascorutin, vitamin C, patients are shown to drink infusion of nettle and peppermint.

The causes of herpes before menstruation

Within a few days before the onset of menstruation, preliminary symptoms of herpes may appear: itching, discomfort, burning sensation in the mucous membranes. Then, with the onset of menses, there are already visible signs of a herpetic infection in the form of bubbles with liquid contents. The rash may be on the lips, above the lips, in the nose. Later they burst, and a crust forms on them. Women suffering from herpes, have noted various manifestations of the disease throughout the menstrual cycle.

Herpes can also be detected on the genitals of women. It is manifested by itching, swelling, burning sensation, vesicles in the perineal region, vesicles burst, and sores without crusts form. Rash can be on the genital lips, as well as on the mucous membrane of the vagina. The disease must be treated, and for accurate diagnosis requires examination by a specialist, but after the end of menstrual bleeding. Genital herpes can be a concomitant infection along with other infectious diseases. This requires urgent diagnosis and treatment. The danger of herpes before menstruation and during it is threatened by a delay or heavy bleeding, the spread of infection to the uterus. Complicate the situation can such factors:

  • tight and synthetic linen,
  • poor nutrition,
  • inadequate hygiene of the genitals.

Menstruation is the most favorable period for the reproduction of viruses. A week before the monthly or already during the discharge, the virus multiplies. Even if you follow the rules of personal hygiene, the discharge will still be in contact with the affected areas, creating a favorable environment for infection.

When the virus is activated, the patient can feel pain, itching, burning when the affected area comes in contact with menstrual flow, underwear. In addition, there are severe pains in the lower abdomen.

The use of tampons for herpes during menstruation is strictly prohibited, since they will serve as a distributor of the virus in the vagina and uterus.

Herpes rash may appear after menstruation. It can be provoked by the untimely replacement of gaskets or their poor quality.

Against the background of weakened immunity, because the body throws all its strength to fight the virus, there may be a delay of menstruation up to 1 month. The cycle will be restored only after the recovery and strengthening of the immune system.

Due to the lack of vitamins, the blood vessels become brittle, the body can react to the presence of an active virus by heavy bleeding. A decrease in progesterone levels and a rapid increase in estrogen can also cause large blood loss.

The monthly activity of the herpes virus can provoke other diseases: cystitis, urethritis, rectal pathology. You need a comprehensive correct treatment prescribed by a specialist after a full examination.

Infection with genital herpes can be sexually transmitted from a patient during an unprotected act. Contact-household way you can catch herpes simplex.

Treatment of infection

The treatment will be to take oral systemic drugs and topical medications.

Specific drugs for herpes in the form of tablets:

Acyclovir is the most common and effective drug. There are second-generation acyclovir preparations that are more effective, are well absorbed in the intestine. Their bioavailability is much higher. The aggravation develops less often (more here).

Valtrex positively fights genital herpes. Blocks the synthesis of viral DNA and prevents the reproduction of viruses in other tissues and organs. Once in the body, valaciclovir turns into acyclovir and valine. As a result of phosphorylation, active acyclovir triphosphate is formed, which blocks viral DNA.

The dosage and frequency of administration, the duration of use is determined by the doctor.

Immunostimulatory drugs can be administered inside and for local application:

  • Anaferon,
  • Kipferon,
  • Kagocel,
  • Viferon,
  • Derinat,
  • Amiksin,
  • Cycloferon,
  • Rimantadine
  • Ergoferon,
  • Tsitovir

The drugs stimulate the production of man’s own interferon against viruses and increase the body’s defenses.

Injections to increase the body's defenses:

  1. Cycloferon is an interferon inducer, it is an antiviral, anti-inflammatory, immunostimulating drug.
  2. Allocin-Alpha is widely used for the treatment of HPV and herpes.

Preparations for local use - ointments, creams, sprays, candles - are used on the labia, perineum, vaginal mucosa:

  1. Suppositories Genferon, Viferon, Panavir - analgesic and immunomodulatory effects.
  2. Epigen Spray - antiviral, analgesic, healing and anti-edema effect.
  3. Alpizarin, Gossipol, Bonafton, Megasin - antiherpetic ointments, applied to mucous membranes and skin.

Outdoor medications are usually applied several times a day during the week.

In addition, during the acute phase, vitamins are prescribed to strengthen the blood vessels and restore hormonal balance: A, E, C, Askorutin.

After the symptoms subside, use the B vitamins.

You should pass a blood test for the amount of sex hormones. If there is an imbalance, the doctor will prescribe hormone pills.

