Causes of chest pain during menstruation


The menstrual cycle in all women is accompanied by the most common symptoms: mood swings, high or low blood pressure, pain, weakness, and much more. But the most "popular" is that chest pain during menstruation. However, not everyone has it during the passage of critical days. Some chest pains appear either before or after. But all this is a normal condition when menstruation occurs.

The most common condition and its physiological explanation

Most often, girls and women observe that the chest begins to hurt before menstruation should begin. At the same time, there is not only pain, but also swelling of the mammary glands and nipples. A well-known fact is that throughout the whole life the breast of a woman is modified. From the beginning, this is connected with puberty, then the formation of the milk ducts and lobules, then with pregnancy (birth) and feeding the baby, then the period of return of the glands to their original forms (after the end of feeding the baby) begins.

In adolescents, the end of breast formation ends only by the age of 21. It is during this period that severe spasmodic pains in the lower abdomen and in the chest are observed, when the menses are on, after them, and possibly before they begin. At the same time, the girls have a question - is it normal that chest pains during menstruation? The answer is unequivocal - yes! When the menstrual cycle begins, especially on the first day, for women of any age (from 14 to 50 years), the level of certain hormones — estrogens — rises sharply in their bodies. These hormones are involved in the growth of stromal tissues, and at the considered time they grow very actively. First and foremost, these processes affect breast growth. This is where the glands start to hurt and the glands themselves swell, as well as the nipples.

When else can start to hurt the chest outside of menstruation

In addition to the standard symptoms of the menstrual cycle, women may have chest pains between the periods in question, also for natural reasons. One of these reasons is ovulation. At this time, a ripened egg cell is released in the body. And the body itself begins to prepare for future motherhood and lactation. When a woman has ovulation in her body, it is difficult to answer, without additional research. Ideally, it occurs in the middle of the menstrual cycle. But here it is worth remembering that at least 3-4 cycles per year for a woman occur without ovulation. In addition, it all depends on the characteristics of the organism. Accordingly, if the periods have passed and the chest has not ceased to hurt, it is possible that the period of ovulation has begun. It all depends on the nature of the pain, the condition of the glands accompanying symptoms.

There is still such a concept in medicine as mastodynia - this is a condition when the periods have passed, and the chest does not stop aching. In some situations, this is a normal phenomenon that does not require special treatment and anxiety. However, if the mammary glands and their condition begins to bother a woman, it is best to consult a doctor, undergo the necessary examinations and pass tests. After all, not everything is so simple in the female body.

Causes of chest pain requiring treatment

If a month has passed since the last menstruation, and the chest soreness persists, it is necessary to appear to a specialist. The reason for the preservation of the disease state in the glands can be very serious disorders in the body:

  • Failure of the normal background of hormones - a failure of the balance of hormone levels in the female body is a very dangerous thing. Joking with him is not worth it for sure. In addition to the fear of losing the ability to bear children, delaying the treatment of this problem can lead to many dangerous diseases. A woman can cause a hormonal failure as external factors: problems, stress, heavy physical exertion, and the presence of any disease.
  • Gynecological diseases - as the woman's reproductive organs, the work of the menstrual cycle and hormones - are all interconnected with the mammary glands - the cause of the fact that the menstruation has passed, and the breast does not think to stop falling ill, may be a gynecological disease. After all, the sick body immediately begins to give signals to all interconnected organs.

Possible solution

That is why you should always watch your body and listen to it. If the chest begins to hurt when the period of menstruation should begin - pay attention to this. If, after graduation, the chest has not ceased to hurt, it is necessary to get an appointment with a doctor. Otherwise, a woman risks a great deal to many, besides her own health.

If painful sensations are not present all the time, but appear periodically, it is necessary to start keeping a small diary. Watch your body for a couple of days. If you have pain, start recording: day, time, place, what you did and ate before the onset of pain. This can be very important information for the doctor and give him a more complete picture of what is happening with your body.

