What to do if the school began monthly


Monthly at school for girls is a real test. Even adult women at work during critical days feel uncomfortable. However, thanks to modern means of hygiene, many problems are solved, staying at the school desk does not seem to be a disaster.

How many years should begin monthly

The body begins to prepare for menstruation long before it starts. For 2 years, the girl is tormented by hormonal fluctuations, mood swings, abdominal pain. At the same time, secondary sexual organs are formed - the chest grows, the hips are rounded, hair grows in the groin, axilla. The former girl gradually turns into a girl.

Begin monthly in age from 14 to 16 years. In some cases, genetics accelerates puberty or slows down. Usually, the daughter's menstrual cycle repeats the features of the monthly mother. But not all girls communicate closely with their mothers, are devoted to such intimate details. Therefore, the onset of menstruation may be completely unexpected.

According to the school curriculum, human physiology takes place in grades 9-10. And the topic of puberty, teachers often leave to self-study. This is a big minus. Since modern youth menstruation begins slightly ahead of schedule. There is a situation when a girl in 12 years starts bleeding, she has no idea what to do with it, to whom to run.

What to do if menstruation began

If bloody discharge from the genitals suddenly appeared, you need to tell the class teacher about this problem, get home. If the class teacher is a man, you can

Choose any female teacher you trust more. Or seek help from a nurse.

Why do this?

  • First of all, the first monthly flow is very unpredictable. Very often the girl has weakness, dizziness, up to loss of consciousness. Increased pain in the abdomen, lower back. It is better to go through all this within the walls of your own home under the supervision of loved ones.
  • Secondly, if the headache, stomach ache, other unpleasant symptoms occur, medications are required. Anesthetic pill, antispasmodics, sedatives.
  • Thirdly, adults will help solve the problem with the gasket.
    If she feels unwell, the teachers will inform the parents, ask them to take the daughter home or take her to the walls of their home at home.

If you started your period is not the first time. Just do not have time to get a gasket, you need to feel free to contact your classmates, a nurse. The class teacher. There is nothing shameful in this delicate request; every woman can find herself in a similar situation.

How to behave so as not to leak

Modern means of hygiene give more freedom, facilitate the difficult fate of the female on critical days. As a hygiene product you can use tampons, pads. Experts insist on the use of gaskets. Depending on the amount of menstrual flow, a remedy is selected with a greater or lesser degree of absorption.

Gasket selected, used for its intended purpose. How to behave so as not to leak?

  1. According to the rules of personal hygiene, it is necessary to change the gasket as it is filled, but not less than 2 hours later with heavy discharge. Such a gap is necessary so that the bacteria do not have time to multiply on the hygienic means. As further they cause thrush, inflammation and other unpleasant consequences. It turns out that approximately every 2 lessons you need to visit the toilet, change the gasket, monitor its condition. In this mode, the possibility of leakage is excluded.
  2. Do not make sudden movements when changing positions. "Flop" can at the time of rising from the chair. For example, when called to the board. It is necessary to rise slowly, as if checking how well the gasket is fixed. If it is well fitting to the skin, the likelihood of leakage is excluded. If you feel that there is not everything is in order, you should not sit down, ask for leave to go.
  3. Take with you everything you need, go to the toilet.
    If the gasket is designed for an average amount of discharge - 3 drops, and heavy periods began, you just need to change them more often.

Nothing complicated! It is enough to choose a suitable tool, to change the gaskets in a timely manner.

How to cope with pain

During menstruation, the head and stomach may ache. The pain is of varying intensity. If she is tolerant, it is enough just to take a comfortable posture, gently massage her stomach, or temples, if the problem is in her head.

