Technique of self-test for thrush at home


According to statistics, every third female at least once in her life faced with such a disease as thrush and with the re-aggravation already knows which medications can help her. However, it is worth considering that the symptoms of thrush are similar to signs of other diseases of the reproductive system.

The modern rhythm of life leaves an imprint on the daily routine and there are cases when it is not possible to contact a specialist in the near future. In such a situation will help instant test for thrush frautest candida. Such rapid methods are specially designed for home conditions and it will not take much time to conduct a diagnostic procedure.

Causes of thrush

Candidiasis is an unpretentious disease, it occurs on the basis of reduced immunity, during pregnancy or its interruption, due to such pathological conditions as diabetes mellitus, prolonged antibiotic therapy, hormone therapy, during infectious diseases and surgeries. And also contributes to the occurrence of candidiasis by the long wearing of aromatic pads and improperly selected underwear. Thrush test exists in two forms: frautest pads and frautest candida.

Frautest pads

The test for thrush using frautest pads is very easy to use. The gasket must be attached with a yellow stripe up on the inner surface of the panty and leave it for 6 hours. After the time has expired, the tester is removed and placed in a reagent case, with the yellow stripe down. After 15 minutes, you should evaluate the result. If the yellow stripe changed color to green or blue, it means that the Ph medium changed in the vaginal mucosa and the growth of pathogenic microflora began.

The disadvantage of the above diagnostics is that the indicator changes color not only in the presence of the causative agent of candidiasis. This method in general terms shows changes in a woman’s body. The change in color of the pads may be due to other gynecological diseases.

Express Diagnosis frautest candida

The second test for the definition of thrush is more complicated, but in the application is not difficult. The instant method has an error of only 10%, which for a rapid method is a remarkable indicator. This diagnostic method is based on the immune method. Candida vulvovaginitis antigen reacts with antibodies and latex particles. Subsequently, the reaction formed a blue control strip.

Rapid test for candidiasis is carried out quickly and easily. Remove the foil. Be careful there is a solution in the tank. Remove the sterile swab from the packaging. Insert it into the vagina to a depth of 2-3 cm and rotate it for 15 seconds. Remove the tampon and place it in a cap so that its bulk will be immersed in the solution. Take the frotest in your hand, make circular movements for 20 seconds, then twist the cap twice in the direction indicated on it and wait for the result for 15 minutes. The result is visible on the window below: one strip shows no candidiasis, two stripes of candidiasis.

The above test for the definition of thrush is contraindicated for girls who had no previous sexual contact, as a tampon can damage the hymen.

Advantages of express diagnostics

With the help of the test, you can monitor the effectiveness of the prescribed treatment or hold it after the end of the course of medication prescribed by the attending physician.

  1. Easy to use dough.
  2. The test of the Israeli company Savyon Diagnostics Ltd, price from 350 rubles.
  3. Time saving

Science has made great strides forward and simple diagnostic methods are already available at home; with their help, one can assess the physiological state of the body with short self and in a short time.

Features and benefits of the test

The presented product is able to recognize only the pathogen of thrush. If there are other infectious pathologies, it will not show anything.

"Frautest" has the following advantages:

  • usability,
  • analysis accuracy is 90%
  • quick results (it will take only 15-20 minutes),
  • a woman has the opportunity to stop the useless treatment of a non-existent disease (therapy can provoke a hormonal disturbance, which will lead to the development of a fungus),
  • relatively low cost - about 360-460 rubles.,
  • After treatment for thrush, the test will determine if the therapy was effective and correct.

However, the test for determining thrush has one feature: it cannot diagnose other diseases. However, if a woman has unpleasant discharge, itching and other symptoms, but is not candida, then she has a serious reason to visit a doctor.

Features of the use of diagnostic pads

The simplest method for determining thrush is the use of gaskets. You can use it at any time and in any place, and there are no special rules to follow.

Instructions for use are simple: the product must be well attached to underwear, like a normal pad, and it should be directed upwards with the yellow side. Wear it should be for 6 hours.