With large blood loss, hemostatic agents are prescribed - Vikasol, Etamzilat.

Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs are taken to alleviate the symptoms: Indomethacin, Ibuprofen, Nurofen.

Treatment of herpes on the lips can be carried out with tablets and local ointments.


The course of the disease can be of varying severity:

  1. Mild characterized by rashes no more than 3 times a year.
  2. Medium severity occurs 4 to 6 times a year.
  3. Severe manifests itself almost monthly.

The course of the disease can vary:

  1. Monotonous course of the disease. In this case, relapses occur very often and are equal in time to the period of remission. Menstrual herpes just refers to this type. Every month it becomes aggravated and difficult to treat.
  2. An arrhythmic course of the disease, in which the days of improvement and the days of herpes exacerbations alternate periodically. The period of weakening of the disease lasts from several weeks to several months. The longer the period of remission lasts, the longer and harder the period of exacerbation of herpes infection.
  3. The drooping type is the most favorable course of the disease. The remission time is increased, and the severity and duration of exacerbations are reduced.

Prevention of recurrent herpes

Requires strengthening the immunity of drugs, folk methods. You can drink a course of interferon, take tincture of Eleutherococcus, Rhodiola rosea, Echinacea, Schizandra Chinese.

For local application, you can use oak bark and walnut. You should cook broths and wipe the affected area on the labia, perineum, anus, or make baths. Possess drying and astringent action.

Of course, you need to follow the rules of personal hygiene. More often wash and replace underwear. Wear cotton, matched underwear. Avoid cramped and synthetic. During menstruation use quality pads, change them when necessary.

Do not supercool, less wearing cramped clothes.

Change your daily routine. Eat more fresh vegetables and fruits. Give up bad habits and unhealthy foods.

Avoid casual sex. Use condoms during sexual intercourse.

There is a specific prevention of genital herpes in the form of vaccination, which is carried out several times a year, 5 injections for 1 course (more here).

It is impossible to fully cure herpes, but it is possible to avoid relapses for a long time.

Symptomatic manifestations

Genital herpes before menstruation requires special attention and urgent treatment to the doctor, because it is often a co-morbid disease, indicating that pathological changes occur in the reproductive system.In addition, if regular genital herpes occurs regularly before menstruation without a medical diagnosis and qualified care, it can lead to complications: bleeding and severe pain (activation of the virus reduces the level of progesterone hormone, which normally provides pain relief and normal blood clotting) or viral damage to the uterus. In addition, if a woman is prone to the appearance of herpes in the intimate area, she should be more scrupulous in matters of personal hygiene and general body condition, because even synthetic underwear or an unbalanced diet can significantly complicate the course of the disease and delay its treatment. Also, it occurs less frequently, but it still arises — there is a localization of vesicles on the buttocks. In addition to the fact that such a manifestation of the virus is often extremely unpleasant and painful, it can also become the “first bell” of genital herpes. Therefore, postponing the visit to the doctor in such cases is unacceptable and even dangerous.

It is manifested by rashes that can linger on their own for three to seven days. In such cases, local therapy (ointments, gels), which can shorten the treatment time by up to half, will not be superfluous.

Virus treatment

It is not only possible but simply necessary to cure a virus that is manifested by rashes on the genitals. But if it is quite possible to get rid of the periodic appearance of vesicles on the lips and in the nose by external means, then for the treatment of genital herpes, the effect is also needed from the “inside”.

The treatment regimen for HSV is:

  1. Reduce and "pay off" the activity of the pathogen.
  2. Neutralize unpleasant symptoms.
  3. Restore normal menstrual cycle.

For the implementation of the first step, antiviral drugs that have a systemic effect are used. As mentioned earlier, the virus (regardless of the route of infection) is activated against the background of a weakened immune system. Therefore, the venereologist may prescribe vitamins to strengthen the immune system (if the disease does not affect the internal genital organs), or immunomodulators.

To cope with the painful manifestations of the virus, the doctor prescribes medications belonging to the group of nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs.

Opinion of doctors

Doctors strongly advise not to neglect the manifestations of herpes and, even if the vesicles are localized on the face and not on the genitals, seek medical help. The fact is that recurrent rashes on the face can talk about the development of the disease. So, no one can provide you with guarantees that the next time before menstruation you will not find a rash in the intimate area. Launched the same virus can lead to the emergence of such comorbidities as cystitis (inflammation of the bladder), urethritis (inflammation of the urethra), as well as complications in the form of extensive blood loss during menstruation and serious disruptions in the cycle.

