Is it possible to drink alcohol during menstruation


“Is it possible to drink alcohol during menstruation?” Is a very topical issue in the modern world and it is impossible to say definitely “yes” or “no”. During the period of menstrual bleeding, hormonal changes occur in the female body, that is, a kind of body reaction to certain factors.

With the help of alcoholic beverages, some women try to drown out the pain they experience during their menstruation. But there is a category of women who, after taking even a small dose of alcohol, increase menstrual flow, headache begins. Each organism is individual, so after taking alcohol, each lady will experience different sensations.

Reception of alcohol in the period of menstruation

Most of the fair sex resort to alcohol during menstruation, in order to eliminate pain. A woman is experiencing nagging pain in the lower abdomen and lower back, headaches, and sharp mood changes.

It is during this period that the lady wants the most relaxation, and therefore alcohol comes to the rescue, but is it really that it helps, as needed, and can you drink alcohol during your period. Definitely no answer can not be, but to fully argue that it is possible, is also wrong, so how to be. There are two completely opposite theories on this topic, and further on in more detail about them.

With menstrual bleeding, alcohol is allowed, but in small quantities. A small glass of red wine will be enough. A very important role is played by the kind of drink that a woman drinks, since not all are permissible. The prohibited products include: cognac, vodka, whiskey, tequila and other strong drinks.

According to the second theory, drinking beer, wine, vodka or any other alcohol is strictly prohibited. All alcohol-containing liquids affect the monthly process in the female body, as well as can increase bleeding. First of all, women who have heavy discharge during their periods should abstain. After the first dose of alcohol, you may get the impression that the amount of discharge has decreased, but this is not the case; in fact, the next bleeding will resume with double force.

In fact, each woman decides for herself whether it is possible to drink alcohol during menstruation or not. It is worth remembering the possible negative consequences that can lead to the abuse of alcohol. After the end of menstruation, a woman can pamper herself with a glass of red wine, as it will help fill the blood loss, this is especially important for women with anemia.

The negative effect of alcohol during menstruation

When drinking excessively, the woman causes enormous harm to her own health, and is especially susceptible to the effects of ethyl alcohol, the central nervous system and the reproductive system, the heart, the brain, and the liver. Health workers are of the opinion that you can not drink alcohol during the period of menstrual bleeding, as this can lead to adverse effects.

  • pain becomes more pronounced
  • violated the emotional state of women
  • fluid retention occurs in the body,
  • broken menstrual cycle.

All alcohol-containing liquids have the ability to increase pain, especially if the pain is localized in the lower abdomen. Due to changes in hormonal levels during the menstrual period, a woman’s mood can change every five minutes, and if you drink alcohol, you can significantly aggravate this condition.

Ethyl alcohol has the ability to bind water molecules, which in turn helps to slow down the release of fluid from the body, and as a result, the ladies form edema, because of which she is very upset. There is a theory that if you drink alcohol a few days before the onset of menstruation, it can affect their regularity.

Especially great discomfort will present such a situation for a lady who leads an active lifestyle in bed. Therefore, ladies should be very careful and cautious in this period in relation to alcoholic beverages.

How does alcohol affect menstruation?

Each organism is individual, so when drinking alcohol during the critical days, there are various failures in the menstrual cycle. It is also worth considering how the menstruation of the lady had previously passed, how copious the bleeding was, whether the menstruations always came on the same day, what kind of alcoholic drink she drank and in what volume.

But based on the observations of the women themselves, they note the following changes in the body after drinking hop drinks:

  • If you take a little bit of alcohol a few days before the beginning of your period, then a delay of 2-3 days may occur,
  • the duration of menstrual bleeding increases by 1-2 days,
  • some women have a decrease in the amount of discharge.

From all of the above, we can conclude that each organism reacts differently to the entry of ethyl alcohol into the blood. But the most common complaint is an increase in the amount of blood discharge. Most often, this reaction occurs in women, with a similar problem.

When ethanol enters the bloodstream, the lumen of the vessel expands and as a result, blood flow to the uterus, to the pelvic organs increases, and, accordingly, the bleeding increases. In addition, there may be an increase in blood pressure, which worsens overall health.

Precautionary measures

The rhythm of the modern world is very changeable, and there are a number of reasons why a girl simply cannot refuse a glass of alcohol during menstruation. Such a reason could be a celebration, birthday, date or any other holiday.

But the choice remains for the lady, and she may well refuse to drink, and it will not surprise anyone, and will not seem strange, as happens in a situation with a man. So that alcoholic beverages do not deny the negative impact on the monthly, and on the female body as a whole, you should follow these rules.

You can drink alcohol in limited quantities. No more than one glass of champagne or dry red wine per evening is allowed.

If the lady decided to drink, then dry red wine has the least effect on women's health. In the absence of this alcohol, you can replace it with champagne or other wine. It is worth refraining from the use of strong drinks: cognac, vodka, whiskey, rum, gin and others.

For the period of menstruation it is worth quitting smoking, because together with alcohol it is a very dangerous combination for human vessels, since alcohol will expand the vessels, and nicotine, on the contrary, will narrow.

It is necessary to refrain from fast dancing, and give preference to dance with slow music. Rapid movements contribute to the flow of blood to the pelvic organs, which is not the best impact on women's health.

Among the dishes should prefer lighter: fish, lean meat, stew, salads. From all of the above, we can conclude that for menstruation you can drink alcohol, but in limited quantities. But if there is an opportunity to abstain, then it is better to refuse, it is not so difficult to suffer 4–5 days without alcohol every month.