  • Severe menstrual pain is relieved by antispasmodics or painkillers. This problem will have to be addressed to the nurse if there is no medicine with you. In this case, No-shpa, Drotaverin, Analgin, Spazmalgon, Ketolong, Ketones, Paracetamol, Ibuprofen will help. These are the simplest drugs that can be contained in the arsenal of a school medical office. If a pharmacy point is located near, there is money available, you can buy the necessary drug. They are inexpensive. Drink 1 tablet is necessary. The pain will begin to subside within 20 minutes. If this does not happen, you can

    increase the dose to 2 tablets, but no more.

  • It is worth drinking a soothing drug. Relaxation of the nervous system helps relieve spasm, which is the main cause of pain. For this purpose, you can use the tablets Valerian, Motherwort tincture, Glod.
  • If the pills do not help, you need to inform your parents, someone close to you about your state of health, go home on your own, or wait until the adults pick up from school.

At home, you must lie on your stomach or sideways in the fetal position, with your legs under you. This position helps to relax the muscles of the uterus, relieves spasm. The pain subsides within 15 minutes.

To speed up the effect on the stomach, you can put a rubber heating pad with cold water or a plastic bottle. The cold constricts blood vessels, stops bleeding. If the selection is scarce, you can use a warm heater. Heat well removes spasm.

Another way is to take a shower. This procedure relaxes the nervous system, relieves stress, removes spasm, stops bleeding.

Physical education and monthly

How to deal with physical education? The situation is ambiguous. Light exercise helps to relax the muscles of the uterus, eliminates pain, prevents its appearance. That is, physical education facilitates the state during menstruation. Slow measured running has a good effect on the body.

It is prohibited:

  1. Jump,
  2. Push-ups

  3. Download press,
  4. Do strength exercises
  5. Make sudden movements of the body.

It is necessary to monitor their own well-being. If physical activity is reflected adversely, stop all efforts.

Each girl's monthly flow in different ways. All measure with the same brush can not be. During the period of menstruation, the load on the kidneys, heart, brain, nervous system increases, the composition of the blood changes, pressure decreases, hemoglobin decreases. A lot of factors that worsen health, cause weakness, dizziness. Additional physical activity can exacerbate the situation. Therefore, in the first place, it is necessary to be based on your own well-being.

Each school has its own requirements for physical education lessons, different standards. Recently, there are several cases in which adolescents died in class. This suggests that standards are not always drawn up correctly. It is better to limit the workout, light exercises. Surrender of regulations set aside for another time.

Menstruation is a natural process in the female body, laid down by genetics. There are certain rules of conduct these days, restrictions, recommendations. In order not to be trapped, you must:

  1. Always carry in a backpack, purse gasket in reserve.
  2. Keep no-shpu, Analgin, Valerian, Validol, Citramon. These are the main means of first aid during menstruation. But-shpa relieves spasm, Analgin relieves pain, Valerian soothes, Validol eliminates dizziness, heartache, Citramon raises pressure.

Ask for home if necessary. It is better to skip a lesson than to get into an awkward situation, neglecting your own health.

How many years to expect the beginning of the monthly

The average age of menarche is 12.5 years. But you need to understand that the chances that the first period will begin at this age are very small. This is an average figure that does not take into account the individual characteristics of the organism, and therefore, can only serve as a guideline. Deviation in one direction or another for 18–20 months is considered a variant of the norm, therefore it is better to build on such factors:

  • Genetic predisposition. Mom needs to remember how much her menses began, it is likely that her daughter’s menarche will come at the same age.
  • Body mass. In order for sex hormones to “launch” the work of the reproductive system, the percentage of adipose tissue in the body must be 20–21%. It is clear that an overly thin girl will begin to menstruate later than her plump girlfriend.
  • The beginning of sexual development. If the girl began to increase the mammary glands, the proportions of the figure change, it means that the reproductive system begins to work, and soon (approximately 1.5-2 years after the first changes) the menstruation should begin.
  • The presence of stress factors. Adolescents living in difficult conditions, children under constant pressure from peers or teachers live in chronic stress. In this case, the hormone cortisol is produced, and it suppresses the work of the ovaries. It also needs to be considered, waiting for the onset of menstruation.