But, despite the fact that experts insist on the need for treatment, they caution against attempts to cure a complex disease using traditional methods. Firstly, there are absolutely no guarantees that “grandma's recipes” will improve their well-being.

Secondly, there is no guarantee that natural products (which, as we know, are the strongest allergens) will not complicate the course of the disease. Therefore, the prevailing majority of physicians are in favor of traditional medicine, the effectiveness of which is proven by results and time.

Herpes during menses bothers many women. This is an unpleasant, painful and dangerous viral disease, but it can and should be treated. For better effectiveness, it is recommended to build a treatment in the form of two, in parallel, the following complexes. The first is the use of conservative and local therapy prescribed by a doctor. The second is the care of the patient about her health, the adjustment of lifestyle as an addition to therapeutic treatment.

In order to minimize the risk of herpes infection, it is recommended once a year (if there are complaints or a woman does not have a regular sexual partner, more often) to be tested for common sexually transmitted diseases, including the second type of herpes simplex virus. Early detection of the virus at early stages will allow starting treatment on time and avoiding the most common complications associated with this disease.

Herpes, More about Herpes - Why does herpes appear before menstruation?

Why does herpes appear before menstruation? - Herpes, More about herpes

Manifestations of herpes infection is not alien to the female sex. The main reasons for the activation of the virus in a woman's body are weakening of the immune system against the background of the upcoming menstruation, sexually transmitted infection. Infectious lesion of the lips and urogenital system is also called the "menstrual herpes" virus. The causative agents of pathology are viral strains of HSV 1 or HSV 2. Symptoms of their activation are burning, redness, swelling, itching in places of future lesions (usually on the lips and in the genital area). Subsequently, painful vesicles appear with a liquid substrate.

Herpes and the female cycle

The active phase of the disease manifests itself in the form of fluid-filled vesicles. If they are on the lips, they subsequently burst to form crusts. If the rash is found on the mucous genital organs, the crusts do not form. Before the rash appears, the affected areas swell, itch and hurt.

If time does not take action blisters cover:

  • oral cavity,
  • nose and mucous,
  • buttocks.

There is a risk of internal herpes with organ damage and impairment of women's health, delays or bleeding.

Herpes before menstruation due to a decrease in immunity, due to the correction of hormonal levels. During the period of preparation for the special cycle of the month, the body throws all its strength to create a new epithelium to restore the female organs after the unfertilized egg is removed. On the other hand, there is an active regulation of the amount of hormones (with a decrease in the level of some and an increase in others). Most women already have some sexual dysfunction, which they either do not know about or are already actively treating. In this regard, the dormant virus is activated and begins to affect the lips or genitals.

The provoking factors of rash before / during / after women's days can be:

  • overcooling or overheating,
  • lack of vitamins
  • sex with a carrier,
  • lack of oxygen due to the lack of walks in the fresh air.

Lip rash

Premenstrual syndrome manifests itself:

  • sleepiness
  • abdominal tenderness,
  • decrease in motor activity,
  • excessive irritability.

Against the background of hormonal level fluctuations, every month a woman becomes susceptible to any kind of irritants. And stress, as is known, weakens the protective functions of the body, which leads to the activation of herpes HSV 1, which is in the body in sleep mode in the majority of the weaker sex. As a result, herpetic vesicles appear in the lip rim area, as the reaction of the female body to a complex of causes and irritants. If the rules of elementary hygiene are not observed, the virus in the active phase of bubble shedding can be transferred by hands to the genitals and other parts of the body.

Genital rash

Premenstrual rash in the region of the labia provokes the HSV-2 strain, the infection of which in the bulk occurs through sexual contact. The infection manifests itself gradually in several stages:

  1. the crotch area is tingling, itching, swelling,
  2. redness appears, then bubbles,
  3. vesicles burst and ulcers form without crusting.

Additionally, you may experience these symptoms:

  • general deterioration
  • temperature,
  • pain in the perineum.

The danger of herpes before the cycle begins - the spread into the vagina and uterus. Possible delay or, conversely, heavy bleeding. This happens against the background of a violation of local microflora, weak immunity, and hormonal fluctuations.

To exacerbate the process can:

  • lack of proper hygiene
  • cramped synthetic
  • improper nutrition due to the specific preferences of the woman (craving for sweet or salty).

During the cycle

The most beneficial period for the development and spread of herpes infection is menstruation itself. Virus activation may occur before the beginning of women's days (12 days before the beginning of menstruation), and during the cycle (against the background of abundant secretions) there is an increase in reproduction processes. Despite the observance of personal hygiene, to avoid contact of the affected areas with secretions is impossible. The result is a favorable environment for the life of the virus.

