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The delay of menstruation - one of the indicators that a woman has any violations. Self-prescribing drugs or using folk remedies can cause life-threatening conditions. For example, one of the reasons for the delay is pregnancy. Therefore, it is necessary to eliminate this state before attempting to adjust the menstrual cycle.

If the correction of the menstrual cycle is carried out by a specialist, there is no danger in this. If woman tries to influence independently, it is fraught with: termination of pregnancy, hormonal disruptions - functional cysts, endometrial pathology, problems with conception can form.

Folk ways to call monthly.

  • Hot tubsoften with the addition of various components. Hot water in itself calms, relaxes, balances the nervous system, which favors the regulation of the menstrual cycle and the onset of menstruation. You can add honey, iodine and salt, various herbs (chamomile, mother and stepmother, and others) to the water.
  • Parsley. Roots and green leaves must be taken in an amount of 10 g, chopped, pour 200 ml of boiling water and infused for an hour. Use with a delay of 50 ml four times a day before the onset of menses. You can take one teaspoon of seeds and pour boiling water. Take after exposure for about an hour for 3-4 tbsp. l 3-4 times a day.

  • Chamomile + Mint + Valerian Root. Take chamomile flowers, mint leaves and valerian root in the same proportions. Crush in a mortar. For a glass of boiling water use 1-2 tbsp. l mixes. Insist 120-180 minutes, drink 50 ml three times a day.
  • Ginger root. It is necessary to take the dried root (crushed raw material 10 g). Pour 200 ml boiling water, insist about an hour and take up to five times a day instead of tea.
  • Onion Husk. About 10 g pour boiling water, hold for an hour, use 50 ml four times a day.
  • Nettle + tansy. Take equal amounts of each component, grind and mix. For cooking means you need to take a mixture of one tablespoon per 300 ml of boiling water. Leave over low heat after boiling for a quarter of an hour. To cool. Take a tablespoon three times a day.
  • Cornflower flowers. Take 20 g of dried petals, pour a glass of boiling water and insist for an hour. To use inside 10 ml every 8 hours.
  • Elecampane. Dried root must be chopped. Take 10 g of powder and soak in boiling water (200 ml) over low heat for 20 minutes. Drink 10 g every 8 hours.

  • Bay leaves. You can make foot baths from it, as well as prepare a solution for oral administration. Take 10 g of dried leaves in 500 ml of water. Boil, simmer for 10 minutes. Pour into a thermos and hold for a few more hours. Take a tablespoon three times a day. Can be used for foot baths.

An alternative to folk remedies is drugs. The most common use of Duphaston is 1 tablet for 10 days, 200 mg per day, Utrogestin is prescribed at 20 mg / day for 10 days, Progesterone is administered intramuscularly once a day for 10 days. Spotting appears after the abolition of the drug for 2-3 days. In some cases, menstruation can be delayed and come only after 10-15 days, it all depends on the original cause of the delay.

Progesterone preparations are sold only by prescription, as they have a list of contraindications and side effects.

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Is it possible to change the menstrual cycle

Any experiments with your own body are fraught with even greater problem, especially when it comes to hormonal levels. The delay of menstruation - one of the indicators that a woman has any violations. Self-prescribing drugs or the desperate use of folk remedies can cause even life-threatening conditions.

Monthly pills

In addition to folk remedies, there are other drugs. In the pharmacy, you can buy a lot of drugs that can help cause menstruation during a delay.

One of the most common drugs is Duphaston. This medicine will help you bring the onset of menstruation within three days. Duphaston is necessary to drink 1 tablet 2 times a day. The course lasts 5 days. This is a very effective tool that has positive feedback. No less powerful means to stimulate menstruation is Pulsatilla. This is a fairly strong homeopathic remedy. Only 1 dose is enough to cause bleeding. You need to put about 7 pellets under the tongue and calmly wait for the result. This tool is distinguished by its speed, especially effective when the result is needed immediately.