The combination of all these factors largely determines the development and operation of the reproductive system. However, to say exactly on which day the girl will detect discharge, of course, no one can. Therefore, the best option, starting from a certain age (and from which, parents should understand, starting from the listed symptoms), be prepared for this: to know what monthly periods are, how to use pads, what to look for.

Hygiene rules

Even before the onset of the first menstruation, vaginal discharge begins to appear in the girl. They are white or transparent, insignificant, and that they appeared absolutely normal. Already during this period it is necessary to learn the basic rules of hygiene: wash or take a shower in the morning and evening, use daily pads. Choosing hygiene products, you should pay attention to their composition, and more precisely, to the absence of flavors and dyes in it. It is absolutely useless to “aromatize” the genitals, and the various green or blue lines, supposedly delimiting the area of ​​absorption, can only cause irritation and nothing more.

If a girl is taught to observe these simple rules since childhood, maintaining cleanliness during her period will not be a problem for her. When the selection is abundant, you need to use pads with a greater degree of absorption (with a mark of 3-4 drops, or with the inscription Super). The main thing is to regularly change them, ideally every two to three hours. And even with the most abundant discharge, it is better not to use a tampon and a pad together.

How to go to school during menstruation

No matter how parents prepare their daughter for the onset of a new period, the first periods are always stressful. And the girl can be understood: just yesterday her life was simple and carefree, and now you need to learn to live with it! While "this" is also impossible to predict, the first menarche can last two days, or maybe two weeks. Allocations can be smearing, and can "fill" and pads, and underwear, and clothing. It is clear that school cannot be missed due to menstruation, so you need to somehow adapt to your new state. Small life hacking for sudden periods in school:

  1. The fact that you need to always carry with a pair of pads of different thickness, obviously. In order not to hide them in the wilds of a backpack and not worry about how to get it unnoticed, you should buy a case for gaskets. These are small boxes, securely closing, with a cute design. To understand what they are for, it is impossible, so you can safely get the case for all and quietly shift in your pocket.
  2. If menstruation began unexpectedly, but there are no gaskets with you, you can run to the nearest pharmacy and buy hygiene items there individually. Fortunately, the pharmacy is now at every step and a lot of time it does not take.
  3. There is no money, no pads with you, but do you need to do something? In this case, you need to contact the medical office and ask the nurse for help. At a minimum, in the office there are sterile gauze wipes, they are not as comfortable as pads, but will allow for some time to protect clothes and underwear.
  4. Usually, on the first day of menstruation, discharge is not abundant, and often a daily pantyum is enough to feel confident. Therefore, you should always choose a "daily" with a larger area of ​​absorbent surface and marked "2 drops." On a normal day, this does not hurt, but with a sudden start of the month will be very helpful.

The main thing to remember is no panic. Menstruation is normal, every woman faces her, and this is no reason to be upset, despondent, or angry. If you do not walk along the wall with a mournful face, no one will ever guess what is happening at the moment. Therefore, the most important rule of conduct during menstruation is to behave as usual. It is better to get used to the idea as soon as possible that, on average, menstruation takes 10 years of life! Too long period to allow yourself to spend it in a bad mood, denying the usual things.

How not to leak during menstruation at school

The question of reliable protection of clothes and underwear from discharges is concerned with the majority of young girls (and also adult women). Indeed, heavy bleeding can permeate the pad and stain the mold. In order not to get into such an awkward situation, you should heed such advice:

  • Choose pads marked “night” or night, they have an elongated back that protects clothes from leakage.
  • Avoid sudden movements. Did the bell ring for the break? There is no need to jump up and rush, so immediately there will be a sharp, abundant outflow and all the secretions may simply not have time to absorb. It is better to calmly collect things, and then slowly go out.
  • Do not forget to regularly check the gasket. In school years, rarely anyone can boast of a regular cycle, so even in the first and last days, when there is little expected discharge, it is better to periodically look in the toilet room to be sure that everything is normal.
  • The most difficult question: what to do if your period began in the morning at school and there is a long school day ahead. If the hygiene products are with you or you can buy them - calmly continue your studies. If not, it is better to take time off from one lesson and tidy yourself up at home. Most likely, parents and teachers will treat this with understanding.