Then the product is removed and placed in a special case with the yellow side down. It should lie in it for at least 10 minutes. After this, the test can be assessed: if the color has not changed, it means that there is no thrush. But it is possible that in the presence of unpleasant symptoms in the body there is another infection. If the gasket turns blue or green, then there is a fungus in the patient's discharge.

Features of the immune test

This test for the definition of thrush is more difficult, but also the most accurate. The principle of operation of this product is as follows: latex particles interact with fungus antigens.

In the window where there should be a result, one control blue bar is shown. If at the end of time another vertical line appeared next, then the test can be considered positive.

To test as accurate as possible, it must be done correctly. It takes a few minutes to diagnose. In the box with the dough there is an instruction.

Instructions for use of the immune test

The thrush test must be properly used to make the result as accurate as possible. It provides for the implementation of such actions:

  1. First, the package is opened, the product is removed and carefully placed on a flat horizontal surface.
  2. Now you should take the test in one hand and carefully remove the foil that covers the cap as accurately as possible. All movements must be done very carefully, as the cap contains a special fluid that contacts with the fungus and manifests it.
  3. Then the package is opened with a sterile applicator.
  4. The tampon is carefully inserted into the vagina to a depth of 2 cm. After that, the applicator must be slowly twisted inside for 20 seconds and removed.
  5. Now the tampon needs to be placed in the hole of the cap, where it must be rotated for about 2 seconds.
  6. After the implementation of all actions, the applicator is removed from the cap, but beforehand the swab should be pressed against its wall. Then you can throw it away. Further, all actions are performed with a cap.
  7. Holding the product with one hand, you need to turn the cover counterclockwise (the direction is indicated on it). Marks on both sides of the dough should match. Further, the cap of the cap returns to its former position. This action is repeated several times. At the end of the procedure, the notes must match again.
  8. It remains only to wait until the test for determining thrush shows the result. It will take only 10-20 minutes.

Thrush is not considered dangerous for life or health disease. But it indicates the presence of problems in the body of a woman. They are often associated with a violation of hormonal levels, which can be fraught with serious complications. Independently fight this disease is not worth it, since it requires an integrated approach.

The test for candidiasis will allow you to accurately determine the presence of thrush and begin its treatment. Uncontrolled use of drugs with an unconfirmed diagnosis is the right way to disrupt hormonal levels, metabolism, and the appearance of subsequent problems associated with this.

Frautest to determine the fungal disease

Frautest Candida is a test that is designed to determine candidiasis at home. Thrush occurs at the slightest adverse environmental factors or hidden diseases of internal organs, and men, women, and children are at risk of developing candidiasis. If you detect a disease of the yeast type in the early stages, then further treatment will pass quickly and effectively. The thrush test is an alternative to hospital tests, long-term expectations of results and incubation of long lines to the doctor. Such a thing is easy to understand and easy to use. What is the Frautest Candida?

Appointment of Frautest Candida in the first aid kit

An instant test for thrush can detect the active bacteria Candida in the cervical internal secret of the woman's vagina. Such a device for home diagnosis of candidiasis refers to rapid tests that provide results within a few minutes. The working principle of Frautest Candida is based on simple biological reactions:

  • Candida antigen interacts with special antibodies of the test,
  • the resulting fluid combines with latex particles,
  • blue matter interaction with tagging antibodies.

The control part of the test is divided into two conditional zones, each of which contains antibody markers. Due to this structure, the thrush test reacts to the presence of the Candida fungus, displaying the results in one or two strips.

How to use the Frautest Candida test?

