Tips on how to go to the toilet with a tampon, and important hygiene issues


Tampons have become quite popular and convenient means for girls. But, despite the fact that they have been used for a long time, there are still some questions that are inconvenient to ask mom and girlfriends. For example, how to go to the toilet with a tampon, whether it should be changed after each visit, whether they can cause harm to health and others.

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How often to change the tampon

Hygienic tool is designed for long use, on average it is 6 - 8 hours, but no more. It is necessary to change a tampon in process of filling. The frequency of replacement depends on the day of the cycle, the intensity of discharge.

To understand whether it is time to change it, you can do the following:

  • During the trip to the toilet very gently and gently pull the cord return. If you feel that the tampon comes out easily, then it is time to change it. It is worth remembering that the tool is not so big, it is easily removed. To determine the content, it is enough to show the tip.
  • If you feel that the tampon is firmly seated inside, and a dry tip appears outside, you can gently place it with your finger in place and continue walking. You can check the fullness of the next visit to the toilet.

How to go to the toilet

It’s not worth worrying about whether the tampon is wet during urination! After all, it is inserted into the vagina, and urine comes out of the urethra.

However, some girls complain that when they visit the toilet, the tampon still becomes wet. Such a situation is possible if the tool was not fully introduced; part of it remained outside. The next time you use it is to put it deeper.

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Discomfort with a tampon

Discomfort and even pain can occur due to several reasons:

Before you insert the tool, it is recommended to carefully look at the instructions that are in the pack. Some girls are easier to carry out the procedure while sitting on the toilet or lifting one leg above the bath.

Look at the video about using tampons:

Where to put used means

After the tampon has been filled, or more than eight hours have passed since it began to be used, it is recommended to change it. Used hygiene products can be wrapped in toilet paper and thrown into the trash. Of course, you can throw the same, as was stretched, but it is just ugly with respect to others. It is unlikely that they will enjoy seeing all the “consequences” of critical days. In some civilized institutions there is even a special garbage can for personal hygiene products.

Actual and immodest questions

Sometimes questions are such that they are ashamed to ask a gynecologist. Among the most common:

  • Is it possible to put a tampon virgins? Yes you can. Due to the fact that under the action of hormonal changes the hymen becomes softer, the hygienic tool cannot damage it. The main thing is to take a small size.
  • Can the lace come off? Anything can happen in life, but the situation when the return cord is torn off is practically impossible. The manufacturer securely fastens it around the product and additionally ties it to the knot at the base. To get rid of fear, you just have to try to tear it off before introducing it.
  • Do I need to rest the body from tampons? Manufacturers claim that they are safe to use without interruption, both day and night. If there are no contraindications, the remedy does not bring discomfort, then it is possible. However, it is worth remembering that if it is put up for the night, immediately after sleep you need to change it to a new one.
  • Are there any contraindications to using a tampon? In general, there are practically no bans for their use. The exception is children who have not reached puberty, women after childbirth and until the menstrual cycle is established, the girls due to the physiological structure of the body, which they learn from their attending gynecologist. It is also not recommended to use them at the time of treatment with vaginal suppositories, with inflammation.
  • Can tampons cause harm to the body? Subject to the rules of use is impossible. But sometimes, in order to save the girls, they go for an excessively long time with a hygienic means, which can potentially provoke inflammation due to the impossibility of menstrual discharge. Also, when drying the vagina may form erosion.
  • Could there be a menstrual fluid retention due to tampons? No, this is impossible. Means does not block an exit of liquid, and absorbs it. In confirmation of this, you can find "tracks" on the panties when the tampon overflows.
  • Why "leaks"? There are situations when a girl discovers red spots on her underwear. This is possible if the tampon is installed incorrectly or is used longer than the specified period.
  • What if there is no return cord? It happens that a girl accidentally pushed it with a wad inside or simply could not find it in a hurry. In this case, you need to squat down, slightly tense up, as if during a visit to the toilet, push out its edge and gently pull it out of the vagina with two fingers.
  • Can I have sex with a tampon? In general, it all depends on what kind of intima couple plans. For example, when the vaginal cannot, because the penis can push the tampon deep, in this case it can only be a gynecologist. As for anal, there is no prohibition. Some girls noted that their feelings are even brighter.
  • Why is the tip of the tampon sticking out even with the right size and insertion? This situation is possible if the girl has weakness in the pelvic floor muscles. It is better to consult a doctor.

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Tampons are a convenient tool that provides reliable protection and can also be used daily from an early age. Hygiene also has no serious contraindications and with the right choice will not cause discomfort. Even such delicate questions as to whether it is possible to go to the toilet with a tampon, swim or play sports, gynecologists will respond positively. However, before first use it is worthwhile to read the instructions and do not forget to change them as they are filled.