If, however, there was a nuisance, and there were traces of discharge on the clothes, you should not be upset. In fact, this situation is faced by 99% of girls and women. Outsiders are unlikely to notice what happened, after all, no one is considering anyone with a magnifying glass. If there is a jacket or jacket, you can tie the sleeves at the waist, covering problem areas.

Monthly and physical education lessons

Question: Do sports during menstruation, in fact, not only care about schoolgirls, adult women are also looking for an answer from gynecologists. Doctors, in turn, do not give a definite answer. On the one hand, physical exertion helps to relax, distract, they are, after all, just useful and contribute to the development of endorphins. On the other hand, active physical exercises can provoke a throw-in of endometrial particles from the uterus to other organs, and this is a direct path to endometriosis. Yes, and do not poke around when everything hurts, aches and pulls.

In deciding whether or not to attend physical education, you need to focus on your condition. Every girl has a couple of days during her period, when the discharge is particularly abundant. In this situation, perhaps, it is necessary to abandon the sport. In the rest of the time, when the discharge does not cause any special problems and is not accompanied by unpleasant sensations, you can attend the lessons. The main thing is that menstruation does not become a reason to shirk from the sport, yet the benefits of regular physical activities outweigh the possible risks.

Opinion of doctors

More recently, the attitude towards menstruation in our society was at least strange, it was thought that it was embarrassing to be interested and discuss it. Therefore, as noted by doctors, many girls grow up with improper attitudes and attitudes toward their female health. They are terribly shy of the gynecologist (and if the man is a doctor, the reception becomes just a tragedy), they ignore the important symptoms, do not keep a monthly calendar. Whereas the success of treatment depends largely on the ability of the doctor and the patient to conduct a full-fledged dialogue, to receive comprehensive answers to their questions. Поэтому повышение уровня ответственности и обучение элементарным навыкам и умениям в вопросах женского здоровья — одна из важных задач родителей.

Взросление — непростой этап, и подростки, как никто другой, уязвимы и мнительны. Девочки, готовые к менструации, понимающие и принимающие ее как свершившийся факт, более спокойно и безболезненно переживают «эти дни». Therefore, the correct, positive attitude - the best "medicine".

Natalia Evgenievna Pokhodilova

Psychologist, Kinesiologist Online consultant. Specialist from the website

Imagine, my mother told me how in her childhood in school they were tormented. Mom born in 1948. Then the cloth was worn, there were no gaskets. And these rags were not thrown away, but washed. That is, they, dirty, wrapped in a newspaper. And they wore this stuff until the end of their studies. And adult women at work as well.
Now, it seems to me, no problems. Go to the toilet and change. And what does it mean to be ashamed to change in the toilet? Are you in the men's toilet that you go to change the gaskets?

Did not understand what a shame? Do you have school booths not in the toilet?
Went, changed, used neatly wrapped in a new package, sealed and thrown away.

Yes, what about your toilets at school? What is the problem? And tampons are more reliable by the way, try.

At school? And how do women at work cope with it? After all, the working day lasts from 9:00 to 19:00 for someone more, and for someone a little less. And this is up to 50 years. So, get used to it and not to leak, change the gaskets more often. If you change at every change, you will not leak. Or do you go all day with one?

Well, you're not the only one with such a problem, everyone changes the gaskets in the toilet, there is nothing shameful.

Before school, another month, damn it, kids, roll off.

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use a tampon and pad just in case

in our school there are no cabins, open toilets, like at the train station.