The test for candidiasis, which will determine the presence of a pathogenic fungus on the mucous membrane of the female genital organs in an hour, is used only once, and subject to the fulfillment of all instructions and instructions (specified on the package). The sequence of actions will provide the most accurate result:

  1. The opening of the test. Before using the rapid test, you must thoroughly wash your hands and retire in a secluded place where no one will disturb a woman. The new test is in the foil, which should be removed. Before applying the test to determine thrush, it will not be superfluous to ascertain the tightness of the package. Next, the test is set on a flat horizontal surface.
  2. Preparation of a color cap. The main reagent that determines the presence of the Candida fungus is in a bright blue cap, which also needs to be opened (carefully so that the liquid does not spill).
  3. Taking a smear. The second part of the test consists of a tampon for applications, which need to take a smear for further rapid analysis at home. An open tampon is inserted into the vagina (about two centimeters). The woman should carefully roll the applicator, collecting the sample for testing.
  4. The reaction of a special fluid. The swab with a specimen of vaginal mucosa in no case can not be rearranged on any surface, immediately after taking the scraping, the applicator is placed in the blue cap, and methodically turning the cotton end of the tampon, the woman rotates it for about twenty seconds. Then, the tampon is thrown away - it will not be needed anymore.
  5. Definition of results. After the sample taken from the vagina, has reacted with antibodies of the blue fluid, you can proceed to the main part of the test. With one hand holding the base of the dough, the woman should turn the cap three times. For convenience, the cap marked in the form of arrows that indicate the direction.

After completing all assigned instructions, the test for thrush is left for 10-20 minutes. During this time, strips should appear on the panel part of the device (one indicates the healthy microflora of the vagina, and two indicate the development of the Candida fungus in a woman).

Test for thrush in the form of gaskets

It is very easy to use the dough - the gasket should be directed to the vagina with the yellow side, the other side is attached to the underwear, as a standard gasket. You need to wear it for at least 6 hours. After that, it must be removed and placed in a special case with the yellow side down. After 10 minutes, you can pull out the gasket and check the test results.

If the color of the gasket has changed from yellow to blue or green, this indicates a change in the composition of the microflora. It is important to understand that this test for candidiasis does not prove the presence of Candida fungi. The same result will be given by other pathogens of genital organs. But the woman will be able to understand that it is necessary to consult a doctor for further analysis.

Reliable Thrush Test

The second version of the test works on the principle of an immune method for the detection of thrush, its results are more accurate. The error is 10%. The essence of the technique is that the interaction of Candida fungi antibodies with latex particles occurs, the test will show this interaction with a blue stripe.

For verification on the test already have one blue strip. If after the test a second strip of the same kind appears, the result proves that there is a Candida yeast fungus in the vaginal microflora.

Independently to make a test for the definition of thrush at home is not difficult - the instruction is attached. The result will be available in just a few minutes. To begin with, the test is taken out of the box and placed on a flat, horizontal surface. In one hand, you need to take the text, the second - to remove the foil cover, closing the cap. It is necessary to do everything carefully, because there is a liquid in the cap. After that, the package is opened with a sterile swab complete with an applicator.

With the help of an applicator, the tampon is placed approximately 2 cm deep in the vagina, rotates gently for 20 seconds, then removed. The swab is placed in the hole of the cap with liquid, it must be twisted for a few seconds there. After that, the applicator is removed and discarded. Use one hand to hold the cap, and the other to turn the cap counterclockwise (as indicated on the test). With proper rotation, the grooves in the bottom and top of the cap will match. Then the cap returns to its original position.

Such manipulations are repeated twice, after which the indentations on the lower and upper parts of the cap are combined. After waiting 10-20 minutes, you can evaluate the results - if a second one appeared next to the control blue stripe, it means that there is Candida fungi in the vagina. If the second bar does not appear, it means that the causes of the identified symptoms are not in the thrush, but in another disease.

The advantages of the rapid test for thrush

The first plus test - the possibility of rapid diagnosis. In conditions of lack of time for visits to the doctor, the test allows you to quickly determine whether there is a thrush in the body, and how urgently you need to consult a doctor.

The second plus test for thrush - reduces the risk of taking drugs that do not help in a particular case. For example, if a negative result is obtained, there is absolutely no point in buying candles, pills and ointments for candidiasis. But to go to the doctor for sure.