Drugs are purchased only in a pharmacy. The most popular pills that can cause menstruation with a delay are:

Pulsatilla. It is enough to put 6-7 granules under the tongue, dissolve and wait for the result. Take this drug once.

Postinor It is necessary to take 2 tab. in the first 72 hours after unprotected sexual intercourse: 2nd tab. should be taken 12 hours (but no later than 16 hours) after taking the 1st table. The effect of this drug occurs in 1-3 days.
Duphaston. Take 1 tablet 2 times a day for 5 days. Menstruation occurs in 2-3 days.
Mifegin. Apply with a delay of 7-10 days.
Non-ovlon.Drink 2 tablets after 12 hours.
Contraceptives. These pills protect against pregnancy, menstruation comes on a particular day of the month.

Attention! These drugs should be taken very carefully. They are dangerous. These drugs are based on hormonal components acting on the endocrine system. As a result, they will lead either to problems with conception, or to irregular menstruation.

Recipes of traditional medicine

Previously, women often used healthy herbs that were collected in the forest. Along with the expected result, there was also a recovery of the whole organism. Today, all the necessary herbs for decoctions and tinctures can be purchased at the pharmacy. We offer several popular recipes that can help you with the delay of menstruation.

There are many recipes using forest herbs. Consider one of the most effective recipes that will help cause menstruation during a delay.

  • Decoction. You will need: valerian root, mint and chamomile. You can buy all these herbs in any pharmacy at a very low price, or you can collect them yourself in the forest. These herbs should be mixed in proportions of 3: 3: 4, respectively, for each ingredient. This mixture is necessary to pour a glass of boiling water. Leave this mixture for about 15 minutes. This broth must be taken in half a glass in the morning and evening. Continue to receive until the first day of menstruation.
  • Infusion. For the manufacture of this infusion is a collection of several herbs - a sheet of nettle, elecampane, wild rose, oregano, yarrow, the root of the pink radiola, knotweed. All herbs are taken in two tablespoons, placed in a thermos, pour liter of boiling water, insist 10 - 12 hours, filter. All this broth is drunk during the day, in half a glass at one time.
  • Parsley. Every day you need to eat a very large amount of parsley. Can be combined with dill. Freshly added to salads, seasonings.
  • Onion Husk Preparing a strong decoction. Approximately the same is prepared for painting eggs for Easter. Drink one glass of this broth. Monthly should appear the next day.

Also on the Internet you can find some tools that allegedly cause menstruation. They can not be used under any circumstances, no matter what happens! These are such "effective" means as tansy, iodine with milk / sugar, as well as large doses of vitamin C, which are derived from ascorbic acid. These funds can not be used under any circumstances, because they can entail more than serious consequences that will not help to cope with your problem, as well as carry into the body many other diseases. And nobody needs that!

Important! It is often harmful for the organism to cause monthly periods, since its natural course is disturbed and hormonal failure may occur. And this may already entail the occurrence of even more serious conditions. In addition, you may have problems with conception or irregular menstruation. Taking large doses of medication has contraindications! It is better to consult a gynecologist.

What you need to do first to cause monthly

The causes of cycle failures can be varied. Hormonal problems, vitamin deficiency, uncontrolled contraceptive use and unwanted pregnancy. If periods can start “not in time”, when, for example, a woman is going to have an important event or a vacation trip, she has to take extreme measures. There are several actions that you can and need to take when delaying menstruation first. Reviews of the most favorable.

  1. Take a bath (she must be very hot). The fact is that excessively warm water has a relaxing effect. It vaporizes, favorably affects the state of the entire nervous system. Its effect is to affect the uterus. To improve the effect and therapeutic process, you can add herbs to herbal bath. Well copes with the task of chamomile, sage. But it is not necessary to immediately sit in boiling water, it is necessary to relax the body 100%, gradually increasing the temperature.
  2. Accepting Ascorbic Acid - this action is ideally help to cause "affairs" in time if the date of their arrival is important for you. Sometimes you can cause menstruation even prematurely, but a broken cycle will cause a general deterioration in your well-being. In addition to receiving ascorbic acid, it will be necessary to ensure that a hot bath is taken. It is best to add iodine and sea salt to it.
  3. To be able to activate all body processes, you can use a proven method. Its essence is measured performing certain physical exercises. Remember that they can cause a condition in which the monthly flow is more painful and difficult. Therefore, think several times before overstraining.