Pads in the mesh buy. They are the best. And the panties must fit tight these days.

in our school there are no cabins, open toilets, like at the train station.

I had the same problem. 2 day - just flowed. I spoke to my honest mother, she called the kl.ruk and said that I would not come to school today. I went to school normally the rest of the day. A gasket must be changed necessarily. If you walk with one walk the whole day, you can earn money on your health.

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What if menstruation starts in school

As a rule, the first menstruation comes unexpectedly for the girl, so she can get confused or frightened. If there is bloody discharge, it is necessary to contact the class teacher, explain the situation to her and take time off from the lessons. If the class teacher is a male teacher, you should visit the medical office where you can get the necessary certificate.

In most cases, the first menstruation is unpredictable. Girls often complain of severe headaches, deterioration of the general condition, pain in the abdomen. During such a period it is recommended to be in a state of absolute rest. In addition, if the girl started her period for the first time, she may need to take painkillers and sedatives.

Sudden menstruation is common in an unstable cycle. In order not to get into an awkward situation, you should carry intimate hygiene products. This fact increases the confidence of the girl, and also calms her. If the sanitary pad was not at the right time for any reason, you should seek help from a classmate, school doctor or class teacher.

How not to leak during menstruation at school

Modern pads provide freedom of movement, but it is almost not noticeable. Leakage may occur if the hygiene product is improperly selected or located. In order to avoid unpleasant situations, the following rules should be followed:

  1. Gasket change should be carried out every two hours in the presence of heavy discharge. If menstruation is coming to an end, you need to focus on filling the gasket. It is important that it changes in time, because the bacteria released through the bleeding can cause the development of an inflammatory process or thrush. Thus, visiting the toilet should be carried out every few lessons, if necessary, to hide the flow.
  2. It is not recommended to perform sharp gestures. Many girls are concerned about the question of what to do if a teacher calls them to the blackboard. The first thing you need to carefully rise from your seat, make sure that the gasket is fixed in the desired position, and then go to the board. If there is a shift in hygiene or other discomfort, you should go to the toilet.
  3. It is not necessary to use volumetric gaskets, which cause a lot of inconvenience in use. Girls are recommended to use pads, designed for a small amount of discharge, but more often to carry out their change.

It is possible to survive this period with ease, following simple rules.

How to deal with physical education lessons

To tell a physical education teacher that you have menstruation, is perceived by girls as a shame, so they decide to attend classes. This solution is correct, because moderate exercise promotes relaxation of the uterine muscles, elimination of pain, relief of the general condition of the girl. It is strictly forbidden to perform jumps, push-ups, pump the abdominal muscles, exercise sharp gymnastic elements.

During menstruation, a girl is recommended to perform a slow, measured run, which has a beneficial effect on the body as a whole. At the same time, one should carefully monitor one’s well-being, and with its sharp deterioration, stop performing physical exercise. Jogging can be supplemented by a light workout, and the execution of tests - to transfer to the next lesson.

Monthly started in school. How to be?

If you feel that you are starting “these days” right at school, then this causes fear. Especially if this happened the first time.

In such a situation, you should contact the school nurse, if one is available.

If there is an opportunity, then somehow slowly tell the teacher about it. She will understand you and give you good advice.

A good option is to just go home. For example, you can say that you have a headache. But in this case, it will be difficult for you to reach the house without tampons or pads.

In general, feminine hygiene should be carried with you even before you start something. So you will always be fully prepared.

And one more thing, do not spread about your problem. All sorts of friends may well put you in and let gossip about you. So about "it" is better not to tell anyone as much as possible.

How to go with monthly to school?

Very simple. Change more personal hygiene products (tampon, pad). And do not attract too much attention to yourself.

In this case, it is not necessary to abandon physical education these days. If there is no pain, then you can walk on it. It won't get worse.

If you have severe pain, then do not attend school at all. Tell me, if anything, that your stomach hurts. Teachers will understand what you mean.