Against the background of virus activation, a woman may feel:

  • severe pain in the perineum and lower abdomen on the background of reducing the production of analgesic hormone - progesterone,
  • itching, burning when contacting linen and discharge with diseased areas.

Important: tampons can trigger the spread of the virus into the vagina and uterus, which is why on critical days it is strictly forbidden to use them.

Herpes on the lips can be activated every month. Against the background of stress, which the body experiences when hormonal changes, mood swings of the woman herself, lips can also be sprinkled with painful vesicles.

After menstruation

Less commonly, herpes may appear on the lips or genitals after menstruation. The reasons for its activation are the same as before / during critical days. An additional provocateur of the appearance of a herpetic rash on the genital lips can be hygienic pads, namely:

  • the delay in replacing them,
  • low quality.

Due to the high risk of recurrence with the following menstrual periods and the development of complications such as delay, bleeding, cystitis, urethritis, rectal pathology, therapeutic regimen, types and doses of medications should be prescribed by a doctor.

Medicines for the treatment of menstrual herpes lips and genitals:

  • tablets, ointment "Acyclovir", "Famciclovir", "Valaciclovir" - are specific against herpes,
  • tablets "Valtrex" - specific against genital herpes,
  • injections "Allokin-Alpha" - increase the level of interferon,
  • candles "Genferon" - immunomodulator with anesthetic effect for insertion into the vagina,
  • Epigen spray - fights the virus, heals, relieves pain, relieves swelling,
  • Ointment "Gossypol", "Bonafton", "Alpizarin", "Megasin" - antiherpetic for skin and mucous membranes.

  • vitamins A, C, E - during the active phase,
  • vitamins B1 and B6, calcium gluconate - in the phase of subsidence of symptoms,
  • “Immunomax”, “Tazepam”, tincture of Eleutherococcus.

With frequent relapses, you should check the level of female hormones, with a deficiency, their artificial replenishment is required.

  • decoctions and infusions of nettle, knotweed, mint - to preserve the strength of capillaries,
  • fortified food,
  • free wearable clothing made from natural fabrics, hypo-allergenic pads.

Abundant menstruation and herpes

Like any other virus, a herpetic infection causes disturbances in a woman's body, weakened by fluctuations in the hormonal level during menstruation. Consequently, the body can respond with abundant and prolonged bleeding, anemia, and even greater weakening of the immune system. Possible backlash in the form of a delay.

Other reasons for increasing profusion are:

  • excessive estrogen levels in the blood,
  • vitamin deficiency, especially ascorbic acid, which increases the fragility of blood vessels, therefore, causes an intensification of secretions.

To adjust the process, the doctor may prescribe:

  • progesterone medications - Duphaston, Utrozhestan,
  • anti-inflammatory - "Naproxen", "Indometacin", "Ibuprofen",
  • drugs that reduce blood loss - “Vikasol”, “Tranexam”, “Etamzilat”,
  • vitamins for strengthening vessels - "Askarutin".

Is there a delay?

If the activation of the virus occurs before the start of menstruation, the body begins to mobilize all forces to fight it. Women's health is especially susceptible to any changes (stress, inflammation, infection, weight loss), therefore, herpes can cause a delay of up to a month. Often, the cycle shift occurs on the background of treatment with antibiotics or hormonal drugs used to stop herpes.

Menstruation will recover as soon as the virus goes into a sleeping form and the remaining provoking factors are eliminated.

The mechanism of development of menstrual herpes

The causative agents of menstrual (genital) herpes in women in most cases are considered to be type 2 simple virus strains. Sometimes there is also a combinatorial combination of types 1 and 2 of HSV. Infection with herpes infection usually occurs in childhood. The virus, once in the human body, remains there forever, concentrating in the nerve nodes of the spinal column. Under favorable conditions, the microorganism is activated. He can:

  • promote the development of various infectious diseases,
  • destroy the nervous system
  • lead to the development of oncological formations on the female organs.

The virus carrier at this time becomes very contagious to others. For genital herpes, sexual spread is considered to be the main one.

During the menstrual period in the woman's body, there is a sharp decrease in the protective functions of the immune system. This is due to the hormonal changes in which the female organs are prepared for possible fertilization, and then for the removal of the unfertilized egg to the outside. Favorable conditions are created for the harmful activity of the herpes virus. Additionally, the following factors will intensify herpes before menstruation against the general background of a decrease in immunity:

  • long stressful situations
  • overheating or overcooling of the body,
  • avitaminosis,
  • insufficient personal hygiene,
  • wearing low-quality underwear made of synthetic materials.