Relief of pain caused by natural causes

When the chest is very sore, before menstruation, women are wondering “can anything but medicine help them?”:

  • The first way - the rejection of bad habits in the form of cigarettes and alcohol.
  • The second good way is to take a warm bath. Just remember that in no case is hot. Only warm. It is possible with sea salt. The use of salt baths helps the whole body relax, relieve fatigue and relieve pain in the muscles.
  • The third - the use in the diet diet food. It is worth at least a few days to give up spicy, fried and salty food.
  • Fourth - wearing a free underwear. Tight and tight underwear keeps muscles and tissues in tension for a long time. It can also cause soreness in constricted vessels and nerve endings.

Every woman should remember that her body during menstruation is very vulnerable and fragile. At this time it is worth being most attentive to yourself and your body. If you have chest pain before menstruation, you should not be afraid immediately. But if the chest continues to hurt and after them, be sure to consult a doctor.

The main causes of chest pain during menstruation

The main cause of pain in the mammary glands is the level of hormones - estrogen and progesterone., as a result of which the tissues forming the mammary gland begin to undergo changes.

Before menstruation and during it, the glandular tissue increases under the action of the hormone progesterone. Because of this, its relationship with the fibrous and adipose tissues of the breast changes. This phenomenon naturally causes monthly chest pains.

If the pain was always accompanied by menstruation, and then for some reason stopped to appear at their usual time, this may be a signal of the onset of pathology in the female body.

Chest pain is usually caused by changes in the level of hormones - estrogen and progesterone.

Such cyclical changes in the body, accompanied by pain, in medical terminology are called mastodontia.

Note! Breast pain during the menstrual cycle is not a cause for panic - this is a normal phenomenon, providing the possible reproductive functions of the female body.

However, this phenomenon causes a number of problems associated with psychological and physical discomfort, disrupts performance, imposes a negative imprint on personal relationships and can even lead to stress.

Sometimes pains in this period can occur not only for reasons of natural cyclic hormonal changes, but also for a number of other reasons.


The conception that took place may well be a source of chest pain. In the early stages of pregnancy in 15% of cases there may be spotting, which women often confuse with menstruation. Therefore, during such "monthly" breasts can hurt due to pregnancy.

Sometimes changes in a woman’s body during the first weeks of fertilization are manifested by unusual sensations in the breasts before the time of menstruation. These feelings are pulling in nature. Therefore, it is very important to learn to be attentive to your body, and to respond to all changes occurring in it.

In case of unusual pain in the breasts, it is recommended to do a pregnancy test.

Hormonal disbalance

An imbalance of hormones is one of the main causes of pain in the mammary glands during menstruation. We will understand why this is happening.

Failure is caused by excessive or insufficient hormone production. It usually affects not only pains in the breasts, but also the appearance of the woman, her childbearing functions and the general condition of the body. An imbalance of hormones in the female body is possible in the following cases:

Hormonal failure caused by thyroid dysfunction may also be accompanied by chest pain.

  • The presence of diseases caused by thyroid dysfunction,
  • Use of hormonal drugs,
  • Miscarriage or abortion,
  • Genital pathology,
  • Pregnancy, childbirth and lactation.

Against the background of hormonal imbalance, mastopathy often develops.


Mastopathy - This disease is characterized by the formation of fibrotic or cystic etiology in the mammary glands.. This disease can also be the reason why the chest hurts during menstruation. Sometimes women take mastopathy syndromes for the natural pains that usually accompany menstruation. This disease is the most common among the pathologies of the breast.

Mastopathy can occur only in women of reproductive age.

And the age group from 30 to 45 years is more subject to it. This disease is also mainly due to hormonal imbalance - an increase in estrogen levels and a deficiency of progesterone. But also can cause it:

  • Lack of regular sex life
  • Ovarian disease,
  • Psychoneurological problems
  • Liver disease,
  • Heredity,
  • Mechanical injuries of the mammary glands,
  • Abortions,
  • Iodine deficiency.

Mastopathy, manifested as benign fibrocystic formations, may be a precursor of oncology. That's why It is very important for chest pain, as during menstruation, and in their absence, to conduct regular self-diagnosis and in the case of seals, visit the breast specialist.