The third plus of the rapid test - it is possible to evaluate the effectiveness of therapy at the end of the treatment of thrush. If the result is negative, then Candida fungus is gone. It is important to remember that the test does not reveal other pathogens, therefore, if there is discomfort and unpleasant symptoms against the background of good test results, you still need to consult a gynecologist.

Other advantages of the test, which were noted by the patient, were: ease of use, reasonable cost and availability in pharmacies.

What symptoms should be tested

The test for thrush Frautest Candida is a very convenient and easy-to-use invention that allows you to instantly determine the presence of fungal infections in the vaginal mucosa.

Signs of the disease in which it is advisable to make a test for the definition of thrush:

  • obtrusive itching in the vagina and burning, aggravated after urination and hygiene,
  • inflamed, reddened skin in the region of the external genital organs,
  • copious cheesy discharge with a sour odor.

All these symptoms may indicate either the presence of thrush, and some other diseases or simply irritation of the skin of the genital organs by linen or cosmetics.

We must remember that the test for fungus at home helps only in the diagnosis of thrush, but not in the treatment. He also does not exclude the fact of other pathologies, because in order to determine them, one must undergo a clinical and laboratory examination, having donated blood, urine and a vaginal smear sample. If the doctor confirms that only pathological reproduction of Candida fungi has caused discomfort and discharge, then the infection can be treated.


Тест на определение молочницы Фраутест Кандида производится в Израиле. Его можно использовать только один раз. Это отличный вариант экспресс-диагностики, поскольку результаты можно узнать в течении часа, не выходя из дома. Его комплектация включает в себя:

  • основу теста с панельной частью и колпачком с жидкостью, реагирующей на грибки кандида,
  • стерильный тампон для вагинального введения с целью сбора образца микрофлоры.

Temperature conditions at which it is recommended to store a closed test - from 2 to 30 degrees heat. After it is opened, the optimal storage temperature is considered to be from 2 to 8 ° of heat, so it is advisable to store the open test in the refrigerator.

Shelf life is 2.5 years.

  1. Take care of hand hygiene and a relaxed atmosphere. Ensure the tightness of the foil package, carefully remove it.
  2. Prepare a colored cap - it contains the liquid indicator for determining kadidoza.
  3. Next, the test for determining thrush involves inserting a tampon into the vagina to a depth of 2 cm and slowly scrolling it. This is how the microflora sample is collected to determine the disease.
  4. Immediately after collecting material from the microflora of the vagina, it is necessary to immerse the tampon in the cap (without intermediate placement on any surface). Rotate the swab for 20-30 seconds in the fluid cap.
  5. Lightly squeeze the swab against the wall of the cap, then it can be thrown away.
  6. The next stage of testing: holding the base of the dough construction, scroll the cap in the direction indicated by the arrows on it three times and return to its original position.
  7. After this, the test for the determination of thrush Frautest Candida is left for a third of an hour.

The procedure can be performed at any time of the day and in any climatic conditions. There is no age limit for women who have sex.

The test is prohibited to carry virgins, so as not to damage the effective chaff.

To purchase the test does not require a doctor's prescription or any special permission. You can make a purchase in live mode or online. The average cost in Russia is from 350 to 400 rubles, which is quite acceptable for imported products.

A positive result for the presence of candida fungi can be seen after 20 minutes. It is shown by two strips on the test panel. At the same time, the second one may be fuzzy, of a more dull color, but it still indicates the disease.

One bar indicates a healthy microflora or that the cause of unpleasant symptoms is not thrush.

If no strips appear, then the test is incorrect. This can be for several reasons:

  • the expiration date of the test has expired
  • rules of use were not followed
  • the amount of moisture secretion collected by the swab is too small for the procedure.

In this case, the test must be re-performed using new packaging.

The treatment scheme is chosen by the doctor, based on the depth of the foci of inflammation and their extent, and also taking into account the individual characteristics of the girl. Self-selected drug without taking into account all the necessary nuances may not bring the expected effect or aggravate the course of the disease.