Herpes infection begins to manifest characteristic signs on the external genital organs and on the face of a woman, negatively affecting general well-being.

Symptoms of menstrual herpes

For herpes virus, menstruation is a period that promotes its active reproduction. Favorable environment for infection is created by bleeding, constantly in contact with the affected areas.

Symptoms of menstrual herpes has the following characteristic manifestations:

  • there is itching and discomfort in the skin and mucous genitals of the female,

  • small bubbles with transparent liquid are formed in the perineum.

Rashes in the perineal region can cover not only the woman’s labia and vagina, but also the anus, the inner side of the thighs, the opening of the urethra and other parts of the body.

At the same time, bubbles appear on the face - on the lips, in the nose, in the mouth. Herpes during menstruation easily spreads wide and deep through the damaged skin and mucous membranes of the genital organs.

The activity of the herpes virus can adversely affect the course of menstruation in a woman. It manifests itself:

  • severe lower abdominal pain,
  • heavy bleeding,
  • painful urination
  • an increase in the inguinal lymph nodes,
  • deterioration of the general psychological state.

Strong pain and heavy bleeding during this period are associated with the negative effect of the pathogenic microorganism on the hormonal background, as a result of which the production of the hormone progesterone, which has analgesic and hemostatic effects, is significantly reduced. The herpes virus is able to cause not only heavy bleeding, but also a great delay in menstruation.

When genital herpes infection is strictly prohibited to use tampons, with which you can easily bring pathogenic microbes into the vagina and on the cervix. It is allowed to use only high-quality sanitary napkins on critical days, provided they are replaced in a timely manner.

With an unfavorable course of the disease, internal herpes develops during menstruation with the defeat of various organs of the urogenital system of a woman.

At the first signs of the pathology indicated, it is necessary to consult a specialist and undergo a course of complex treatment. Despite this, the disease is able to recur every month during the menstrual period.

Treatment of menstrual herpes

The treatment of viral infection in menstrual herpes is performed by a gynecologist. The main objectives of the fight against this pathology should be considered:

  • deactivation of pathogenic microbes
  • elimination of debilitating symptoms
  • increase immunity
  • restoration of a normal menstrual cycle,
  • treatment if necessary associated diseases (cystitis, urethritis, etc.).

The effectiveness of the prescribed treatment will largely depend on a thorough diagnosis. During laboratory studies, the causative agent of a viral infection, the general state of health of a woman is determined.

Successful suppression of the activity of the herpes virus is a combination of systemic and local drugs. For this purpose, used antiviral drugs - Acyclovir, Valacyclovir, Valtrex, produced in the form of tablets and ointments. Длительность лечения и дозировка лекарственных средств для каждой больной назначается индивидуально, в зависимости от тяжести заболевания и степени его распространенности.Only the integrated use of these tools will quickly deactivate the virus.

Immunostimulants — Tsitovir, Amiksin, Anaferon, Cycloferon, etc. — are used to increase the body's defenses by stimulating the production of its own interferon. They can be of general and local use. In advanced cases, Allokina-Alpha and Cycloferon injections are prescribed.

To maintain a weakened female body, the doctor selects a vitamin complex. Especially urgent need during the specified period is available in vitamins E, C, A, B.

To eliminate the pain syndrome, NSAIDs (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs) are used - Naproxen, Ibuprofen, Nimesulide. Etamzilat, Vikasol, Tranexam are capable of reducing heavy bleeding.

Immunomodulating and anesthetic suppositories have proven themselves well - Panavir, Viferon, Genferon. Epigen spray has a pronounced healing and analgesic effect.

Timely and comprehensive treatment of herpes infection will save a woman from dangerous consequences.

Prevention of Menstrual Herpes

A well-known fact is that it is impossible to completely destroy the herpes virus. It persists in an infected person for life in the nervous ganglia. In order not to create favorable conditions for the activation of this pathogenic microbe, it is necessary to constantly strengthen the immune system. Simple recommendations for improving immunity include:

  • balanced diet,
  • periodic use of vitamin complexes,
  • sufficient physical activity
  • good sleep
  • outdoor activities
  • exclusion of all bad habits - smoking, alcohol intake,

  • use of traditional medicine,
  • wearing underwear made from natural fabrics,
  • personal hygiene,
  • use of high quality pads during menstruation,
  • prevent casual sexual intercourse,
  • Hardening exercise
  • fighting stressful situations
  • positive attitude
  • active life position.

Traditional medicine to strengthen the immune system offers a variety of tinctures: pink, Schisandra, Echinacea, Eleutherococcus, etc.