Mastopathy is the formation of fibrous or cystic seals in the chest.

Oncological disease at the first stage of development is not characterized by particularly pronounced pain syndromes. Therefore, they can only be suspected with the help of regular self-examination. In case of suspicious seals, consult a specialist.

In medical examinations, the detection of this disease is performed using a tumor marker, ultrasound, mammography, contrast imaging, puncture, histological analysis, pneumocystography, MRI.

Note! You need to be attentive to any changes in the breasts and listen to your feelings.

Sexual inadequacy

Rare sex before the beginning of menstruation can affect the level of hormones in a woman's body - a decrease in estrogen production can cause painful sensation in the area of ​​the mammary glands.

therefore to maintain good women's health, you must have a regular partner and regular sexual relations with him.

Sometimes, after a relationship with a partner, pain in the area of ​​the mammary glands can also manifest itself, which may indicate the beginning of the development of mastopathy.

Irregular menstrual cycle

Irregular menstruation caused by an imbalance of hormones is also an obvious reason why the chest hurts during menstruation. Usually This phenomenon appears in the following cases:

  • The puberty of girls, which begins in girls 9 - 13 years old and can last for a year or two,
  • The onset of menopause or menopause (ovarian depletion and loss of fertility), the climate syndrome usually lasts from three to seven years, menopause lasts about a year,
  • The postpartum period, the menstrual cycle depends on the lactation period, often also causing pain in the mammary glands, for example, when milk stagnates,
  • Climate change zones can also cause changes in the menstrual cycle.

How does the pain

Pain during menstruation is usually manifested simultaneously in both breasts. Moreover, their main localization is concentrated in the upper part of the mammary glands.

Pains are characterized by swelling of the mammary glands, distention and heaviness.

The nipples usually swell and their sensitivity increases. By the second day of menstruation, their intensity decreases, and with the end of menstruation completely passes.

In addition, menstruation is usually accompanied by pain in the abdomen, lower back, head, besides accompanied by depressive states and sleep disturbance. To find out why a headache during menstruation and how to eliminate it, you can follow this link.

How to soften the pain

If the pain in the mammary glands during menstruation is severe, and for some reason does not go away, you can alleviate it by taking an anesthetic, about which it is better to seek advice from your doctor, he can immediately carry out a breast examination.

Warm herbal baths help to soothe pain and relax

Prevent breast pain, manifested during menstruation, or reduce it is quite possible. For this you need:

  1. Get rid of bad habits (smoking, alcohol abuse).
  2. Organize proper nutrition, balanced in fats, proteins, carbohydrates, macro-and micronutrients, vitamins, enter into your diet a sufficient amount of fruits, vegetables, dairy products.
  3. Minimize stress, which causes chest pains due to released adrenaline.
  4. To relieve pain will help the adoption of warm baths with herbal decoction (chamomile), allowing you to relax and help reduce muscle tone and reduce pain.
  5. Correctly pick bras. They should fit and be comfortable.

Mammology tips: how to avoid chest pain during menstruation

Mammologists recommend to be attentive to their feelings. In case of unusual pathological pains and seals various nature (fibrous or cystic) in the chest be sure to visit a doctor.

Need to visit a doctor on a regular basis.

You may need a survey or prescription of drugs that stabilize the level of hormones in the body.

Various preventive measures help to prevent women's health problems - rational nutrition, controlled physical activity, active rest, healthy lifestyle, good sleep, optimal psycho-emotional attitude, regular sex with a regular partner.

The addition of additional vitamins containing Omega 6 fatty acids, also helps to get rid of possible chest pain during menstruation.

Healthy, and most importantly, an active lifestyle, moderate exercise, a positive attitude, good nutrition will help avoid chest pains

Maintain the female breast in a healthy and beautiful condition douche, regular hand massage, hydro massage, and special set of exercises.

Summing up, it can be noted that pain in the area of ​​the mammary glands can be caused by quite natural causes that do not require additional measures. At the same time, such pains may appear for other, far from harmless reasons. Therefore, we must learn to listen to your body in order to notice the changes taking place in time.

I wish you health and good luck!

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