Benefits of self diagnostics

Instant test for thrush allows you to identify pathogenic disorders in the body of a woman caused by the reproduction of the fungus belonging to the genus Candida. Please note that when another infection test gives a negative result.

According to statistics, almost 70% of women diagnose themselves with candidiasis on their own, based on the symptoms of the disease: white cheesy discharge and itching. This pushes them to take medical measures at home, which sometimes gives a dismal result - a violation of the vaginal microflora, a decrease in local protective functions and the addition of a bacterial infection.

One should not overlook the fact that thrush has similar symptoms with diseases such as mycoplasmosis, chlamydia, ureaplasmosis and trichomoniasis. Independently differentiate these diseases is quite difficult. In this case, do not do without laboratory diagnosis. An excellent helper in such a situation is a test for determining thrush.

Please note that after the diagnosis is confirmed, do not self-medicate. This can lead to the development of irreversible effects in the body. Only a doctor can prescribe an effective and safe treatment, conducting a preliminary laboratory diagnosis and relying on the results of research.

The test for candidiasis helps to avoid improper treatment and the occurrence of relapses. With the help of self-diagnosis, it is possible to eliminate the risk of the transition of an acute infectious disease to a chronic one. The test for thrush eliminates the possibility of taking OTC antifungal agents in 75% of cases. Thus, self-diagnosis prevents the development of resistance to active substances, which in the future eliminates the lack of effectiveness of drug therapy.

Features Frautest Candida

The test for the detection of thrush Frautest Candida refers to a device designed for rapid diagnosis. With it, you can get instant results.

The working principle of Frautest Candida:

  • The interaction of fungal microflora with special antibodies.
  • Compound fluid with latex particles.
  • The interaction of deep substances with antibodies that create tags.

The control part of the test for determining thrush is divided into several conditional zones. Each of them contains special antibody markers. This allows the test to respond to the presence of fungal microflora. Test results are displayed as 1 or 2 bars.

Recommendations for use

In order to get a reliable result, you need to correctly use the test for determining candidiasis:

  1. Unpacking the dough. Before you open the test, you need to wash your hands with soap and water. After removing the foil, the device should be placed on a flat, flat surface.
  2. Training. The reagent that determines the Candida fungus is in the cap. It is recommended to open it with a smooth movement in order not to spill the liquid contained inside.
  3. Taking a smear. With the help of the tampon-applicator enclosed in the packaging, a vaginal smear should be taken (it should be inserted at a depth of at least 2 cm).
  4. Contact with liquid. Immediately after the stroke, the applicator should be placed in a blue cap and held for 20 seconds.
  5. Getting results. After the reaction has gone, you can proceed to the main part of the procedure. To do this, turn the cap 3 times, holding the base of the device with your second hand. The direction is indicated by the arrows.

This test gives the result in 10-20 minutes. After this time on the instrument panel appears the result in the form of strips: 1 - indicates a healthy vaginal microflora, 2 - the presence of Candida fungus.

If you suspect that you have thrush, you should not make hasty decisions and begin treatment. Use the Frautest Candida test to determine the fungus. Do not self-medicate. If there is a positive result, seek medical advice.

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Candidiasis: Symptoms and Diagnosis

Of course, thrush can be suspected by the well-known indirect symptoms:

  • yeast-like vaginal discharge and unpleasant odor,
  • itching, burning sensation in the affected area,
  • redness of the skin.

However, if the lady suddenly began to disturb the unpleasant symptoms, for a start, you can conduct a home test for thrush. Everyone knows the tests for pregnancy and ovulation, which can be bought at all pharmacy kiosks and even supermarkets. Similarly, you can check yourself for the presence of vaginal candidiasis. This is not a panacea, but an excellent way out of the situation, if it is not possible to visit a medical facility.

Thrush test: packaging and packaging

The test for determining thrush at home is sold in pharmacies under the Frautest brand. It allows immunochromatographic testing of the organism for the presence of Candida fungi.

The packaging that sells the test for thrush at home is made of foil and cardboard. The kit consists of the test itself and a sterile tampon applicator. Each pack contains 1 test. Packages are put into corrugated boxes of 27 pieces.