Today, in order to prevent menstrual herpes, a specific vaccination is carried out, allowing for a long time to avoid the recurrence of the disease.

Viral disease and the female cycle

During the active phase, the infection is accompanied by the formation of vesicles, inside of which the fluid is contained. When located in the lips, they burst over time, and crusts form at this point. When rashes form on the mucous membrane of the female genital organs, the crusts are absent. Until the rash appears, swelling, itching and soreness are observed at the site of the lesion.

In the absence of the necessary treatment, blisters can form:

  • in the mouth,
  • on the buttocks
  • on the mucous membranes and in the nose.

Among the precipitating factors rash emit:

  • avitaminosis,
  • lack of oxygen supply
  • overheating or overcooling of the body,
  • sexual contact with a carrier of infection.

Before and during the month

In the period before the critical days, herpes is accompanied reduced immune systemwhat happens as a result of hormonal imbalance. In preparation for the cycle, all the forces of the body are aimed at restoring organs after a condition characterized by the removal of an unfertilized egg. In addition, there is an active regulation of hormonal processes in which there is a decrease in some hormones and an increase in others.

Some of the fair sex can already have pathologies in which the reproductive function is impaired. Against this background, the virus is activated, resulting in genitals and lips are affected.

The danger of herpes in the period before the onset of menstruation is that the infection can spread to the uterus and vagina.

The most favorable period for the development of pathology is the period, accompanied by the passage of menstruation. During the cycle, herpes multiplication processes are enhanced.

This condition is accompanied by the following manifestations:

  • feeling burning and itching,
  • discharge from the affected areas in contact with clothing,
  • increased pain syndrome in the perineum and lower abdomen.

Activation of herpes monthly may be observed in the lips. This is facilitated by changes in hormonal levels, soreness of the vesicles and frequent mood swings.


As mentioned above, menstrual herpes can occur in different parts of the body.

Before the onset of menstruation, the following symptoms are observed:

  • irritability,
  • stomach ache,
  • drowsiness,
  • decrease in motor activity.

Due to hormonal imbalance, a woman's susceptibility to various stimuli increases. As a result, the body is subjected to stress, against the background of which there is a weakening of protective functions, and herpes type HSV 1 begins to be activated. This contributes to the formation of herpetic bubbles in the corners of the lips. So the female body reacts to stimuli. If you do not follow the rules of hygiene, then through the hands of the virus is transferred to the genitals and other parts of the body.

Is it possible to delay menstruation due to herpes infection

Such a moment is not excluded that with the development of menstrual herpes a delay in the onset of critical days may be observed. However, such a state is possible only if certain factors are present, that is, when the virus is activated even before the appearance of secretions. Since the female body reacts to various stimuli, all forces go to protection from the pathological process, against the background of which there is a shift in the menstrual cycle. Delay of menstruation is also possible when taking medication drugs of the antibiotic or antiviral group. Menstruation recovers after the infection goes into a passive form.

The nature of critical days for herpes

Since hormones are closely associated with provoking factors that activate the sleeping virus in the body, menstruation during the development of genital herpes is not quite common. Its feature is pronounced pain syndrome. Both uterine contractions and contacting of ulcers with secretions can contribute to this condition. Inflamed tissue causes pain.

The virus has a negative effect on the hormonal balance, and the concentration of prostaglandins responsible for pain during menstruation increases significantly.

In addition, hormonal imbalance contributes to reduce progesteronethat is characterized by an inevitable delay. The reason for this is not only stressful situations, but also psychological factors. This explains the prolonged absence of critical days during the development of herpes.

In some cases, a herpetic lesion becomes a provocateur for the occurrence of serious diseases. In such situations, the amount of menstrual flow may increase.

When the first symptoms of herpetic lesions appear, you should immediately seek medical help. The treatment of menstrual herpes is a gynecologist.

The earlier therapeutic measures begin, the greater the chances of achieving prolonged remission.

The prescription of medicines and dosage is done exclusively by a specialist. Treatment must be carried out not only by local means, but also systemic drugs.

Among antiviral drugs allocate:

It can be tablets, creams or ointments.

In addition, apply somesuppositorieswith antiviral and immunomodulatory effects. These include:

From immunomodulators in the form of injections appointed by:

Among antiviral ointment The most popular are:

To maintain the body, it is recommended to take a vitamin complex with vitamins that are part of A, E and WITH. After the symptoms of the disease subside somewhat, take B vitamins.

To relieve pain prescribed anti-inflammatory drugs (Nimesulide, Ibuprofen and others). With heavy menstrual flow prescribe Etamzilat or Vikasol.