And most importantly, it is always remain calm. If you worry, you will only get worse. All this will be noticed by people around and everything else. Therefore, it is better to behave as usual, and you will cope with this complexity.

How to change pads and tampons at school?

To perform hygienic manipulations within the school, you need to take a small bag. It can be a kind of pencil case that can be easily closed.

There put what you need: a pad, a tampon, spare underwear, if necessary.

This mini handbag can be worn in your briefcase. If it looks like the toilet you can get a personal hygiene product from it and hide it in your pocket, sock or just hold it in your hand so that it is not noticeable.

It is best to go to the toilet during the lesson or after the call to the lesson. In such a situation there will be no one. And you will not be embarrassed. If anything, no one will do anything for being late for a lesson.

In general, the gasket at school is changing elementary. Just take, go and change. Do not give it much importance. And it will be much better.

In addition, this issue can be discussed with their friends. You must be told something. But the main thing here is not to make a victim of yourself and not to say that you are directly shy. Just ask, so to speak, for sporting interest.

What to do if there are no gaskets and began monthly

Monthly can begin in the most unexpected place. This may be a street, university, work, school, restaurant. If the gaskets are over, do not panic. Indeed, at the very beginning of menstruation is not too abundant. It is often enough to make an improvised means to get to the nearest pharmacy without leaks. And it is very simple if you know the alternative methods that our grandmothers used. How to make a lining of the material at hand, read this article.

If your period began in school or in any other place outside the home, you can use the following recommendations:

  • Toilet paper, wound in several layers, well absorbs discharge during menstruation, especially if the pads are unexpectedly over.
  • Also used napkins, handkerchief or a clean piece of cloth, but for a long time they will not be enough. This method is suitable if menstruation is just beginning and the discharge is not abundant.
  • For additional protection, you can use a piece of cellophane, on top of which cotton or bandage is placed.

The best option is to ask for a remedy from a friend or from any girl nearby. If the pads are not at one of the friends, do not hesitate to contact the school nurse. She certainly tells you what to do and will help you find the gasket.

Any of these options will help protect you from leaks for a while and gain time to go to the pharmacy or supermarket.

Read the article on the link, how to wash out the monthly with underwear. There are tips for removing fresh and old stains.

Useful tips

Monthly can begin at the most unexpected moment, therefore the woman needs to be always ready for a similar situation. To avoid discomfort and difficulties, you must adhere to the following rules:

  1. Keep a calendar. This will help to approximately predict the onset of menstruation. Even if it all starts almost on the same day of the month, an unforeseen situation may occur.
  2. Daily panty liners. A few days before the start of the month is to wear daily means.
  3. Dark clothes. It is undesirable to give preference to light things if this very day is approaching.
  4. A spare pair of panties. It does not hurt to carry an extra pair of underwear in your purse, which will be a real salvation in a critical situation.
  5. Hygiene products in each bag. It often happens that a woman keeps spare pads in the main bag, but she took another option with her. Therefore, it does not hurt to store at least one tool in each purse or backpack.

The most important rule is the timely replenishment of its stocks. If you see that the gaskets are running out, then you should not wait for the onset of critical days, and immediately go shopping.

Modern alternative

If almost every girl knows about tampons, then the menstrual cup raises many questions. Gaskets may run out, but the latex cup is available for multiple use. If you started your period suddenly, it is always with you and will hedge at the right moment. There are also disposable bowls, but they are made of polyethylene.

Externally, the object resembles a bell: a tail for the extraction of funds and capacity for menstrual flow. It has the following advantages:

  • easy to enter
  • not felt in the vagina
  • copes with a lot of discharge
  • allows you to save
  • there is no negative impact on the vaginal microflora.

Monthly can go unexpectedly, and gaskets may not be at hand. In this situation will help the usual materials at hand, which is enough to go to the pharmacy. Gaskets are not the only means of intimate hygiene, but a woman should make her choice independently, starting from personal preferences.