How to apply Frautest to determine candidiasis

The method of using the test is standard. It consists of several stages:

  1. The test is taken in one hand, while the other hand removes the foil cap that covers the colored cap. It is important to know that there is liquid inside the cap.
  2. The woman opens the package in which there is a sterile tampon applicator.
  3. The patient inserts the swab applicator intravaginally. Depth of introduction should be no more than 2 centimeters.
  4. For 20 seconds, you will have to gradually move the tampon with rotational movements.
  5. The user removes the tampon from his vagina with cautious movements.
  6. After that, the tampon is inserted into the hole in the colored cap and rotated too. A twenty-second procedure is enough.
  7. The tampon is pulled out and squeezed onto the inner surface of the color cap, after which it must be discarded. In no case should not leave the used applicator-swab during the further test.
  8. The test sticks to one of the hands, and the other lady turns the color cap. This should be done counterclockwise, and stop for 0.25 turn to the point of emphasis. It is necessary that the upper and lower parts of the color cap match.
  9. The cap is returned to its original position.
  10. The color cap turns are repeated again - you need to perform them, as in point 8, and twice. At the end, the grooves coincide again.
  11. The result should be evaluated in 10–20 minutes.

Frautest test method for determining candidiasis


  • Two clear blue stripes on the test clearly indicate a positive result. In the discharge of a woman there is a fungus of the genus Candida. Weak staining of the second strip also means that the user suffers from candidiasis.
  • The only blue stripe - a reason for joy. This is a negative result. The patient has no thrush. She is healthy.
  • The strip does not occur. This result is regarded as erroneous. As a rule, this happens because of the too small amount of discharge taken for analysis. Sometimes the cause is improperly conducting the test itself. We'll have to do retesting. For this, of course, a new test is taken.

Basic tests for the diagnosis of candidiasis

It is usually easy to diagnose candidiasis with the help of analyzes, although there are certain subtleties here as well. Recall that Candida is one of the usual representatives of human microflora, it lives quietly in normal conditions for most people. In particular, in every second inhabitant of the earth, this fungus lives in the oropharynx, and in 80% of people it can be found in the intestine. Therefore, when analyzing, it is important that the fungus itself is not detected - this does not mean illness, it is important to determine its quantity in a specific area of ​​the body where inflammation is presumed.

Therefore, for example, blood tests for candidiasis do not make sense - this method does not allow to understand exactly where the fungus is active. Suppose a woman came to the doctor with complaints of discharge from the genital tract. If she is given a blood ELISA for Candida, then we are likely to find antibodies to the fungus. But it will not be possible to find out whether the fungus caused inflammation of the vagina or whether it is antibodies to Candida, which live, for example, in the intestine. Therefore, no value information such as "detected antibodies to candida albicans Igg", does not carry.

Thus, in a normal situation, doctors use only direct methods for diagnosing thrush, which determine the pathogen itself, and not its antibodies. To clarify the diagnosis, the material for the study is taken directly from the area affected by the fungus. For example, with colpitis, a swab from the vagina is taken, with stomatitis (for example, thrush in the mouth with HIV infection) a diagnosis of oral candidiasis is made, and so on.

Most often, 4 methods are used to confirm thrush:

  1. Smear microscopy,
  2. Cultural research
  3. Direct immunofluorescence (UIF),
  4. Polymerase chain reaction (PCR).

Before we talk about them in more detail, we will understand how to evaluate the effectiveness of the analyzes. It is determined by their specificity and sensitivity.

Sensitivity is the ability of a laboratory test to detect microorganisms in a test material.

Specificity - the ability to clarify what exactly is the pathogen.

Now, when it is clear how to compare the effectiveness of different methods, consider each of them in more detail.

Smear microscopy

A routine examination of a smear under a microscope can reliably confirm the diagnosis. The presence of a large number of vegetative forms (pseudospores) in a smear is especially significant for thrush. This indicates active reproduction of the fungus.