Herpes during menstruation causes damage to various parts of the body. In most cases, the rash appears on the genital area and on the lips. Increased activation of the herpetic virus falls on the period of critical days. If you suspect the development of the pathological process, requires immediate consultation with a specialist.

Causes of rash

Throughout the female menstrual cycle, fluctuations in hormone levels occur. By the end of the cycle, an increase in progesterone is observed, which has an immunosuppressive effect. Exacerbation before menstruation of various chronic infections is connected with this. Some women have itching, discomfort, burning sensation on the mucous lips of the labia. Herpes appears before menstruation - small bubbles with liquid contents.

Rashes can occur in different places. Herpes on the lips before menstruation is also an indicator of weakened immunity. The deterioration of overall health, eating disorders (a large number of simple carbohydrates and fats), vitamin deficiencies, emotional outbursts contribute to the appearance of bubbles.

Manifestations of genital herpes

Before the rash appears, itching and burning in the region of the labia, the vestibule, and the perineum begin to disturb the woman. Later, small rashes appear, they can spread from the skin to the mucous membrane of the labia, the opening of the urethra, the vagina, the cervix, the anus.

Bubbles burst, in their place painful sores are formed, which gradually become covered with a crust. In the liquid contents of the bubbles are viral particles, it is infectious.

Women with menstrual herpes should not use tampons - they can be a conduit for infection in the uterus.

Pain occurs during urination in case of urethral damage. A rash in the vagina and perineum makes the gynecological examination painful. The occurrence of pelvic pain, unpleasant pulling sensations in the lower back is characteristic, the inguinal lymph nodes increase, signs of intoxication appear: fever, muscle pain, general weakness and decreased performance.

Herpes during menstruation caused by such factors:

  • wearing close synthetic underwear,
  • lack of personal hygiene,
  • overcooling.


Lack of treatment or incorrect approaches to it can lead to various complications of infection. The virus will further weaken the immune system, the duration of exacerbations will increase, recovery may be longer. This affects the general hormones, sometimes the cycle gets lost, the menstruation comes with a delay. The vessels become brittle, the lack of vitamin C affects, which is manifested by prolonged heavy bleeding. Blood loss, in turn, can cause anemia.

The spread of the virus to the urethra leads to urinary retention. Ascending infection contributes to the development of urethritis, cystitis. Against the background of a virus infection, a bacterial infection sometimes joins, which complicates the course of the disease.

Unprotected sexual intercourse during an exacerbation of genital herpes leads to the infection of a partner, and their frequent change contributes to the spread of infection.

Chronic menstrual herpes with regular exacerbations can lead to the development of cervical cancer.

After the appearance of signs of herpes during menstruation, you should contact your gynecologist for help. No need to wait until the end of menstruation - the symptoms of the disease subside, and by the end of the next cycle may appear with greater intensity. The sooner treatment is started, the greater the likelihood of a long and sustained remission. It is impossible to completely get rid of the virus, a certain number of particles will remain in the nerve ganglia, gradually multiply in them, and with a decrease in immunity again appear rash.

Only a doctor is able to choose the right drug and its dosage, taking into account the degree of infection, general condition and concomitant diseases. It is impossible to cure herpes using only topical preparations. Manifestations on the skin and mucous membranes are part of the viruses circulating in the body, therefore systemic medications are required.

Antiviral drugs are widely used: Acyclovir, Famciclovir, Valacyclovir. They are available in tablet form and in the form of ointments, cream for local use. When ingested, the active substance penetrates into the affected cells and blocks the synthesis of viral DNA.

The effect of the drug is enhanced while using immunostimulants.

Applying antiviral cream on the affected skin does not allow the infection to spread to larger areas. In addition, candles are used for local treatment. Immunomodulatory and antiviral action have suppositories Genferon, Viferon. Against the herpes virus use ointment Bonafton, Megasin, Geviran. Epigen-spray is shown to relieve swelling, anesthesia and wound healing.

The following immunomodulators are prescribed systemically in the form of injections:

To maintain the body, strengthen blood vessels prescribe vitamin complex A, C, E. After subsiding, the intake of vitamins from group B is necessary. Pain syndrome is eliminated with the help of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs: Ibuprofen, Indometacin, Nimesulide. When, against the background of infection, heavy and prolonged menses are concerned, blood loss will be effectively reduced by Vikasol and Etamzilat.

If herpes does not appear for the first time, and the woman is well aware of its symptoms, it is best to start taking antiviral drugs at the first signs of the disease: itching and burning. Quickly initiated treatment may not allow the development of extensive rashes.