Means to call monthly, which is always at hand

So, how to cause monthly during a delay at home. Prompt the following means.

  1. Decoction of nettle or tansy will become a safe and effective means. The advantage of it is that the method helps not only to cause critical days, but also to improve the entire body. It is necessary to drink broth on ½ Art. in the morning and evening before meals.
  2. Quickly made oregano tea - another proven tool. If desired, you can add the root element of the medicinal valerian. Chamomile flowers, peppermint are well and effectively combating delays. This collection is designed to work wonders. It should be applied hot before meals in the morning and evening. Sometimes part of the root devyasila, contributing to the rapid increase in blood circulation.
  3. It is possible to overcome the sufferings of untimely critical days. bay leaf. More precisely, in practice a special infusion is used. It - the safest way to call menstruation. Take three leaves of raw materials, which account for a glass of boiling water. It is necessary to drink this mixture only after its complete cooling.

  4. In the spring and summer, it is possible to fight adolescent disease through parsley and dill. This is the safest way to "call" for menstruation. You can eat these foods just like that, add to salads, make decoctions and infusions.

General recommendations for calling menstruation at home

If the delay lasts more than 3 days, you need to contact your gynecologist. He will determine the cause of the disease and determine the pregnancy, if any. Some women prefer to drink or take intravenously special medicines, but it is best to give preference to folk remedies that work flawlessly. So, how to cause monthly during a delay at home? Read - and find out.

  1. Adoption honey bath - Another tool that helps women cause critical days absolutely at any age. To this end, 3 tablespoons of honey are added to a warm bath.
  2. Has a healing effect root of elecampane. He became famous for his many opportunities and continues to amaze with a spectrum of influence. The main feature is that this substance helps to cause menses. For this it is necessary to prepare a decoction on the same principle as the previous formulations.
  3. If you urgently need to call the critical days, you can prepare the next composition. The raw materials are herbs of cornflower blue in the amount of 2 tsp, which are poured with a glass of boiling water. In fact, an ordinary decoction is made, which is intended for ingestion of 1 tbsp. l three times or four times a day before meals.

These remedies, although effective, are not a panacea. Therefore, it must be remembered that even innocuous formulations carry a health risk.

Additional funds to call menstruation

If the conducted key events and manipulations did not lead to the desired result, it is worth taking into account a few more tools that will help in 1 day.

  • Flowers and herb medicinal verbena taken in the amount of two teaspoons. Preparing an infusion within the framework of traditionally respecting the principle It is taken in case of delayed menstruation 50 g three times a day. If you wash away with this composition, you can also eliminate itching in the vagina with a large number of diseases.

  • According to some traditional healers and ordinary people, there is another effective method to bring about these days. it upper part of the root system of gladiolus. A potent remedy will be the use of this element as a vaginal suppository.
  • Beneficial features carrot seed will cause menstruation for a short time. To do this, they are applied once a day before meals in the amount of five grams.
  • Broth from fennel root - This is another tool that will speed up the arrival of menstrual days. It is necessary to take the raw materials in the amount of two tablespoons, pour it over with water of 300 g. But it is recommended to use only glassware of enameled type for making a decoction.

Remember that no matter how safe and effective your chosen methods would be, you should remember the harm. Making an attempt to call menstruation during pregnancy - abortion at home. Indeed, after such a procedure, in the event of pregnancy, the elements of the fetus may remain inside the uterus, and the consequences will then not be the most favorable. If the cycle of menstruation at a young age constantly gets off, you should not panic and try to cause menstruation by all means.. This is quite normal, with time everything is normalizing itself. So, we looked at how to cause menstruation when delaying at home quickly, and what to do. Only an integrated approach guarantees a good result.