In order to increase the information content of the analysis, technicians add an alkali solution to the material, which dissolves epithelial cells. Due to this, the spores and fungal mycelium in the smear become more distinguishable. To better identify the yeast fungi in the smear, it is often used staining of the drug. At the same time, candida mushrooms, as well as its spores, are clearly visible in a smear, when stained with any available dye.

Candida yeast mushrooms in smear

The obvious advantage of the method of microscopy is its simplicity and low price. Even in a private clinic, a person will pay no more than 150 rubles for microscopy, and during a visit to a dermatologist-venereologist or gynecologist at a state clinic, the analysis is most likely done free of charge.

The analysis form will record whether fungi of the Candida genus are found, as well as yeast fungus spores in the smear. For example: "Candida +++, a large number of vegetative forms." Such a record suggests that the person's thrush is very active.

The main disadvantage of the method is its low efficiency. According to the WHO, published in 1999, the sensitivity of the method is only 35-45%, although the specificity is almost 100%. This largely depends on the experience of the laboratory technician.

Another drawback, although not so critical, is the inability to determine the specific type of candida in a smear, which is sometimes necessary for proper treatment.

Direct immunofluorescence

A mutual fund test determines thrush is much more effective than previous tests. The essence of the method consists in the following: a solution is applied to the smear material, which contains antibodies painted with a special paint to the resin. Recall that at the invasion of each infection, the human body produces specific proteins - antibodies. Each virus, fungus and bacteria correspond strictly to their antibodies.

If there is candida in the material under study, then the antibodies created against it tend to contact the fungus. The resulting "bundles" glow when viewing the material under a special fluorescent microscope.

Direct immunofluorescence is quite effective, its specificity approaches absolute, although the sensitivity rarely exceeds 80%. The need for special equipment and the relatively high cost of analysis, which amounts to 400-800 rubles for a patient, do not allow the method to be widely used.

Cultural study

Sowing of biological material on Candida mushrooms, is carried out on various nutrient media. Colonies of the fungus grow well, and colonies sufficient for diagnosis can be grown within 24 hours.

The culture method allows you to calculate the amount of fungus, which is measured in CFU (colony forming units) per milliliter. It is considered that the content of the fungus up to 1000 CFU / ml is a variant of the norm.

Colonies of the fungus Candida when seeding on a nutrient medium

An entry in the study form may look like this: “Candida 10 to 4 degree CFU / ml ". This analysis indicates a moderate amount of fungus in the material. A significant excess of the norm is the content of Candida. 10 to 5 degree and higher.

The indisputable advantage of cultural research is the ability to "test" the effectiveness of various antifungal drugs on candida from seeding. Due to this, you can choose the most effective treatment. However, this method is used infrequently, because good nutrient media are quite expensive - such an analysis will cost the patient about 600-1000 rubles.

In addition, the efficiency of sowing in some cases does not meet expectations. Both the sensitivity and the specialty of the method are about 70%.

Polymerase Chain Reaction - PCR

This analysis is able to find DNA fragments of microorganisms - a very effective way to detect any infection. Also, with the help of certain types of PCR, one can calculate the amount of gene particles in the taken material - that is, find out if there are many fungi in humans.

Both sensitivity and specificity of the analysis for thrush is close to absolute, because the method allows to detect the pathogen even if there is very little of it in the smear. If the PCR analysis form contains “candida albicans DNA detected”, this means that almost 99% of the person has this type of fungus.

Also, PCR still has additional scope. With it, you can absolutely accurately determine the type of fungus. It is proved that Candida nonalbicans, that is, all species, except the most common Candida albicans, are resistant to the traditional treatment with fluconazole. Therefore, to identify the species of the fungus is very important, especially when it comes to severe candidal lesions.

Frautest candida

Недавно, на прилавках аптек появился тест на молочницу Фраутест Candida, который по заявлениям производителя позволяет диагностировать кандидоз у женщин в домашних условиях. Тест работает по принципу антиген-антитело. На тестовую полоску нанесены антитела к грибку, которые окрашиваются в синий цвет, если встретятся с антигенном-кандидой.