Details about rashes

Many wonder why the bubbles on the lips occur on the eve of menstruation. The fact is that by the beginning of the menstrual cycle certain changes occur in the body: hormones are rearranged, the endometrium begins to grow actively. Against this background, immunological functions are sharply reduced, which leads to the appearance of herpes on the lips.

The occurrence of premenstrual herpes is very common. However, a rash on the lips a few days before menstruation is not always perceived as activation of the virus amid hormonal changes and remains without proper treatment by the female.

A rash on the lips during menstruation (Herpes simplex) is considered to be type 1 herpes. His symptoms are as follows:

The disease can flow in different ways. There are three severity of the disease:

  1. Light - a rash forms 2 to 3 times a year.
  2. Medium - rash appears 4-6 times a year.
  3. Severe - the disease worries every month.

Variants of the course of the disease are also different. With a monotonous course of the disease, relapses are quite frequent. During menstruation, the virus becomes acute, it is very difficult to treat it. Arrhythmic course of the disease is characterized by alternating the days of remission and relapse. An increase in the days of improvement is characteristic of a subsiding course of illness, and the period of exacerbations is markedly reduced.

A resident virus on ordinary days is often not active. He is waiting for the moment when the protective functions of the body weaken. In women, this occurs before and during menstruation. These days, the body spends its strength on the renewal of the endometrium and the formation of a new layer of epithelium. In the process, hormonal disorders occur in the female body. They also awaken the herpetic virus in a sleeping state.

Mood swings in the premenstrual period also contribute to the manifestation of a rash. In the case when a woman cannot control her emotional state, sores on her lips will be formed regularly.

Root causes of rash

The manifestation of herpes in different menstrual cycles has its own characteristics. The causes of the rash are closely related, so it is impossible to single out one factor that causes herpes. However, the etiology of the disease during all periods of critical days has much in common. To provoke a disease can:

  • adverse weather conditions
  • hypothermia
  • lack of vitamins and beneficial trace elements,
  • insufficient amount of oxygen in the body,
  • reduced immunity
  • hormonal disruptions
  • unbalanced nutrition
  • lack of hygiene.

An infection can develop 5-7 days before the onset of menstruation, but herpes during a blood discharge becomes aggravated. This is due to the fact that in a humid environment, the infection multiplies faster. After the "women's week", herpetic bacteria do not show activity. At this time, the symptoms disappear or are in a passive state.

Get rid of the insidious disease

It is possible to diagnose menstrual rash only after an examination by a doctor and the results of research. Therapeutic therapy is appointed according to the individual characteristics of the organism and the symptoms of the disease.

Get rid of the herpes virus is completely impossible, but you can stop the development of sores.

To eliminate the visible symptoms of herpes on the lips apply ointments and sprays. If necessary, the doctor prescribes injections or tablets. The following drugs are most effective in such cases: Acyclovir, Genferon, as well as Epigen, Valtrex, Alpizarin, etc.

To increase the protective functions of the body, the intake of vitamins and healing herbal decoctions is recommended. You can strengthen the immune system by taking interferons, as well as tinctures of echinacea, eleutherococcus, rhodiola rosea, etc.

It is possible to wipe the affected skin with a decoction of oak bark, which has an astringent effect and dries bubbles well.

Herpes Warning

In order to prevent the development of menstrual herpes should be taken such preventive measures:

  1. Do not contact those who are infected with the virus.
  2. Conduct an orderly sex life, use contraception.
  3. Suppress the progression of chronic diseases.
  4. Avoid sudden changes in temperature, prevent hypothermia and overheating.
  5. Adhere to the correct lifestyle to increase the protective functions of the body.

Useful information

Herpes of the first type, which is localized on the face, lips and genitals, is a rather dangerous disease. It can trigger the development of shingles. The insidiousness of such a disease lies in the fact that after infection, the virus settles in the human body forever, and under certain conditions it appears as a blistering rash. Prevent the appearance of herpes can only strengthen the immune system.

It should be remembered that herpes is contagious, so after touching the bubbles you need to immediately wash your hands.

The menstrual period is very favorable for the spread of herpes. The virus itself begins to activate about 10-12 days before the onset of menstruation. But during menstruation, when the amount of secretions increases, the process of reproduction of herpes infection is accelerated.

The opinion that herpes sores on lips is harmless, erroneous. Such a disease can lead to serious consequences. Therefore, at the slightest suspicion of the presence of a herpetic infection, you should immediately consult a doctor who will prescribe the necessary tests, establish the diagnosis and select the correct complex therapy.