It is reported that the effectiveness of the test is in the region of 90%, but no serious research has been conducted on this issue. At the same time, the price for fratest test for thrush is 400-700 rubles, and it has no practical value.

Suppose a woman has discharge from the genital tract. She does a test that turns out to be positive. Does this mean that Candida lives in a woman in the genital tract? Maybe. Does this mean that it was the fungus that caused these symptoms? Far from a fact. What will a woman do when she finds a positive result? At best, she will go to the doctor, where she will again pass all the necessary tests. At worst, it will self-medicate and possibly miss the onset of diabetes or another disease that actually developed in it.

To sum up a little, the most common and justified diagnostic method is conventional smear microscopy.

Attention should be paid to the fact that laboratory tests of candidiasis are of no value if there are no symptoms of the disease. In other words, the numbers in the analysis form can be any, but if the fungus did not cause inflammation, then the person is considered healthy and does not need treatment. Otherwise, it is necessary that the doctor prescribed treatment. On the methods of treatment of candidiasis, see the article Treatment of thrush in women: drugs and recommendations.

Thrush is ...

Thrush or vulvovaginal candidiasis is an infectious disease with a lesion of the vulva, vagina, cervix, caused by yeast-like fungi of the Candida genus, and in particular, Candida albicans.

Yeast-like fungi are dimorphic cells that multiply by the budding method and measure up to 10 microns.

The disease most often affects women of reproductive age, but can also be observed in elderly women, as well as in men and young children.

The development of infection in women may be associated with a weakening of the immune system, with concomitant common diseases, namely diabetes, tuberculosis, endocrinopathy. In addition, the infection can be observed when taking antibiotics, cytostatics, glucocorticoids, in lovers to wear tight tight clothing, as well as during menstruation and pregnancy.

According to scientific data, thrush is distinguished acute when there are markedly pronounced symptoms of the disease: itching in the vulva and vagina of varying intensity, aggravated at night or when moving, burning in the genital area, discharge from the genital tract having a cheesy character, and all this is accompanied unpleasant sour smell.

In addition, chronic thrush is isolated, in which these symptoms are less pronounced and this infection can disturb 4 or more times a year.

Diagnosis of thrush consists in taking vaginal discharge and further laboratory confirmation of yeast-like fungi in it. This material is collected by a doctor, which suggests that it is necessary that, when the above symptoms appear, to seek medical help in order not to translate the insidious infection into a chronic form.

Interesting, but true! Information about the test

To diagnose thrush at home, when the first symptoms appeared, Savyon Diagnostics Ltd, Israel, created a unique rapid test for the definition of thrush called Frauteste Candida.

This test is designed to identify Candida fungi in the cervical vaginal secretions. The sensitivity of the rapid test for thrush is 90%.

The work of this test is based on the interaction of fungus antigens with specific antibodies on a latex strip, after which the strip turns blue, this is the so-called immune method. Quite a convenient way to diagnose vulvovaginal candidiasis at home.

The price range in different regions of our country varies from 250 rubles per pack to 600 rubles per pack. The price, as always, depends on the specific pharmacy and city.

After the diagnosis of thrush has been established, it is treated by prescribing anti-candidosis therapy, which includes local and systemic drugs.

Local drug include: candles Zalain, candles Nystatin, candles Pimafutsin, vaginal tablets Clotrimazole, Terzhinan.

And systemic drugs are represented by the widely used drug, Fluconazole, used once inside, as well as Itraconazole.

P.S. Dear reader! In this article, I talked about the excellent and quick test for diagnosing thrush at home, but it should be warned that even with a positive test for thrush, it is necessary to consult a specialist to confirm the diagnosis in the laboratory and prescribe adequate therapy, as the symptoms that were described above, are not specific for this infection and can be observed for other diseases, as well as for the combination of thrush and other infections, for the treatment of which the usual anti-candida therapy will not enough.

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